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Burnie Advocate (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Burnie, Tasmania National Library of Australia buy Good books and read them. The Deputy sheriff by Clarence Mulford 6/, postage 4d. Mistral by Max Brand 6/, postage 4d. The million Pound Deposit by e. Poppen Hielm 6/, Alp quiet on the Western front by Remarque 3/0, postage 4d. Pillar Mountain by Max Brand 2/6, postage 3d. The claw by Cynthia Stockley 2/6, postage 3d. A. W. Birchall & sons pay. Ltd. Rooke steet Devonport. Influenza. The Standard remedy Pheno Sal will curo in a few doses. It never fails. 2/6 a bottle postage 6d. A. J. Collins & co., chemists Ulverstone. Pianos and player pianos a selection of the Best in the world including Bechstein Lipp collard. Broadwood Concord wer. Theim Gulbransen. Also 100 second hand pianos and players to choose from. Prices Low terms easy Send for Price list find lays coastal warehouses Burnie Ulverstone Devonport do you suffer with headache give Tackson Leven headache powders a trial. 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Each of these tiny leaves was tightly packed with Sun Hilno and Dow on Eastern Hill tops packed with Rich flavor. To Seal in this flavor for you the buds were carefully cured. To assure purity they Woro Multi refined. The Blue Label packet your guarantee of All this. You pay very Little for such High Quality. You enjoy it greatly. Each delicious cup and you get More than two Hundred from a single Pound Pae Ket a reminder to buy Busholl Blue Label Tea again. Of a. Don t buy valve experience there Only one valve that can Repince a Philips another Philips. Soon these valves of which Over two million have been sold in this country will be made in Australia by australians under the direction of the scientists who have built the. Fame. Of Philips laboratories. Soon australian made valves adut. Of Philips lamps Australasia Ltd. Radio had owe and showrooms. Corner Claramo and Margaret streets Sydna y,.s or45 " Best by test for the Chest " children easily pick up germs in the crowded schoolroom. Protect them from All Chest troubles by giving them Hearnes bronchitis cure. A it an amazing. .4 remedy for coughs colds croup hoarseness sore throats 6 bronchitis he _ Etc. Everywhere v e r6yer the standard2/6 4/6 family remedy Hearn e bronchitis cure Arnold. Selected biscuits Tasmania Best. Made by tasmanian for tasmanian of tasmanian materials. Johnstone & Wilmot pay Ltd. Launceston and Devonport agents. Most advertisements contain Good news. That Why the Are red. Hot water bottles for the icy weather. To Havo a new Stock of Tho Best kinds of hot water bottles at very Low prices. Send to j. W. Mcgrath Ohe Burn. 8afety first. Johnston hot British make. Will not burst in the bed. Reinforced seams and a special stopper that does not leak. Our guarantee with each. Prices 7/6, 8/, 9/, 9/6, 10/6, 11/, 12/6 each. R. F. Johnston the chemist. Devonport and Latrobe. In the air. To beat Hinkler. Secret off. England to. Australia. London saturday. It was reported Early this morning that James mat thews formerly Mechanic to Bert Hinkler accompanied by a Rich Young Man named Hook secretly left Lympne at Dawn yesterday in an attempt to break Hinkler record flight to Australia. The machine not fit Ted with wireless and named the Matthews and Hook Only arrived at Lympne on thursday night and arranged to leave at Dawn in a Moth Plano in which there was a heavy store of petrol which made the take off difficult. They expected to reach India in live Days. Both men hold lots certificates but their actual log experience not extensive. At Marseilles. The flyers spent last night at Lyons and to Day flow to Marseilles where they arrived at 9. . Up to the Bert Hinkler when interviewed said " Matthew a Good Chap and a skilled Mechanic. He quite up to the Job he has undertaken and with Ood weather and Good Luck he has a Good Chance of beating my record. He with Moo at the Avro works for Meo years and accompanied to on any test flights. I wish Hoim the Best f Luck and have Given him the Best advice i could relating to the reducing costs. Ermany latest programme Public service cuts. B3erlin, the report of the agent general to the awes reparation plan or. Parker Milhert charging Germany with do liberate extravagance the government announced a drastic programme of Eno mics. This 1, no appointments of new officials or Ive years. 2 the shortening of holidays. 3 the dismissal of women pm Lopes on their marriage. 4 no promotion of officials. 5 the reduction of pensions. 6 raising the ago limit of officials it 65 to years. 7 reduction of the treatment of Al patients by obliging doctors who it persons not really ill by Makin stots pay fees out of their own Chet. High Speed. In tourist trophy race. New record. Average of 74.24 . London saturday. The senior motor Cycle tourist trophy race Over seven laps aggregating 240 Miles in the Isle of Man was won by w. Handley Riding a 4.99 . Rudgon Whitworth in three hours 33 minutes 30 seconds. This was six minutes 28 seconds faster than last year time. Handley Speed averaged 74.24 Miles per hour and he completed his fourth Lap of 151 Miles in nine seconds under two hours. This was the great est performance Over achieved in a tourist trophy race. Empire makers. London saturday. You have undoubtedly often been called Empire makers sir Edmund Findlay chief proprietor of the scots Man told the press Union delegates at a dinner tendered by the scottish daily news papers society Edinburgh. At the conference in Australia in 1925, you were matchmakers Well. I thank you from the Bottom of my sir Edmund was referring to the fact that he went to Australia the youngest British Dele Gate to get lady Findlay who was present at the dinner. She was then miss Jean Graham daughter of a fellow Delegate. Not King now. Prince Michael pleased. Play at last. Bucharest sex King Michael who left a Consolation with the prize title of grand Viovode of alb Ajulia appears in no need of much Consolation. He consid ors the throne Well lost. Thank goodness you re Back and will be King were almost Michael first words when he saw King Carol. I have been terribly tired Wear sex King Michael of Rumania. Ing Long trousers and a stiff Hal int and going to places where i did not want to go at All said Tho Little boy plaintively. When his Tutor told him to begin work he replied i am not Kiing any More. Can t i go out and play with other boys u. Navy. Increasing size of ships. Total 475,000 tons. Washington announced that the Navy department plans the modernisation of eight More battleships in such a manner that approximately 3000 tons will be added to each ship increasing the total tonnage of american capital ships to 475,000 tons. The alterations will comprise mainly deck Armor and anti submarine shot by Bride. Married Only six weeks. Girl then dances. Brooklyn 19-year old girl a Bride of six weeks after it alleged having shot her husband dead spent the remainder of the night dancing at a party. It was his life or mine she said to have declared when questioned by the police. She said her husband was living apart from her. To enforce a reconciliation he produced a gun when he met her in a lonely Road. Preference. prime minister policy. Mutually beneficial. Ontario saturday. The prime minister Hon. Mackenzie Kingin an election speech at Brantford said the policy of the Liberal party was British preference. The Issue that the people had to decide was whether they believed in blasting a Way to Trade or Trade secured by Good will and not by we believe he said in Concilia Tion in fact that Trade an Exchange and if possible should be mutually beneficial to All in the Exchange Cost of. The War. Payments to Britain equal debt to U.A. The reparations allocation for rest of the Empire. London saturday. A memorandum on British receipts from German reparations under the league of nations agreement has been issued. It explains that the total annual receipts of the United kingdom com prise firstly the share to which the United kingdom entitled to receive out of the German annuities prescribed in the experts report. The plan did not fix the exact amount of the United kingdom share and Only fixed the annuities payable to the Bri Tish Empire a whole. But it was understood the intention of the experts was to provide for the United kingdom during a period of fifty six years precisely the annual amount required to make up with our receipts from Intel Allied debts our War debt pay ments to the United states government and to provide the average sum of �2,600,000 during the period of thirty seven years for the rest of the British Empire this sum representing approximately the full share which the rest of the Empire would have received on an average if the German annuities during the 37 years had been distributed in accordance with existing percentages. It has been agreed that the British Empire share shall be divided be tween the United kingdom and thle rest of the Empire on this basis. Resulting annuities payable to the United kingdom have been communicated to the Bank for International settlements. These receipts represent Only payments specifically provided for in the experts report. Secondly Iho United kingdom will receive a Cash payment of 102 million Reich Marks or five million pounds transferred by other creditor govern ments in order to cover the payment of the British debt to. The United states in 1929-1930. Thirdly there Are annuities payable for 37 years to the United kingdom by France Belgium and Italy under ithe Iago protocol of August 31, 192. These annuities were offered by other creditor governments a Means of compensating this country for the Dif Ference Between the receipts to which we were entitled under the new plan and the amount which Hwe should have received if the total German payments had been distributed in accordance with the percentages previously in Force. Big flight. Across the Atlantic. Refuelling plans. Special plane to be used. Copyright in Australia by the australian press association world copyright by new York new v York saturday. A arrangements have been Smade for the utilisation of the special Plano used for refuelling in the recent non Stop flight Here to refuel the Southern Cross when it nears american shores. It May await the approach of the trans Atlantic plane at Nova Scotia or Maine. The machine will carry 100 Gallons of petrol which should add 300 Miles to the Range of the South Ern Cross. Non Stop flight. New York to Mexico. Mexico saturday. Colonel Fierro has completed a non Stop flight from new York a distance of 2200 Miles in 16 hours 35 minutes but Turing colonel Lindbergh time by 11 hours in his flight from Washington to Mexico City in 1027, which was however not non Stop. Hurled to death. Father murders his family. Then commits suicide. New have saturday. Anu Newhaven saturday. An ans Hospital where he was held actively insane named Raymond Spang 36who was a gassed sex Servito Man took his wife and four children to West Rock near Here to celebrate his urn expected Homecoming and hurled theml Over a 400-ft. Cliff to their deaths. He gazed at their mangled forms for Sev Cral minutes while a crowd of ten thou Sand persons in the Park below and squads of firemen and police who had been summoned stood helpless. Then he leapt to his own death. The eldest of the children was a ten year old girl. Antarctica. Byrd triumphant return. Special medal. Washington saturday. Com Mander Byrd who has just returned from Antarctica to Day called on Tho president and Secretary of the Navy. To also visited the Arlington Como tory where to placed a Wreath on Bennett grave. To was honoured at a luncheon of the geographic society and received High tributes on All sides. To also visited Congress. Commander Byrd received front pro Sidon Hoover Theo special Gold medal of the geographic society from which to had already received a highly unusual decoration for which a special medal has to be . Tho ceremonies Wero simple and commander Byrd responded in a charming and shy Man Ner. Everywhere to insisted upon Tho responsibility of his men for his Suc Cess. Film stars. Lavish Hollywood wedding. Glitter and formality. Hollywood a set Ting of glitter lavishness and formal Ity which outshone old world pomp Bebe Daniels 28 and Lyon 29 were married. Ben gave the Bride a Diamond necklace and she gave him a Brand new Tennis court. A thousand movie people were invited and the eight bridesmaids included the most pronounced blondes brunettes and redheads in film Dom most selected circles. The. Two stars first met 18 months ago. Gang Rule. Murders in Chicago. Reporters too. Some Are Crook them Chicago saturday. Furth ii develop mints in the crime situation to Day consisted of the killing of Lorenzo Juli Ano chief of the South Side alcohol gang and the that Al Bert Lingle the murdered news paper reporter had been Deposit ing Large sums of Money at his Bank monthly and was a very wealthy Man having lost 200,000 dollars on the Stock Market recently. One pastor at a meeting of minis tors to Day said that some Chicago re porters were no better than Crooks the Tribune upon which log Leo was engaged investigating the sour Ces of his wealth. The Church and divorce. London saturday. How of Light the Church treat people who have been divorce. De and have re married was a question debated by the Church Assembly at Westminster to Day the archbishop of York presiding. Rev. Athelstan Riley the Anglo Catholic Leader moved a Resolution condemning easy divorce. He said the act of 1923 was a cruel and wicked measure. There and can be no Equality in matters of sexual morality be tween men and women he said. It pleased god to create profound inequality in temptation in the results of sin and the consequences to the family. Will the Bishops Tell what we ought to do in the matter at present the Church being dragged through the mire. There were 5300 divorces last year compared with 577 in 1923. Collusion rampant and a new profession has Arisen of women who for a consideration Are prepared to provide the hotel Bill even if there be no mrs. Basingstoke president of the mothers Union pleaded to be assured of a pronouncement from the Bishops the Resolution was carried. 32 foreign. Trade. Our treaty with Canada. Must buy More. Victoria British Columbi asat . R. M Gregor the austra Lian Trade commissioner arrived yesterday and immediately plunged into business conferring with the Secretary of the provincial Branch of the Cana Dian manufacturers association. Later he visited the chairman of the liquor Board with a View to introducing australian wines and distillery products. Or. M Gregor insisted that Canada must buy More goods from Australia if Trade both ways under the treaty were to be extended. The Board of Trade will give him a Welcome. Air thrills. Planes linked together. New tricks. London saturday. New flying tricks Wro displayed at a rehearsal for the Hendon air pageant to be Hochl on Juno 28. Pilots of Squadron 13 left Tho ground with rubber ropes uniting a Trio of machines of three flights. They climbed wheeled and flew three abreast. Then they swooped Down from 12,000 feet looped the Loop in perfect synchronisation without breaking the ropes. Tho machines then formed the Princo of Wales feathers after which they looped the Loop singly and doubly. The pole. Crossing by submarine. Quite matter of fact undertaking. New Yortis saturday. Porfie Herald Tribune in a Leader commenting upon sir Hubert Wilkins proposed Polar expedition states that the submarine project will restore to Arctic exploration All the Glamor of hair raising adventure of which it has been so largely robbed by the punctual exploits of air planes and Diri the crossing of absolutely uncharted sea locked up in la submarine be Neath the ice enough to make the Ordinary citizen turn Pale it says. Yet sir Hubert seriously develop ing his plans. Curiously enough he seems convinced it All quite Safe Andl the most natural and practicable thing in the world and St serious minded a neater of fact undertaking. This can Only heighten one admiration of sir Hubert rotary International. Chicago saturday. Rotary clubs of 62 nations will be represented at the Silver anniversary Conven Tion of rotary International which will begin its five Day session Here on monday. Interdependence of Peoples and Good relations Between nations will find major places on the programme with addresses by sir Henry Thornton director of the Canadian National railways Prince Tokugawa president of the japanese House of Peers Admiral Mark Kerr and or. Harry Rogers a former president of rotary International. Had red hair return of Aimee m Pherson a blonde now. New York saturday. Aimee m Pherson thoe noted evangelist has returned from leading her pilgrimage to Tho holy land. There something about her going abroad that Las changed Aimar hair. We Chi she sailed it was a flaming red nationally known but it blonde now and Sho soveral pounds lighter. What principally amazed Aimee in Tho holy land Sho says was the Church of the holy in Cru Salem and its Core Mony of holy fire. In fact she was so surr Risco that she Aimee m Pherson. Wrote a poem about it on the Way Home. Malta. Cabinet suddenly resigns. A Bombshell. Malta of the Cabinet without stating their reasons have surprisingly resigned despite the absence of p rime minister lord Strickland and sir a. B3artolo in Lon Don. The Prince. A Short visit to Belgium. To attend exhibition. London stated the Prince of Wales will pay a Brief visit to Belguim during the last week of july. Patron of the British to gation lie has decided to. Visit Bel Gium for the Centenary exhibition at Antwerp and will probably stay two Days in Belgium. Use More Wool. �25,000 for the Campaign Small Levy. London barely who was controller of Wool supplies d luring the War has discussed with or. Leo Stecure of Western Australia and other pastoralist a proposal to raise �25,000, probably by Means of a Small Levy on growers to promote a Lse More Wool Campaign and find Snow uses for woollens. Sir Norman mater at present visit ing or. Barker Wool research station at Leeds which or. Barker anxious to a make the Empire Central research station to Deal with la the problems of production Lanu lecture and use of Wool. Empire Unity. What can we do for each other ? Imperial conference. London sunday. The Obser ver in an editorial Hopes the Domini on Secretary icon. T. I. Thomas will try to raise the Imperial conference on tirely above party either at Home or overseas. This time it must be a free full conference not excluding any ques Tion. The views of All parties i must lie heard. Unionists Well do Tinion oppositions ought to be represented in order that the conference be an unprejudiced Council of state for the whole Empire with what can we do for each other ? s its watchword. Re discount rate reduced. Ii Ca go the o elder l Reserve 3ank has red hued the re Dis count rate front 4 per cent. To 3i per sent. ,2. I non party Cabinet. Cairo saturday. Ismail Sidky Pash a leading economist has form i de a non party Cabinet. He intends to amalgamate thoe Senate and the Chain Ber of deputies

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