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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Burlington, Iowa Fourth Down one to go despite having three assistants on duty Veteran Burlington Barber Les j Jones foreground keep up with the Larry Stevens family of Beaverdale Heights As a quintet of Young Stevenss marched in for a weekend haircut. From left Are Everett Carpenter working on Scott la Sherman Cook trimming David 5 Art Hill clipping Michael 7 4-year-old Dehn awaiting his turn in an empty chair Jones and Brent 9. The Stevens boys 8-year-old sister Mary Ann sat on the other Side of the room a and did no to seem too Happy about waiting on any of her Brothers. Hawk Eye photo by John Gram 136th year no. 89 sunday october 22, 1972. Burlington Iowa 34 pages 3 sections Price 20c Hanoi hints peace Progress Washington up a North vietnamese Premier Pham Dong believes efforts to obtain a cease fire in Vietnam Are progressing and that the peace negotiations a Are in an extremely important phase a it was reported saturday. In an interview with Newsweek Magazine the North vietnamese Leader gave what appeared to be his general approval to a number of important elements in president Nixon a May 8 and Jan. 25 proposals for settling the War. He indicated among other things that the . Prisoners of War would be released when a general peace agreement is reached a instead of waiting until after the Accord has been put into effect. The interview was held in Hanoi Between Newsweek editor Arnaud Deborchgrave and Pham. The North vietnamese Premier approved the transcript of the interview before publication. The magazines Washington Bureau which released the text of the interview said that the meeting took place wednesday oct. 18, after North vietnamese politburo member be due Tho returned from secret talks in Paris with presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger. A negotiations Are in an extremely important phase a Pham said. A we have done everything humanly possible for a successful conclusion and that Means peace with Independence and Freedom. This is what we have fought for almost three after an allusion to elements of president Nixon a May 8 proposal Pham was asked a then a cease fire followed by american withdrawal will take place first and then direct negotiations Between the provisional revolutionary government and the Saigon regime a Pham replied a that is the present evolution and it is a positive one. The situation will then he two armies and two administrations in the South and Given a new situation they will have to work out their own arrangements for a three sided coalition of transition and defuse the situation in the Wake of the american withdrawal. A they must work out arrangements that will promote democracy and Speed National Concord in the South because without this there will be no peace. Now is the time for both sides to dare and forge Nixon in his May 8 and Dan. 25 proposals stated that the . Blockade of North Vietnam would be ended with the return of american prisoners of War and a supervised cease fire throughout Indochina. Presidential drive intensifies Mcgovern irks a football fan Kutztown a. Up a an angry football fan was halted by secret service agents saturday when he leaped from the stands and charged at sen. George Mcgovern with such Speed that he nearly collided with the democratic presidential candidate. Mcgovern campaigning across Pennsylvania in Pursuit of the hard hat vote made an unexpected decision to visit the game Between Kutztown state College and Cheyney state. Mcgovern arrived just before halftime and waited in his car until play ended for the intermission. Mcgovern was then driven around the track surrounding the Field. He then got out of his car and began addressing the crowd. While he was speaking a Man in his 30�?Ts, rushed at Mcgovern shouting something. He came with such Speed that he knocked Down another fan. Reacting quickly secret service agents posted themselves in front of Mcgovern seized the Man then leaned him against a car. He was handcuffed and escorted from the Field. The agents grabbed the irate fan and pushed him against the car with such Force that his Mouth was Cut and he began to bleed. The Man told reporters that a these people paid two Bucks to see a football game and they turned it into a political the Man refused to say if he was a supporter of president Nixon. Undisturbed by the near encounter Mcgovern proceeded to Reading a. To address several thousand persons on the main business Street. Mcgovern is on a tour which carried him from the states Eastern hard Coal Fields to the steel towns of Western Pennsylvania. Mcgovern seized upon fridays Cost of living figures announced in Washington to condemn Nixon a economic policies. The figures showed an increase of one half of one per cent in the seasonally adjusted Cost of living Index for september. Noting that an administration spokesman called september a a dead month a Mcgovern said a the fact is that we have had a bad year. Indeed it has been four bad years for the families of in an apparent slip of the Tongue Muskie told the Scranton rally that Mcgovern a chances were almost nonexistent. A Mcgovern a he said a believes deeply in a better America against such hopeless by the time the entourage had reached Bethlehem pa., a steel town the Maine senator was correcting that looks for a decent majority Thurmont my. Up a president Nixon offered himself saturday As the Leader of a new majority of a Good decent people who oppose Power hungry politicians demands for higher taxes Job quotas income redistribution and busing. In his third weekend radio speech of the Campaign a 15minute paid political broadcast from his Camp David md., Retreat the president never mentioned George s. Mcgovern or the democratic party by name. But he rejected the a alien paternalism of those who he said a have More Faith in government than they have in people and believe that Only an Ever St Tonger bureaucracy in Washington knows what is Best. A it is time that Good decent people stopped letting themselves be bulldozed by anybody who presumes to be the self weather forecast continued drizzle Likely rough tonight with Easterly winds 8 to 15 mph and a High around 60. Low tonight i rain ending monday. River stage Burlington 9.8, steady. Righteous moral judge of our society a Nixon said. A there is no reason to feel guilty about wanting to enjoy what you get and get what you earn about wanting your children in Good schools close to Home or about wanting to be judged fairly on your ability a he said. Nixon a chief Domestic affairs adviser John d. Ehrlichman told reporters meanwhile that the president almost certainly would veto a Compromise hew labor department appropriations Bill that is roughly a half billion dollars above his budget request. Ehrlichman also called Mcgovern a a a liar for suggesting in a political broadcast Friday night that the Economy was in worse shape under the administration than when the democrats left office in 1969. In a briefing at a Snow capped Gateway to the presidential compound Ehrlichman also noted predictions by some members of the business Council meeting at hot Springs va., that a tax increase was inevitable in the near future. He said Nixon was reviewing 132 Bills passed in the dying Days of the 92nd Congress to determine a a list of possible veto prospects to keep Federal spending under control. A i would by no Means Rule out the possibility of being Able to avoid higher taxes next year a Ehrlichman said. A the president is determined to do everything he can to avoid higher taxes next year. We by no Means Are pessimistic by this review that is going on right Bills subject to veto would include a just Plain budget busters a such As the hew labor appropriations. Nader reports on Iowa congressmen Washington up a Nader a raiders gave Iowa a members of Congress fairly Good Marks saturday in their a a citizens look at the congressional study by Ralph Nader called sen. Harold Hughes one of the a most respected Liberal leaders in the Senate a described sen. Jack Miller As a a flow profile Type of Man who is hard to pin Down and pictured rep. . Gross As a congressional Pinch Penny. Rep. Fred Schwengel shows a Schoolboy enthusiasm forthrightness and indefatigable Energy a but sometimes a straddles the Fence on issues the report said. Rep. Wiley Mayne a is somewhat passive As a legislator and above All highly partisan As a politician a the report said. Rep. William Scherle is an outspoken Man highly rated by the americans for constitutional action and american Security Council generally conservative groups the report said. Rep. John Culver is Young and energetic and has largely Liberal voting record the report said. Rep. Neal Smith is a Low key Man who neither drinks nor smokes nor curses the raiders discovered and he was a High Mark from the Liberal americans for democratic action despite a stance for heavy defense spending. Rep. John Kvil is a a a scholarly representative who is something of a Compromise expert in legislative tangles the report said. Nader a raiders tried to interview every congressman and to talk with friends enemies and staff of each. The profiles however Are More than comment. They include charts of voting records ratings by interest groups and a word sketch of each District. The data and anecdotes Are not for the most part new to observers of the congressional scene. But they put together in a 20 or 30-Page Booklet the approximate size of a newsmagazine a reasonably full picture of where each Man stands on the issues and How he votes. Nader affixed to the last Page of each an order form and said he has had thousands of orders for copies of various of the a a profiles of congressmen. Cost of the full set about $450 in bound form. It is not hard to Tell from the reports not talk to the Raider interviewer and the report added a it is not unusual for Gross to be unavailable or uncommunicative to some of his constituents requests for his Gross voting record a reveals an excessive number of a not so to spending proposals a the report said adding a there is Seldom a a yes from Gross on Domestic Hughes the report said is an a a exp of Many things. Former Republican now a Democrat former truck Driver now a senator former College student who dropped out and formerly an alcoholic who kicked the habit. Of Miller the raiders said a a Miller a ability to obfuscate his views on issues can be seen clearly from his action in three areas of legislation women a rights the War and tax . Miller is indeed hard to pin he gets High Marks from the Aca and Low ones from the Ada. A a Mayne has the firm support of Republican voters especially the Small business owners a the report said of the 6th District Man. A traditional democrats and dissatisfied Farmers voted for Mayness democratic a Scherle has built a reputation for outspokenness a the Nader report said adding its puzzlement that Scherle would not talk to the interviewer. Scherle sometimes says one thing and votes another the report contended. Miller blasts biased report Des Moines a Iowa sen. Jack Miller campaigning for re election Here saturday lashed out at a Ralph Nader report on him As containing a obvious Bias with a random quotes related from secret faceless the Republican incumbent also assailed errors in Nader a report on Millers Campaign finances claiming Nader overstated his fund Levels by $58,780 in two instances. A apart from the biased reporting and Sloppy research a Miller said in a Telegram to the Hawk Eye saturday night a probably the major shortcoming of All is that a group of non iowans has undertaken to de when a Congress Man has angered the Termine How a majority of iowans should raiders. The one on Gross said he would stand on certain re elect . Senator Jack Miller working hard for a All the people Ralph Nader Wasny to the Only person to give headaches to supporters of sen. Jack Miller this weekend. Anonymous a a artists were at work too adding a Dyke Beard and Mustache to the Iowa republicans likeness on a Burlington billboard. Acs lung cancer is running rampant new York up a cancer of the lung the variety that holds the least possibility of survival is increasing so rapidly that the lungs Are now the spot where cancer is found most often the american cancer society said saturday. Lung cancer kills up to 91 per cent of its victims and its incidence in the United states has been steadily growing acs reported. The rate this year among men who Are most often affected is 18 times greater than it was 40 years ago. Despite the grim figures the society said lung cancer a is a largely preventable disease since most lung cancer is caused by a unfortunately it is difficult to diagnose in time for cure a acs said in its publication �?o73 cancer facts and there will be 79,000 new cases of lung cancer during 1973, the society estimated 3, xxx More than during 1972. The predicted incidence for lung cancer matches that for cancer of the Colon and rectum a a disease that has stabilized in recent years in its incidence and mortality. A lung cancer will result in the highest number of cancer deaths this year�?72,000�?with Colon rectum next at 47,000,�?� the acs publication said. Lung cancer has relatively Low incidence among women although it is increasing steadily. Breast cancer with 72,000 new cases and 32,4 x deaths expected in 1973, is the most common variety among women. Cancer in All its varieties is the second most common cause of death in the United states after heart disease the society said with a toll of More than 318,000 people or 16.5 per cent of All deaths according to the most recent Federal statistics 1968. The american cancer society estimates 350, persons will die of cancer in 1973, while 222, people will be saved from cancer. But the acs summary said a about 111,000 cancer patients will probably die in 1973 who might have been saved by earlier and better a the hopeful Side of the cancer problem a the society said lies in a the startling contrast Between five year survival rates for cancer detected and treated Early compared to survival rates after it has invaded other parts of the Al takes strike referee s role mangled wreckage of a Light plane and an Auto is intertwined after the two collided just a few feet off a runway at Denver a Stapleton Airport this weekend. The crash still under investigation left one dead and seven injured. Up photo Davenport rep. Fred Schwengel a Iowa said Here today his office is working to end the a a costly six week strike at the Iowa army ammunition Plant near Burlington. Schwengel said he has talked with Union and company officials and his office has been in Contact with the u. S. Labor department in efforts to end the strike. A i have made it Clear to both labor and management that i would do anything i could to help Settle the strike a said Schwengel. A i emphasized that i did not want to interfere with the free collective bargaining process but that my office wanted to do anything possible to facilitate a he added a the strike has touched the lives of Many people in Southeast Iowa and it has been twelve Hundred members of local 1010 of the International association of machinists and 375 members of teamsters local 218 have been on strike since Midnight sept. To Over seniority rights Holiday and salaries. The Federal Plant is operated under contract by Mason and Hanger Silas Mason co

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