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Butte Anaconda Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 4

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Butte Anaconda Montana Standard (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Butte-Anaconda, Montana4�?montana Standard Post a Vitt a Faconda. A Onton sour div july it consensus our readers speak boys no threat to society electioneering via Viet Nam dear sir in regard to the articles concerning our Job corps i feel i must speak up and say i m sure the people of Anaconda can act like mature sensible people where it is concerned and that there will be no riot. Also there is no tension except for a Lew people who would like others to believe there is a problem and stir up some excitement. I have visited the Job corps and i am amazed to think any Community could consider these Young boys As a threat to a your society or anyone. They Are boys who Haven to had a Chance to be educated and Uncle Sam is trying to give them that Chance so they will be self supporting taxpaying individuals. I have seen the people of this Community open their hearts and purses to someone in need. We will accept these american sons As our boys and Hope they can know the real Freedom As they will soon be fighting for just that our Freedom and theirs. All nationalities have been living in Harmony Here in Anaconda and Butte for Many years and will continue to do so mrs. H. W. Peterson Anaconda. Yellow journalism charged dear sir regarding the article by lined George Remington Anaconda wrestling with conscience appearing in july 11 Standard i was greatly shocked by this article. I had thought of yellow journalism As being a thing of the past. However this article certainly can be classed As such. Or. Remington writes in such a Way As to suggest that Street fights ratings etc., Are to be expected at any minute in Anaconda. He also has written the Arti trac Tice democracy dear sir it has been Tome time since i wrote to this column. However your recent articles on the Job corps have inspired me to take advantage of your editorial Page once again. Id like to congratulate or. Remington for the Job he is doing to familiarize the Public on the situation in Anaconda and the Montana Standard truly deserves recognition for All it has done to promote understanding among people of All races. The clergymen and other citizens in Anaconda who Are trying to help these boys also Are to be admired. As a former southerner White i am very familiar with the negroes problem. Like Christ they too Are people of great sorrow and a Well acquainted with grief. May i say to Cle in such a Tenor As to egg on any people in Anaconda in creating trouble. He did everything but urge Anacondas to strap on their six shooters and go gunning for nonwhites. Certainly the civil rights troubles Call for More restraint on the part of All of us and this does not excuse the press from caution in what is told to the Public. I am very disgusted. A i. J. Bridenstine ., staff physician. State pulmonary disease Hospital Galen. Those people that they Are not strangers to fear and ridicule for they have been victimized by them for hundreds of years and despair has been a constant companion of theirs. I Pray that Anaconda will grasp this Opportunity to really practice democracy. We like to brag that our people Are free. Then lets make it a True democracy someone once said that a Freedom is no stronger than its weakest link a if All of us Are not free then where is democracy sir i would like very much to write an open letter to these Young men in the Job corps. I feel that i just might be Able to say something to encourage them. A mrs. Beatrice Ussery. Image at stake up trouble dear sir if you find this letter worthy i would appreciate it if you would print it in your a readers speak column. It is in regard to the negroes in our Job corps Center at Anaconda. I say ours because this Center not Only represents a share of our taxes it also represents the Faith our government has til the citizens of our Fine state to judge these boys by their deeds and by their conduct not by the color of their skin. Westerners in general and montanans in particular have always enjoyed a reputation for fairness courage and warm hearted hospitality. Here is an Opportunity to show our government and All its people that our reputation is Well earned and deserved. Richard l. Gearhart. A poor taste dear sir the article in the july 11 paper. A Anaconda wrestling with its conscience a was certainly in poor taste. Or. Remington stated there were a a couple of bums a who Are looking for trouble. Granted but you it sound like the whole town of Anaconda were the a couple of Anaconda for Many years was known As a rough town. We have pulled ourselves up by our Boot straps to better ourselves and in one article you make us sound like we Are terrible people. When the Job corps was in the planning stage we were told there would be an equal number of non Whites and Whites. What happened to the promises i would appreciate you not printing my name. A housewife Anaconda. Dear sir what Are you trying to do stir up trouble in Anaconda everything has been going along Fine up until now but we can expect anything to happen after your july ii front Page Story. If the kids Haven to thought about it already you have put the idea into their Heads. You and or. Remington should be held responsible for any trouble in our . A instigating dear sir referring to your article a Anaconda wrestling with its conscience. All the Way through it i could see that someone was instigating. Follow All these stories and it will be the same. I see no reason Why we can to act like christians. No one says we have to intermarry. Whites be so patient if treated that Way the negro has been a concerned. Voted for it dear sir regarding your articles on the negroes in the Job corps Camps. Those towns wanted Job corps Camps and they got them. That Sall 1 have to say. A Ruth Schuetz Mccandless Dillon jobs suggested dear sir in regard to your article a Anaconda wrestling with its conscience a instead of limiting hit training by the Forest service there Are other government bureaus that could help with it. One is the . Department of health education and welfare. There Are problems of water pollution land surveying and Many health welfare conditions that could be approached. About one third of the Public land is a surveyed. This sort of technical Job training would be in order. A Merrill k. Riddick Phllip Eburg. A failed somewhere dear sir if the writer of the article on the Job corps West of Anaconda namely George Remington is the same Man who was bom and raised in Anaconda then we failed somewhere a Orville Johnston Anaconda. Fit my Atta a amp Tanh arh and butt daily Pott published seven mornings a wee by the Standard Post member of the Lee newspapers of Montane in it. A a Chard c. Morrison publisher Ward panning associate publisher welter Lnelson editor d. A i. Campbell jr., business manager and1 advertising director a Art Meskill. Executive editor t. K. Conway. Office manager Joseph Stock circulation manager Frank Quinn feature editor Peggy Verstoppen women s editor official newspaper of Silver Bow county and the City of Butte weak candidates aided Standard Post Telephone numbers circulation department 791307 display advertising �-�303 792304 classified went and dept. 792301 news department 792-1305 society editor 723-4010 business office 792-8309 Job printing dept. 723-4200 negroes dislike Eastland Senate race complicated by Holmes Alexander Washington d. C. A congressman Prentiss Walker r., miss is a bucolic barrel chested fellow of bubbling Good nature and his chances of unseating senator Jim Eastland in november Are Serio comic and complicated. To score Over Eastland Walker an ardent White racist would have to be the fusion candidate of the klan the a act the Goldwater right wingers. The Nixon Middle readers and the al Cio labor i tes. Outsiders May consider any such conglomeration to be unimaginable but there Are men around Eastland who View it with realistic alarm. Mississippi is the Only Southern state where a manipulation of the negro minority could threaten anybody As institutional As Eastland is. Martin Luther King paused often on the Meredith March last month to Tell reporters that Eastland s defeat was his prime purpose in Mississippi. Hatred of Eastland powerful chairman of the Senate judiciary committee May be the Only subject on which All the negro leaders unite. They would move heaven and Earth a let alone a Mere voting bloc a to bring Down big Jim and thereby hangs the possibility of an upset Victory by Prentiss Walker. That possibility is obscured by the presence in the race of a negro candidate the Rev. Clifford Whitley and the Assumption that he will take the Black vote of As you say it know Why by William s. Penfield one might wonder Wiy the heraldic design of a family is known As a a coat of the reference is to a sure oat that knights wore Over their Armor. Die coat was decorated with a device or insignia whereby the wearer could be recognized As fiend or foe die practice of wearing a coat Over Armor was adopted by crusaders to the holy land who did so to Ward off the hot rays of the Sun. When the Days of Knighthood passed the i Sigmas of the fighting men were adopted by their families. Close to 200.000 new registrants. But Whitley is the candidate of the Radical Freedom democratic party which demands a Black Power a and is not highly regarded by the integrated and relatively conservative a act. The al Cio is backing the a act with a War Chest in the announced amount of $1 million in Mississippi and $5 million throughout the South. If bloc voting goes where the Money is. It will not go to Whitley. Hence or. King s single a deviating purpose a a we have got to get rid of Eastland a a would be Well served by swinging votes to the Republican who. However offensive to the negro Hierarchy would sink from sight As a member of the Senate minority. The political arithmetic which disturbs the Eastland backers reads like ominous writing on the Walls of the Temple. In. The gubernatorial race of 1964 the winning figure for Paul Johnson d1 was 256.006 against Rubel Phillips it 260,000. If Walker can take these 200.000 Republican votes he would need 150.000 negro votes to put him Over. Nixon backs Walker Richard Nixon who has already spoken in Mississippi for Walker is almost As popular As Barry Goldwater. Who has promised to make a speech and who carried 87 per cent of the state s electorate in 64. Walker is pounding the hurtful Point that Eastland talks conservative at Home but consorts with Lyndon Johnson and the Ken Nedys when in Washington. In Eastland s favor of course is his entrenched esteem with the ruling factions and his valuable seniority As a four term senator. He plans to ignore both racism and his Republican opponent. He will concentrate on supporting the Viet Nam War opposing the great society and featuring his Federal Highway Bill As a legitimate function of the Washington government and a Prosperity builder for the state. It wont do to say that Prentiss Walker has got big Jim running scared. But it is a fact that the senator walks wary of the company that the Republican representative May be keeping on election Day. By Bill Schulz Washington a House speaker John Mccormack has done his Best to elect several members of his flock and american commanders in Viet Nam Are reportedly furious. Mccormack dispatched a twelve Man a bipartisan inspection tour to Viet Nam earlier this month ignoring military protests that junk eting congressmen Are a nuisance who actually hinder the War Effort. Not one of the 10 democrats Mccormack set abroad qualifies As a military expert. But All face difficult election campaigns and the july 2-11 trip was designed to give them badly needed publicity in the Home town papers. The two republicans named by Mccormack to give the tour a bipartisan flavor represent a a Safe gop districts and Are assured of election. Heading the list of Viet Nam visitors was rep. John j. Gilligan . The Cincinnati freshman was carried into office in the Johnson landslide and needs All the help he can get if he is to Rebuff former rep. Bob Taft or. In november. Ten Roncalio . Was another member of the inspection tour. Roncalio who received less than 51 per cent of the vote in 1964hopes to run for the Senate this fall. Thomas g. Mcgrath . Was elected in a Fluke two years ago. Winning 50.8 per cent of the vote in a traditionally Republican District. Without lbs at the head of the ticket he is in trouble. John j. Murphy . Won a second term rather easily in 1964, but faces a Tough Campaign this fall. His Brooklyn Staten Island District is chronically marginal and gave him Only 47.2 per cent of the vote in a three Way contest in 1962. James Corman a Calif was another of the Viet Nam Junke Teers. With the Aid of Johnson s coattails he received 50 5 per cent of the vote two years ago and consequently faces a Strong Republican Challenge in november William. Hathaway . Was also Lent to viol Nam by Mccormack. He captured a Republican seat in 1964 and needs considerable help if he is to win a second term. Roman Pucinski d.-i11. And Gale Schisler . Both joined the vietnamese junket. Pucinski faces a serious Challenge in november and Schisler. A former schoolteacher rates As a decided underdog in his Campaign for a second term. Basil Whitener . Is in a Tough Campaign and Robert Duncan Dore is running for the Senate. Publicity from the vietnamese trip should Aid both. None on proper committee none of the visitors to Viet Nam is a member of the House armed services committee. Gilligan for instance is assigned to the Commerce committee Roncalio to veterans affairs and Interior Mcgrath to banking and currency Murphy to Commerce and merchant Marine Corman to judiciary Pucinski and Hathaway to education and labor Schisler to science and astronautics Duncan to appropriations Whitener to District of Columbia and judiciary. The two republicans who visited Viet Nam both assured of reflection Are de Gurney Fla and Tim Lee Carter by. Gusev is a member of the government operations and science and astronautics committees and Carter of Commerce. Milton Shad democratic nominee for governor of Pennsylvania has been badly damaged by the disclosure that he paid $15.000 earlier this Vear to the head of an anti negro hate group the National association for the advancement of White people. Shapp the Philadelphia industrialist who spent More than $1 million to capture the democratic nomination paid the Money to Harvey f. Johnston of Mckee rocks a. Johnston then withdrew from the gubernatorial race and supported Shapp. Pleads ignorance Shapp maintains that he did not know of Johnston a ideology until after the Money had been paid. Two weeks after Johnston joined his Campaign. Shapp says he Learned of his a Yawp association and Quot i promptly repudiated his support a it May have been two weeks too late. It. Gov. Raymond Shafer the gop gubernatorial nominee is expected to make the contribution a major Issue in the Campaign Shapp conducted the most expensive primary in Pennsylvania history to defeat the organization candidate. State sen. Robert Casey. During that Campaign Shapp repeatedly claimed to have persuaded John Kennedy in the closing Days of the i960 Campaign to advocate a peace corps. Sen. Hugh Scott , has vigorously disputed Shapps claim noting that Bills to set up a peace corps had1 been introduced As Early As january. I960, by rep. Henry Reuss d.-wis., and the late sen. Richard Neuberger . On june 5, 1960, sen. Hubert Humphrey introduced legislation establishing the peace corps John Kennedy proposed an identical program on october 5 but Shapp has loudly claimed that he gave the idea to Bobby Kennedy who passed it on to hit brother on a october 22 or 23. 1960.�?� sen Scott has accused Shapp of perpetrating a a fraud and resorting to a Spura fiction and fabrication in claiming to have sold the peace corps idea to the Lata president. Wishful dreams Hoffa not fading away by Victor Riesel Washington in the Wishful dreams of Many a National labor chief. Jimmy Hoffa always is heading for the last Roundup they want him corralled in any fashion a not because they think he is a a rat Fink or a surrealistic blot on their Escutcheon but because they have another More compelling. Reason. They want him to go away because without him there would be a i unified heavily financed labor movement which could revive the sweeping unionizing drives of earlier decades. Those Jug a were the Days which Ujj catapulted them into 11 world Fame and global influence not to mention Homespun political Power. If the teamsters brotherhood returned to the al Cio they would come Laden with Welcome Money and manpower which Only the insiders can calculate. By Fred Neher and Here we Are in germ City a technologists needed among the Many shortages in scientific Fields from which this nation suffers few if any Are As acute As the need for registered medical technologists. These Are indispensable members of the medical team who work Side by Side with pathologists and other physicians. In the laboratories they Trace the clues to illness through samples of body tissue and fluids. They must be highly trained for the lives of patients depend upon their work As Well As that of the chronicle ways to help Quot restless legs Quot by Joseph g. Molner dear or. Molner my doctor has what the doctors Cali restless legs and suffers from it. Can anything be done a mrs. We. The exact cause of this is not known but it annoys a Good Many people As they get along in years and occurs when the patient is at rest such As lying in bed or sitting in a chair. Symptoms can include tightness burning aching a crawling sensation or restless discomfort and it often goes by the name of a Jitter legs a which in some cases is a Good description. Moving about usually brings Relief but if the annoyance can be prevented a As sometimes it can that a better of course. Occasionally diabetic neuritis is found in a Case and medical attention is in. Order. About half the patients Are found to have some degree of depression and drug therapy for this condition can help although Relief May not be immediate. Still others have anaemia and correction of this improves the situation. Disturbances in circulation or nerve disorders Are not always a cause but do occur and use of a vasodilator drug May be beneficial. Supportive Hose May be tried. In an occasional Case avoiding Coffee affords Relief. As you can see when different conditions Are at work no single remedy can be expected to help All cases and the divergent methods which help different cases Are evidence that we do not know very much about this problem. Still one or another of the foregoing methods have helped a Good Many people. Dear or. Molner could you Check an article in the . Journal on diverticulitis and let me know when is the Best time to take barium sulphate a mrs. . It has often been noted that patients having irritation from diverticulosis or diverticulitis noticed Relief after having barium for a Ray purposes. The author of the article you cite reasoned that Small doses of barium might therefore be soothing when a a divert ice becomes irritated or inflamed. Trying it out he found that a Tablespoon of barium sulphate in a half Glass of water or milk taken three or four times a week did in fact Lessen the discomfort. This does not mean that everyone with diverticulosis of the Colon should take barium. The majority have no discomfort. The barium does not cure or alter the condition basically but is helpful in lessening irritation when it occurs. If you do not have my Booklet a a done to let diverticulosis throw you a i recommend it to you. Anyone May obtain a copy by sending a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 20 cents in Coin. Address your request to or. Molner in cars of this newspaper. This Cash does not in any Way involves the $50 million Cache now controlled by Hoffa rather the Money would come in the form of teamsters per capita tax and special assessments which the brotherhood would pay into the National al Cio coffers. Once it was inside the fold experts reckon this to come to almost $2 million a year. Die Money would come in at the rate of seven cents per member per month and assessments for political action. Such funds would be a Boon to the National al Cio Headquarters across the Square from the White House the Public generally confuses the treasuries of the big unions with the Bank account of the Central Headquarters no labor foil Knox there is no such common labor fort Knox. The National office spends about what it takes in and 23 per cent goes for International activity. It takes big Money to maintain a big Headquarters staff congressional lobbies and some 150 Field organizers thus 84 cents a head from the teamsters 1.772.194 members annually and 50 cents each biennially for the committee on political education Cope would ease the balance of payment for the embattled George Meany the Man Hoffa has chosen most to hate. But this is just the Basic Pencil work since Hoffa a teamsters were expelled from the al Cio in 1957 in the big drab winterized Atlantic City auditorium the al Cio unions have spent millions of doll ars fighting off a Tea Mon raids Hoffa has thought of himself As a sort of one Man Privateer in the service of the proletariat. Thus for years he has raided unions on the Rai roads. In the commercial air. On the waterfront in outer space business. And right this minute is zeroing in on a big Telephone workers organization. Much Money could be saved it takes scores of thousands of dollars to fight off such tactics. All this Money could be saved if the teamsters rejoined the al Cio and abide by the powerful article 21�?which outlaws raiding and leaves jurisdictional decisions to such men As the scientifically Neutral arbitrator David Cole. If instead of battling the two forces one with almost 14 million members and the other with close onto two million would join in a common front the nation would Sec a powerful 16-mlilion member Industrial juggernaut swing into action. This is the ambition of elder statesman George Meany the al Cjon so emr. thus he has for years held off the record conferences with influential teamsters officials Parley As secret As any Viet Nam negotiation. Or. Meany has talked with the teamsters fifth vice president Tom Flynn of Washington d.c., and the widely respected third vice president Einar Mohn of Burlingame Calif. But All plans were called off when the supreme court agreed to hear Hoffa a Appeal from his 8-year Priano Saow of

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