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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Butte, Montana The Price of Victory taxes and War Bonds it takes both Ary i she Mont am a Tun Bairt associated press Central press United press vol a Xxxii no. 357 established 1876 Butte Montana wednesday morning september 19, 1945 Price five cents Gross neglect was cause army strength not limited of Many deaths under measure horrors at Belsen Camp described by medical officer by Charles Chamberlain Lueneberg Germany. Sept. 18 put a brigadier Glyn Hughes the inducements Are offered to men to loin up by James c. Austin United press stat correspondent Washington sept. 18.-4u.r a British medical officer who first the House gave unanimous a inspected the filthy disease Laden Proval. 341 to 0, tuesday to Legisla concent Raf Ion Camp at Belsen Testi Tion suspending the army a peace lied tuesday that Quot grass neglect Quot time limitation of 280.000 men. And was the cause of the appalling con offering inducements to youths 17 editions he found there. And older to Volunteer for service for five and one half hours the on land or sea. Witness formerly Deputy director the measure goes now to the Senor medical services of the British ate. Whose military affairs army repeatedly placed re top inquiring into possible Ponsi ullity for the Belsen horrors Ppd up discharges in every Branch on commandant Josef Kramer and a armed services. That group War criminal list being expanded his 44 co defendants in this first mass trial of accused War criminals. Quot what was the principal cause of conditions at the Camp a asked capt. J. R. Phillips one of 12 defense solicitors assigned to defend the so called Quot beast of Belsen Quot and the other staff members at the Camp of corpses and of living dead. Hughes glared at Kramer then was informed tuesday that the army and Navy Hope to return close to 40,000 doctors to civilian practice by late next year. As amended the recruitment measure establishes no ceiling on the strength of the postwar army. It offers numerous inducements to Young men to join the army for one. Two or three year terms bonuses of $50 a year for each year featured in great Golf exhibition shown above Are the principals of the Golf exhibition match which thrilled a Large gallery at the Butte country club tuesday afternoon As lord Byron Nelson and Harold Jug Mcspaden treated residents to an outstanding show. Pictured left to right Are Nelson the games leading Money Winner pro Roy Owen of the Butte country club j. D. Murphy president of the Butte country club who arranged the exhibition and served As referee Ralph Meyers pro at the great Falls Meadowlark club and Mcspaden the other half of the famed Gold dust twins whose 66 took Low scoring honors for the Day. Labor units merged by president Schwellenbac is Given Powers to Settle strife Truman publication is suspended for shifts Cabinet mocking orders restoration of air transport in part allowed Washington sept. 18�? pm replied i gave of to you neglect of Prev jobs service. 90-Day furloughs of Ordinary humanitarian rules to and five rants a Milf travel avow. Feed them keep them clean pro Anco to Homes and retirement vide sanitation. The inmates were at half Roku car base pay after 20 too per cent Lousy years service. Retired soldiers would How Long have you been a Doc become members of the Reserve for tor a was another question. To years. Only re enlistees with six Quot thirty Hughes answered months previous service would be Quot i have seen All the horrors of War. Privileged to sign up for one year but nothing that can touch what others must take the two or three i found at year a had there Bern any attempt to floor attacks on demobilization help inmates in tile Camp Quot delays simmered off tuesday after Quot absolutely announcement that Gen. George c. He did not falter in his stand Marshall would give both houses of despite defense efforts throughout Congress a Complete demobilization the afternoon to show that factors fill in at the Library of Congress beyond the control of Kramer and thursday. That meeting is at the give show Russia to seek share in Eritrea control interest shown in italian colonies at big five Parley by John a. Parris by Moh if l Ansberg Tokyo wednesday. Sept 19 a up a new and Quot Large list of japanese War criminals will be issued Washington sept. 18.�?�? president Truman continued his president Truman tuesday merged shuffling of top government posts three labor agencies into one and tuesday naming handed Secretary of labor Schwelm l Robert p. Patterson. New York Lenbach Broad Powers to Cope with Republican As Secretary of War. Postwar Industrial strife. 2 senator Harold h Burton. Ohio soon from Gen. Macarthur head or. Truman shifted the War labor Republican for the supreme court. Al arters chief of american counter Board and War manpower commis he als0 announced he had re. Or i int Thor Sion to the labor department. Cp1vpd resignations of John j. Intelligence . Gen. Elliot Thorpe he also wiped out the office of Mccoy and Robert a Lovett As announced wednesday economic stabilization from under assistant secretaries of War but Thorpe whose counter Intelli William h. Davis shaggy headed said he a not accepting them gence agents Are responsible for place new dealer who had served pre immediately. Jog most of Tojo a Pearl Harbor piously As War labor Board chair both Patterson and Burton sue Cabinet member under american Man. Davis duties were handed Cpd republicans. Patterson moves custody said that if All the former Over to reconversion director John up from undersecretary of War to Premier s ministers were not on the w. Snyder. Succeed 77-year-old Henry l. Stim present list Quot it was a clerical error Davis made no immediate state son it whose resignation the pres a lid nothing More a ment but the president said he Dent accepted Quot very reluctantly fwd a part Harbor Cabinet would have nothing to do hence he described Stimson As one of ministers whose names did not a Forth. The implication was that our great Public servants. Wanted list Issue i Davis Long desire to resign would the Choice of Burton for the sept n Werp Michio Zuzawa Home be fulfilled. I court vacancy created by the re minister and Naoky nothing chief the president at his news con Tir ement of Owen j. Roberts came cat met Secretary Ference disavowed a statement re As somewhat of a Surprise. Mcspaden Nelson Butte Golf fans great shoemaking famous stars Brave blustery weather in outstanding exhibition of sub Par scoring with Montana pros Florence disavowed a statement re a a a a Ilia Thorn v Iid he a my received no London. Sept. 18.�? ply Russia Centy attributed to Davis that the Nap had been mentioned in Early orders lt0 arrest intone connected Harold Jug Mcspaden Long hitting showman from Sanford. Me., openly expressed interest tuesday government had a program to in speculation but not lately. Many Wjt vast mrs i or Mitsubishi outscored his a Gold dust twin. Lord Byron Nelson by a single stroke a what happens to Italy s colonies crease wages 50 per cent while bad thought Patterson would get his companies two of the Quot big five in beyond the control of Kramer Ann Ca tuesday afternoon and the two nationally famous stars braved cold and indicated she might ask a holding Down prices. Or. Truman the court Post others had talked , re hts buies such As food and drug a a a cd or of a winds and intermittent Snow to thrill a big gallery with an outstanding Sharon administering at least two said Davis was not speaking for of Sherman minion of Indiana. To indicated Tlle next list would cite a number of japanese i divid he found prisoners showing Quot sex or Power were i Congre signal anxiety it or Dis exhibition of sub Par Golf Over the Butte country club layout responsible for the conditions charges is bolstered by thousands who gave the crowd i if in id Hurt a of letters from Home complain or a a in no gave Ine Hughe Ald Kraimer Nan Tai Cen both solid Golf shots and showman him on a tour of the Camp where my a oui the program. Toured the first nine in an purpose of the recruitment Meas snip Loup Quot even Par 35 and then went to a the second May. Vow Nelson the be discharged. Congressional Lead 8amer leading Money Winner and. Ers Hope that voluntary enlistments up Tran Rar from Toledo. Ohio. Was .m1j .7 h win will do away with need for the one under on the first my and two Trume emaciation and Many with up is to attract at least 300.000 even Par Quot Treme emaciation and Many with Vona nip into voluntary service so four under Par 31 on typhus and gastric disturbances. A a mar t. . Score a 66that the War weary veterans May nine to score a do living among buried corpses. Thousands of in Price proposal is rejected by opa of them. Quot i will not conceal soviet interest in Eritrea Quot soviet foreign commissar v. M. Molotov told a news conference adding that there was Quot Grain of truth in a report that senator and now Federal urls charged with maltreatment of the administration. Former Davis has taken the position Pri Judko lately that the remarks attributed to Jan a Allied prisoners of War and Allied to him were a misinterpretation of Don a presidential offer to be Rivi inns Ril Rinc the Lana Nysp what he said at u news seminar americas member of the internal but has issued no Public denial. Tonal military tribunal to try major Schwellenbac genial be spec european War criminals has a Riv lians during the Joanese occupation of the Philippines. Japan s Premier told in. First Allied press conference wednesday draft. Kramer and three other defendants asked if Kramer had been Frank about conditions. A i would not say Frank. I would a unashamed a Hughes replied Kramer and la assistants also ire accused of War crimes in the operation of the notorious ext Ermi a cont inned on Page 2. Col. 6 msgr. W. Joyce to receive Robes Bishop Gilmore to conduct rites when the most Rev. Joseph m Gilmore Bishop of Helena invests Nawa. Msgr. William p Joyce pastor of tails. Sacred heart Parish and vicar Gen vice under on the Home stretch for 3-under-Par 67. Roy Owen. Butte country club no and state open Champion had trouble on the first nine but came increases must be absorbed the soviet Union was seeking some sort of control of Tripoli Tania. Tooled former Senate colleague of up Ppd the chairmanship of a com a a to j Ananca in Hemment Nix a Molotov made the disclosures the presidents was Given a Prece Mittee to award medals of Merit to. Committee determine who after he and the foreign ministers dented authority to speak for the civilians. T0 have a committee determine who of the United states great Britain government in future labor troubles. The personnel shifts were an France and China heard yugoslav his first act was to appoint 42 bounced to a packed news conf Ervas vice Premier. Edward Kardels year old Edgar l. Warren chair pee. Reporters whistled in sur 4>j ask on behalf of his country for a Man of the Chicago regional web. Prise at some of the names and a Opi Tapir fax night o Larre arca of Balian territory. As head of the u. S. Conciliation a he extent of the strongly in the closing half k while declining to commit him service which Schwellenbac will the president also disclosed he. Huge i . A Cou. A f the to score a 39-33 for an 18-Hole trailers a proposal that increases in self in detail on the Italo yugoslav build to new stature. At present iad signed earlier in the Day a Bill my pro score of 72. Two Over Par. Ralph the Cost of goods now coming Back Boundary dispute Molotov made it there Are Only 250 conciliation com d01ng away with the three Man Meyers popular pro for the great jnt0 production be passed on to Clear that Russia would not Back missioners in the service. Board to dispose of surplus property Falls Meadowlark club got away consumer Yugoslavia a demands to the limit j Warren s first Job will be to de and providing for a single admin to a shaky Start and was in a we shall try to obtain a just Termine the governments role in tit Rator. He picked the boards trouble a couple of. Times late in Theja Cef Admi Rator bile said decision Trieste and Istria lie cont med on Page col 7 Washington. Sept. 18. Transport hits floating nine one Man missing two Are injured Pearl Harbor. Sept. 18.�?i a tile transport Colbert carrying aka just Mcspaden and Meyers and tuners a prices was the was responsible for starting the War and of Gen. Macarthur approves intends to try the accused. A i believe firmly that the emperor is not a War criminal Quot said Premier match scoring a 40-37�?77. Nelson evens match Nelson and Owen teamed Cost of absorption under which Sai Ltd. Quot territories which belong to wholesalers and retail stores must croats and slovenes should be re up absorb any increase in Man fac turned to them those whih Are Corner italian in character it will be proper for Italy to diplomatic quarters interpreted a berated prisoners of War from lip Cooj Shoemaker from Toledo Stone of Price control. Dairyn. Struck a a in 10� Camp up in the �?T8th Green to prove Opas retail reconversion pricing la Wuu a Quai, 1ilieipieieu Miles West of Okinawa rivet near has reputation As a Money player committee an Industry group last this to Man that Russia was or. Qty my rur and two a Ontl la. With the Nel month attacked the plan Asun pared to accept a Compromise which one Man was missing and two son Owen combination one Down economic unsound and of it a Wirf i pop to instr to to Taiwan were injured by the explosion. Nelson was on the Green in two Bowles had agreed to take the hands nos Silv with its inn rant the the re wer Quot nth there Fand to Ftp calrydlpdufnh1ped groups arguments under study. Port a under International control. Diere were no further de 12-foot putt for a Birdie three to the final answer Given in a state Nln inv make the exhibition All Square. A adm Forrest Sherman the Golf stars braved Snow. _ _ continued on Page 2. Col. 6 the Golf stars braved Snow at eral of Helena diocese with Mon Deputy chief of staff to adm. Nimitz. Times High wind and generally cold quire to absorb the increases Signora relies at ceremonies be said Many mines were adrift in blustery weather but took it in Iong As resulting retail pro a. _ ,. Appeared Cool however ment by Bowles was that whole toward the British and american salers and merchants will be re fills morning at to 30 of clock As 4n i a a Price a the China sea. Posing a peril to stride. Nelson and Mcspaden. Play remains Quot generally fair and Equit reparations policy for Japan outlined to the rank of Domestic pre japanese minds rom the a the big gallery which included 1942 4. Slightly higher los Angeles. Sept. 18. N the papal House How was Oachs t0 the yank up River and Many Golf fans from Helena. Ana l to Edwin w Pauleva. United sacred heart Church ii will Mark ships moving into China ports for ing the Butte country club course aj3jp Tyrh it Hirvin Hront he Hen he Eva Cuaton of a new. For the first time in their careers. A opa s policy is t0 restore washing Urb ritas have been Brid Harp units of the u. S. Seventh Fleet went right to work on the Tricky machines refrigerators and other the at have been Busy Clearing anchored fairways and dog leg holes. New goods t0 t in Market at their sex Rule Nan is killed at sea Jerry Worthington is War casualty Jerry Worthington 44. Former Butte geologist was killed dec. 15 aboard a Jap prisoner of War transport that was torpedoed by an american submarine in Subic Bay. According to word received by mining City friends from Worthington Salter. Latest member w. Stuart Symington. St. Louis businessman As this administrator. This leaves Robert h. Hurley former democratic governor of Connecticut and it. Col. Edward h. Heller former California banker without government connections. The appointment of Patterson was or. Truman a seventh Cabinet selection. Only three of the late president Roosevelt a appointees continued on Page 2, col. 4> License plate sales resume Quot he was deceived by the militarists. Who were close to him and Wasny to told the a of Washington senator Russell of Georgia introduced a Resolution continued on Page 2, col. 5 Sale motor vehicle License the War victim was employed As a plates to returning War veterans contrast to the state departments however some increases Are being Edwin w Pauley. United states geologist by the Anaconda Copper and civilian workers has increased consternation at the Macarthur a i i a a a Iii i i m in i n or a am no if is Arn f rom ufos it i v of to a a draft to suspend soon As possible Macarthur plan wins approval Washington. Sept. 18.�? president Truman tuesday accepted and by Strong implication endorsed Gen. Macarthur proposal to Sla a the army of occupation in Japan Down to 200,000 men. Tile presidents stand taken at a news conference was in marked five Butle Nen due in new York five Butte men Are due to arrive msgr. Joyce was in attendance at Barkley will head the ceremony. _ _ next to be named to the rank of pro for cohlltlltt�6 Domestic prelate in Butte was the Moat Rev. Joseph c. Willing Bishop Washington. Sept. 18�? ply of Pueblo colo., who received the congressional investigators of Pearl Honor Here in 1940 with Bishop Harbor organized monday by elect Gill Are officiating. Ing Senate majority Leader bark in new York wednesday aboard the msgr. Joyce is also the third vicar Ley Day As chairman and rep. Is Queen Elizabeth. They Are general in the history of Helena Cooper a Tenn As vice chairman. To 4 Henry Turpin address not diocese. Preceding him in that As Barkley told reporters after the listed t 3 Robert b. Mcmaster assignment were msgr. Victor Day of initial meeting of the 10-member dress not listed sgt. Fled r. E. Continued on Page 2. Col. I Senate House committee that a de dorhofer. 344 East Mercury m sgt. Vision on starting hearings would Harold a. Thompson address not Rise in costs of living Bowles said that these increases be absorbed by i ssh t 111 the foreseeable 3 1 future a he told a press conference. Quot at the same Lime we will avoid continued on Page 2. Col. 4> Truman made known that Ali dad not been advised of Arthur proposal in Adas Happy about it. And he went further. He said at the wholesaler and retailer in the form of lower profit margins. World will blow up a1 7 33 a. N. Friday Prophet says Pasadena calif., sept. 18 a up making the country destitute so 5he will not be an economic Burden to the rest of the Japan a big Industrial firms i i be Quot entirely broken he said. Battle forecast in the Senate penicillin Given by new method wreckage found not be made until the members listed pfc. John m. Kennedy Butte tile Rev. Richard Long 32-year-old Washington sept. 18.�?-/pv passenger cars licensed to Date Falls a news conference that if Japan 1.346 under the number recorded can be occupied with fewer troops last year. So too probably can Germany. To Date License plates have been All this dovetailed with Cong res issued for 8,923 passenger cars and signal thinking thinking that May 1,786 trucks. In 1944 there were get Many men Back Home and out san Diego. Calif. Sept 18.�? 10.154 licensed passenger cars in the of uniform sooner than they expect. U r a penicillin mixed with ice county and 1,901 trucks. This years president tinman told his news Cream is being used successfully to 111 trailer licenses is believed to be conference the draft will not be conceal Throat and Mouth infections an All time High. Driving permits tinted any longer than absolutely at the United states naval train have been sold to 10,233 motorists. Necessary ing Center Here. Navy doctors revealed tuesday. Doctors said Thev used the com have selected a counsel and studied hotel. Army and Navy and other reports i due co Leader of the remnant Church the Fud Senate tackled tuesday Pound to treat streptococcus Throat Elko. Nov. Sept. I a in Fyon Tho Japan so attack on Tho a Barry in now York on sept. 18 wore to arrive on Tho Thomas of god Niht said he wreckage of a Liberator bomber which had set out from Gowen Owaiian naval base. Emperor Hirohito is denounced As War criminal and arrest demanded Washington. Sept. 18 a he Quot Power seeking tyrant posing As a the Issue of pay for the jobless but infection Trench Mouth Scarlet a a a put off the big scrap whether to fever and acute tonsillitis. Ten pfc. Donald c. Pratt no address world blow up at exactly 7 33 give the states enough Federal Cash doses was found sufficient for even Given and s sgt John w. Mckin a to. W to Friday. Sept. 21. To their unemployed up to $25 a the most severe Strep Throat. Field. Idaho monday was located to demand death penalty Ley no address Given both of Butte Quot god will simply Tell All the atoms a ppm that Battle May develop the mixture made by allowing latest Ai. At 10 45 a. In. Tuesday in rough Tacoma. Wash., sept. 18 our a and pfc Ora d Johnston Glen to separate Quot the curly haired wednesday. The ice Cream to melt adding 2.000 emperor Hirohito was denounced in son Ana f p11 s country 75 Miles North of Here. Prosecutor Thor c. Tollefson an dive pfc Rudolph i Kringen. Sid preacher said. Tile Senate just argued tuesday to 25,000 units of penicillin and re the Senate tuesday As a War Corni ?,01pmnpror the the discovery was made by Lew bounced tuesday night he intended Nev pfc. Joseph e. Russell. Poplar that win it Pau our souls will and put into its unemployment pay freezing makes the dosage Palat j h old arrested or d ,.in the direction Gourley. Who operates a flying to demand the death sentence for pvt Ralph w Emerson. Bozeman be suspended in space awaiting Bill a technical change to see to it Able and assures a Low temperature a in in the a Tion sir vice in Elko. According to a 44-vc.r-Oid lumber worker. Joseph sol amnio i . So Olav i god that All states that want it in got so Tho penicillin will be at full assailing what he Deamber As a of the pay a buttons of it was the first time he had set government Money to extend pay strength when it reaches infected Quot soft peace a for Japan. Senator rus Japan ,. J p . a a a a of a Vvs ments to 26 weeks. Areas. Sell a a said the Mikado is a themselves in the dust in abject apology for their failure to kill enough americans to win the to s Lioyd e. B.,. P., Benton. 0f woman Sud dosed dead is cause of doom emerged from a Days prayer and fasting and said that they and a a a a a a a a. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a. Shortly before Russell spoke president Truman issued a state space. Awaiting to a 44-year-old lumber worker Joseph sgt. Arnold j. Rappers Shelby Gourley there was no sign of life b. Wessel. Who killed his 5-year pct. Robert e. Sullivan Missoula around the wrecked bomber which old daughter with a claw Hammer pvt. Everett m. Thornton. Helena the exact hour for the end. Had started from Gowen Field with seriously injured his wife and at pfc. Raymond l. Ward Jordan .p1? Rev Long and his 72year�?T to men aboard. 1 tempted suicide. T5 Lloyd e Brieve it Benton. Father the Rev. Charles g. Long founder of the remnant new deferment policy of selective service will permit youths to Complete High school courses appearance of woman supposed dead is cause of Nuch consternation among police authorities Russell said Quot we Are Complete failure and another War in the Orient. Their 50 followers will return to their Normal lives while they wait. ,., for the end san Bernardino. Cali sept Nelson who convinced officers he her Story was that she left him ment saying the japanese War lords tile elder Rev Lon who sunday 18-�? or a mrs Clora Mcmillan. 33. Was ignorant of her Complex love after the quarrel and hitch hiked Are being removed from Korea but Washington. Sept. 18.- u r -1 leaves school or fails to make sails-1 however that Quot naturally the More broke the news to his flock that a a buried Quot last week after a Youthful affairs was not held. To Indio where she met Nelson that Complete w Iping Cut of Japa selective service tuesday night an factory Progress in his studies. Younger men who Are deferred the vision seven years ago showed him 1�ver confessed he murdered her mrs. Mcmillan strange Saga they trailed to and Elonese control Thucie will i que e Ime a a Ai 70 to a Ltd a. A. Can ii h in q diva trip Chou Loht u-11 n bounced a new deferment policy j the new regulations answer one More you will have to depend on a Hon the end would come revealed showed up alive tuesday night with started last May when she left her Centro. Calif before going to Yuma and patience. Lri or n Quot p that he was a missionary most of a new husband while her Legal mate husband and spent two Days in a for their wedding. She gave her such japanese As May be tem v suffice of education figures his life for the Church of god of and up Van children were still in Cabin with Webb near Here name As Evelyn l. Oleson. Pora Rily retained a a he Saidi a Are by u. Amp. Of i ice or education Angures Anderson ind mourning. A the came in one night and told officers took mrs. Mcmillan to my utilized As servants of the to sheriff e. L. Shay was trying to me a Story of having killed a cop Quot i Webb s cell monday night. The lean people and of our occupying at slightly More than 3 per cent of All re identify the Skeleton buried sept. Mrs. Mcmillan related. Quot i did no to surprised Vourn asked forces Only because Thev Are deemed at the same time. It announced i they finished High school would j High school graduates fail to Grade weather forecast to. Lee a. Webb. 21, her confessed pay much attention to him. We Quot what is this Fellows Quot essential b. Clinical for teen age youths which will per of the most persistent congressional Mit an estimated 97 per cent of All arguments for ending the draft. High school students to graduate Many members complained that the before they Are called for induction policy of inducting youths before regulations which will permit any have unfavourable effects on the a ate before they Are 20. The average College student who enrolled be Tion in the coming years. Age upon graduation is 18.1. Tile fore he was 18 to finish his current Quarter or semester unless he ceases to pursue his studies continuously and satisfactorily. Likewise any High school student who enrolled before he was the regulations Are expected to encourage Many youths who have held War jobs while awaiting induction to return to school and graduate. War department spokesmen did 18. May be deferred until gradual not think the regulations would Tion or until lie reaches the age of necessitate inducting larger groups a veterans and other High Point men. 20, whichever is earlier deferment of older men to fill draft Calls. A it is selective service policy to stay will be withdrawn however if he selective service spokesman said the induction of men Over 25. Office estimated to at some 2,600.000 students will be in High school during the 1945-46 term. The army and Navy have been depending heavily upon men 18-21 to fill occupational requirements and As replacements for combat weather forecast butter Cloudy with occasional Snow flurries wednesday and wednesday night continued Cool. Expected maximum 42. Tuesdays temperatures maximum 43 minimum 31. Montana a wednesday partly Cloudy High 50-60. East of Divide wednesday partly Cloudy scattered showers and Snow flurries. High 45-55. Lee a. Webb 21, her confessed pay much attention to him slaver was expected to be released quarrelled and i Quot do you know her a he and officers studied what charges to bring against the woman. Through letters she had written asking about her children she was traced late monday to Lancaster calif., where she was living with Alexander e. Nelson her second husband. They were married in Yuma Arizona last july 25. Without mrs. Mcmillan a obtaining divorce from John Mcmillan. Was qualifications when a Skeleton of a woman was asked Quot the building of a great nation identified As that of mrs. Mcmillan sure a he replied. Quot she is mrs. Has now begun he added. With Early this month Webb was a Mcmillan a the assistance of the United states rested and gave a detailed account while an order had been signed China great Britain and the soviet of How he struck her last May 13 to release Webb officers planned Union. Aho Are agreed that Korea because she a wanted to leave to investigate further any possible shall become free and Independent a then he borrowed a car took her connection he May have had with there had been complaints from body to some Brush and dumped it finding the Skeleton korean sources that the japanese there he confessed. At his a the cases of several missing surrender had failed to effect any a ring Ament monday he pleaded not women were being reviewed in an immediate change in toe trial. Guilty by reason of insanity. I Effort to identify the Skeleton. Ration of that Cornin

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