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Burlington Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 5 2015, Page 4

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Burlington Times News (Newspaper) - September 05, 2015, Burlington, North CarolinaViews our opinion amp Downs traffic travails prize principal and mistrial due to. Courtesy thumbs Down to the heavy traffic this labor Day weekend. Aaa Carolinas expects 35.5 million people to be travelling from thursday until monday. 86 percent of them by car. Many of these trips May be due to Low Gas prices. Speed is always the main cause of death along with drinking. The . Highway patrol will be increasing patrols accordingly. Last year troopers investigated 13 fatal collisions and 388 injury collisions Over labor Day. Be careful. Be smart. We want you Here to read the newspaper next week. Your loved ones will thank you. Thumbs up to Harvey r. Newlin elementary school principal Larry Conte who was honoured with the . District 6 Community hero of the month award this week. . Rep. Mark Walker presented Conte with a certificate of congressional recognition and a Flag that flew Over the . Capitol. Conte was selected for encouraging inspiring and supporting his students. And what do the students think Quot he a fun a Dre Ragsdale said. Quot he a the Best principal in be Ever pretty Good endorsement. Thumbs up to Eagle scout Yuuki Butler who built two raised gardening Beds for seniors at Azalea Circle in Gibsonville. Thanks to his scouting project the Beds Are More easily accessible for the elderly residents and provide a pleasant and soothing amenity to their Days. Funds for the project came from the town $2,500which owns Azalea Circle apartments As Well As $450 from Gibsonville business owners. It turned into a True Community project when police chief Ron Parrish it. . Inman and friends from his Cross country team at Western Alamance pitched in. Thumbs Down to a court system that allows declaration of a mistrial because of Courtesy. Last week such a mistrial was declared after a detective in the Case thoughtfully helped a juror onto the elevator. According to the judges order the detective helped a juror onto the courthouse elevator and a engaged in innocent conversation at the close of court. The juror walked with a Cane and told the officer she needed assistance getting to the elevator. That Means every cent of taxpayer Money spent on the trial is Down the Drain and a new trial will have to be held. That a just a sad a and expensive a commentary. Thumbs up to North Carolina. We re the 13th Best state for Drivers according to a report from consumer website Bank rate. Factors include numbers of accidents and car thefts Cost of car repairs Gas prices insurance premiums and commute times. Low Gas and insurance costs helped the states ranking but the main drawback was High repair expenses. And in another web ranking thumbs up to Alamance Community College. It ranks 90th out of 670 on Wallet Hub a list of 20i5�?Ts Best amp worst Community colleges. North Carolina ranked 11th As the state with the Best and worst Community College systems. Rankings were dependent on Cost and financing classroom experience education outcomes and career outcomes. We admit that a lot of these web ratings turn out to be head scratches. But when they re right they re right. We started with a driving warning. Well close with a thumbs up to last weekends statewide initiative to get impaired Drivers off the Road. Thanks to state and local Law enforcement agencies about 60 impaired Drivers were nabbed at multiple and moving checkpoints. Quot we worked and arrested everybody we could locate that was impaired a said 1st sgt. Michael Mclamb of . Highway patrol troop d5, based in Alamance county. We be seen Way too Many deaths of innocent people caused by irresponsible Drunken Drivers. It has to Stop somewhere. This newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so that they i i i we can better promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to Pill i Icv Asl see its blessings. For Only when we understand Freedom and Are free to control ourselves and All we possess can we develop to our utmost capabilities. Group Page a4 saturday september 5, 2015 Paul Mauney publisher Madison Taylor executive editor Don Bolden editor emeritus voters longing for the past i have a theory about the 2016 presidential election. It has the virtue of fitting the data currently available. Another of the theory a Virtues is that it can generate a couple of plausible scenarios for How the primary season May play out among democrats and republicans including those in North Carolina. Therein lies the flaw however a these predictions might Well prove wildly off the Mark of so i Trust you will do me the Courtesy of forgetting that this column Ever saw the Light of Day. My theory begins with the obvious Point that most americans Are highly dissatisfied with the present. The economic recovery from the great recession has been lacklustre by historical standards and nearly imperceptible to Many. Controversies about police conduct coupled with marked upswing in crime particularly the murder rate have stoked Domestic tensions. Around the world both american Power and the cause of Freedom appear to be in decline. As voters begin to think seriously about the 2016 presidential election in this context i believe Large numbers of them will be looking for someone to Lead them not to some scarcely imagined future but to a cherished past however embellished their memories of that past May have become. Think of it As a flight to safety a flight from risk. Know what i mean or. Dow More specifically i believe that republicans and Republican leaning independents will be looking for a Ronald Reagan. I believe a or not. John Hood that democrats and a w democratic leaning i i independents will j it m. Be looking for a Bill 1 Clinton. In a not suggesting voters will evaluate today a candidates according to a checklist of past administration policies. The issues Arentt the same As they were in the 1980s or 1990s. What i mean is that americans want to feel Good about their country again. Those who venerate Reagan want a More vigorous Champion of american interests and a commander in chief who is truly feared by americans enemies. Those who venerate Clinton want a More intuitive Leader capable of bringing people together across partisan and other differences to accomplish shared objectives. And both groups of voters want to see the Economy look More like it did in the 1980s and 1990s. There Are of course no candidates in the current Field who Are photocopies of these past presidents. Its also Worth pointing out that these perceptions of the Reagan and Clinton administrations Are shaped by selective memory and Wishful thinking. But voters Arentt required to subject their opinions to the evaluation of experts As if turning in a term paper to a history professor. All of us a very much including the Quot experts a Are prone to romanticize and sanitize. We create mental folders to put things in even if they done to quite fit. I think one reason Donald Trump continues to poll Well among gop primary voters right now despite the fact that his views tend to lie to the left of them on most issues other than immigration is that he promises to stand up for America. And i think the main reason Hillary Clinton remains at the top of the polls among democrats despite her Manifest flaws As a candidate is that voters still associate her with a fondly remembered past. They Hope Shell be a throwback to Bill not a continuation of Barack. Here a where i will go out on a limb. As the presidential Campaign unfolds and certainly by the time it reaches the big state primaries of Early to mid March including North Carolinas think the Donald will look less and less like the Gipper to Republican voters. However i think Hillary will doggedly attach herself and her Campaign to the Clinton legacy and thus emerge the Victor on the democratic Side. Whom shall she face in the general election Marco Rubio a optimistic inclusive take on conservatism strikes me As the most Reagan esque and generates the most concern among democrats i know. But Scott Walker Jeb Bush and several others have reasonable claims on at least some aspect of the Reagan legacy. Trump does t. Saying that just makes me second rate i suppose. John Hood is chairman of the conservative John Locke foundation in Raleigh. Follow him get the leaders we elect recently i listened to a Back and Forth Between a potential constituent and a candidate for president Over an Issue that some people in the constituents opinion have been wrongly treated and that the administration in which the candidate had been a part shared the blame. The conversation got somewhat argumentative As the voter was not getting the response he wanted and the candidate was getting decidedly impatient. Finally after dismissing the person with a snide remark the candidate said a i done to believe you change hearts. I believe you change Welcome to the patented answer of most politicians a another Law. And we wonder Why there is so much divisiveness and animosity in our nation today Between folks of different races cultures religions and social status. Lets not have any talk of changing hearts. Let s just put another ineffective band what do you think Aid Over the dozen or so we be already applied. Most politicians whether seasoned or new to the Arena can t wait to jump on the latest hot Issue in Hopes of adding to their Cache of potential voters. Whatever the topic of the Day be it immigration abortion War on women the definition of marriage whose lives matter terrorism the Economy you name it their responses generally Center on the symptoms rather than answers to the Root problem. I fear their reason for seeking Public office is less about serving others and More about serving self. There Are those in government As Well As on the supreme court who have decided without regard to the populace As a whole that our Constitution is an evolving document that can be interpreted changed and ignored to pacify the whims of whichever group makes the most noise or to serve their own Agenda. Our forefathers would be appalled a letters to the editor a require writers name address and daytime phone number for verification purposes. A May be edited for length accuracy Etc. Bonnie Parrish guest columnist How far we have drifted from the ideals of those Brave souls who forged a new life in a new land and declared that we Are a nation of people equally endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. Its not just the politicians who seem to have lost their focus. Many of the declining mainline churches desperate to keep their present congregants and bring in new ones Are following a similar path changing their doctrines and beliefs to fit the lifestyles of the Day. Meanwhile other churches that stubbornly cling to a this is the Way we be always done things a things that have nothing whatsoever to do with their statement of Faith dwindle and fall by the Wayside because they fail to reach out to people who Are not just like them. Of in be talked a lot about problematic issues and situations. So How do we fix All of this honestly we can never solve All the problems. But we wont get anywhere until we own up to some things. First we have to admit As a people who duly elect its leaders we Are the government. Second As christians we Are the Church. We have been so wrapped up in self that we have become complacent to what has been happening for years All around us. Third May i suggest that those of us who really care not just about self family and the present moment but about tomorrow the next generation and the generations for decades to come Start now vetting those running for office locally statewide nationally. Done to listen to the talking Heads in the Media do your own Homework. Integrity character moral values should be placed above name recognition and resume. Experience counts but it wont matter if there Are no principles in applying knowledge. America is in desperate need of leaders with the Wisdom of a Solomon. However if we the people done to turn Back to god and Deal with our own hearts real change for the better wont happen no matter who is in the White House. Finally for this nation which was founded on Jude Christian values and still claims to be mostly Christian it is my prayer that every Day throughout this land millions will go to our creator in Humble prayer asking Tor guidance in choosing our leaders. And we should never Stop there but continue to Pray that gods hand will be on those whom we place in office. Bonnie Parrish lives in Graham a preferred length is 350 words or less. Longer letters May be considered for a guest columns. A writers Are limited to one letter or column published per month. A the times news does not publish poetry form letters petitions or consumer complaints. A How to Send letters mall r o. Box 481, Burlington no 27216 fax 336-229-2463 email

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