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Burnie Advocate (Newspaper) - December 4, 1943, Burnie, Tasmania National Library of Australia for Over 50 years Tasmania s leading music warehouse Burnie Launceston Hobart \ the Wise Coupon Mise at the tas. Farmers Burnie Berlin again blasted by Large Force of . Bombers -. Desperate but futile attempt to fight of attack London Battle of Berlin was resumed last night when . Heavy bombers based in Britain went out in great strength to make another heavy raid on the German capital. The enemy made a desperate Effort to fight off the attack and massed scores of fighters Over and near the target while the raiders also had to contend against flare paths from Points 50 Miles from Berlin right up to the City itself. Enemy fighters hovered above the flares while below hundreds of searchlights tried to pick out our bombers. Undeterred our bombers went through. The attack began soon after 8 o clock and lasted for just Over half an hour. By the end of that time huge fires were burning fiercely and smoke reached a height of three Miles. All Australia Lancaster squadrons participated in Tho raid. Forty one of our bombers Are miss ing from the night s operations which included attacks by Mosquito on tar gets in Western Germany. This latest attack on Berlin was Tho Iii til heavy raid in 14 Days. The first of the series was made on november 18. In Tho last at tack a week ago Lancaster drop Ped Well Over 1000 tons of bombs on Berlin in just Over 20 minutes. Over 6000 tons were dropped on the City in eight Days. One of the biggest forces of e.a.i1, heavy bombers Ever seen Over the East const went out Over the continent As darkness was falling last evening. They streamed High across Tho const it Sev i eral Points one watcher declaring that the sky was alive with bomb Ora. Tho Oslo radio says formations of German night fighters protected Berlin und fought air Battles of exceptional intensity Over Tho City. The Zierman overseas Kadio claim that ."0 raiders were shot Down in last night s raid on Berlin. The bodies of he British airmen it claims were recovered from wrecked planes. A Stockholm message says telephonic communication Between Stockholm and Berlin was broken off at 8.30 . Arni resumed it la ., when it was Learned that Berlin had Lead a raid Alert. Whether tie City had actually Buen raided could not then to established. Tho Eiro legation in Berlin was completely destroyed in Tho raid on november 22, or. Warnock the Eire charge d affaires is Safe. The air ministry announces that j Mitchells Bostons and typhoons escorted and covered by lighters bomb-1 de targets on the Cherbourg Peninsula i yesterday afternoon. None of our aircraft is missing. It is now known that 10 enemy aircraft were destroyed by our fighters in wednesday s offensive operations. The Pilot of a second fighter is Safe. Reuter s Algiers correspondent says a very heavy Force of flying fortresses yesterday for Tho first time attacked submarine pens and construction facilities in the Marseilles Harbor. The pens which had been under construction for several months Only recently neared completion. Both armies Advance in Italy extremely bitter opposition London the vice of extremely bitter enemy opposition the eighth army has captured the Village of Casoli one of several Strong Points which the germans created behind the original positions that our forces have broken through. The eighth army is now faced with the task of reducing these Strong Points one by one. Nearer the Adriatic the eighth army has made further Progress. On the fifth army front our troops Nave made advances in the face of heavy machine gun fire mines and barbed wire the eighth army men a Pieree hand to hand and Yard by Yard fighting Are dislodging Tho enemy of a 25-Milo front and pressing him Back to Pescara. They Are also mopping up enemy resistance centres. The fifth army has consolidated its positions East of the Home Road. Router s representative at Algiers says that besides Moro than 1000 prisoners already reported to be captured is the result of Tho eighth army s new push Many German wounded Are lying in Allied hospitals. Great stores of guns and equipment also were soiled. Last Nicht men of the eighth Anny Trero battling through Tho outskirts of Castel Frontany and Casoli says Keil Lor s Algiers correspondent. They were then encountering the German last detachments which had been ordered to delay the eighth army As Long As possible in order to cover Tho German Retreat northward from the train Winter Lino defences. The German withdrawal How Ever is not a rout. It is slow and stubborn. The germans Are Mak ing full use of demolitions and minefields. Casoli represents a three mile Advance from the Archi Bridgehead and its capture cuts at a new Point the feeder Road which loops toward the Sangro River from Lanciano. The germans Are being forced to abandon guns and material and Are hastily bringing reserves from the North of Italy to Chieti. Allied pianos Are ambushing Tho reserves As they Ore brought from Chieti to the Battle area. Our planes destroyed 16 lorries from Ono Convoy and damaged Many tithers. Enemy pounded. The times Algiers correspondent says the americans in the Central Sec Tor of the fifth army front South West of Mignano beat off new Gorman counter attacks. The Algiers radio says Allied bomb ers without interference supported the operations on the fifth army front and pounded the German defences for three hours. The Gorman new Agency says Ameri cans of the fifth army in the Cossin area strongly attacked and succeeded i penetrating Tho German do forces at Scapoli. Tho germans successfully counter attacked and captured Many prisoners also Booty. The fifth army in the coastal sector also strongly at tacked after a Lull to regroup its forces. Tolfe attack was supported by fire from three destroyers. Tho Gorman Howitz ers then opened up against the destroyers which turned away under a smokescreen. Tho germans at Cas Tol Frentani have taken up prepared Roar positions the news Agency concludes. Renter s Algiers representative says Tho it ii american division which was the first to land in North Africa is righting on Tho fifth army front. Your storekeeper ? stocks it feed scientifically balanced by tons for Stock cubes and pellets for pias cows poultry dogs for particulars writs Bara stoc products 395 Collin Street Melbourne cd English suspects in Berlin London raid wardens Iii Berlin fighting a fire in the basement of the Berlin press club after a raid were amazed to hear a nearby firefighter exc Kango a few words in English with Ano ther firefighter reports be Docdor chief correspondent of the German overseas news service. They proved to to English fascists. A Warden refusing to listen to explanations dragged the men to a police station. German crowds in route hear ing a Rumor that englishmen had been found in a House from which they were trying to signal to Tho riders gathered stones Aud Wero restrained with difficulty from Lynching the suspects. Schooner says the affair was quickly settled at the police station because i the arrested men were English fascist a a German radio announcer and a charge d affaires of the German foreign affairs ministry. Router s Points out that the Only British radio announcers known to by on the German radio Are William Joyce alias lord Haw Haw and Baillie Stewart the officer in the Tower a former member of the British Union of fascists. Red army makes More gains London russians were last night reported to be within a few Miles of the rail Junction of in Amcnda an important German Supply Centre in the Dnieper Bend South West of Krcic chug. The return of Fine weather has dried up the roads and according to the Moscow newspaper pravda this has led to increased activity. The germans counter attacked strongly but were unable to prevent the red army from making More gains. Further up the Dnieper there is very heavy fighting around Chirk any. The germans have brought up Large forces and thrown them into the Battle regardless of losses. The red army has beaten off the counter attacks and in one sector yesterday destroyed 24 tanks and killed 1000 men in we Ito Russin the russians have driven t to germans from another stronghold North West of Gomel. Ger Man positions in this area Aro reported Lobo protected by extensive mine Fields. The in Only made a big Effort to hold on to what a correspondent describes As Tho most important High Road Junction Between Tho and dumper Rivers. Tho russians attacked from three directions under cover of darkness and by Dawn had captured Tho most important Supply Point and threatened Tho rest with encirclement. As a result Tho germans lost Tho Uso of Tho Road function. Tho red Arni is threatening to turn Tho German Linc in White Russia from Tho. North and the South say Moscow despatches. Awhile von Klugo s troops Are battling grimly to prevent general Rokos Sovsky s forces from taking Job Lin and to brisk thereby turning Tho Germana Southern defences Tho rus sians have launched attacks against Aloh lev Orsha and Vitebsk the Suc Cess of which would turn Tho German Lino from Tho North. Tho red army clearly moans Busi Ness in its Northern out flanking move ment against the White russian linens Tho German news Ncncy s military correspondent von Hammer indicates. To says West of Smolensk toward Orsha the russians have carried out n super offensive with 22 Rifle divisions five armoured brigades and 200 tanks. To sealed off local penetration. Tho lighting is at its heaviest in this Sec later enemy reports say the rus sians arc using 27 infantry Divis ions Aud five tank brigades for Tho offensive adding great Battles Aro raging on both sides of the Smolensk Orsha Highway in the direction of Moscow correspondents say the red army s path to Llo Blin has been opened up by Tho capture of one of Tho three key positions barring the Corri Dor Between Tho Dnieper and the Soj. General to Kossovsky himself said to Tho red Star we have captured an impregnable the Berlin radio quoting Berlin Mili tary quarters said Tho bad weather that had blotted out the roads and made advances impossible had _ melted Down the German offensive against the Kiev salient. Fighting in Tho Kiev Koros ten area was on a reduced scale and no Manor Battles were reported from the Jitomir Kiev Region it concluded. Beuter s Moscow correspondent cabling late last night said Tho germans had massed new tank formations and were making fresh determined efforts to penetrate the russian Unes protecting Kiev. Tho main pressure was coming from Korostek. The germans were believed to have concentrated 2000 tanks be tween Brusilov and Korostek and bit Ter fighting Lay ahead. Germans fleeing general von Mannstein faces a dangerous situation South West of Tremon chug. The Moscow radio says the bed Anne Lins penetrated Tho enemy s de fences and is surging Forward. Fast moving troops Aro striking Tho fleeing germans and giving Thom no time to recover. Tho red army is within Folio Miles of san Monk. A7on Harri mor says the germans under Tho red army s pressure Havo withdrawn their line a few Miles at Ono Point. Tho Midnight russian Coranic Nique said Tho bed army Between Tho Soj and Dnieper Rivers North West of Gomel yesterday continued their Advance and occupied Over 80 inhabited places. In Tho Privet River area they occupied nine inhabited places. Tho russians in Tho Clio Kasy area propelled tank and infantry attacks and inflicted heavy losses. Tho red army South West of ice Monchun overcoming Strong counter attacks forged ahead and occupied .1 number of strongly fortified Points of resistance including Dmitrova six Miles North East of name non. There were recon Naissance and artillery exchanges on other fronts. Seventeen enemy tanks and 23 planes were destroyed of All fronts. A Berlin High command communique says Battles it a Point of penetration to the South West of Kremenchug have increased in violence. Tho russians in Tho Dnieper Bend without Success attacked several Points. With weaker forces to counter attacked and eliminated several russian breaches Between Tho Privet and Beresina Rivers it adds. Heavy fighting is going on est of Krichev. Defensive fighting on Tho Smolensk Highway continues with growing massive attacks fighting is mounting in intensity West of Smolensk whore a Quarter of a million red army men Are launch ing massive attacks against Tho Gor Man positions East of Orsha states the Paris radio. Tho germans Between Tho Privet mid Beresina Rivers Are engaging in heavy defensive fighting and already have eliminated several wedges which Tho russians earlier had driven into their renter s correspondent in Moscow says Tho germans Aro Likely to lose the Dovsky Road which is the Pivot of their Whito russian front. The russians Havo reached starry Dovsky Turco Miles North of Dovsky from where the roads radiate to mogilev prop risk and Rogachov. The russian offensive on the entire White russian front has gained momentum during the past 24 hours. The germans farther South Are wag ing a grim struggle to retain their Dnieper Bridgehead at the town of Clio Kasy. The russians Aro also gravely threatening name non. Lat est reports from tue front state that Tho russians Aro Only three Miles North of this vital railway Junction Between Kiev and the Black sea. More men for British Coal Industry i London minister for labor or. E. Bevin announced in the House of commons that a scheme had been worked ont under which a ballot would decide when men born on and after january 1, 3918, would be diver Ted to Tho Coal mines. Exclusion from Tho ballot would be limited to men accepted for flying duties with the . And Fleet air Arm those accepted As artificers for submarines and men in a Short list of highly skilled occupations. Men not previously experienced in. Coa mining would receive four weeks preliminary Classwork and generally would not work at Tho Coal face until Thoy had four months underground experience. To said 75,000 men would be wanted monthly for four months after which the quota would probably to 2500 monthly. Washington Navy department communique says the uni Ted states submarine Wahoo is Over due and must be presumed lost. The advocate overseas news ser vices Are received through australian associated press of which this news paper is a member. All rights Are reserved in Australia and new zealand. Mosquito Over German capital . Mosquito have played a less spectacular part than the big bom Bers in attacks on Berlin but theirs has nevertheless been an important task. Above is depicted an artist s impression of Mosquito releasing their bombs Over the Cit. Unique band of Allied airmen London unique band of australian new zealand British and Canadian airmen operating from a Mediterranean air Field is known As Tho Independent air Force because it is under no one s orders. It has a roving commission and stirs up what Trou ble it can find says Tho daily telegraphs correspondent at � Mediterranean air base. Tho correspond Cut says these Young dare devils Flash Over enemy areas in Italy in mos quotes. Their Irish commanding officer admitted that his airmen flew so Low that their chief danger was the mountainous nature of the terrain. To Are flying Micawber he said patiently stooping around waiting for something to turn up. We like trains London Huber Tus of Saxe Coburg Gotha once reported to by Hitler s Choice As Gau Leiter in Britain has been killed in action Whilo serving in the Luftwaffe As a courier Pilot according to the Swiss Badio. Prince Hubertus was related to half Tho ruling houses in Europe. His father. Duke Karl Edward we born a England. Big three reported to be conferring in Middle East London Friday. News that or. Churchill president Roosevelt and marshal Stalin Are holding a conference somewhere in the Middle East was Given in a broadcast Carly to Day by the chairman of the . Senate foreign relations committee senator Connally. He said the meeting was of Paramount significance but gave no further details. Router s Istanbul correspondent quotes a turkish newspaper As saying it is cer Tain that live allies will make an unconditional surrender Appeal to the germans. Therefore Tho three statesmen must also decide regarding the kind of German government with which they Are prepared to negotiate. The new York times representative at Cairo Cyrus Sulzberger Days that As the result of the Cairo conference import ant preparations Are being made to Accel Erate the Pacific Campaign. Firstly n Punna Campaign May be definitely counted on. Secondly United states troops will probably be despatched to China in order to bolster up Tho offensive potential there. Thirdly certain appointments will be made to effect Complete Liaison Between general Macarthur and lord Louis Mountbatten in order to facilitate connection Between the Asiatic commands. Fourthly the tiny Rickie of material to China will prob ably be somewhat amplified. High strategy the Washington representative of the american associated press John High Tower Bays it is believed the Cairo con Ference agreed on High strategy against Tupman providing for tile recapture of the Philippines and the opening of the ten route to China. Over this route Britain and America must ship it least a million tons of supplies monthly to main Tail the minimum offensive Force of 100,000 and that would allow an air Force of Only 200 bombers and 400 fighters. Every multiple of these forces would require another Mil lion tons of shipping monthly but until the China sea route is established High american military experts say there can not by a final grand offensive against Jii pan. Therefore it is Likely to take at least is months to smash Japan Niter Ger Many is Defeated. Triumph for China the american associated press representative at chunking says Tho Cairo declaration is hailed As a great and political Triumph for China that will establish Tho coun try s position As a major world Power. Observers Point out that the declaration did not contain a note of imminence concerning an All out assault against Tho japanese thus suggesting that China in return for the sweeping tripartite pledge Lins accepted the War More than Ever As a global struggle in which other strategical might outweigh her own immediate needs. Britain will Gaie great Honor but will be poor materially London an address to the United kingdom Branch of the Empire parliamentary association Field marshal Smuts said Britain would emerge from the War with glory Honor and prestige such As perhaps no nation had Ever enjoyed in history. But from a material and economic Point of View she would by a poor predicted that after the War Russia would be mistress of Europe. Me suggested that Britain should work closely with the Small democracies of Wes Tern Europe. Field Marsh in Smuts spoke Obri Tain s place in Tho modern world and Tho organisational problems of the Empire. He suggested that some co Lonies should be grouped and More closely linked with certain dominions. Tho United nations might he faced with questions so vast complicated difficult and intractable that they might have to he Satis fied with a comprehensive armis Tice ending Tho War and leave the rest of Tho problems to a Long series of conferences without com ing to any general peace Confer ence. Tho new world organisation for Security must provide not Only for free Dom and democracy but for leadership and Power. That could be done More effectively than in the coven not of the league of nations by giving proper place to the great Bowers now at the Hoad of Tho United nations fighting Tho cause of humanity. As in War so in peace the great Powers must be responsible in Tho first instance for the maintenance of Security and preservation of world peace and this Pri Mary responsibility would not to affected by any duties resting on the rest of Tho United nations. Tho lesson had also been Learned that the now organisation to be erected Niter Tho War must depend upon economic As Well As political conditions. To then directed attention to what was happening now and Tho state of affairs it Tho end of Tho War. Itt Europe three of the five great Powers will disappear he continued. To have never seen such a situation in Tho modern history of this continent prance has gone and if Ever she returns it we he a Bard Long upward pull. We Aro dealing with of Tho most far reaching catastrophes in his tory of the like of which i have not Road. Italy has completely disappeared and May never to � great Power again Germany at the end of the War will disappear perhaps Nevor to emerge again in her old form. The germans Are a great people with great qualities and Germany will by written off the slate for Long years after which Tho now world May have Arisen. Russia is the new colossus that be strides Europe. With Tho other Down and out and herself mistress of the continent her Power will not Only be Groat on that account but still Grea Ter because Tho japanese Empire also will have Gono. You will have Tussia in a. Position no country has Ever occupied in Tho history of Europe. Britain has put in her All. This country has hold nothing Back and there is nothing left in the till she has put body Andi soul into winning Tho Battle of Mankind. Sha will win but will Como out poor in substance. Tho British Empire will remain As one of the greatest things in Tho world and nothing i can touch that fact. I Many have looked to a closer Union Between the ., Britain and the emf Pire but this would stir up Interna-1 tonal enmity which might Lead to still Moro colossal struggles for world / i referring to Britain s relations with her two partners of immense Power and resource Russia and America Field marshal Smuts put Forward the idea that Britain should strengthen her european position by working closely with Tho Small democracies of Western Europe which Aro entirely with us in Outlook Way of life and All ideals and in Many ways of the same political and spiritual substance As by themselves these Small nations might to lost As they were lost to Day. At last they had been taught that neutrality was obsolete. A. Empire dualism to Ysaee. Fiji. T referring to Tho present centralisation of Empire and decentralisation of Tho Commonwealth Field marshal Smuts expressed doubt whether this dualism was Safe. In the colonies he had found criticism of this situation. 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Outbreak of cholera in Bengal London outbreak it cholera Bas followed the famine in Bengal the Secretary of state for India. Or. L. C. M. S. Amery told thu House of commons. Deaths Dur ing october averaged 5349 weekly. They were Ugi during the first week in november. Tho army was provid ing doctors and medical equipment and some drugs had been flown to India. The authorities were planning a mass inoculation scheme

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