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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Butte, Montana Is f jct 11 tit i tit Stan bar to vol. A xxxix no. 276 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana monday morning. February 16, 1953 Home edition Price five cents dark hides Fate of plane victims Tail suggests delayed action tax Cut Washington up son. Taft r Ohio suggested sunday a delayed action tax Cut which would trim levies on individuals and business general Taylor hints of unpleasant surprises due reds medics lose no time in aiding wounded yank i a amp my in my Seoul it. Gen. Maxwell of Allied ground forces Taylor hinted sunday his eighth told his first news conference. A up to 13 per cent in the year be army would have some unpleasant he called the eighth army a ginning july i. 1954. Surprises in store for the to Mun a formidable military Force which at the same time the Senate a Isis and declared he asked nothing has accomplished great things in Joritz Leader proposed four year better than a red offensive in the past and is capable of further stabilization of prices at their pres Korea. Achievements in the future ent Levels a a we re ready to take him on Taylor turned aside a direct any time he comes a the new com question whether he thinks a general offensive by the eighth army Israel will oust 3 More soviets from their posts tafts suggestions were made in a radio interview with the Gannett news service As signs increased that Senate republicans will sit on any tax reduction voted by the House until they have a Clear idea of How much former president Truman a $78,600,000,000 spending budget can he Cut. Taft said that when Congress can see a a definite and certain reduction in expenditures it can go about the business of slicing taxes. But he said this May have to be done in the form of a Bill which would take effect later. A i think there should he a very definite reduction As much As 12 or 13 per cent tit least Over All for the fiscal $ Cir ass that is he ginning july i. 1954,�?� the Ohio sen Chi mandate Polikarp. Chief of the Ator said a now i Hope there May be a reduction before that time. The could succeed at this time. Gen. James a. Van Fleet who turned Over command of the eighth army to Taylor last wednesday said before his departure that an Allied offensive now would certainly succeed. Taylor said he would Welcome Tel Aviv Israel pm Israel is chinese nationalist troops in to ousting three More russians from Rea with a open arms but pointed their posts in this country on the out that was a decision to be heels of the soviet unions drastic reached at a political level rupture of diplomatic relations a As for a communist offensive source close to the foreign office Taylor said reported sunday. A there is no question he has the informant said Vladimir the potential. We know he has Komlev correspondent for Tass of Large troop concentrations and we facial soviet news Agency a assume he is Well supplied. A i can assure you that the eighth russian orthodox Church Mission army a a nothing better than for a. T0 try that we re ready to Hope held that some of 46 persons May have survived crash new Orleans let fifteen that an Armada of planes and bodies were pulled from the Gulf ships will resume the search at of Mexico before darkness halted Dawn monday. An air sea search sunday night of three other rafts carried by the an area where an Airliner with 46 National air lines dc-6 plane persons aboard crashed into storm were found empty. Swept Waters. A Fleet of planes and ships that the coast guard said there was blanketed the area from Dawn to a a Remote possibility that one life darkness assisted in recovery of raft w As adrift with survivors and 9� if if couple who lost son in Korea had one on plane and i. Zaitsev of the russian Academy of science had All been told the actual of Tho reduction n heir bad and leave might to till oar Lior hut Tho of country Feltne reduction May he in the first half of the Calendar year �?T54, certainly the last half of the year �?T54 a a the ohioan covered a wide Field continued Page 2, col. I take him on any time he Taylor conceded the intervention of red air Power would complicate Polikarp has been administrator the situation. But he said he has the highest regard for the fifth air Force in Korea. The 51-year-old world War a United nations Soldier seriously wounded in the Battle for old Baldy in Korea is rushed to an evacuation helicopter by medics. Cpl. James e. Smith of Jacksonville Fla. Holding bottle administers blood plasma to the injured Man while on the run. Americans bomb state presidential primary Bill advances notch at sunday Assembly session Coral Gables. Fla. Uti a a couple who was notified Only last week that their son was missing action in Korea had another the bodies. The coast guard said the total number of bodies recovered might reach 18, but the exact number could not be determined until All search vessels combined their totals. Forty one passengers and five Crew members were aboard the plane when it crashed saturday afternoon on a flight Over the Gulf from Tampa Fla., to new or m some of the passengers were son aboard the National air lines prominent in business and social Man pronounced dead but lives of Church property taken Over in Palestine by the soviet Union. Zaitsev came Here to negotiate the Transfer to soviet authorities of former property of the russian Palestine society. At the same time it was disclosed that Israel has clamped Down on the Freedom of movement of diplomats of Eastern Europe a. Communist bloc and taken further 18 uni5 and commanders. Sueiho dam 2 migs downed by Forrest Edwards Seoul p a american Thun de Jet fighter bombers knocked out which crashed during a from Tampa to new or saturday. Court action by holding 18 israelis on charges in connection with bombing of the soviet Legatti continued Page 2. Col. I j Helena a Bill to give the to the National nominating Conli two generators at the giant Sueiho people of Montana a a More direct mentions. A jumping general a who led Par Reservoir near Manchuria sunday voice in the selection of presided the delegates would he bound to troops into action in France and while swifter Sabre jets in Roar tial candidates advanced another one candidate. Holland told reporters hot intends Ink dogfights drove off a larger notch in the Senate sunday. State conventions not the voters n keep a schedule of two Days at orce communist migs trying both House and Senate met in themselves now pick National Del the front and five Days Back at his t0reak�?op the bombing raid. Their first sunday session of the Gates. Headquarters until he gets to know the fifth air Force said its a current Assembly in an Effort to Don. F. \ Aliton a Powell said Bra pilots outnumbered 22 to 45, break up a legislative log Jam. The Bill would move the states Pri shot Down two migs. Probably de the Senate Bill would provide for Mary election up from july to circles. And Many were Happy Florida vacationers coming to new or and mrs. Richard h. Shad Tuet Dave Maydl gr3s carnival the bodies were located As they floated to the Waters surface from the submerged plane. 90 feet below. The scene of the crash is 44 Miles Southeast of Mobile Ala. None of the bodies have been plane flight leans or. Dick were notified last week that their son 2nd it. John Philip Shad Dick 25, a bomber Pilot was reported missing Jan. 29. Another son. 2nd it. Richard Harrison Shaddick jr., 22, was re second a Coral turning to his station at Godfel identified Low air Force base. San Angelo. The crash brought the tex., aboard the ill fated Nal tragedy within a week to plane which went Down in the Gulf Gables Fla couple of Mexico with 41 passengers and or. And mrs. Richard h Shad five Crew members aboard. Dick were notified last week i upon receiving word that her their son 2nd it John son was missing in Korea mrs. I Shaddick wrote president Eisenhower. With copies to the Florida the Tion new York f a an 80 year old Man pronounced dead at his Home sunday police said was discovered alive two hours later at a funeral parlor and rushed to a Hospital. Nearly seven hours after a death certificate had been signed by the family doctor the police report the Hospot. Id he Man benevent0 tay _ sped. Quot it a a in most sunday the info a mile. An hour the Bari Roctor my Nett a death certificate Voles for less craned into a saying the elderly Man. William lie said Republic of Korea Divi str0ye j a third and damaged four. Presidential primaries in Montana the first tuesday after the first <�.rlrcy, 17a speeding express crashes 22 die Sions were a performing mag Mai gently a on an a austere basis of he promised a everything we can to support these sturdy Little he said an investigation was underway by the eighth army on reports of inadequate rations for the korean troops. Taylor also said the present sys report and target s tem of rotating . Troops Home warships swept into was under closest attention. He said there must be a balance be Allied losses if any Are reported with the voters selecting delegates monday in week end summaries. The communist jets swept out of the Untung Manchuria base Only 40 Miles from the big hydroelectric Complex in North Korea. . B-29 super forts and b-26 Light bombers followed up sunday night with heavy raids against in june. Brossman had died at his Brooklyn Home of senility and arterial sclerosis. He was taken to the Queens funeral parlor of Charles Morton where embalmers discovered he was alive. He was treated by an ambulance doctor there and then taken to Wyckoff Heights Hospital. Doctors worked Over him in the emergency room of the Hospital for hours administering blood plasma oxygen Shock treatments and. Later whole blood transfusions shortly before 4 p in. Most they issued a report that Brossman had no discernible pulse or heart sound but was still breathing. The Hospital said at least two doctors were working with him at All times. Seeing signal warnings the wit relatives told a Hospital official Nesses said that the family doctor had been the locomotive plunged onto the treating Brossman for some time station platform halting on its and made a lengthy and careful Side. The mail car rammed into a examination before pronouncing building injuring a number of Highway mishaps in state kill 3 Montana Highway mishaps were closed switch Here Early sunday tween the desire to rotate Veteran and nine of to cars hurtled off the troops and the requirements for track. At least 22 italians were seasoned soldiers in Korea. Killed and 80 injured 23 seriously. Police arrested the Engineer and his assistant. The ministry of transportation issued a communique blaming the disaster on the excessive Speed with which it said the train roared into Benevento. The communique said the locomotive s speedometer indicated the responsible for the deaths of three train was making 65 in p h. More persons the associated press most of the 300 passengers were. _ bound for Naples where they had re pm ried sunday booked passage for Venezuela and one of the victims was a Young a new Start in life far from land Minnesota Man who was killed on poor overpopulated Southern Italy. B s wedding anniversary witnesses said the train raced the three fatalities into Benevento through darkness state Highway deaths to 25 this and rain which Cut visibility a1 year As compared to to last year most to Zero. The Engineer hit the on pm. 15. Closed switch apparently without montanans appear to be heading for another tragic record on the swept into won san Harbor on the northeastern korean coast monday and shelled that sea of Japan port opening the third year of siege. The fifth air Force said its b-26 Light bombers sunday night de dumb thief takes 200 car titles in Butte burglary to. Reans a presidential primary rather mrs. Than a Delegate convention would give montanans a a More direct voice in the selection of presiden important. If it tial Valiton said. And other Way Heck with the North to lets get our boys Shaddick a letter added know our boys want to come Home and this is All that is cannot be done that Philip Shaddick 25-year-old bomber Pilot was missing in action in Korea. Another son. 2nd it. Richard Harrison Shaddick jr., 22, was on continued Page 2, col. 7_ a a a a v a a leave Korea to Rex Hibbs a Yellowstone of whoever wants it. Posed the measure because it a a a Hope other anguished mothers would leave us dangling on a adj Over the country will join me string with delegates promised to in imploring their congressmen and a presidential candidate a full senators and the other Good pow month before the National Conven ers at be to get Bush and get our but it won t be possible tons owns someone in Butte 200 cars for him to drive any of the autos legally. Burglars who broke into the democrats claim Ike shirking duly on tax cuts it is k t the a to Washington of a House dem he said political sentiment might the Stuebe ant a they. He jj.3� n change in that time but the Del stroked 125 communist Supply Wellman motors co., on East trucks running their score for five nights to 577. The Light bombers struck at roads leading to the Battle front from the East coast cities of won san Youngpo and Tongchun. The super forts unleashed a 15 Galena sunday morning made off with a 1946 Buick and about 200 used car titles in a Metal filing Cabinet police and sheriffs officers reported. The car was recovered by sheriffs officers at 3 45 of clock sunday afternoon in the Mcqueen area Gates would have to stick to their Man no matter what happened. Valiton pointed out. However that As the Law now stands delegates Are chosen in May about continued Page 2, col. 8 and bring them Hower administration is shirking to in cur u u its duty by n0t taking 3 stand be the elder Shaddick. A realtor fore the House ways and Means said upon being informed of the committee on income tax cuts Nal planets ill fated flight a Why this is unheard of a a we Are All chopped to pieces. I Fertle iinnrproripnt0h a a chopped just if Richard is missing too. Plane raid at a sprawling target arca eight Miles Northwest of the undamaged hut out of Gas. The lid communist capital of Pyongyang and stand of the filing Case were pilots said la Large fires were in the Auto but the used car titles sweeping the area at the end of were missing deputies said. Boosted the a gtd one communist fighter assistant police chief Emett Sullivan said the titles were not continued Page 2. Col. 6 highways. Last years was an All time High. Death toll Holland Britain winning Bailie much Good to the burglars without the cars to go with them. Per a pieces 1 meekly unprecedented thing a pro Don t know How Well survive tested rep. Camp a a vet eran committee member. The committee meets monday with chairman Reed Rny driving hard for Quick approval of his Bill to reduce individual income tax rates to per cent starting july i. Informed sources said the Treasury has made no report to the committee on effects of the Reed Bill As is customary on tax proposals. I. Nor is the administration expected a joint Senate waste in the culinary and Butcher to have a representative at Mon committee shop departments which Are us Days meeting. Group asks changes in farm ranch operations at Montana prison experienced Warden More guards Helena up House investigating the break in was discovered at sunday recommended extensive re per Vised by inmates. Republican and democratic Lead about 10 30 a m. By Tony Lesko visans in farm and ranch a Para it said 281-pounds of meat per ers one committee agreed How Var 210 Cherry who operates the l.0_nsalc. In a p�0in r capita were consumed in the past Ever that him dead sunday morning. Undertaker Morton told this a tory his brother and partner George Morton and his son Charles jr., 24. An embalmer brought Brossman to the undertaking parlor about 10 45 . Most. They put him in the preparation room and went out to put the Hearse into the garage. About 20 minutes later they returned and noticed movement in Brossmann a eyelids and Chin. They quickly wrapped him in blankets and sent for Charles Morton. A i went Back with them and looked and i saw the same thing to my Surprise a Morton said. Morton said Brossman was breathing very slightly. Quot the Morton called police. A a we be been in business 48 years my father before me and in be never had anything like this happen before a Morton commented. Billings up a 27-year-old Minnesota Man was killed on his wedding anniversary As he changed tire on his car East of Billings the last of the to coaches derailed saturday for Economy and for Security of area. Sens. Glenn in Larson a san workmen standing there. All but wreck kills 20 comodoro Iii Yadavia a gent inn. U r a Twenty persons were killed and at least 40 others ter. Injured sunday when a commuter Highway he was identified As Lyle Tenter of Dent. His wife Laverne was seated in the car when another hit ten Central Auto painting co. At Wellman a. Leskovar said he noticed a London. a Holland and skylight on the building is Brok Tunne a racer Britain appeared sunday night to in while he was making his usual inf Onmi in me nip have won heir newest Battle sunday Chee of is itep.?a. Against the sea. It is Behoved a Fol Cehr he John ii. Leuthold r Stillwater sandbags flown in from All Over burglars entered Brough the sky an Arnod Joder Europe hastily filled on the spot Light although the front door. Facing Galena Street was broken Mort it it was theorized the burglars continued Page 2, col. 6 today s weather patrolman Lou Alek and thrown into the breaches held As the Spring tides reached new and dangerous Heights. The High tides will continue for two or three More Days but there train jumped the tracks and sch said the Driver of the other was growing optimism new discs plunged Down a 160 foot embark Anont near Here. Most of the casualties were homeward hound from Tilly Beach popular seashore resort. Allied planes fire on 2 russian Type crafts Tokyo Jim Allied planes fired on two russian Type Lah fighter planes monday and damaged one of them Over Northern Japan the far East air forces said. This planes then fled toward the russian held Kurile islands. The air forces said . Radar operators spotted the planes Over Northern Japan and that two Allied Jet interceptors challenged them. The announcement said the pursuant plunged into a to foot ditch and to standing instructions and when burned saturday killing 25 Passen the Challenge was ignored the Algers in a holocaust of screams arid lied planes opened fire agony. I it was the first such incident re Twenty four others fought their ported since Japan recently Way out of the tangled pyre. Vil warned that it was calling on the lagers stood by unable to help be . Air forces to prevent uncaused of the searing heat. Authorized flights Over japanese the Driver looked at the charred territory remains drove spectators away the air forces said that when from the bus and plunged a knife the foreign planes fled the Allied into his Chest four times. He was planes broke off the engagement rushed to a Hospital. Police quoted to a avoid violation of russian held continued Page 2, col. 5 tor has been averted. Down. Crossed Over the roof of the Ford motor co., in order to crash through the skylight. The stolen Auto was recovered on the Butte Helena Highway near the Mcqueen addition. Airman pulled from wrecked plane after Long ordeal was tired of eating Snow fort Worth Texas. Up a a i the after Section and found sgt. Was getting tired of eating Snow a Butinas Arm. M. Sgt. Carroll w. Utin said when the entire party plunged in and rescuers pulled him from the Snow scooped away the Snow finding ambulance hits car five killed 25 bus passengers die in holocaust Manila old a a heavily Laden bus crashed into a Bridge railing planes were challenged Charleston . W filled Tail Section of a crashed b-36 Butin some three feet below the ambulance speeding to a Highway bomber in Labrador after he had surface his legs tangled in wreck Accident collided head on with a been reported dead. Age. The sergeants courageous re Mcdowell also recommended was employment of a Warden a who has demonstrated executive ability through successful experience in the penal maximum Quot monday Field and the hiring of additional guards. Gov. Aronson saturday appointed f. O. Burrell of Hamilton Ravalli county sheriff As Warden to succeed Lou Boedecker the joint committee suggested that a personnel and compensation plan to attract younger and a More efficient men into guard a an work be set up. The report criticized a Gross a showdown new will bring a to heavy committee vote for the Reed proposal. But democrats said they planned to step in with a move that the committee delay action until it hears from Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey. They outlined a Broad attack party Cloudy with scattered Snow based on the argument that never flurries monday and monday night before has the tax writing com with Little temperature change. Mittee acted on important Revenue minimum monday morning to measures without hearing the views Butte forecast afternoon 30 of the Treasury which handles tax expected minimum monday night proposals for the president. To. Chances for the democratic move temperatures for the period 12 appeared dim unless the minority Midnight saturday to 5 30 p in. Party picks up votes from a few Republican committee members car about to Miles West of Charles said Butin had heard ton sunday night killing five and Mark was reported sunday by an Rescue air Force medic who helped dig around Butin out of three feet of Snow where he had been trapped for heard. Two nights and a Day. I he told parties working in the plane Friday and and injuring four others. Had two of the injured were not sex cried out on occasions. He was not Pec cd to live. The dead and one of the critically the rescuers he would injured All were among 2 Lions escape but traffic crowd Are just too much Memphis Tern. Lyl a two seven Lions slipped out of their cages in sunday Airport a minimum 17 maximum 28. School of mines minimum 15 maximum 26. Montana forecast West of Divide a considerable cloudiness scattered Snow showers and Little temperature change monday High 30-40. East Erable who Are known to be concerned about Reeds insistence on immediate action. The committee has 15 Republican members to democrats. Republican House leaders who also have expressed concern about of divided monday consid cutting taxes before the new budget cloudiness Light scattered shapes up plan to hold up the Reed two men were killed and 15 in pass out and then return to con persons in a car coming toward the midst of a circus matinee Sun Jared when Continental the ten engined inter scion Ness from time to time. Charleston from the West on u. S. Day and one raced bomber plunged to Butin was removed by helicopter 21. Town Street before onto a Down being Recap Earth thursday night 16 Miles East to the Goose Bay Hospital where More than an hour after the a tured. Showers cooler in the East and Bill in the House rules committee North continued Windy. Highs 15 for about two months. 25 in East and North 25 to 35 South democrats insisted however that West. Variable cloudiness scat the administration should take a tired Snow flurries and Little tem stand before the ways and Means Pesature change monday night. Committee acts. The table chairman Reed has stressed that maximums Are for 12 hours min ads merely advances by six of Goose Bay Airport authorities report he is doing Well cadent police had succeeded in the unexpected turn of events mums for 18 hours ending at 5 30 . Sunday. Butin 34, a gunner was reported although listed As a seriously identifying but two of the victims set off an uproar in the crowd of him a i was afraid to face the consequences. Another bus plunged Over a noted composer Dies rom i .4 a Alberto Mantanaro precipice in Northwestern Luzon 74, Well known conductor and com saturday killing la and injuring 42 Poser of the operetta a the rogue persons. I of Paris a died sunday. Dead. Ile was not found until saturday morning after More than hours pinned in the wreck. Airman 1st class Audie g air Here Force officers 30 know Why Butin was listed dead when his body had not been found. 20, at my the air Force had previously re Lough did no to Helen Hoggs Skenes 18, of Sisson about 4,500 packed in Ellis Audi Ville and Everett Dale Harrison thorium. But there was no panic. Home in Sissonville on from it. Knox ky., fur the Lions bewildered by the and shrieking crowd raced Down an Dowell of Beckville tex., told the ported bodies of the dead and in Keith Phillips. 21, of Charleston an aisle into the auditoriums the crash attendant in the ambulance. Herman Legg 22-year-old truck Butin has been in the air Force Driver from Sissonville told news passages. The one that ventured onto the Street turned Back when confront passed de by the Stream of traffic. He wife Connie and their two children him on a curve with the ambulance was hemmed in by attendants who Rescue Story on his return to cars Jared evacuated from Well air Force base late sunday scene by helicopter. While using axes to chop through bulkheads saturday morning the since 1939. He lives Here with his men the car overtook and Rescue party heard muffled cries. They checked with others believing one of the searchers had called. Then working feverishly they pushed aside a damaged Bulkhead and plunged into the rear of the massive debris. Mrs. Butin said the news was coming in the opposite direction locked off a just i Sage ways. The sky giant was returning to fort Worth from a training flight a Section of the Pas quake shakes Lima Peru Lima Peru. Up a a Brief Strong to England when it crashed As it earthquake Shook Lima and was coming in tyr a Landing. The by cities sunday. Or. Theodore Bisland a Carswell crash was the eighth involving b Sid Erable alarm there but was a soft drink stand in a passageway near and was held by a Flimsy barricade con until Trainer Pat Anthony arrived no serious with a Cage. Medical lieutenant pushed his hand ,36�?Ts. The number of dead in into five feet of Snow that filled i crashes was 72. The damage or casualties were reported the show the Hamid mor circus opened Here saturday. Montana Max. Min. Pep. Billings. 37 32 to Belgrade. 30 21 Broadus. 34 29 .16 Butte. 28 17 .04 Cut Bank. 29 21 .01 Dillon 35 15 Drummond. 34 22 Glasgow. 15 12 .33 great Falls. 33 27 to Havre 36 17 to Helena. 33 25 Kalispell. 36 27lewistown 40 28 Livingston. 29 22 to Miles City. 29 21 .02 Missoula. 38 28 .12 Superior 38 25 to West Yellowstone a a a. To i Whitehall. I 35 20 months a to per cent income tax Cut already scheduled to take effect dec. 31, under present Laws. Reed said committee members Are thoroughly familiar with All aspects of the proposal and Public hearings or consultation with the administration Aren t necessary. Trustees to declare school emergency trustees of school District no. I Butte will adopt a Resolution declaring a school emergency its in Butte at a regular school Board meeting monday night St 8 of clock in the school administration bldg chairman Newell Evans said. Routine business matters will be placed before Tbs Board

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