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Butte Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 1

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Butte Montana Standard (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Butte, Montana Showers Butte weather mostly Cloudy through monday scattered showers tonight and monday cooler monday. Expected today 72 tonight 42. Saturday Max. 80, min. 41. Montana amp a Speed can kill 110 148 have died in Montana Highway accidents this year. Was the traffic toll a year ago this Date. Vol. A Xxxii no. 4 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana sunday morning August 4, 1957 Home edition Price to cents Fate of rights Bill is be clouded thief who stole two planes in Montana object of wide Hunt West Yellowstone up a i latin county said the first plane officials throughout the West were crashed on the Edge of Hebgen alerted saturday for a runaway Pilot who apparently stole two planes within 12 hours. Sheriff Donald Skerritt of Gal or. Republicans see passage of postal raise Washington up a sen. Carlson a Kan predicted saturday that Senate democratic leaders will push through a Bill raising pay of the 500,000 postal workers before this session of Congress ends. He said republicans expect that a move will be made in an Effort to Embarrass president Eisenhower who has announced Strong disapproval of the Bill. I he told a reporter he was sure it would not become Law. Of Owen or if it is sent to the White House in time to Force the president to veto it before Congress adjourns there would be an Opportunity to try to override the veto. Eisenhower killed Federal employee pay Bills in his first term but not until after Congress had quit. The House already passed last month by a 379-38 vote a Bill raising the pay of the postal employees $546 a year. The annual Cost would be about 280 million dollars. The Senate Post office and civil service committee on which Carlson is senior Republican member has approved a different measure for the same employees. It would provide across the Board increases of 7v4 per cent plus temporary Cost of living adjustments running from $80 to $240 for workers in the Bottom seven grades of the postal service. The committee estimates the annual Cost of this at 270 million although Carlson said the Post office dept figures it at 300 million. Democratic Senate sources said that in All likelihood the House Bill will be called up in that body in an Effort to get it directly to the president without any conference or further House action however Carlson said he was sure an Effort would be made to Amend any postal pay Bill to include pay raises for the one million civil service classified employees. 1 the Senate committee also has approved a Ivy percent pay boost for these employees. Carlson said this measure could be offered As an amendment to the postal Bill. Lake near West Yellowstone. A Short time later he said a red and White Piper super cub be longing to the Einarson Bros flying service at International Falls minn., was taken from the West Yellowstone Airport. Civil aeronautics administration officials said an Alert was posted throughout the West for the second plane which had a fuel Supply for 3 hours of flying. The Caa and sheriffs officers gave this account of the bizarre incident a red Stinson voyager belonging to Byron Byers and Robert Lott of twin Bridges was taken Friday evening from a Hanger at twin Bridges after entry was gained by forcing a door. The plane was not missed until saturday. The plane was landed at a West Yellowstone Airport late Friday night. The Pilot described As about 5 feet 9, 30 years old and sporting a heavy growth of whiskers at tempted to take off from the Field Early saturday morning but crashed into about three feet of water in Hebgen Lake at the Edge of the runway. An unidentified passing Motorist picked up the Man and quoted him a saying he wanted to get a Tow truck at West Yellowstone to pull the plane from the water. Shortly after two men who had rented a plane from the Einarson flying service walked on the Field to continue their Cross country flight. A we knew it was our plane taking off but there Wasny to much we could do about it Quot said Louis Gordon 24, of International Falls a Sophomore at the Minneapolis school of arts. He said he Anc Norbert Goulet 24, International Falls had rented the plane for a Cross country vacation by plane. They said they were headed for Salt Lake City in route to Loe Angeles. A who Ever has that plane got a Complete set of aeronautical Charta for every state West of the Mississippi River and his course charted for him to Loa Angeles a Gordon told a reporter. A the probably had enough fuel to reach Salt Lake City if he ran his mixture lean and did no to go too Gordon said the name Einarson continued Page 8, col. 7 Dulles issues demo Rad senators alter Victory in civil rights Battle Challenge to red rulers by John m. Hightower Washington up Secretary of state Dulles flew Back saturday from disarmament talks in London and promptly challenged Russia to join the West in lessening the danger of a great atomic War by opening vast territories to Aerial and ground inspection. Dulles arrived in mid afternoon and went to the White House to give a first hand report of his London Mission to president Eisenhower. Dulles was with the president an hour and 17 minutes. He was Able to report to the president according to information in diplomatic quarters that he had succeeded in pulling the Western allies out of a logjam of disagreement on inspection zones. They concurred in a plan he presented to Russia at a meeting of the . Subcommittee on disarmament in London Friday. What he proposed in essence was that Russia agree to Aerial and ground inspection Over great areas of Europe North America and the soviet Union. The object is to preclude the possibility of a massive Surprise attack in this atomic age. In an Airport statement Dulles said that a it is now up to the soviet Union to a if the soviet Union accepts these proposals a he said a and if the necessary details Are worked out the risk of Surprise attack will be greatly diminished. A and since a major War is not Apt to be launched unless the aggressor can count on Surprise the danger of general War will have lessened. Then k will be More possible safely to reduce the Burden of Dulles recalled that soviet Delegate Valerian Zorin had promised that the russian government a would give the Western proposals careful a i Hope that the soviet government will realize that an inspection system that makes us All More Safe and which facilitates reduction of armaments is As much to their interest As it is to ours a he said he reported that As a result of his visit to London he arrived there monday he was a More than Ever aware of the immense complexity of the task we face. But president Adamant against Senate a revamped measure by Jack Bell j civil rights legislation a dead for and this session of Congress. B. L. Livingstone i three top administration offi Washington up a president vials who cannot be named said Eisenhower was reported Adamant saturday against the Senate a revamped civil rights Bill and rep. Joseph w. Martin or. House gop Leader in interviews that Eisenhower regards the Senate version of tha Bill As completely unworkable. He was said to be throwing his weight democratic senators Frank Church Idaho Joseph c. Of Mahoney Wyoming Lyndon Johnson Texas Estes Kefauver Tennessee and Richard Russell Georgia left to right go Over Senate vote tally Sheet after Victory in attaching jury trial amendment to the civil rights Bill by a vote of 51-42. Of Mahoney Kefauver and Church sponsored the amendment. Russell led the Southern bloc. Johnson majority Leader was a big Factor in passage of the measure. Eisenhower has denounced the amended Bill peer criticizes Queen stirs up Hornet s nest by Eddy Gilmore London up a lord Altrincham who describes Queen Elizabeth a speaking style As a a Spain in the neck a said saturday the British monarchy will collapse if people cannot talk about it. The 33-year-old Peers audacious criticism of Queen Elizabeth ii and other members of the Royal Sanphy came in a Magazine article. But he cached it up with in flood of Frank comments from his iome. London newspapers wheeled up big guns and hit Back at him. Writing in the conservative National and English review which he edits lord Altrincham pronounced All Tring am pounced on the Queens speech making. A the personality conveyed by also i remain convinced that the the utterances which Are put into task is so vital that it must be her Mouth is that of a priggish pursued with unwavering Dulles flew to London upon the last minute inspection of Eisen continued Page 8, col. 2 schoolgirl Captain of the hockey team a prefect and a recent candidate for confirmation a he wrote. A the relatively classless society continued Page 8, col. 3 sen. Mcclellan views Hoffa plan with alarm by g. Milton Kelly Washington up a sen. Mcclellan dark said saturday that James r. Hoffa a plan to put All Mcelroy May get defense Post Washington a Neil h. Mcelroy Cincinnati soap manufacturer and advertising expert a definitely is under consideration for a major government Post a High administration official said today. However the source did not confirm reports that the $285,000 a a ,. ,. A year president of Procter and in nation s transportation work Gamble is in line to succeed Sec lnt0 is a e or Edera rotary of defense Charles e. Wil ton a uld creat a a pm is Vern son Ament. I Hoffa the 44-year-old heir a Ohio congressional sources said Parent to Dave Beck As teamsters a Security Check is being run on Union preg Clent has said All truck Mcelroy prior to offering him a Ajr it Raji an j shipping unions should High position. Be combined into a single Union in Cincinnati the 52-year-old or federation a for their own pro businessman said he is going to Washington monday for an Early afternoon appointment. He would not spy with whom. The White House and Pentagon official spokesman said no appointment for him was scheduled monday. Town of Helmville joins in celebrating 99th birthday of a aunt Maria a Pioneer of Montana Syria announces Jordan threat Damascus Syria a the syrian government announced saturday that Jordan has delivered an ultimatum threatening to sever diplomatic relations and resort to armed action if necessary unless Syria stops an anti jordanian press Campaign by sunday. A government statement said Syria has rejected the ultimatum. A syrian spokesman said the ultimatum was delivered verbally in Amman last wednesday by jordanian foreign minister Samir Rifai in a meeting with russian charge do affaires Ahmed Rah by. In Amman the Jordan government denied it had threatened to use Force against Syria. A spokesman said Rifai a merely Drew the attention of the syrian charge do affaires in Amman to the fact that the syrian press attacks were unethical especially As the attacks included the King and Royal family in addition to jordanian ministers and responsible officials accusing them of High according to the syrian spokesman the jordanian warning said that a if the syrian press Campaign against the Jordan Cabinet and its members did not Stop the Jordan Cabinet reserved its right to take any measures even if it would Lead to an armed clash Between Syria and slow readers find defender a Michigan state University English professor criticizes the recent stress on Speed in Reading because hurried Reading Seldom leaves time to think Over what a being read. Whatever your Reading Saieed it la pay to read Over thoughtfully the offers in the want and Section. And when you be some need dial a want and to 5451 so others can read about your want. Helmville when mrs. Michael j. Mccormick Pioneer resident of Helmville celebrated her 99th birthday anniversary sunday june 28, at an open House held by the Community one of the most compelling exhibits among her Flowers and presents was a Large White card of congratulations from Dwight d. Eisenhower president of the United states. A my my a this favorite daughter of the Nevada Creek town exclaimed wonderingly Over and Over. A imagine or. Eisenhower writing to me. Isnit it wonderful several weeks earlier the president had been tipped off by this reporter who thought that he might like to extend his Good wishes to one of the oldest persons in the United states a Pioneer of Montana an the West and a remarkable old lady whose mentality has made few concessions to the yers. The chief executives response from the White House declared that he would consider it a privilege. To mrs. Mccormick he said a please accept my sincere congratulations upon your birthday. May Good health be yours through Many More Happy scarcely less exciting to the celebrant was a letter from Montana a sen. Mike Mansfield. A just a note to join with your Many friends in expressing congratulations and very Best wishes to you a wrote the senator. A you have certainly spent a very useful and worthwhile life and have contributed a great Deal to our state. It is such individuals As you who have helped to make our state what it is in its growing Days and it is my sincere Hope that you will have occasion to celebrate Many More birthdays. Again congratulations and Best personal wishes to you a mrs. Mccormick whom practically everybody in Powell county and surrounding areas except her children and grandchildren Calls Quot aunt Maria a is a native of Ireland. The daughter of William and Mary Gaughan Mcandrew was born in county Mayo on what she said her parents called a garlic the younger members of the family believe she Means a gaelic Day a but so far research fails to reveal the existence of either. The Rev. Charles j. Fab ing chaplain at Montana state Hospital warm Springs himself an irishman recalling customs in some european countries of naming Days for the crops planted on them doubts not that there was a garlic Day in county Mayo at the time of Maria Mcandrews birth. Sure that it fell in july mrs. Mccormick decided Many years ago that the last sunday in that month was As Good a time As any continued Page 8, col. I in in in British troops sent into Oman Bahrein persian Gulf Section. Both Mcclellan and sen. Coldwater a Ariz viewed Hoffa a plan with alarm and said it looked like a move to set himself up the nations no. I labor Boss. A control the nations transportation and you control the country a Coldwater said. A a there a never been any doubt in my mind that a what Hoffa Mcclellan said if the Type of transportation Union Hoffa has outlined Ever comes into being it Khrushchev has meeting with Yugoslavia s Tito London up a president Tito of Yugoslavia and Nikita Khrushchev met for two Days this week in satellite Romania and agreed on a Concrete forms of cooperation a Moscow radio announced saturday night. The conference Between the communist party and government leaders of Russia and Yugoslavia took place on thursday and Friday. Sitting beside Khrushchev were Deputy Premier a. I. Mikoyan and Otto v. Kuusinen former Boss of the disbanded communist International and now a full member of the party presi Diu. Tito was accompanied by two vice presidents a Edvard Kardels and Alexander Rankovic a who have spent considerable time in the soviet Union this summer a on vacation by official description. A the two delegations said the broadcast a agreed on Concrete forms of cooperation Between the parties and on the maintaining of constant ties by the Exchange of party delegations Mutual information and Western experts on communist affairs suggested in London that this meeting could Herald the most significant soviet yugoslav Accord since Tito a break with Joseph Stalin 1948, even going beyond the Accord worked out two years ago when Khrushchev went to Belgrade to apologize for 1948. The continued Page 8, col. 5 pronounced acidly against House acceptance of it. Martin told a reporter a eth Bill is not acceptable to us and i done to think its acceptable to a majority of the he foresaw a probable deadlock which would put the Issue Over to next year. Tho three administration leaders agreed that As the matter stands Eisenhower would rather have no Bill at All than accept the Senate a insertion of the jury trial amendment in a measure which it already had stripped of authority to enforce civil rights in general. Some House democratic Leaden voiced the opinion privately that the republicans a a done to want a civil rights Bill this year. They contended the Eisenhower administration is stalling and hoping to carry the Issue Over into the 1968 election year. Martin called the Senate Bill to its present form a democratic Bill and declared a we wont take it in the form it is Likely to Tomc out of the in foreseeing a possible deadlock Over efforts to Compromise differences Between the Senate version and the More sweeping administration Pons red Bill passed by the House Martin said a it looks to me As though this Bill is dead for this session. That will put the whole civil rights fight Over until next january when Congress reconvenes. The chief executives keel attorn trued Page i. Pm. To _. Would Wield economic Power that Britain threw its own ground a would amount to a super govern forces into the Vest pocket Battle against the rebels of Oman for Mcclellan is chairman of the the first time saturday. Senate rackets investigating com vice marshal l. F. Sinclair Mittee on which Goldwater also British commander Here an serves bounced that British troops and the committee has been delving armoured cars were being sent j into Hoffa a affairs and particular into Oman to support native truly his alleged associations with Cial scouts and forces of the Sui new York labor racketeers. Hof Tan of Muscat and Oman. I la recently was acquitted on tempt to restore life. The prime objective is to Cap charges of bribing an investigator wag playing alone police said. His brother William 8, boy 9, at play hangs himself Denver up a nine year old Albert Pugh who loved to play cowboys and Indiana by himself was found hanged from a pipe in the basement of his Horn saturday. Police said Albert had climbed on a Bench tied an electrical Cord around his neck and the pipe and either slipped or kicked the Bench away. Firemen worked for More than an hour in an unsuccessful Al Ture the fortress at Mizwa where the forces of the rebel Imam of Oman have their Headquarters he said. A High government source said Pear before the it Emmitte aug. 13, although the Date May be changed. Mcclellan said that the commit rhe decision to commit British i�6 when it resumes its hearings mommies to the land Battle was i monday will look into the Case of taken after a serious reappraisal a bouncing Union charter. Robert f. Kennedy committee counsel said this was the charter continued Page 8, col. 6 Montana orphans of the rebel strength and determination. The source indicated British troops were preparing to meet Tough resistance in the rebels Mountain strongholds. In Cairo the imams represent i a native sheikh Mohammed Al Aib Iii ugly Lulilla Ilar thy confident that the imams Sacramento Calif. Ufa Mon forces could handle the a enemy Tana a touring orphans entered ground he said a a it a air i California saturday but the office attacks that we have no defense of gov. Goodwin Knight said the governor would Hungary arrests anti commies Vienna a communist Hungary later announced the Street of a a several anti communist political leaders including two former members of parliament to a my attempt to smash Afi apportion. A communique leaned of Tho ministry of Tho Interior to the regime of puppet Premier Janet Hadar said the arrests were directed mainly against three a Ali Atory anti communist political parties which wort accused of Quot senator revolutionary and illegal act Day. All those soiled will to triad a to Tho near future.9 maximum penalty for anti Stato Crimea a death. A your police sailed sew ing members of a Law Uniat political a motor the communique said. K was the second ment of arrests in Throe Days to Budapest. On thursday Tbs ministry announced Tho arrest of a on Mcclellan a committee. Hoff. I under jew Poen. To a 7 munged an _ alarm. The. Boy had nearly hanged i in a a1 f div Minilia Aifa no awl a of Ilia lorfk14mt wet cry we wami Nal Mindszenty and �?osorera19 himself six months ago playing tha same game. That time he was a changing a Albert was the son of mrs. Ruby Pugh of Denver. Montana weather other roman Catholic priests on charges of a counter revolutionary tha Cardinal now at Tho . Legation in buds Peel was accused of omering them to Rifle the government state Church Agency offices during Tho oct. To rebel lion. _ Tho Interior ministry said tha Montana East a consider government moved against tha Hie cloudiness North partly Cloudy j a Christian hungarian party and South with a few showers North the hungarian democratic Union,9 and extreme West sunday no in organized during the Wrom. Portent temperature change highs Ai Well m the National bloc of 70-80 mostly Cloudy sunday night and monday scattered Light show independents which was to process of being established a at tha id be unable to _ mostly North and West Little Tel Earithy announced that he meet them As planned because of r nature Chang Long sunday Toto Ltd u leaders of had been instructed to Appeal to a conflicting schedule. The spokes night 45.55. Highs monday 70-80. Leaders or a a a a a Man Saj j was presumed the group would continue on to Disneyland at Anaheim without stopping in Sacremento. The group six busloads full stayed Friday night in Nevada three buses were sent to Carson City and three to Reno. At Disneyland a a red carpet. ,. A total of 902,783 tourists visited reception is planned for the or 45 5jj highs monday w North ,0 helicopter will Yellowstone National Park through plans. Actors Bing Crosby Bob so guv r the United nations to Stop a Brit ish aggression in Oman Yellowstone Park travel gains Over record year Yellowstone Park up a Montana West a consider. Able cloudiness through monday few showers North portion sunday mostly Cloudy with scattered showers sunday night and monday Little temperature change sunday highs 70-80 cooler sunday night and monday lows sunday night Christian hungarian party seized including its founder Al Torney Karoly Zaj Kovari. Two former members of pro lament. Hugo Payr and Parent Mateovich also were seized the ministry said in the communique broadcast by Budapest radio ,. A aunt Maria becomes 89�?nearly a Century separates the Ages of mrs. Mccormick second from the left Here and her great granddaughter Mary Don Mckee held by m. J. Mccormick the baby a Uncle and mrs. Mccormick a son. On the extreme left is mrs. Don Mckee mrs. Mccormick a granddaughter or. Mccormick a daughter and Mary done smother. In the background is the House built in 1897 by Michael j. Mccormick where his widow has lived continually until recent weeks when she consented to move temporarily to Adge Mccormick a Home Down the Street july 31. The National Park service Hope and Roy Rogers ars to be saturday said this is a gain of on hand to Greet them nearly to per cent Over figures a the trip is financed by Benj year ago when the Park was in min Brinton retired air Force route to a record travel year. Colonel and former treasurer of travel in july totalled 554,814 the new York Stock Exchange persons 10.4 per cent greater now a rancher at Ennis Mont. Than the 502,574 who visited the Park in july 1956. A a a july 4 was the record Day with la 24,611 visitors recorded. The Lar Chi so Juii Gest previous Days attendance was a a _ 24,104 visitors july 4, 1952. Ton. By in vhf Ursi Ping Park officials said travel to Date members of a Dayton fire depart indicates another record tourist men company Hdldn has a t0 the table maximums Are for 12 hours minimums for 18 hours ending at 5 30 . Saturday. Year in the Park. Company go Early saturday when a Man the. Entrance at West yellow pm undead on he door 10 summon Stone continues As the most pop j a be. Alar Gateway to the Park through u was a a. House in july 290.117 persons were re a pm where Hose is stored corded. The South Entrance had for chief Charles Spieler est-254.961, East 193.303. North 111,725, mated Damase Al 000. And the Northeast 53,277. I a a a Billings. 79 55 Belgrade. 85 49 Broadus. 79 55 .10 Butte. 80 41 Cut Bank 64 46 of Dillon. 87 46 Drummond. 82 42 Glasgow a. 75 58 great Falls 73 52 Havre. 70 57 to Helena. 77 53 Kalispell. 72 a 51 t Lewistown. 72 52 .02 Livingston. 80 48 Missoula. 80 51 33 a Whitehall 84 43 be Here monday Geiger Field Spokane Wash a a the Spokane Tel h19 copter in route from Geiger Field Spokane. Wash., to Bridgeport conn., will arrive in Butte at i . 1 30 most monday. The Sikorsky h19 a chopper Bear greetings from Brig. Gen Sam w. Agee commander of 9th air division a unit of the defense command. It will a bring messages from mayor Willard tall and hem Glaze president of the s chamber of Commerce. The flight across the top of nation will pass through the v defense area where Many of air defense commands inter tor bases and radar Sites Ara rated

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