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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 2

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Butte, Montana 2�?Montana Standard sunday May 12, 1957 youth Council aids clean up the Butte City youth Council will have a special meeting monday night at 7 30 of clock in the City Hall recreation room to plan its part in the current clean up Campaign. The Council of 40 members representing about 600 members from All local youth organizations Hopes to recruit enough teenagers to clean vacant lots in the Community property neglected by the owners. Teenagers wishing to Volunteer for clean up work Are asked to Telephone Bob Morgan at 5975. On sunday. May 19, teenagers will report to designated districts and be assigned to trucks being used to pick up the accumulated rubbish when the particles of water forming a Cloud Are very Small they reflect the Light and the Cloud appears White. As the particles grow larger they become raindrops and absorb the Light. This causes the Cloud to appear Black. Interest is heightened in summer Homes realtor says the approach of the vacation season is resulting in More and More Butte families giving serious thought to the Purchase or rental of a a second House in their preferred recreational areas Robert j. Olds president of the Butte Board of realtors said saturday. Or. Olds credited the trend to a a number of favourable factors our prolonged Prosperity with Peak employment and High income the National trend toward longer paid vacations and better roads that Cut driving time from a family s permanent Home to its vacation Butte of course is in the heart of a fishing and vacation Paradise. He said and Many families already have arranged summer facilities so that they can spend nearly every weekend in Rural retreats. Low temperature Coldwater. Miss. or. And mrs. Billy Wayne freeze live Here. 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Stauffer s magic mail this Coupon mama _ i tatar Home 17 Lith by. West by hings Mont. Please Send me free folder Quot Leader let tar self prior to free Romp demonstration. No obligation. Tour phone no. Addrena City. Arete Butte chamber to appear at cab hearing Butte chamber of Commerce representatives and individual travellers of the mining City will appear at a civil aeronautics Board examiner s hearing in great Falls monday. The hearing involves testimony in what is known As the Montana local service Case and is scheduled before Merritt Ruhlen. Cab examiner. The Case involves application of Frontier airlines of Denver and West coast airlines. Seattle to serve Butte and other Montana cities. The position of Butte in the Case has already been placed with the cab in an exhibit provided by the chamber of Commerce the Silver Bow county Airport commission and the City of Butte. This exhibit stresses need Here of continued trunk services of Northwest and Western airlines rather than feeder line services. The Butte exhibits Are opposed to any action by the cab which would adversely affect in any manner the trunk services of the firms wish to continue service to airlines now serving Butte. Both Butte but it is reported that the cab has injected the possibility of discontinuance of trunk services to this Community if one. Or both of the feeder line applications Are granted. The. Montana local service Case involves airlines services to some Montana communities not now enjoying such service and improvement of services in other communities. Chamber of Commerce representatives and others of Butte interested say that they Are fully in Accord with other communities getting airline service or bettering present services but that Butte also wishes to retain the service now enjoyed Here. It is Felt that substitution of feeder line service for trunk service would be a serious setback to Butte and surrounding area. Butte residents who will testify at the hearing include Samuel b. Chase chairman of the chamber of Commerce aviation committee Larry Smith president of the chamber of Commerce and a member of the Sliver Bow county Airport commission Maynard Rowland representing the travelling Public of Butte and e. P. Shea who will testify As to butter a Ever continuing Industrial expansion. Clean up raid pledge clip and mail to 62 w. Broadway til be a partner and help in the clean up raid May 19th i Promise to Volunteer my by St efforts in the collection of metals rubber bags rags and rubbish sunday May 19th. I pledge this Effort will take precedence Over any other activity of mine. Name _ address. I. Fire District or Ward. Phone number. D truck size a loader vie Nam drive opens in mining City today eyes gauge to animal s character of you a like to know More a about your animal its racial history its habits its food sources its fears then take a look at its eyes and How they Are placed. For some like the Rabbit the eyes Are on the upper Corners of its head for others like the Lynx they Are directly in front for a few like the crab on stalks. Why predatory animals such As the Lynx Bobcat and Cougar live by capturing live prey. In their work it is necessary to look straight James Nixon leaves for Bermuda trip James Nixon of 1856 Carolina manager of the Domestic department at Hennessy a has left for a Bermuda vacation. He travelled to Miami by train and was to Fly to Nassau and Bermuda and later to new York he will return to Butte in about three weeks. Or. Nixon won the All expense paid trip in a National general electric Blanket sales contest. Our wedding gift to you i wedding band with every Diamond ring purchased 8-Diamond set 1-Diamond engagement Kina plot 5-Diamond wadding band you a Only $1.75 weakly �?�1 ahead to spot their Quarry and stalk it. Because their enemies Are few Side vision is relatively unimportant hence their eyes Are set Well in front of their Heads. A front ability in fact is a characteristic of their whole Anatomy. See. How much of their biography is conveyed in contrast look at a hunted animal a particularly one which lacks powerful Teeth and claws to defend itself usually it must depend upon flight. With flight How Handy it would be if it could keep an Eye out for the pursuing foe to make Quick Side jumps and yet be Able to see ahead and a watch where it is that my Friend exactly de scribes our Rabbit. See How his Large curved eyes Are protruded and to help matters placed on the Corners of a very angular head As a result each Eye has a 190 Range so that the two eyes overlap giving an around the Circle vision. Furthermore they Are placed so High on his head that he can get a Clear sweep of the sky above the better to evade a Hawk. What matter that he can to see the grass he nibbles a for this he has Long and sensitive whiskers. Then there Are the animals who i Robin Russell earns recognition for Magazine Story the girls organization of Butte High school has awarded a pin to Robin Russell Sophomore for out standing work which has brought recognition to herself and the school. She wrote a Story. A a Gas tie for Angi a which was published in the american girl Magazine. The girls organization includes All girl students in Butte High officers recently chosen for the 1957-58 school year Are Romell Snyder president Betty Medvit. Vice president Annette Ulrich Secretary Karen Brauer treasurer Gaye Fabian. Student Council representative Linda Bork. Red Cross Council representative Nancy Foote and Rose Malia youth Council and Judy Snyder Jeanine Johnson Carol Rohel. Linda Brown Sondra Benson and Marcia Gay Rogers planning Board. Fall Between these two categories. They both Hunt and Are hunted. Among them is the opossum who May capture a Small animal one moment and the next Scurry up a tree for his own life. His eyes Are placed Well Forward but yet far enough Back to give him some Side vision. Several animals have carried the full View vision a step farther than tile Rabbit making adaptations of their own. The Hippopotamus eyes for example. Are so protuberant and so near the very top of his head that he can lie almost submerged in his favorite Muddy River shallows and still keep an Alert Lookout on All sides another River mate the Crocodile has much the same kind of vision although a reptile. Better yet. The eyes of the crab Are mounted on stalks. This allows this Low Down fellow to get the Best possible View of his surroundings. Besides he has the further advantage of being Able to Point his eyes in different directions at the same time. Copyright. 1957. By Eugene Burns free by special arrangement with the editors of tile encyclopedia americana my panel of judges will award each week to the Reader who sends me the Best True life nature adventure or Hie Best nature observation or tile Best question on nature and wildlife a Complete 30-volume set of this world famous reference work in a handsome sea Craft binding. Each week new submissions will be considered. Sorry i simply can to answer you Many Friendly letters. Please address your letter to is that soc of Montana Standard Box 575, Sausalito. Calif. Continued from Page one itary forces in North Viet Nam during the past 30 months. The country was partitioned at the 17t.h parallel As the result of a peace conference in Geneva in 1954. They cited a harsh suppression of the revolts of the people of North j Viet Nam a in seeking Liberty and their increasing although they said there was an apparent slackening of communist Insp red hostilities in Southeast Asia with the exception of the kingdom of Laos which shares a common Frontier with North and South Viet Nam they a expressed concern Over continuing communist subversive capabilities in this area and to counter this threat the communique said diem indicated his Strong desire and his efforts to seek closer cooperation with the other free nations of Asia. In agreeing that aggression or subversion threatening Viet names Independence would endanger peace and stability Eisenhower and diem noted that the Southeast Asia treaty organization it Seato it Shields the Region. Article four of these Ato defense agreement provides that the eight nations will consult and take Steps for the common defense according to constitutional processes if the Independence of any state covered by its provisions is threatened by aggression or subversion. The question of subversion sufficient to endanger a state has never been tested. Eisenhower assured Deim a of the willingness of the United states to continue to offer effective assistance within the constitutional processes of the United states a he also complimented diem in converting chaos into Progress and stability since taking office in july 1954. The two leaders pledged joint efforts to end the a unhappy division a of the vietnamese people by peaceful unification in Accord with the United nations charter. Ii. S. Economic Aid to Viet Nam has been running at the rate of 200 million dollars a year. Military Aid also has been substantial although figures have not been announced continued from Page one Call attention to the Campaign with pleas that everyone take an Active part. Because today is mothers Day the executive and steering committees in order to pay tribute to mothers cancelled the painting of the so Optimist Home for children for one week. Lester Brown chairman of the committee in charge of that event said that members of the painters Union Are donating their services and paint firms Are providing materials for the Job. In the meantime a clean up timetable has set aside other activities for each Day in the coming week. Everyone who can get away from household and other duties is urged to visit the shopping District monday morning to witness a operation soapsuds a which is scheduled at la . At that hour owners managers and employees in the business establishments will turn out with water buckets soap scrub brushes and brooms to Wash Down the sidewalks. Monday night at 7 of clock a Parade will form on Granite Street near the courthouse. The procession is scheduled to move out promptly at 7 30 of clock. Nobody but weird is first with sport Slacks for men deposed head of Colombia flies into exile Bogota. Colombia Ltd it a Colombia swiftly shifted Back to Normal saturday As disposed president Gustavo Rojas Pinilla flew away to exile and a new government set about to Correct his mistakes. A communique said Gen. Rojas departed Friday night for spam. He was reported to have stopped in Kingston. Jamaica in route to Bermuda with members of his family. The quietness of exhaustion descended on the capital after fridays Day Long Celebration of Gen. Rojas downfall. The general turned Over Power to a five Man military Junta after a three Day stoppage of commercial activity for instance i Ariex by famed botany brands 10.95 this is a hard finish crease resistant handsomely tailored Slack by famed botany brands Dacron blended fabric in your Choice of charcoal Brown or Gray. All sizes. We Are also showing flannels worsted gabardine 7.95 to 22.95 33 to37 East Park St satisfaction or Money refunded in \ Vav Erco to the Vav est e r n Way of use 1 h eagles Lodge to fete Mother of year mrs. Sara Osterland wife of Leon Osterland. Will be honoured by Butte aerie no la. Fraternal order of eagles and the auxiliary at a program sunday night. She has been selected As the eagles a Mother of the the National order of eagles was instrumental in establishing mothers Day and each aerie annually holds a program in keeping with the occasion. The program sunday will Start at 8 p. In. In the eagles Hall 26 w. Granite. The Public is invited to attend Ervin Paige will he the master of ceremonies and Frank Murray Montana Secretary of state will be the speaker Ben Scardigli. J local eagles president and Irene Lynch Leader of the auxiliary head the committees. Entertainment will be provided by Irene a dancing school. Kevin Shannon will sing several songs Aud Paul Atkinson will appear in accordion selections. A Olton rocket is holi oat Goik old owner let me show you. This j-2 rocket is like two engines under the Hood. Friend neat tricks How does it work Olds owner its a new progressive Carburettor system. Gives you More Economy. Or extra Power for safety. Take your Choice. Fruendt Economy sounds swell. But with a higher like this. ? Olds owner a Kvet they engineered the j-2 rocket in for our kind of driving a. Top efficiency at Normal driving speeds because it s fuelled by one Carburettor. Friend How about that extra Power y7om� on try it. 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