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Burlington Times News (Newspaper) - September 13, 1989, Burlington, North Carolina Channel guide wednesday evening i m j 3fj 9 a amp a 2 a my to lbs j 7 00 7 30 j 8 00 i 8 30 i 9 00 9 30 10 00 i 10 30 11 00 z _ 4 4 Wunch to pcs Chapel Hill by to adj Ost stations s i a 3_ 5_ Oral to lbs a Obj to lbs Raleigh Roanoke a. In in Eye Usa today dote watch 60 minutes g of firing line special debate free Market is Best news k 5 a a a a Gap to Abc Wols to no Hiah Point cd ent. Tonight win loss 60 minutes g Wolf news _ l 6 11 Wavd Abo Durham cd we. Fortune jeopardy g 60 minutes g Wolf news _ l _ 12_ 12 Xii no Winston Salem cd we. Fortune jeopardy g growing pains g comedy coach g Koppel report g news Jara St a to j set to Abc Lynchburg. A. Rial current affair ent. Tonight unsolved mysteries g night court quantum leap news itt t or 13 to fort uni ind webs ind Burlington of jeopardy g we. Fortune growing pains g comedy coach g Koppel report g news to a a 20 6 Wolfl to Fox Durham of ent. Tonight win lose unsolved mysteries g night court quantum leap news l Tutti 23 won Chicago of Crim watch family feud Mission impossible comedy news i Jez 25 10 7 acts Wplf to no family Christian Raleigh m heartbeat Ai. Faith lives j. Van Impe Praise the lord 2 weft ind a new ind Fayetteville Winston Salem Ifni in is Crim watch current affair unsolved mysteries g night court quantum Leaf news i i _ 5 9 Wigt ind Greensboro Kate a Allis mama a assault on precinct 13�?� air Wolf Downey ii to >1 is r _ Lxi ind am Greensboro american movie classics Isi fill a a so cheers g who concert gun smoke Tho Arsenio Hall i la cd a i n e 7 0 15 28 Hob esp homa Box office entertainment amp sports 19sj in Praise the lord bed scenes Bino k. Ken Hagin j. Van Impe a. Praise the lord Praise Joti ii Al 14 32 inn the Nashville network Cable pay station 5i l a in a 15 20 Usa Usa network Aid chronicle survival Battle line 20th Century saboteurs of telemark decades 60 s Channing f in t7i i i 16 19 la int Nav Turner network television acts heritage our world Ben Haden insight Tea methodist Cope Baptist hour a Jet to _ i 17 14 disc cinemas the Disney network am be a Madison avenues a Ramona a Madison avenues i of 17 l la 17 show Showtime can Mone Ynne crossfire Prim news Larry King live news Money line i n i l. 37 21 fam family Csan viewer can in cont d event of the Day event of Day q la a i "0 f 32 38 34 22 to the learning Channel chd Fie wee s d teacher danger Bay Quot Jane Eyraz Ozzie 7 Sci to r to Quot can Nickel Odeon Cable news network esp sports enter Scholastic sports America by Ball quiz billiards world open 9-Bah ladies pro Bowling Columbia open i 35 24 Cnn-2 can headline news fam our House a Home in Indiana 700 club Batman 34 a Span . House Hob i disorder lies Contd crossing Dolan Coy it a battered Quot a Crocodile 2&Quot 24 27 coh Cable value network hts orioles major league baseball Chicago White sox at Baltimore orioles sports talk orioles a in z ii to 27 Mac music to arts a entertainment life heartbeat Spenser for hire a rat in front of Tho children Quot Spenser hire Al a j 29 hts Home team sports Max Contd Max movie a a dig a where the Baya Ara 34 9 _ 39 _ a mtg country music to Naso vide country top card Church St. Crook Nashville now on stage vide country i i 30 30 to bet Black entertainment Nick in. Gadget Looney bewitched mister de Patty Duke car 54 sat night sctt laugh in a a 33 in 33 my life financial news network lifetime show a 41 ii Sill Laa Phi ill Dak he Contd a revenge of the nerds la a boys g a a Salsa Quot i _16_ tic the movie Channel pc we Monitor celebrate Equinox a Clarke motorcar secrets of nature inheritance 40 vh-1 video hits one tic a magic moments Quot cont d to a Murphy a Romance s1/�?~moon Over Paradore 26 39 26 weather the weather Channel w bugs b fragile Bock reaching for the skies reaching for the skies reaching for the skies fat squad aim 22 ukr pc Community programming programming guide pm Miami vice murder she wrote a fire and rain Miami vice i troll Eom disc discovery Channel won Andy Griffith major league baseball Montreal expos at Chicago cubs news g Usa tonight Ippe up Chii amm Chi c s 6 . Senate webs Jefferson q Sanford a a Cavemen Quot major league baseball braves at padres producer of new series is a Man with a Mission Knight Ridder news service for Many labor Day weekend was the final Chance to Romp in the Sun and surf before heading off or sending the kids off to another school year and a Long fall and Winter. But for Tel viewers the Beach Days be finished a Abc is about to Roll in with its new Seaside set lifeguards in action series premiering Friday sept. 158-9 . Edt it has no shortage of Sun surfboards and bikinis. The action takes place on the 80 Miles of Southern California Beach in Santa Monica. The two leads both lifeguards with a Mission Are David Hasselhoff of a Knight rider memory and Parker Stevenson once a Hardy boy in the �?T70s Abc series. But the real Man with the Mission is the shows producer Gregory Bonann 37, a 20-year los Angeles lifeguard who talks about the series like it was going to change the world. A critic listening to him is hard pressed to make a connection Between what he describes and our memory of the Pilot film which was repeated recently after first airing last Spring. A a we re attempting to Chal Lenge the stereotype of a lifeguard a declared the fast talking Bonann. He a serious too even though he has put a hunk like Hasselhoff in the Lead and in a bathing suit Bonann got in the lifeguard business which he insists he a still in at age 17, right out of High school. A a that a very similar to characters in our series a he said. A a they re thrust immediately into a responsible position when All you be got on Are red tranks. Its not like a policeman where you carry a weapon and Wear a badge or a fireman where you drive around in a red truck. You Are there in a bathing suit and you re attempting to get All kinds of ordinance problems taken care of solve gang problems and take control of your the Salt water evangelist makes it sound like he a holding Down the Beach at Normandy. Still there Are moments he said. Like when a lifeguard saves a child a life. Other less heroic motivations for Young lifeguards he pointed out Are the pay $15 per hour and the lure of the Beach the outdoors the water. All things a kid loves. Stevenson a character a lawyer who opts on weekends to be David Hasselhoff a lifeguard rather than cultivate clients is based on professional people who Bonann says do the same sort of thing on his Beach. Hasselhoff character is a new lieutenant. Said the producer a a Well see How he deals with new authority among what used to be his Peers now that he a Boss. He a also undergoing a custody Battle for his son so he has to handle a new Job and a new role at according to the producer. 80 million people come to the Beach every year More than attend the Aba and nil games combined. So he a confident there la be an audience for the series. Besides 5 percent of lifeguards Are women which Means there la be plenty of scantily Clad gals with tanned and toned bodies to Ogle even if the scripts Are water soaked. That of course can to Hurt in the ratings. The reason there Arentt More lady lifeguards Bonann claimed a is because the test has no preferential treatment it consists of swimming a mile As fast As you can swim and then the first too that come out take a physical. Out of the first Hundred 50 can pass the Eye ear nose and Throat tests. Another few might have asthma whatever. So you wind up with 30 in the Rookie Shawn Weatherly a cast member and a former miss universe who also plays a lifeguard looks in great shape but is apprehensive. Quot i done to swim every Day a she said. A a in a a runner. I think there a a huge difference in the two. Women a Power is in their lower body while menus is in their upper body. In swimming you need your upper body strength. A but i m coordinated and in a agile and i feel comfortable in the to show to re create �?T81 death of Valdese woman Charlotte apr a mysterious death has drawn the attention of producers of a television program in which crimes Are re created and family members of the victim Hope the program will bring some answers. Its been eight years since Rhonda Hinson died on a Burke county Highway when a Bullet sliced into her car and struck her. Authorities still done to know who fired the shot or whether her death was an Accident or murder. Miss Hinson 19, was found dead in a ditch beside her new Dat Sun on . 350, less than half a mile from her Valdese Home. No cd so unsolved mysteries reenact crimes nationwide in Hopes of uncovering clues will air a segment on miss Hinson a death sometime this Winter. Her family requested the shows help. Ioctl twin or n Church Strem. 226 4447 a a Ltd Fox Penn casualties of War a 7 00 9 00 r onem Treweek a shag pm 7 00 9 00j a Crew of nine has tackled the Case since last wednesday interviewing family friends and Burke Law enforcement officers and taping footage across the county. The assignment is intriguing because something was troubling miss Hinson in the weeks before her death though she shared the problem with no one said Kathleen Cromley producer of a unsolved a Rhonda was something of an Enigma a is. Cromley told the Charlotte observer. A there were things going on in her life other people maybe were not aware thursday night special prime rib $4.50 Vav an trimmings a Glass of House wino grilled Chicken 4.95 Western charcoal Steak House 142 Graham Hopedale 227-1448 miss Hinson a family does no to know what went wrong Only that is. Hinson took frequent showers and kept mostly to herself relatives said sunday. A few Days before her death miss Hinson and her father Bobby Hinson stopped for Gas at a neighbor Hood convenience store. A she said in the car a daddy i have to Tell you something but in a afraid its going to make you mad a a said an aunt Linda Elliott. Miss Hinson never told her father. Fly a Cootie evenings 5 00-9 00 wednesday Friday lunch 11 00-2 30 monday Friday 126 Maple ave Burlington a they have no idea what it was a Elliott said sunday. A a it a driving them a graduate of East Burke High school miss Hinson had just turned 19 and worked As a key punch opera Tor at Hickory steel it Iron co. A Uncle Bucko still on top at Box office Hollywood apr Uncle Bucko was the no. I moneymaker in the nations Heaters for the fourth consecutive weekend. The independently distributed a kick Boxer made a Strong debut in third place. Universal so Uncle Buck a which stars John Candy As an obnoxious relative brought in to supervise his two nieces and a Nephew grossed $4.6 million according to figures released monday by exhibitor relations co. Director Ron Howard so parenthood a the family comedy with Steve Martin Jason Robards Mary Steenburgen and Rick Moranis finished in second with sales of $4.4 million. The martial arts film a kick Boxer a starring Jean Claude Van Damme and distributed by Cannon finished a surprising third on revenues of $4,1 million. It was followed by the romantic comedy Quot when Harry met Sally.,�?� which collected $3.1 million. Falling into fifth place and losing momentum with $2.9 million was the underwater adventure epic a the after five weeks of release a the abyss has now netted $44.6 million and has yet to recoup its production costs. A lethal weapon 2,�?� reuniting Mel Gibson and Danny Glover As unconventional police officers came in sixth with $2.6 million. In seventh was the acclaimed character study a sex lies and videotape Quot which earned $2.14 million last weekend. West a 5 fkq7 4 a k to 6 3 4q j93 North 9-u-m a k to 9 8 6 Tio 9 6 a to 4 a k 5 East 443 453 a 374 2 4 to 8 3 4 2 South 4 a q j 7 2 4 a j 8 2 4 a i 47 vulnerable North South dealer. South South West North East 14 dbl. Re dbl. 24 pass pass 4 4 pass 4 it pass 5 a pass 64 All pass opening Lead 4 q i Csc Talabach is for your Holiday and wedding parties. Schlabach s offers evening banquets for your special Holiday gathering. Come see our Lovely facilities and receive a menu prepared just for your special occasion. For More information Call 227-2105 located at the Comer of Spring amp Davis St.,Burlington,. 7th year anniversary weekday specials a Hibachi Steak a Hibachi lobster amp shrimp amp Steak 10.95 11.95 sunday thru thursday Only thru 9-28-89 a sushi bar now open a Hibachi style cooking by our chefs at your table Kyoto fantasy japanese Steak a seafood House reservations accepted for parties Large and Small Voo s. Holden Greensboro 299-1003 corvettes now open wednesday night no cover charge special on draft and mixed drinks Ace of hearts and then plays the Trumps As before this time throwing away the eight and Jack of hearts to squeeze West out of one of the red Kings. And finally the strength of Declarer a heart suit provides a solution if West plays another club. Declarer will discard a heart from Dummy and Ruff then play Ace of hearts and run the Jack through. Whether West coven the heart or not Declarer will be Able to get rid of Dummy a Diamond loser Charlie had the right name after All junes Jacoby a books a Jacoby on Bridge sad a Jacoby on card games written with Bis father be Ute Oswald Jacoby Ere now available Etc bookstores both Are published by pharos books. A of. Newspaper Enterprise Assn careful Charlie redeems himself by James Jacoby careful Charlie was Declarer in today a Deal but onlookers wondered if he had been misnamed. He won Dummy Sace of clubs and ruffed a Little club with his Jack of Spades. Then he crossed to Dummy with the eight of Spades and ruffed the King of clubs with his Spade Ace. That a when the kibitzer gasped but Charlie continued unperturbed playing a Spade to Dummy Sio and leading the to of hearts. When Charlie played Low West won the Queen. What would you suggest that West now play a heart return would allow Declarer to win the nine in Dummy Cash the Ace of diamonds overtake the Queen of Spades with the King and play two More Spades throwing the five and Queen of diamonds away. If West discards a heart Declarer takes the a a if West throws the King of diamonds away Dummy a Jack becomes a Winner. If West instead leads a Diamond Declarer wins Dummy a Jack cashes his old Macdonald a country Kitchen 1 meat amp 2 veg. A drink �?T3.99 wednesday country style Steak Barbecue beef ribs $4.99 Chicken pie stuffed peppers mashed potatoes Green Beans cabbage tossed salad potato salad Cole Slaw Pinto Beans Apple sauce Fried Squash baked potato thursday country style Steak meat loaf Fried Chicken beef tips White meat 40c extra on Rice buttered potatoes potato salad baked potato Apple sauce tossed salad Green Beans Cole Slaw Pinto Beans turnip greens Crowder peas Friday country style Steak baked Ham Chicken amp dumplings Salmon patties mashed potatoes Green Beans baked potato stewed apples tossed salad potato salad Apple sauce Pinto Beans Macaroni amp cheese cabbage take out available 1928 w. Webb ave. Olen Raven shopping Center 584-5086 . 6am-7 30pm Terrace Janus student discount 50c off regular adult evening ticket with valid to. A Terrace Molly East 220 1981 All shows before 6 of s3 of Crystal Ryan when Harry met Sally. 5 30 7 30 9 30 r now at the Terrace John Candy Uncle Buck 5 15 7 15 9 15 pm now at the Terrace Tom Hanks Turner amp Hooch 5 00 7 00 9 00 pm now at the Terrace Walt Disney cheetah final week 5 00 g now at the Terrace Gibson Glover lethal weapon 2 final Waak _ 7 00 9 00 r now at the Terrace relentless final week 7 15 r now at the Janus Nightmare on Elm Street final weak 9 15 r now at the Janus do the right thing 7 00 9 30 r now at the janu5

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