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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Butte, Montana She Montana Statty Ermir vol. Xci no. 84 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana. Saturday morning August 8, 1953 Home edition Price five cents 90 More pos freed wih see daddy amid reports some gis joined commies Panmunjom pm the Home Allied prisoners on the eve of Reward flow of Allied War prisoners Patria Tion for what the reds called will bring 90 More americans to a instigating against the Freedom saturday but returning the reports said the men were soldiers said a handful of their charged with criticizing their Cap comrades chose to remain in com tors. Monist hands. The reds said they would return in contrast to the Joyful return 406 Allied prisoners saturday be of men from communist Camps ginning at 9 . 5 . Friday was the ugly rioting by red Pris most. The switch began on sched owners in Kobe Island prison Stock mule. Ades. One communist was killed besides the 90 americans larg and four others wounded thurs est nuer in any Day since the Day by guards in putting Exchange began the group include Down this final show of Defiance de 256 South koreans 35 turks and returning prisoners also ample 25 British the reds said. Fled reports that communist prison this brought to 311 the total of Camp authorities were jailing More americans who have been freed in the four Days of the switch a Little under to per cent of the 3,313 americans the reds have agreed to return. The communists Are exchanging 12,763 . Men in All. Receiving in return 74,000 communists from Allied pow Camps with saturday s Exchange of 406 Tokyo .4 a piping radio hint Allied men and 2,759 reds As an de Friday that not All the 12,753 bounced by the respective sides communists hint not All pos will be returned Allied prisoners the reds said they the totals swapped will be 1,598 Al. Lied prisoners and More than 11,000 held would be returned to the unit North korean and chinese Cornute nations. Lists. The propaganda broadcast Mon fridays Exchange brought 81 stored in Tokyo. Quoted a a a review More americans Back most of the question of prisoner of War a him in a a Quot a condition but there. _ were Only 244 South koreans re repatriation printed in the peo instead of or prom. Pies daily official newspaper of Mise j the chinese communist party. It seven Days after the signing of whle there was no official sex the korean armistice july 27, the Plankton for this one South to broadcast made a belated review Rean repatriate said five or six of of red prisoner of War figures his countrymen refused to return Given by the allies two months at the last minute because of red ago. It suggested that the propaganda telling the men they refugee Bill is signed by president Washington it president Eisenhower opened the door for 214,000 extra immigrants Friday when he signed a Bill permitting them to enter the United states Over the next three years. The legislation is aimed at providing a refute for people fleeing from Iron curtain countries orphans and some other special categories. It demonstrates again the president said. A a american a traditional concern for the homeless Tho persecuted and the less fortunate of other Congress did not open the door As wide As Eisenhower requested however. It reduced the number of immigrants from 240, to 214,000 and spread the period of their admission from two years to three. It also wrote into the Law rigid France staggered by crippling wave of strikes pact . Any Ains commies walkouts by will meet 2,000,000 attack on Korea snarl nation Paris of a France staggered by William c. Barnard the signing announced that the under a crippling wave of strikes United nations command would Friday at the Peak of her Luera Seoul to Secretary of state 111111 a it v nil in Ripon minister Pun meet any new attack on South to Tive tourist season. Walkouts by Cabot phae of the nations Public serves. Socialist communist and Catho Little Robin Coffee 2 years to months old joyfully hugs her Mother mrs. Jeanne Coffee 21, of Long Beach Calif., As they receive the news their father and husband. Sgt. Robert j. Coffee was among the pos released by the communists at Panmunjom. Little Robin has never seen her daddy. Mrs. Coffee says her husband has been a prisoner since november 1950. A wire photo persons admitted under inc Arain invade the tie Asiatic anew Law will be in addition to the a on Stevens ambassador it nov regular immigration quotas president s y n g Iti a n Rhee Jed a a chief is Delegate to the ice the signing ceremony was u it watch solemnly As the two offi a Ted pm n Matler he unions joined in spreading nested by a up of Cla s it aled the pact part o a f through the nation the worst strike who helped get the Bill through the Rhee a Price for supporting at an leu a ctr a nor Basing France has seen in 27 years. It House and Senate and by others least temporarily an armistice in r s trops in South Korea worked Quot As a protest in Advance against interested in the measures. The three year korean War. Out in Zir he a a of a Ferenee economies Premier Joseph Lam Eisenhower cubed the legislation Dulles and Rhee in a joint state out a ,0liry command was holding out 2,000 would be shot for having surren red prisoners it said the .c. A dered. A cannot evade the a responsibility returning americans said theto account clearly for this disc rep months of red propaganda Pound i Ancy. In Washington Gen. Mark w. Clark . Commander in the ear East said Friday the reds May be holding Back As Many As 3,000 Allied prisoners the piping broadcast said the reds had informed the .c. July 22 that the total number of prisoners in their custody a was More continued Page 2, col 6 to North korean officials to die As spies for u. S. West Berlin police crush tracks by 900 reds Vir inst free food Points a a significant humanitarian act ment released simultaneously with and an important contribution toward greater understanding and to a f to cooperation among the nations of i i0c1tp int a Jipp the free he called on oth 1u1 1 or free nations to follow America s example. A it is a dramatic contrast to the Regie events taking Piave in East a gel of conferences economies it to signed at to 05 a in. 6 05 s government was rumoured con pm., most Friday. Is not apathy by j. M. Roberts in. A news analyst tem plating at the expense of work simultaneously it was disclosed ers on the Public payroll that the 16 nations with forces in mail piled up at strike bound Korea signed a declaration in p��?~7 offices telephones Quot pot dead Washington july 27 pledging re and trains ground to a j1 tells stance to such an attack and Sims were unde tiered garbage warning that should the reds break pred in the streets bus and sub the armistice in All probability it a cafe would not be possible to confine we re Bdl d e a a a hostilities within the frontiers of and on go. the Mutual Security pact which flickered wanly and the dead went unburied. The strikes some of which Start forty five thousand visas Are re and Indonesia contain Many raw kit sgt is no i. Worces a a a 5 washed ibis riot continue a a rvs do or a i Alian Roff of a a a a a a materials Wutich this country needs i copies 1a a a re arsed he defiant communist for 20 minutes before the comm refocus and 15, of in both his Seattle speech Anil than 12,000.�?� a this number is not divided into London pm Moscow radio those for direct repatriation and saturday announced death sen Throe blood those not for direct repatriation fences have been imposed on to. A because the North korean and top North korean officials accused a to c Ori. Chinese Side never has carried out of plotting armed rebellion and than Ion n Lim hmm Anh a Ward hound from work after such measures As the so called plotting for the United states. More than 400 police commandos Ward bound from work after dad said pidsoner5 Peoples cj�w7jr for can charged the defiant communist for 20 minutes before the comm the broadcast took on added Sig the sentences were handed Down demonstrators lists wore completely routed. Nut in finance because returning Allied by the military collegium of the. notes five with broken teen ringleaders were arrested prisoners reported some of their North korean supreme court Jol Heads were hauled off to jail and comrades had been Given jail lowing a purge trial in terms by the reds for a instigating tradition with All 12 accused against and others said a Messing a guilt. Handful of Allied crooners had former Justice minister a the Rin munits at the food distribution on with a a protect March. Pm Germany and other captive nations a the president said. Echoing these sentiments sen. Watkins Ltd Utah i said a it was a wonderful manifestation of How president Eisenhower served no provides for rasing i s in de two Days ago spread like wild americans feel about people who Tice to the communist sphere this sgt Litick a. Was signed at to . Gome were set to last Only Are fighting communism and risk Veek that americans desire for statement eth United 12 hours some to a Ontic us Over ing their lives to escape from it a inn a joint statement Aid the i nit i weekend and others to go on 7, w peace in Korea cannot be assessed states and South Korea would walk a j a Congress Nas re pressed the will,�?�ul1 �?�3uul&Quot "�?�u1u a indefinitely. Of the people a Watkins added. Ile As relaxation in any degree of her out a postwar political Confer Ai outs created a Lerie was a Leader in pushing the Bill determination to oppose aggression after 90 Days if they decide complications which left Vaca centers last tuesday were tipped through the Senate. In general. He he used a Tio prs stranded. Angrily seeking Berlin communists rioted off in Advance that the reds the Law authorizes the adits Tho president spoke in Diplo statement declared a we. West Berlin late Friday but planned new trouble Friday. Moo of .>.>.000 persons of germ Ai Matic language but language we then consult further regarding police commandos and water can the hottest Battle was waged on ethnic origin who cure forced out which is Clear in foreign minis the attainment of a unified free stoppage of mails and non crushed attacks he 900 red Prinzen Alice in the French Sec of Russia and hoi satellite nun tries everywhere. And Independent Korea a a i. Xii a Hiki a also pc Rolls Tho a titty of . He said ae2ression cd a Quot be Rhee Bas by Dan de Luce in non crushed attacks by 900 red storm troopers against american tor. Police blasted 500 violent reds of food Relief for mans. Mitin and Devin re dutch refugees. South Korea will fight on alone if necessary to attain unification of this War torn Peninsula. The statement declared Rhee Dulles and their advisers had a full president signs High report to the nation he went in addition provision is made into the ideological compulsion bed la i of for the admission of 15,000 italians Hind the american attitude. In the he a a a Ujj Hlyn of to a prisoners elected to remain with the com Sung of. Accused As munits. Leader in the purported plot head the broadcast asserted a the de those sentenced to agreement of pow repatriation de.,has been made known to All the 0 d Omed the broadcast said prisoners in korean and chinese were rho Yun Formor dept custody and if and prisoners do propaganda mini ter not wish to be directly repatriated. Hns win a former for a j?.10 la we a a in of re Hin Edri 5u f or and vice a Tominov Rhee won Vej h Friday a Bill Sua. Cho former Deputy propaganda a a Sunea r Ruay a Din a r i. I a a 111 inn 71 n a tim a it Nusl rur it Tian n f Lizul of unification which they Hope continued Page 2, col 5 fitted from any place in the w / id played toward Korea by the United if they Are properly sponsored. States in the months before the former members of the polish outbreak of War there. Eisenhower armed forces residing in the Brit is making sure now that the Krem with clubs and sent them fleeing is Ijes Tju foe admitted in num in and the chinese communists United nations if a the 16 in less than five minutes k fifteen 5prs top to 2,000. Two thousand Chi shall have no reason for again Allied countries w Ith forces in another mob of 300 started a a protest March in Neu Koelln but 200 police commandos slammed in Britain Canada hedge on pact Bills vetoes two Washington uti a president Eisenhower signed a Batch of 38 Bills into Law Friday Ai he prepared to depart saturday for a vacation in Colorado. A stack of 149 Bills approved by ingress before it adjourned were captured. Nese refugees will be received if considering America indifferent. Truce bound Korea have signed a a it it a summer last monday still Ber As soon As u. N. Will deliver civilian internees service projects Are authorized h. Washington up a president a Hundred communist toughs their passports Are endorsed by the when i s. Aid goes to Indochina a declaration pledging to fight ocl them a a a a a a Nefak i Civ a Caniar a. �?Thjn0se nationalist government of a president said a we Are voting promptly together against any new. Expected to Lake mein ? food Hiang Kai Shek for the cheapest Way that we can red attack there. Along on his vacation. Proven the occurrence of some by Britain and Canada both among the measures signed Fri thing that would be of most Terri signers hedged their commitments were half a dozen important Hie significance to the United Friday night in statements from one so i including big appropriations states of America our Security their foreign office spokesmen. A �?~e8,Salon for Extension of the our Power and ability to get certain both these British common reciprocal Trade agreements Law. The korean and chinese Side will a Premier net won else a a Power surr Ned Frid in a Bill suddenly attacked six Regula inform the other Side of the num former Deputy a Masanda authorizing the construction of Tolmen guarding a Kreuzberg food Chiang Mun san p a the United nations command said Friday it will deliver its first women and children communist internees to the reds sunday�?2,874 adults and 23 youngsters. The breakdown shows 1,800 North koreans party and six others $491,595,930 of army Navy and distribution Center and tried to one of the based officials got air Force projects at Home and steal the registration files of East Une of me jail a ,i Goi German food applicants. Three 0 0 or. It the Viqi c71 non f m buses and 120 police commandos a a 1py0tn� Ang Radlo Quot it a a a t a and a water Cannon truck raced to stored in Tokyo announced i i army $87,011,130 for the Navy this a continued Page 2, col. 5 a Sho the reds some with blood 1 pm . Story and act in to the announcement of the tons streaming Down their faces from one of two thursday escapees a a self h. Declaration Here Friday said the �6i-, qflq%4 incl diff a ran 0ff toward the so surrendered himself to authorities there is a line of thought there circumstances of any new Daggres $615,989,964, including one of 2 prison escapees Home things we need from the riches wealth countries in the first re veto gtd tw0 minor measures. Major Bills signed were i. Voice of America and other Mercury reaches 91 in mining City the total is about 42 million Jet sector a few blocks away but a Montana state prison in Deer a a a huh is by no Means new but Sjon would dictate their Cour e of for . Civil defense ii re ak-----1�?-�?ti--------- View Cecior a Rew Dicks Awa it. Nui Lodge Whyl i second which has not been sufficiently action when the time comes both and 200 million dollars for recon a corned about Striction in War torn South Korea. Engaging red 2 f,�?Trei8n aids billion dollars for military and economic ments and improvements of air the a a heat Sony in Butte again. Fields hop stations arsenals and dollars less than originally requested by the services. One was seized and jailed. The soviet zone news Agency to to rna Ned a Large Butte police emphasized during the entire de appeared to be conc the projects including enlarge Friday a baht described the riots reported. Pc Loument of the american foreign the consequences of in a it. It workers no Bald William Baumann. 25, Aid program. That is the need to China on he China mail fund. Evocative fowl a u Back within he Confin s the ,.othcr a is for cob the Canadian foreign office to some 60 Friendly ins. 600 chinese 473 temperatures in the mining City similar installations and also the Ion -7 a a declared of Stern to wuss Way prison Walls. Baumann is Yective Security the defense produc-1 spokesman in Ottawa said that pm intros. N women one chinese Friday Rose to 91 degrees the beginning of some new programs and pensioners joined the Quot work scr my a. Seven year term for for Eon which the i med slates does Canada would not be committed 3 Malanea a Bill creating a Quot a a from the soviet sector in de a Quot Alfh Star do i51 no have he manpower t0 a Quot a in Advance to strike at red China commission to study the question Ine soviet m n Baumann and Frank Donald thie utilize. North Korea. Woman and the 23 children. Warmest Here since july 30 when wl11 be financed with Money now the women Are communist 90 was recorded at the weather on hand nurses helpers wives and Camp Bureau at the Airport. The new Law includes authorize followers who were swept into the 11 also was the warmest August ions for the following projects in Allied prisoner bag mostly during Reading in at Loat two years Tho United states the dramatic collapse of the North Sinco be lpo2 High for this month ers in a Riding that american food Faut in d away from to a great Deal has been made of Quot a a ,1�?~&Quot Quot Al a is prison farm six Miles West of Deer partnerships which Are All Well mint with refer inc to Quot the Dacia Congress members now get $15, Pels be Given to the westerners and not to East germans in retaliation for any new Daggres raising the salaries of Congress Sion in Korea. He made this com Imen and federa judges., w Lodge thursday afternoon. And Good and which provide an i is second outburst in Vest United press dispatch related essential adhesive if alliances Are korean army in the fall of 1950 came in 22 Quot a Ben 90 was Pueblo ordnance depot colo., do roof Quot Fui a that Humann was brought in by to be made to work. My. Us error did ?1-- 1 a -----�?1 a Muu it 1,1 Cidh k1 army the children were either with recorded weather records for storage and operational facilities Nisi leaders7hev w these women or were born to them i Cly have been packed away $563,000. Shortly after their Captivity. Because of the bureaus impending air Force by and Large the women have abandonment. Great Falls air Force base been among the most bitter com More humid weather is seen for mont., Airfield pavements aircraft munits a sullen and determinedly saturday w Hen a maximum of 88 maintenance storage utilities Erman comm his wife from fort Benton. But even the a Quot uie of the partners might have anti United nations. Is expected. $425,000. Ferguson thinks Senate will ratify korean pact Washington today s weather in Bude and Montana sen. Fer Butte forecast tired thunderstorms East. Not so or a a a a \ generally fair saturday and sat b a acgxes71��?zwcf.?i riiihllv6 fcb urday 85-95. Seeking to up quoted Warden f. O. Burrell ii of it better if America had been destroy at All costs the to million As saying Baumann and Thiefault a bottle More Frank about Tho legit it r a or Fitzg Dollar american free food program Ted at fort Benton thursday mate self interest of her actions. 11 d for the hungry in soviet occupied night after taking a car Moor if Eisenhower can make Amor a i a u Lodge stealing some clothes from a s material interests Clear he but red error and plunder have a clothesline and travelling through 1s going to touch a lot of people failed to hot it the huge project. Rupno of Groat Falls and on to a not Boon and arc not the total of packages distributed port Benton oink to be touched by discussions zoomed toward the 2 million Mark. Tho abandon Rel car was recon of principles and he will be better _ Quot ered Friday night from a Gully East a Raf ers nor by the rank material Forest fire spotted of fort Benton by sheriff Jack s in the Bierlin too. Bradley the up stated. Korf to i thaw m r Thiefault still has not been to a Patty f ii Pic c in 4 j to l i j a i Okai ilk a soveral Hun sri air a sat p it i was % As of america�?Ts1 Pacific policy. Expected maximum. Saturday 88 the table Foy. Ear Quot Saj eve Wolf Khz is a a a icy expected minimum saturday 50. Maximums Are for the 12 hours Day Corning Fred Currie of the and a Gold coloured Cowboy shirt. Att f embarkation at 8 30 a i think if the Security pact is temperatures for the period 12 minimums for the 18 hours ending Headquarters reported. Thiefault was sentenced to the monday. In the language of the pact we mini to thursday to 5 30 p. 5 30 p. In Friday a the pint a Region is Southwest Penitentiary from Malta on oct. J my Nad it a have with the Phili dines and a inday maximim 91 minimum of Anaconda 24, 1952, to begin a five year term Nave Wun me no Pines and a 5j Montana Max. Min. Pep. Currie said 15 men have been for grand larceny. He stands 5 sent to the scene and smoke jump feet to weighs 152 and has Brown . The Senate would go along a Ferguson said. A after All Montana forecast Korea is in the same Montana Billings 92 Belgrade 95 the Mutual defense pact initiated saturday Saterp throw c. Loudy Broadus. 80 by Secretary of state Dulles and not in warm Hiah w klercst0r,ms�?~ Butte 91 president syn Man Rhee is along far i trip Phanap in Tom. Aye Cut Bank. 86 the lines of the japanese and Phil East of dub a \ a Dillon 93 i Pines pacts. In renin a a of 7 saturday Drummond. 93 Ferguson recently elected chair Herod aft porn non than her few 1 Clasgow. 81 Man of the Republican policy com Seadin a t great Falls. 91 Mittee in the Senate expressed Dave vat fp.�rrtl0nf Satu Havre his views in a radio interview. Day my hts sunday fair West scat Helena Forest arsonist sentenced Willows Calif. a wooden faced Stanford p. Pattan who admittedly set a Forest fire that burned 15 persons to death was sentenced Friday to a two to 20 Etc a a year term in a state prison. I Clear continued mild. 9195 Kalispell. A Lewistown. 90 Livingston. 91 Miles City. 84 Missoula 95 Superior. 96 West Yellowstone 87 Whitehall 95 54 51 45 51 53 48 45 48 62 50 53 58 50 51 49 51 46 37 59 ers probably will be called into eyes and Black hair action later saturday. The fire at present does not appear too bad a Currie said he w As informed to begin vacation Washington or a president and mrs. Eisenhower will take off at noon saturday for a flying trip to Denver and several weeks vacation the White House announced. Bank Bandit gets $5,480 Seattle a a Lone gunman held up the Magnolia state Bank Here Friday and fled with $5,480. Spectacular rash Sou Bend Wash. a a spectacular Auto crash near Here caused More than usual interest among onlookers. Elsie Noggles 41, Roseburg ore., was nude when she stepped out of the w Reckage of a car that had overturned while speeding along the Highway at 70 Miles an hour. A $25 Fine for drunkenness was suspended. A a african King had 415 wives. King plenty who ruled the african Congo in the 19th Century had 415 wives. But if you a like to provide your one Little lady with plenty of spending Money you can make it through want ads. Through want ads you sell things you done to need fill vacant rental units and get a better Job. For an experienced and writers help dial 5451 and get plenty service. Here san and that brought results garage at too w Galena. Rations assertion that new Hostil 999 a a federa judges 8�t cities probably would not be con $15,000 to $25,000 annually. Fined to Korea itself. It Trade Bill extending the a reciprocal Trade program to next june 12. 5. Military a Bill authorizing $491,595,930 for construction of army Navy and air forces bases and other projects at Home and abroad. 6. Relief a Bill authorizing the president to Send up to too million dollars in surplus food and farm products to Friendly Peoples threatened with famine or other emergencies. 7. Offshore lands a Bill providing for a system of Federal Mineral leases in the submerged lands on the Continental shelf beyond a historic boundaries of the states. 8. Inspection a Bill authorizing inspectors of the food and drug administration to enter processing plants without owners approval 9. Submarines a Bill authorizing the loan of two . Submarines to Turkey. 10. Taxes a Bill extending the income tax exemption for enlisted men in combat areas. Officers get an exemption up to $400 a month. Three year old Brenda of Allentown pa., gives mom a helping hand by washing her Dolly a clothes. Its not work its fun and besides ifs a Good Way to Cool off. Ice Cream saved Sacramento a the Sac Ramento fire department answered a general alarm fire Friday at the Igloo Frozen food company. Nine door to door ice Cream sales trucks and four refrigeration units were destroyed in the Blaze but no ice Cream melted the department said

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