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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 4

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Butte, Montana 4�?Montana Standard tuesday fune_28. 1955 Montana Standard eve of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Published by Standard publishing cd mpa it Dait t and sunday a by Carrier per wee a a 3 month Pey Abl to Advance f month payable in Advance a i year payable or Advance a a 40 a an to 40 20.80 mail subscription rate payable in Advance plat 4 acne incl done Montana. Idaho Utah. Oregon and Wash Naton one 81x thro on tear Momo to Dally and sunday i no is to 14 50 11.80 sunday Only _ 5 00 2 50 t 25 50 Post office outside of the above state daily and sunday_$18 00 $9 50 $5.00 sith sunday Only 5 00 2 50 i 25 .50 official Parr of Silver Poy county member of the associated press the associated pres it entitled exclusively to the use for Republica. Hon of a1 the local news printed in thle newspaper. A Well As a1 a new dispatches entered a second Clas matter at the pot office at . Mont under act of contras. March 3, 1878 telephones new room _ managing editor circulation _ advertising _ want Ada 3243 3244 5415 3272 5451 habit is thus the enormous Flywheel of society its most precious conservative agent. It alone is what keeps us All within the Bounds of James. I. N. Anniversary fete proves communists Are still communists Comrade Molotov. Russians foreign minister has been trying to create the impression that All is Well Between the East and the West. During a transcontinental trip he made a supreme Effort to act like an american politician smiling and bowing and doubtless he would have kissed a few babies had any Mother braved the risk. It would have seemed real even with the Ever present bolshevik bodyguard. But these guards go everywhere with top communists not Only to protect the individuals from harm but also to keep them in line. Some have been known to desert the communist cause at critical moments causing embarrassment to the Kremlin. The communists cannot afford to lose men like Molotov so they take no changes. But they ought not to worry about Molotov. He has been a communist flunked since the beginning. However when commissar Molotov started speaking at the United nations 10th anniversary Celebration everyone forgot about his transcontinental Good will attempt for then Molotov reverted to Type. If the full realization had not come then that the russians were still communists and that the goal of communism is world revolution it came later. This was when foreign minister Molotov faced a group of reporters at a typical american press conference. Molotov was asked whether he had any reaction to the speech of Secretary of state John Foster Dulles at the anniversary Celebration. And Molotov replied As follows a emr. Dulles set Forth the position of the United states. I set Forth the position of the soviet Union. That is what i can say to indeed that was that. The two positions Are about As far apart As the poles. Comrade Molotov doubtlessly acting on instructions from the Kremlin set Forth a seven Point program for peaceful coexistence which was topped by a demand for admission of red China into the United nations. The other proposals included the usual communist Hogwash about disarmament atom bombs for peaceful purposes a ban on warmongering withdrawal of troops Etc. These Are demands which the communists make upon others but from which they themselves take it As a matter of course that they Are exempt. Or. Dulles answered by saying that there was just one Way to bring peace to the world and that was by russians stopping the use of Force to gain its ends and by russian s stopping the support of subversion i.e., communist parties in other countries. It has been by this Means that the communists have made most of their considerable aggressive gains since the ending of world War ii. As a matter of fact the russians and the Western world Are As far apart in their approach to a peaceful solution to their problems As they were at the beginning. After communists with Headquarters in the Kremlin had succeeded in dominating the governments of several Central european states the Western Powers served a warning on Russia saying that the West would react vigorously to the progressive domination by one country of its neighbors and the threat to world peace which such action implied. Russia replied by denying domination of its neighbors and claiming that what had taken place was brought about by a democratic in Short the communists denied aggression. There is where the matter still stands. Therefore any agreement at the big four conference at Geneva or any other conference in which the communists participate will come As a great Surprise. The 10th anniversary Celebration was worthwhile therefore. It proved that communists Are still communists. Molotov a act might have gone Over Fine if he had not been forced to make a speech and if it had not brought to mind a similar transcontinental trip of two Jap diplomats on the graduates take their flares after a Brief ceremony in which relatives and friends participate the world takes no special notice of the graduate. In the shop at the Kitchen stove the peace table or other places of activity members of the world Are Busy with their part in the endless details of modern history. So no particular attention is paid the fact that the class of 1955 has joined the workers of an unbounded future. The shape of that future now lies within the twisted framework of the present. At Home the nation is beset by a mounting crime rate among juveniles and adults. The american family is in a state of bulge and transition As marked by the rising birth rate and increased numbers of divorce. Economically the country is enjoying general Prosperity but there Are Many problems remaining. Crisis jumps on the International scene hardly need rehearsal. The Shadow of War made More horrifying by new weapons looms heavily. The nationalism of Many new nations is a growing threat to peace. Such is the scene viewed by the class of 1955. Yet foreboding As it May seem it is a Little worse a Little better than the world in which countless classes of countless junes have taken their places. The outcome of these problems the faint and bold scrawls in the daily history of life lie in the challenges the opportunities and the troubles the 1955 graduates will share and shape with us All. They be dug up the Bones of a hairless Behemoth in the Northwest a science report says. But what is the difference Between a hairless Behemoth and a hairy Mammoth we understand that the internal Revenue Bureau is trying to figure out some kind of wound Stripe or purple heart for its customers. In the Good old Days for which most people profess to Pine an itch was an itch now its an allergy. Today a grab bag by Lilian Campbell Central press writer the answer Quick 1. Who was the first chief Justice of the United states 2. What is the most densely populated continent 3. What temperature is absolute Zero 4. How much rainfall does a 10-Inch Snow equal 5. What is the average Ocean depth its been said rashness is the characteristic of ardent youth and prudence that of Mellow age. A Cicero. Pm it happened today 1491�?king Henry Viii of England born. 1914�?archduke Francis of Austria and wife assassinated at Sarajevo Bosnia primary cause of world War i. 1944 a gov. Thomas e. Dewey of new York nominated for president of the United states by republicans. Happy birthday mrs. Bess Truman song Smith Richard Rodgers and author Floyd Dell All Cut another notch on the longevity yardstick today. Folks of Fame guess the name in this Man who retired As a major general in 1946, is a native of Staunton va., and was appointed by president Eisenhower As a member of the Woodrow Wilson Centennial Observance scheduled for 1956. He is president of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace foundation inc., and is publisher of the Staunton news Leader and the evening Leader of Staunton. When he retired from service he had 40 years of National guard and u. S. Army service including both world wars. What is his name 2�?this native of Pittsburgh is making Good in show business in new York. Once she was voted a miss Pittsburgh a and received a two year scholarship in voice and dramatics. Later she got a Job with Rodgers and Hammerstein in a South then a me and Juliet a in which she Rose to under studying the Star then starring herself. She played Laurey in a film version of she a been on the cover and inside pages of magazines. Know her name by now names at Bottom of column a your future you should exercise caution conducting your affairs especially making important changes of residence or affections without much reflection. Today a child will be somewhat nervy and unpredictable but will be fundamentally Good. # watch your language myth Gony i Togo in a noun the science or study of the origin of myths. How a you make out i. John Jay 1789-1795. 2 Asia with 1,272,000,000 exclusive of the r. 3. 549.6 degrees below Zero fahrenheit temperature at which theoretically All molecular motion ceases. 4. One Inch. 5 12,450 feet. Salof Xei Imsu i Ejde uomj4, in i that recent pay Bill i wets pre. I be said it wa6 a the greatest Forward step for postal employees in More Tham a Century Quot do you Acree $ we l a e your birthday i these Days we my a rec a Ammine Washington scene Washington Jack Fleck the new National open Champion stands shockingly unique in the annals of Golf. He Hasni to played with president Eisenhower. This is intolerable. It strikes at the very roots of our most vaunted american tradition. Something will have to be done. Fleck must give in. If he refuses to play the president voluntarily pressure will have to be applied. If Milder less barbarous measures fail it May even be necessary to make him a Republican member of Congress. Then he wiggle out of it. With these thoughts in mind i went to Call upon another Golf Champion who became a gop congressman. I wanted to see if he had been Able to hold out. But the poor fellow broke Down and admitted he had bowed to the inevitable. Rep. Jack Westland of Washington National Amateur Golf Champion in 1952, confessed he had played the president twice. A being a Good politician i suppose you let him win a i suggested. A no a replied the sex Caddie a i beat him both times although the first time i played him i was shaking like a a a that a a coincidence a i said. A Jack Fleck Only Shook hands with the president in san Francisco but he told reporters it made him shake like a Leaf. You golfers must be very Leafy a Char Rumph a snorted rep. Westland. I asked the 51-year-old National Amateur Champ if he thought the 32-year-old National open Champ should take advantage of his newfound Fame and run for Congress. A Well a replied rep. Westland slowly a the comes from Iowa which we like to consider a Good Republican state. But it takes More than a Good Golf game to qualify a Man for a it does a i gasped at such apparent heresy. A do you mean to Tell me that you do not regard Golf in this Eisenhower Era As a political asset a a let us not go to extremes a replied rep. Westland. A of course it is a political asset just As it is a social and business asset. But a Man should have other interests to be an effective member of a a sushi i pleaded. A some Democrat will overhear you and say you re trying to disqualify the the thin Sandish Solon with the All weather face treated this with the contempt it doubtless deserved. He went on a i myself am More interested in Dairy problems than Golf. I am the sponsor of a plan to take Dairying out of government and let the dairymen run their own a what about surpluses a a let the dairymen handle their own surpluses. Let them do All their own marketing and assume All a How Many Dairy Farmers a i asked a do you figure would go along with a proposition like that a a the National federation of milk producers is solidly with me. It claims to represent Soo 000 of the country a 1,500,000 Dairy a you Are an administration Man and play Golf with a 1 said. A How does the administration feel about your plan a rep. Westland hesitated Long enough to line up a 30-foot putt. A Well a he finally admitted Secretary of agriculture Benson is against a what did you do to alienate by George Dixon Ezra catch him improving his lie a Quot no he says we can to do anything for ourselves that he Isnit doing for us being an old barnyard golfer myself we used to have a putting Green in our Chicken run i Felt qualified to comment upon the Secretary of agriculture a qualms about do it yourself farming. A i think Fez is wrong a i said. A in both Golf and Dairying the pro can help you Only so far. For instance he can show you How to improve your the golfing congressman muttered something about milking machines and uttered off. Our children by Angelo pain maybe it is the distance of time that colors my memories of the fourth but whatever it May be there is a letdown of spirit in celebrating the Day compared to the happenings of time past. The Celebration began in school. The principal told us the Story in Assembly a week before the Day. The teacher took up the tale and made a most dramatic presentation so thrilling in fact that i can still feel the Little Shivers of enjoyment running up and Down my spine. Among the stories told us was the one about the cracked Liberty Bell. A the Congress was in session was still in session far into the night. Nobody in Philadelphia slept. Everybody was out on the streets whispering a will they do it dare they do it a and suddenly a Small boy raced Down the Street toward the state House Yelling a ring the Bell grandpa ring ring ring a and the a old Sexton High in the Belfrey holding the rope in his thin Bony hand a rang like mad. A then the first signal gun rang out. Bonfires lighted the Hills and the people cheered and shouted in wild Joy. Free Dom was to be theirs. A Long and terrible War was to decide the matter but on that night on the fourth of july 1776, this great nation was so said the teacher and we in the benches before her swallowed every word of it sat in suspense waiting the word cheered loudly when it came and nobody shushed us. We Sang the song about the old Sexton High in the Belfry and we shouted the chorus a bring ring ring a so we could be heard blocks away and again nobody said anything about a Stone a a expression a Etc. We were allowed Freedom that High hour. Wasny to it in Honor of the great Day it was. Somehow that deep feeling of great Joy and Triumph has decreased. The politicians make grandiloquent speeches about the a glorious fourth a the exercises in the schools Are Standard affairs rarely with any deep stirring of emotion and then the Holiday comes and the cars go speeding along the roads with the usual results. A Holiday in Celebration of the fourth is important and the Way of that Celebration is of the highest importance. Patriotism is an emotion not a fact to the by Stella tuesday june 28 a born today you have Good judgment and a Clear mind. You have the ability to observe others closely and Are a Fine mimic. The state might easily Appeal to one of your particular talents. Yet your inmate executive ability could just As easily place you in the executive Branch of Soma business in which your native inventiveness might have full Sway to develop itself completely. You have the gift of both the spoken and written word and would find yourself As at Horn on the lecture platform As Well As in literature drama or poetry. In fact you Are sufficiently talented so that you May find you Are not always exerting the Energy that you really should to push toward Success. Fond of the society of others who have talents in the arts you Are Likely during youth to gravitate toward a Bohemian life where there is no set pattern of conservative action. As you grow older however you will find that you have Learned to fit More readily into a regular routine. It is Likely that the midweek of october will prove an exceptionally fortunate one for you. Something that May influence your entire life could happen then. It is probable that your career will mean More to you than Romance. But if love does find you you re hit hard and it could be love at first sight. Among those born on this Date Are Rousseau author Pirandello playwright Mary Anderson and Viola Dana actresses Otis Skinner actor Odette Myrtle Singer. To find what the stars have in store for you tomorrow your birthday Star be your daily guide. Wednesday june 29 cancer june 22-july 23 Over anticipation can Lead to a let Down but if you work hard All the time you will achieve much. Leo july 24-aug. 23 a pay attention to Good advice of it comes from an expert. Possibly you could Benefit from it. Virgo aug. 24-sept. 23 a the month is ending so balance your assets and liabilities and see How you Are coming out. Libra sept. 24-oct. 23 a a new might solve an old problem so investigate each fresh inspiration carefully. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 a assess All contributions to Progress during the past month. If not satisfied decide to do better. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 22 a if you can find that All work makes you Dull allot a certain amount of time to play. Capricorn dec. 23-Jan. 20 a this May be the time when you should be making your vacation plans. Aquarius Jan. 21-feb. 19 a you May be invited to some important social function. Accept with pleasure. Enjoy yourself thoroughly. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 a this month should be ending on a Good note for you. Make plans that can be put into action. Aries March 21-april 20 a this is one of your Best Days this month. Put a Fine finish to something important you want to achieve. Taurus april 21-May la a a Happy and harmonious environment is conducive to successful results. You can achieve much now. Gemini May 22-june 21 a pay no attention to gossip. There May be a lot going the rounds but ignore All of it. Learned recited and forgotten tomorrow. This Celebration should be one of reverence gratitude and renewed Devotion to the principles of the government of these United states. It is that spirit the fourth should revive. Life s like that by Fred Neher a would you mind wiping Oft my Lollipop a Scotts scrap Book Al thou qty us is fancy i i he is Mel a relaxation. . Or i up of to or Acee ii Okes Are. Very Tetsu by r. J. Scott Huntsman. Ohe who hum s. Huntsman. Person a Hosl off Ici pc is to manage fhe Hun it. Scraps by George e. Sokolsky when Molotov smiles there Mutt by a reason. His face and disposition were not made for laughter surely not for Gay laughter and the photographs of him in the pose of a benign ancient patting the Heads of errant children give evidence of the torture of his spirit at such in revolutionary shenanigans. Molotov ii the last of the really old bolsheviks remaining in the soviet government surely he must sometimes ask himself by what Marvel he survived. When Molotov finds it necessary to a mile there is trouble inside the soviet Union. And that trouble As nearly always is agricultural. Samuel Kuchen of the Library of Congress reports in the a political science quarterly on this subject As follows despite the fact that the total sowing area was increased by 6,800,000 hectares one hectare equals 2.471 acres in 1953 Over 1940, that sown to Grain decreased by 3,800,000 hectares to Grain feed crops by 6,800,000 hectares to groats crops by 1,300,000 hectares and to leguminous Grain by 800,000 hectares. It also was stated in the Resolution of the Central committee of the russian communist party that collective farm did not fulfil the 1953 plan for livestock Breeding and that an important decrease in the number of cows took place in Many regions of the soviet Union in 1953. A Strong measures have been taken to increase agricultural production in the face of this failure of the peasantry to cooperate with the established plans. The party Central committee and the . Council of ministers decided to sow Grain Over 28,000,000 to 30,000,00 hectares of Virgin and Idle land in 1956. According to Khrushchev More than 3,500,000 hectares of Virgin land were sown in 1954 and More than 17,000,000 slowed up for 1955.�?� the situation is apparently so serious that non peasants members of the Young communist league Komsomol have been recruited to work on the new land. Khrushchev will undoubtedly discover that City boy and girls while they Are always enthusiastic about being out in the country do not make Good Farmers. And if they stay in the country Long enough the probability is that they will take on the characteristics of peasants which is not to produce enthusiastically when there is no adequate return for their work. The return can Only be adequate in terms of improved standards of living that is in increased availability of Consumers goods. The russian Farmer works most of his time for his government generally on a peasants collective farm. He is permitted to take a share of the produce for himself for his own consumption and part of which he Sells on an official Black Market. It is to be noted that whereas there is no free Market for manufactured goods All of which is government owned and produced the russian Farmar has managed to obtain a share however Small of his product which he can sell on a free Market for Money. The official Black Market is in reality a free Market the last vestige of capitalism in Russia. The russian peasant has never been a satisfied person. Once a serf he was freed into extreme poverty and often lost his newly gained lands to landlord end Absentee owners. The bolshevik revolution of 1917 used As a slogan a the land belongs to those who till it a but in Short order made the land state property. Nevoid the less the peasants were permitted be Fie Tual tenure. When the system of collectivism was imposed upon agriculture the Farmer really lost Possession of his land. This was resisted particularly in the Ukraine where millions of peasants were permitted to starve to death. Of the collectives Stalin said a the last Hope of capitalists of All countries who Are dreaming of restoring red capitalism in the u. S. S. R a a the Sac principle of private property a is cot lapsing and vanishing. The peasants whom they regarded As material manuring the soil for capitalism Are abandon-1 Ingen Masse the lauded Banner of a private property and Are taking to the path of collectivism the path of socialism. The last Hope for the restoring of capitalism is for soviet Russia the system of collectivization has not worked Well enough to produce the food essential to a rising Standard of living. Khrushchev has shown an interest in How it is done in Iowa. If he came to look see he would find that in Iowa capitalism works. Cat. A a a attn Unhul a. Ten Twenty thirty june 28, 1945 James c. Sheehy of the Navy is spending a few Days visiting his parents or. And mrs. Con Sheehy 621 n. Montana. He is in route from Princeton University to Willamette College in Salem Ore. Or. And mrs. E. A. Hinchcliff 941 s. Main and l. A. Hinchcliff left for Ogden where they will attend a family reunion. German scientists now turning Over their technical knowledge to the allies have declared their belief that rockets within the next five to to years will Speed a ton of mail across the Atlantic in 40 minutes and within 15 to 25 years will make regular passenger runs Between Europe and the United states. June 28, 1935 the flying keys Al and Fred roared triumphantly through the air Over Meridian miss., setting a world record for sustained flight. They have completed 554 hours 40 minutes and 30 seconds in the air one hour better than the previous world record. The Brothers expressed Hope they will remain aloft for at least another week. Mrs. Mary Mcginnis who celebrated her 100th birthday anniversary last feb. 9, died in a Hospital where she had lived for Many years. Death came painlessly As she had always wished it would. Price of Copper on the new York Market dropped from 9 to 8 cents per Pound. Fire conditions in the National forests have reached a stage where foresters prohibit smoking on the Public Domain. June 28, 1925 William m. Jardine Secretary of agriculture in the Cabinet of president Calvin Coolidge arrived in on a vacation tour. He met a number of friends Here and announced plans to visit bib Hole Basin and other parts of Beaverhead county. The Secretary once owned a big Hole ranch. Anaconda White Sulphur Springs and three Forks Felt slight Earth shocks after the previous Days temblor which caused huge property damage in Montana. Scientists said the quakes were caused by the slipping of huge land masses along a fault running Between and Helena. Heaviest quake losses wets in Gallatin Valle

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