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Butte Anaconda Montana Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Butte Anaconda Montana Standard (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Butte-Anaconda, Montana142 138 is the Highway toll for Montana was the traffic toll this data 1966 1965 a weather and the butt Post Butte Anaconda mostly satiny today and sunday with a few widely scattered thundershowers. High saturday so Low saturday night 50. One year ago in Butte 80 and 40. Weather Chart on Page 0. Our 90th year no. 351 established 1876 Butte Anaconda Montana saturday july 16, 1966 Home edition Price 10 cents five teen agers killed in crash wreckage of a station Wagon and a semitrailer truck is strewn Over the landscape at Bowmans Comer about 40 Miles Southwest of great Falls. Five teen agers were killed and four others injured when the two vehicles collided Friday. Some bodies were thrown More than 100 feet. State Bureau photo Section of captured american pilots it uld bring major escalation f War Washington a if american prisoners of War in North. Viet Nam. Should be tried As War criminals and executed by the Hanoi regime a major new escalation of the air War against North Viet Nam probably would result Well informed sources report among possibilities these sources said Are a bombing of North Viet Nim Industry. A bombing port facilities at Haiphong and vital irrigation and flood control dams. A nothing they a North Viet Nam a could do would be More fish game leaders urge adjustment of Central flyway by Frank al inn Standard staff writer Twenty two resolutions were adopted Friday by the Western association of state fish and game commissioners. Election of officers closed the 46th annual conference of the organization. Sessions opened tuesday. More than 500 attended. Thirteen states and British Columbia were represented. Mick Takata Hawaii was elected president Honolulu was a elected As the 1967 conference City. Officers elected included Frank w Groves. Nevada first vice president James White Wyoming second vice president and Bon Glading California reelected Secretary treasurer. Frank h. Dunkle Helena director of the Montana fish and game department is the retiring pres Idem. Takata is director of thu Hawaii fish and game department resolutions were directed toward betterment of wild ife and fish Hab at. Preservation of areas for outdoor recreation and insurance that natural resources will be managed for the greatest Benefit of the Public. One adopted Resolution introduced by the Montana commission. Of which e. G Leipheimer jr., Butte is chairman recommends the Bureau of sports fisheries and wildlife adopt and follow the concept of flock management within the Central flyway in waterfowl circles. The Resolution stated that game departments have presented a scientific analysis of Mallard numbers identified As a Western Central flyway Mallard management unit with recommendations for season adjustments within the Central flyway which covers a Good portion of Montana the policy of the Bureau is. To proceed toward flock management with in the Fly ways Are rapidly As information justifying the approach becomes available. Another Resolution supports a proposed memorandum of understanding Between Federal agencies and the states regard ing administration of Federal government recreation areas National Parks and monuments involving fish and wildlife. Wild riven Bill the first Resolution passed Calls for favourable action by the House of representatives on the wild Rivers Bill which has already received Senate approval. The Resolution declares there is ugent need to retain in a wild state the Rivers that Are listed in the Bill. The association opposed Abo Ilion of the excise tax on fishing equipment As proposed by the american tackle manufacturers association. It also expressed opposition to charges for Access to Hunting and fishing areas including boat ramp charges in National forests. Retiring president Dunkle said the 46 h annual meeting was a an outstanding example of cooperation among the Western Likely to increase the pressure on the president to escalate the air War Quot a High government source said. And Friday. 18 democratic senators who have opposed escalation of the War called on Hanoi to refrain from War crimes trials. They issued a statement warning that such trials would a incite a Public demand for retaliation Swift and sure Quot further the senators said such Hanoi action would undermine the influence of those seeking to curtail the fighting in Viet Nam. Hie trials and possible executions threatened by Hanoi a Wix old be very very stupid a in the View of one source close to the situation. He said such action would undoubtedly vastly strengthen the position of those in the United states who want to intensify the War. Hanoi appears under swelling popular pressure to act against the prisoners mostly air Force Navy and Marine pilots shot Down during raids on North Viet Nam. Much of the pressure has been generated by the government propaganda network which dramatically stepped up its efforts about one month ago. The inability of North Viet Nam s soviet made missiles migs and antiaircraft batteries to Hait the daily american pounding of the Homeland has caused a serious loss of face to the to Chi Minh regime Hanoi thus May feel it is pushed into a Comer where it must hold trials despite the consequences. Official figures list 34 known prisoners of War in North Viet Nam 56 others who Are suspected to be prisoners and 93 missing for a total of 183. In South Viet Nam the figures Are 17 americans known to be prisoners one suspected pow and 86 missing for a total of 104. Informed sources said intelligence reports of Hanoi s intentions Are conflicting but that some flatly declare the trials will be held. Two East european communist news agencies carried reports on the a ration one saying 60 americans would be tried and the other predicting the trials May Start within Days. Secretary of state Dean Rusk warned Hanoi on thursday that the United states would con it id continued Page 6, col. 5 great Falls Lap a truck ripped through a station Wagon leading a caravan of teen agers from Eastern states Friday killing five and injuring four others. Killed were Sara English. 15, Summit . Larry Goldstein 15, West Hartford. Conn. Stanford Rothschild Iii 13. Potomac. My John Weintraub 16. Owings Mill. My. And Cynthia Taylor 17. Madison. N. J. Witnesses told officers that will Iam c. Nunamacher 36. North Caldwell n. J. Driver of the nine passenger station Wagon. Failed to Stop for a flashing red signal at a Rural Highway intersection Nunamacher was in a. Great Falls Hospital As were three other students who were passengers in the station Wagon their names were not immediately released. The truck Driver Lowell l. Larson. 25. Missour a also was hospitalized in great Falls. A Semi trailer truck carrying two new cars came Down a Hill on Montana Highway 20 and struck the tour car broadsid0. The station Wagon was pinned to a guard rail and the truck Tore jets escape red missiles Saigon upyt a communist North vietnamese gunners fired 10 surface to air missiles it a flight of . Navy a4 skyhawk jets near Hanoi Friday but All missed. . Spokesmen reported saturday. . Navy and air Force planes struck again at North Viet Nam Friday after a record Day of raids in which they flew 114 missions Dodg d the Sams and tangled with communist Mig Jet fighters the american jets in the big thursday raids a mashed two key rail Bridges continued Page 6, col. 6 through and Over the vehicle. Some bodies were thrown More than 100 feet from the wreckage sheriff Dave Middlemas of Lewis and Clark county said the crash probably was the worst he had Ever seen. A How any of them came out of it alive is More than i know a Middlemas said. Middlemas said a 24-year-old tour member Riding in the car behind Nunamacher a said the Lead car did not Stop at the red signal none of the other three cars in the caravan was involved. Three of the vehicles including the death car were pulling Camp trailers. The tour had camped thursday night at a High school football Field in Helena and headed Friday morning for Glacier National Park. The cars were on u. S. Highway 287 when the crash occurred at an intersection called Bowman s Comer about 40 Miles Southwest of great Falls. Middlemas was told that an organization sponsoring the tour has been sending students on camping trips in the West for 20 years. The crash pushed the state Road toll for the year to 142, compared with 138 one year ago. National guard moves into Chicago riot area gemini 10 shot on tap monday Chicago ail riot trained Illinois National guardsmen weapons at the ready moved into the heart of the strife torn West Side Friday night. They w ill help More than 1.000 policemen quell the worst Northern disturbances sine Watts erupted last year. The guardsmen the first contingent of 1,500 ready for action a moved Down Roosevelt Road in jeeps and trucks. Maj. Gen. Francis p Kane commander of the 33rd infantry division of the guard told newsmen a if anybody shoots at my men my orders Are to shoot backs shoot to they carried pistols carbines machine guns and tear Gas and began immediately patrolling a 14<vs<iuare-Blim k area. A campsite of tents was established in a parking lot. The atmosphere was generally subdued As the troops moved in gen Kan said 1.500 other troops were in Reserve in Chi Cago armoires ready to move in if needed. White owners of businesses in the sprawling Areia quickly boarded up their windows signs in businesses owned by negroes read a Black brother a a soul brother and a owned by your a marquee Wras lighted on a movie theater. The attraction is a the ten the violence marked by shootings looting and tossed fire bombs bricks and rocks had swelled in size and intensity for three straight nights and spilled Over into the Daylight hours Friday for the first time. Two persons were shot and killed in thursday night s rioting and at least 30 others including several policemen have been wounded by gunfire or injured. The rioting has led to a bitter clash Between some civil rights leaders and Community leaders. Mayor Richard j. Daley on Friday denounced civil rights organizers on the staff of or. Continued Page 6, col. 6 Low of $991,445 submitted county studies bids on metro sewer despite potential weather threat mass. Police to arrest Jaywalker Here a Campaign will begin monday to Stop jaywalking in the City police chief James Clark announced Friday. He stressed that enforcement is for the Good of pedestrians As Well As Drivers. Offenders will be fined 15. Parked cars which encroach on painted crosswalks will be removed Start tag monday because they Are a. Hazard to pedestrians Clark added. A $5 Fine will be levied. Cape Kennedy. Fla. Lap a America s gemini 10 astronauts went through a Tough physical examination Friday and space Agency officials said even the weather picture is brighter for their dual rendezvous and space walk Mission scheduled for monday. Despite the potential threat of rain and wind from the remains of tropical storm Celia the Mission director William c. Schneider late Friday a gave instructions to proceed with gemini 10,�?� the space Agency said. Weathermen said via s winds dropped from 50 to 30 Miles an hour turning the storm into an Easterly wave which might bring heavy Rains and lightning Over Southern Florida late sunday or monday. A its effect will depend How far up the coast the storm extends a space Agency officials said. The latest forecast Calls for Cloudy skies and scattered showers for mondays 6 21 pm. Edt Blastoff time for gemini 10 astronauts Navy cmdr. John w. Young and air Force maj. Michael Collins. A these Are acceptable weather conditions a officials said. The National aeronautics and space administration said the bad weather s effect on the launch Date will be better known saturday after weathermen make a More detailed analysis of the storm. If officials postpone monday s launching the next possible time gemini 10 can rocket aloft is 4 57 . Wednesday. This is dictated by the position of an already orbiting satellite the Agena rendezvous target left Over from last March s gemini 8 Mission which the gemini 10 Crew will try to catch up with during their three action packed Days aloft. Young and Collins Are to blast off about 100 minutes after an Atlas rocket carries an Agena space engine into orbit As a rendezvous target. After linking up w Ith the Agena. The spacemen will fire the Agena s main engine to Power them through the skies into an orbit up to 460 Miles High a a world record in this position gemini 10 can descend on gemini 8 s orbiting Agena and rendezvous with it about 48 hours into the flight. Collins plans a 55-minute space walk taking one experimental package off gemini 8 s Agena and attaching another one to it for the gemini 12 astronauts to pick up in november. Collins Ako plans to poke his head and shoulders out gemini 10 for 55 minutes of photographic experiments. Moose mass Boston apr the mys Terv Moose of Massachusetts has been spotted again and conservation officials think he May now head a family of three and that s a mass of Moose for mass a Bull Moo a and a cow have been seen together a few times in the act Ion Concord area during the past year thursday night Hans Van Leer of the conservation department. And his son in Law saw the Hull Moose alone Jim Shepard state fish and game director said the cow is probably holed up somewhere with a calf this is the calving season for Moose a any Moose in Massachusetts is an oddity a Shepard said a and i Hope people stay out of the area and Don t bother them a Silver Row county took under study Friday afternoon a Low bid of $991.445 71 for construction of the first phase of the metropolitan sewer District construct Ion designed to Lead eventually to establishment of a sewage treatment Plant and to rid creeks in the Butte area of pollution. The apparent Low hid. One of three submitted t it the Board of county commissioners came from statewide contractors inca Murray Utah firm. These were the other bids Naran a the Korda construction co. Butte. $1,190.247 79. And Felton construction co., Missoula $1.108.034 79 in a session conducted by Vera o Connell the Board chairman with member Hub Bert j. Johnson present along with Walter Everly metro District Engineer assisting in the inquiry there were 21 persons present taking notes and quoting figures. Many appeared to be would be sub contractors. Thomas Connolly the commissioners fiscal adviser also was on hand. The bids All sealed were opened and read by William t Duckham county Derk ind recorder the commissioners announced the bids wout be studied until tuesday clerk Duckham read off 40 different items. Engineer Everly when the bidding was done declined to give an engineers estimate of the Cost of this initial phase pending further examination of the proposals. Continued Page 6, col. 8 gunman walks out of Butte service station with $150 a 29 or 30 year old Man walked into the 1 and s Enco service station 1500 Harrison about 9 Friday night told a part owner in tie station to hand Over Money from the Cash Register and then walked out with $150 in Bills. Bill Sullivan. 18. 708 majors a third part owner in the station was by himself when the robber who it Aid he had a gun. Entered. Sullivan said the Man was massacre survivor tells Story Don t miss these Page 4 a the Job corps Issue i our readers speak Page 6 a Babcock willing to debate Metcalf Page 7 a Butte boys have Cool business Page 14 a airline strike talks at standstill Chicago a the anguished survivor of Chicago s town House massacre relived for police Friday the hours of horror when eight of her fellow student nurses were taken one by one to be slaughtered. The two hour interview from her Hospital bed tilled in details missing from her first hysterical account after the killings thursday. She had to look closely at pictures of 200 sex offenders. Police questioned miss Corazon Amurao in her Hospital room after she had roused from heavy sedation. A we Are now More hopeful a said Deputy chief of detectives Michael Spiotto a Tbs girl he Given the police artist the details of the killers she had never seen the Man before Spiotto said but she feels she could identify him if she saw him again. Or. Andrew j. Toman Cook county Coroner said autopsy reports produced no evidence that any of the victims had been molested sexually but that vaginal smears would be examined for a conclude finding. He said the crime lab should have a report on the smears by next wednesday. Toman added there were no scratches bruises or Bullet wounds on the victims bodies. He said the times of death had not been determined. Only two of the victims he said were not trussed a miss Marv Ann Jordan and miss Suzanne Farris. Toman said most of the Stab wounds were three or four inches deep a but its hard for me to say what Type of a knife was Spiotto said miss Amurao did not identify any of the photos shown her but said a there Are a few individuals we Are very much interested in a some More than others a a Spanish speaking detective was among the five men who interviewed miss Amurao 23. An Exchange student from the Phim Penes had been i this country Only two months. One question that nagged police was Why nobody heard screams it was a Cool night w India is wire Cut put of Walls of the contemporary style town House Are not thick. Spiotto said miss. Amurao told him Quot there were some Light outcries by the girls who came in late but it Wasny to Mary Ann. Jordan. 29. Suzanne Farris. 2.1, and Gloria Jean Davy. 22. Returned to the town House after the killer had already herded its other six. Occupants including miss Amurao into a Back room. It. Was. From that room a which police referred to As Thi killers a base of operations a that he dragged his. Bound and continued Page 6, Obi 7 i i Bill Sullivan about five feet i taches tall and dressed in a. Pair of Slacks and a Pullover sweater. A i was Back in the Bay when he came in asking about some stuff Here it i the she 1 us 111van said pointing to a rack containing spare parts and Oil. Sullivan said he thought the Man asked about wheel cylinders. A a in be got a Sullivan said the Man warned., a but i Don t want to use Quot then he up and takes the Money and takes off a the attendant said adding that the Man did not show his a the turned and went out and Down that Way a Sullivan said pointing South on Harrison. Sullivan did not see a. Car and did. Not appear to know if the Man was walking or driving. The robber did not Tell Sullivan not to make any Telephone Calls or to remain in the station. A the said nothing j t turned and walked out a the Pendant said. Sullivan then called Bis sister mrs. Quot slim Rusdal 708 majors wife of another owner and reported the theft. The third owner is Ivar Stenberg 41 i mile vue. Hie partners have been operating the station for about four months mrs. Rusdal said. I. Was the third robbery in. Butte this week. The others a took place late tuesday and Early wednesday. Late Friday police were my estimating Tibe latest robbery

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