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Burlington Times News (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Burlington, North Carolina Paci four the daily times news 787 South Milo Street National i of i 0 i Alit North Coroline a a Wiss association danger in t past despite welcomed Rains Burlington n. A daily times news monday september 7, 1953 published daily except sunday by the times news publishing co. Staley a. Cook. Managing editor Rudy m. Fonville. Advertising mgr. Harry w. Puckett. Mechanical supt. Subscription rates by Carrier i we. 30c i to. $1.30 by mail Alamance county year $10.00 other mail rates on request entered at the Post office at Burlington n. C., As second class mail matter under act of Congress. March 3, 187p advertising rates classified advertising per line 15 cents minimum charge 45c. Display advertising rate on request. National advertising representative the John Budd company new York Chicago St. Louis. Atlanta. Dallas san Francisco los Angeles Portland. Seattle. Member audit Bureau of circulations member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper. As wed As All a news dispatches. Bible thought for today my Kinsfolk have failed and my familiar friends have forgotten me. A Job 19 14 our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can this is the service of a Friend. A Emerson. Quot monday september 7, 1953 Chancellor Adenauer wins overwhelming Victory �11 faustian democrats in West Germany led by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer have won an overwhelming Victory which gives i h e West its most important diplomatic move since world War ii ended. While it had been Felt generally that the Adenauer government would hold even the most optimistic observers apparently never expected such a wide margin of Victory. The election proved two Strong Points which will be surveyed and hailed for a Long time. First it showed that the majority of West germans prefer to join their policies with the West to operate their country in democratic standards and to Overlook the cries of a american intervention a in their policies secondly the voters once again have demonstrated in striking terms their anti com must feelings despite the Strong fight made by socialists to win approval on neutrality in International relations. Neutrality in this sense could have meant for Only such period As needed to move Kremlin leaders into key positions of authority. There weren to Many people in the West close to the election who did t feel sceptical at the move made by Secretary of state John Foster Dulles it happened but the emergency in t in the past. We a knew that sooner or later it would happen but All of us were becoming a Little More anxious and wondering just How much More of a threat there would be. Saturday afternoon however found a change in the Burlington and Alamance county areas. Almost every Section of the county was drenched with a Good rain a except possibly the Burlington watershed. What a welcomed rain it was too. Possibly at no time in Burlington s history has the Welcome sign been out so noticeably As it was saturday. People in the business District were seen standing on the streets looking at the forming dark Clouds. Some motorists were seen to Stop and stick their Heads out the window to get a better look. Some of us too refused to Roll up the windows of cars or to close those in the Home. Those demonstrations May have discouraged arrival of the a visitors and the Chance was t Worth it. So were left open. The first few drops of rain returned to Alamance county a certain freshness missing for so Long. Then the drops kept falling and before Long it was certain that they were not All that were coming. There was a slight pause and it started All Over again. By 6 of clock saturday night rain in the gauge at the City water Plant showed 1.15 inches. It was then however that the Complete Joy and the Relief faded to some extent and the seriousness of the past few weeks returned again. A Call to residents in the Burlington watershed area revealed that Only a sprinkling rain had fallen. It was enough a said one nearby resident Quot to Settle the dust during yesterday s continuing rain in the Burlington area there still was Little to fall on workmen As they began unloading the civil defense administration s pipeline and pumps. The dust was settled but there was Little mud on the Road or water in ditches leading to the site where workmen soon would be pulling water from Haw River sending it into the lines and pumping it into the watershed. The rain in Burlington in other words had not ended the water emergency though it had brought Relief to several sections of the county and had found water basins in line with the increased flow. It Means that installation of the emergency lines will proceed As if no rain had fallen since so Little rain did fall on the watershed. It Means too mat a waterless i used Aye will be observed Here tomorrow As it was planned last week with All residents being asked to go without the vital liquid in every possible Way in order to save As much at Stoney Creek As possible and to new York confidential by Lee Mortimer. The Pinch hitter strikes out after this column Mortimer returns to the Bush league which is where he belongs did you say and a rested and refreshed Winchell picks up the Bat in a Field where All others Are amateurs rank upstarts or anaemic imitations. I la be As Happy As you when the Star is Hack and there a Reading matter in this space instead of rave responsibility news makes Dames loan Vohs picture Pip and dress tycoon that a a manufacturer Irving Auerbach Are a Romance in 3-d according to the press agent but i wonder if loan heard it a. Dixie Dunbar the wonderful Star whose dance director husband Lone Snyder died during the unravelling May try it again with Bob Herndon. Her highness the countess Rene de Sierra Gorda hey your almanac de Gotha is showing is highest with Julian Fields whoever he is. Way of a maid with or without a Man Anita Colby the Queen and i mean the All time Queen of the cover girls is wondering who that p Paramount exec is the publicists say she a going to wed. So is Jerry Gordon. Gent so attentive to Sloan Simpson of Dwyer is Bedford Sharpe Texas Oil King Arentt they All he smother Henning her while Singer Juliana Larson his wife and Sloan a pal is away fair enough by Westbrook Pegler copyright 1931, King features Syndicate inc the nation today by James Marlow the first amendment to i Days Bright Young molders of Public opinion come fresh from the Ivy to Junior management of news weeklies networks Book publishing House and a a Lessee Tihle journals. By passing the copy boy stage Street beats and police and i City Hall runs that once nurtured i newspapermen. This new standardized Type of fuzzy intellectual raised by two generation of communist indoctrinated a a progressive educators is immature unrealistic and a Liberal a which Means he despises anti reds More than he does reds. As these Mas produced prodigies take Over. It becomes More difficult for conservatives to get a hearing. The thought control of the new intellectual oligarchy dominates every Field of expression a great majority of the owners certainly Are not communist not even left Wing but Many Are Well intentioned and naive and have allowed their property to be taken away through the machinations of scheming advisors who themselves have been captured by or Are of the hard underground Core of professional communists. The right to go less than a year ago a former communist functionary testified to the following shocker under oath before a Senate committee a in new York City there Are approx i innately 500 dues paying com a munits in the newspaper Industry. The new York time has Well Over too dues paying members. Time. Inches 76 communist party members working in editorial and research. We printed that hut in a letter to a Reader which in be seen by times owner Gen. Adler denied any such statement had been made. But the foregoing is a verbatim transcript of the printed official Public record Page 162 of the oct. 8. 1952 hearings before the Senate internal Security subcommittee of the 82nd Congress and a democratic one too. Its that Way All Over the country. Wake up pals time and Tim and times a wasting Washington d Uby Nineteen years ago Joseph Stalin said Quot equalization in the sphere of demands and personal life is reactionary Petty Bourgeois nonsense worthy of a primitive and ascetic sect and not of a socialist society organized in a marxian this was a Way of saying that in the soviet society which was supposed to be classless because everyone was equal there would be Many classes or As George Orwell put it in his a animal everyone would he equal but some would be More equal than others. In the soviet society not everyone would draw the same kind of pay or be Able to live in the same kind of House or afford the same kind of food or clothes. The rewards a Man got for his work depended on the kind of work he did which meant How useful he was to the communist party which ran the government. Thus a physicist working on the atom bomb or an artist or a movie director could have a House in the country and maybe a car and servants. But a factory worker had to squeeze into one room with his wife and two children. While today a labor Day speeches emphasized the importance and economic Progress of american time sometimes without mentioning it. Emphasizing the difference Between the positions of american and soviet workers and the roles which labor unions play or Are permitted to play in the two countries. And in any contrast of this kind nothing stands out More ironically than the role of communists in the american labor movement. Here a worker can quit his Job and shop around for another or if he s Lazy can stall on his Job until the Boss finds out and sacks him. Then he can go Job Hunting Chew Here. Two years ago Vladimir Gsovski chief of the foreign Law Section of the Library of Congress published a report on the condition of russian workers which said among other things a inefficiency involves not Only loss of material benefits and possible loss of Job hut prosecution in he courts As Well. Workers Are subject to penalties imposed by managers for a loafing on the Job and to court action for absenteeism and unauthorized quitting of the in this country a Union can bargain freely with an owner for the highest wage a Plant will Bear and even strike to obtain its demands. In Russia a strike is unthinkable according to the communist theory the government owns All industries. All Plant managers Are employees of the government. So Are the workers. But everything in Russia. Including the plants belongs to the people. Therefore a worker who struck would be striking not Only against the government but against his own property. Since a strike is unthinkable under this kind of reasoning a strike became not a strike but sabotage. A worker who led his Fellows off a Job would not be prosecuted for striking but for sabotage. Because the communist party is the government the communists can make the theory a reality by being in a position to impose the penalties. The penalties Are drastic. This makes russian Trade unions not an aggressive instrument of the workers demands but an aesthetic to keep them quiet. Since the government makes the plans for Industrial production and sets the Cost it fixes the wages. Instead of bargaining therefore Trade Union leaders Are party tools for persuading the workers the wage rates fixed by the government Are not Only All they can get Bot All they should expect. With russian living costs High and wage rates kept Low the economic Progress of the russian is Only what the government wants it to be. That it is very slow and poor was publicly acknowledged by Malenkos recently with his Promise to raise living standards. While a communist in an american labor Union was free to create unrest foment strikes and work stoppages or urge other demonstrations of workers strength for higher pay his allegiance was to the party and whatever he did was in accordance with party orders. But if tomorrow the communist party got control of this country his tactics would be just the opposite and his sole Mission As a labor Leader would be to hypnotize the workers into accepting the wage rates decided for them by the party. This once militant communist would become the enemy of Union Militancy. It would be Worth his life to be otherwise. Pegler pm general Matt Ridgway concern about the sneering implication of the term a brass Quot is justified but the worst of it is that the generals of the big War and since have included Many Gold bricks who tarnished quickly and beyond re burnishing. is an abbreviation of a British term Quot brass hats Quot which in its original meaning was Jocose and familiar but not contemptuous. British officers from brigadier general up wore Gilt devices on their Caps. Probably they actually were made of brass. Gold would seem to have been prohibitive. These ranks were called a brass hats and a a brass a but their patriotism never was doubted. Their judgment was belittled but they rated Well with their troops the press and Public until the second War was Well along. Then the generals became the goats for failures in France Norway and Africa which were no less the responsibility of the Whitehall politicians and the French nation. In our Case the sneer of Quot brass a and a big brass or Quot High brass was touched off about the time of the Victory in Europe when the communist plants in our army. Our government and our press set up their clamor to dissipate the toughest fighting Force this country Ever had. Many innocent americans joined in this for decent motives. The russians wanted Europe to themselves and after Victory in the Pacific they stimulated a duplicate Hullabaloo All Over the a a theatre to get the americans out for the same reason. They wanted a free hand there too. They had Many Covert agents but their most effective propagandists were those who from the outset had wormed their Way into the so called a a gig publications. Those things became a menace to discipline morale and National safety because the professional military officer is not equipped by training or mentality to Cope with subordinates who use publications to incite disrespect for authority insubordination and Mutiny. Some of the stuff published in the Pacific of which i had knowledge a few months before the Victory was plainly mutinous. But the generals in the administrative jobs figure out How to put Down such Mutiny by the Standard military Means without violating a Freedom of the press and a Cio communist from new York turned up in Honolulu in a Soldier suit making inflammatory speeches to troops and Blue jackets without serious interference. Lieut. General Nellie Richardson commanding the mid Pacific did his Earnest but necessarily futile Best to Cope with communist propaganda in Soldier papers. Like most other regulars including i suppose Eisenhower it stunned Richardson to hear that men in the american uniform could be disloyal to this nation and Loyal to soviet Russia. Eisenhower sometimes seems not to know the score even at this late Date. General Richardson said he would have no political motivation in any i publication in his command. But he had no Means of defining it because there was no Standard now of stopping it because these papers had become very Strong. General Wedemeyer solved the Puzzle in China by transferring out to principal propagandists. He the did not fill their jobs so his i press died from Lack of Man pow or. A As with every other respectable decent thing he got his hands on Roosevelt cheapened High rank and the process unfortunately is not yet finished. In the first War we had three or four lieutenant generals and they All were soldiers. In the second War Bill Knudsen a magnificent grease Monkey who was a Genius at producing automobiles and other machinery Given the Plant manpower and tools was wheeled into the army and Given three stars when the actually did t know the manual of arms. Or for that matter How to Salute. Civilians were inducted As read made colonels and soon became brigadier and major generals who had none of the bearing of Soldier nor the slightest knowledge beyond hearsay of military propriety. At one stage in the disintegration of the army in the Pacific a petition said to contain 30,000 names was circulated openly and sent Back to a propagandist in Washington who delivered it to the White House. The gigs were demanding demobilization. This plainly was Mutiny but nothing was done to punish anyone. The propagandist who sent the document to the White House boasted of his part As though it had been a humane or patriotic service. \ throughout this phenomenon the proposition was hollered up that such men As general Devers and general Macarthur wanted to keep the troops under arms and discipline so that they could continue to enjoy the sensations of High rank and Power. The idea that they saw the need of keeping a hard front against Russia in Europe and Asia was hardly mentioned. Our paper were emotionally affected by the actual hardship and longing of the bravest americans in the fighting outfits and joined in the outcry for Quot rotation and a Complex Quot Point system. The purposes were generous but the effect was a disaster from the standpoint of strength. In a few months the whole fens had been reduced to a Skeleton of real soldiers and a flabby disorderly mass of uniformed novices. The record of this Force in Germany was a disgrace which could gratify Only the soviet government. It was not surprising that the decent a brass Quot lost Confidence and com Mand general Ridgway and other concerned might Bear in mind also a habit of the a a brass of kicking. One another one Grade upward on retirement so that their pensions May be a Little bigger and so that colonels and Navy four Striper a May achieve their laudable ambitions to become Quot general Quot or Quot admirals by a trick this does not Cost much in Money but it create a so Many technical generals and admirals in addition to the real and synthetic hordes in the same ranks that the title have lost prestige with the people. They also should get rid of the women of All services absolutely and without forming any a reserves a and quit this silly and expensive affectation. Female nurses do not belong in male forces. Above All the West Point code should be preached constantly not Only to the officers but to the ranks and vindicated by the personal example of All the officers. It is the finest code of human conduct for men outside holy orders that i know of. When he presented an open endorse i determine the lowest percentage ment for Adenauer s election. It was Mark the City can go in consumption a hold move and As Many Felt possibly a dangerous one. The socialists found in the endorsement an Opportunity to add More fire to their Campaign and to create As they hoped More hatred for the West. They called the Christian democrats a american puppets and moved with considerable flare into their Home stretch. As it turns out the Dulles move May be regarded now As being Wise courageous and even responsible in some respect for the tremendous support Given the victors. That yet is to be thoroughly Analysed. What Dulles did in fact was to Challenge the forces and strength of soviet Premier Georgi Malenkos who called for the Chancellor s defeat. Apparently the Secretary of state reasoned that if East were to meet West in open diplomatic Battle it would be better for it to be All the Way so that the German people would have full authority to examine prior to casting their votes. What has happened Means that the West possibly is in its Best position at any time since the cold War started to claim a big Victory. Its effects will be strongly Felt for a Long time and unquestionably will Lead to a strengthening position not Only in West Germany but in Many other countries where the diplomatic War still rages. West germans have increased the strength of democracy to an untold level. Should severe restrictions be ordered beyond those already effective. The emergency is not past in other words Only until such time As the water level begins to Rise at Stoney Creek can Burlington know that it is out of the immediate danger. But the Overall danger facing Burlington will not be in the past again until it is assured that the water crisis coming from an insufficient Supply to serve a growing population will be overcome. But for now the rain is the important Story though it has t solved All our problems. And it looked Felt smelt and tasted Good. San Francisco not confidential Senate investigator gum shoeing Pacific Dock situation Mill find a tie Between Bridges communist inspired West Coa get unions and East s gangster controlled unions the boys work it both ways Yelling in California Quot of of throw us out you la get hoodlums a and screaming in new York. A ifs us or the and All the time they re playing Footsie with each other. This shows How commies and tile underworld always work together sure to win either Way cutting the split. Of troubled by Tong a Junior Hatch Emmen Call bulletin exposed importation of teen age chinese youth by reds. Further investigation will spotlight gambling Ana dope division Between mafia and some chinese secret societies. Golden Gate Gigli lift quiet Only Bright spot is forthcoming opening of kans on spot of famed Republic restaurant. Roving with Boyle by Hal Boyle Washington Roundup by Peter Edson Nea Washington correspondent pm without Scott decision race is not official s if it weren to generally known a Brief verbal Exchange in Greensboro Friday night indicated that former gov. W. Kerr Scott and sen. Alton Lennon might be opposing each other for the u. S. Senate seat during next years Campaign. So Long As Scott fails to say definitely that he is running for the Senate it must be assumed that he Only is searching the state for sentiment in order to draw a decision. In More practical terms however most of the states population sees him running for the office now with the possibility that he might withdraw if he in t satisfied that he has the proper hacking. When i was a Way columnist this is what i enjoyed a Nice to see record breaking George White tabloid at Swank Versailles. And us Nice to see you Back. Georgic. Gem ult Liche Luchous a breath of old new York. And the wonderful food at the Imperial it s near the in. The Only Good of the world Boondoggle. Marian Mcfarland pianistic at Hickory House. And Haleloke. The Godfrey show stopper. Lupus Lowdown of your babe is cold after hearing Marshall Grant and John Mehegan at the Little club Call the morgue Bud she a dead. The Lowdown you can keep a City clean if you support your coppers. Example is Beverly Hills. Cal., richest Community on Earth for size. Where chief c. H Anderson s boys run Best policed town anywhere. South american i stubs pay $20 a thousand for a old comic books latino kids can t read either. Just look at the pics like we do. Doc Gregory Pollack the plastic surgeon paraphrased Earl Carroll s slogan with a plaque Reading a through these portals Pas the most Beautiful kind of corny huh new York if a labor Day is a Fine idea. It gives the Boss 24 hours in which to escape from the critical Eye of the working Man. It gives the conscientious employee the same respite from his Stern duty of reminding the management there Aren t enough towels in the washroom. The theory behind labor Day is great that is. To Honor labor by abstaining from it. And it is a sound theory so far As it goes because any kind of work looks better from a distance than it does when you get involved in it. The trouble with labor. Day is that it lives up to its name instead of the theory behind it. Both Boss and hired hand work harder playing on labor Day than they do playing they Are working on an Ordinary Day. They put out enough foot pounds of Energy on labor Day to turn every wheel in America for a week. Why not save All this wasted Energy Why not have a Quot no labor and no play Day As it is now. Millions of americans must work on labor Day in order that other millions May play. That is the Way our civilization is geared. But How about a Law creating a National Public Holiday on which everybody and everything would be forbidden to do work of any kind or play in any Way the Law would apply to men. Animals and machines. It would enforce Complete and absolute rest from Dawn to dusk All beaches filling stations bars restaurants Heaters and highways would be closed. All Power plants would be shut Down. There would be no television or radio programs no Ball games no newspapers printed the zoos would lock up too thereby denying the caged inhabitants the pleasure of laughing at human visitors. Cops could stay Home and Cool their bunions As no burglar would dare burgle on that Day. The Only human institutions allowed to remain open would be a few hospitals As no Law can keep a fellow from dying falling ill or getting himself Horn. Hens would be permitted to go on laying and cows to give milk As there in t much Congress could do to Stop them either. But for everybody else repose peace no work or duties or Energy wasting Pursuit of pleasure of Acy kind what a silence would fall in every City As fresh winds cleansed them of All smoke and factory fumes How Serene All America would seem nobody doing anything except just lying in bed resting resting All Day Long. Well it s a Fine goal this a no labor and no play Quot Day. Theres Only one thing wrong with it. It would t work. It would drive americans Stark crazy. They possibly sit or lie still that Long. They Arentt made that Way. They either have to be doing something or going somewhere. By to a. Rn., the housewives would be saying to their husbands a Law or no Law this House is going to be cleaned and you get up you Loafer and help by noon to keep from breaking the Law at Home the husbands would he out breaking the Law everywhere else and every Saloon would have a Back door open. The highways would be jammed by mid afternoon and Bootleg Gas would he Selling for a Dollar a gallon. Before Nightfall every City would sound and smell the same As usual and 160.000,000 Happy lawbreakers across the nation would he telling each other a i guess we showed the government it can to make an american take a Holiday lying Wash. Col. Europeans Arentt interested in u. S. capitalism Washington a Nea a the big problem of battling communism in Western Europe has been to convince the working people of style capitalism and the free Enterprise system have More to offer them than communism or socialism. Fair Progress in this phase of the Battle for menus minds has been reported from West Germany. The people there can see firsthand that communism offers the East germans Only a hollow Shell. In France and Italy however the fact that the free Enterprise Way of life offers a higher Standard of living to the working people has not registered. Communism still seems to Promise More to More people. This is one of the underlying reasons for the setback which the de gasped government suffered in Italy s last elections and for the More recent strike wave in France. The people there simply do not have Confidence that their government and their employers Are not at All interested in giving them a better break. Plan the United states has tried hard to sell this idea of greater profit sharing to the europeans and to the rest of the world for that matter. American business men have tried to sell it to euro Pean businessmen and american labor leaders have tried to sell it to european labor leaders. It has been known generally As the Quot productivity but the idea has not caught on and has been slowed to a walk. Brushes off drive president Eisenhower a report to Congress on the first six months of foreign Aid operations in his administration brushes off this productivity drive with a scant five paragraphs. As a matter of fact All the initiative in the productivity drive has now been turned Over to the europeans. It has been practically i abandoned As an american Enterprise. The reason for this lies largely buried in a Peculiar Chain of circumstances. The principle of the productivity drive As a program to help wean Europe away from communism was first written into the Mutual. Security act through an amendment introduced by former senator Blair Moody . In 1951. The next year former senator William Benton Ltd Conn implemented this by another amendment. It proved that up to $100 million in european counterpart funds could be allocated for promoting productivity drives in the Marshall plan countries. These counterpart funds were made up of the Money received by foreign governments from the Sale of american foreign Aid product. No direct american appropriation was therefore involved in promoting productivity. The counterpart funds were to be capital Loans to european manufacturers who would undertake to Cut prices expand sales and increase wages. Eleven countries agreed by dint of a years hard work a team of american experts under Everett Bellows got la european. Countries to agree to take $95 million Worth of this technical assistance. The sums were France $30 million Britain Germany and Austria $10 million Italy $22 million. Norway $4 million Denmark and the Netherlands $3. Million Belgium. Turkey and Greece. $1 million apiece. Productivity councils were set up in each country Early in 1953, Harold e. Stas sen. The new foreign Aid admits. Trator sent teams of u. S. Busi Ness me abroad to Survey All programs. Almost without exception these teams came Back and recon % mended that the Moody Benton amendment productivity drive be dropped. The reason Given was in general that european businessmen did t want american productivity methods introduced in their factories. They resented american interference. In response to these recommendations expansion of the program stopped and staffs were Cut. The program was saved legally Only by an amendment from senator Edward j. Thyer Minn to carry out existing commitment

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