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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Butte, Montana Colo vol. A xxx no. 47 Butte weather partly Cloudy a few showers and cold through saturday night. Expected maximum saturday 55 expected minimum saturday night 35. Fridays temperatures maximum 53, minimum 36. Pep. .12. Established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana saturday morning july 2, 1955 Home edition Price 5 Centi Dix Oil Yates Nenes a Creek or children s Derby project on last legs Washington up the Dixon Yates private Power project a storm Center Issue Between president Eisenhower and Public Power advocates for More than a year was wobbling on its last legs Friday. In Congress key republicans joined jubilant democrats in a move to withhold funds for a Power line to link the private project with the governments Tennessee Valley authority system. These funds 64 million dollars Are crucial. Unless they Are provided. Even if the Dixon Yates Plant is completed its Power would left stranded in the Middle of the Mississippi River. And within the administration officials began a new study directed president Eisenhower himself to decide whether to scrap the contract so stoutly defended Eisenhower for Many months. Democratic leaders in Congress said the project is doomed. They predicted the administration would abandon it. Rut even if the administration persists they said Congress will see to it now that the project is killed. These and Many other developments stemmed from an announcement the City of Memphis. Tenn., it will build its own Power House approves Ike a military reserves plan eight portuguese Jet solons firs pilots crash one of lost airmen found dead Tokyo w a one of four missing Marine airmen was found dead Friday in the wreckage of his Jet plane on a Little volcanic Pacific Island normally skirted fliers fighter arc killed in dispose of racial Issue Montague of Jackson miss and acts hurl int0of. David Winton Bell of min Neap Sierra Dos care ohs whose disappearance sunday in a twin Jet skylight fighter some ormer supporters thursday Plant was the third of the season in Bell Creek. The Creek is reserved for fishing touched off the search. Janwynn Vul giant is Tor boys and girls. Police and sheriffs deputies patrol the Stream to prevent adult poaching. Other Marine airman lost on it. A Iau ii aits Pipiu in a wednesday when a helicopter three thousand Rainbow Trout More than 1,500 pounds some of the Trout sealed up to five pounds were planted in Rell Creek thursday for the Butte kiwanis clubs annual fish Derby scheduled saturday from 8 . To it 12 noon. An employee of the u. S. Fish and wildlife service Ennis is shown planting one of the big a uns. Harry Baker superintendent of Plant rather than accept Dixon the hatchery supervised the Plant. Cliff Raymond chairman of the kiwanis club commit Yates Power. Foes of the project in charge of the Derby said that not one fish was lost in the planting operations. The joined some former supporters concluded decision the no longer needed. The hotly disputed contract Calls for private utilities headed Edgar h. Dixon and Eugene a. Yates to build the 107-million-Dol-Lar Plant in West Memphis ark., across the Mississippi River from Memphis. The contract with the atomic Energy commission would funnel this Dixon Yates Power into the Tva Power consumed atomic plants elsewhere. But the key Point is that Dixon Yates Power was destined to relieve a shortage within the Memphis area. Nearly 900 girls boys to take part in fish Derby Here today a j some producers of Copper struck Union Denver of a three of the nation s largest Copper producers were shut Down a strike Friday hut a Union spokesman said that there were a some real prospects of settlement during the course of the the strike was called after Midnight when the companies had refused to meet the demands of the International Union of mine Mill amp smelter workers it ind it for a 20-cent an hour wage hike plus fringe benefits. Affected were the plants and mines operated american smelting in refining co., Phelps Dodge corp., and Kennicott Copper corp. Employees of the Anaconda co., the other of the a big four a stayed on the Job. The a big four employs an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 Union members. At Butte Mont., William g. Hosie Seattle of the Federal mediation and conciliation service the Tempo of butter a fourth urday of july Celebration which will attractions. Washington a the House. J gave president Eisenhower a dra Coimbra Portugal of eight he signalled his three followers Matic new Victory Friday portuguese fighter pilots Rode to to return to their hasp and sought breaking an Antis relation in formation in american vainly to establish radio Contact passe and then Nascim hic Hill cause of Tricky winds that swirl built Thunder jets Friday. With the men below his Calls went to build up a trained military re crazily above it. They crashed in a thick fog in unanswered serve of nearly three million Mon the unflagging Hunt for the three in Mountain country one 4 debris of the planes was seat million men. Others entered its sixth Day with at Jane flight above the other while tired Over a Square mile of the least 12 planes and 13 ships a on the Way from the Ota air base Mountainside just outside com neutering in a Cross Cross pattern in Ajr Force show at Coimbra Bra. Timber and Brush were through a 16,000 Square mile area an ancient University Center to charred Rescue workers moved South of Here. Weather was Clear Miles Northeast of Lisbon. The pilots bodies to a Chapel in the the blast and flames of the near Hamlet of Carva Linhos. Crashes carried aloft to four fellow three parachutes were found in pilots flying top cover for the 12 tact one of them wide open some plane Squadron. All these emerged distance from the main wreckage unscathed one was Quot Apt. Rangel this was a mystery to decide Lima the Squadron command peered in the official investigation or known As a Lucky Lima for of the disaster his narrow escapes in the past. Col Ponte Rodrigues command the commander said the eight or of the Ota base said the crash the 1,500 foot High was the worst in Portugal a air Altos blanketed Force history. Ohs whose disappearance sunday and invisible in the fog. The portuguese dead ranged in in a twin Jet skylight fighter a i rank from Corporal to lieutenant in age from 21 to 26. Three were of St All republicans present and married. Virtually All Southern democrats the air Force show intended to voted against the Powell Amend commemorate the third Annivera Nunt. It was supported num sary of the portuguese air Force As Bers of Northern democrats and an Independent Branch of the a handful of republicans armed forces was called off. More passage came two Days after Fithian he military aircraft were to Benhower chided the democratic Hao taken part. Controlled Congress for not acting Washington up a the Senate the Thunder jets. Built pub on More of his legislation include. N Friday authorized $4,706,000 for an lie were Given to Portugal the my the reserves Hill he has called Pitt it set Quot re int the Chi Urf a a i Lut in to a a. Ril. S air defense command base at u. S. Under american policy of vital to the nation Security. ,,? Ahert so i Glasgow. Helping members of the North a is it signed t0 incr the sen Mike Mansfield a Mont Atlantic treaty organization the trained Reserve from 700 000 to u. S air Force Calls them f84s. 2.900.000 men in four year a of this is to he used for family housing. The remainder is to to a the search must go on As Long As there is any Hope a said an air Force spokesman a and there certainly is the body found was listed tentatively the marines As that of it. Alan m. Mcaneny Yonkers no y he became lost in Haze tuesday while Hunting for copt. Ii p first the chamber voted Down 156-105, a new attempt rep. Powell it any to tack on an amendment against segregation in the National guard. Then it Defeated 161-32, a motion rep. Nelson Ltd Maine it to Send the Bill Back to committee. Finally it passed the Bill and sent it to the Senate. The votes on the Powell amendment and Nelson move were standing ones and the final decision was voice vote because there was insufficient demand for a Roll Call. Thus there was no record of How individual members voted. However reports not a that a1 shortest steel strike ends prices to Rise today when a Hel Copti ditched in the search was identified Friday the defense department in Washington at it. James r. Day 24, son of or. And mrs. Robin Al Day Minneapolis. The wreckage of Mcaneny a fury Jet was found islanders 400 feet below the 2.470-foot Summit of $4,706,000 sum okayed for Glasgow base steel strike in history ended Fri plane. Marine version of the a i Day when Pace setting u. S. Steel Bre Jet had ripped out a wide pit with several outstanding corp. Agreed to increase wages on the East slope of the volcanic a Quot a , of its hourly workers slightly More Cone. A helicopter removed the Quot body to the u. S. Naval Hospital reach its Climax with a huge the City took on a festive air a a a a a body u. S. Naval Hospital a a Serbi ail Church patriotic Parade monday morn Friday with placement of flags within a few hours after the in Yokosuka. Dis Nensin facilities navigational ing at to of clock Steps up sat in the Uptown business District in big firm signed with the Cio United the spot was less than 14 Miles illi., tribute to Independence Day. And steelworkers All other Basic pro from the scene of a Japan air today s events activities saturday in confection with butter a fourth of july Celebration follow band music in the Uptown and South Side business districts throughout the Day. 8 . To 12 noon Butte kiwanis clubs fish Derby for children on Bell Creek. Prizes will awarded immediately following the Derby at the Hall Diamond in father Sheehan memorial Park. I Day activities for children in father Sheehan Park. 7 to to . A teenagers dance on Cornell Street at aids and Airfield lighting opera m greeting to the Many out-of-1 Duckers making up the industry�?Ts1 lines transport crash in 1953 1 1 i 1 a f l it i t i f f i in i t Quot i a a r a i town visitors expected Here Dur a big six came to terms. I killed All aboard including the in facilities utilities land acquit ing the Holiday period. Band Mu-1 u. S. Steel quickly announced1 american Crew. The Island has sic in the downtown and South that it s boosting prices about 5.8 claimed a Long list of japanese and Side business districts Friday aft per cent amounting to slightly american pilots Vernoon added to the gaiety in less than $7.50 a ton. Rasic Carbon eloping the City. Steel now Sells for about $125 a several Hundred boys and girls. The registration is expected to similar Price boosts Are ext a a a a number around 900, will take part petted throughout the Industry Mig it saturday morning in the annual no thin a Short time Consumers i Butte kiwanis club fish Derby. Are expected to begin paying More p i of Ujj of s p a Reabion Ura Erea to observe 50th anniversary Helena irrigation sit Ion medical storage personnel and administrative Community shop facilities. A n. _ ele Bratmon of the Golden an Mansfield said the Senate com Nive Sarv of univ Trinity ser Minfee also raised the previous Bian orthodox Church Idaho and authorization from $8,391,900 to porphyry streets starts Satur $10,660,000 this with the $4,706,000 Dav night with religious Cere authorized Friday makes a total monies and a reception in the of $15,36 too fully authorized. Church and Church auditorium. Mansfield said the conference the key or Krstivoj Kotur. Committee and appropriation com pastor i general chairman of Mittee agree $4,706,000 will the Celebration and in a . S. Steel which has about 150,- Helena a a formation of the available this year. Message said a Aries Naurine St Nunn All ��0 us employees broke the Back Helena Valley irrigation District the authorization Bill now goes a i express my deep App reliant in Rita it meet at the of the strike but a a resins to the has been ordered in a decree conference with the House off to to All living pioneers of this Derby entrants must Mee a new contract a Little less than 12 dist. Judge Victor h. Fall. Representatives. Church and the living clergymen baseball Diamond in a or Bours after the walkout started. I in Washington C., Friday a Mansfield said the Vibo Bave served from ifs altar ban memorial Park just prior to i b.,n str nil tha nth a a a a mrs in Rijina. ,.man5field said he appropriation considered some time Cliff Raymond is chairman the kiwanis club committee in Lif o v i i i a a it no 8 30 . Edt the five oth three million Dollar appropriation v m my and Birl s Arves siimtehrnu2h or up pacers employing us for the project was approved this my nth i / in of i i Tuppi Vzum Uvrl ,1 Jwj to i i Cliv i us vol Vav to Appl pm v u i / j Entrance to ther Sheehan boy Anc girl Ages six n a members had signed. They were the Senate appropriations commit Park. 9 to 12 Midnight a Street dance West Broadway Between Idaho and Montana. 12. Will Start from scratch in the Derby or. Raymond said. Led Bethlehem steel corp., the tee. T j i a the no. 2 company. Then came in the project is part of a general Friday i in mediate y o i g order of their production capacity Public works Bill and is scheduled Pravaj on a voice vote Quot to a Quot global said the negotiations Are a in a Utah policeman a Slayer executed Derby prize awards will made Republic steel co., Jones amp laugh. For floor debate tuesday. At the Ball Diamond in father Youngstown Sheet in tube co.,1 fall s decree followed a s Sheehan Park and then Start-1 ing at to of clock there will a Field Day for boys and girls. military construction program of seven $2,357,317,300. The Bill was sent to and Inland steel co. Iday hearing in Lewis and Clark a House Senate conference Pittsburgh steel also signed. I county District court about one Union officials said All of the 96 month ago. The petitioners asked., in area projects include Foley county recreation Board Basalt. Sted producers with which for the strict to take water from Mountain. Voun Eer or p 7 t a it holds contracts were expected Canyon ferry Reservoir through of Lorado Pueblo ordnance de scially Welcome his Grace the it. Of onerous friends and support-nnt.,t Watt Taim a c �10 a la m i11 hrs ree to the contract quickly a Tunnel through the Spokane Hills pot $1,843,000, Rocky Mountain nov. Bishop Dionisie Liberty ers the a who helped in this re p i of the Mountain . Saturday night there Vii irrigation of land in the Mel Arsenal Denver $773,000 ent air Ville 111bishop of the serbian important Community wide pro is Volunteer firing squad a a teenagers dance Given through embers in. Valley. Force base. Colorado orthodox diocese fur the eel a a r a f fun co opera Ion o c _ j the new contract is a Compro the decree excludes the lands $1,808. Khz Lowry air Force base United states and Canada. Bishop i he drive was conducted on a state of suspended animation in to Ofa att Lake cite policeman Board the Board of county com Mise Union president David j. Of the following ranchers r. B. J Denver $1,217,000 Dionisie will later take part in competitive basis Between nine Der of a Alt Lake Typo e. Tho a Antu Mcdonald never said just exactly Downs nine acres Gilbert Mer Montana Glasgow air Force solemn vespers in the Church teams named after mines of the state turned a s o a i hear Ken Ninf what he wanted but last week he rift 130 acres Richard Kelley 171 site $4,706,000 great f alls fab the vespers Are set for 7 o clock Butte. In the Campaign the and largely through teen agers volunteers for special six ,�?T training and 74 years Reserve duty. The measure had been blocked temporarily in the House May 18 when Powell got in an amendment prohibiting Federal assignment of reservists to segregated guard units. The vote then was 126-87. Many supporters of the Amend continued rage to col. 4 $23,086 totalled in drive for y William r. Miles or chairman of the 1955 Butte Myca financial Campaign a drive based on the theme a Butte youth our soundest investment a Friday announced that the total achieved in tin it or. G on have been brought Forth. On this a cleanup operation which will principle of sacrificial service the produce additional funds and in fathers grandfathers and other sure eventual Success of the pro relatives of holy Trinity Church workers who have not com parishioners founded the Church a pee a l their Calls Are asked to. Fat 6 30 saturday night mom do so As s0 Nas possible. Our appropriations sought for Rocky hers of the congregation will sincere appreciation is extended assemble in the Church to offi workers in the drive and Washington up a the Senate achievements that gave overwhelming i the past on a principle of in do pc is $23,068.35. Sacrificial service is based the although we have not yet principle which All the great i our Oak 528,500,�?� t bless Mankind mlle a Sai in a we Are Carryon a Between the non ferrous metals company and the mine Mill Union. A there definitely will not any news developments Over the week Over to a Gray haired widow who Veyo had planned Black Topping rejected an was no relation but had befriended an area just inside father shoe p j Morr him As a one of gods fellow Crea Han Park for the dance but the boy St u offer to acres Hugh Theodore Al and $5,435,000. Nebraska Lincoln aft a $6,595, lie reception in the Church Audi to top the Field. This unit include More than to Mabel Smith 70 acres and liar a h f ii h h 1 a Pathor nip vented this to the last Cen san Bour Amundson to acres. F All rules too Offutt fab $128,000 end a Hosie said in a Telephone in a the cd me a two d., if possible it will As late As thursday night my that these lands would not Benej North Dakota grand Forks air the Golden anniversary activities Ter View. I Buck Hood covered Neal a i Buck topped saturday but if not Donald was reported to have Subj filed the District. Force site $5,822,000 Minot air sundays or meanwhile the 8,600 Montana head Bis Khe sat strapped to will Bce held on Cornell fitted a package proposal amount-1 there will 20,242 acres in the Force site $5,339,000 continued Page to col. 2 at 8 of clock there will a pub Van Cut gifts unit secured $16,763.25 workers represented mine Mill fat Uliet nicked execution chair at continued on their jobs. I Utah state prison. Only the twitch Hosie said the um9p Bas no ing of his arms betrayed taut a strike deadline with Anaconda. Nerves the last joint meeting in Mon a Robe , 35-year-old san Tana was june 23. Francisco Man lurched against his Anaconda has offered a 10-cent an hour increase. At Denver the mine Mill spokesman based his Hopes for Early Street just outside the Park. The area will blocked off and sheriffs deputies will provide a patrol. A Street dance is scheduled saturday night Between 9 and 12 Bonds As four bullets a fifth Rifle Ion West Broadway Between Idaho continued Pagio col. 3 Senate group approves $4 million to begin work on Yellowtail dam Wyoming Francis i i fab Cheyenne $1,403,000 Montana weather was loaded with a Blanks crashed and Montana. This dance is being into the Black heart shaped target1 sponsored a group of Uptown Washington up a the Senate division neb.-kan$6,784,000 j Montana East a his Chest at 5 . Two minutes tavern operators. Appropriations committee Friday Frenchman Cambridge division cloudiness saturday and sunday settlement with the struck com water was pronounced dead. I band music will provided recommended a $146,041,000 Recla v. To Cannon Ripnen win cloudiness decreasing somewhat panties on the fact that negotiations hrs Irene c. Of Brien 58, of throughout saturday in the up mation construction program. A a a a a a a with scattered Light showers some continued right up in i the time por Thomas ky., claimed the town and South Side business Dis this is the same amount the $8,120,000 $6,000,000 Hanover Isnow names mountains and High the men walked out Ana Are con body said would have tricks. House voted and president Eisen j Bluff wtyo., $1,540,000 $1,250,000 or passes High saturday 50-60 tinting. I Neal buried in fort Thomas under a German band will play up Hower budgeted. Some changes heart Butte n.d., $95,000 $20, West 70 extreme East. The strike was a quiet one with the name i town on sunday afternoon through were made however in individual 0. Helena Valley Mont $3 m o n Tana West a mostly Neal swore he was innocent of cooperation of Uptown . The Money is for work Nirwan Kan a $1,400, Cloudy with occasional showers thorium welcoming All visitors to of officers and members of the Board of the a a Al headed ram follows James a. Poore jr., president. 10 30 a in. A pontifical divine the Badger mine Crew led the Warren Liturgy celebrated Bishop i list of competing teams with a onisime assisted father Kotur return of $1,665 50. The Badger and other visiting clergy Crew was headed John f. 12 noon requiem services for of Neill Foreman. Second was the the deceased pastors presidents Anselmo Crew with $911. James pioneers and members of the a. Poore or. Was Foreman for Church. The runners up. Belmont with c. 2 . A Golden anniversary Anderson was third with $729, banquet and program Silver Bow and of. Con with John s. Tote ballroom Finlen hotel. Foreman was third with $679. 5 30-6 30�?reception for guests the other Tea tis All closely at the Church Parish Home. Bunched in the competitive Effort 8 Jubilee Ball were Kelley Leonard Lexington american legion Hall. Orphan girl and Ravona. F Ore the Celebration concludes Mon men of those Crews were continued Page to col. I Day with a picnic party. Real killer. Farley had arrested the two for investigation of an Ogden Utah Motel robbery. Estimates traffic death toll at 380 Chicago or a travel Loving americans hit the Road in record numbers Friday at the Start of the Long fourth of july weekend. The National safety Council estimated that an All time High of 40,000,000 vehicles will on the of ll0ri pull if move during the Holiday period. Milieu Oulie but it also estimated that a record 380 persons will die in traffic accidents Over the nation. The shooting of police sgt. Owen sunday also Marks opening of in the year which began Friday t. Farley on May 23, 1951. He the worlds greatest revue in major changes recommended claimed a woman companion mrs. I water a water follies of 1955,�?� up Nat committee in the House Wilma Tully who testified against a combined stage and Pool at passed Biu induced him and then disappeared was the traction. This is sponsored the Butte Junior chamber of Commerce and will presented Sun continued Page to col. 4 Polson child 3, actress Falls dead on theater stage Hollywood a actress Isabel Bonner co starring Here i the Broadway hit play a the Nike a fell dead Friday night a Lille speaking her lines during he first act on the stage of the Cathay Circle theater. The coroners office said it apparently was a a natural Polson up a three year old doral Diane Baliey died in a Polson Hospital two hours after she was struck in the head a Bullet accidentally fired from a .22 Caliper Rifle. Investigating authorities said the girl daughter of or. And mrs. J. Dean Bailey of Valley View was in a car parked in front of the family Home with several other children when the Accident occurred. She was taken to a Hospital in Polson where she died. Funeral services Are scheduled for 2 . Saturday. I Cooling Cue a warm Bath before bedtime with a handful of baking soda in the water to produce a mildly alkaline solution removes oils and acids from skin surface helps to Cool you off. To relieve a a heat put on creditors want ads Are the secret simply turn into ready Cash things you re not using. Jalopy or jewelry Antiques or anything a Sale ads bring buyers Call 5451 to place Mem. An advertiser had no need of this item. It sold immediately Lawn Mower is. Pronk Omo. It voted four million dollars to begin construction of Yellowtail dam in Montana main feature of lower Marias Mont., $3,675,000 saturday and sunday cloudiness t$6,500,00 rapid Valley s. D., decreasing somewhat at night oc-neb., $3,300,- Cas ional Snow mountains and High $49,000 Sargent too transmission division 665,000 $16,480,000 kan., $3,500,000. The committee recommended the Hardin unit of the Missouri use of More than eight million Basin project which ultimately will dollars for drainage and Reh Abili Cost 95 million dollars. Tation work on various projects $16, or passes continued cold High Webster saturday 48-55. The table maximums Are for the 12 hours minimums for the 18 hours ending at 5 30 . F riday. It voted $900,000 for the owl and for Missouri Basin i Vestiga Montana Creek unit of the Missouri Basin tons. Project in Wyoming. Billings High Low Pep. I f or the latter work it said the Belgrade it voted $300,000 to begin the reclamation Bureau should pro Broadus Deer Creek Power Plant on the need with studies of the bad River Butte Provo River project in Utah. Area in South Dakota Pembina Cut Bank none of these Grants had been River area of North Dakota and Dillon allowed the House. For general reclamation investigations the Senate committee recommended $5,104,000, the same As voted the House. Amounts recommended the committee for various reclamation i projects the House figures the Almena and red River units. Drummond regarding Yellowtail dam the Glasgow continued Page to col. 3 i great Falls Havre i Helena Kalispell gets More time Rome if a Christian Democrat Lewistown where they differ from Antonio Segnit granted two Days Livingston .55 House of Grace president Giovanni Miles City. Amount is shown in parentheses j Gronchi continued his quest Fri Missoula include i Day for support As Italy s next West Yellowstone Missouri River basins Bostwick Premier. Whitehall. 65 50 57 40 .02. 74 47. 53 36 .12. 55 43. 60 36 .02. 52 38 .05 71 49 t 59 46. 64 49 t 57 40 .01. 60 43 t. 59 43 t 55 40 .13 76 53. 55 40 t. 56 34 58 40 i or. R. Al Peterson Kelley a. Al Liddicoat Leonard Donald g. Ulrich Lexington j. O. Peterson orphan girl or. S. Al Jones Ravona Rev. Krstivoj Kotur Burma s minister gets purple carpet reception Washington up prime minister u no of Burma got a purple carpet reception Friday at the agriculture department in Sharp contrast to a Heel Cooling incident that left protocol authorities aghast. Following up his own personal apology thursday night to the visiting asian Leader Secretary of agriculture Benson had everything ready Long before their scheduled conference. It was arranged to take the place of one which failed to come off thursday because Benson kept u no waiting five minutes beyond their appointed hour. The Burma prime minister stalked off then with a Tell them i Well see them some other

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