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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - June 5, 1944, Butte, Montana Rou Montana Standard Butte. Monday morning. June 5. 1944 Montana Standard but it in he by Standard publishing company on we on month St month on year _ daily and sunday by Carrier a a i of a to 13 Ooma h subscriptions delivered by Man to your add to poof face in Montana on year Dally and sunday a it too sunday Only. J 00 Dally and sunday sunday Only j of to Canada and sunday sunday Only too pm hire one mos Momo i 4 to t a so a so 1 so .78 As Advent i s 3.s i a.78 t i Ike .78 is i so i a As i i to a of 1 of .40 official paper of Stiver Bow county the serrated pre la Clu Alively entitled to the a for publication of All new do Patche credited to it or not otherwise credited in int paper and Aio the local new outputted herein. Entered a second Ella matter it the poet outre at butt. Montana under act of con re. Jute Foj March i. Uti Quot was it May be the beginning of the end two important aspect of the establishment by americans of air bases on russian soil appear immediately. The nazi air Force which had already been All but knocked out. Is further weakened by having to distribute its effectiveness Between the russian front and the Western front. The close co ordination of the Allied and russian arms As promised at Teheran is becoming More and More obvious to the Man in the Street who heretofore. Has entertained certain doubts. Another aspect of the development which May not be so obvious now but which should become apparent in the next few weeks is the strategic importance of placing All of Germany within Range of heavyweight bombing planes it May be said that our air Force has been Able to hit the nazis on All sides in the past now we not Only shall hit them on All sides but also in the Middle. No German arms factory or military installation is Safe from bombing attacks. And the germans will have fewer planes with which to defend themselves. It is a juncture in the trend of the War that May Well be considered in the Light of history As the beginning of the end. Germany a weakness in the air. At sea and her dwindling strength on the ground seem to add to the sum total of defeat. Only Germany a ground forces remain in strength but they Are crumbling under Allied blows in Italy with still greater blows certain to fall in the West East and North or from All directions simultaneously. Without bases in Russia Allied air might had been stepped up to More than 8.000 sorties in 24 hours. It is probably that the new bases will enable Allied airmen to increase the number of sorties each 24 hours to More than 9.000 without additional planes. With a greater Supply of War planes the number of sorties could be increased to the almost incredible figure of 25.000. This figure has already been mentioned by High military authorities. It does not seem possible that Germany will endure Long under such combined pressure. Lingering in the background of the entire european War situation is americans unbelievable ability to produce the munitions of War. It would not have been possible in the first place to have established air bases even in England much less in Russia and Italy without air planes but America produced the planes More than 175,000 of them since the beginning of the War emergency it i needless to say that the continued unprecedented War production in the United states will be necessary to maintain the British and the russian air bases As Well As those in North Africa and Italy. Psychiatry advances 50 years we Are certain to hear More about psychiatry As the War goes along and after it is Over. It has been put on a level with Medicine and surgery by the surgeon general of the army. At the recent 100th annual convention of the american psychiatric association in Philadelphia it was said that the War had advanced the science by at least 50 years. The army a attitude toward psych neurotics. Of whom some 1.500,000 have been rejected or discharged from army service was explained by col. William c. Menninger the first chief of the psychiatric division of the surgeon generals office. He wanted it understood at once that psych neurosis is not insanity. A a psycho neurotic is a person a says colonel Menninger a with an apparently insoluble mental conflict or problem which he attempts to solve through unconscious Means that result in illogical behaviour. A every individual has his breaking Point. Beyond that Point the limit of tolerance psycho neurotic symptoms will develop. Some people Are not broken by the greatest of tragedies. Others crack beneath trivial upsets. A psycho neurotic is sick As disabled As if suffering a physical wound. His illness is very real to him even if the Mechanic ism which produced the illness is not apparent. It is important to remember that a psycho neurotic is not insane. Psych neuroses and insanity Are As different As measles and it should be a great Relief to know what col. Menninger thinks is a Good cure for this trouble. A in civil life a he says a when a Man reaches the limit of his endurance he can stay away from work. Take a vacation perhaps get drunk. In the army he has no such alternatives. There is no Middle ground. Either a Soldier is on duty or he is Congress the guardian of popular Liberty representative Jerry Voorhis. Distinguished californian now serving his fourth term in Congress is the author of an attention arresting article in the american Mercury under the title a Stop kicking Congress he says that too Many critics a seem More intent upon throttling Congress than improving and therein. Or. Voorhis Points out lies our greatest danger to democracy. In every country where the forces of fascism developed attacks of growing intensity were levelled against the legislative bodies. Says or. Voorhis a when Congress As an institution is brought under attack and More particularly when the future Hopes of the common people of the country Are pinned upon the Ascendancy of the presidency Over the Congress then our Republic and its democratic mechanisms Are indeed he states that in recent years there has been a tendency for a a Strong presidents to expect the leaders of Congress to function principally As agents of the White House rather than As leaders of Congress developing and pushing through congressional legislative programs. Or. Voorhis has Many times found himself in the minority and he has some very serious criticisms of legislation or the failure of legislation by Congress. It May be readily acknowledged he says that on a particular Issue the Victory of the president Over Congress May be desirable. Yet in any a Long run struggle Between the National legislature and the executive of a nation the legislature must win if democracy itself is to survive. A the decline of the National legislature is a symptom that should alarm All Freedom Loving people. Its destruction Means the end of democratic government the Elevation of the executive in Short he adds that unlimited executive Power is not the Short Cut to a happier America that we All seek. That must come through a stronger More progressive More dynamic and truly representative Congress. He declares that Congress is the truest reflection we have in government of the american people and their Ordinary impulses. He. Insists that any defects in Congress can be cured by greater attention on the part of the voters to their candidates for that High office. Congress embodies at once the safeguards of our Freedom and the Progress that we Hope to make toward More efficient helpful and Liberal government. Acts of Congress Are legitimate objects of criticism but to advocate the weakening of Congress or making it subservient to the executive is a danger which the american people must recognize if they wish to preserve their form of government. Scott s scrap Book the creeks unite against common foe the rival greek factions formally announce an agreement to cease fighting each other and concentrate on the germans. The fact that it should be necessary to announce this helps to explain the astonishing nazi Conquest of nearly All Europe. Almost every one of the countries which Hitler took had among its citizens influential German helpers who did much to smooth the nazi path. France was the great example. The de Wendel family of steel makers had French and German branches who worked in perfect Harmony. In the first part of the War French steel was sold to Germany through Luxembourg. It was returned to France in the form of tanks and other weapons used by the nazi invaders. Still other interests resenting the policies of Premier Leon Blum cried a better Hitler than Blum a they got their wish and now probably regret it. The help which some norwegians gave the germans is a matter of notorious history. The pro nazis did so much for the invaders that the name of their Leader Quisling has become synonymous with traitors and treachery and is so used throughout the world. Coming closer to Greece the yugoslav faction led by general Mihailo Vitch minister of War in the exiled government of King Peter has often seemed More interested in combating Tito than in fighting the German enemy. That is Why the British government has lately withdrawn support from Mihailovich. Complete Unity of resistance even in a Small country would have made the nazi task More difficult. In Greece they should have harder sledding from now on. While the balancing of the Public buget has been lost sight of the problem still looms As a private one. Al Fallak Solo Ute found in 1858 would by Worth Adolpf $100 000 a to 9r.e5e.kt sky old prices map by r. J. Scott Horoscope ravings by Ernie Pyle 4v am. No. 40mb of the poll hams von Bummel a was buried Ace fury a30 in the Collow a Rusk of a tree at nobdehhz., copt i Vee. Kingfu a urn syndic. Inc Vanrij ref hot intr Ltd from jail general Macarthur Advance of 800 Miles in 30 Days looks the Best so far. Fair enough in the following article written a a parable Westbrook Pegler describes what he believes might have been the fantastic result of a British col lapse after the fall of France new York a after France fell Hitler moved quickly against Britain and in a few weeks conquered the country by storming beaches weakly held by dior organized and disarmed s ii a Alvors of Dun Perque and Brave but untrained civilians armed with sporting r i f Les and shotguns. Churchill and Eden were killed and Oswald Moseley and his friends released were put in Power. There was great resentment among the British against the government and the people of the United states for their Pride was broken and they Felt that the americans had let them Down. The canadians too were bitter and so when Hitler turned to the West with British and French fleets added to his own with the japanese threatening the u. S. A. In the Pacific and with latin America hospitable to a Winner the invasion of the United states soon followed. On his pastern Frontier. Hitler maintained his treaty with Sta Lian and the two dictators who had found so much in common when Poland was invaded became warm friends. Meanwhile in the United states the communists had effectively hampered the rearmament program and the invasion by Way of Detroit and mexican Border isolated the East from the Midwest and the Pacific coast from the rest of the country. Caught unarmed with a few soldiers we Hose training had in the main been carried on with Broomsticks representing rifles stovepipes simulating mortars and guns and old laundry trucks labelled a tanks a the american people struggled feebly and heroically but soon were helpless. In Washington a Large bomb hit the White House and the National government ceased to function. Fritz Kuhn and the chief of the communists became respectively chief of state and chief of the secret police combining their underground forces which now came into the open denouncing arresting and executing thousands of americans including Many who had insisted that Hitler had no designs on this country and in Case could not Cross the Atlantic. All negroes were declared to be sub human according to the Hitler Ian theory and the jews in eluding some who were aggressive communists received the same treatment that the jews in Poland had suffered. In this helpless condition the american people on the we Hole like the people of France settled Down to misery humiliation and shame. They had done All they could they were beaten absolutely conquered and life alone remained. Among them however the leading or prominent spirits reluctantly presented themselves to the German authorities with offers of co operation for the Sake of their fellow americans. The terms were harsh but there was no Choice and the Only Hope life s like that by Fred Neher Lay. Formless and vague in the Mist of some Distant future. It called these mayors governors senators industrialists and Union leaders to Deal with the conqueror but the germans Werp taking most of the food All private automobiles and confiscated Homes were robbed of clothing blankets and bedding and the House of the Well to do and most Public buildings were occupied by Oerman officers. The Gold Hoard at fort Knox was shipped to Germany the Banks were seized and a Fine of a billion dollars s Day was levied on the nation to pay Hitler the expense to which he had been put in liberating the americans from the fatal fallacy of Freedom. Meanwhile however in China an american general who had escaped was thundering that every american official who had actively collaborated with the nazis to feed and clothe the people and wheedle some Concession for their Benefit was a Vichy Ite and a traitor and every private citizen who by Westbrook Bogier had submitted to Force was Quisling. And also Safe in China men and women of Many nationalities. Calling themselves liberals and anti fascists cried death to All such americans and promised a Day of reckoning when the aggressor should finally be destroyed and All such renegades should be tried on the testimony of their neighbors and upon conviction liquidated for their treacherous cowardice. It made no difference that in the South after 1865 a people of incredible courage once their resistance was broken also had tried to make the Best of their condition under the Iron Heel of a monstrous ruler. It made no difference that the americans otherwise would have starved Frozen and died by millions before the firing squads. Co operation was collaboration submission was treachery and these were treason and in the Day of deliverance they who had not defied the conqueror at the Point of his guns must die for their betrayal. Our children living with a child we soon learn his ways. We know what he is Likely to do under certain circumstances and if what he is inclined to do is not Good we can prevent his doing it by arranging the circumstances. It is easier to choke out a poor behaviour habit by preventing its expression than it is to cure it after it has been expressed in action. Jimmie swears when he is in company of the Helper Down at the garage so we plan things so As to reduce the number of times Jimmie goes to the garage. Susie pilfer change when she goes on an errand to the store so we try to give her the exact amount we Iri Siste upon slips we Tell her about How much change we expect if any. If that does not work we Send her on errands that Call for no Money until we can train her to see the error of her ways. Face farts boldly the baby cries whenever Granny holds him and if held too Long shows temper. We face the fact boldly and Tell Granny the baby is not to be held. Every time Mary Louise goes to visit aunt Ellen she comes Home dissatisfied. She does not go there if it is possible to keep her from doing so while we train her to enjoy her Home and her family As they Are. But try As we will life will stimulate children into action which is As it shoe to by and while we prevent All the mistakes Possi by Angelo Hie we must expect Many to be made and be prompt to Correct them and adjust things so that the mistakes will not be made again. Children like to try new things. They should do so because they grow in intelligence and Power by trying themselves out in new situations. We must try to set the stage so As to prevent As Many accidents As possible. When children use machines we should show them How the things work teach them the rules of safety. Those rules must be Learned before work is started. We must supervise children at machines so closely that an Accident is rare indeed. This is one Field where prevention is largely possible. Right health habits then there is the Field of health. We ran do a great Deal to help children to keep Well by teaching them How to Ward off illness. Again we teach the rules cleanliness regularly care. Baths keep the skin clean and a clean skin is a great help to Good health. Avoiding contagion and co Tami the right kind of food drinking nation will prevent illness. Eating the daily milk ration sleeping the full hours needed for rest and recreation of the body will prevent illness and make for health. Think ahead for the children try to see any threat to their growth in time to prevent it and so save them and others much grief. Monday Lune 5 Benefice aspects Rule today with Power that is most promising to the United nations and especially to the Navy. Decisive Battles Are indicated before Midsummer. Heart and Home summer Days will affect women War workers who Are warned against apathy and Absentee impulses. Tile stars bet oxen the need for utmost courage and fortitude in coming weeks. Those who Are sad today should gather strength for future tests of courage and endurance. Business affairs one form of fifth column work will affect workers in War industries who will make efforts to resign so that they May be Well placed when peace is attained. Wanning of the War should be the business of everyone. All selfish ambitions must be forgotten. There Are foreshadowing of Wise adjustments in Trade and Commerce which will absorb Industrial As Well As military units. National issues under this configuration motives will be questioned in Public movement of All sorts. The National election will Spur suspicions regarding the honesty of statesmen and leaders in business or Industry. International affairs distinct signs indicate a contagion of thought which encourages socialistic and communistic ideas. The voice of the people will be heard in Many lands and whatever promises safety and Security will gain supporters. Persons whose birthrate it is have the augury of a year of unexpected and surprising experiences. Hasty action should be avoided. Children born on this Day probably will be shrewd ambitious and in dependent. Many will possess technical ability mat will prove. Profitable. Hollywood Filin shop by Ernest Foster United pres 8taff correspondent Hollywood. A up a sometimes Carmen Miranda wishes she had adhered to the great weapon of All foreign visitors a no speak its too late now. A before i speak she said a you americans treat me like i was great foreign Star. Now you act like i am slightly Stu peed when Carmen left her native Brazil to Star in a Shubert musical on Broadway she could speak no English. She was just a Good entertainer the Pride of her South american country and was accepted As is. No one expected anything from her but a song and dance and she delivered. Then one started to learn English. Her mistakes were Many and funny. She attacked the language with enthusiastic gusto but English is not a Tongue that can be attacked with impunity and poor Carmen has had to pay for her rashness. She is still expected to Knock them into the aisles with her singing and dancing but now she also must make them Roll Over from laughter at her weird grammar and pronunciation. Picture audiences frequently remember her As the a girl who talks so radio comedians seek her As guest Star because her maceration of English is Good for a lot of laughs. They seem to forget that her singing and dancing should be sufficient if she never spoke a line. Being laughed at Carmen does t mind. But when people think she Isnit quite Bright it makes her boil. A just because i done to speak Engle Esh so Good does that make me a dope a she asked. A i can think As Good As anybody in portuguese. But no one can understand that so i have to say it in Engle Esh. Somewhere in Between it gets mixed Carmen tells the Story of a British actor a notorious ladies Man a who invited her out one evening. Wolves Are the same in any language and Carmen was Wise to him from the beginning. She very sweetly accepted his invitation. The Date was arranged for 8 30 that night. As he was leaving she called after him a so Nice of you to ask me and Mamma will love it the horrified expression on his face was her revenge. The roving reporter London it by wireless a England is certainly the Crossroads of this warring world right now. Never a Day passes but that i run onto half a dozen people i have known in Albuquerque. Washington Tunisia. Ireland the belgian Congo or Cairo. One reason i mention this is that nine times out of ten these people have picked up weight since i last saw them. Time and time again Ive run onto officers and men who in the thick of the War in Tunisia were lean and thin and hard and now their faces Are filled out and they have gained anywhere from to to 40 pounds this is due mainly i suppose to the fart that their lives Haven t been physically Active As in the Field. For months they have been planning the invasion working hard at desks eating regularly and Well and getting lit -0 exercise. They All hate the physical inactivity of this Long planning stage and they will be glad in a Way when they can get outdoors again to hard living. When our trails Cross again their launches will be Down and their faces thin and Brown and dirty and they will look hard and alive and like the friends i used to know. They la lock better. Its a silly world. A a a a in roaming around the country the other Day i ran into Lieut. Col. William Profitt sr., whom i used to see occasionally in Africa and Sicily. His old outfit was the first Hospital unit ashore in the african invasion Landing at Dawn end Dav. They Are so proud of that record that tear your eyes out of the slightest intimation that you re confusing them with the second unit to land. This is the Hospital my Friend Lieut. Mary Ann Sullivan of Boston served with. She finally would up As chief nurse of the unit. But when i dropped in to say hello i discovered that lieutenant Sullivan had gone Back to America a couple of months ago. She Well deserved to go. Too. She had been overseas nearly three years having come originally with the Harvard unit. She had a ship sunk under her at sea. And was shot at innumerable times. She lived like a beast of the Field for nearly a year and she bore the great Burden of directing a staff of nurses and supplying both medical care and cheerful understanding to thousands of wounded men. My Friend colonel Profitt and i sat in easy chairs in front of his cozy fireplace and chatted away in dire contrast to our other evenings on the Windy Plains of Tunisia. He was telling me about a storm they had just after i left them in Sicily last summer. They were bivouacked on the Edge of a Cliff by the sea. And the wind blew so hard it blew ail their tents Over the Cliff just at Daylight one morning. Everybody turned to with such a mighty Effort that in two hours and a Quarter they had every one of their 450 patients dry and under cover again. This unit is very sentimental about the number 13. They have been mixed up with 13 so Many times they Trade it for a dozen Black cats or four Leaf clovers. They be even always sailed in convoys of 13 ships. Colonel Profitt said he believed they would refuse to go if they were Ever assigned to a Convoy of 14 ships. Most of the original gang of nurses. I hear Are still with the Hospital after a solid year of War and nearly two years overseas. A a a a everywhere you go around our Camp and marshalling areas everything is being waterproofed for the invasion. That perfectly natural of course since land vehicles we on to run through water onto the beaches unless All the vital mechanisms Are covered tip but the thing that Surprise me is that so much of the equipment has been prepared in wooden boxes. In a staying up nights with a Hammer and saw preparing a Large Box for myself with horseshoes tacked All Over it. A i got outs bed the first time you called mom a ten Twenty thirty june 5, 1934 miss Margaret Mchale was elected president of the Butte music teachers association. Mrs. James r. Spencer and son James motored to Missoula to attend the commencement exercises at Montana state University. Mrs. Spencer a daughter Helen is a member of the graduating class. Philip Lehwalder attended commencement exercises at Montana state Normal College in Dillon. His sister Margaret a one of the graduates. June .4, 1924 John p. O Neill who recently retired As assistant superintendent of mines for the Anaconda Copper mining company drowned while swimming at Boulder. He had the reputation of being one of the most practical mining men in the West. Or. M. C. Matters returned from Waverly 111., where he was called by the death of his father. June 5, 1914 Frank h. Ayers has brought suit to gain Possession of a restaurant on East Broadway. Ayers claims to have been Given Possession of the restaurant through an agreement with James l. Hamilton. A Man went on trial in Florence Italy charged with stealing a Vinci a masterpiece. A Mona Lisa Quot from the louvre in Paris. Fighting ends in Italy for Youthful nazis surprisingly Youthful Are these nazi soldiers taken prisoners by the Allied forces in the first Days fighting of the current big push in Italy. The important City of Cassino was wrested from the germans in this drive in which hundreds of Axis prisoners have been taken. Those above were photographed while waiting for transportation to prisoners of War enclosures. Int sees processing on farms Chicago or cd. Howard Doane told the american country life conference that following the War Farmers will gradually Edge into the Field of processing food. A it is just As easy for them to sell a Carload of soy bean Oil Quot he said a was it is to sell a Carload of soy Beans. By processing the raw crops they will increase their profits without increasing the Price of the finished Good old a Chute Excelsior Springs to. A a so Clarence f. Marcy was blown out of h bomber when it exploded recently. He wok up in midair suspended by his Parachute which had opened while he was unconscious Marcy a gunner from Excelsior Springs a picked up from a. New Britain Shore by naval Rescue plane and is now recuperate in a Navy Hospital. Home front Stalwart Troy a Moise Letoille 49-Yea old Dairy Farmer who fought in world a i with two Good Strong arms is doing his a in this War with Only one. Working a i hour Day he has found time to Cut More the a Carload of pulpwood a Day and we Ork the local red Cross committee in addition his Dairy duties. New Hampshire slogan Concord n. a envelopes in we License plates Are delivered to new Han Shire motorists Bear this slogan a a you As v As your car will last longer by your care germans Are using a pre fabricated St Pillbox which can be hauled by a tractor j cording to the War department

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