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Cairns Post Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 5

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Cairns Post (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Cairns, Queensland National Library of Australia gaming instruments. Innisfail pose caution. Silent phone alleged. Innisfail february 6. At the police court this morning before or. C. B. Buxton ., John Michael Cronin was charged with having on february 4, at premises known As Sorli s residential Innisfail kept a common gaming House. There was also a second charge of having had instruments of gaming in his pos session namely nine sheets of paper containing the names and initials of various persons the names of horses and figures representing different amounts of Money. It was alleged the police had to break Down a door with an axe. Sergeant g. J. Selby offered no evidence on the first charge on which defendant was acquitted and to the second Cronin pleaded guilty. The closed door. In outlining the Case sergeant Selby said that the police had information defendant had been in partnership with a. Man named Bates conducting an illegal betting shop in premises known As the cosmopolitan billiard Saloon. They also had further in formation that defendant used and occupied a room at. Sorli s residential in Edith Street and had a silent Tele phone connected Between his room in the residential and Bates premises in the billiard Saloon. Information was obtained by detective sergeant Gar vey sufficient to Lay an information and obtain a warrant to s residential and the billiard. Saloon where Bates was. At 3.30 on Satur Day afternoon detective Garvey with constables Erbacher and Lucas entered Sorli s residential and in a room at the Back they found defendant who on demand by the police refused to open the door. They had to break it in and on entering they saw defend ant in the act of throwing a bundle of papers through a window. There was a policeman in the Yard close to the window and he recovered the papers which were found to be betting sheets. Detective Garvey made connection with the Telephone in that room and Bates place. It was a silent Telephone., or. Buxton a direct line Many bets. Sergeant Selby yes. The police also found other instruments of Gam ing. The betting sheets showed that there were approximately 300 bets made and about 120 persons were associated with these bets. You will notice an endeavour was made to de stroy these sheets by fire prior to them being thrown out of the window. The bets ranged from 21 to �10. Maximum Fine asked. The position is added sergeant Selby it was hard for the police to discover the exact position or the room occupied by defendant also to get information regarding the Tele phone. However when we do get this information the Only thing we Cari do is to ask for the a Mem Fine to be imposed on defendant. Both these men have been carrying on / betting and getting Money which workers Homes could do with. The maximum penalty was imposed last december in � ease of this in extenuation. Or. Mcnamee said that As defend ant had pleaded Gunty there was no need to consider whether what was found were instruments of gaming or whether defendant had them in his Possession without lawful excuse. Defendant was a registered bookmaker with the Northern District racing association. He carried on that business principally at Innisfail and occasionally visited Cairns and Makeeba. His place of residence was Innisfail. There was nothing illegal about him being a bookmaker or carrying on business at Cairns Innis fail or Makeeba. So Long As he paid his licence fees and was accepted by the Board of control he was entitled to make bets. So Long As he made bets on a racecourse he was entitled to recover in a Turt of Law any unpaid bets. The Only matter they had to consider was carrying on betting away from a racecourse. He had pleaded guilty and the substance of the offence was that he had these papers in his Possession when the police went there. Police and axe alleged. It might appear said or. Mcna Mee there was something sinister in the fact that he did not open the door on the order of the police. I am instructed he did hear the police say the police Are Here open the door he did not open it because he knew i very Well the police would do so. The police provided themselves with an axe gave a few blows on the door and it collapsed. He admits his first thought was to destroy the papers but As he had to Settle bets he considered it better to keep them and he threw the papers out of a window. Most of the. Bets made were Small four fifths being for �1 and under. Accord ing to our Laws there is nothing to prevent a working Man or a retired moneyed Man going to a. Racecourse and laying bets. Or. Buxton bets on a racecourse would appear in a proper betting Book. Sergeant Selby the Telephone has been definitely cleared up. Detective sergeant Garvey spoke on the phone to a Constable at by tvs place there is a switch to the Exchange and a switch to Bates room. It is really an Extension to Bates. Or. Buxton it was put there by the postal people sergeant Selby has not to go through the Exchange at All on the first charge on which no Evi Dence was offered defendant was Dis charged but on the second he was fined �40, in default four months imprisonment in Stewart s Creek gaol. Or. Mcnamee intimated that the Fine would be paid. Our reliable used motor vehicles Here is our list to choose from 1937 Ford v.8 Sedan 1936 Ford v.8 Sedan 1936 Chevrolet Road Ster 1936 Ford roadster 1936 Studebaker Sedan 1934 Ford v.8 Coupe Utility 1936 baby Ford Sedan Model a Ford tourer Chevrolet 4 Utility Chevrolet 6 Utility Chevrolet 2 ton to truck Chevrolet 30 cwt. Truck our stocks Are always on the move. A fair Deal u assured. Crossland motors. 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Just 100 years have gone by since parliament passed an act establishing a Central Public record office for the Safe custody of official documents previously scattered in a Large number of institutions writes a staff correspond ent of the Christian science Moni torn marking the anniversary the Duke and Duchess of Kent attended the Centenary celebrations at the record office recently with some 1000 guests in attendance. Sir Wilfred Greene master of the Rolls presided. In chancery Lane close to the Law courts stands this palatial Stone building in which original documents enshrining the history. Of England from the Norman Conquest to the present Day Are seen. The nine Century old domesday Book itself is there. It is in two volumes each the size of an ancient family Bible. The Broad Parchment pages Are yellow with. Age yet still easily legible. The hand written letterpress in Latia is neatly inscribed. Thumb Marks on some of the sheets May have been those of William the conqueror himself the King who had the volumes compiled in order of re Cord All the land holdings in his realm. The record tells what each farm and Manor produced including the num Ber of the ploughs employed so As to make it easy to tax the possessors. Bound in leather. Originally called the Book of win Chester the locality where it was firs kept it had in the twelfth Century became known As that of domesday i Day of judgment because no a peal from its record was permitted. I both volumes Are in Leathern bind Ings of later Date than the pages. The smaller one is known to have been re bound in the year 1320. That year Issue Roll Public account Book which is also in the record office tells How a payment of three shilling and four Pence was made to William 1 Bok Bendere of London for the bind ing and repair of the Book of Homes another famous document the original of which is in the Recor office is the Magna Carta Inden Tun King John by this document in the year 1215 empowered Robert fit Walter together with 12 named Earl and Barons to hold the City an Tower of London until the Runny Mede charter for the liberties an Security of the realm should hav been fulfilled. The scrap of paper As the be Gian treaty of 1839 has been Callaci which was the immediate cause c Britain s entering the War in 1914, yet another document preserved in to i record office. The signatures a red Wax seals of Green silk tape a cached to it Are on the one part Tho of lord Palmerston for Engla count Senfft for Austria count Sei Attiani for France Baron Bulow i Prussia count Pozzo Diborgo i Russia and on the other part that in. Sylvain Van de Weyer for be Gium. Among american records Whit Are there in original three stand of one is a letter from George Washin ton dated August 25, 1795, concern ii Exchange of ratifications of a trea with Britain of Amity Commerce Ai j Olive bean of. Another is what is known ast i Olive Branch this was letter addressed on july 8, 1775,King George us from the represent Tives in Congress assembled of n Hampshire Massachusetts rho Island Connecticut new York in Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Mai land Virginia North Carolina South Carolina. It was a last devour by american moderates 1by John Dickenson to save the it Lish speaking world from that frat tidal strife which eventually split asunder incidentally however also suiting in forming the United Sta of America a third is a sketch in of the Ohio Biver drawn by Geo Washington m 17d3-54. The letter tells How the signator j had been compelled to in the own defence but How they Dereca further loss of life and How they pred for the repeal of objection British statutes so that opportune might be restored to them to show Devotion becoming the most duri subjects and the most affection " these Are curiosities of history. The Public record Onice is much m than the repository or such treason priceless As they May he. It Conti besides Many millions of official d orients there Are More than 1,000, reports of Law cases alone. Some the most interesting of these Doeum Are what Are known As pipe Rolls called from the flexible books of pament on which these records Are scribed volumes each of which Zembles a pipe when rolled up. To pipe Rolls contain state accounts i Back for 700 years. Every depart of state has contributed its Are i these have All been catalogued and ranged so As to make it possible consult them. The record office has thus Bec a gathering plate of students who in its vast collections for first to historical information lawyers rely upon it for Legal precede economist who find almost in excl Ible materials bearing upon quest of wealth and poverty among ger Lions that have gone. The Section taming what Are known As Mani records that is title deeds transfers and other documents i Laeal Muni ment rooms contain themselves a wealth of information local history which Village so ii throughout Britain Are in Reasi taking up. Muk strike averted. Carters conditions conceded. Melbourne february 6. Whether or not Melbourne was to get its Normal deliveries of sunday milk yesterday was not decided until after la On saturday when the majority of the 800 Carters at a meet ing at the trades Hall accepted the employers conditions for a settlement of the dispute which threatened to Stop deliveries. " under the conditions the Carters will get a reduction in their working week from 48 to 44 hours and will be relieved of making collections. The Cost of the concessions will not be borne by the retailers so an increase in the retail Price of Nilk will be inevitable. Bible m Doia. Cabot Lanon no based. In 37 of the Bible and portions thereof during 1937 attained a total of 94,462. Volumes in 37 different languages it was revealed Here at the annual meeting of the British foreign Bible society Punjab auxiliary. This represents an Advance of 6468 copies Over the figure forthe previous year states the Christian science Monitor. The area covered a by. The. Punjab auxiliary comprises the Punjab land of the five River the Home of near tial races which provide the Indian army with the majority of its recruits also the turbulent North West fron tier province and sind Home of an ancient civilisation besides Baluchistan mountainous Region in the North West also important. For strategic reasons As a land Frontier and Kash Mir most Beautiful of native j states the terrestrial Paradise of the moguls. This is a land where extremes of poverty and illiteracy among the people contrast sharply with extra Ordinary natural Beauty and wealth. Diverse tongues. The total population of this area ii considerably More than 42,000,00 and includes moslem hindus sikhs christians jains buddhists parsis and jews of numerical strength in the order Given. To meet the Lingua demands of such a diversity of Peoples the Bible society finds it necessary to maintain stocks of the scriptures no Only in persian urdu hindi Gur Mukhi and English but also in such unusual languages As chinese Manda Rin German Malayalam a Southen dialect and sanskrit to name Only few. Translation work of important which engaged the attention of the Punjab auxiliary during the year in eluded revision of the new testament in sindhi and compilation of a great needed urdu reference Bible. Al persian urdu printing is done at the Headquarters of the British an foreign Bible society in London Fror plates prepared by the society s Cal he rapists in India. Proofs Are read checked and re checked in India Man times before final print log is under taken in England for the society Pride itself on the meticulous care Given t All stitch work. Fifteen thousand portions of the scriptures were printed locally dui ing 1937 in Gurmukh the script a i poured by the punjabi speaking sikh and in pcs fit the language of the pathans moslem of the North we Frontier. Varied experiences. The Punjab auxiliary employs 1 male col porters and seven Bibl these workers encounter variety of experience pleasant and i pleasant in the course of their labour they go into desert places among a throngs at religious festivals 1 patients in Hospital to villagers work in their Fields to travellers Mal ing Long journeys to Tibet and oth Remote frontiers. Not always do the receive kindly treatment for religion bigotry still has a tremendous to Over the masses and especially of the. Women. But not always on to other hand Are they spurned. The importance of their work is these col porters perhaps the Chi thing in their lives declared Rev. A. Krishnaswamy Secretary of t Punjab auxiliary in citing several i stances of the self control and a neg Tion of his fellow workers of the bit society. As an instance of How the men and women learn to evaluate Ai appreciate the significance of we they Are doing he described How came upon a co Porteur at the end a very hot Day in a seemingly Bac Ward District i have sold Eig gospels to Day he announced jut Antly. Had he presented the finance Side of the transactions he wot have had to report sales totalling equivalent of twopence for the Bil society makes it possible for the a Tures to be offered to the people India at a Price the equivalent of Farthing apiece. Mail notice. Mails close at the Cairns Post office for the following places As under. Any further information May be obtained at the Post office. Brisbane and inter state monday wednesday and Friday. 9 an. Tues Day and saturday 5 . South beyond Innisfail to towns Ville and Western districts monday wednesday and Friday 9 . Tues Day thursday and saturday 5 Townsville Only monday wednesday and Friday 9 an. And 2.15 a Jan. Tuesday thursday and Satur Day 5 am. South to Innisfail daily 5 . Gordon Vale. Cabinda and Innisfail monday to Friday 2.15 Tableland mails daily 5 . Chi Lagoe Etheridge and it Mulli Gan lines monday wednesday and Friday 4 . It Garnet wednesday 4 . Monday and Friday 5 an. Cooktown wednesday 4 a.tn., and thursday 5 Mossman and port Douglas daily 5 am. Air mails. Australia Singapore London ser vice monday to Friday 5 Aan. Saturday 12.45 Townsville Brisbane and inter state monday to Friday 5 an saturday 5 aon., 12.45 And 19 Bowen Mackay and Rockhampton monday to saturday 5 . Sydney direct monday wednes Day and Friday 5 . Cooktown � monday tuesday wednesday and Friday 9 . Croy Dah Normanton Burketown tuesday 6 . And. Noon alternate tuesdays. Port moresby Salamata Rabaul roses wednesday at 6 am. Ulolo lae Salamata and wan per Burns Philp and Ca vessels to port moresby thence by air. Overseas mails. United kingdom and continent of Europe february 3, 9. . America North and South february 13, 9 am t new zealand " february 3, 9 �.in. Papua and new Guinea Fei Rury 8, 9-a-tn. China add Japan february 10, s . " l Malaya and dutch -east.-. Indies february 9. To a " arson suspected j of. Broadmeadows fxr�5. Nurses quarters burned. Melbourne. February 6. Or Trie Secona time in i Days mysterious fires on saturday night men aced a Block of buildings comprising the Broadmeadows foundling Hospital. The nuns who conduct. The Hospital arid St Joseph s Convent fear arson and asked for police Protection. The fire started at 6.30 ., the same time As the fires on january 24. The nurses quarters and a. Large wooden playroom were destroyed. The nuns arid nursing staff took Refuge in a Brick building some distance from the fire. Panic stricken. Mothers rushed. From the burning building with babies in their arms firemen got the fire under control before it reached the Convent storage of fila oils. Authorities to act. Emergency supplies. Hobart february 6. One of the most important Dis-1 closures year made regarding the de Fence preparedness programme came to night by the prime minister or. A. Lyons. He stated that immediate Steps were to be taken to establish storage facilities for liquid fuel in Australia. The minister stated subsequently that Australia s dependence on overseas sources for petrol and other liquid fuel supplies made this decision one of the greatest importance to Australia because it was possible that supplies might be seriously curtailed in. Emergency. Cabinet had before it to Day a re port from the standing committee of liquid fuel. This dealt with the australian military and civil requirements of petrol fuel Oil lubricating Oil and kerosene in peace time and in times of National emergency. Or. Lyons said to night that the report covered the whole Range of possibilities regarding Australia reducing its dependence on All types of liquid fuel. The essence of the recommendation was that the quickest and cheap est Way of. Increasing the common wealth s self sufficiency in liquid fuels was by the provision of additional storage. To investigate question. Cabinet decided therefore to appoint the minister for defence or. G. A. Street and the treasurer or. R. G. Casey to investigate the Stor age question As a matter of urgency. They were to report to Cabinet As soon As possible. Or. Lyons added that the govern ment was considering alternate possibilities of producing petrol substitutes such As Benzyl from Gas and alcohol from molasses. Polish jews. Opinions on Palestine. Australian associated fress Warsaw february0 5. On the eve of the London Confer ence thousands of jews throughout Poland at a mass demonstration passed identical resolutions against the suspension of immigration to Palestine and the determining of a reduction of jews in Palestine to minority status. Resolution forwarded. The jewish delegation handed the British ambassador a copy of the re solution addressed to King Georgi copies were sent to the British prime minister or. Neville Chamberlain and the foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax. An addendum Points out 190,000 polish jews have gone to Palestine since 1927. Eight ton Trees. Wrapped up and shipped 450 Miles. Wrapping 28 eight ton Pepper Trees in neat Bur lapped packages placing them on 14 Flat cars two to a car and shipping them from los Angeles to san Francisco s treasure Island in one Day and two nights was one of the recent orders filled by a los Angeles tree moving finn for the Golden Gate International exposition. It is said that this was the first train Load of Trees to be shipped in California where big tree moving by truck has become a commonplace occurrence s3ys the Christian science Monitor the Trees were about 25 feet High and had a spread of about 20 feet the roots and Earth were in boxes six feet Square. They were Laid Down Flat on the cars with the boxes at each end and the Heads of the Trees together in the Centre. Carloads of eggs Are hot handled More carefully than was this unique shipment of live Trees which were transported under special instructions to trainmen to avoid jerking and Quick coupling which might Jar the Earth Loose from the roots the trunks limbs and foliage of the Trees were completely enclosed with huge sheets of Burlap about 40 feet Square. Before the Burlap was removed they resembled great pieces of Machin Ery which Are often shipped on Fiat cars and. Covered Over with Canvas. Unlike Mau Unate machinery it was Neces sary for this shipment to be conditioned for the 450-mile trip. The Trees were boxed about three months prior to the time they were moved. A tile system was installed in each Box for irrigation and " fertilisation. Each week the wide spreading branches characteristic of the Pepper tree were pulled in. A Little tighter a order that me spread would not be greater than 91 feet wide and 12 feet in height to enable the Trees to Clear Railroad tunnels and. Under passes. After a Barge trip across the Bay from Oakland the Flat cars were placed on a siding at treasure Island and the Trees picked up by cranes and loaded on trucks hauled to their locations. As soon As the Burlap was removed and the Trees were set upright on the ground the limbs. Quickly recovered their Normal spreading habit the Bright Green Fer like foliage was in excellent condition and Many Trees had their Cluster of Carmine coloured Ber Ries still intact. Visitors the the exposition in 1939. Will find most of these Trees lining the sails a front of the Federal several of them were placed a the courts of exhibition and shipping of the Trees was under the direction of a. V. Wads. Worfe of Loi Aniie Leib " i r distributed free. _ for the tenth to time itt-28 years the " evening Independent which gives away its Home edition when the Sua. Fails to Shine was distributed free the second Day in succession the Fra paper october 14 was the 131st Tine major Lew b. Brown. Publisher instituted the ii Ughini offer

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