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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Butte, Montana Cloudy Butte weather mostly Cloudy occasional Snow this afternoon through monday. Expected today 35 tonight 20. Saturday Max. 37, min. To. Pep., Trace. T Montana 0 tar or str Snow go slow 16 7 have died in Montana Highway Accident this year. Was the traffic toll a year ago this Date. Vol. A Xxxii no. 179 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana sunday morning january 26, 1958 Home edition Price to cents Ike acts on Pentagon reshuffle some of leaders in Butte s Myca program three Jet trainers crash into sea right after Takeoff air of crisis in Mideast Fuchu Japan Pic wreckage of three u. S. Air Force Jet trainers that crashed into the sea sat a nil a1 i urday immediately after Takeoff 10 i a Cpl a flan was still sought sunday 15 hours a after the Accident. Mersim or i a there was an erroneous report a a Turkey Ift a Premier earlier that the body of one Pilot Adnan Menderes hastened Home was recovered saturday from a sudden and see so far we be Only recovered a Cret Mission to Iraq. His trip thick training Squadron base at Misawa Northern Japan. The men were on Middle East political Maze formed overhaul of the nations military a routine training flight. The background both to Menderes setup to meet the Challenge of aviation experts in Washington unexplained Mission and to the russian sputnik and missiles described such simultaneous conference of the Baghdad Alliance Eisenhower conferred for More flame outs As rare. They May be which u. S. Secretary of state John i than two hours with Secretary of caused by poor or the wrong kind faster Dulles is attending As an defense Mcelroy and 14 other clog fuel sudden icing or sabotage i observer. They said. There is every indication that in Iti la c1 i 1 the meetings inside the Flag be o6ls typical of the leadership of the Butte Myca which launches its annual finance drive monday Are mining City residents pictured Here. They and others serve As members of the Board of the a by a and Are taking an Active part in the colourful drive a they Gold Rush of �?T58.�?� left to right in the picture Are front Row Orrin j. Guanell Fred Emmett Chester h. Steele or. Raymond f. Peterson. Back Row or. Robert g. Kroeze vice president of the a by a j. 0. Peterson recording Secretary James a. Poore president and a. J. Limitless Supply of atomic Power Knievel. A Butte volunteers monday open $50,000 fund Campaign for Myca More than 200 Butte men and Atlanta doctor wife slain Home set afire Atlanta a bodies of an Atlanta doctor and his wife were found in the burned ruins of their Home saturday and police said the. Coup apparently had been Mur women deeply interested in the dered w Butte Myca does for the or. Benjamin l. Camp. 58. A people of the mining City Especial graduate of Northwestern univer to us boys and girls will Start the melt said. Sity school of Medicine and mrs. 1958 a financial Campaign Mon this last year or. Emmett said in an died in their two bedroom Day ni8ht during a dinner party in the a by a took several Forward Home on a Pine studded Hill on the the a a a gymnasium. Steps. A More than $12,000 was Fred Emmett is chairman of spent in needed repairs and pm this years Campaign. The goal improvement in our million Dollar $50,000. Plant. Overall program volume in a just As youth must grow the creased More than to per cent wreckage of a bedroom mrs Butte a a a must needs and new activities were instituted to Camps body was discovered Sev demands of our growing youth meet new needs Day camping eral hours later in the water filled population Calls for Ever greater proved a popular innovation and basement her hands tightly bound efforts. Great hearted Cit ice is the a a a rang program for More Shahina Hor hark with adhesive established the Butte Myca and than 300 underprivileged boys has -1 caught on like Railroad tycoon Robert Young takes own life gave it to the Community. It is up to us to support they for today a youth who will carry Community responsibility tomorrow a or. Pm outskirts of Atlanta in adjoining Cobb county. A charred Torso identified As Campos body was found in the behind her Back with adhesive tape. More tape covered her Mouth. Or. Herman Jones director of the state crime Laboratory said he would conduct autopsies on the to Njal. Of Varham two bodies in an Effort to deter Aii Al cd a Miccu Iii mine what caused the deaths. Caracas rejoices to carry on the program and maintain the a by a or. Emmett reminds costs Money. A your annual operating budget totals Well Over $100,000 dollars of which $50,-000 in contributions and member the motive was we Are not sure As possible. We think it could have been Rob in Caracas the Din of a thou Amos Bates chief of Cobb coun i us i Jjo some ship fees is being sought during Amos Bates met of Coon coun crashes Between forces of Vene the present drive a a to detectives said officers were Zug Eias a governing Junta and hip a a on the ass Nidgion some j governing Junta Ana die James a. Poore president of wanting on me Assumption some hard adherents of deposed dicta the a by a a called attention to Tho one entered the House subdued tor Marcos Perez Jimenez Contin e a. Cd lev a a Uil ? 9 mrs can and tied her in tor Marcos Rerez Jimenez Contin fact that More than 3,000 boys and p f ,. Pm used up untl1 Early saturday night. 2iris Are registered in Myca or they evidently waited for or. But generally Venezuela rejoiced / a v Camp to come Home then set the in its newfound Freedom and a Fra Quot clubs to Gnu and House , he sad. Quot jus. What Promise of new elections As soon maw it hts Ato sess a a be said a to understand the signify Bery but with everything burned Sand honking automobile horns of a it is hard to Tell what is signalled peaceful traffic jams. All through the Hui Din after school relatives said the House was stores and business establishments continued Page 14, col. 3 filled with valuable antique Furni were open and doing Rush Trade. Ture and expensive Oil paintings. Movies reopened for afternoon Iii i print a j John r. Camp a brother of the showings. School children trooped of ail u0i1v1ci6q physician said mrs. Camp had Back to classes. Lottery ticket sell some Beautiful diamonds that have ers hawked their Lucky number to it to Rel or Poco not yet been found. Wares. Aii a a Lull Uusi the doctor was a Veteran of thousands of venezuelans world War i and was called Back jammed overseas Telephone and Helena amp pays unusual visit to defense dept. Holds conference Washington m a president Vian and military officials. These Eisenhower took a personal hand included reorganization advisers few7 pieces Quot of debris three Miles ened an air of crisis surrounding saturday in moves to reorganize Mcelroy named recently. There South of the runway a an air the opening monday of important the defense dept. He paid an in i was no announcement whether Force spokesman said Baghdad pact conferences Here usual visit to the Pentagon and any decisions had been reached search parties continued despite the five pact nations and the conferred with top civilian and among those sitting in on the rain to comb the sea off the u. states will discuss the de military leaders. Conference were Gen. Nathan f. Marine air base at Iwakuni for7ense of the Middle East against there was immediately Bihar Twining chairman of the joint the three f84g Jet trainers and threats and thrusts of soviet com Titan applause from members of chiefs of staff and two previous their pilots from the 418th fighter monism. Congress for the presidents dra pcs chairmen a . Arthur w. The strains and stresses of the Snatic action to Speed a promised Radford and Gen. Omar Bradley Aai it i.-.,- a i i r 1 who Tho notice White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower went to the Pentagon instead of having Mcelroy come to the White House. A the president said he was going to take a personal interest in this so he went Over there a Hagerty said. A it was his Hagerty said this was just one of a series of conferences Eisenhower will have with Mcelroy prior to the presidents decision on defense reorganization. Sen. Mansfield of Montana the assistant democratic Leader said he was a Happy to note that the president at this time is taking a personal interest in the reorganization of the Pentagon As he indicated he would do in his state of the Union a i Hope he takes a close look at the extraordinary number of assistant secretaries of def we and assistants to the assistants who Are cluttering up the Pentagon a Mansfield said. Sen. Knowland of California the Senate a Republican Leader said Eisenhower a action confirms earlier statements that the president is giving his attention to changes and will have Concrete recommendations to make to Congress. Eisenhower told his Jan. 15 news conference that while he has some a rather fixed Quot ideas about the proper defense organization he is not going to insist that All of them be adopted. He said a consensus must be continued Page 14, col. 5 decked closely guarded turkish Here Dulles will have to play the conditions Eisenhower hails grand National Assembly building Progress in taming a Romb delicate key role of keeping mos Lorn states firmly Allied to the Xillas Menderes flew to Baghdad Fri Moscow lift soviet communist Day for a hurried conference re party chief Nikita Khrushchev Wash Mumn to British p .7 31 ,. Urgent request of said in a speech published sunday la y a a the so Viet Unla a is read to Dis american Progress toward Harnes the anti com must Alliance of a cuss a ban on intercontinental sing the a bomb for peaceful uses tons along russians Southern Bor ballistic missiles but Only As part was hailed by president Lisen hers. Other members Are Britain of a disarmament package Deal. And the moslem states of Turkey he made Clear he was not pro Iran and Pakistan. Posing such a ban outside an speculation among diplomats agreement that would include disband military men assembled Here armament proposals the soviet ranged from the possibility that Union has been trying to sell with Hower saturday As opening up a unbelievable vistas for the a this is Only a first step a Eisenhower said a but it does bring within the realm of possibility a Iraq May be quitting the Alliance out Success in the past. And Energy for All the world for Many thousands of years to the president issued a state for the Sake of Arab Unity to the the conditions Khrushchev Laid suggestion that Iraq plans to de Down called for the West to agree Mand British american support for to dismantle military bases with a Tough new policy toward Israel which he said the United states a variety of other suggestions was has surrounded the soviet Union Mont congratulating american and also advanced but none found any and the communist Camp. British scientists a for the Contri official hacking either from the he called for a Summit Confer Button they Are making toward turkish government or the iraqi ence to discuss these issues but peaceful uses of the atom a As delegation headed by sex Premier said they would have to be part disclosed in Laboratory expert Nuri said. Of an agreement on the reduction ments announced Friday. One thing was sure the suru of foreign forces in Germany and a a a d. A a ,. A nce by hop a continued Pace 14. Col. 4, Palm Beach Fla. Pic Robert that other scientists in other coun _ r. Young the poetry a r i t i n g tries will be encouraged by their n t to i Board chairman of the new York governments to do similar re j al611011310 of country club Central Railroad committed Sui search a Eisenhower said adding cide saturday with two blasts from experiments continue the adoption a j by j a double barrelled Shotgun. Of a worldwide atoms for peace k pile Iti of h of Flat. Fred Mead of the Palm program becomes More inevitable i Beach police dept., who described to permit All scientists to devote the death As a suicide said the their skills and energies to the 60-year-old executive had been de Benefit of Mankind not to its depressed lately. he was found in a chair in the the White House had no in top floor billiard room of his 25 mediate explanation of what i room mansion with the Shotgun be Benhower meant by the a Ladop Butte country club tween his Knees. He was wearing a Torr of a worldwide atoms for also reelected were peace program since there already is an Agency for that Pur other european states the package Deal he said also would Hae to include standing soviet proposals for the immediate Banning of atomic and Hydro Gen weapons and their tests and the creation of an atomic free zone in Central Europe. Khrushchev charged president Eisenhower a recent proposals for an International agreement on the Edward i. Renouard was re use of outer space was a one sided elected president saturday night at the 59th annual meeting of the Street clothes. He and his wife had an after noon engagement with friends it. This is the �,.nation inter Mead said the death occurred National atomic Energy Agency about to . And that the body organized in Vienna last october might not have been found for after our year of planning to some time had it not been that George Sarsfield vice president and William p. Dolan treasurer. Robert Paul was renamed Secretary Man Ager and or. Sarsfield and or. Dolan won reelection to the Board of directors. Holdover directors is to develop the peaceful Are or. Renouard. Or. James c. Young was sought to keep the a 0f atomic Energy for the Ben Sullivan Colin Raff Joseph j. My Point men. Edit of a a Mankind there was no immediate information on who discovered the body at noon. No notes were found. State atty. Phil d. Of Connell said he plans no inquest. A i am involved Only in cases where a crime has been com a. A a. Mined a he said. New York # a brain slim ulant to make Normal brain stimulant Pill developed cattlemen protest rail rate hike proposition. He said it was aimed Helena in the Montana at Banning weapons that could Stock growers Assn. Has joined threaten american territory and with other such cattlemen a groups which the i med states does not in protesting proposed increases possess while retaining the use of in interstate freight rates Secre weapons with which the United tary Ralph Miracle said saturday. States can a hold the world in a the Montana associations for state of Mal protest was placed before the a imperialist circles of the interstate Commerce commission United states wish to retain Mili by Charles e. Blaine of Phoenix tary bases and set up rocket ariz., who represents the Ameri launch Long bases on territories sur can National cattlemen a Assn. On rounding the soviet Union As a freight rate matters constant threat to the soviet Union Blaine plans to submit Oral Tes whose cities they claim they can Timony against the proposed rate wipe from the face of the Earth a a increases when a hearing is held Khrushchev asserted. In Washington d. C., wednesday. He charged the Western Powers earlier the Montana Railroad Caffery and Alton b. Foutz. Special tribute was paid to the late j. D. Murphy who served As president seven years from 1944 through 1950. By acclamation the members instructed the Board of a a directors to erect a suitable Mem con is a a filed a Ormal pr0, cml to or my Rahv which it is difficult or against the increases on the there were ins members who even impossible to reach agree ground that they a would have an j ment at an International disarm Adverse effect on the Economy of the body will be placed aboard us Mulo a Finai Pep a attended the dinner and meeting amont Congo Rance. These propos Montana Economy of a private Railroad car sunday f a per. L a. P Man Man be proxy committee included e. Ass said were advanced in the Miracle pointed out the no morning to be taken to Newport Tahy do Back to reality was re j. Meeter. H. Weingartner and font a of Quot an ultimatum a posed increases include a fint r. I., for services and burial. The y a Corgia doctor sat h. G. Carmichael the communist party Secretary mum of 3 per cent or a minimum car win be attached to the Florida Ruddy Prescript is presi boasted that the soviet Union five cents per too pounds on live East coast Champion. In to Abou Roe months Dent s t a cited various in a aready possesses missiles that Stock and an increase of one cent survivors in addition to mrs the St mul is i to a chem pro Emun tsp it Ngn part that cant devastate a any Corner of the per too pounds on fresh meats Young include two Brothers j u r r j a eight new Bridges All of the wide Globe Neth Young of California and John Racca a re i a a d shy variety to accommodate electric Young of Morristown . I a cd it Al dish Elk preparations carts have been erected that sex there was no word on the effect he nor sri r Tensive improvements have been of her husband s death on mrs. P Eifer a 4.year.old researcher de in the Kitchen new furnish-1 Young the former Anita ten Eyck Quot Quot to a a year Oil researcher. Installed in the do none mom of Keeffe she immediately went to from Emory University Emory. Psi Aileo in in Amini room the Hoine of nearby Friend Quot or a quote presented his findings Tohe Quot ends found the clubhouse into service in 1941. A a or us ple la hair and mrs. Charles b. Wrightsman.,a. Reserved in Cable offices to Send messages to a stylist Joseph c. Wart. 33, was the Youngs were married in see run foundation. Or Actipe tee and or Active Fairway it can i a i Amy to Fri Phi rate i Nereau a a England. North Africa and Italy relatives and friends often report convicted cd second degree Mur 1916 an oar Iier tra d me the 4. Lff to against Whiz Orenics. Tract Kcf fax a Cloudy through monday except a a a ref in he held the rank of colonel and ing the loss of some member of Der saturday afternoon by a Dis family in i941 when their Only the stimulant May also help Bor have Bun did. Considerable cloudiness West per the a it Hal ass served As military surgeon of the family in the bloody Street Ric court jury of Njo a and child Eleanor Jane Young was in mental of anxiety cases a. A. ? m h Tion monday no important tem haul of Montana cattle to Rome for . Forces. I fighting of the last week two women. Such a conviction car kind in an Ai Piane Accident. Such As disturbed or delinquent eral improvements to Bei made p nature changes highs sunday ets a other states it in h2lvv the Campos Kerry Blue terrier an estimated 300 persons killed Jas minimum prison sentence Young had been attending to his Chat Dre Quot say do 4.cd a is and monday 3045 Iowa sunday freight costs Whichard Hurri his body was and More than 1,000 wounded was of 10 years business affairs even while at his. 1 differ believes the Stimus a new Bour addition to the night Jo-20 East and extreme North t Lowers of this state Quot he said Camp s in the the toll in the Savage revolt set Warf had been charged with Winter Home. Only a few Days ago ,8ntr\.f1ifd vthylammeothano1 ladies locker room new pro shop 20-30 elsewhere. Bids or of said Rieuf re t off last tuesday by a general premeditated murder without jus he presided at a new York Central or pah a exls4 naturally in nor facilities and a program to Fertil Montana West partly Jhel called by a civilian rebel Tif cation a first degree charge in Bourd meeting Here at which it t brains. But some mentally ize the entire 18-Hole Golf course Cloudy with patches Valley or r j a group. The nov. 17 Shotgun slaying of was decided not to declare a Divi �?~i1. Persons May Lack enough of to lug financial report was read sunday Moreno scores of venezuelans Long Raymon c. Toll 38-year-old car Send now. I mis dmae. By Jack Leary. A conference of the brain Jle. Have been beautified and new lights have been installed and a l and packing House products. Also he said it has a a tested and proposed Are increases on Carload continued Page 14, col. 2 rates on Wool and mohair and a hike in transit charges generally either 5 per cent of $22.50 per car whichever results in higher transit charges. Miracle added that the stockmen partly my no Iana Quot Are particularly Vul Montana weather Montana cast also was killed found near mrs basement. Tax Case jurors unable to agree a United states District court jury deliberating the Case of j. W. Walters Dillon charged by the government with violation of Federal income tax Laws was dismissed saturday at 5 35 . After it was unable to reach a verdict. The jury had the Case for nearly 24 hours. It began deliberations shortly before 6 of clock Friday afternoon. At Midnight Friday the jury retired without reaching a verdict and resumed its Dobber-1-. _ actions saturday morning at 9 Var re cd r alls base 0 j j Washington Montana a Walters was a defendant on count involving his tax report its 103 Lier cent since june 30, 1946. It creases granted since exiled by the dictatorship Penter. In new York a joint statement Ono i a Lenl who had streamed Back from the United shortly after the verdict was an issued by Central president Alfred i1 in a catatonic state for about states or neighbouring latin amen bounced defense counsel John w. E. Perlman and Allen p. Kirby Iroe years a trance like with can countries in commercial air Mahan said an Appeal would be president of Youngs holding com drawn from reality liners that had resumed sched made for a new District court Pany the Alleghany corp said in after four months of treatment Ules. Trial. Part Lac patient improved. He sudden the governing Council headed by jurors had the Case under con a neither the financial affairs of a broke into talk continuing from rear . Wolfgang Larrazabal Side ration about to hours. They the Alleghany corp. Nor the new a Aone und 4 appeared for the moment to have got the Case at 5 15 p. In. Friday York Central which he led so ably 0 a to a the next morning restored order and to have won retired for the night at 11 30 and should in any Way be related to a it so not it Nna Man med a the support of a Young officer Lac resumed deliberations at 9 . This tragedy. The facts would be a Slu s Al up1v tidy. Or. Tion in the armed forces As Well As the civilian leaders. Air Force to spend $4,350,000 at saturday. Judge Lester la. Loble set the time for sentencing Warf at to a. In. Wednesday. Warf and his wife were present in addition to court attaches and lawyers for both sides when the verdict was read at 2 20 p. In. Wart showed no emotion when lie any such Young was a close Friend of the continued Page 14, col. 6� 1 a congressional delegation was and the verdict was announced. His Vised by the air Force saturday dark haired wife broke into tears. 19d1. I he indictment charged that it is releasing $4,350,000 for Mahan said the request for a too oo1 Vii owing a lax construction at Malmstrom air new to a would be based on the 888.32 in 1951 and paying Only $3,- Force base great Falls Mont. Attempted introduction by the 564.54. Belore the jury received the j this is for a maintenance Dock. State of a proposed state exhibit Case Friday judge w. D. Murray taxiway aircraft arresting bar which purported to show that granted a defense motion for Dis Rier fuel hydrant system storage Warf had been charged with a at Missal of a charge relating to tax and electrical facilities and a non i tempting to commit a felony in returns for 19o2. J commissioned officers mess. I continued Page 14, col. 4 first world Solo flight in 1933 Wiley Post was the first american to Fly Solo around the world july 22, 1933. But if you re tired of living a Solo a rent ads get you the companionship of a paying guest giving you double Benefit Call 5451 for a helpful and writer today. Pfeiffer reported these results from use of dmae Many said they needed less sleep. Some said they slept sounder woke earlier and More clearheaded the tone of their Muscles improved. They were better Able to concentrate the rest was continued with these results Many of the students noted definite brain stimulation. They also reported greater daytime Energy. Attentiveness at lectures but greater intolerance of poor lectures. Less apprehension. Two said they were Able to quit smoking without difficulty. I cloudiness sunday afternoon de Date h been mostly Cloudy s u n d a y la Asp by have no i cited in my monday is ii ii Cread Revenue to the railroads rain or Snow showers South Pur Duc decreases in ship. Tion warmer South portion sunday menus by Rad night otherwise Little temperature a _ change highs both Days 30-40 a. In j lows sunday night 20-30. Doing Ivl ail the table in Grgat Falls maximums Are for the 12 hours w r or Ajjan and minimums for the 18 hours braille Ricci Agull ending at 5 30 . Saturday. Edward i. Renouard Billings 48 24 Belgrade. 40 9 Broadus. 43 25 of Butte. 37 to t Cut Bank 45 to Dillon. 33 16 of Drummond. 39 17 t i Glasgow. 30 20 j great Falls 45 32 Havre. 33 20 Helena 42 24 Kalispell 35 26 .02 Lewistown. 43 28 i Livingston 42 27 Miles City 38 29 .02 Missoula 37 29 .02 West Yellowstone a 12 1 Whitehall. 37 18 great Falls Mont. Rny Paul a. Fields 39-year-old Steelworker from Boise. Idaho was killed i Early saturday when his car left a great Falls Street struck a shed and rolled 165 feet. Fields identified through papers in his clothing was dead on arrival at a Hospital. He received i extensive head injuries. I after crashing into the paint a shed owned by Clinton e. Shire the 1958 car bounced Back onto the Sheet. Fields was thrown to the pavement. It w As the first fatal traffic a in Montana. The states Highway death toll a year ago was seven

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