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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 4

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Butte, Montana 4�?Montana Standard pot a Utu Anaconda. Montana monday. September 30, Imi colossus Kennedy talks a shifted to defend policy president Kennedy on a tour of conservation projects armed with natural resources speeches shifted into another Field when he got into political enemy territory. In Billings and Salt Lake City the president delivered emotion packed foreign a id talks. They were in defense of administration policy and practices throughout the world and in answer to conservative right demands for less foreign Aid and More direct action in Cuba and elsewhere. In a Strong address delivered in the Utah capital the president said the nation must reject right Wing foreign policy proposals which clearly included some theories advanced by sen. Barry Coldwater who May oppose Kennedy in 1964. The president did not mention Coldwater by name but there was throughout his address a repudiation of conservative Coldwater thinking. The Salt Lake speech was the major one of the 11-state tour As Coldwater has Strong support in that state. The Utah talk was an enlargement of the address in Billings the stronghold of Republican Eastern Montana. In Utah the president warmed up his audience by highly commending the state its people and its founders. He got a Good standing ovation. In his talks on Republican ground the president May not have converted Many to the administrations no Retreat policy but he did encourage More thinking and discussion. As a result Gold Waters position at least will be reviewed. It is to Goldwater a credit As a politician that the administration and the president Felt it necessary to carry the foreign policy fight this far West. There must be serious concern on the part of the democrats at the increasing conservatism of this Section of its support of Goldwater a program. This same conservatism also impedes some of the governments resources development program. The Republican slate administrations particularly and understandably Are not encouraging the Advance of the Kennedy new Frontier program. Safety precaution a bikes ruled off interstate Butte with East West and North South interstate highways going right through the City is especially interested in a recent action of the Montana Highway commission. It banned bicyclists and pedestrians including hitchhikers from the controlled Access interstate system. Highway patrol chief Alex Stephenson said the new regulation will be enforced Only where the situation has become a safety problem. In other words the Alert Highway patrol is arming itself with a weapon to meet anticipated situations. Where the interstate runs through a Community and there is regular Access to it bicyclists and pedestrians would use it. Perhaps not freely if there were no Rule against it. They would present a serious traffic Hazard that could result in tragedies. Because motor scooters Are just a step ahead of bicycles and often used by children the patrol ii studying the possibility of barring them also Here it Hwy run into objections from adults who use such scooters often in interstate travel. Montana Law provides the Highway commission with the authority to ban non motorized traffic from the is and also that it can include motor driven cycles. One purpose of the is system is to Speed up traffic. This would be Defeated if pedestrians and cyclists had use of the new thoroughfares. The mixture of slow and fast traffic greatly increases the possibility of accidents. Of controlled Access is to mean what is intended the kinds of traffic must be controlled we can expect the Concrete interstate route through Butte lighted and landscaped will attract cyclists if not pedestrians. Armed with the proper regulations authorities can quickly and easily restrain Young daredevils. The commission has commendably taken action now instead of waiting until tragedies forced it. Space Here to stay maybe it can wait awhile american and russian scientists assigned to work at feverish paces on no bed for Young sniffle ers a let pm Plav doctors who make no pretence at being Able to cure the common cold Long have recommended rest As one of the treatments for it. Two Days in bed has been widely accepted As a a must procedure in assuring the patient maximum Comfort under the circumstances and giving him better chances of Satis factory recon very after the cold has run in course a British physician who has not voiced deviation from the rest theory ii. The cast s of adults now says that your child should not be summarily packed off to bed when he or she is afflicted with a Case of the sniffles. Or. R. S. Illingsworth after studying 1.082 Case s of children a respiratory infections at Sheffield University found that children sent to bed when the first symptoms appeared fared no better and no worse in duration of the illness or in any other Way than those who were allowed to be up and around. Forced confinement to bed. The doctor found bores the juvenile cold patient makes sleep difficult cuts the child off from Normal family contacts and causes him to worry. There is no evidence that Normal activity will complicate a cold there is some evidence that child used to activity will feel better under sensible but not sickroom re Strainu. But you say hell give the cold to others or. Illingsworth Pooh poohed that. By the tune the cold has reached visible symptom stages he says the child a close associates have already caught it from him or have been Lucky enough Arf to catch it. The doctor concludes with a declaration in support of self determination for sniffling youngsters a if they really Arentt Well enough to be up put themselves to what has been called the a Moon race Are like Tennyson a soldiers it is not theirs to reason Why. Nevertheless they have misgivings some of which they have voiced. The London daily mail reports that scientists Are not sure that a manned expedition to the Moon or elsewhere in space should be undertaken As the next step in space exploration from Earth nor Are they sure that such an expedition should be planned As Early As 1970. A a i the cold scientific mind is not stirred by the fervid and often bombastic utterances which have roots in nationalistic Pride. The scientist who really is a scientist if he could be convinced that men should go to the Moon would not care whether they were americans or russians or both nor would he be concerned with the order in which they might arrive. Some of that kind of thinking seems to have gotten through to president John f. Kennedy. He proposes that the United states and the soviet Union end the a Moon race by collaboration. Such collaboration would not necessarily Speed the Day when spaceships from Earth shall reach the Moon. In to it it could conceivably delay it by years. Scientists not a a bugged by constant political pressure for propaganda purposes would be More Likely to take their time More Likely to ask More frequently than now a is this trip really necessary in a a scientists know space has been with us a Long time. That it Isnit going anywhere. That it can wait awhile. In these Days of popular idolizing of a a astronauts a actually astronautics is the science of interplanetary travel and the human race has not yet produced an interplanetary traveler popularity is unlikely to be achieved by those who say a a let stake it easy. What a the hurry a but the scientists Are saying just that we who know far less than they would do Well to listen. Police commissioner exp Cert on fire hoses National observer Eugene a a Bull Connor former police commissioner of Birmingham ala., advising Little Rock segregationists on selection of fire hoses for use in breaking up civil nights demonstrations a a done to get the regular hoses. They la just stand there and look at you and take a Bath. Get the High pow ired ones. Tile a ii Knock a Man 0 wet a arbitration by labor court is proposed in dispute threatening National welfare by Holmes Alexander there were plenty of reasons for worry last aug. 28, yet in retrospect the persons with the most to lose were not heard from at All. Something like 200.000 marchers for racial rights had their Day for demonstration a and made the most of it. About 9,000 armed Mon faced with the dirty Prospect of quelling a race riot were spared that catastrophe both houses of Congress fighting the deadline on a National Railroad strike found a makeshift formula and got away with it. Lobbyists for Railroad management and Railroad workers possibly the most Carefree men in town waited around in full Confidence that Congress would somehow Brush the dispute under the carpet postponing v without settling the crisis. Public Hung by thumbs but the persons who were really Hung by heir thumbs a and who still hang there a Are the american people at Large. They have a National Economy Ana a National defense which simply cannot afford the protracted shut Down of a Basic Industry like railroading like trucking like communications and. To a lesser extent like shipping and steel making this is a time in history when our Complex Industrial society has an identity of its own a larger than that of management and labor. It becomes clearer with every actual or threatened work stoppage of any nuclear ship can i go to sea Savannah immobilized by weird War Between unions by Victor Riebel Washington d c a fight Between two in tons is battering the american image across the world at a tone when foreign pummelling of the . Has become an International pastime these two american unions of rival ship engineers Are being investigated by a three Man troubleshooting congressional committee which has run into some a a incomprehensible and a a weird developments. These Are words used by the investigation chief. Congressman roman Pucinski in a recent discussion with this reporter Navy takeover possible As a result of the labor War Between two Al Cio unions the Marine engineers beneficial association and the brotherhood of Marine officers the $80 million government owned nuclear ship Savannah has been Laid up for almost five months and May never sail unless the us. Navy takes her Over from private opera on. And at this very moment the Savannah was scheduled to be on a round the world cruise to prove that the . Was the first to use his Lear Power for a peaceful pursuits. Other ships affected this Union feud Lias tied up other ships the delays of which Cost America considerable prestige in Europe South America and As far off As East Pakistan. The ships were delayed or completely abandoned their voyages because of picketing and counter picketing. If one unions members were aboard the other picketed. For example a freighter called the is. Max Nus had brotherhood of Marine officers people aboard in new Orleans in mid july. The Maximus was scheduled to Sari for Chittagong. East Pakistan with a Relief cargo of 10.000 tons of surplus cooking oils. This cargo was desperately needed by the pakistanis because of devastating floods the . Promised to Rush the foodstuffs the Maximus was the Only freighter available at the time. But the Maximus did not sail. It was picketed by the Marine engineers beneficial association. A month earlier the same ship hit by the same internal labor War was delayed la Days in the port of Philadelphia aboard it was the last of the Ransom cargo due to Cuba. On its return it was to pick up the political prisoners Castro had agreed to release though the three Man House of representatives task Force will spend much of is time on the Savannah Case. Pucinski say that it will look into the feud on the other ship As Well. They will go Down to Galveston where the Savannah has been paralysed since May 6. It was on that Day that the Marine engineers shut Down the reactor without orders however the rest of the Crew stayed aboard. Then on May 9. The engineers shut off the water lighting and Galley refrigeration services. Although these services were not hooked up to the nuclear reactor they were supplied by Power from Shore lines harassment charged the government charged that a this latter action was unquestionably taken As a Means of harassment forcing the deck officers and other Crew personnel to leave then quarters aboard the ship. These Marine engineers mostly under 30 years of age. Had been earning some $14. Xxx to $22,000 a year but they were peeved at a decision which would have permanently Given deck officers a higher wage though there would not be any ceiling on the engineers salaries. The Young men had been trained by the government at a Cost to the Public of hundreds of thousands of dollars. On May 13. The company operating the Savannah dismissed the engineers. After some complication the government transferred the operation of the nuclear Craft to another private company. Along with this new operation came another Union the rival brother Hood of Marine officers now its members Are being trained in nuclear physics and reactor technology again at Public expense a tragedy. Indeed but what Pucinski wants to know is whether the Marine engineers will picket the Savannah when it is ready to sail with a rival engine Crew next May a a we re going up to new York a Pucinski said a to talk to the leaders of the two unions at their National Headquarters there we want to get the Savannah on the High seas before May if we can. But will there be new obstructions Quot a angrily the congressman said a this Border on a National tragedy. Here we have a tremendous Opp it a Unity to show the world that we mean what we say about peaceful nuclear Energy and that we Are a peaceful nation. Quot we spend so million to build the ship. Now she sits in dry Wick because of a labor dispute it is a tragedy magnitude that the Public interest is often greater than the interests of the disputants. To put the matter another Way management and labor have much less to complain about than Ever before. The Taft Hartley act and the subsequent Landrum Griffin act. Haven to produced a a peace but have Cut Down drastically on violence against property and life. With some exceptions it the Railroad companies among them it the major industries can make concessions at the bargaining table and still wag along. With almost no elections. The labor Force can win or lose on a fringe Benefit demand or on a marginal wage demand and nobody really suffers. Arbitration abhorred since labor disputes Are Seldom matters of survival to the opposing parties but Only to the Public the whole matter of compulsory arbitration keeps coming bade for reappraisal. The very idea of arbitration a letting an outside Agency decide the dispute a has Long been an anathema to Liberal and conservative statesmen alike. Liberals fear that the right to strike labors Only weapon might be blunted a and this is a form of disarmament which liberals abhor. Conservatives fear that the rights of property and the management thereof might be confiscated through arbitration a and this is a form of authoritarianism which conservatives abhor nevertheless Congress did Agre to partial arbitration last month with the agreement of both the Railroad managers and brotherhoods. Next Tim it was predicted arbitration wont be such a seat word next time arbitration will be carried further a and a Little further a until it becomes a respectable idea. Having followed the Railroad debate i ventured to propose in a column on sept 9 that Congress quit fooling around my proposal was that Congress go ahead and establish a Federal labor f ourt where in fact arbitration would become the Law of the land. Well there is now a Bill drafted by a Senate committee but not yet introduced the Short title of which reads a to provide for the establishment of a United states labor court a the labor court would consist of chief judge and six associate judges appointed by the president with the Senate advice and consent the courts principal location would he in Washington but the court could sit anywhere in tile United states. This judicial body would receive Only two kinds of disputes those referred to it by the president and those voluntarily submitted by the disputants. Thus most labor management matters would still he settled by collective bargaining. And Only matters in the highest National interest or matters hopelessly deadlocked would end up in court but. With these limitations the ban on Ary lation would be Lilied a new Era in labor relations would begin. A who in would i the world talk to a Hobby Baker s query Bales immortality Carbon monoxide is sneaky killer dear or Molner could sitting in a room with an open Gas Heater cause one to be nervous and have palpitation of the heart a Isnit Gas poisonous a re. Fumes of burning Gas Coal Wood. Oil or any other fue it contain Carbon monoxide. And Are deadly poisonous. Small amounts of monoxide and it does no to take Modi to have an effect can cause palpitation. Heartache and drowsiness however. Are usually the first signs of monoxide poisoning i question whether the fumes themselves would make you nervous but the headache palpitation or other discomforts might do so. If the Heater is in a fireplace the fumes will go up the Chimney an Foo danger will result a that is. If the Chimney is open. But if the flue has been plugged or closed with a Damper then the fumes will disperse into the room with a fireplace theres no doubt As to whether the Chimney is open smoke from the fire can promptly bother you so that you do something about it the danger is from fuels that done to create much smoke they still produce Carbon monoxide though you can t see or smell monoxide that is Why. Year after year people die of monoxide poisoning and others become ill from it. While Many fuel gases Are not poisonous they can be dangerous in a tightly closed room simply by depriving the occupants of enough oxygen a asphyxiation but not poisoning there a Only one Safe Rule never have a fire inside an enclosed building unless a Chimney stack or vent is provided to let the fumes escape As to Gas itself being poisonous generally speaking it Isnit very dangerous natural Gas is not. And neither Are Many other forms of heating or a bottled Quot Gas the exception is artificial Gas produced from the incomplete combustion of Coal or Oil. This is poisonous. Indeed of contains Carbon monoxide. Given plenty of oxygen monoxide will Burn too. And give off Carbon dioxide which is not poisonous when Gas that is poisonous is sold for household or Industrial use manufacturer by Joseph g. Molner. M d. Provide it with a Strong unpleasant odor so that people will notice of quickly and shut off any leaks. A Gas Heater won t give you palpitations or nerves As Long As you have a Chimney or vent for it but if you done to look out one part of monoxide in 100.000 can Start to make you ill one in 750 can kill you in half an hour or. Molner someone told me that eating a lot of raw onions caused High blood pressure is that true0�?w . If you mean is of True that a a someone told you that in a sure its so. This is one of those old wives tale that persists but if you mean whether onions cause High blood pressure the answer is no. A a a or Molner is interested in All his readers questions and whenever possible uses their questions in his column but because of the great number received daily he regrets that he cannot answer individual letters. Montana Standard and butt daily Post pub mud a even morning a win St the sued try but. Member of pm Nevaj Wetr of Moo Cann. In. Richard k. Morrison. Pub Lubor word pan nine oar my mania Walter l Newn. I tor o. R Campbelljr. Awu Lnu manager John Calcaterra. Managing editor Prang Quin. Pasture editor t k Conway. Office Man Agar Joeeph Stooge. Circulation manager Peggy Verity open. Women editor of Cui near Apa per of hirer Low county and the City or Butte stand re Post Tau Phon number Dup Lay adder Tuting 783-8303 classified want ads department will circulation department 783-8307 hew department 783-1305 society editor 723-4010 Btu mess office 783.8300 Job print me department 733-4180 by George Dixon i had always thought of Bobby Baker As a messenger boy because about All in be Ever seen him do is run errands for senators. You May imagine my Delight therefore when of was revealed that away from the Capitol he is a tycoon in a $3 500,000 a year business. I am a Pushover for american Success stories. Nothing warms the cockles of my heart so much As to see a Friend alter his circumstances my sentiments Are those inscribed on a watch that Frank Sinatra once gave to the late burlesque comedian. Rags Ragland a from riches to rags a the nicest part of it for Robert g Baker is that he achieved his riches at Only 35 supposing he had had to struggle until he was 36 or 37. And too old to enjoy them0 Moon lighter while occupying the Humble role of Secretary to the Senate majority however he Moon lighted interminably a and in 18 Long months helped in the financing of this sideline. It is a vending machine company with the cute name of serv a corp and holds franchises in Aero space plants whose research and development Are almost wholly underwritten by the Federal government when it was suggested to Bobby that he was in a position to carry on conversations not disadvantageous to his welfare he asked in wide eyed innocence a who in the world would i talk to a firstly i am pleased he did no to say secondly. I am Happy to be Able to relieve him of his puzzlement i can tip the Secretary to the Senate majority who in the world he could talk to. Every Democrat in the Senate Allix this world without leaving this world he could talk to vice president Lyndon b. Johnson Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield. Senate majority whip Hubert h Humphrey. And the chairmen i of Ingi Octant committees All of wham Are democrats and constantly calling upon the Secretary to the majority to do this and that for them. He could talk to sen Richard b Russell of Georgia chairman of the armed services committee which authorizes aerospace contracts and sen. Carl Hayden of Arizona chairman of the appropriations committee which votes the Money. He could talk of to of the 15 members of the Senate aeronautic and space sciences committee a Anderson. Magnuson Symington. Stennis Young. Dodd. Cannon. Holland. Edmondson and the aforementioned Russell the remaining five members of the com or free Are re pub cans and not Worth Bobby s time talking to. If Young master Baker is too Busy filling his vending machines to go to the Capitol he can phone ail of them at Ca Pital 4-3121 Lull m?1 Cap to a1 he�?~8 Ltd it to ill of Cut in ext my is 4451 for lbs. 44 and .44 for the majority Leader and whip respect Vehr. And for the other above mentioned in tin order Asai g23s, ital 3621 6154 6253 2315 4041 244 9274 and 4721. Without resorting to a Little Wack Book he can even Call lbs at Home believe it or not the vice president has his Horn number in the phone Book deathless Riddle now that i have done Bobby thin favor. I wish he would find it in his heart to reciprocate by talking to the right people about having his statement preserved for posterity a who in the world would i talk to0�?� belongs in Bartlett a familiar quotations. A who in the world would i talk to a should rank with the gloat a who a questions of history a who killed cock bobbin0�?�, a a a a who discovered Dixie?.�?T�?T and Richard Burton a deathless Riddle in Mexico City the other Day when asked if he was there to get a mexican divorce so he could marry his travelling companion. Elizabeth Taylor. Burton said mho knows Bobby bakery a conundrum should become More familiar than a who s afraid of the big bad Wolf a and a a who son first a or. The most poignant of All human interrogatories a mho. Me a Kilmer a tree gone mls Soulian dead of old age. The legendary Oak on Rutgers i University Campus in new Brunswick n j., was Cut Down with ceremonies befitting its Quality As an inspiration to the poet Joyce Kilmer who died on a Battlefield of world War i. A stump 54 inches thick and s feet High will be polished and a plaque will be mounted in memory of the poet whose 12-line verse closing with the Couplet a poems Are made by fools like me but Only god can make a tree has taught the nation the love of nature. Fred mehr know what. While you re relaxing yet could be thinking about my Christmas

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