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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Butte, Montana Watch for kids 165 188 is the traffic toll for Montana this year. Was the traffic toll on this data in 1962. Montana and the Butte daily Post Grid team saved in crash Landing Pilot is hero Page 2 our 88th year no. 61 established 1876 Butte Anaconda. Montana monday september to 1963 Orantle. Butte. Mont. Under act of March 3. 1871 Home edition Price to cents Pope charts Church Reform for Council two Are arrested in Alabama Church bombing Juk s views awaited on wheat sales see Mansfield below Washington up the and Christian Unity also one of four goals Vatican City a it Worth of wheat to the soviet paid reopened the bulletin Secretary Kenneth Royall a mud sex Montgomery Ala a Wert p it int coach Earl Blade to minks or at Ion a the russians Ami gov. George a. Wallace monday Birmingham to help ease Hie a wary congressmen sunday await announced the arrest of two per Cia ten8m,n a final decision by president sons in connection with the Bir the men of with White and Kennedy on whether the United Mingham bombing. Negro leaders and City officials states will sell millions of dollars 1.1 a # last week. They will resume their identities of the Parsons were is Moi a there a a being withheld in the interest of dlscussl0n o the clo a do or the continuing investigation me mils a a emissaries or pee-1 to Variava it in Miv inn san rave torm the roman Catholic Church Pope Paul listed the Council announcement said sons attending a a quoth Quot a wild sex and hold the door wide for Chris Aims As Lour redefinition o the further a a Quot j mrs z a Quot mat tort let train so i fan Unity Catholic Church Reform of the. he rare and officers in the i Vestiga lion since world War ii the pontiff also told the 2vx Catholic Hurch. Gaili Erir. Of All 111 ution of the blast. Faisst said if while House aides were ready assembled prelates to a build a christians in Unity and closer con the dynamite used was Brief the president on the mat Bridge toward the contemporary tact with the contemporary world. Montgomery Ala. Apr ported across state lines the Fri ter As soon As he returns to his he sad b s a it Ress was a by Pope Paul spoke from the throne in St. Vatican Peters where Pope John Xxiii Union ecumenical Council on sunday last faced his Council nine months sen Jacob k jars. Rny., i in in a Strons Mandala to re Aro newest Auto Gyro Jim Cox parked his foreign car in a wooded area near his Home in Healdsburg calif., while he and a Friend went Deer Hunting. The car suddenly rolled downhill with the Hunters in Pursuit. It hit an embankment at the foot of the Hill and bounced into the branches of a Friendly tree. Cox partner Jeff Butts contemplates How to retrieve the errant Auto. A wire photo civil rights or tax Cut Congress can t do both Coldwater says gov. George Wallace s office said can step in sunday night that a arrests Are imminent in the bombing of a negro Church in Birmingham which killed four children two weeks ago. The statement said state investigators a expect to break the j Birmingham Church Case within the next few the statement said the governor would give no specific details a except to say that arrests Are a dynamite blast during Mcnamara has door shut talk with diem desk monday after a five Day at a solemn ceremony starting not or k1 to a continued coun continued Page to. Col. 3 i the councils second phase Pope f1 and to it pontificate he began last Juno 21. Pope Paul saw the worldwide episcopal Assembly greatest in history As a a human and divine phenomenon and at a Council of a invitation of expectation of Confidence a tie Gold Mitre on his head and the massive folds of a White and Gold Cape almost engulfed the slender figure of the Pope who was 66 last thursday. He delivered a 10.000-word address in continued Page to col. 2> Castro urges Cuba to rely less on russian help amt by Roy Esso Yan Saigon South Viet Nam Fapp the a Secretary of defense Robert s. Sunday school hour killed Quot Lour Mcnamara conferred with presi negro girls at the sixteenth Dent Ngo Dinh diem for three Street Baptist Church sept. 15. Hours sunday on the eve of my about 20 persons were Hurt in Namer so departure for Home aft Havana map a prime min called Kennedy a cheap the blaster a week Long inspection tour oldster Fidel Castro has told cubans crooked politicians two negro youths were killed South vie Nam for president to Start working harder to help Castro made it Clear Cuba was in disorders that followed the sex Kennedy. The government Cut Hack on Aid not ready to go along with any j Losion. One was shot by a to a spokesman declined to give ff0111 the soviet Union he termed thaw in East West tensions and iceman after he threw rocks at any details of their discussions. Soviet Aid indispensable hut said vowed to continue to support anti a police Cruiser detectives said. Mcnamara and his party Are saddled Cuba with a Sloo Mil . Revolutions in latin America. A grand jury is investigating that expected to leave for Washington Bon balance of payments deficit. At least 4 die As storms cruise South Washington a sen. Bar secret a that i was prevented from ration All of our communications i incident on monday afternoon to report to i speaking saturday night the Castro was interrupted by a mys Jbf associated be sry Coldwater. R-ariz., said Sun asking the question in open hear systems. And. Bring Victory two White youths Are free on Kennedy on the Progress of the cuban Leader cautioned the a venous explosion tornadoes storms and Gale Day president Kennedy cannot Ings of the Senate preparedness of its own. In be Felt we had to $10,000 Bond in the killing of the War in South Viet Nam and the ton against relying too heavily on a Force winds struck the win congressional approval of subcommittee. He added he was have More testing to learn about both his civil rights program and convinced however the disturb this. In a convinced the russians $11 billion tax Cut this year and must decide which he wants. Coldwater said he would not vote to shut off a filibuster against the civil rights legislation. And he said that Middle or Ute january would be a a Good time for him to announce Beth Ance was caused by a Volcano know the answers. The atomic Energy commis a the treaty bans All but under Sion has said it has no evidence that it was a nuclear explosion which could have had a serious Impact on the nuclear test ban treaty debate then under Way. Ground testing Coldwater said it is a physically impossible for Congress to approve both the administrations 1 civil rights and tax Cut Bills in or he will seek the 1964 cop considered the Arizona senator who is the time remaining in this ses a leading possibility presidential nomination for a up presidential Nomina Goldwater interviewed on ration acknowledged that his vote do it discussed at length reports against the treaty might Hurt him of an explosion in the Antarctic in a political Campaign hut sex about aug. 3 that some sources planned his reasoning this Way thought might have been nuclear Quot i m convinced. A Large yield in origin. Others said it was vol bomb 56-100 megaton detonated came eruption or collapse of a Loo Miles or higher Over this. A a country. Could put out of of a i think i can say that i be Lieve that the United states sent ships to that area to collect samples to determine if it was a radioactive explosion a he said. A but to this Date i have heard nothing officially saying that it was or Wasny to a nuclear Type explosion a he said the matter was kept so Sion. Coldwater said his decision to announce in Middle or late january whether he will seek the nomination is based on the late january closing dates for the first two presidential primaries in new Hampshire and Illinois. The Day after the shooting been affected by the recent Politi every Effort must be made to represent Kennedy Nom two Cal Relig Kius crisis in this country verse the Trade imbalance with personal emissaries former army Mcnamara plans a 34-hour the russians. Field trip into the communist in at the same time Castro retested 3rd corps area of Central need personal attacks on pres Viet Nam on monday morning be ident Kennedy calling him a Deni fore taking off. Gogue More interested in votes Mcnamara spent sunday morn than in solving racial problems in conferring with . Personnel Here other negro they were arrested degree if any to which it had assistance from Moscow and said or in -11 a t mattered it is a Rockefeller pay visit to East Berlin by John t. Koehler Berlin it a gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York sunday had to Tell the East German Conine said if he runs he would in munits How much Money he had in the United states. In an Impromptu interview sept 7, Castro Butte native 17, killed in Denver ter these two contests. Congress is confronted by huge Mountain of unfinished business no help needed Richmond. A. Api stuck elevator trapped 23 persons Between floors at a downtown hotel saturday night there was no need to Call Rescue squads ii happened in the midst of their state convention. The passengers All Rescue squads men. Members of the women s auxiliary and Junior that must be passed this year a squads men from Fredericksburg that far outweighs what has been and Culpeper. I done in his Wallet. A customs officer popped this question As the governor went through the formalities at a Border checkpoint before touring East Berlin. A but just give me round numbers a the Young East German said seriously while members of Rockefeller a entourage and american newsmen it could add up to the longest chuckled in the background session since the korean War a six Hundred dollars a Rocke Congress of 1950 ran around theft or replied and the customs Calendar and collided with the dutifully marked it on the session that followed. Declaration form. C. R. A j the governors wife Margaret of afoul t in Rev in and a Aii it i m f i to. Declared $150 and her Cousin he about to hurry up and wait a Mansfield of Montana has re mrs Peter Ulin u old Tom comm need his pledge to keep the cur Mats she had $200 in her purse rent session going until the new a where do you live in the unit Sessum. One convenes if that is what it de states a the East German of in takes to get the tax Cut and the asked. A Albany. New York a administration s civil rights pro Rockefeller replied broadly Grin Gram enacted. Ning. Mansfield says Juk wont initiate Russia wheat deals by Frank Quinn Standard Post staff writer i by Walter r. Mears Washington apr with the limited nuclear test ban ratified and president Kennedy Sll Bil when a Bon tax launched on its perilous Senate journey Congress May self into the longest session in 13 years. After nine months in Congress faces a pile finished business a including a Batch of appropriations measures Josl Mai jul Butte a partly Cloudy and a Little cooler today and tuesday High today 78 Low tonight 36. One year ago 63 and 23. East of Divide fair monday or Southeast and a tuesday 72-85 West of Divide fair monday. Partly Cloudy monday night and tuesday. Slightly cooler. Highs monday 75-82. Lows monday night 35-45. Highs tuesday 70-78 the table maximum temperatures Are for 12 hours and minimums for Boro anted at i pm sunday. Cloudy Tenor Valachi due losing More Cosa Nostra tuesday to i discussed water and air pollution problems and in the the rank of in i Menan Beaverhead and bitterroot areas a Ander Yount Lyden attended Eastern portion of the nation sunday killing at least four persons and injuring several others. Tornadoes skipped through North and South Carolina killing two women and an eight year old child. Lightning killed Thomas Lea Perry. 18, a Volunteer worker it a Camp for unemployed youths _ a a near Croydon. Ind. Thomas Hudson Lyden. 17, a a kinds up to 50 Miles per hour Butte native was injured fatally St Nick he coast of when his bicycle was Struc k by an s Jared a storm Center in Hie Auto in Denver saturday evening Mexico he died about an hour after the Low presort area Accident. Brought violent wind and rain the boy was the son of or. And storms to the great lakes area. Mrs. Charles j Lyden who lived \ fifth Day of temperatures Over on Keokuk Street before leaving the 100-Mark hit los Angeles a Butte about to years ago a mining poaching the All time record mixer Ginger in Butte the father now is Day similar heat wave of 1955. Secretary of tile Juniper Oil and in los Angeles it was 102 and the mining co in Denver. Or Lyden forecasters looked for readings at was inspect or instruct or for the least in the 90s monday. Butte naval Reserve unit also the heat wave started wednes Day when the temperature hit 107 High Low Billings 86 46 Belgrade. 85 37 Broadus 85 37 Butte 84 38 Cut Bank. 90 40 Dillon. �?z86 44 Drummond 81 37 Glasgow a 83 43 great Falls _ 89 45 Havre 89 37 Helena. 82 42 Kalispell 78 43 Lewistown 87 44 Livingston a a 87 43 Miles City 84 44 Missoula. 81 39 w. Yellowstone. 76 28 Whitehall in Long so called conservation tour of the West at great Falls said he had been in Contact saturday with Pierre Salinger the presidents press Secretary a the subject of the Sale of wheat to the user was discussed Quot Mansfield said. A and. It is my understanding that president Kennedy will not take the initiative in this proposal at this time. It must come. I believe although the president is fully aware of the by Geoffrey Gould now Cosa Nostra is a household subject from Congress and major Washington a Joseph word. There Are funny cartoons farm Valachi the kindly looking killer about it in the magazines and a with the Henna rinse Crew Cut has Achi has disclosed intimate de Given the world a fascinating in tails of a a family life. Sight into the Structure of Organ three things have come through leaders of that Community relative sized crime Hes due to give More cry the paramilitary Struc to the economic picture there lurid details tuesday. Ture o he orientation the slav spent Only a Short time in Butte. Two months ago the world at Josh respect of the lower members he had breakfast at the Finlen at los Angeles civic Center it president Kennedy does not con Hawthorne school Here. Want 109 thursday and 106 Friday template taking any initiative at a Fame a for. M Denver is and saturday this time in the reversal of .or of. A Al. Sam. Ivy o j notes and tornadoes did extensive darn ,. Ports on Domestic cattle and meat Al in Ivy m last ruts anti i. Ltd nil policy and the permitting of the processm2 industries Quot he said burial will be in Denver. Ajo a in p1 near Sale of wheat to Russia at subs7. Spring Lake. Port Bragg and died Export Price she reported a Ltd Ai of. A. Is Paren a so Orv a Quot is Pamlico county n c. Rolla this the opinion gleaned Byll i?8 the a Pfout and a .brol1er Graves. 51. Esther Graves. 8. And Senate Mai Ort Leie Quot Mike he. Vels on the tax Eleanor. Martha and Joseph All in Arlene Mcduffie it 24. Were kill m f u u d m, Hill. Which has been approved Denver grandparents. Or. And us it it new a a their Mansfield who was a Butte Visi by the House by a vote of 271 to mrs. Jost Ali p. Lyden formerly run Uon a ounts so Home by i tor sunday 155. Butte and now of Joplin. To. Or. Forego Montana a senior senator who Mansfield a attention was called 4nd mrs. Oliver g. Hudson of v Are Dawn Tornado hit Soring left president Kennedy a week to an article in the sunday Mon Tampa. Fla., and a number of Lak on the Edge of the fort continued Page to col. 4� other relatives. Was in Anaconda saturday Mansfield who spent saturday night in Anaconda conferring with Large had never heard of Cosa for their superiors and Valachi a Nostra the tightly controlled dissatisfaction with the Rew Ards he crime organization whose name is g0 As a Humble and 11 he hotel then left for Helena. He attended dedication of the newly constructed veterans administration Hospital at fort Harrison. Moved on to great Falls and Bragg. Nc., military base causing property damage emanated by mayor Howard Grady at $250,-000 several persons were injured at Millen and Sardis a. During violent storms. Economic situation was expressed sunday by sen. Mike Mansfield. A a we la do All possible to further an economic diversification program in this the Montana Democrat Saki. Caveman record Pateney Bridge Knoland apr Jeffrey Workman 34. Came he had beaten the previous record of 64 Days set last year by Aida to Allan Bill pan Man counted with the reaction that in. J a i f a i smelter City economic picture. X been mar the .n0nplimwd love ,0r about Joo attend the of Coral a Uigum. Meeting. After leaving the presidential tour in the electric City thursday Mansfield visited 13 Western Mon a supposed informer. Valachi said that led him to decide to Tell All. As so far revealed by Valachi in testimony before the Senate in Tana counties. The trip to Mon up sunday out of a sealed Cave Vestiga ions subcommittee Here is Tana with president Kennedy where he had spent 105 Days and How Cosa Nostra is set up at marked the fourth visit to the to minutes to set a world record he Pinnacle is Vito Genovese the Quot a a Boss of All he not Only is head of his own a a family in continued a a to col. 21 a a anybody a economic Mansfield said. A Are of concern to me personally and to my colleagues in the Senate and the House. We Are deeply interested in the continuance of a stable treasure state this year by the Economy in this Senate majority Leader. A in Flathead and Missoula counties and at Libby in Lincoln coun sen. Mansfield pledges Aid to Anaconda business life Anaconda a vital concern i been brought Forward by groups relative to Anacondas future in the smelter City. Quot i Hope that when the full perspective is Deve hired Loans such As already provided in the Case of the Marcus Daly hotel development can he secured for other the body of a Helena Man Olio Mansfield Sente Mitzi Rita Load-1 Fraps Sals considered by drowned saturday in the Waters Era a sat Hight in a. h. A of. Of the yellow,.� rim car Conda. He conferred for several he met with one group that is u hours during a general meeting considering a Cement tile instal a victim was of a Cross Section of Anaconda la Bon in Anaconda another in 73. Park county sheriff Albert residents and later met with Sev Terestea in the installation of a l Nicholson said Adams drowned eral groups interested in develop steel fabricating Plant on a modest saturday while trying to Wade a moots of proposals to better the scale and with others who Dis Swift Channel in a stretch of Ruer cussed need for improvement of near the Livingston civic Center the ska Kaho pass Highway and Nicholson said the sheriff of the tourist Industry with relation fice was notified by another fish to Anaconda. Erman who was in the Genera Quot i have carefully considered All area Adams Wax seen a he recommendations made by the Ana stepped into the Swift water an Conda people and will continue was swept away. There was no my studies of them on my return immediate Idem ideation. To Washington a Mansfield said the sheriff said a search Effort a when a Complete perspective is available i feel that there Are things that can be accomplished la Tho Anaconda area.1 Helena Many a body found in River near Livingston Livingston up official in Livingston sunday recovered Mansfield said it was his Hope that financial Aid would be Given Anaconda ii proposals that have was started Early sunday morning and that ski divers recovered the body about 200 Yards Down Iha Raver about 2 30 pm sunday

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