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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Butte, Montana Butte weather partly Cloudy through monday with scattered afternoon thundershowers. High today 62 Low tonight 40. Saturday max., 60, min., 43. Pep., .16. She Montana Slot i rare drive carefully 62 have died in Montana Highway accidents this year was the traffic toll a year ago this Date vol. A xxxix no. 286 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana sunday morning May 12, 1957 Home edition Price to cents. F. Kelley Dies in new York City red East Germany cracks Down on rebel students by Seymour Topping tire third Vear class of the Veter Mitchell sees new High in employment Washington it a Secretary of labor Mitchell predicted sat Ike pledges u. S. Aid to Viet Nam by Spencer Davis Washington m president Eisenhower saturday backed free Viet Nam with a Strong pledge of Berlin m a communist East Inary College of East Berlin hum a Quot the nation employment continued u. S. Assistance in the Germany was rewerts cracking bold University were described11 a a a it a new record of face moulding communist pres Down saturday night on 122 reef Here staging this week the big it it a a mall on this summer sure in Southeast asm. Lious College students with a de 8est a pen strike against East Ger Mitchell said continued eco 1� a a int statement Eisenhowe Mand that they swear loyalty Many a red regime since the work nomic strength coupled with sea et1 and visiting president Ngo Dinh oaths or face mrm Anent sex Dulfon Erst uprising of 1953. Sonal expansion in agriculture. Diem declared that any commit Oal or lace permanent expulsion. J underground construction and other seasonal Nisi aggression or subversion sources said All were temporarily industries should push National threatening the political to depend ousted from Tufe Rolls of Quot Hook Job totals to new All time highs enc. Of the infant Republic Quot would a Center of anti communist agita a i be considered endangering lion during the hungarian rebel the prior record the 1956 mid-1 cafe and stability in the area. Lion last fall. Summer Mark of 66,800,000 Mil statement issued by the these informants said the Stu lion jobs. The government on Fri White House at the end of three dents were ordered to affirm their Day announced that employment Days talks struck hard at the con the students making up the in today opening of mining City clean in drive allegiance to the red regime with Rose by about 400,000 to a total permanent expulsion and police of 64,261,000 last month. Action the alternative. Mitchells comments came in a All residents of metropolitan the 122 struck in protest against statement telling More than two Butte the Young and the old Are communist persecution of their million High school graduates and expected to answer a a Call to Dean prof. Gunter Schuetzler. Other students who will be seeking arms today and enlist in an Schmetler. Who has escaped to full time or vacation jobs this year tinted military buildup of the chinese communists. It declared piping a a military activity a constitutes a continuing threat to the safety of All free nations in _ the communique cited comm All out War against dirt filth and Allied occupied West Berlin was that a Job Hunting should be Good nist China refusal to renounce the unsightly debris. Accused of provoking the youths in most sections of the j or a unwillingness to today the Day the 1957 to follow the example of students the Abor Secretary said that font it a Conway. Udy a a v in the Panlich and hungarian in Vul ii Secretary t Saia that duct of civilized clean up part up and fix up in the polish and hungarian up with the Economy Strong and the tone of the communique a campaigns officially gets under Ris ass i further Job gains ahead Young arid intended to reassure not was and the timetable allows one students fleeing to West Berlin Jab seekers will find labor Marto. Ana me ume Zaoie avows one refugee officials details seewu1 Nna a a. Mar Only diem but other asian leaders furnished officials retails Ket Condl tons generally Favora the the United states continues eminent Anaconda company leaders career closes at 82 Cornelius f. Kelley 82, retired chairman of the Board of the the Anaconda company and one of the most illustrious industrialists in America died at i of clock Edt sunday morning in a new York City Hospital. He was stricken ill on May 5 and taken to the Hospital where he underwent surgery. He previously had recovered from a heart attack which he suffered on Jan. 4, 1956, while visiting in inspiration Ariz. I or. Kelley whose remarkable rented a bold expansion program career was without parallel in of More than 400 million dollars the mining world had served which not yet completed. The Anaconda company for he celebrated his 82nd birthday More than 55 of its 61 corporate on feb. To. A native son of the years and for 37 of them he had West he was born on that Date in been in positions of executive 1875, to Jeremiah c. And Hannah leadership president or chair Murphy Kelley in Mineral Hill Man of the Board of directors. Nev. His father attracted to the from a $1 a Day Job a water West from his studies at George boy on Butte Hill in the Early town University had worked B�-1890s, he Rose to executive Posi fore locating properties of his own. Tons of great responsibility eventually he sold those interests while still a Young Man and on and moved his family to san Job seekers will find labor mar Ionly diem but other asian leaders e Al. To u a i t. A. Ike conditions generally Favora of the Humboldt strike. P Uther be it web Many employers look reports came from the socialist eng Jor both and tem underground and other anti com p0rary workers a mining Congress week for a a unconditional Victory the a general staff a made up of leaders in City and county government chiefs of firefighting services and leaders in civic better a Monist organist ions ment affairs confident that Success Wil Crown the Public efforts. A a better Butte a cleaner Roll i Butte a beautified Butte a Are Diane i Alt pm among the objectives of the Cam Tell Owhi pain. Elimination of health and in a a a a a re fire hazards and an attractive a juju ij6ss10ll Yearance Are the goals. Members of the clergy in All members of the program commit denominations today will in Spe toe mining association of Cial sermons and announcements Montana met saturday in the Fin Len hotel to outline suggestions up to it i j j for a program for the american j q Jjck i Uci 111 6 q mining Congress meeting sept. 9-12 in Salt Lake City. Fat Linoir prick John Bley general manager of Wui Llull i i in old the american Home co. At Nye three Montana Young men one. And Montana program committee from Butte will be ordained to the the trip and their area of special chairman was in charge. A. H. J Catholic Priesthood during Cere nation Are mining engineering headed by j. M. Budd president. Shoemaker general manager of monies scheduled saturday morn James Cleveland Polson we Tell of. And Frank Gavin chairman of the the Home stake mining co Lead ing May m 10 0-clock most Ham Cox Helena Jorge Delzo. I i Pii tit it Mal p i ,1011 h Hoard officers and directors of the sol. U National program chairman in St Helena Cathedral Helena j Sewell Chile Robert Dorman. 1 1vtl Al l j a u la Lviv j1 ,l7 great Northern railway visited or e a a Mee my. A it be men now completing their Bismarck . Donald Forsman continued Page 2 col. 7 officials of in visit in Butte firmly opposed to any recognition of the piping regime. Eisenhower and diem also noted but he said it May not be Good what they called a the Large build Job Hunting everywhere in the up of vietnamese communist Mil country continued Page 2 col. 6 a Young people a he said a must _ take into consideration that pm m. , we mines students continued Page col. 3 Scipior three montanans trip to Midwest thirty nine students and two faculty members of the Montana school of mines will go on the annual senior trip commencing May 19. Students who will participate in to the presidency and Board chairmanship of the company. Following his retirement Board chairman he was named chairman of Francisco. Came to Butte in ass it was a boy of eight that Young con Kelley first set eyes Cornelius f. Kelley Grover j. Holt National Aime president Many worthwhile ideas were de country Lour of inspection of opera eloped at the Butte meeting which earn Narv Kenmore Wash and Ion Lames Simon Kaukauna Seiei 1 tons and facilities of the Railroad leaders of the Montana association St Thomas Seminary. Denver Are win Moshe Sheinkin holon. a a i Ltd a a 5 fessed saturday to anguished mining and metallurgy Allen Westerdahl. Oak an ,Ade?.s Lynn Here ca1engineers Butte saturday while on a Cross-1 Many Worth Amie ideas Wiere a the Ogis Studie its he importance of Iron and for the Cleveland Cliffs Iron co., country tour of inspection of opera y eloped Al the Butte meeting which. Pm Narv Ken Murp Wash Andrin James Simon Kaukauna steel in the Economy of the lated and one of America most Dis. St. Thomas Seminary Denver Are wis. Travelling by special train the said will be helpful in formula the revs Robert j Beaulieu of rape party arrived in Butte saturday St Joseph Parish Butte Wilson ride a Tenn geological Engineer Grover j. Hou Ishpeming Iron and steel have made pos morning after spending Friday in convention. These ideas will be for Marf or cd Helena Cathedral Ina David Dah pm an Ploc president of the american sible the placing of the United. Great Falls. The Railroad Exeen warded to Julian d Conover exec a a a Quot Viena so Dorrance Kurt Gars Buch Tai instil note of mining metallurgical states in the forefront among the in Ltd , s Tives left Butte saturday afternoon utile vice president of the amen Ohnston St Mary Parish Stevens Hanna Butte Robert Hickman and Perol engineers. Nations of the world Quot or. Hou Pundy Vitril la w of the. Fice for Portland via great Falls and Ean mining Congress with head a Quot a a on St. Mary a Arlen Stevens Hanna. Butte. Robert Hickman or to t spoke be Montana member Poindexter the eldest of the five the company a executive commit on Butte Hill after his father tee and held that position at the hearing of the sensational de time of his death. Velo ments in Butte brought i always Able to look to the fun imply to the famed Montana Ture with keen insight he mind no cat a san Francisco rounded out a colossal business in 188 at or immediately Structure by a series of Wise and undertook the development of courageous moves Over the years. Sore a most promising pro he played an important role in pets on toe Hill and organized the Purchase and consolidation of a Cor Pauy which did the first in rival mining properties in Butte. A ant development work at brought the company into the be mine and constructed the manufacturing Field helped in Bell smelter one of the earliest the highly important develop in Jie Butte amp. Ment of chilean Copper steered thus Cornelius f. Kelley a Lov his company safely through the it or mining was inherited. I great depression helped Supply ear ies recollections included the America with sorely needed met discussions Between his Ahja rals in two world wars and Fol and Marcus Daly founder of the lowing the close of the second Anaconda company ver a a a great conflict organized and i new and rapidly developing Butte a j mining District. Marcus Daly and the elder Kelley were Clos personal friends. a boy working of butt Hill during summer vacations a Young con Kelley earned his first Money. In vacation time mrs. W. V. Kingsbury 87, of while in Butte High school from 2001. Arizona St., daughter of continued Page 14, col. 4 a Pioneer Montana rancher and a Well known resident of Butte Foi half a Century died late saturday afternoon in a local Hospital where she had been a a mrs. Kingsbury Pioneer Dies Shelby quarters in Washington , or. Budd spoke briefly during a discussed at the saturday meet Host of stockmen expected Here in top David win a Rilling 1,11 a �?ou1v my a Ioia Montana members. In Mak Ralph Miracle Helena Secretary the most Rev. Joseph m. Go Robert Long Ronan Don. Mathis�?T., to i Soj Foj Philip h. Poindexter. Her father. 0 _. &Quot, Aime. The meeting was held in Little the essential part played by ramp h. Roin sexier. Tier diner annual convention of the organize with a John Quot Ort a of a nil do a the la Tio Quot 23 ,2-. A a a a Lane. East Helena superintend minerals. Without All of these a j Quot petted to attract the largest at ent of the american smelting and Tennis Iron and steel would be 7ts a a porn a Tendance of any prior convention refining co. Plant in that City of Little value a l Orn to i. 4 ism of Montana stockmen. Hon a a Radthe Montana Sec j he a and that Albou w Chat a a Quot a Cei elementary a a a pm a. Thi non prot Sling. 0f the Totaj United states Iron school education in Beaverhead Miracle said of outstanding prior to the meeting or. Holt which was held in the Finlen to with management problems legis Fer fhe i 1 following the breakfast the lation and government policies that on the Young Ordi Nandi. He will be . Dennis Williams Butte. Railroad directors and officers were affect mining operating sessions Aristed by Denis p. Metallurgical engineering. Rob chests of Chester h Steele vice bringing out new developments in Meade. Vicar general of the Dio Ert Bechtold Butte William Borel evident in charge of Western on methods and equipment for expo sese of he Ena who wl11 by Arch Rick Butte Frank Howald Butte orations of the Anaconda com Ralio Quot underground and open pit and the Rev. Edward git Frank Jeniker. Butte Jerry Koon. Pan on a tour of Butte Hill in mining minerals beneficial Ion and More and the very Rev. Raymond Missoula Robert Loucks great eluding a visit to the Berkeley pit safety. A majority of the Montana Hunthausen who will be chaplains Falls Donald Macknight great and Kelley mine. Committee. A a a a a he a a tic Quot officials of the Anaconda com lunch Ieon gathering Pany Montana Power co., Butte members besides great Tosh Type Salt a Mij a Rve a minor minis arts Vita my Sykta inner a sati area attended the breakfast. Pres a. 0 a Lex Egton Silver a Colo. Leonard Darsow Libby Rocky Mountain cafe Meader k he t or children. To Hermieh his Pioneer Devil moment or. Gavin chairman of the Board Lead Mes in a. R. M. Ball the Rev. Beaulieu the son of m i cd a e i Lavis Deer Lodge Ville 187.000.000 ton. A re a a 4 Thrish his Moneer development Ore production mined continued Page 18 col. 4j in Butte chief Engineer for Montana or. And mrs. Elore Beaulieu 2224 James Shea Butte Robert Sheri a or. Holt general manager of continued Page 18 col. 5 continued Page 18 col. 6 j continued Page 7, col. 2 mines in Minnesota and Michigan great Northern Railroad officers and directors visit Berkeley pit 87,000,000 tons. Jibe was married in Dillon in through his Pioneer development a to comprehend the meaning of 1896 to or. Willis v. Kingsbury. Many progressive ranch mantis tonnage a he said a think of they lived in St. Louis from then gement plans Orvis v. Wells it in this Way. Of you were to until 1900 when they returned to administrator of the agricultural Load this Ore into a single train Dillon and remained there until marketing service of the u. De of Standard Ore cars the train coming to Butte in 1907. Or. Apartment of agriculture washing would reach a length of 6,600 Kingsbury died in 1926. Ton. D. C., and r. A. Burghart Miles. It would originate in min always Alert and cheerful kind Colorado Springs Colo., Secretary Nesotas extend 1.400 airline Miles by and Friendly mrs. Kingsbury treasurer of the National beef to Seattle and beyond reaching had a Host of friends who will its end in Tokyo Japan. Most of the major steel plants using this Ore have been built on or near the shores of the great lakes with the result that nine railroads service the Lake Superior mines in transporting the Ore from the mines to the Lake continued Page 18 col. 3 Montana weather announcement of the Complete convention program will be mad next week or. Miracle said convention Headquarters will be in the Finlen hotel in Butte. Officers for the Stock growers Are Jack Brenner Grant president Gene Etchart. Glasgow continued Page 18 col. 7 sine discovery of the Lake Sod thr0 h monday with scat a St president Wayne brat. Tired Quot afternoon and evening show a i no Emnett. Second vice prefers Anil thundershowers South nor executive commute Mem Tion sunday and Southwest portion ceo Flynn Chinook monday cooler East portion Sun Ord Gar held Ryegate William die in Blaze Stratford Conn. <4 seven Curci Poi to nun Roscoe Dale Mellen. Small child rim no Richrd in a i 17 Dav and Southeast sunday night a a a. Vav jul c i. Small children perished in a Blaz lows 35.4 e c it 30 Armstead Fred Wetzsteon Sula Northeast warmer West portion Barthelmess Olive w. J. Monday highs 65-75. Harrer Helena howe11 Harn a ing holocaust saturday a and fast spreading fire swept a it ssh Matol in Montana Esi a partly Highwood Don Mcord. Forsyth. Martin Davis died alone in la Sec Cloudy through monday scattered it ind Georae Undseth. Lennep. Ond floor Flat. The Mother mrs. A8ernoon and evening showers and. _ Matha Davis had gone shopping thundershowers no important a 5 la Oil to do Psi and returned firemen entered temperature change highs both the burning House. Days 65-75 lows sunday night 35 two children of or. And mrs. 4r> Claude Martin severely burned the table when fire overtook them they maximums Are for the 12 hours napped in a third floor bedroom minimums the 18 hours ending at died in a Hospital in nearby Bridge 5 30 . Saturday. Officers and directors of the great Northern Railroad Butte visitors saturday Are shown at the Berkeley pit of the Anaconda company one of the Points of mining interest Here they seeded during their stay in the mining City. Shown in the picture left to right Are front Row h j. Surles great Falls superintendent of the Road r c. Lilly St. Paul director ame l. Strom Butte general agent f. K. Weyerhaeuser St. Paul director Fvank Gavin St. Paul chairman of the Board and former president of the Railroad William l. Mcknight St. Paul and Grant Keehn new York City directors j. M. Budd St. Paul president of the Railroad and Board member a. W. Witherspoon Spokane f Peavey Heffelfinger Minneapolis James f Oates jr., Chicago j. Stewart Baker new York City and Walter g. See Ger St. Paul All directors i. G. Pool St. Paul vice president in charge of operations j. L. Robson St. Paul chief mechanical officer for the Railroad and George Parker Butte superintendent of the Berkeley pit. Top Row f. L. Paetzold St. Paul Secretary and treasurer of the great Northern j. J. Heimes assistant general freight and passenger agent at great Falls Newell Gough Helena attorney for the Railroad in Montana c. E. Finley St. Paul vice president in charge of traffic Martin k. Hannifan Butte assistant general superintendent of mines for the Anaconda company in charge of the Kelley mine j. D. Murphy Butte assistant Secretary of the Anaconda company t. A. Jerrow Seattle general manager for the great Northern Clifford j. Hicks Butte geologist for the Anaconda company and e. Matthias St. Paul vice president and general counsel for the great Northern. You re wrong. If you think Betsy Ross designed the Flag. Although legend credits Betsy Ross with making the first United states Flag George Washington and others had a hand in the first sketches and William Barrett a noted Painter Drew the final color design. But you re right in feeling that a want and can help you Complete your design whether ifs to rent sell hire or Trade. Dial 3451 to order your and. Montana Billings. Belgrade Broadus Butte. Cut Bank. Dillon Drummond Glasgow. Great Falls. Havre. Helena. Kalispell Lewistown. Livingston Miles City. Missoula West Yellowstone t Whitehall. High Low Pep. 70 48 .09 37 43 43 37 42 45 50 46 44 49 45 41 41 51 48 29 42 63 75 60 60 65 65 75 65 71 69 73 64 59 78 78 63 68 .03 .16 t .02 .04 .18 .38 t .30 t in guarding Flowers some 215 especially prepared Floral boxes Are on display la front of Butte business houses and offices in the shopping area a highlight of the a clean up paint up and fix up Campaign which officially opens today. Leaders of the Campaign a hoping this a beautifying butter feature will remain for Many weeks so they have issued this message a we can keep Butte Blooming of we All protect the Beautiful Flower boxes in the business District our own. If we see Tom child or person about to Pluck a Flower lets Stop them by pointing out the purpose of this Fin display. By Al working together we can be prouder of our atty. Lets ail to Flower Boa guard

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