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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Butte, Montana Showe Butte weather mostly Cloudy with scattered showers through sunday. Expected today 53 tonight 30. Friday max., 47 min., 29 Pep., .02. She a amp Nam Stonex Tefr slow Down live a Gaa have died in Montana a Highway Accident this year. A o was the traffic to11 year i w to ago this Date. Vol. A Xxxii no. 52 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana. Saturday morning september 21, 1957 Price 5 cent Faubus withdraws guardsmen King Haakon oldest reigning Monarch in world is dead Oslo we King Haakon Vii of Norway the worlds oldest reigning Monarch died saturday. The 85-year-old King had been in poor health for a Long time and fear for his life was expressed this week when doctors announced he was suffering from a circulatory ailment. He suffered a broken thigh in a fall in 1955 and had left the Royal duties to Regent Crown Prince Olav since that time. Palace physicians Friday night had announced the aged Monarch was growing weaker. He had been receiving intravenous feeding because of a Throat Catarrh condition. Crown Prince Olav who has been serving As the Regent of the realm immediately and automatically succeeds his father. Haakon was the Only european Monarch of his time to gain his Crown by popular vote. He also was Norway a Only King since it dissolved its Union with Sweden in 1905. Olav. 54. Is Haakon s Only son. Montana liquor prices to be Cut on thursday Helena pm the Montana state Board of liquor control Friday announced that lower liquor prices would be effective thursday. The decrease in the Over All bottle Price reflects the loss of 8 per cent in excise tax which was nullified by statewide petitions demanding its withdrawal. Chairman j. E. Rafn of the Board also announced that All 151 of the state liquor stores would be closed wednesday for the purpose of taking inventory and making the Price changes. The legislature increased the general fund excise tax to 16 per cent from 8 per cent. The Revenue expected to be received from the increase was counted up in setting up the state budget for the current two years ending june 3, 1959. The legislature also enacted a separate 4 per cent tax on liquor but earmarked Revenue from this 4 per cent for cities and counties to defray their Law enforcement costs. Those opposed to the 8 per cent general fund tax increase circus continued Page 14, col. 7 in july 1955, a few Days after a state visit to Norway by Britain s Queen Elizabeth Haakon slipped and fell on his bathroom floor and broke a thigh Bone. After that the formerly Spry and energetic Monarch did not appear in Public. A danish Prince by birth Haakon won the love of norwegians King Haakon Vii during i Long reign while crowned Heads toppled All Over Europe. Queen Elizabeth s visit in 1955 was a highlight of a triple anniversary Celebration for Haakon.1 which began on june 7�?a significant Date in his life. Fifty years earlier on june 7. 1905. The people of Norway elected Haakons then Prince Carl of Denmark As their ruler. On june 7. 1940, in what was the darkest hour of his life he boarded a British Cruiser at Romsoe to flee to England from Hitler s nazi invasion forces. On june 7, five years later he made a triumphant return also aboard a British Cruiser. The King had lived alone in his Palace overlooking Oslo s main Street since the death of his wife Queen Maud in 1938. Court action started against Hozia by Norman Walker Washington a James Hoffa and other teamsters Bosses Friday were ordered to appear in Federal court Here sept. 27 to answer charges that they have conspired to Rig the unions election in favor of Hoffa. Ii. S. District judge f. Dickinson Letts directed them to show cause Why the election scheduled for the teamsters convention at Miami reach next month should not be delayed by a temporary injunction. The 82-year-old judge a former Republican congressman from Iowa acted on a petition filed for a group of rank and file teamsters in the new York area by attorney Godfrey p. Schmidt. Schmidt former counsel for the new York state labor department. Successfully staved off Hof fans attempt to swing a new York teamsters District Council election two years ago. In his court appearance Friday Schmidt claimed Hoffa Midwest teamsters Boss and leading contender for the $50.000-a-year presidential Post being relinquished by Dave Becky has combined with Beck and others to Rig the Miami Beach balloting. The convention starts sept. 30. With the elections due on oct. 4 or 5. Schmidt referring to the ruling teamsters chiefs As a a swindle bund a told judge Letts they exercised dictatorial control Over the 14 million member Union. He said the convention delegates have been handpicked selected without the membership vote required by the teamsters Constitution. He alleged this was typical of the teamsters practice of depriving rank and file members of a voice in either conventions or local Union affairs. Letts conditioned the sept. 27 hearing on Schmidt s succeeding in serving fridays court order on the defendants before sept. 25. Tile defendants Are the Union. Hoffa Beck and All teamsters executive Hoard members except Thomas l. Hickey of new York. Hickey who is opposing Hoffa for the presidency was one of those who opposed Hoffa s establishing a set of phantom teamsters locals in new York in 1956. Develops common cold vaccine Gromyko says Arkansas governor Russia not Bow s to order risking War of Federal court by Milton Besser United nations a Andrei Gromyko told the u. N. Friday the soviet Union cannot remain an or. Winston h. Price 34-year-old Johns Hopkins scientist shown at work in his Laboratory says he has developed an effective vaccine for the common cold. He claims he has isolated the first a a True virus of the common cold and that he has developed a vaccine which in controlled tests on More than 400 persons prevented colds caused by the virus in to per cent of the cases. Immunity is produced from two shots of the vaccine the second following the first by four weeks or. Price said. By Keith Fuller i Faubus spelled out his stand on Little Rock. Ark. Gov. A three station television Hookup Orval Faubus Friday night or a Bittie Rock at 6 30 ., five impassive observer a while the u. A prod the National guard troops minutes after it. Col. Marion s. And other Western Powers try away from Central High school a Johnson had appeared at the High to turn the Middle East into a tin pm bouts after a Federal court school and called out the guard derho ordered him to Stop interference it was a dramatic Climax to a to soviet 1 foreign minister out a Job tic schools integration plan Swift moving Chain of events Quot Quot cd his country position on the the guard it at 625 Middle East disarmament and faced with the injunction Fau other East West issues in a policy bus said Jwj speech of 14 hours to the 82-na presumably the nine negro Stu Tion Assembly. Dents who have Boon barred from governors attorneys Ile denied charges levelled by i. Fat school by the troops since they saying a a we re s. Secretary of state Dulles thurs attempted to enter sept. 4, will they had challenged the Federal Day that the soviet Union was risk attend classes monday. Several governments right to question ing Wai by threatening Turkey and bad Zajd they would go if guards Faubus Quot actions and then left. The sending arms to Syria. Would not bar their Way. Hearing continued and at the end Gromyko challenged the it. S to the action of the governor a the judge ruled that Faubus had raise the charges before the United patently closes one chapter of the thwarted the order of the court nations. He called on the u. N. To historic struggle Between state for integration by his use of the a condemn resolutely the dangerous and Federal Power but Faubus troops and directed him to Stop policy he said Wras being pursued said he w Ould exhaust ail avenues Faubus in his speech said judge by the Western Powers. Of Appeal to overturn the injun a the soviet Union cannot place t on which started with Federal judge Ronald n. Davies i n j c t i on against Faubus following a five hour hearing during which the walked out air Force reveals defense against ballistic missiles itself in the position of an impassive observer while the near and Middle East an area close to the frontiers of the soviet Union is being turned into a permanent hotbed of military conflicts a a he said. Despite Gromyko a Blunt words on the Middle East some Western delegates said they did not regard the speech in its entirety As a in Mckinney takes oath for Job on atomic Agency Davies a ignored the Law a in refusing some of the motions made by the governor s attorneys Friday. He did not say specifically which ones. He said a i have instructed my attorneys to exhaust every Legal remedy to Appeal this order. However. So Long As this order is in effect and until its certain reversal on Appeal i will comply. The governor then said even As. A a _ of ,4. 4 Washington Robert Satorv the United states Mckinney new Mexico newspaper he talked the guards were Leav carefully withheld comment Pond publisher was sworn in Friday As link he appealed for order and Trier c to in or of fun f a Ian i t ii a1 n i s j top u. S. Representative on the new e International atomic Energy Agency. The 47-year-old Democrat who was appointed to the Post thurs ceremony ing study of the speech. \ i but growing concern in the u. N. I. J i l Over by m Dulc Kast was reflect 7 de in a proposal put before the Assembly by foreign minister Frank Aiken of Ireland that a . Commission he named for a pro. A a a a. 1 the oath of office at motion of reconciliation and economic betterment Quot in that Trou a i i ,. ,. Aaa hied area. He called on the big the air Pronto that the first of the 3.000 Powers Abate Thor diplomatic competitions a in the Middle East and avoid risk of a world War. Gromyko submitted three proposals for consideration by the Assembly at this session i. That the United nations Call in Little Rock and said now is the time for the utmost precaution and forbearance on the part of All he said he hoped the National Day by president Eisenhower took or the advancement of a state dept coloured people would a not be so the air Force then said it is by c. Yates Mcdaniel Washington Ltd Force Friday revealed this coun in a Range radars would be in try a first major breakthrough in stalled in Alaska and that North efforts to set up a defense against Central Canada and either Labra intercontinental ballistic missiles. Dor or Greenland could serve As it is a super radar system Capa locations for two More sets. To ble of detecting identifying and aether these could cast an Clee figuring the precise course of a iconic detection screen Over funeral services for or. Mondloch Butte physician set for monday Goudelock Case termed weak Boise Idaho if a u. S. Dist judge Chase a. Clark Friday ordered red haired mrs Peggy Goudelock returned to Montana to face charges of concealing a Federal fugitive. The judge observed that government evidence showed a a very weak mrs. Goudelock 44, is accused of harbouring and concealing Cowboy Dale Morris who escaped from Gulfport miss., jail last june while awaiting his fourth trial on murder charges. She was arrested aug. 19 in Idaho Falls. Later she opposed attempts to return her to face charges on a Butte mont., warrant. Morris since was arrested after a Drunken Brawl in Long Beach Calif. He had faced three murder trials in connection with the Bay St. Louis miss., killing of a Novelty store owner. Each ended in jury disagreement. Thursday Morris was arraigned on a manslaughter charge at Gulf continued Page 14. Col. 8 Quarles witnesses missile firing Cape canaveral. Fla. Up a a slender White missile reported to be the air Force Thor of 1,500 Anile Range blasted into a Clear sky in front of Deputy defense Secretary Donald a. Quarles Friday. There were unconfirmed reports the guided missile test Center was preparing to launch an Atlas the intercontinental ballistics missile momentarily. But informed sources Here and in Washington indicated the Atlas test would not be ready before next week. To the corps of newsmen and photographers arrayed on the Beach about three Miles behind the launching area fridays a a shoot a the fourth this week appeared to be successful. If it was the firing would be the first successful test of the Thor an intermediate Range ballistic missile with a Range of 1,500 Miles. A the Thor has been fired three times previously none successful. Funeral services for or. Joseph Loren Mondloch. 63, prominent member of Butte s medical profession. Who died in a local Hospital Friday morning following an extended illness will be conducted monday morning at an hour to be announced. Requiem mass will be celebrated in St. Patrick Church with interment in holy Cross cemetery. The Duggan Merrill mortuary is in charge of arrangements. The native Butte physician and surgeon became ill last March and it was not Long after he was stricken that he was forced to give up his extensive practice. News of the death of or. Mondloch saddened a Host of friends in the medical profession and in every walk of life in the mining City. He was highly regarded in his profession and was known to hundreds for his kindly attention As a physician especially among the old timers of Butte to whom he devoted much time most of it on a voluntary basis. He was physician for Silver Bow county from 1935 through 1941, and again from 1943 through 1946. He was medical director for the Silver Bow tuberculosis Assn., for 29 years and in this work he gave liberally of not Only his time but often his Money. After his appointment As medical director for the to association in 1928 he worked almost unceasingly to improve the services of that organization to Butte. It was through his efforts to a Large extent that modern equipment was secured for the As $947,885 Helena contract is let Washington it a a $947,885 contract will be awarded Cherf Brothers inc., and Sand Kay contractors inc., Ephrata wash., for construction of the Helena Valley canal near Helena mont., Secretary of the Interior Seaton announced Friday. The contract covers earthwork for 23 Miles of canal and associated structures. The reclamation Bureau said the two firms presently Are building the Helena Valley dam another feature of the Helena Valley unit of the Missouri River Basin project. The unit is designed to provide municipal water for the City of Helena irrigation water for 12.533 acres and possibly supplemental water for an additional 5,100 acres. Socia Tion. His direction of the work won commendation Many times from the National tuberculosis Assn., and from the Trudeau society. The medical unit of the a i tonal tuberculosis Assn. Friday Many persons members1 of the medical profession and others paid or. Mondloch High compliments for his kind and generous attitude toward patients especially those with whom he came in Contact while county physician and who even after he left that Post continued to claim or. Mondloch As a their in the 1930s, with or. J. J. Kane or. Mondloch made a Survey of health conditions in Butte schools and returned a report which resulted in a general All around improvement. Another time he was credited with averting a possible smallpox epidemic Here when he spearheaded a Campaign to have All children vaccinated against the disease. The movement was not popular at the time but or. Mondloch through his intense desire to serve the people of his Community convinced opposition that the vaccination program was a or. Mondloch served his country in world War i As an enlisted in the Navy one of the first enlistees from Silver Bow county in that conflict. During world War ii by appointment from the president he continued Page 14, col. 3 a weapon speeding through space 3,000 Miles away. Gen. Thomas d. White. Air Force chief of staff disclosed the new development in space warfare and linked it directly to russian claims of having successfully test fired a ballistic rocket capable of reaching any target on Earth. White declaring communist Progress in air Power a does not neutralize our retaliatory capability a said the complicated and radically new radar system will be operating in the near future. Nine Are killed in Auto wrecks Pittsburgh a five persons were killed Friday on the Pennsylvania Turnpike about four Miles West of the Pittsburgh interchange when their automobile bounded across the medial strip and was struck head on by a tractor trailer. State police said the car. Bearing California License plates apparently skidded on the rain swept Highway and the Driver lost control. Two of the victims were tentatively identified As Barbara Faye Young Beaver Creek Ore., and John Michael Kelly 25, Gladstone Ore. The identifications were made at Allegheny county morgue Pittsburgh. The three other victims described As badly mangled could Only be identified by Deputy coroners As woman about 40, and two baby girls both about two years of age. Police said the car was travelling West when it apparently skidded out of control. The tractor trailer travelling East in the opposite Lane smashed into the car police said. Sinclair Wyo. 4 a four persons were killed and seven others seriously injured Early Friday when a car loaded with 12 persons ploughed through a guard rail on a Railroad overpass and plunged 29 feet to the tracks. Only the Driver Frank Chandler 27. Of Earle. Ark., escaped without serious injury. Dead Are chandlery a wife Mildred Louise 24 two of his children redline 4 months and Charles Edward 5. Also killed was mrs. Rebecca Williams. 31, of Kellogg Idaho. Highway patrolman Joe fuss quoted Chandler As blaming drive continued Page 14. Col. I the any on reckless As to push it integration. A j a. Until a Cooling off period has he said he would carry out is passed a duties with a deep personal Satis _ so. Faction because he said he sees s. ,.wa? Tsiryl Eye to eve with Eisenhower a Hopes. Insp crab a in Kittle Rock for the peaceful uses of atomic in can successful Only if it is a pro a. Comp listed in a peaceful manner a. J a which Means acceptance by a the Agency was created to carry majority of the people. Out the atoms for peace program. 1 to he achieved otherwise is to mostly Likely approaches of space missile from the air Force nor its not to us atomic the u. A. Britain and the so outlined by Eisenhower in a speech. Quot t. Quot a a a a fun a Nitro a nations in Deceron untold harm to the members vict Union to assume a a Tempo to the United Ber 1953. Four Star chief held out immediate Hope that the revolutionary radar would Lead to rapid development of a missile to destroy ballistic missiles. But White said it is now worthwhile to keep the strategic air commands big b52 bombers standing on Alert to take off at a moment s notice. The air Force explained this statement by underlining hitherto Little noted congressional testimony by Deputy Secretary of defense a a Efu Means a and Hydrogen weapons for the next five years. 2. That the three atomic Powers of both races and immeasurable. Harm to any Community where it As chief american Delegate. My in forcibly Kinney will serve on the 23-Mem Ber Board of governors which Donald Quarles that such a detection system would give about 15 minutes warning of the approach of a missile hurtling through space at 15,000 . Quarles Friday was at the Cape canaveral fla., missile test Center. Where he presumably watched neither state police nor City to a conclude without delay tests of holds its first meeting oct. I in re a fur atomic and Hydrogen weapons As Vienna Austria. Member nations n of to to i of next Jan. I for a period of two include the big three atomic pow scho�1 to three years. Compliance would Erst Russia. Great Britain and the y be checked by an International a s. Commission. In appointing Mckinney to the 3. That the . Call upon it Eisenhower Over Rode Reyuh member nations to be guided by a. The principles of a peaceful coexist Quot. J of i Nirav so of the Federal government to ques go to a member of that party. Sen. 1ar, re be a. Coldwater Ltd Ariz said in a Telephone interview from Arizona Friday that he a certainly will oppose the appointment when it comes up for Senate confirmation. Ence and Settle any among them a exclusively by Sibelius. Finnish composer dead failed. At the court hearing Friday Faubush attorneys Laid Down a Broad Legal Challenge on the right Tion Faubush action. The governor s Challenge to Federal authority was dramatically pronounced by his attorneys in court Friday who then filed out of Coldwater contended the White a a courtroom saying. Quot we re House did not Clear the appoint of he the governor s position was powerfully simple that the Federal ment with the Republican National committee. ,. Helsinki a Jean Sibelius Mckinney who publishes the a v6x&Quot j 1 p0u or what was believed to be the first the great brooding finnish compos. Santa be new mexican and Al it a a judgment and discretion successful firing of the air Force or died Friday night from a brain Nuevo Mexicano at Santa be is. 1,500-mile Range Thor. Haemorrhage at his secluded Wood rated in government circles As an continued Page 14, col. 2 the missile was launched Fri land Home outside Helsinki. He expert on peaceful uses of atomic Day morning. Observers said the was 91. Energy. In 1955-56 he served As launching appeared to be Success was Best known popularly chairman of a nine Man panel Ful and that the vehicle Digap of it a the world for the sweeping which reported on the Impact of geared rapidly out of sight. Sonorities of his tone poem a Fin peaceful applications of atomic in in conformity with defense Landiak and to musicians for the orgy on economic Industrial and craftsmanship of the dark mys other aspects of american life. Washington Ltd i the state or. Joseph l. Mondloch Capetown shaken by earthquake Capetown. South Africa a an Earth tremor Shook Walls roofs and windows in Capetown Early Friday and brought frightened people running out of their Homes. It lasted 17 seconds. No damage was reported. Dept policy Pentagon officials de. Dined to discuss the launching or music that challenged both even to identify the missile. But a heir wonder and their critical added significance was Given to pm a cry. The test firing because of quarless Sibelius left a mystery for the presence musical world to Puzzle Over. His Secretary of defense Wilson has last published works came out in been relying heavily upon Quarles the late 1920s and he is believed an Engineer with Long experience have done some major compos in missiles to help decide whether iou since. He died without saying the air Force Thor or the army t the crap Tkv faced z ant Long had Jupiter or a combination of the been regarded As among the two will go into production As this country a first intermediate Range ballistic missile. Butle Man named to . Group Tion he served As assistant Secre tary of the Interior in 1951-52. During the Truman Admi Totra Friday announced the in or sir Mph As assistant Sarrp r.,. _ a ,. Appointment of John e. Corette of Butte mont., to be . Delegate to a United nations committee meeting on electric Power. The committee meeting will open oct. To in Geneva Switzerland. It will study questions relating to Montana East a mostly the Transfer of Power across a Cloudy with scattered Light show Monal frontiers and Rural electrify worlds Foremost composers. As an artist he tried to shun i politics but one of his works Best a know n to the Western world in voiced him in politics. That was the tone poem a Fin i landia Quot written As part of a suite around the turn of the Century. It was so moving in choral renditions that it was banned by the then russian overlords of fill ers saturday through sunday Cool or saturday night and sunday High saturday through sunday cooler saturday night and sunday cation problems. Or. Corette is president and general manager of the Montana Power co. He also is vice president Butte can apply for planning Aid Helb a i4 a Montana a three largest cities a Billings great and Rby considered it a medium and sunday warmer saturday a a1 in it i i to eve i am a pint a of l i Ltd t cd. I Alif c a1 i i Talf a i of by Al. Falls and Butte a May apply for Federal Urban planning Aid atty. Gen. Forrest h Anderson said in a Legal opinion Friday. The opinion asked by county atty. Joseph Buley of Yellowstone county declared specifically that the City county planning Board formed in Billings under legislation passed by the legislature this year is eligible under state Law to apply for City planning assistance. The Montana planning Board.1 notified of the opinion said As a result certification of the qualifications of City county planning boards established in Butte and great Falls a should now be a relatively routine matter if those cities want to apply for Federal Aid on a Matching basis for planning work. Board director Perry f. Boys said the three cities May now ap-1 ply directly to the housing and continued Page 14, col. 6 incitement to rioting. A High saturday 50-60 Low saturday Sand general manager of the can night 30-40 High sunday 45-55, sex Adian. Montana pipeline co. He copt 50-60 West. Holds the same title in the Cana Montana West a consider Dian Montana Gas co., Ltd. Hie cloudiness saturday through sunday with few showers higher pol 1 of Lei Mountain sections saturday night Dury Lar Unis pm our Worth of gems by breaking window about $1,800 Worth of jewelry was lifted from a display window of Nate Morgan jewellers 61 w. Park Early Friday morning police chief b. J. Riley said. Included in the loot were three ladies Diamond ring sets five menus Diamond rings two menus Black Hills Gold rings one lady s Gold Diamond wedding band and one other lady a wedding band chief Riley said. The investigating officer. John Jean Sibelius High 55-65 Low saturday night 30-40 cooler North sunday High sunday 50-60 North to 55-65 South. The table maximums Are for 12 hours minimums for 18 hours ending at 5 30 Friday. Montana Billings. Belgrade Broadus Butte Cut Bank Dillon. Drummond Glasgow great Falls Havre Helena Kalispell. 58 Lewistown Livingston Miles City. Missoula West Yellowstone i Whitehall. High Low Pep. 56 33 53 30 .14 a 36 i 47 29 .02 50 25 t 48 25 t 54 34 .02. 62 36 57 34 t a 41 a 56 37 .08 58 38 t 53 32 t 51 32 t 62 40 t 59 41 .01 37 27 52 35 15 by 8 Inch Hole. The burglary was discovered by a Montana Power employee while on his Way to work. He reported to police at 7 15 a. In. It is believed the theft occurred Between 5 and 7 a. In

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