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Burnie Advocate Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 1

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Burnie Advocate (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Burnie, Tasmania National Library of Australia Penfold ? Hospital m Urandy is pre War strength Good news for horse owners. Hippo is a Well tried and proved remedy for that troublesome disease which affects so Many horses commonly known a itchy leg. It allay irritation and stops the horse from stamping and rubbing. Easy to apply. Numerous testimonials from will Kuonen horse owners. Prico 2/6. Postage 40, extra from the r. F. Johnston pharmacies . Box 49 Devonport f phone 7 plans to impose pressure on Poland Germany May seek russian Aid Italy s consent needed London sunday. The British United press correspondent at Warsaw says it is officially announced that Poland has no intention of taking the initiative in no motions with Germany. It is considered that Germany must reply to the last paragraph of colonel Beck s speech setting out Poland s readiness to talk on the basis of Good neighbourliness. The times Rome correspondent says Well informed Cir cles believe Germany will refrain from going to the last extreme with Poland. It is authoritatively asserted that if she should fail to get what she wants by negotiation she will approach Russia the first step to which has already been taken with a View to squeezing Poland with russian help it remains to obtain Italy s consent to this which is the purpose of the Ciano Ribbentrop meeting. The times Berlin correspondent says lint among the Points raised by colonel Beek in acknowledging Ger Many s denunciation of Tho Polo Ger Man non aggression pact on Tho ground of Poland s agreement with Britain is if Poland is an equal party to Tho pact did not object to Germany s Mili tary arrangements with other Powers far exceeding Tho Scopo of Britain s guarantee Why should Germany Nero Prato a pact based absolutely on Tho Kellogg pact of non aggression f furthermore Tho Anglo polish guar Antee goes no further than Tho Franco polish Alliance which Gormany recon increased tension Tho Berlin midday newspapers to Fleet a prent increase of Polo German tension. They carry violent reports of polish attacks against germans in the corridor which Aro Strong reminiscent of Tho press Campaign Ngn inst Czecho Slovakia Tho a Wolf Uhr Blatt has this typical heading increasing terrorism against germans in Poland. First refugees reach Reich Tho front pages Aro devoted to alleged atrocities. Tho German propaganda ministry s spokesman says colonel Beck s speech was not sufficiently Concrete to offer a basis of now negotiations. It we weak and did not answer Tho Fuhrer directly. Herr von Ribbentrop and Herr Hitler both offered to Poland a Twenty five your non aggression pact. Tho Polo German conference on Dnn Zig and on Tho Condor in october 1938, resulted in polish rejection of Tho proposals in a manner indicate if you insist it moans from Danzig it is officially reported that Horr Foerston went to Munich on thursday to consult or. Grieser Lender of Tho Danzig Senate and that to then went to Hamburg. Colonel Beck appearing on Tho bal Cony in response to demonstrators in Warsaw said Tho Timo was Post for diplomatic finesse mid the whole coun try must be determined. I assure you to shall do our Best to interpret your thoughts and senti ments in foreign policy to said. No excuse in a loader commenting upon colonel Beck s speech Tho times says if Germany were once installed in Danzig Hob Woi ild go far to make herself sup Pope trying to secure settlement Vatican City saturday. It is confirmed in Semi official quarters that the Pope is doing his utmost through diplomatic channels to produce a Polo German settlement. It is believed he is willing to mediate if his Good offices Are acceptable to Poland and Ger Many. He has received numerous diplomatic representatives in the last two Days and has urged papal Nuncio throughout Europe to use their Good offices with the Heads of states. Remo in the Baltic. Tho problem must be settled diplomatically. Danzig Alono is not Worth War but any attempt forcibly to Solo Tho problem would to an additional instance of those methods that Tho world is no longer prepared to the daily Telegraph considers it will not to colonel Beck s fault if the Peech should fail to relax Tho ten Sion. It adds Herr Hitler has no excuse for refusing Friendly negotiation. Occasional comments hero and in France about Danzig not being Worth War Are deplorable an calculated to defeat the Confidence of Tho peace front " grave disservice the nows chronicle regards the reply As unexceptionable and As Demon Strating that the whole of Poland will resist any attempt to seizo Danzig. It adds Tho appeasers attempts to whittle Down Britain s commitments Aro a Gravo Dis Sonvico to Tho nation. Or. Chamberlain s protestations that Britain is doing nil it can Are not convincing. Proof of sincerity would to in sending lord Halifax or or. Ken to Moscow to completo Tho Anglo russian thu daily Horald compliments colonel Beck who it says seems to be steering a perfect course. German View the polish Nota was delivered at the Berlin foreign office five minutes to Foro colonel Beck spoke. Tho reply to. Horr Hitler s denunciations of the Polo Gorman pact was almost identical with colonel Beck s speech. Official comment upon Tho speech is unlikely at present. A sent Cmunt to the foreign press declared that colonel Beck Dis regarded Tho right of self de term nation it claimed that the Danzig cars must have a part in deciding Danzig s future. Poland could not claim to influence Danzig merely because it was at the Mouth of a polish River. Tho Polo German Trinty Berlin com ment continues was signed in a spirit of Friendship but must to invalidated when Ono of Tho partners entered into alliances inimical to the other. Tho times Borlin Corres Noudett says that Espilo official denials it is stated that Herr Forster loader of Tho Danzie nazis was at Munich to Day. The German evening papers do not publish colonel Beck s speech and make no ref Bronco to it. Thoy Continuo to warn Poland against intransigence As if no speech had Boen made. Slovakian problem it is reported from Paris that Herr von Ribbentrop und Tho italian foreign minister count Cinno Are discussing Slovakia s partition bet you Germany and Hungary. Gorman aeroplanes and War materials Aro accumulating on Tho polish fron tier but the troop concentrations do not suggest that no attack upon Poland is imminent. Military measures in Slovakia close to polish Industrial centres Are Regar ded As Moro significant. Tho newspapers draw attention to Tho following pcs Sago in colonel Beck s speech and interpret it to menu that Herr Hitler Olto Rcd to join n Poland pact directed against Russin Herr Hitler mentioned a Triplo condominium in Slovakia. This is the first i have heard of that suggestion. In some earlier conversations allusions Only were made to the fact that even Gene ral Nero Cmunt on Tho slovakian problem could to discussed. To Havo not sought to carry on such conversations because it is not our custom to make bargains with the interests of others. Non aggression pact moreover the proposal to extend Tho non aggression pact for Twenty five years was not put Forward in a Dufini to form in Tho recent conversations. Here also there were unofficial allusions Mado by prominent members of the Reich government but there were in such conversations various other illusions reaching far wider and farther than Tho subject now under discus Cussion. I Reserve the tight to return to this matter if at Milan count Cinno greeted Herr von Ribbentrop and their conversations began. Commenting on the talks Tho rom ii Piccolo significantly says Italy wants Germany to show moderation equally with Toland. Justice is obtainable on Ono condition Only namely renunciation by All of Tho wish to establish Tho Manchester guardian says it is Britain s duty to support Poland s insistence upon Umi Ablo discussion without armies mobilised on the fron tier. The Only Hope is a United front. First need London a speech this afternoon or. Anthony Edon said Tho first need now was return to Good Faith Between Tho nations. Without it International society like human society could Only Drift into Ever Widen ing confusion. It seemed to him that the emphasis Laid on this need was the most valuable contribution which col Onel Beck Mado in his remarkable speech yester any which might Well Servo As a Model to statesmen both for its firmness and for its moderation. It Wab not a question of morality Only but of plainness and practical poli tics. Official quarters in London state that the report of colonel Beck s speech to Tho chamber of deputies was received in London with Lively satisfaction. It is Felt that colonel Beck has Mado the position Clear and that to has done so in firm but studiously moderate terms. While colonel Beck has made it Clear that Poland will not sacrifice interests which she believes would be vital to her Independence to has closed no doors and is ready to solve outstand ing issues by negotiation. The times Zagreb correspondent says the Serbo croat negotiations have broken Down. M. Mutchek claims that the Regency Council Lins not ratified the verbal agreement that to reached with Tho Primo minister. Tho croatian Assembly will meet immediately. Hopes of an agreement have not been abandoned. Wealth before life labor opposition to conscription London saturday. Lie no conscription league to Day issued a Ninn festo urging All sections of Trio labor movement to withdraw representatives from Tho National service committees and to refuse to support Tho govern ment s proposals. Or. A. Bevan a labor Mcmoor of Tho House of commons and i dressing the Kent miners association said Tho government s introduction of conscription in violation of every pledge was destroying Tho Power of the working classes. A millionaire s son would supposedly receive Ono shilling a Day like a pauper s son but labor demanded two shillings. The meeting passed a Resolution condemning the government s policy. It expressed horror it Tho shedding of British blood in Ordor to regain Terri tory Given to or. Chamberlain s fas Cist friends by the Noppen Bomont pol icy adding that wealth should be con scripted before life. The South Wales Council of labor which has a membership of 240,000, ule Decd itself to resist conscription. Japanese raids play havoc thousands rendered homeless London saturday. Air raids on Swaton which most of the population has left resulted in the deaths of 60 civilians including four ferry boat passengers. Balds on villages near Polo demolished Many dwellings killed 350 and rendered thousands homeless. Turco thousand Japan so reinforce ments have arrived at Canton. One Hundred thousand Kwangsik troops have been stationed to Check a japanese drive into Kwangsik. Rising Rivers Are facilitating japanese naval movements. Consulate damaged. The japanese have Defeated a Sec Ond attempt to capture Nanchang hav ing inflicted six thousand casualties Sinco april 30. The British United press correspondent at chunking says that when the British consulate was damaged by bombs on thursday the ambassador was inside. The ambassador s Secre tary or. John thou rain was injured while helping wounded chinese. Tho raiders Cut a swathe 50 Yards Wido and half a Milo Long in Tho heart of Tho residential District causing sumo casualties. Two Hundred thousand lied Tho City. British protest. A German woman was killed while Rushing into the German consulate which wus not damaged. An incendiary bomb fell in Tho com Pound of Tho French consulate but did not cause any damage. Japanese flew Over chunking yesterday mid dropped cigarettes. Sir Robert Craigie British ambassador at Tokio protested against the Bombon of the consulate. To pointed out Ino Gravity of Tho Japan so action and declared that Tho excuse that an anti aircraft Battery was near by was entirely German africans reject nazism Cape town South West african German african party comprising naturalised germans mostly former soldiers issued a statement entirely rejecting Tho Hitler system. Anglo turkish agreement London sunday. Jne London exc Range Istanbul correspondent says Britain and Turkey have reached agreement for collaboration and assuring Security in the Mediterranean. The terms will be announced in the British and turkish parliaments to Morrow. Rapid air Force expansion Large additional orders for planes London saturday. The air minister sir Kingsley Wood when speaking at Guernsey yesterday said that Tho expansion of Briti Sli air defences was proceed ing apace and that there had Beon a record rapid development during Tho last two months. As the air ministry was ahead of schedule it had recently placed further considerable additional Ord ers for aircraft which would be delivered in the present year. Steps Are also being taken to expand our War potential declared sir Kingsley Wood. Air development has involved an entire change in our defence problems and it is for that and other reasons that to Are making great efforts and spending vast sums of Money on our air defences. Our output to Day is in fact greater than to had at Ono time deemed practicable and we Aro Well ahead of schedule. Our plans have been and Aro being Laid on a Broad basis so that to can materially and immediately expand our productive capacity if Tho need should Ever arise. Bush of Beck tits. J Tho response to recent appeals for officers and men has been truly magnificent. Last week Over a thousand joined Tho Royal air Force alone which is three times Tho number in the Cor responding period for the previous year. In View of Tho considerable expansion of All air defence forces Sonio 70,000 men will be needed this year i do not doubt that they will be Forth coming. Britain s policy is Plain and Simula to open to no misconception any where it is if we can to maintain peace but also to fulfil our part in helping to resist aggression and Force. To threaten no people but our country is United in a firm re Solo to spare no Effort to do everything so that tyranny shall to resisted and that tight and Justice Tho Secretary for War or. Hore Belisha. In a written reply in the House of commons said that during Tho period from april to april l a total of 3234 recruits were finally approved for Tho regular army and approximately ,000 recruits were Enlis Ted or were in process of enlistment for Tho territorial army. Italian spy sentenced to death Lyons France. italian Pierre ? cast Cili 3dwas sentenced to death for espionage and two French associates Wero sentenced to life imprisonment and live years imprisonment respectively. To Stelli is Tho first foreigner to to sentenced to death under Tho new espionage Law. Her hair looks Nice. Yes it docs but not Many even of her friends know that she uses treat ment to produce the pleasing appear Ance. Her hair naturally is Dull and Grey but acting upon the advice of a Friend she uses Volchok s russian hair restorer and you see the result. Use it if your hair a going Grey. I Price 2/0 at chemists. Primate s Appeal to Pope London saturday. The daily mail reveals that the archbishop of Canterbury or. Cosmo Lang after his recent Appeal in the House of lords for a peace Campaign made a personal approach to the Pope urging that All Christendom should be called together under the pontiff s leadership. Italian aviation boast will be on top when hour strikes Rome aviation will occupy Glrst place when the hour strikes declared Tho air under Secretary Signor Guiseppo Valle yester Day. Ile said that italian aviation no longer needed foreign petrol. Ame Rica s refusal of supplies before Munich stimulated Italy to produce Tho Ideal spirit and create amnio War time reserves. Italy possessed the most powerful explosive which was italian made and was fully tested Dur ing Tho Spanish end Nign. Refuses to be dragged in japanese policy London saturday. The havas Agency correspondent at Tokio says the foreign minister or. Arita sent notes to Italy and Germany proposing defensive agreements in the nature of Mutual assistance against aggression rather than True Mili tary alliances. Tho notes Point out that Japan is prepared to undo Tuke military engage ments for defence against Russia in Tho far East but refuses to be dragged in elsewhere. They contain Tho sub stance of instructions cabled to Tho japanese ambassadors it Homo and Berlin on the eve of the Ciano von rib Bentrop meeting. Jar. Arian in n speech to the inter National affairs association reaffirmed j4ipan/�s,inith.-.r1,i i pc Ltd pact but significantly declared that Japan s Imperial Way differed from democracy and fascism. He added that Japan would never use the anti comintern pact to make an enemy of any country. Her policy remained in dependent. She had no intention of driving third Powers out of China she realised that to do so would by practically impossible. Demobilisation in Spain i i Madrid Franco has ordered demobilisation of Turee classes on May 15, affecting 150,000. He plans to demobilised the million men at present under arms gradually in order to avoid disruption of civil life. Navy of Britain largest aircraft Carrier launched London april 0.-the new British aircraft Carrier illustrious was launched yesterday from the Yard of Vickers armstrongs. Limited at Barrow in Furness. She is the largest ship of the Type yet built for the Navy. Tho illustrious has a displacement of 23,000 tons and a length of 753ft., and will probably carry about 70 aircraft. With Parsons Beain turbines of 110,000 designed Shaft horse Power she should certainly be is fast As the recently completed Ark Toyal which reached 31.75 knots on her trials says the naval correspondent of the daily Tele the Zingara will to on two decks with three lifts to convey the aircraft rapidly to and from the flight deck. Tho hangars will to divided into sections by steel fireproof curtains of the roller Blind Type operated by electric Ity. Sprinklers and fire extinguishers will to provided to Deal with any out break of fire. The ship s complement of 1000, Over 9 per cent of whom Aro sea or air officers will have exceptionally Good accommodation. Cabin will have hot and cold running water and other amenities Are provided. The naming ceremony was performed by lady Henderson wife of Admiral sir Reginald Henderson who until n month ago was third sea lord and controller at the admiralty. Ithe illustrious is the first of six air Craft carriers of similar displace-1 ment. I King and Queen leave for Canada fare welled by Large crowds in London and Portsmouth two warships escorting liner across Atlantic London saturday. Portsmouth extended an enthusiastic Welcome to the King and Queen and members of the Royal family who had travelled with them from London to see them off on the Empress of Australia. At towns and villages along the rail route from London people Lead gathered in Small groups and waved As the train sped by. After a formal Welcome at Portsmouth station their majesties walked to the Guildhall on the Steps of which the officer com manding the Garrison presented to the King the keys of the fort Ress of Portsmouth in the presence of a vast concourse of ple including 2000 school children. Good wishes of the people of Portsmouth were showered upon their majesties later when they were received by Admiral of the Fleet lord Cork and orrery the commander in chief of ports Mouth and other senior officers of the services. I souled in an open Landau and accompanied by Tho princesses their Majes i ties drove through cheering thousands from Buckingham Palaco to Avat Orloo station on the first stage of their journey to Canada. A London seemingly t stopped work Early in order to join in the Farewell. Crowds Assem bled along Tho route three hours before Tho do Arturo of Tho Boyal procession from Tho Palace. Tho Queen was charmingly dressed in her favorite color powder Blue. Tho princesses looking Graver thu usual Wero dressed in Tho Samo color. Tho King Woro his Admiral s uniform. Tho Honl Standard Over the Palace was lowered As Tho Landau preceded by Tho in pain s escort of life guards passed through Tho Gates whereupon a Roar of cheering broke out and was taken up All along Tho route. Family atmosphere Thoro was a family atmosphere at Waterloo despite the presence of a glittering throng of notable people including or. Chamberlain and other members of Cabinet. Or. Kennedy United states ambassador and or. Vincent Massey Canadian High com missioner. Tho guard of Honor comprised mom hers of the London association of Ca a idiot is Cervice men v. Detachment of air Force cadets members of the Navy league and sea scouts. Their majesties received an affection ate Welcome on the platform from Queen Mary Tho Duko and Duchess of Kent the Duke and Duchess of Glou Cester the Earl of Harewood and the Princess Royal princesses beat Rico and Mario Louise. Princess Elizabeth and Princess mar Garet refused to leave their Mother s Side As Sho moved freely among those who had gathered to say Good Bye frequently embracing friends and Mem Bers of the Boyal family. Their majesties laughed and talked for several minutes with or. Chamberlain who it was noticed was apparently trying to cheer up Tho princesses. Tho train Drew out Sharp at 12.45 o clock. Received keys of City Twenty thousand people saw their majesties and Tho princesses walk from Portsmouth station to the Guildhall Hore the King received the keys of the City. They then drove through do coated streets to the Dook where thou Sands of sailors cheered wildly. Ships sirens screeched and a Boyal Salute was fired As their majesties boarded the Empress of Australia at 2.42 o clock with the princesses. The four spent a Quarter of an hour Alono in their majesties suite. Tho princesses accompanied their parents on a four of Tho Boyal quarters aboard Tho liner after which the family assembled for n. Group picture. The explosion of a flashlight Promp Ted Princess Margaret to exclaim now i can t Seo anything " when the next photographs Wero being taken Sho gazed determinedly at her Mother s shoes in order not to risk being dazzled farewells followed Princess Elizabeth flinging her arms around the Queen s neck. Their majesties after waving Good Byo from Tho promenade deck strolled round the ship the King quietly smok ing. Tho liner cast off at � o clock. Their majesties waved last Good byes Frouin Tho Bridge. The princesses a Little for Lorn seemed so overcome with emotion that they forgot to wave Tho hand kerchiefs which they had taken out earlier. They stood with hands clasped until their parents were out of sight. The White Ensign broke from the Stem of Tho liner and the King s personal Flag As lord High Admiral a Gold Anchor on a red Field flew from the foremast after which his majesty who technically was in command gave the order to cast off. Imposing escort Tho liner loft to Tho accompaniment of Royal salutes. Her Progress was watched by crowds assembled at every Ivan Tugo Point on Tho Shore. She was Mot and Escor cd is far As Tho Needles by aircraft of Tho r.a.f., and was joined it Spithead by . South Ampton and . _ Glasgow Tho escorting cruisers which Aro to accompany her across Tho Atlantic to que Bec. . Repulse formed an extra escort for a Short distance. The vessel gathered Speed and forged grandly Down Tho Channel with nine aeroplanes soaring overhead and the repulse Southampton and Glasgow guarding her on her Way As cheers echoed from Tho crowded shores of Southsea and Tho Islo of Wight. At a Point off the Eastern end of the Isle of Wight a number of ships of the Home Fleet took part in Tho fare Well to Tho King and Queen. Splendid Send off Tho Empress of Australia s conspicuous whiteness showed up Between two mile lines of Grey warships dressed to Tho Masthead with flags and led by the Nelson and Aurora. Tho King signalled the commander in chief sir Charles Forbes who had wished him Bon voyage thanking him and congratulating him on Tho splendid Send off. Their majesties dined in the Royal suite and listened to a classic no con Cert. Afterwards the Empress of austra Lia settled Down to a steady 17 knots with Tho Southampton and Glasgow in Lino abreast and the repulse astern. Foundations of peace the times in a leading article says while storms beat upon the ramparts of civilisation the Long Jour Ney of the King and Queen will help to demonstrate now Large is the area of the world s surface within which the foundations of Pence have been Well and truly Laid and Whoso Peoples Clio Rish Tho aspiration of using their in flu onco to Widen Tho boundaries of human Fellowship. The King will be welcomed not a a visitor still less is a representative of Over lordship in another hemisphere but As Tho natural head of Canadian society and Tho embodiment of Cana Dian National life. He will take coun Sel with his ministers and perform great acts of state in Ottawa where the people May be trusted to make him feel Tiret this in As full sense As West Minster is both his capital and his Home. He will visit All nine Provin Ces of Tho Dominion moving among the people Asho is accustomed to Movo among the people of England As both their Leader and their visit to United states referring to Tho visit to Tho United states and to Tho notable Panorama of american life at the new York fair i the times recalls that the copy of i Magna Carta on exhibition there com-1 Manda veneration due to the love of Tho scriptures of american liberties. It adds pressure of alien ideas from without Lins made Bolh nations Moro conscious of Tho profundity of that which they hold in common. The Bond is no longer in any significant sense Ono of blood rather is it Faith in Peaco and Liberty and the Rule of Law in a state made for the people in the rights of Tho Humble and inherent dig nity of human Tho last of Tho Farewell parties in London attended by the King and Queen took Placo inst night when a family dinner party was Given at Buck Ingham Palace. Tho French press gives prominence to the Boyal visit to Canada. Counsellors of state before his departure for Canada the King held a privy Council and gave a Farewell audiences to the Primo min ister. Tho King directed the Issue of letters a tent under the great Seal of the Valru delegating to counsellors of state Royal functions during his absence in Canada and Tho United states. Tho counsellors of stale to whom Royal functions Mav now to delegated Aro Tho Queen Tho Duke of Gloucester the Duke of Kent the Princess Royal and Princess Arthur of Connaught. New Balkan pact proposed Bucharest to rough minister m. Gnu Concu returned to Day and is expected to receive m. Pot ski Tho russian ambassador who is going to Moscow to discuss with him a new Balkan pact reported to have been proposed by Turkey. 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