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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - November 22, 1890, Burlington, Iowa BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. .. Seem Determined to Let |l4‘‘iigious Joy Be Unconfined. Are Again"* an Immediate fit Cb*nre* The soDltei* Continue to 'i,Hl Foi..»*-Shurt Ball’t* Sermon. iPOLI'' NOV. 21.—The IYH,urn's Ml>’ lent at Mandan, North Dakota, («rreSl?!irformation from Sioux Agency *lJ. reliable sources that the !rt® lVre attaint an immediate upris-eti»Dce-* sitting Bull makes up his Sitting Bull would in irons, but the MORNING, NOVEMBER 22. 1890. (PRICE: 15 CEtfTS PER WEEK ai Williams’ ud it will re-prudence on nt an out- suc-that the existing in tEfndUitlvt°uld Pay* *!B ii and put in Irons* this would precipitate -nils *fraid <,•    A vent •ronbie-    ., Bull Me Laughlin ha-' of Bull aud other leaders. *0B- -mni> the dance keeps up dav s t'811 t .    ________ut, lost At and I t , ■-Vueeven the friendly w hites and >hake hands w ith them. They will no,- ^ white men will be a? &li llll0 buffalo and catfish w A,e spring. Agent McLaughlin tome Indian police to arrest ' -v Ii durns, but instead of obey-*IrStbev threw off their clothes a tabled in the dance. They returned h agency without their prisoners offered no excuse. Sitting Bull is ‘W.f of the increase of cattle oil the Pl'.nn K«ll river belonging to the white PjBDi “ye tt,aches his followers that * * rajj is made on the settlers aud ,• vare killed, the Indians Jan surrender e.'hn appearance of the soldiers and be 5,oven Then, because of the fate of ^'former settlers, no new ones will a there. The Indians who have ae-C^e ated property are opposed to the uprising- The young bucks Vine nothing, aud the older ones "nitre lazy. led by Silting Bull, are the trouble. tKeiK>rte<l Uprising of the Sioux. nnuu-.KN, S. lh, Nov. 21.—Advices D, Kureka sta Miles, referring to G<.n, sta! liient outlined above, quire the utmost care and the part of the army to m, break, ami will. that ,h,.y coed, inc great ..rouble is that crazo is so widely spread man) places widely separated' tup n. «n .tl vv^Tiulllston> W A SH I Niii ON", Nov ’M A ... i i- Commissioner    Bell    this    -tfi» i-1 ^ 'K Uh .    .    uhs    afternoon received    a tei'-irraui    irom    Special Agent Looper at I toe Ridge aR<;    . “lhe    Indians    are    still    dancing. The police report th,: thirty Rosebud Indians have arrived at this reservation and s-:x or seven hundred more are enroute We hope to settle this Indian era,., without bloodshed. Al: kinds of rumor- are hi circulation.’* In the course of the afternoon the following telegram wa- received at the war department from General Mile-- “The number of Indians going from Rosebud agency to Rn: Ridge agency jS increasing. Reliable advices show that this Messiah craze is extending to th near the mountain the Sioux nation ; border.” Secretary Proctor patches tv) the cabiue formed the sub!'* lacy Proctor say by General Mile divisions than gotten 'n r» adon already be* teen s' ut t It is Slowl? iy t Sure' y Closing’ Around Many Western Roads. A ".“.r." aui»““ .        'Im Little Wizard AIniI From to A New Fast the Fast. Nk . W btu. Nov. »i.—From tenably authoritative source '*^rned that Mr. .lay Gould has - tuny evasive contradictions »uch a block of Atchison -lock a to give him a controlling affairs of statement one of his to become that unques-it is ir> spite secured k a - suffices voice ll, th*: !g border immense system. ha-* already been mad. *on-. presumably Georg* 0ne °f the directors < Atchidson system. Mr. , ut- made fr- uncut ill'll ii Ti S I Xx I I" ( and between he Canadian carried the dis-meeting, and they of discuss? rn. Secretin suggestion made that. troops in other * own command be to reinforce him iut-i: anticipated. Orders have ii -’ Ut to the coir,outriding officer- of troops a- far south a Texas and Arizona and a- far west as California to pre-pare the men for immediate movement if the emergency ans.-, In any event, it Is the intention of Go* d pirtment to heavily reinforce the troop- in the Lakatos during the winter, and they will be moved in fiom other divisions from time to time. In this way ii i- expected aid Cainpb dace OI ii.— * the settlers 'ii counties are account of th til Emil o< king rumor i taal plat • -bs Sioux had taken toe war path r. on the Missouri, is completely - ated. It wa- reported this morn-•:;at two men had been shot and oil bv the Indians in Campbell vt but tim report 1- not credited the department will b* overwhelming force where the excitement -o to effectual'y supp-e rising in the -p-it.g timt Major Wright who stated as agent a’ Ro to-night for ■ hat in his opinion, lf ; ors wo re l-a k»*.i a ’ne apt to die on;. the present tr> * ligious era/.', a t'* 1 r* ib'e to ma-- an the agencies •ti it- nighest, the Indian u.p- mcerned, Is r**aily ti w .1 i-ehi va’I th- Bern Bid ar? .Cr it® The people are greatly e ‘appealing to Governor Mi aud ammunition. itod 'otto Threatening Pierre. S. D. to-day re-in-i av -i cy lf fI n. He said, the ring I* ad-emeut would •- not ai ti ion; o irely to the r -* think- some of 'luffed into a besa y> ibis story lab was - tarted res-ive Iud an-ig B iii an i Rf d •r. de on“Cli as The that was tile Gould himself expressions of his dc-lo secure a complete understanding I |"* 'in and southern railroad mut-I ms. and hints have often been heard of I u ' ^'“bination being formed be ween the j three great systems of mat regiun-the I 'imid, Manvel and Huntington lines of I railroads. Naturally, this harmony of ! i u tore-is so oft and ardently desired by Mr. Gould, could not be better conserved than by getting these rival prop-*iti**> :nto ins hands, arid the information reeeived declares that such, as far as the A < cliison ca-e. I he continua! decline of storks of the past few weeks has given him the opportunity long sought for, and the low figure* at which AU bison ha- been lately quoted, have enabled Mr. Gould to secure all he wail ted at his own price. A big slice was obtained during the excitement of la-t May; but, a- the discovery of this fact at that time caused the slock ta rise suddenly, lie contented himself with waiting till the price could be hammered down again. In this, it is -aid, the troubles of Baring Brothers ,v Lo. have been of great service to him. I hat firm has in the past been largely interested in Atchison holdings, ant! they have lately been credited with throwing over vast amounts of these securities Whatever may have been the j assured. I his will decrease the present time one hour. It is intended to make the run from Buffalo to Chicago in thirteen hour-. The train is expected to reach Chicago at Ohio every morning and ; will carry one sleeper from New York. I A Question of Kedeemiug Editorial Mileage Tickets. I Chica?.o, Nov. 21.—Some time age the j Rock Island road purchased from sea’p-j ers ninety-one thousand mile- of transportation over the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe road, in the shape of editorial tickets. These were turned over to the Western I’a-senger association for redemption by the Atchison, but that company i- not inclined to redeem them, the | officials asserting they had notified the I conductors a- soon a- they learned of the tickets being in the sea'pers’ hands To take them up ami cancel them whenever presented. This, they claim, ii * = 11 i -ties their responsibility. The Rock Island, however, insists it doe • not, and trouble is likely to ensue. THE BEET SEGAR BUSINESS. A Proposition to Make Des Moines the Center of the Industry. A rrangt-m**nt* WhiIi* to Establish Largt-lartorit* There— A Jealous Hti*-l>:iu.I Nenriy Kills His Wile -i#**ii**rKl St»te News. THE WORLD'S FAIR. [Boccia! to The Hawk-Eye.) DK- Moines, la., Nov 2 —The commercial exchange of ti.is city held it-first banquet of the -« a-on to-night. The chief topic of discussion was the manufacture of sugar from beets, and the practicability aud advisability of making IL.- Moines a great center for its manufacture. The s°ntiment wa- unanimously in favor of the scheme, and arrangements were perfected for the establishment of a factory here with stiff':* I < * ii t capital Insure irs sn cess. to Attitude of IndiHiiw Nov. 21.—Lieutenant a*mu Fort Bennett, arrived here toto? and reports threatening on the part c! the Indians carrying on the ghost Jr e to resist any interruption by force of arms. The indian policemen sent to ii.;: upon their stoppage of the dance were disarmed aud obliged to return to the fort. Au extra company of soldiers hie been forwarded from Fort Sully to Fort Bennett and preparations are made :ease of trouble. There are fears an opec outbreak may occur any time but the Indian- have been accustomed to government control sn lone that it is considered rather doubt? ul that they will attempt any violence. Mure serious News, Chica- •>, Nov. 21.—Adjutant General K,Gam? -aid this evening a telegram hasbeen received from General Brooks, it Pine Ridge, saying his scheme for inducing disloya Sioux to abandon their tribe and jo’n the loyais is working well md he hope- souk to have the hostile crowd broken up. The report of the Jeer in charge at Rosebud agency, however, I- not so encouraging. Lie telegraphs that when the force tinder his nxmand moved near the Indians' camp to-day they retreated back fifteen miles and to-night are holding ghost dances md working up such a frenzy that some outbreak may occur before -to-morrow tight. Headquarters w.-ro also advised to-day that Sitting Bull had been sending out requests to all Sioux Indians, even in Canada, the Indian Territory and a- far west as Wyoming to join his forces. IR - assisted by a iarge number of Indians who have been educated by die govt rum cut in the ea-t. lf the Indian- are to do -a they can do much damage before I l ing checked. Of Conroe, their can er would be short but amends could never ne made for the property or lives they might destroy. Will Not !ol*-rate Nob-** use. Chicaco. N-*v. 21. — In an interview this afternoon General Miles said he had to further we rd from Genera! Brooke ’at he thought the latter had beyond ai doubt, given the Indians to understand he wa,-there for the purpose of protecting live first Inc the I: diaus hav** been d lief in the M -siah H< about the coming Me-mainiy among non-pro it d by such m u a- Si it Cloud. These men v ch:.*f> of the Sioux r>*—-r adon ar cl other mov» moist which was iii the hue of progress. The religious craze was ori-ginated by them in order to regain their control over the people. Bad crops short rations wa- a so an important i-au-c, last. w The a At' hi-on \v,t> and ling pretty low wa- Gould - cl ct of this purchase enatic* is to see an bort line to Chicago, lie has tried to g*-t tht- bef. re. Chicago and Allen wuu’-.i have proved a very desirable acquisition, but the pro e was to -te*‘p. Atchison suit-hi- need- nearly a- well, aud Atchison he got Tin refore, as the re-uits of the recent Hurry, Mr. Gould has gobbled up Fni .n Facilic, Atchison, some Richmond Terminal, and goodness knows tor. the If the I w ay the cader- can b * gotten out others may quiet down. HARRISON FAVORS MILLER. x p- Tlie Attorney (leneral t.itely to t pointed to th* Supreme Beech. Washington, Nov. 21.—The talk of Alfred Russe!!, of Detroit, for the supreme bench ha- rot ii,-,eh foundation. Mr. Russell is a college ( hum of Secretary Proctor and a great friend, of Chaun cey M. Depew. If*-the Wabash railway lieved he is only br. tagonize Gresham are not as br «?ht supreme bench. Ii i < Iresham on pm-- tit! it is now feared, w prevent his appoint-Attorney G rn ra M ever, arid if llarrisoi Ed rn mids that M dei he will undoubted!v did ate ii; presser pi op ie ight f OU >n can •r w ill r b" th a1 f a * * attorney for aud it is bere; a rd to an-er's d ances wert* f.^r the does not. like ■ohio!', and that. • quite enough to ut. The talk of ;• strongt r than i«sured by confirmed, t can- Lrong* and j w hat else, and ha- now iind.-r his control far- j a system of roads aggregating nearly of j thirty thousand miles of roadbed, and I extending to ail quarters of the south, j southwest and west. New Yoke, Nov. 2!.—It is stated this afternoon that an alliance has been i formed between the interests represented I by George C. Magoun, of Kidder, Pea-I bodv A Company, .Jay G aid, C. P. I Huntington aud the Standard Oil party. I by which ail railroads owned or con-■ trolled by them Individually or jointly ! will be operated together, practically I under Gould's direction. ThL alliance I includes the Southern Pa. Hic, Union I Pacific, Missouri Pacific and Northern ! Pacific, Atchison, Wabash, Kansas and J Texas, Texas Pacific at d many other ; roads. It is also said that Gould is try-: iug to force the stni kh-ilders of the Rock 1-land to either sell thf'ir stock around I its present pri*'** or join hands with the I other roads in the alliance. The Bur-: lingam and the Chicago and Alton will ; act with the allied roads in whatever | steps may hereafter be taken, but there ar*' fears that the Vanderbilt* maybe ELECTROCUTION AGAIN. angry at the loss of their Argument of th- (ase lenpeii t<» e **>i nit Washington. N a- or that the Union Pa th join. If the Vanderbilt controlled by C. C P ira iii may and rport Mi * contract refuse to the roads irgan can d be wa.* gin : ne 1 \ * ut! General Corbin said the re-* Cheynnes from Pine Ridge and property, and God help th. an who makes a break. “It is tot my intention," -aid General Mile-. "G tolerate any nonsense. I will tell you further that so far a- regards the present ample supply of ammunition and •G be-i patterns of Winchester rifles "■it wti - h the Indians are armed, that ■cnebody un in that northwest country ' ffiiir.ii v a busine-- of furnishing these Md It will not be many days before I j ■fia.i kl w just how this business Is accomplished.” As-istant moval of t h Wet-y in accordance with the recoin-■tetdation- of the commission has been ordered. The carrying out of the order tow, he think-, will remove a disturbing cement from Pine Fudge and divert the attention of other Indians. IL-evening General Miles was in re-“U ”• a telegram from Rosebud from jteof    his offi    ers    in advance    of the •cti d    rep rt.    The    officer gives a ser- ®°G delivered    by    Short Bull,    the so aked prophet of the Messiah, at Rose-'d agency to the Indians. In his ser-Bill! said the things he predicted *ou,d have come to pa-s in two sea-'il:N but since the whites are beginning w interfere, the time will be shorter. Indians must not be afraid of any-Now, -aid he, there will be a Prom up and all the members of riot'.- must gather there. But this    time    we must    dance ca'ame of this moon, at end of which time the w'i’ shiver very hard. When occurs, I will start the wind to will then see our fathers, erybndy. We, the Iu-ones who are living a the ffap.ir'-'t tenced t** ff -a' York, wa- a Stat* - -opr* ii Sherman, w In represented .1 lion fur a w rt ground that d* mou-trated ar:    instant    ai that it viol,, federal const and unusual p st..Re at lengll paper reports . Ken.tiller. Hea-;* doubt whether ar crated under the ditious will invar I a bi death. Sherman v.i rn pled w i1 h quest ior ami .Ju-tice Brewer. suggested tha: in N»' been killed in a sh cidental contact wffh Sherman r arraT * <i 11 men who did t ct cl-■ though they rece:v dynamo of two thot.-Attoruey (icnera: York sta **. replied, trial of the Ko mn cal exeeutior of whole que-* etn ol he understood it both Ii ad the coni:-* 'I h for iv penis cw be brought in. and railroad the country a meet 11 presider v ill be < g of the minke is of a l roads ailed and the rn and p. cleat int-L rn i, rear r’eff t h pi tiling cruel aud j ait. Sherman . it g the news- j the death of I there i grave I a * iectricity gen- ! -cut scientific concause immediate fr. quently int r-by .Justice Field When he former York persons had rt time by an ae-iectric light wires, • case of th** line fur some ti me, a1 d a -hock from a off volts. Taber, for N.*w led. He declared the h r case and the practi-im laxv h ad settled the constiti; tionality. As electricity aud hanging much cruelty in it to-nit as soc I a at*- ma’ will at To a hi OU Id i nothing placed h Am*" A mes v former * relic vcd rep formed, ami then ii advance in al! ra • be ordered, crier of t he En uh - afternoon said: to whether or resignation ii iroa n mea i-ii rates j st day “I know not Adam- bathe hands of I may -av i.-ited me xpres-ed a from the off however, Adams and yesterday and the strong desire to be if president. He suggested he should re-ign and a meet trig of stockholder- for action upon hi-resignation will be called next week. ! presume, if it is true that he has intrusted hi- resignation to Ames, tiffs meeting will be held. It is likely, a so, that any vacancies occurring in the management of the road will be fined at this meeting. DI ion ha- been mentioned a- successor to Adams. It is probable that should Dillon bt* chosen, there would be elected wt’h him a vicepresident who should also act a- geneial manager with headquarters at Omaha. Dillon's interest- would, of course, keep him hi v- , where, a- president, he would only have to iook after the finances of the road.” Chauncey Depew , president of the New York Central, wa- seen to-night and what the Vanderbilts would do the alliance. “Well ja I don t anything about this™lia.nce, I not say without looking into it. around again and I may tell you. I.Biiy M tinnier * Adojit it Const it ut iou — -«-*sioii of tho Nation ti ( tom imsNioii. Chicago, Nov. 21.—The board of lady managers of the world's fair to-day adopted a constitution similar to that of the national commission. Miss Sarah T. Hallowell, of Chicago, wa- recommended loth*' national commission for appointment to the position of director of th** department of fine art-; Mrs. Lucas, of Pennsylvania, introduced a resolut'un i a-king the closing of the world s fair on the Sabbath day so far as it was affected by barter and exchange. After considerable debate, this went over. At the meeting of the national commission, a report of the committee on foreign affairs was adopted with a resolution authorizing the committee to expend 8*20,000 ’n sending agent- abroad a-providad in the aet of eongr**-s: no expenditure, however, to be made, until the president shall have issued a proclamation to the various nations. At th** afterno n session the special committee on relations of th* commission and the local board aud the powers and duties of tile director-gen *ra!, made Us report. It says all the powers of the commission should be exert i-ed in a large measure through th*- director-general. The report practically reproduces section six of the national a t defining ti:* powers of the commission to have inter course with ail exhibiter- aud -ay- it i-the committee's opinion that these power- arc in no way abridged by reason of the fact that the larger portion of th* funds are to be raised through the instrumentality of the local Illinois corporation. It is the opinion of the committee that this fund, when raised, is a public fund, dedicated by the act of congress and with the consent of the Illinois corporation to a specific purpose, ai d to be controlled and expended in the execution of that purpose by the agencies named by said act of congress. Regarding the director-general, th** report say- under the existing organization of th** com-mi-ston, he is the officer through whom -pa *.e is to be allotted to th*-exhibitors, classification determined upon and executed and through whom the commission ai d it- committees are generally to have intercourse wi*h all exhibitors and representatives of foreign nations. Another paragraph concedes that th** rule- and regulations of the exposition are to originate with the local board, but adds, that they are to be approved bv the national commission and under the supervision of its director general. The r< port also recommends conference with the local board. It wail nan imou-iy adopted. 'The National Live Stock association’s committee to-day objected to the action of the world’s fair commission in deciding that no cash prizes shall !>** offered for liv<* stock. It was decided that >200,-ooo -hould be appropriated for premiums 1 either by the commission or local board, j th s money to tie distributed among the j various classes as follows:    Horses, ti : per cent; cattle. 25; swine, 15; sheep, i 12; poultry, 7. A i oinmunication was I received from the national commission, i informing tin* committee that th** money would either have to come from the local directory or congress. There was another exiting debate be- j fore the adjournment over the report of j the committee on finance. Commissioner j Waller-poke of the general impre—ion j ainoi g the people at large that most of j the salaries fixed by the commission were outrageously large. Mr. White, of New . Mexico, presented a resolution calling ! for a cutting in two of the -alan**-, ex- I rcpt, the director-general. Mr. Martin- j dale wanted to cut a1! except th*' direr- j tor-general to Sh,oho a year After a I hot debate aud any number of amend- i meats th** whole matter was referred to j the committee on judiciary and finance, i THE SCHEME DIDN'T WORK. A I'ci'Ulilir ( a-** iii Which Governor Kl.,, , Hn.i Worden McMillan I li-agreed [Special to 'I ii Hawk K; t.j Dr- Moi nk-. Nov. 21. Governor Boies returned from Ft Mad son penitentiary this morning where ie* went to endeavor to reconcile *ertain differences of opinion existing between Warden McMillan and himself, but without . ct*--. About a year and a half ago, .John Cox, who comes from a well respected family living in Monona county, wa- captioned it: th** act of computing larceny. Ile was als i indicted for another offense of the -ame nature. At lie trial before Judge Lewis, at Sioux City, upon the. advice of lits counsel Cox pied guilty with the express ut aerstaiiding that he was to receive but on** sentence. He wa- sentenced to one year in I ort Madison penitentiary on ca* ii charge, both sentences to begin on the -am*' ‘lay. The plan worked alt right until near the day of his release which should have occurred near the end of Augn-t, but Warden McMillan discovered that the the district court cad in placing Indictments o" r* co* I !< igotten St. Paul, the misunderstanding between the two interests wa- adjusted. The officers present were Vice-President Ripley. General Freight Agent Hiland, I ruffle Manager Bird arui others. The principal demand of th** -nippers was that freight fr* iii Dubuque to points on the Council Bluffs and Davenport divisions be routed via Farley instead of Sabula, thereby saving nearly one-half mileage in a distance of one hundred and twenty-four mile-. This was granted. Mr. Ripley agreed to send trackage from Dubuque to Farley over the Illinois Central road to take effect December I. Lower rates were also granted over the Southern Minnesota branch. Both the managers and the shippers were -atisfied with the arrangements made. Mr. William*' Big •stake ttSpecia! to The Hawa-Eye.I I NOK PKN GKN* k, Nov. 21.—C. W. Williams ha- in contemplation a >20,000 free-for-all stallion -take to tie trotted for. at his big meeting in August. If carried out, and present prospects are that it will be, it will prove the greate-t race in the world. It would bring together such hor-es a- Nelson, 2:10    ; Palo Alto, 2:11*    : Stambonl, ‘GIG . Axtell, 2:12; Allerton, 2:13 .: Aleryon, 2:15: Alvin, 2:1 IRL and possibly A aba- <-r. wuh the 1-year-o'd record of 2:15, and th** cicad-gam* horse Semiocolon. 2:10 ,, as a four-year-old. This is in addition to the >5,ooh pur-e already hung up, who h is by far the most money ever offered at one meeting. THEY WAST A SEW LEADER. used in small iced Into the pox. This virus he -ystem hypodermlc- Engiish National! ts Call for the Retirement cf Parnell. SCARED by smoke. CHH rnp >r*an' fa* qui tor :in the san.*' day, •ne** Cox was iii ii a year to come. •lerk oi til': tW») the all-- should a * onse- aiid that ar ii at the penitentiary S I when asked why lie aid not rep a-- th*' boy by th** gov- ' *r kit, win liad letters showing the in- j tention of tin* judge and other uffi or- to i -end < ox up for but one year, h** referred i his excellency to the decisions of the j supreme court and r< fu-**d the release, i The governor m w will probably pardon Cox, a- th* ea-i* -I way out of the difficulty.    __ ASSAULTED HIS WIFE. \. c*. dene*, of Den .YlolncM, in a .lealoun Nearly I iinnuiti Murder ifip*<*ia! to The Hawk-Eye.] Ok- Moines, Nov. 21.—There was a lively time on Last Grand avenue last night. A. C. .lone-, who lives there, attempted to kill his wifeaboutseveno’clock last evening, They area tough s**t. Last evening Jones came home in a bad rnond He has been jealous of his wife, and the green-eyed monster had taken a fresh hold on him. He drew- a revolver on hi-wife and threatened to kill her. Her cries brought a neighbor to th** rescue, who wa- knocked down by J one- on attempting to Interfere. Finally the police arrived and Jones was taken iuto custody. This morning Jones was discharged for la k of evidence It was, however, conclusively proven that on an evening previous Ii*1 found his w’ife in an assignation house in company with a prominent merchant of the pia*1**, whom he disfigured considerably. ORANGE BLOSSOMS FROSTED. BANKS IN A BAD BOX. One at un I lie I asked about know could Com e lf 66 our t oeioru Stringent Immigration Laws Wanted. Washington, Nov. 21. - Surgeon gen- j oral Hamilton, who ha- return*d from a j visit to principal foreign ports! «>f embarkation *f cm grants bound .or the , United States, reports to* found no systematic medical examination of pcr-ons wishing to come to this co un lr v •    11 report to the secretary of the treasury he makes th** suggesti* :. tba^ immigration laws be made and so as to guard against coming country of any person not become a citizen or who nut. from any contagious disease and would to become a public charge. •lay Gould aud ihe Atchison. New York, Nov. 21.—Mr. Gould wa Intervh wed this morning in referent the report that he had got control of I Atchison. IL* said the report was ! eons although he J portion of the I -aid the Missouri to the rron- ow lied a considerable lock of th** road, ll** Pacific and Atchison qringent enforced to this qualified to bv suffering be like the the earth *?er th blow. \v mothers and hi&ns. are th sacred life. Our father in heaven has 1 • a mark at each point of the four * . J-. A clay pipe lies at the setting of "j >un and represents the Sioux. A o arrow at the north represents (he ,-'Gu,a*'-. At the rising of the sun a hale representing the Arapa--'V tribe. At the south there lies a pip*1 •a feather representing the Crow VJ(* My father has shown me these £,nKs’ therefore we must continue the T,aacf* There may be soldiers surround ■ v.. nut pay no attention to them; con-»7ue, dance. If the soldiers sur-yr>u f°ur deep, three of you up-*hom I have put holy shirts ")g a song I have taught v, a"d some of the soldiers drop dead. Then the rest will start t‘.r>r t),n their horses will sink into the G. ,Fhe riders will jump from their but they will sink into the earth *.7°Van do what you desire with Now y(>u must know this, that all for '■? .—Th' i n«lrt ii cb I cr. ■ grand jury to-e indictment-and VG en J >1 un* Stand Ti Isl Cine Xiii*. Nov. 21 day return'd twcnty-bv against J. Bright, pp -    ,    P() ll BrHbt, VI. —t.r.-io, I=t of the I.-ii—■ < Oil C'Hiipany of IH.flalo, who sn ppi-d lh* ha which caused the ' 'I1 '' ,n 1 iga in the harbor bere killing a number of I’hev must - and trial Naph th** steamer I some months ago longshoremen The for manslaughter A Brooklyn Bank New York, Nov. J’ Sixth Ward bank of Bp DI tm as Jewell had entered into an agreement with reference to the future business policy of the two road- so that they would not con ti let.    ____ J resident Admin* is Silent. Huston. Nov. 21.—President Adams, Director Ames and others decline to say anything about, the report ofjthe proposed transfer of the Union Pacific to the Gould interest.__ Bliniiigf* in Hie In Ion FaoitH' Hirer tnrnhip NKW York, Nov. 21.—It is authoritatively stall'd to day that a meeting of the principal stockholders in the citic Railway company for iv the board of directors OI ■din* Tho ayu. d. Twenty* oT which ►g robbed nresident, i fan U ige containing 63,000 yesterday of a pa- kag* i    m    tho in bills.    *ba.k    of    tho safe. which set cir-vest(,rdayi ••V1,,,TA tfnoffaud" th- Co'rlt. named when the cash er    ,hB    bank. Bookman, were w JOU *hem ..iiiiiH Bitt 111 Nov. 21.—A to-day • 'a t g r e vumonia. r*e "oldit Th**re 'n that race will be dead. W'U be only five thousand of them rp~7',Uje <Jri l^p ea-rth. My friends and m"U. lk'lS slra{tfht and true. We va:her at I'ass Creek when the tree '■'ul'fig; then we will be among our ear*! p. a* iuns‘ You must not take any mr'a! lies with you. Men and women abv-. ! 'r0dp themselves. My father arc n To^d Us t0 do vhis thing. Guns our L'f.0n7 things we are afraid of. but Ran'^ iv v W;1' ?ee    ^Py do us 00 a,-. ,h, , iatever the white men may say, ,Cot llsten to them. n an interview late to-night General ('un* re Gai.K>.v, Bl.. relived here serious illness of is suffer ir -J frmn pi h« mo in Mount Morris.___ H^g^d for Id ti rd* Yazoo City,    Nov' Edwards, colored, was dav for the murder of teinber fifth last. Be telegram announces . man HIW. IG* the who : S <it Union ra-irgani zatlon will be held next week. It is understood that a? this meeting Charles Francis Adams will retire and be succeeded by Sidney Dillon. The new board of directors will in lade I-’ussell Sag**, Jay Gould Alexander E. Orr and Henry B Hyde. Th** new board intends to appoint some young and active railroad man as vice president and general manager, whose headquarters will be at Omaha. This person is not yet decided upon._________ Knottier Fant Mall Train From the Faut. Chic VCO, Nov. 2!.—In response to the general demand for increased mail facilities til** government is about to establish ,i,other fast, mail train between New ' Chicago via the New York Shore railroads, the November 30. The Guthrie Fail)* and Others Bagged Edge. G KTH HIK, Nov. 21.—The Commercial bauk of tills city, which is the largest bank in the territory assigned late last night for the benefit of its creditor:-. The proprietors have all left town. I he collapse was cause by the failure recently of th*' Newton, Kansas, National bank. The liabilities aud asset- cannot be ascertained. A run was made on other banks this morn’ng, but it was stopped when an ample showing of funds was ; made.    j The bank belongs to a syndicate which practically controls the bank- In Newton, Kansas; Normal, Elreno, Stillwater and Whitewater. The Newton bank failed yesterday To-day the Guthrie bank suspended and the Whitewater concern is now in th** hands of an examiner. Nothing has been heard from Elreno, Normal or Stillwater banks. The Guthrie bank's capital wa- £3oo,000, Newton s 8100,000, and th** others about the same. It is believed here that th*' a-sets are equal to the liabilities. Tile Fun rf h National Bank All Bight New York, Nov. 21.—The board of directors of th*1 Fourth National bank to-day adopted a resolution setting forth the facts of the present financial stringency and stating that during the present month that bank ha-had «3,285,000 of commercial paper fall due, aff of which have been promptly met at maturity, showing the merchants to be in a prosperous condition; that the stringency in th** money market almost stopped the purchase of commercial bills and deprived the mercantile community of Bs accustomed facilities and authorizing the officers of the bank to buy freely of first-class commercial paper and necessary, a liberal amount house certificates for that purpose I he Insanity of a Pro* p.'*-! ive Bride a Jeu Hour* Bef.ne tile Wadding Hour. Oi it mw v. la.. Nov. 21.—A few day-ago a young man from Foster by the J name of Victor Engblom appeared at the county clerk s office with a b!u-hing . maiden aud a-ked for a marriage license. Her name went on th** license a- Miss Anna C Johnson, of Lucas county, and they were to have been married that evening. Mn* wa- the picture of health. a picture for anyone to look upon who admire- feminine beauty, with the bloom of health on her cheek- and a happy light in her blue eyes. But just a- they were about to board the train. Mi-s Johnson's manner became suddenly changed aud -he commenced talking in a wierd strange voice, giving an incoherent harangue on religion. Th** young n an. broken hearted, soon discovered that she had become de merited and by no little amount of strategy succeeded in getting her on the train for Lucas county off from another train which was standing near by. and which -he insisted was the right one. Arriving at I mea-county, her friends had lu r taut u before tire commissioners of In-anity and she wa- sent to Mt. Feasant for treatment. To-day Mr. Engblom returned from Mt. Pleasant, where h« accompanied her. and stopping at the court house, sadly related his >tor> and had the license < aneelled. No reason could be assigned for her dementia, but from her conversation she seemed insane on the subject of religion. A NEW COURT HOUSE. AMuclcil h i Gnu Daughter J btu rqi e. la., Nov. 21. — William Sheridan wa- arrest.* d to day for abducting his own daughter Maud, a child of -ix y> ar-. Three months ago Sheridan brought snit against the child'.- aunts, the Misses McGee, who ha I her in custody, whi h was compromised, Sheridan allowing the McGee si-ier- to keep the child on condition that lie be allowed to -en it. A week ago he stole the child, and this afternoon the aunts endeavored to recover h* r. Sheridan followed them I and a stormy scene took place on the ■ -treet, the father finail carrying hi-daughter away in triumph. The aunt-then 'wore out a warrant for hi- arrest. Inherit i Fortune Drr.rqt k. la . Nov. 2 1.—Frank and Alphm se Math)-, two young Germans of this city. have ce v* d word that a man named August Kau, who is unknown to them, ha*! deeded them valuable property in Astoria, New York. The information come- from a firm of Wall -treet lawyers. The property is given them a- heir- of their mother, the late Paul'ne Mathis O e of th** brother-left last night for New York to investl-«ate The property is -aid to be very valuable and compri-es fifteen lot- in the best portion of Astoria. A Reform I ixliistrlal Foiifereiice. Denver, Col.. Nov 2! —Th** Knights I of Labor la-t night agreed to hold a national reform indu-trial conference -ome i time during the ensuing year for the formation of an indep udent platform upon tile principles of the Knights of j Labor. The Farmers Alliance and a1! I labor organization- are invited to send i delegates. A Station Agent .Winning, Boone, Iowa. Nov. 21.—Lyman Bishop, j for four years station agent of the j Boston and Maine railroad at West Lynn. ] ; failed to appear at his place of duty on i October ti. and ha- riot since been seen In | this vicinity. It is charged that he is I short in his account- to tee amount of I 65,-00. Bishop is thirty-two years of ' age audthas a wife and two children An Interesting Suit. [Snecial to Th* Hawk-Eye.) La hi Guy, Nov. 21.—An interesting snit ha- been brought against Doty A Zane for ".'.OOO damage- by Mr.-. C. J. Cole on a ut of the defendant selling I intoxicating iquor- to her husband contrary to law. The owners of the building were also made oartie- to the suit. Tile Hank anil I Ile of the Party Stirred I j* (Der the ItiagiiMtlng Revelation* In the O'Shea <*a«e •St a n ley’n Character. London, Nov. 21.—The feeling among ; the English liberal- on the -ul eel of th*-O'Shea revelations continue'* to arow B. Rickard, M. P., on** of th*- most intiuei j tial among tile workingmen’- repre-ent-I atives in parliament, is quoted a- -peaking very strongly again-t th*- of tinu-S antre of Mr. Parnell a- a liberal leader, j Mr. Kieard -aul “The liber a party I represents the working people and th*-I so-called middle cia--e-. ainoi g whom the purity of home life is held in high *•--teem. We have neither the time nor Hie ; inclination for debauchery and we want j our leaders to be men that we i ar. t.{e j by the hand. When Joseph Biggar *1i**d. ; leaving a good d* a! of properly to ar. j iiligitin ate son and the -on - rn were a go »d deal surprised ar i but this case is far wor-e. Ho? condemn the ari-torra* y for ti I liousness if our leader- are r. least decent in their domestic b Mr. Long, M. P., say-:    “Ha Gladstone'- unexampled in:'u»*rn* the British ma-ses spring- from i emplary domestic life I think Mr ne” should retire until thing-over.” Iii*- non-conformist clergy exercise a vast iiiHuen* e among til erals, the bulk of the Engil- Aud* creat > the Fs« ;»|>«* Front a Horton* Panic In the I Imago Auditorium. ,•.**, Nov. 21.—A fir*- in the baso-th* ''tudebaker building next to bum at a late hour this even-a den-e smoke widen, going pan had Hi ii he T h idor> of th*' bote , created a long the guests, many of ‘tired. A number of them their effect- and ru-h*-.! I way- but their fear- were by th*- efforts of the em-Sn ike a-o penetrated the thea er -tag**, but not In -t ige and the performers I that there wa- absolutely he play weft on with the • cr,lr eof tile proximity of t .Vi- ' ex ting ;i-hed WOULD-BE LYNCHERS SHOT. • t roo* I arder 11 unij»t of a >ln!i to Sfcarr •r iii M ontiiigroD, Trooe*soo. »the shot lf of Mi Nov. u ear! who, pre hi lted »r a ar ber ai by th A mob hour this f- w day- arid his e the in-breaking red Coul-ived and ■a rd arid (■ Seller* ■n WidG ers -hot and him. The iff -rn .ggied >rning. The tent. h( wh< V being non conformist-, are p: provincial paper- a- caning f> in th** irish ieader-hlp f‘ne in North Wilts -peak-of Mr. th** “Bagenel Harvey of th** iaie-t i -to rebellion, hanged in his own cham-," the allusion being to a gentleman named Harvey, who was executed at Wa'f od for participating in th** re:    : rn of 17 > All indications point to dis-ension-arnong the E»g:i-h libera - regard’cg Mr. UarneiP- position. The morning paper- again publi-hco urnn upon *-o! . ■ t. 'if gossip and opinion upon tin I*ari • matter, including refer? nee- to it man* in variou- speeches by '-uitician- it: ’be provinces, interview- w:'h prominent men, letters to the editors, etc. It i-impo-sible to di-regard ti;** fact that ti;*-liberal rank and tile are everywhere showing —Igr;- of indignation at the .ip-parent dispo-iticn of the leaders to ignore Mr. I'arneli'- offense. Mr. Stead, Unnoted liberal editor, deciare- hi- opinion that Ir!-h home rule may a- wed be relegated to th** planet Saturn uni**-- Mr. I’arneli is thrown overboard immediate^. BA>E FALL MATTERS. • Uni; Talk' til** Krol *. Nov. 21. tbootthe herhood. A. lr. >PI Wr*-ck of ’ding ar- York. ■utter right, g annal- as -tory of our have r; ll !eag have I the Th. GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. Archbishop of Canterbury GI*. pearea to aver-, a:. attent, of I our riva the -tart iss ta*' ubtthe endur-p their rn are weary. e the defunct the eyampie a warning to h money to int for being •Hers. It did Mr. Spalding opened. The to have the he Th T -I t iwk hy a Tm ii !i'-p*-.;al to Th*' Hawk-Eye.l Neoga, la., N«*v. 21.—otto Mondt, a telegraph line reoa rer, wa- -eriously iu-jured by a pas-**uger train striking birn as he was standing on a hand car near this place this morning. A Boy null Mutch***. [Special to Th*' Hawk-F.y .' Union, Nov. 21.—William Vinton'- I large bam near Whitten was destroyed by fire Wednesday, caused by hi- grand- j -on playing with matches. The loss is Si.goo with no in-uran* e. NON-PARTISAN W. C. T. U. «*>t ('hance It. .OOO .lctlerson County tote* to I**nc * Bond* for That I'nrprae. [Hpecial to The Hawk-Eye.] F AIUFIF id, la., Nov. 21.—Jefferson county yesterday voted for the is-ue of bonds to the amount of 875,000 for the erection of a new court house. Tire building will occupy a site within one block of the business portion of the city oil an entire block of ground. Building materials are very cheap here and the the -urn in question will certainly give us opinion of individuals should one of the finest structures of it- kind in \ abridged, and an endorenient The Organization XX ill Name as Ii* quested l’lTTsiiFRG, Nov. 21- When the national convention of the Non-Partisan Woman’s Chri-ttan Temperance Union reassembled this morning the telegram from Miss Franc!- Willard wa- read, asking that the name of ’he organization bt* changed, a- it was not * gal. The »*x-; ecutive committee had considered the I telegram and dec d*d that a- it wa- not I officially addre-sed to the president, and a- th*' a-soc'aiion con'd not change the name for a year anyhow, no action would bt* taken. New York wa- -elected as j the next place of meeting The resolutions adopted by the convention were lengthy, but embodied the staple platf:>rm. The section most freely discussed pertained to th** signing of the • petition in regard to the closing of the I columbian exposition on the Sabbath. It pa-sed after much debate. The "Y ' j branch received hearty indorsement in I the resolutions. Gratitude is expressed I to congress for recognition of th** evil effect of tho original package law. The ; organization of Juvenile -Deities; the im-! portance of temperance instruction in | the schools; th** nee**—tty of vigorous : work along the line of the organization: renewed declaration- that the individual not be of the Opinion Regarding Irregular Kitiiai* London. Nov. 21.—The archb'-hop of Canterbury has delivered judgment against the Rev. Dr. Edward King. bishop of Lincoln, who wa- charge.! with ritualistic practice- regarding the j n — diction on the ecclesiastical court arid hi- obligation to obey the r*'brica d ra tions in the prayer-book. The archbishop suspended judgment in r- card to ’he bishop’s rubrical irregularities. The nixing of water with the wine, used in th* aet of consecration, the archbishop hold-, infringed the law of the church, but th* use of a mixed chalice, prepared be' re hand. did not offend the ecc!**sia-tica! law. The charge against the bi-hop r*-earding absolution wa- di-missed, it n t being supported by the evidence. The archbishop decided that Dr. King's i tion in turning his fate to the ea-t during communion arid thus making bimanual act- invisible was ii!* _ra . The acts must be visible to the congregation. The singing of the hymn “Agnus D during communion wa- not i * ga Caring for Baring**. London, Nov. 21. — It is >;ti. aby an | dguneed that arrangements for centum : lug the business of the Barings’ i- con-; eluded. A limited company ha- been formed with a subscribed capital e\c* * d-i ing £1,000,000. Thomas Baring, M. i’.. ; become- chairman of the coni;,any a *! devotes the whole of hi- fortune to th* firm's credit. Tile London Stock Market. London, Nov. JI. — Price.- on the-to It exchange this morning, a-com pared wilt yesterday’s closing, show -light ad van-for American sp,-untie- The mark**' closed strong Pasteur Congratulate* Koch. Bi.im in, Nov. 21.—To-day Pasteur-en congratulation- to Koch, who in return : -ent a specimen of lymp to Pasteur The municipal authorities have a * ted temporarily to Professor Ko: h ; ,-i j buildings in the Moabit suburb of B* r ii j for the purpose of aidit g him in carry I ing on his experiments looking to ii. I discovery of a cure for infer;’" .- di-I ease-, such as -carlet fever, mea-i* -: diphtheria, and typhus fever. Prof*'"' I Koch will, al-o. in these building-, carr j on his investigations into the nature an 1 cure of cancer. There will be accum ■ modations for 150 patients in the temp: I rary hospital. The professor consider that his labors in connectior with i’.- ••! miosis ar** finished. Audit yet t; team devotees played a y did ;ker= : tnings, in- mfine their may be ab'e bai. in ’ r-t-ching about it I doubt t? orium. No, ; predict the va»hville Race*. Nov. 21.—Firs and upward. w -y car at Race— nine-six-n. Ed Bell third: time. olds and 'aplite n- won third; time VV: ■ar-olds ai Karl woe .vie third; -Th Ve-xr- old- an card-: .' Fred d up-, Miss time. I up- B'g Fink Br Aug! ids and up-mile:    Long Iona. Bara- *V-A It? int. rt Horns. -Th** -ale to-day of rom the Aberdeen-Pierce, of Creston. ii, of Danville; At-VYe-t Point, and r-et, wa- quite 'or the most part • en - 50 and >5oo. Jennctt I for 91,OOO to \V. R. Row, <*11    ^;on, to the same for rd to La-s nj a Burwell, o'" - . \N s -on-in, for SI,OOO. the highest prices. vv Railroad Chartered. B. I? yod w ol if VV e pri tx I K ir,-a- Gen lr; d r* i alia. The ad is —€. M. Rawly filed with barter of the id Galveston I to construct Nebraska, estimated nine hunix s I H.OO0,- tVoiiirn Hhv I mil .loin the III , Nov I >1 Poor Bat lent* Badly Treated. Bkui.in, Nov. 21. — it is claimed h**re that while the treatment of poor patients in the hospitals is only half completed, a few favored physicians are treating from 150 to 550 patients daily, charging them from ti to £5 per patient. The hospital patients are only half treated and neglected and ar** often in a dang *r*»u-condition. Koch knows nothing of tin- )str d ai B. A. -The cadie Farmers' Mutual adjourned sjtle die ig to hold the next »ii- during the Secor 1891. An amend-ution was adopted others of the age ars the privilege joining -Hindi* Lim T:.aye d Ult ll Vt* HLX. Neb ket* aud A in iii milt ion. ’> . Nov. 21.—Governor coni pib-d with a tele-fr rn the «itizens of Har-sending a supply of munition for use in case low a. SOLDIER’S SUICIDE. Lieut. F. take out, if of clearing Dorsey hanged here to-bis ■;fe on Sop* Preside!** lAiri-viLi.E, Ky., Nev. Beckurts, preUdeiir of Nelson DistiUir.e n l>all% .    Hhuge*t for Rape. Knoxville T, ni *'. Maples (colored), was hiiug* J rape Dead .-I  Herman he Anderson- died to-day. k I York ant Centra! and Luke service to commence - will leave the Grand Centra, York every day In the arriving at Albany at receive    the    great Boston    and    New England.    The    tram will    arrive at Buffalo at 8:lo P- rn*, delivered to the Lake reach --•*    quick    Mine C' limited With the adoption of th** ut it will be possible rizten in New York and New England '    to    be read Gy correspondents new train station in New year at 9:10 a. rn.. 12:28. where it will through mails from *TLa t ru iii w 111    < where it will be Shore, and will Chicano at 9:» a. rn., m»kh>* almost as quick time *« th* Centra. rht. nil O Of i > < > • for letters service The Barker Hank Reopen*. Philadelphia, Nov. 21.—Barker Brothers &■ Company’s banking hou-f opened this morning, although no business was done. One of the employes stated that no statement of the firm s condition would b** made this morning, although one might be made later in the day. The Investment company of Philadelphia, of which Wharton Barker was one of the directors, is perfectly solvent. it is a-sertod, and unaffected by the failure of Barker Brothers. The Howard Saving* Bank Hun. Newark, N. J., Nov. 21.—The nm on the Howard Savings bank still continues. It* Excellent Qualities Command to public approval the (all fornla liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs. It is pleasing to the eye, and to the ta-te and by acting gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels, It cleanses the system effectually, thereby promoting the health L. McNair Drown* Himself at Kirkville. Ottumwa, la., Nov. 21.—Lieut. Frank L. McNair, of Kirkville, prominent in politiial and Grand Army circle-, committed suicide Wednesday night bv drowning himself in a pond near his house.    Mental    aberration resulting from recent sickne-s wa- the cause of the act. _ The Not** iii tile Seventh. [Hp**cial to The Hawk-Kye.] Des Moines, Nov. 21.—The executive i council th!- aU* rnooncanvassed the vote upon congressman in the seventh dis- ! trict, to find out who wa- elected to fill j the vacancy occasioned by the resigna- j tion of E. H. Conger. This canvass | should have been made within fifteen ; days of the election, but when the conn- i cli met at that time a- a board of can- ! vassers they had to adjourn to another day owing to the non-receipt of the j official returns from two counties. The ! vote stood E. R. Hays, 16,702; Senator i Barnett, 14,142. The regular will be mad** on December 4. temperance publicans were embraced in the resolutions. The evening session was devoted to “Y” and temperance knights. BoImoii Iii the Food. Chicago. Nov. 21.—Six persons in a | ! boarding house on Wabash avenue were I i poisoned at supper la-t night. The sup-; position is that the poison wa- put in the I stew by a colored waiter who was discharged yesterday. Two of the victims i are in a serious condition, while the ■ others are out of danger. Striking -♦'amen Sentenced. Cork, Nov. 21.—Fifty -'‘amen and firemen on th** Cork Packet company's vcs-| «sp]s were sentenced to imprisonment for I a month for breaking tho articles of j agreement by joining the strike. canvas; 21 —la to day for don't you sense ‘ijq Ij! j    'he    r,;‘Xt    morning l!,F 7    h-rz    .*    «•* •ald that a Dew train to cut down the from New York hours was The - PW -agar New York. Nov. JI — on ti c reorganization of to-day announces a ma ( Mist •The commit It the -agar iru-t. inrity of cert:fi lii*- inivH Firrnicn Cedar Rapids, la.. Nov. 21. — \ester-day morning's session of the Iowa F ire-men's meeting was devoted to making ci:ang**s in the constitution and articles of incorporation. At the afternoon session. Des Moines having failed to come forward with its guarantee for the payment of prizes at the next tournament. it wa- moved to hold the tournament elsewhere, and Cedar Rapids wa- selected bv a vote of 48 to 8. the Cedar Rapids delegate- not voting. The meeting then adjourned to meet at Council B'ntT- th** third Wednesday in November. 1891. ti n e twenty-live to Chicago thought to to be cates had alrrady k*en deposited, lletoham’b Fills cure &ick-Head*che. A Conte*enc® Mull -hipper* Dr ut qt'k. la., Nov. 21. — At a nice'intr held yesterday b**twe<*n the shippers of Dubuque and a number of the general officers of the Chicago, Milwaukee and Governor Boyd’* Election to l»e (‘onte*ted Omaha. Nov. 21.—Governor-Elect Boyd this morning received an official notice that his election is to be contested by th® independents. Will Investigate Election Brand* Huron, S. D.. Nov. 21.—Forty or more representative men from all part- of the -tate met here to-dav. it is believed to arrange for an Investigation of alleged election frauds, etc.__ Redly th*' firelight shim s through rh** room. ( basing away ad th*- shadow and gloom; I.ight-h* art»d children an- prattling in g!*-e; Father is as happy ascan L*-. For the wife and mother who S'lff*'***! so long, Is getting her health hack and soon will last rung. And who is so happy as sh** is to-night, As sin- thinks of tile shadow that's tak*'ii it’s hight — the shadow of dia<>ns> that darkens so many homes, and mak- s th*- lite of wif and motlier on*' of terrible suffering. How p!eas«*d wea**-to know hat at >aS‘ a r* rn*<ly has bein found 1 for all tho-* detieate d* rang: rnents and w* ak-pessi * peculiar to v.'om*'H Iteoimsto <■?,• •••r-ii ss horn*- w itll “glad tidings of gr- at i< * I) . Pi* rc*''s Fav rit‘ P -eoption tuts *i n*' for women what no other remedy has den*', or can do, and ir is no* to i.e wand* nxl at *leit worn n who lei vt *-eeti our* *1 tty it ar* enthusiast ie In its prair It is tim oriij imsh-eiite fi r woin« n so;.I by druggists, un*)* r a jiffs tot* gun antre fr rn * he manufacturers of satisfa*. Hen, or money returned. Stanley'* ( haracter. Bari-, Nov. 21.—M I?e Vogue, * x-diplomati-t and traveler, arid brother-:!;- : law of General Anne^koff, in -p**akii!g of Stanley and hi- African expi*>ra:    t - said:    “The    perpetual miracle of Stan ley is his success, obtained by fa'th in ! tiiin-elf. bv his indomitable energy, j None among the great leader- of men : has possessed to a higher degree the genius of commanding. That gift 1-rarely accompanied with sensibility. ; The most beautiful trait of Stanley, that I which would give the mo-t conodont**' in I him as a man of a* tion, is his incapuu v to comprehend natures different from I hi- own. Emin Pasha, for example whose indecision and want of character plunged Stanley into stupefaction. On* can imagine, doubtless, an ensemble of qualities more amiable, but or;*- cannot admire too much that magnificent com position of energy, of mystic a-- trance and of g >cd, practical sens*- To J mig* Stanley, his preceding voyage- must be borne in mind.” Th® Provlnlonal Government t* Legal Rid Janiero, Nov. 21.—The constituent assembly, by a vote of 175 to 47, recognized the legality of the p’-ovlsiona! government and adopted a resolution requesting the government to continue it' functions until a vote wa- taken upon th** federal constitution. prim to th In pf ward- a- eidt llciine*'.y Murderer* Indicted. ‘Hil t av-. Nov. 21.—In the Hen-iuruer case the grand Jury to-day rn* b i- a“ai11-1 nine Italians as ai - and eight other- as accessories murder. The accused are now all Fatally -taiiiwd TI X VOD*. A, Ti year- ago Job r. killed t ' acquitted Each Other. Rn., Nov. ight 21.— Pichett, a motiE-- w:f , but was arterin the plea that it was ight Tom Allen brought an offensive manner and whi.’h boti: men fatally -r with knives A I K X N Is r* ce! alai I V, ere Tattle ID*ea*®. Nov. 21.—Information . J a peculiar and fa'a! disease an •> ig cattle and horses in Ore-iud ab,.»ii ng counties in th;- *raf«. Over one hi.udred head are sa d to have ; already died. How -ever® Cold* are Broken Pp In Montana. From the Virginia < ity (Mont.) Madisonian Yr hen we find a medicine we know i<>*_ po--es- ge nine merit, we coa-ider %% duty, and we take pleasure In telling tile public w hat it is. Such a medicine > , ’.aft • DR. KOCH'S METHOD. Conaiiinption Inoculation Figlitten Year* Old. New York, Nov. 21.— Dr. Lester Miller of No. 145 East One Hundred and Twenty sixth street, a retired physician, -ays inoculation for consumption wa- applied by him successfully more than eigteen years ago. Dr. Miller -ay- that at the time he read a pap- - embodying hi- idea- upon the subject b f .re the Academy of Science* The only thing. he added, that proven-.-d r rn fron carrying out his idea* wa- he lack of funds. His method va-, iii brief, to take virus from an animal Infested with genuine tuberculosis and bv special cultivation prepare It after the manner of the found Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy winier when la grippe was prevailing. We ar® satisfied that we warded of several attacks that were threatening by the ti-** of this syrup, and we have since relieved. lr; a few hours severe colds, and iii the course of two or three days, entire iy broken them up by its use, as have several of our friends to whom we have recommended it. It is all that it is represented to be by the manufacturers. If you have a fought and want to stop It Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will do th® work For    bv    drugff'-t* -truck A cai n*t IMsrrtinioatlon. *i .UXI E, I’a., Nov. 21.—To-day the Sod I miners ai plant- of a strike again-erlmtnatton.” are interested. •okers of the big mammoth » ■ Frick company inaugurated nst what they t* rui “dls-Ahout six hundred men ;

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