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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Butte, Montana R Metal prices Export Copper. 10.19c Export Copper. 10.15� 10.20c Gold world Price __________________534.77 Silver. 42c Zinc. 4.50c , East St. Loots________4.70c Lead new York 4.85�4.90c Home edition the Standard carries the Moat extensive Telegraph news service in Montana. Vol. Xxv la no. 162. Established 1876 Butte Montana sunday morning. March to 1060. Price five cent Britain France map Steps to Block nazi government Steps up plane production Pilot training to near War time Speed to airmen die when strat0liner crashes two dutch aviation chiefs Xor a in army out Amox victims of Accident a i j p t f put of military flyers Nguc Breaks in two in air plunges to ground. Inn non within shortest possible j near Tacoma tragedy occurs during first k in i i i la in i u i l time courses shortened High Altitude test flight in ii l i Iii i us i u building will Stuit Sui. In a a Quot a motored 33-pa/ssenger air plane designed to operate through Tion follows denunciation Europe wonders where next coup due the sub stratosphere plunged to Earth near Here during a 0f czechoslovak seizure preparation for mass pro test flight today. A among the victims were the assistant general manager of Washington March 18�? Pic the Royal dutch airlines and a half dozen leading american the heels of the state depart auction of attack bombers being pushed by the it u. S. War department. Washington March 18.�? it a the government disclosed today it was stepping up to almost War time Speed its production of planes and training of pilots. The air corps announced it was beginning an intensive nation wide recruiting Campaign intended to double the army a output of military pilots without waiting for the Start of another program in september to give primary training to 20.000 College students annually. The War department announced simultaneously that tests would be seeded to permit a Quick Start on mass production of attack bombers. The $552,000,000 arms program Al la a Ady approved by Senate and neutrality Law change to co before Congress Pittman would prevent sales to fighting nations save on Cash carry basis aviation experts. The huge Airliner broke in three and crashed with the Pilot still fighting hts controls and with passengers in flight position. All aboard were killed instantly. The dead Peter Guilonard. Assistant general manager of Royal dutch airlines and loader of an air Mission to the United states. A. C. Von Baumhauer Engineer prevent for the Netherlands state airworthiness Board and second member of the Mission. Julius Barr. Boeing test Pilot and mentus strongly worded denunciation of Germany absorption of Czechoslovakia the Treasury ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff today on Many products that the j Reich sends to this country a Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it was taken with the state departments knowledge but refused comment when asked if it was related to Germany s seizure of the czech Republic. T a the he said a Speaks for there seemed Little doubt however that this economic blow to Germany could be interpreted in any other Light than As a forceful former personal Pilot for Madame i expression of this country a extreme Chiang Kal Shek. Earl a. Ferguson Pilot. Ralph l. Cram Boeing Boeing test Aero Washington March 18, senator Pittman Democrat Nevada chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee proposed i dynamics expert. House includes funds to build the j today revision of the neutrality John Kylstra Boeing chief in planes reputed to have speeds at legislation so As to prevent the Sale j Ginger. Least approaching six Miles a 0f any american products to War William Doyle. Boeing test Pilot. Minute. Ring nations except on a Quot Cash and Harry c. West or. Boeing Foreman. Displeasure at what Sumner Welles acting Secretary of state called yesterday the a Wanton lawlessness of the occupation of Czechoslovakia it recalled too that president i Roosevelt said in his message to i Congress last january that there j were Means a Short of War but stronger and More effective than i russians Aid sought in Effort to Stop Trade pressure would take products now sold to nazis. Envoys Ide recalled Daladier wins support for dictatorial Powers to Speed nations defences Hitler seizure denounced intensified training. Carry basis. Meantime the works Progress and he announced he would submit a transcontinental and Western air Harlan Hull chief test Pilot for Mere words of bringing Home to ministration reported it had sex Resolution monday to repeal exist Pended More than $112,000,000 in Ling neutrality legislation and Susti Relief Roll wages for construction of tute the new program aviation facilities useable in event acceptable to president. Of War. Pittman who often Speaks for the presence of the dutch Mission aboard the plane was not explained by Boeing officials although reports said the men were considering Purchase of the a str Atolinery or a sister aggressor nations the aggregate sentiments of our own the Treasury ordered the extra Tariff of imposing what Are known As a countervailing duties a effective april 23. The Tariff act of 1930 provides several danger Points with obliteration of Czechoslovakia from Europe mrp an accomplished fact the question was where will Hitler turn next a rumblings of the same sort that preceded Czechoslovakia s fall have been heard in the a a mosaic states taken away from the Central Powers after the world War. Apple of hitlers Eye is the Rich Ukraine and his eastward progression carries him Ever nearer. Without delay he May strike at the polish corridor and Danzig putting pincers around Poland just As he did around Czechoslovakia. My me i is another nazi goal with Only Little Lithuania to say him nay. Fear was expressed he might even turn Westward and grab for Alsace Lorraine industrially Rich and lost to Germany after the world War. In announcing the Pilot recruiting administration on foreign policy ship. Campaign officials estimated about matters said he had not discussed the $500,000 liner was the first of that such duties shall be levied 4.000 flying cadets would be put his Resolution with president Roose a contemplated Fleet of four such in addition to regular tariffs on through intensified training in the Veit or the state department but planes under construction by the any foreign products subsidized in next two years. That he thought it would be Mere Boeing company in Seattle. It had manufacture or Export by the gov five groups of officers were design acceptable to the president than been undergoing tests at Low Alii eminent of the country of origin a Ted to neutrality proposals which tildes near Seattle for several Days. I Treasury acted after actor Leges in almost ail states to recruit have been advanced. Air Speed indicators were jammed r. Ii prospective june graduates. Other in response to a question As to at 20f> Miles an hour when residents j r0_y Trtria Murphy turd youths will be enrolled in the mean whether the legislation would of this Little Mountain town reached ship German goods imports under barter arrangements should be sub cond cued on Page 12, col. 5. Officials said the Treasury could not say at this time what goods would be affected it was said How that a a substantial part Quot of continued on Page 12, col. 6. Time if they can meet strict physical strengthen great Britain s position the wreckage. Although the. Requirements and educational tests. In event of a european War Pitt i carried about 3,000 Gallons of Gaso acct 0 a a duties. Other measures to step up train Man replied line there was no fire. Barr at the y ing officials disclosed include a any nation that controls the sea controls had shut off ignition course Cut Down. Would have the advantage under switches before the plane hit. Reduction of the army a Phat this Resolution. Of course we cannot the outer left motor fell on a training course from 12 to nine he sure who will control the sea in Hilltop 1,000 Yards from where the get or months. Some 15 civilian schools War plane landed about 200 Yards from the foreign relations committee the Tacoma mount Rainier High chairman said he had been working Way. On the legislation for some time and the a a it Wing broke off about to that it was net an outgrowth of j feet from the fuselage and Between Germany s recent seizure of Czecho i the two left Wing motors. One Sec slovakian provinces. J Tion landed about 200 Yards and an he added that the legislation was other about 500 Yards from the not intended As a part of any a Stop plane. Bits of wreckage from the Hitler program. Tail were scattered Over a Quarter Pittman announcement coupled mile area and Many were gathered Blind Man Hurt in fall noted Flower grower Bob Brimson the Man who has brought bouquet of kindness to numerous Hospital patients in the past few years was himself hospitalized last night with a fractured left leg. The kindly Middle aged Blind Man trains his own a Tsering eve Quot dogs hut he does no to Call them a seeing Eye dogs nor docs he teach the traditional German police dog his Choice is air Dales. Continued on Page 2 col. 7. Or the a Oclit a pre Britain and France turned toward soviet Russia fist night in a Quick Effort to Block a reported move now against Romania by a nazi Germany they no longer sought to appease. High a u Tho re Tat Ivy sources Dis closer the attempt to form a triple front against hitlers eastward course of Empire amid these Swift moving events tile two democracies denounced Germany a seizure of Czechoslovakia in notes which Germany almost immediately rejected As lacking a every political Legal and moral basis a envoys called Home. Paris and London called Home their Berlin ambassadors a for reports in a double Rebuff which Germany countered by summoning from London her own ambassador for tile same stated purpose. Premier Daladier won from the French chamber of deputies dictatorial Powers to whip the nations defences into shape per any eventuality and called an emergency sunday Cabinet meeting to consider defense measures. Hie United states Treasury on the heels of americans denunciation of the czechoslovak coup ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff on Many bolls to to open from Walkerville to hold first products Germany sends to this Romania threatened. The economic blow to the Reich was regarded of forceful expression in Hill City contest. I of the United states displeasure at Germany s tactics. Authoritative in Tosh sources said Butte to choose nominees for City jobs tomorrow in biennial primary election noon until 7 o clock candidates for mayor on both tickets unopposed. Municipal foiling since 1933 with 12 candidates Butte voters will go to the polls tomorrow in the munic Walkerville first municipal i _. 1l Vcci Romania had received and then re i ejected a virtual German ultimatum primary election since pal primary election to name of a held tomorrow with 12 demanding sole Access to the democratic and Republican candidates in the race for nations Rich Oil and Grain resources i Ai. Ain. 4a a e i in Avohn frn foe Quot a Rotor spell of Spring fever hits this City at 52 above consolations Are Mutual Spring fever coursed through the with president Roosevelt a state up by souvenir Hunters veins of Butte residents yesterday ment yesterday that the neutrality the pane Lan cd flatly and the As this area experienced the warm Law should be revised raised the bodies were at flight stations est Day of 1939�?but a minimum re Prospect that what attitude this throughout the ship with Pilot cording of a few degrees above Zero country should take toward wars Barr s body still at the controls also gave the Day distinction for overseas would occur Congress having the widest Range of tempera attention increasingly in the weeks Ture in Many of week. To come it was 52 degrees above Zero yes spurred by american reaction to ter Day afternoon As the Mercury hit Chancellor hitlers March into its Zenith. The warm. Bright Day Czechoslovakia supporters of a War saw residents of the City doff Over Coats and seek the out of doors to continued on Page 23, col. 7. Ward off attacks of Spring fever and laziness. But earlier in the Day the new yorker Dies Mercury sagged to a Low of nine de int id in \ afro it 4 r Glees above Zero making a Range of in Iii a a 31 Lou Ai 41 degrees in temperature during the Day. New York. March 18.�? up a a loyalists broadcast peace plea Madrid March 18.�? up it a the Spanish Republican government to there was no Pretli station re fall on a cake of soap killed John corded by the Federal weather i so Beshuk. 47, today. Farness to negotiate imme Bureau during the Day. The forecast for today and Mon and plunged through a window of Day was for partly Cloudy weather i his fifth floor apartment. His nude with Little change in temperature. Body fell into a courtyard. Wider Appeal to tourists to be made by montanans he shooed while taking a a til Bitely for a an honorable peace to 2 o end Spain a 30-month-old civil War. Minister of foreign affairs Julian Besteiro speaking from the Union radio station declared a the moment has come to talk peace and that he was using the radio a was the fastest Means of communication Quot with the nationalists. At Valencia the socialist newspaper Adelante reported general Segismundo Casado Republican defense minister had left Madrid for educating of local Resi by draft Rar a hich pm apparently on a Pra quote mi5 Riqui lung of Pha sizes educating Montana people Slon _ dents on advantages of in regard to the commonwealths _ a in resources recreational advantages Blate fart of program and other features that Appeal to tourists. Plan National publicity. Great Falls. March 18,�? a wider and More thorough Appeal to National tourist travel will be made this season by montanans inc., in co operation with other agencies it was decided Here this afternoon when the advertising com re tree of the state chamber of com-�,.rce concluded a two Day session continued of Page 12, col. 8j. Burgos Spain March 18.�?<jp a while civil War fronts continued quiet today the nationalist press. _ a announced the signing of a pact of now u a program adopted Friendship and non aggression help inc., i. Ii a tween a pain an j Portugal at los Ferguson of Helena the manager candidates for three City off Ces and 16 Aldermani posts. Tile polls will be open from 12 of clock noon until 7 of clock. In the held Are 51 democratic and republicans Tan is nine seeking nomination As mayor Tress user or nominations to the posts of in Exchange for German a a protect mayor treasurer police Jude ,i0�?� of Malar Terri a i ii. King Carol a understood to and aldermen. Have asked Paris and London for a City clerk Henry Sullivan said reply within 48 hours on we hat sup yesterday the polls in each of the they could give him against the three wards will be open from 12nazi demands and Britain and nomination a mayor try it in o clock noon to 7 o clock by the eve France in turn to have asked police Juno and 42 asking Quot it poll no Are. First Ward Moscow or the soviet Union would j. Sherman school second Ward c to _ for nomination As aldermen Cit clerk b Rvl Wilson yesterday reported that everything is in readiness for the election and urged voters to cast their ballots Early and avoid a last minute Rush at the poll registration lists show 15,605 persons eligible to vote and with interest at a High Peak in several of the contests a Large percentage of thase eligible Are expected to vote the clerks office was kept open All Day yesterday to accommodate those voting absent voters ballots i Sherman school second Ward City Hall and third Ward 1504 North main Street Litiere Are 877 voters eligible to cast ballots. For the off ire of mayor there Are four candidates Norman Scott Lyle brother of the present mayor William j. Lyle Chester Helman citizens ticket William Cook and miss Danny Lou Daniels democrats. In Annie Hui citizens party incumbent. Is unopposed for treasurer continued on Page 12. Col. 3. Both mayor Charles a Hauswirth and George Johns citizens party Republican incumbent and m. D. Incumbent is unopposed for police Mulholland democratic candidate judge. Candidates for aldermen Are Peter j. Vidack citizens ticket Sidney Edgers Democrat first Ward Charles Brunnell incumbent citizens ticket Harold of Neill incumbent Democrat second Ward Stephen , citizens ticket third Ward. For mayor Are unopposed for the continued on Page 12, col. I condition of state sheep nazis amazed at coldness of czech greeting Pragle March 18.�? some German troops expressed amazement today at the icy greeting the czechs gave them As they occupied Bohemia and Moravia. They said they thought they were coming Here to quell a revolution and were surprised that they were not Given a great Welcome. The German soldiers most of them from 18 to 20 years old have show Good discipline. Cattle Good state livestock holdings show big increase for �?T38 announced it la give increased attention to its tourist Bureau relations. The state i l have a Man at the United states travel Bureau in new York City and p ans contacts in the weather forecast. Montana a partly Cloudy sunday and monday Little change in temperature. J ambassadors on a spot in a strange position Are these two Washington diplomats. At the left is Vladimir Hurban minister from Czechoslovakia whose country is no More and at the right or. Don Fernando de lox Rio Spanish loyalist envoy whose disrupted government is seeking to make peace with Franco. Hurban has refused to turn Over his legation to German representatives declaring he will hold out until the czech National Assembly ratifies the German seizure of the Republic. There is no longer a czech National so Washington believes the nazis May have a Long wait to their Hanoi on the legation. And Many Farmers set up their plans on a livestock basis Thomas adaptable to cattle and Hereford state Fra director said a a Fotr Marc in who farm sheep production Ryder a1 Agency Survey shows. Helena March 18 to my Mon Tana cattle and sheep wintered Well with less than usual Loes to Date. N a ii Jay g. Diamond Federal grief Montana farms especially Tural statistician reported today. A Good supplies of feed and Stock water were shown by the report for All districts of the state a he said. The condition of ranges was reported at 86 per cent of Normal compared with the 10-year average Bozeman March 18.up a Mon of 75 per cent in March i and the Tana Farmers through practical 74 per cent figure on the Cor farm planning in cooperation with responding Date last year. The farm Security administration. Cattle were reported at 91 per cent achieved a Sharp increase in live and sheep at 90 per cent of Normal Stock holdings in 1938, a Survey compared with the 10-year average showed today and March i 1938, average of 87 4 Montana farms Are especially per cent for both. I adapt Able to livestock production j As a result Farmers on the farm Security program for their first year increased Range Stock including sheep and cattle from approximately 3,500 to about 18,500, the Fra Survey said. They owned 14 per cent More animals at the end of the year. Milk cows increased 155 per cent. These Farmers owned Only 197 hogs in 1937 twelve months later they had about 4,500 hogs and gilts. The continued on Page 12, col. 8.

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