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Butte Anaconda Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Butte Anaconda Montana Standard (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Butte-Anaconda, MontanaBaltimore 41, Detroit 7 los Angeles 31, Atlanta 3f Washington 27, Dallas 20 w my s Green Bay 13, san Francisco 0philadelphia 48, new Orleans 21 new York 28, Pittsburgh 20 san Diego 17, Kansas City 18 a Denver 21, Buffalo 20score Cleveland 14, Minnesota 10chicago 30, St. Louis 3 new York 29, Boston 24oakland 31, Miami 17 1�.�f Iii Fol m Mumm the2 Hanoi targets hit for first time pawns of War anxious eyes of peasant children watch As . Marines scour their Village in search of Viet Cong. The children Are huddled in a Bunker in Loc son Village near an Hoa South of the demilitarized zone in South Vietnam. A wire photo she s Imti rare established 1876 our 92nd year no. 112 publication offices Butte mont., 25 w. Granite Anaconda mont., 121 main Good morning it monday november 20,1967 Home edition discount rate hiked Washington a the Federal Reserve Board reacted to the British Pound devaluation sunday by announcing an increase in its discount rate from 4 to 4h per cent effective on monday. Action came at an emergency weekend meeting of the Board following devaluation of the Pound from $2 to to $2 40 and a boost in the Bank of England discount rate from 6h to 8 per cent. Officials said the Federal Reserve action is designed to prevent an a inordinate flow of dollars overseas in View of the British Belt tightening but it could also have the Side effect of helping to fight inflationary pressure at Home. The discount rate is the interest Hanks must pay the Federal Reserve system for Money they borrow to maintain sufficient reserves. Other interest rates Are pegged upward from the discount rate but the action announced sunday follows the financial markets rather than leads them. There was no immediate comment from the White House. Secretary of the Treasury Henry h. Fowler said in a statement sunday night that the events of the past 24 hours a a have demonstrated the strength of the International monetary arrangement and the spirit of monetary cooperation in the free world. And he expressed Confidence the new British program will achieve its objective. Officials indicated the Federal reserves action was More of a reaction to the 8 per cent British Bank rate than the devaluation of the Pound. A this serves notice that the nation is not willing to let dollars flow out of Here Willy nil by a one source said. In its formal announcement the Board said it acted in Light of the British devaluation to i a assure the continued orderly functioning of . Financial markets and to maintain the availability of reserves to the banking system. It described a Basic purpose As fostering sustained economic growth at Home and a sound International position for the Dollar. One source called the move a a modest precautionary step to bring the Federal Reserve discount rate More in line with other interest rates. Some officials believe the increase will tend in the Long run to raise the interest rates Banks charge for Loans. It was emphasized however that the reasons for the increase this time differs markedly from the latest previous Rise on dec. 8. 1965 which was designed to Dollar. He said the devaluation Stem inflation. J that increase also was from 4 to Avi per cent. The rate was returned to 4 per cent last april 7. The move was immediately criticized by chairman Wright Patman a Texas of the House banking committee a frequent critic of Federal Reserve policy. A i done to like it a he said. A it. The people Are fed up with crushing interest Patman contended the increase is unneeded to counter any International Drain on the Saigon apr american warplanes mounted heavy raids sunday against the Hanoi and Haiphong areas hitting two targets close to Hanoi for the first time in the War. The raids Cost at least two american planes and their pilots . Headquarters announced. North Vietnam a official news a Agency claimed 17 american planes were shot Down sunday and that a sizeable number of pilots were captured. This was by far the largest american loss claimed by the communists for Price 10 cent a single Day. By american count however nine planes have gone Down Over the North since last thurs Day a including the two sunday a a and 11 fliers Are missing. In South Vietnam heavy new fighting was reported around Dak to and the casualties mounted on both sides in the epic Battle in the Central Highlands in the fighting sunday the . Command reported 43 american soldiers killed and 52 wounded in two engagements with North vietnamese regulars. The command said seven North vietnamese were killed in one of these actions and gave no count of enemy dead in the other casualties for the 18-Day-Oid Battle for Dak to stood at 197 killed and 750 wounded As against 868 communists killed by american forces and at least 250 More by South vietnamese troops. With the end of the Dak to fighting still not in sight . B52 heavy bombers carried out four More raids sunday night and monday in the embattled sector. The eight engine bombers hit at troop concentrations base Camps and escape routes 14 to 17 Miles Southwest of Dak to the escape routes bombed were located Southwest of the fighting area and leading to the be est second is a just an excuse to raise the discount rate. A they never do things to help the Public a Patman said in referring to the Federal Reserve Board. A they do things to help the the boards discount action applies to 10 of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks Only the Philadelphia and St. Louis Banks remain at 4 per cent but they Are expected to seek the higher rate this week. Laos Cambodia Border Junction. In the stepped up air assault against North Vietnam . Air Force jets flew through heavy antiaircraft fire to hit at a Hanoi Concrete production Plant six Miles West Northwest of the capital and the Thuy Phuong Barge Yard and transshipment Point seven Miles West Northwest of the City. Both targets were hit sunday for the first time in the War the . Command said. The two . Planes lost in sundays raids both air Force f105 Thunder chiefs raised to 747 the announced american losses Over the North in nearly three years of bombings. Air Force pilots flying in from bases in Thailand reported destroying one Sam site 11 Miles Southwest of Hanoi and damaging six other missile Sites near the capital. A relax fellas pm the cleaner a Camp found near South Viet Border pc hideouts found in Cambodia town threatened by chlorine Gas Newton Ala. A a few residents of this Southeast Alabama town for a time threatened by deadly chlorine Gas from a burning train crash were scheduled to return to their Homes sunday night. However authorities said they would not be allowed to stay. With the immediate danger eased As firemen brought the Blaze under control officials said one member from each family forced to evacuate would be allowed to return Home to obtain clothing medicines and other essential items. Officials said the designated persons would be taken into the town by bus then again removed in the same manner. Nearly 3,000 persons in the Small Rural Community were forced to evacuate their Homes saturday night As fire swept through the twisted wreckage of a 49-car derailment by a Seaboard coast line Railroad freight train and threatened to rupture the car containing the lethal Gas. The Blaze was brought under control shortly before noon sunday. Police chief Tom Goff of Ozark Ala., used Gallons of foam and tons of Earth pushed up by bulldozers to quell the Blaze. A a we be got it whipped now a Goff reported. Highway patrol officials said the immediate danger appears ended although some portions of the wreckage Are Stul burning. They estimated it would be at least 36 hours before All the residents would be allowed to return to their Homes. The officials pointed out that have escaped As the intense heat popped safety valves like firecrackers. However they said firemen working in Gas masks and Able to stay in the area Only a limited time did manage to prevent the chlo continued Page 2, col. 2 i editors note the american command in South Vietnam has Long charged that communist forces use adjoining Cambodia As a Sanctuary. This month cambodians ruler Prince Norodom Sihanouk gave visas to Many Western newsmen on the occasion of his Independence Day celebrations and invited them to travel freely to the Border. Two a men travelled to the Border across from War zone c which they have covered from the vietnamese Side. By George Mcarthur and Horst Faas on the cambodian Border apr the carefully camouflaged Viet Cong Camp was hidden beneath Lush Jungle about four Miles inside Neutral Cambodia. The signs were unmistakable despite cambodian denials that Many hundreds of men and tons of supplies had crossed this Jungle site and gone on to the War in South Vietnam. It offered hard evidence from the cambodian Side of the Frontier that a such Camps exist. The Camp had sheltered several Hundred men probably from a major Headquarters command group the occupants had left barely Days before. Some had been in the area the previous night As shown by fresh footprints following a heavy rain the Day before. One Soldier had left behind a Khaki Mosquito net still rigged Over a Hammock. From the Camp and stretch ing toward the unmarked Frontier with Vietnam was a heavily travelled military Road running through virtually uninhabited Jungle. Monsoon rams had turned stretches of it into a bog. Engineers had Laid Down a carpet of neatly trimmed logs. The Corduroy surface was capable of supporting heavy trucks and countless tracks indicated Many had passed that Way. The Road crossed the Border barely nine Miles from the South vietnamese District town of Loc Ninh scene of a bitter Battle this month when the Viet Cong kept up an assault by two regiments perhaps 5,000 men for a full week. American commanders said that Battlefield was selected by the Viet Cong because of its nearness to the Sanctuary of the Borders a Sanctuary denied by cambodians neutralise ruler Prince Norodom Sihanouk although he has recently qualified his position by saying his 34.000-Man army could not possibly Seal the 500-mile Border cambodian military officers on the Frontier indicated Little such Effort had been made they claimed however that there were no permanent Viet Cong Camps and no serious incursions. Prince Sihanouk has been informed of our discovery of the Camp. His reaction has not been disclosed. But Premier son Sann said an investigation will be made by cambodian officials. Continued Page 2, col 3 Pope appears first time since surgery Vatican City a Pope Paul i appeared and spoke in Public sunday for the first time since his prostate operation nov. 4. He addressed 30,000 persons at St Peters Square for the regular sunday noon papal Blessing in a shaking voice that betrayed his emotion and physical weakness he thanked the lord for his recovery and reflected on the fragility of human life. The Pope 70, said he hoped that a with a Little patience Quot he would be Able to resume his Normal activities soon. The pontiff appearing thinner than the last time he appeared in Public nov. 1, All saints Day mounted with uncertainty the several Steps enabling him to look out from his studio window on the top floor of the apostolic Palace he remained at the open window approximately eight minutes in the soft Sunshine of a splendid roman autumn Day. This was taken As a further sign of his improving condition despite his weak voice. Doctors have described his convalescence since the surgery As completely satisfactory. He has been Able to leave his bed for Long periods and has received Church officials on business these reports of the Pope s improvement and the Fine weather brought a huge throng to the Square lbs unpopularity filed gop eyes 10 seats in Senate or Blue Anaconda new learning concept could revolutionize . Education Washington apr a the seats of 23 democrats most of his colleagues will be a r and warmer today j Washington apr re rials specially suited for him. Good Many republicans Are and 11 republicans will be a running on their individual re with increasing cloudiness searchers have come up with a or. Richard l. Bright direct probability More prob would enjoy school far thus reducing discipline busily convincing themselves j Stak in next years voting. The cords a and not just As a Mem tuesday probability of inc pm learnin6 or of re search la for the . Of Lenur that president Johnson Sunpo Ida a tuesday. Rodar Jnita of Federal officials Are convinced fice of education Calls it the there would be no need for polarity will bring them a net no out numb he Quot der the a silent s ticket. Through has the potential for revolution greatest educational Brea k compensatory education for Degain of eight to 10 Senate seats would have to capture a net of a obviously with the Vietnam zing the nations educational through of recent times. The paved children on which the in the 1968 elections. Democrats 15 to gain control of the Senate War and the division of opinion tonight. High today 40, Low system in the years ahead claims he makes for Ipi explain Federal government now is say its too Early to speculate. Not even Murphy is that optic Over policies we Are going to tonight 16. One year ago 55 it called individually pres Why Federal officials Are so sold spending $1 billion of its $4 Bilo tin deadly Gas May Siona too soon. Sen. George Murphy fornia who Heads the Republican senatorial Campaign committee said be thinks that dissatisfaction with the president will result in wide gains for the republicans in other offices As Well. A i think the president has got to the Point where nothing he can do will bring him Back into Public favor a Murphy said. A the people look on him As a kind of Medicine Man offering All kinds of dubious cures for the country Sills. They just done to have Faith in him sen Edmund s. Muskie of Maine chairman of the democratic senatorial Campaign committee said in a separate interview he thinks that despite Johnson s Low estate in the polls Murphy is a jumping to Condu of Cali is tic. Muskie said his democratic races have our and Downs but i Survey of be jumping to Conlu indicates Sions yet a he said. And 30. Weather table Page 2. Cried instruction ipland it Means that each student works mostly on his own with mate Els would learn More. On it Here Are some lion annual education budget. A youngsters of All ability lev a the dropout problem would what sat stake in Vietnam by John m. Hightower Washington a in the swelling debate Over the Vietnam. War president Johnson apparently intends to focus emphasis on the argument that american Security is at stake in the fight to prevent a violent communist Conquest of South Vietnam. Johnson gave that concept top Billing in his news conference Friday when he was asked to set Forth . War Aims. To administration leaders it is the ultimate basis and of associated press news analysis the heavy investment of lives and Money the United states is making in the War. Johnson himself did my Moor ? Tion communist China in his discussion nor did he explain exactly in what Way he considers . Security is involved in defending a Small Distant nation on the Edge of the huge asian continent. Other administration spokesmen however have made the argument that chinese Power and aggressive intentions Are the heart of the problem for the United states in that part of the world. The president concentrated his summary of War Aims on two Points to protect the Security of the United states. We think the Security of the United states is definitely tied in with the Security of Southeast Asia. resist aggression. When we Are a party to a treaty that says we will do it then we carry it out. A we Are going to do whatever we think is necessary to protect the Security of South Vietnam and let those people determine a continued Page 4 coi 6 and they a largely be licked. I a teachers would cease being Mere dispensers of information and would be free to Tutor students individually and encourage youngsters to think and. To express themselves. A parents could take children out of school for vacations any time during the year without disrupting their learning process. Although it sounds like something for the Distant future Bright predicts that Ipi will be ready for partial use throughout the country in two or three years. Within 25 years says Secretary John w. Gardner of the department of health education and welfare a virtually All instruction in the schools will continued Page \ Sci 4

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