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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Butte, Montana A Vetal prices. Copper. 12r bar Silver. 33 he Zinc East us Louis futures. 4.35 g 4.40c Lead new York. 5.40c Lead East St. Louis. 5.30c Anfana slant it the world s news associated press United Presa. North american newspaper Alliance. Central press. The Standard carries the most extensive Telegraph news service in Montana. Vol. . 258. Established 1876 Butte Montana. Monday morning june 25, 1930. Phone 5411 Price five cent sly score killed in sunday tragedieshoover9s threat of veto for veterans9 Relief Bill brings revised measure a a. Undy smiles when told a a it a a Sony substitute measure evolves from White House conference As Bill is about to get vote in Senate. Hise has passed Diel president Points out legislation asks More than v veterans had urged government to provide. Scottish rite commander is mining City a guest another prisoner held As suspected maniac Slayer j. H. Cowles Wil of honoured with he knew of code banquet tonight Ai new York police continue combing City for Trace of madman Slayer. Take Little Stock in a final letter Washington june 22.�? to up resident Hoover today warned that the veterans Relief Bill to be voted upon tomorrow in the Senate meant a raise in taxes and administration leaders in the Senate immediately moved to put Forward a substitute acceptable to him. The president made known his opposition to the Bill in a letter to senator Watson of Indiana Tho Republican Leader which was Given out at the White House. He said it not Only meant increased taxes but it was inequitable to the world War veterans and was far More than they themselves had asked. At a White House conference senator Reed Republican of Pennsylvania submitted a substitute measure which is understood to have received administration approval. Those including the conference in continued on Page 14, col. 6. Fear attempt to Lull officials into false sense of Security then kill. To pm fathers e Honor of two generations will be at stake at annual Homecoming. Nine girls and nine a dads Quot will meet on the baseball Diamond at Columbia gardens tomorrow to determine which generation Quot knows its stuff Quot the better in americans National pastime. The game will feature the annual Home coming of the Butte Camp fire girls it was announced sunday. The great game which promises to go Down on record As one of the outstanding baseball games of the season will Start promptly at 1 50 p. In. When a. G. Black Umpire will Call out the batteries for the Day. Both teams were placed on training diets yesterday and All were ordered to be in bed shortly after dark each team boasts superiority Over its of continued on Page 6. Col. I Jersey City n. J., june 22. A up a a Man who police say answered the description of the Queens maniac Slayer was arrested tonight on the Hudson county Boulevard in North Berge near a the Loop a a Lavor Ite parking place for automobile its. The Man said he was William Ernest Cordra 31. His father he said is a Railroad conductor and lives in Columbia s. C. The prisoner is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. His features police said Are similar to descriptions of the Slayer of two men in Queens in his pockets police found a number of papers covered with scribbling including the combination 3-x,�?T which the new York killer used As a signature to letters to a newspaper continue search. New York. June 22.�? up a a continued Vigil along the hideaway lovers Lane of Queens was promised today by Captain Herbert Graham chief of detectives seeking the maniacal �?~3-x,�?� despite the murderers written Assurance that his career of homicide was ended. As far As police Are concerned Graham said it is As though the madman had never penned the latest and possibly the last harebrained missive in which he wrote that no More killings were to follow those of Joseph Mozynski Delicatessen dealer and Noel Sowley Young radio expert. Authorities were frankly apprehensive that the madman was attempting to Lull them into a false sense of Security. Despite several threats he has failed to strike since last monday night but the fact that his continued on Page 14, col. 4. Weather forecast. Montana mostly fair monday and tuesday somewhat warmer monday East and South portions. To t Dillon june 23.�? special a lieutenant governor and mrs. Frank Hazelbaker Are the parents of a Fine baby boy which was Horn this morning at the Barrett Hospital. Mother and baby Are getting along nicely and the new arrival will be a delightful companion for Little miss Lois Hazelbaker and his big brother Frank. Gallatin county Wool association lip is marketed colonel and mrs Charles a. Lindbergh now parents of a baby boy born sunday shown Here ready for one of their Many air cruises together. Press reports say Lindy a famous smile took on an even broader aspect when the news was announced to him. Heir born to Lindbergh Fame son graces Home of famous couple arrives on mrs. Lindbergh a birthday destined for much limelight. Englewood n. J., june 22�? up a a son w As bom to Day to mrs. C. A. Lindberg wife of the famous aviator at the Home of ambassador Dwight w. Morrow her father. No formal announcement was made at the Morrow Home where a score of reporters hat waited for weeks in anticipation of the arrival of an heir to the famous a Yivone Eagle a hut the United press was informed at the Home that the child had been born there today. Today Xmas mrs. Lindbergh a birthday. The Lindbergh heir appears destined to bask in the spotlight of publicity such As has been thrown on few infants in a democratic nation. The prominence of the parents assures Public interest in the child. A Little More than three years ago Charles a. Lindbergh could not have dreamed that his marriage and fatherhood would he widely chronicled for in the Early Spring of 1027 he was but an obscure aviator. Reiteration of his one outstanding achievement in aviation is needless. Enough to say however that when he flew from Roosevelt Field to be flour get he flew continued on Page 14, col. 6 it who stories told of extravagance in British commission to study question of a wailing Wall Stock rom failure has knotty problem to solve Washington i. Pm notable arrives Here on official tour of Montana pities. State is in Good shape Mason rally round of Golf to be enjoyed this morning reception plan for evening. Honouring John h. , thirty third degree Mason and Sovereign grand commander of the ancient and accepted scottish rite of freemasonry for the Southern jurisdiction of the United states the Mother Council of the world approximately 250 members of the scottish rite order Are expected to attend the banquet to be Given this evening at the masonic Temple. Or. Cowles whose Home is in Washington d. A arrived in Butte Hist night and was greeted by a Host of masonic members and officials and escorted to the new Finlen hotel where he will make his Headquarters during his stay in the City. He will leave this evening in route to cities in North and South Dakota. Quot i am very Well pleased with the continued on Page 2, col. 4 it Silver Jubilee Dozeman. June 22.�? Spe rial a the entire clip of Gallatin county Wool association total log approximately 310,000 pounds has been sold by the directors of the local Pool to a Boston firm. The members of the association to receive checks that will total Between $75,000 and $80,000. Deliveries Are to he made this week some at three Forks and some in Bozeman. The Pool contains 34,-000 fleeces belonging to nearly 200 growers. The prices Are 23 cents for flue Wool 24 rents for mixed lots where course Wool predominates and 24 s rents for clean Black faced Wool. . Prosperie a report Stutes first meeting of group today controversy involved responsible for outbreak August Between moslem legion members put scout Camp in shape for summer. A 1 1 i Comitia under. Assisted by e. K. Miller annual fat Ign Mage id by jibe Auto caravan departed from the _ ,. Legion Hall at 9 o clock yesterday Fred i Ehn journeys to morning for the 30-mile journey into r 1 a a i a 1 the Hills. C. O it Smiggs it Smithers lowlands and a Nunis had charge of the commissary Wagon ten. Healthy renovation. Wre a a Peppar the new York june 22.�? up his meteoric Wail Street career wrecked by what authorities Call a combination of frenzied finance and night club spending. Harold Russell Ryder today was free on $10,000 bail on a charge of grand larceny in connection with the $4,500,000 failure of the Stock Exchange firm of Woody is co the comparatively insignificant Ball was set after Ryder had promised to give creditors every co opera a a ton in an attempt to recover their league 0f nations to attempt to Settle the question of the a a Wail he a permuted to return no wa1�?z on 1 of word a verses will hold its first session Here tomorrow. The Quot wailing Wall controversy has stirred much bitterness among the moslem and jews and last August precipitated the outbreak in which 270 persons were killed and More than 500 wounded. The knotty religious problem has hitherto defied solution and the authorities fear unless a solution is reached further bloodshed and disorders Are inevitable. By Butte priest Largo crowd fills St. Joseph a Church to hear the Rev. Leather Mccormack. Marking the potage of 25 years annual Survey of imports and exports is compiled by Commerce department by Robert cd. Albright United pre stuff correspondent t Washington. June 22. Up american Prosperity will continue for Many years with no very protracted setbacks or. Ray Ovid Hall assistant chief of the finance and investment division of the Commerce department predicted today in the a annual re fort on the balance of International payments to the United states. This said or. Hall in his report which Analysed and compared All of the visible and invisible imports and exports of this country for 1029. Quot is seemingly one of the few predictable things Quot a reduction of $5 11,000,000 disclosed in this country s net capital Export was declared the most important event in the our foreign dealings this year. For the third time in seven years the year s fluctuation in the United flutes net Export of capital was above a half Bill lion dollars the report stated Lamoni comments. Quot that decrease was no doubt in part responsible for some of the fiscal and foreign Exchange difficulties of certain foreign nations for some of the world wide recession of business and for some of the reduction in our merchandise exports during the latter part of the year and Early in 1930,�?� Secretary of Commerce Lamont said in commenting. Lamont added that the $307,000,000 of Gold that flowed info the country during the 15 months ended last october was one major result of the marked decline in capital exports. Continued on Page i col 2. Poker a Lavers dive bodies hurled great distance when explosion of either dynamite or nitroglycerine w Recks car. Mines so the toll flyer racer dives to death in Wichita race four of Riund drowned five badly Hurt in Auto crash. Automobile and air plane accidents explosions and drownings took a total of nearly a score of lives throughout the United states sunday. The outstanding tragedy of the Day took a toll of two lives when a Small automobile exploded near Denver hurling the bodies of Clifford Hogan and his wife a great distance and completely demolishing their car. Four killed. Absecon n. J., june 23.�? a Anthony m. Ruffu jr., mayor of Atlantic City two unidentified women and a Man believed to be assemblyman Anthony j. Siracusa were killed when a train struck their automobile Early today. Terrific blast. Denver. June 22.�? a5 a a terrific explosion killed a Man and a woman continued on Page 2, col. 7 Butte doctor to be backed Fly colleagues for president of the organization. Money. Armed with picks shovels hammers and saws More than 30 members of Silver Bow Post no. I american legion made their annual pilgrimage to the boy scouts Camp in the lowlands where they devoted the Day to putting the Camp in shape for the boys summer Outing. Under the Lea ship of Fred Lehn. Several Cabins were moved to new i and better Sites at the Camp and several barns were demolished do ing the Day by some of the members. While others devoted their time to overhauling the swimming Hole and policing up the Parade ground and bunkhouses continued on Page 2. Col 4j continued on Page 3, col. 2. A Safe combination in these Days of mergers and amalgamations capital combines with labor to achieve Success and color unites with symmetry to produce Beauty. Even Ham has to get together with a egg or two to form breakfast. But yet another combination exists one that really Heads the list. It consists of merchandise and a Standard Post classified and. Such a Safe combination nearly always yields a sure Sale when you wish to open the Way to a Sale of household goods the combination is dial 5411. Want ads work Otho Montana Stalwart classified ads always the same a in service. Always different in Opportunity phone dial 5411 and jews in Jerusalem in which 270 persons were movie in the. Prii Thoj of the. Killed further bloodshed feared if solution not found ver Jubilee mass at the St. Joseph s a Holud . Church a huge crowd of worshippers. By Wenn i i Elek. Many of them from other cities and United pre Huff Corr pendent towns gathered for the Celebration. Jerusalem june 22. Up tile commission sent by Tho those officiating Ai the mass beside father Mccormack who wast celebrant were the Rev. Father James a o Shea Deacon the Rev. N. A Leonard sub Deacon fatties Hugh Faley master of ceremonies assisted j continued on Page 2, col. I Blo Nome folks Ebelt Oil with Breit ovation both the moslem and the jews Are making the inquiry a world wide re la gloss Issue the moslem Peoples of India Egypt Syria and other nations Are sending representatives to urge that the question is one concerning the entire islamic world. Continued on Page 2, col Flat of woman sought another new Vork june 22.-oh-an enraged Bronx housewife tired of waiting All night for her poker playing husband to come Home knocked upon the door of a Bronx apartment today inter i opting a quiet seven handed game. A where is my husband she demanded in a loud and terrible voice. Two of the players grabbed their hats and Dove out a window. One of them David tar Vin 37, fractured his hip when he hit the sidewalk. At the Hospital he was told his leap was Needles. It was t his wife. Or. Alfred Karsted a vice president of the Northwest medical As soul Nylon will be nominated by Butte i physicians for the station of president during the meeting of councillors that proceeds the convention which will be held Here july i 2 and 3, it was indicated yesterday by has colleagues who Are making arrangements for Tho entertainment of the association. Local physicians of Butte Are proud of the fact that a member of their fraternity or Alfred Karsted is an honoured officer of the Pacific Northwest medical association. To him in no Small measure is to be Given the credit of bringing this outstanding meeting to Butte. Or. Karsted attended Grade schools and graduated from High school in Helena in 1904. After which he attended Stanford University 1904 to 1908, at this institution he received his a b. Degree. In 1905 his family came to Butte where the doctor has continued on Page 2, col. 5. New picture of manner in which atoms perform drawn for physical society members by How Ard w. a a scout a pre Selene editor Ithaca. N. V., june 22.�? a the Heisenberg com Pion atom a new picture of How negative bit of electricity fit together to make mgt Iid substance was presented to the american physical society Cornell University today. A it reveal electrons As the electrical particles Are called moving in Vaspory Clouds rather than like planet in orbit. Or. Arthur ii. Compton american Nobel prize Winner in physic reported the discovery. He said this new picture a made in the Ryerson physical Laboratory at the Colv ersty of Chicago and these Experiment come the closest of any yet performed showing Quot what the atom looks or. Compton obtained this a look Quot into atoms by combining continued on Page 2, col 5 it Winchester a. June 22 a it rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byre came Home today to win Dies Ter i where lie is known As Quot Dick a i Home town welcomed him in obvious contrast to the tumultuous l affairs of new York. Washington and Richmond with a Celebration of the j quietness and sacred Nev of Home open air thanksgiving services Quot for the Safe return of our heroic citizen. Admiral Byrd Quot a City Resolution said was the simple Welcome he with his family or Marie Ames Byrd of Boston his wife and Richard Evelyn Byrd 3rd. Their son his Brothers former governor Harry flood Byrd and Thomas b Byrd of continued on Page 2, col. affairs of Congress Point to Early july adjournment$142,000,000 livers and harbours Omil several measures drawing bus bin tomorrow and to consider ,.the Bill to increase veterans Relief to Climax Inis week tuesday provided the Senate com in Raj _ plates action monday. Action expected today on ctr Man Nam soy of the How Rivers and harbours Bill. Rovers and harbours committee expects to ask concurrence in the Senate amendments to the omnibus Bill Washington. June 22. A a increasing the House measure by a rovers and harbours world War vet proximately $24,500,000. The measure Erans. Unemployment and Mischel carries authority for improvement of igneous legislation of considerable i Waterways and harbours in practically importance is expected to hold the attention of the House for the next a cd with adjournment of Congress probably in the first week of july. The House plans to act on the every Section of the country and is the first to approach enactment in three years. Continued on Page 6, col. 4j

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