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Burnie Advocate (Newspaper) - January 22, 1881, Burnie, Tasmania National Library of Australia Effort to Makeham attractive. Mrs. Higginbottom As a first step tinted her husband s Favourite concert Saloon under the Protection of a disguise and a detective officer. When be had Learned what were the attractions appealed to or. Higginbottom mind she proceeded to reproduce them As far As practicable in her own House. She had the Parlour carpet taken up and the Bare floor nicely sprinkled with Beer and the stumps of cigars. She removed the pictures from the Walls and Hung in their places cheap and Gaudy chromes representing impossible Young women in undesirable costumes. Two dirty wooden table and a Supply of wooden chairs from the Kitchen completed the furniture of the room and it began to assume a really attractive appearance. Before the hour of her husband s return bom his business hired a Manto play on an accordion and another to torture a violin besides three professional drunkards of great indecency of appearance and conduct and a notorious burglar kindly furnished for the occasion by the police Captain of the precinct. There herein the Kitchen two Irish girls Shower decidedly ugly but Shower clean decent and modes girls these two she instructed in the Art of serving Beer and spirits and dressed them in costumes that were extremely vulgar though they could not be said to be improper. Having thus arranged All things she met her husband at the door and escorted him to the dining room where he ate his dinner unconscious of the transformation that had been wrought in his front Parlour. After dinner his Cigar and remarked that he must go out for an hour or two to see a Friend. His wife witha Sweet smile told him that he need not go out for she had finally discovered How to make Home attractive to him. So saying she showed him into the Parlour and led him to a seat at one of the dirty tables. The fiddler and the accordion player immediately struck up the drunkards at a sign from , began to swear and Wrangle and the burglar sidled up to or. Higginbottom and invited him to take a drink. The two Irish girls brought Beer and spilled it on stable they called Himdear and asked him to open a bottle of wine and mrs. Higginbottom apologising for the fact that they were undeniably decent girls assured her husband that nevertheless she was confident that she had finally Learned How to make Home attractive that she hoped to spend Man Jolly evenings wit him and would like a hot whisky without any further delay. first completely dazed but in a few moment she recovered his reason. He ordered the girls to go into the Kitchen and stay there and he pitched the drunkards out of the front door and ordered the musician Sand the burglar to follow them. Then he informed his wife that he had been an idiot of the very largest size and that if she would restore the Parlour to its former condition he would stay at Home and make no further complaint of its want of York times. A sailors Tarn. In a lately published Book written by rear Admiral Werner of the German Navy a strange Story is told of the Way in which Man years ago in 1836, a French Man of War went Down with All hands on Board in West Indian Waters. The ship had been in commission for two years on the Antilles station and during the whole of the time her Captain who is described As an incarnation of cruelty had exercised his ingenuity in tormenting in every possible Way both the officers and men of his Crew. So Well had he succeeded that the lives of All on Board had been rendered a Burden to them while the Captain himself was hated with an intensity of which proof Bassoon to be Given. Order sat length came for the ship to return Home. Not Long after the Anchor had been weigh edit became evident that a heavy Squall was coming Down on the ship and the Captain directed the officer of the watch to shorten sail. The orders were Given but not a Man moved. Again the orders were repeated this time by the Captain himself but still hot a Man moved. This is Mutiny cried the Captain and then a Hundred voices Answeredweill not shorten in vain the terrified Captain appealed to the officers to support him. They stood silent and neither threats nor promises availed to make Man or officer More save Only afew who were noted As spies and favourites of the Captain. A few minutes Oread the Squall struck the ship. In a moment the vessel was thrown upon her beam ends. " out away the masts1" shouted the Captain but still not a Man moved. In another minute however the rigging was carried away the masts entry the Board and thus relieved the ship righted herself. Then the Long suppressed rage 6f the Crew broke Forth and Rushing aft they seized the Captain. A few minutes More and he Wouldhave followed the rigging but the first lieutenant going below opened the door of the Magarin and fired his pistol into it. Thereasa lond report and the ship Wasno More. An hour afterwards an american vessel passing Over the spot picked up one of the Crew who told the Story of what happened and died shortly afterwards. Defying the landlord. of the new Tork times gives a description of the restoration of the Meagher Sof Kilbury to their farm which Savours More of Romance than reality. He Saysthere is not in any of Charle lever s rollicking fictions of Irish life and character anything More thoroughly racy of the soil than is to be found in the facts which bring to an end a remarkable chapter in the strange eventful Story of the Ireland of to Day. It is the stirring Story of the Kilbury evictions. The scene of this True tale of life in Ireland in this year of Grace is Laid very appropriately in a romantic tipperary Valley. Her dwelt on a Large farm the Meagher family of the respectable farming class. Representatives of this family had been in the place for generations As tenants holding a lease. Things Wenton comfortably with them till the hard times came. The rent fell into arrears year by year the landlord was pressing for his Money the tenant could t or would t give it to him then the landlord wanted his land and this the tenant resolutely refused to yield. Nowa fierce straggle commenced for the Possession of the land. The owner had the Power of the Law on his Side and the tenant had popular sympathy and practical support on his. The landlord brought his forces on the ground in the shape of the sheriff bailiffs and police. The tenant garrisoned his House with Neighbours and barricaded it so securely that the Small Legal Force Durst not attempt to take the place by storm. The sheriff discreetly retired from the Field. The Kilbury contest had now attracted the attention of the landlords and tenants throughout the country. It was regarded As a test Case and accordingly Wasatch Edwith excited interest by the two classes now face to face in open War. Her Wasa landlord who could t get either his rent or his land Here Wasa tenant who defied the Law an the landlord. A second descent was Adeon the tenant s House in the Rich Vale under the Shadow of Sli Venamon. This time a powerful Force of police invested the place and a resident magistrate came out with the riot act in his pocket. The Garrison in the House was likewise a Large one a determined crowd of Menand wine was there armed Withall kinds of weapons from a revolver to a rolling pin and for the purpose of harassing the enemy there Wasa Large Supply of boiling water on the premises. The sheriff knocked at the door and demanded Possession in the name of her . A Shower of boiling water from an upper window answered him in the negative in a very practical fashion. Then the resident magistrate Rode up to the fortress with the riot act in his hand ready for Reading and called upon the Garrier son to surrender or take the. Consequences which he warned them would be serious. The Garrison represented by a Young peasant in a flannel jacket appeared at a window said something unparliamentary about the. Riot act and told the magistrate to take the place if he we Reable. Two scaling parties composed of men of the Royal Irish constabulary we retold off to attempt to effect an Entrance through the windows front and rear while the Mai body of the forces battered at the doors with the Butts of their rifles. The scaling parties found it hot work Between boiling water and bludgeons and pitchforks pokers scythes and reaping Hooks. A dozen constables took a Long ladder and Rushing at the Hall door with it As a battering ram made a breach in the out works through which the invading Force swarmed. The Garrison retreated upstairs and Madea stand on the first Landing driven from this they retreated to the next Landing and there mad another obstinate stand. By this time one. Of the scaling parties succeeded in entering through a Back window and the end of the fight was that the Garrison was overpowered and mad prisoners of War. They led away captives. Now the indignation . In fierce demonstrations were held in the neighbourhood at Whicha solemn vow was mad that the farm from should be allowed to lie waste until he was restored to Possession. It was thoroughly understood that the that farm or work upon it in any Way for the Benefit of the landlord or of himself would do so at the risk of his life. No Man took that risk. Assoon As Meagher his wife and his retainers were liberated on bail to take their trial at the ensuing assizes a band of masked men armed accompanied him to his old Home at night expelled the caretaker who was put in charge by the landlord having previously sworn him not to undertake that sort of work any More and Possession swearing him to hold it against All Comers. Here now waste landlord exactly in the position in which he found himself at the commencement of hostilities. Again the landlord put the Legal machinery at work for the purpose of again expelling this terrible tenant. Blood Wasp to fever heat on both sides now. The farm House was put in a condition within and without to resist a prolonged siege it was amply provisioned and was garrisoned by a band of braves who threw themselves East and soul into the work. The crops on the farm were now Ripe and needed cutting. One right Moonlight night a swarm of peasantry came on the ground and next Day As if by magic that farm was Bare the crops had been Cut Down by hundreds of reaping Hooks and scythes and carried away to neighbouring barns. This extraordinary harvesting feat was of course accomplished in the interest of the tenant whoa fighting his landlord. If a novelist we rewriting on imaginary incidents like these he would find it absolutely necessary to wind up with a tragedy. There would seem to be any other natural layout of it. If he had a literary daring to Takeall these desperate doings end up not in a fierce and fatal fight for that farm but in a Jolly drinking bout on the spot by the contending forces at which the landlord and the sheriff and the resident magistrate and the police were toasted in Champagne he would surely be consumed by the critics for constructing an outrageously improbable denouement. Yet this and much More was what really did happen in fact. It came about in this Way through the instrumentality of the friends of landlord and tenant a treaty of peace assigned on the following terms on of the two years rent due by the tenant to be forgiven the annual rent of the farm to be permanently reduced from �512 to �400 per annul the landlord to expend �300 on such improvements in drainage As the tenant May determine on. The tenant appears to have the better end of the peace compact which probably the landlord was induced to accept on the principle ofanything for a quiet the last chapter in this remarkable drama is the strange one. The scene is Laid in the same farmhouse in the Rich tipperary Valley. The dramatic personal Are As before the tenant his wife and his followers the sheriff the agent the magistrate and the police. This time however the sheriff and his forces Are not scaling the Walls of the besieged dwelling or battering at its barricaded door. They Are seated in the Best Parlour at the hospitable Board of the tenant on Whicha Champagne luncheon is spread. ,the tenant s wife is doing the honours of the House supported at the foot of the table by her husband. This party so very strangely mixed is gathered to celebrate the signing of the treaty of peace above have a Good time of it. Instead of the crack of the Rifle there is heard. The pleasing popping of Champagne corks. Everybody s health is drank in sparkling wine and there is much spontaneous speechifying. The tenant proposes the health of the landlord the agent responds in suitable terms and then rises and proposes the Healths of the. Hostess and Host. The latter visibly affected expresses acknowledgements for his wife and himself. The tenant asks the company to drink in. Bumpers to the health of the sheriff the Man who had the boiling water thrown Over him during hostilities. The sheriff a gushing Little Man with his hand pressed to his left ribs protests that he is now enjoying the happiest moment of his life special bumpers Are swallowed in compliment to the magistrate and the police. When the feast was ended a local brass band escorted the guests to the railway station. The Boardo aldermen of Newyork Ity have adopted a Resolution condemning the proposed production of the passion play in Newyork and calling for the opinion of the corporation attorney whether the existing Laws an sufficient to prevent the performance and if no such Law exist whether the Board have Power to pass a prohibitory Law. European intelligence Ireland. . J. Smyth on the Man Chester martyrs. At the anniversary celebrations in tipperary of the execution of alien a skin and o Brien,. J. Smythm.p.,from a platform erected at the foot of the splendid memorial Cross to the martyrs delivered the following oration men of tipperary nationalists reverently i respond to your Call to unite with you Here in this hallowed spot in the prayer of Godsave Ireland and in com memory Ationo the sacrifice offered upon that scaffold at be to the Irish race for All time an altar. Hear hear the memory of those soldiers of Ireland needs no vindication Here yet it is salutary and Good that on each recurring anniversary the circumstances of that terrible deed should be recalled. What was their crime ? a voice love of country their crime was that they Wentforth into the open Day on the Queen Highway to give honourable Battle for the Rescue of their chief. Hear hear and a voice soit was and you rescued Mitchell that Wasan illegal act. Of course it was but who will deny that it was not an heroic act ? a voice tipperary will not a Gallant Irish officer Hely Hutchinson rescued Lavalette. It web an illegal act. Yet he was prouder afterwards to be known As Lavalette Hutchinson a prouder of that title than of that of Earl Donough More which he inherited. Sergeant Brett fell As a Soldier Falls in defence of his Flag. His life was taken without premeditation and yet for that one life accidentally taken three Brave me were immolated on the scaffold. A fouler judicial murder there stands not in the annals of any kingdom. Hear hear suppose that after the capture of Richmond Jefferson Davis had been rescued on his Way to prison and that in the struggle the life of one of his guards had been taken of the they had satiated their vengeance by the immolation of. Three of the rescuers upon the scaffold p the London press would ring with denunciation of a crime so cowardly and so base. Allen Larkin and o Brenwer heroes and martyrs. Therefore it is that we honour them a glorious pious and immortal. Applause the world s great benefactors in every age have been its heroes. Look Down the Avenue of time and the figures that stand out most grandly Are not the statesmen or the poets the politicians or the social reformers but the heroes. Applause patriotism is the incentive to heroism and where shall we look for patriotism now if not to you nationalists of tipperary ? alas if a stranger to our history were now for the first time to visit our shores Whitwo Uldie find ? a people United around a single Flag the Symbol of their country s Independence ? no no he would behold irishmen against irishmen class against class in internecine conflict and All arrayed around sectional banners reflecting Only the sordid instincts of Mankind. Hear hear and applause far be it from me to insinuate that patriotism is All fled from that Field of strife. Assuredly it is not but it is not the patriotism from which the heroes and the martyrs Spring which ennobled Peoples and conducts them from the gloom of slavery into the full noon of Freedom. The situation is for you Mayi not say for us 1nationalists, one of embarrassment perplexity and As real and As deep an interest in the settlement of the land question As any other body of our that it maybe settled speedily for we know that our country cannot endure a prolongation of this Servile War. We desire that it maybe s to led ully and satisfactorily and with Brit offering violence to our cherished principles one of the most sacred of which is the Unity of irishmen and of it Werea blessed thing to show before Mankind however race and every Creed might be by love combined ,."., combined nor yet forget the Botman from which they Rose asked by Manya Rivulet the lordly Shannon we desire in a word that it maybe settled in the interest of Ireland and the Irish and not in the interest of the Absentee and the stranger settled nationally not Imperi ally settled in accordance with Irish traditions and feelings and not according to the economic doctrines of any Engli school. Never have of them such a Opportunity to gain the respect of All classes of their fellow countrymen which they May do

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