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Burnie Advocate (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Burnie, Tasmania National Library of Australia remember Rex for ropes australian made steel wire ropes for dependability sisal and coir ropes quotations on application r. R. Rex & son pay. Ltd. Burnie Holden value is so matchless that an investment in Holden places the Pur. Chaser in the restricted category re served for owners of products which. Are beyond ail serious Competition. Compare Holden fuel Economy. " Holden strength of construction. Holden Power and performance. Holden Comfort at All speeds. Holden service and parts availability. ? \ Holden roominess for six passengers and Luggage. Star sole tasmanian distributors motors pay. Ltd. 113-115 Macquarie Street. Phone 727 also Launceston Devonport and Burnie. J Extension term in tas. Hobart thursday. General Price control unless renewed by parliament in the meantime will expire in Tasmania on october 31. This is the effect of an amendment to the prices act passed in the legislative Council to Day. The House however affirmed & separate Bill extending control of hides and leather for 12 months. In restricting the operation of the former measure to october 31, instead of december 31, the Council indicated that it desired the government to establish a Board to inquire into the present control and to ascertain the effects of its removal. The government Leader in the i Council or. D Alton ,-.�said the government would Iii the next parliamentary session seek further Extension of Price control Legisla a won. Or. Tattersall that the present Bili expire on october 31. The second Reading of the Bill Vas. Carried on a division of 12 votes to five. Ayes were messes. So Alton Connolly Brown grounds Dione Ryan Soundy Procter Black Low Cheek Tattersall Flowers land record. Noes messes. Green a. And a. E. Lillico Fenton and Cutts. Urging members to support the continuation of control or. D a1- on said since it had been almost of completely lifted in new zealand prices had soared terrifically. J ii iras the considered Opin i Ion of All states or. D Alton Sejd that the time had not arrived for the lifting of control. If Australia goes on to world trading he added our Economy will run riot overnight. The min ing companies Are not criticising control for the reason that they at e making substantial profits and metals have a big effect on the australian or. D Alton admitted that there were anomalies in the present methods of Price fixing but to lift the lid from control completely he said was a very grave responsibility. Blames loafers or. Elliott Lillico opposed the Bill. He said that so Long As there were men who Drew their wages and did As Little work As possible the necessity for Price control would remain. If every body did a fair Day s work for the i Money he received Price control could have been abolished Long ago. Or. Procter said serious thought should be Given before the whole prices Structure was destroyed. If members reject the Bill they might regret it later. Or. Fenton said if controls were removed economic conditions would adjust my vote will do it Price fixing will go out to Day he added. Or. Alex. Lillico strongly opposed the continuance of control. Price fixing he said had been the cause of More Black marketing than could Ever have been expected. He was supported by or. Green. Or. Cutts also opposed the Bill. The War had been Over five years he said and the time was now opportune for the removal of controls. Messes. Plowers and Lonergan supporting the Bill said they would not take the responsibility of do ing otherwise. Pensioners need or. Lonergan asked what would be the effect on Basic wage earn ers and pensioners if controls were removed on such commodities As milk eggs vegetables and fire Wood. Or. Cheek said Tasmania should not be the first state to break away from the prices Structure. Or. Tattersall said he had had enough of Price control. If controls were removed some articles would be dearer but Many others would not. _ probing big explosion Melbourne thursday. Police explosive experts to Day questioned several Gas employees who were working in Monaghan place at the rear of the town Hall hotel on sunday shortly before the explosion which demolished that building. Detective inspector a. Tana Hill said there were still several men to be questioned. Investigations were at a temporary standstill until about 40 tons of debris were removed from the Lane near where the men were working. This would take several Days he said. Yesterday two lengths of two Inch Gas pipe were taken to Russell St. C.i.b., but examination did not give substantial leads to the cause of the end of Basic wage Case in sight Melbourne end of the �10 Basic wage ate is in sight. The full arbitration court announced to Day that the parties had arranged to end the Case Early in August and that the court would then Reserve its decision. Hearing of the unions claim for a � to Basic wage for both sexes began 13 months ago. The court adjourned the hear ing this morning until july 24, when the employers will submit final evidence lasting about eight sitting Days. The court will begin its one month Winter vacation on Satur Day. The court said it expected the parties to prepare their written submissions and distribute them prior to resumption so As not to interrupt the hearing. At the conclusion of the employ ers evidence the parties would be granted an Opportunity of explain ing their submissions and com menting upon those made by other parties. This would take no longer than six sitting Days. J the court would then Reserve lits decision. The pull arbitration court will sit to Morrow on Ordinary Busi Ness. Rent authority till oct. 31 Hobart legislative Council to Day limited control of rents till october 31, instead of december 31y As agreed to by the House of Assembly. Resuming the debate in the House of Assembly the Leader of the opposition or. Townley said continuance of rent control was hampering Home building. People who previously built Homes for rental no longer did so As the Homes could not be let at an econ Omic rental. Rent control constituted a class or sectional tax. How Ever he thought it was necessary in some modified form. On the ground of mercy control might be justified but he was not at All sure such a tax on one Section could be upheld on the grounds of Justice. If there is a sudden Cessa Tion of this legislation there is no doubt a Large number of families will be ejected or. Townley said. As we cannot drop this legis lation we must remove some of the he asked that if possible the attorney general or. Fagan in clude a tenants representative on the committee he suggested the previous Day to examine All aspects of the legislation. He hoped the right of ownership would not be entirely disregarded. The pres ent hardship clause tended to obscure the right of a person to the Home he had worked for and Buff it. The committee could do much to overcome Many of the anomalies under the present legislation said or. Wedd. If the committee in exam ining hardships to both land lords and tenants allowed evictions to take place to a greater extent than at present the problem of housing evicted people again would arise. He advocated construction of Small units at a Cost of �300 to �350 which could be used As temporary Homes for Small family ten ants who were having difficulty with their landlords. These eventually would have a Good resale value As week end shacks. He had personal experience of such conditions and the Independence made them Worth while despite the drawbacks. Labor capitulation averts major political cribs. Canberra thursday. Last minute capitulation by the Federal parliamentary la Tor party to night averted a serious political crisis in which labor threatened to withhold Supply from the government and Force a snap election. Fulfilment of the threat would have meant the government would have been unable to main Tain Commonwealth services after june 30. Labor senators threatened to withhold Supply unless the government agreed to concede an amendment to the child endow ment Bill directing that the arbitration court should not take the endowment into account in deter mining the Basic wage. After three and a half 1 hours of conferences during which the government flatly j t refused to yield the opposition abandoned its threat and the Supply Bill was passed through the Senate while the conference proceeded senators stonewalled on the first Reading of the Supply debate in the Senate. When the opposition Capitu lated at 10.30, the scheduled time of rising of the Senate the Lead ers of both parties entered the chamber and within five minutes the Bill was passed through the second Reading and All other stages. When it gave Way on its threat to night the opposition decided to abandon any further resistance to the child endowment Bill with the result that endowment for the first child at the rate of 5/ weekly will be paid for the first time on july 18. Payments will Date from next monday. The Supply Bill which the opposition held up provided �77 million from july 1 to enable the government to maintain Commonwealth services until septem Ber when the budget will be introduced. This afternoon in. The Senate the Deputy Leader of the opposition senator m Kenna said the opposition had to accept the government s refusal to pay an endowment of 10/. The opposition however insisted on the amendment that the government direct the arbitration court that the endowment should not be taken into account in the computation of the Basic wage. The labor opposition used its majority to Force the motion requesting a conference with the House of representatives to resolve the deadlock on this amendment. The government refused to accept the amendment or to be rep resented on the committee. Senator m Kenna then Nomin ated five labor members senators Ashley m Kenna Cooke Katz and Courtice. The minister for social services senator Spooner said the government stood firm on the Prin Ciple of Confidence in the arbitration court. If this is the final word of the opposition it is the final word senator Spooner declared. Senator m Kenna moved for the appointment of committee to con Fer with the House of representatives. He said it was essential that they explore All forms and possibilities of machinery for the resolving of the difficulty. His motion was carried 31 votes to 22.when the Bill was returned tothe House of representatives the government rejected overtures bythe Senate labor opposition for a conference on the child endow ment Bill. By 65 votes to 31, the House of representatives decided to ask the Senate to reconsider the Bill. Indian ships officers � these smiling officers were photographed aboard . Bombay at Barnie. A the Crew Are Indian except the Captain and first mate. Of the eight officers pictured six Are from different provinces and speak different languages. However English is usually spoken aboard ship. _ Winter photo no Progress with a anti red Bill ? Canberra thursday the House of representatives to Day decided to insist on the government s version of the communist party dissolution Bill and to resist Senate Amend ments to vital sections. The Bill will then formally be Laid aside. The prime minister or. Men Zie who moved the insistence motions said the Bill would be presented again in three months and the government would be de lighted to join Issue with the opposition on the Bill. Several opposition members were absent from the House Dur ing divisions on the government motion but All had received per Mission. Or. Menzies said the House had before it the Senate reasons for insisting on the amendments to the Bill. These were 1 because these were designed solely to provide reasonable Safe guards for just and impartial administration of the proposed Law. 2 because the Bill a the form passed As amended by the Senate would carry into effect a policy of suppressing the australian communist party without unfairly and unjustly penalising or endangering civil rights and prop erty of innocent citizens and innocent groups. 3 because without the amendments of the Senate the Bill represented a Complete Depar Ture from appropriate and just processes for the administration of Justice and was in conflict with the Rule of Law Well established in All British communities. Or. Menzies said both sides of the Case were Well known. The Senate had stood firm and toe House would stand otherwise stated overseas news in this Issue is supplied by australian associated press of which this newspaper is a member

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