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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - November 9, 1997, Burlington, Iowa The Hawk Eye a sunday a november 9, 1997 Safrom the front Page canopy continued from Page 1a ago. However Council members walked at approving the proposal without first taking it to the Public. A i like the plans but we need to have Public input on it a councilman Tim Scott said. Finance director Doug Worden said although the proposal is not a City bid or funded project it is an improvement on Public land. The City is not required by Law to conduct a Public hearing but Worden said the Council routinely has concept hearings on that Type of project. Councilman Don Henry said he would like to see the permanent Structure erected this season. He suggested the idea of a permanent canopy at the councils oct. 27 special meeting when the City approved the 10-year lease agreement with Catfish Bend. The current lease Only allows for a temporary Entrance canopy to be removed by Catfish Bend when the company pulls up Anchor in the summer. A this ties in with our Long Range tourism plans a Henry said. Kehl said a Spring construction Date could pose operational problems for both the boat and the Welcome Center. He said it will be easier to heat a permanent hallway rather than the temporary Canvas canopy with plastic sides. Lack of a permanent headed canopy Means boat patrons cannot go through the Welcome Center before getting on the boat Kehl said. The canopy would connect to a Back Roll Down door which in cold weather protects outdoor plumbing pipes just outside the centers Back door. A the temporary Structure could work but that building deserves a lot More a Kehl said. Meanwhile Crews Are working feverishly to finish exterior and Interior work at the port building so the boat will have Utility Hook and office space. Robert Winckler Catfish Bend assistant general manager said electricians from norms Koest Ner electric inc. Are on schedule having worked through miserable weather to get the Shore Power ready for the nov. 17 Docking. He said the electricians Are enhancing the Power at the port building to service the boats needs. The boat can generate its own electrical Power if needed. Veterans continued from Page 1a a i knew some of these people a said Jason Jenkins a Junior from Farmington. A but i did no to know what they went the biographies included a Kenny Reid a tank battalion member who saw action on pork chop Hill the bloodiest Battle of the korean War. A this tank got hit three times. It just did no to explode a said Farmington a Keith Muntz who with Hambright is helping foor coordinate the project. At the time Reid was a couple of years older than the kids in Foort a class. A Chester Rudd a Sailor on the submarine grampus during world War ii. Rudd not much older than members of the Harmony High school senior class disappeared with the rest of the grampus Crew. A it never came Back a Muntz said. A never any a Jack Cocherell the Engineer of a train that carried dead and wounded americans and their prisoners through Korea during the korean War. Cocherell was the same age As the students older Brothers. A Bob Hambright who was a year out of school in 1940 when he enlisted in the army. As a paratrooper he jumped into Battles in Africa Sicily Italy Anzio Naples Rome Belgium the Battle of the bulge Southern France Switzerland and Germany. He has More War decorations than Many of the Harmony Letterman have medals. It was Hambright a speech at last years veterans Day service that brought him and a Good part of the Harmony High school student body to tears. A we world War ii vets we done to talk about the Job we did,7 Hambright said. A we did our Job and came but at last years service Hambright talked about that Job. He talked about the Bullet he took in the Back about the buddies he watched die. He told the students about what it was like to go from the safety of High school to being trapped behind enemy lines without food or ammunition. He talked about what it was like to leave Iowa As the Bright optimistic Young Man in the picture he sent to Foort a class and come Back forever haunted by the memories of War. The pictures touched the students the most foor said. A when the kids got looking at these they saw the pictures and thought a he a just a kid a a she said. Her students Echo her words. A you get to Reading them and you realize How much they went through a said Brandon Ross a Sophomore from Hillsboro. A veterans Day never really meant too much to me until i realized what it meant to them a he said. This year the biographies Are displayed again at the school and a veterans Day service is planned for 10 45 . Tuesday in the gym. Veterans from across Van Buren county will be invited and each will have a seat of Honor Down front. When the veterans enter the student body will again stand As they did last year unprompted by their teachers. H. Wayne Nelson will give this years address followed by a moment of silence for the fallen comrades. And after its Over foor and her business students will begin compiling More Veteran biographies As their Way of recognizing what their neighbors did for them. They have plenty of opportunities. About 780 veterans Call Van Buren county Home. A a a a a a a is i i is i Robert t. Hambright Branch pm service company a 463 Parachute f a 101st airborne div induction Bob Hambright a no ird min la Pmj pc astr or 14 1 in Davenport. Iowa. Or Watt Only i Yamani a in Nisim. Tin puce in Caw Calm Njuki. La a it . Mum. Time Orr Vii 2 years j months. 2s Days batiks Africa Sicily Italy Anzio Naples. Rome Belgium Battle of the bulge Southern France Switzerland. Germany decorations purple heart Bronze Star. American defense ribbon Bronze service. And other minor medals when the War was Over be a in Germany. Word Cam of Etc Fth most memorable events. The Coon that has pan coca and the Man a Sarvady with am Furj noot a Hmmon a Dacron a Veteran s experience Farmington a Bob Hambright Seldom talked about his experiences As a 19-year-old paratrooper during world War la but last year he spoke to the students of Harmony High school. These Are his words. A it is very hard for me to talk about my experiences very painful. I lost Many Good buddies. I will try to give you some of it. Being in the paratroopers we jumped behind the enemy lines. Our outfit the 463rd, was known As the Bastard outfit. Wherever they needed help we were called upon. Sometimes they took us in boats and landed us on the Shore sometimes by truck but this Only happened when they get planes to Fly us Over the trouble spot so we could jump. I will Start out in Africa where we helped Chase the great German general Rommell out of the desert. From there we jumped in Sicily. Our planes were hit by enemy fire and some of us did not reach our drop zone so we were alone and surrounded by the enemy. We had very Little ammunition so we had to make sure our shots counted. It is not easy killing another person believe me. I was a staff sergeant of a machine gun Crew. We would sneak out at night and move along by the German soldiers praying and hoping the recognize us As americans. Come Daylight we would hide in a Bunch of Tress and just sit there and watch the germans go by. There was nothing we could do because of no ammo or food. We ate bark off the Trees and at night we would sneak up to Plum Trees and get some Green plums. We did that for a week before we were rescued. From Sicily the took us to Italy then the Call for help came at Anzio beachhead and away we went. They took us by Landing Craft. That is boats where the front opens and you jump into the water and head for Shore with the bullets screaming around you seeing your Best buddy drop dead. From there we headed for Rome fighting All the Way. Many More were killed or wounded. We took Rome and headed for the mountains of Italy. Still More fighting. Then we headed for France. We jumped in Southern France. Still More fighting and killing. We won that Battle and headed for Belgium and the Call came for help and we were called upon again. This time they took us by trucks and no sooner did we get to Bastogne the germans closed the line and once again we were surrounded. The weather was miserable. Snow cold rain and Cloudy skies. Our planes drop supplies for us and after a few Days again we were Short on food and ammo. We just had to Tough it out just sit there and listen to the German artillery shells burst around us or go Over us. Then on Christmas morning they broke through our lines and it was eyeball to eyeball fighting. We had no ammo so it was hand to hand Bayonet to Bayonet. And finally we won. The skies cleared up and brought us food and ammo. All this happened on Christmas morning. That a Why i have a hard time at Christmas time. After a rest we jumped across the Rhine River into Germany and finally the War was Over. There was a lot More to Tell but it is hard to write about. I was wounded hit in the Back. I had my helmet creased by bullets i had my jacket full of Bullet holes and shrapnel holes. I was very Lucky to come out As Good As i did but in a suffering for it. As i said its no fun to kill another person just because he is your enemy but it is either you or them. They were Young men just As we were. So my friends believe me when i say War is hell of you find spots on this paper it is tears that have run Down my Cheeks. This is just a Sample of what i went through. I can see my fallen buddies and it hurts sorry. God bless you and god bless after his talk a student asked Hambright if head do it again. And he said he would. For America for Freedom. A a Shore Power is a lot More dependable and cleaner a Winckler said. A it also saves Wear and tear on the boats he said no additional work was needed on the water and sewer lines which formerly served the Emerald lady Casino boat. Winckler said Catfish Bend will flush out and use the existing lines. As part of its lease with the City Catfish Bend is using the former Emerald lady ticket office on the North Side of the port building As its sales marketing and guest services office. Liane Crawford Smith director of those services said the company is using drywall and carpeting to turn that 633-Square-foot space into an office for seven people. A at this Point ifs a Concrete floor a she said Friday. Crawford Smith said the port office will House the phone sys tem and be used when potential clients come in looking to conduct a meeting or event on the boat. Catfish Bend also wants to Start Interior renovation work on its land based Kitchen facility in Burlington. Last month the company a Board of directors approved a five year lease at the former Orscheln farm Supply building at 124 s. Roosevelt ave. The space will be turned into a full service Kitchen and storage space. It will serve the boat in both fort Madison and Burlington. Currently dinner Buffet food is catered onto the boat from the Kitchen at the Mississippi Belle ii in Clinton. Winckler said Catfish Bend plans to have the local Kitchen open by mid january. Iraq continued from Page a Iraq has accused the american inspectors of being spies and originally vowed to expel them by nov. 5. But at the last minute the government agreed to put off a decision until after the Security Council finished discussing the Issue. The american weapons inspectors work for the . Special commission that is charged with ensuring that Iraq eliminates its weapons of mass destruction. Iraq must Complete that process before the United nations will lift sanctions imposed after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Seven of the 40 arms monitors currently in Baghdad Are americans. A mediating team sent to Iraq by . Secretary general Kofi Annan left Baghdad Friday after we Klong talks aimed at pressing iraqi officials to comply with the Security councils resolutions on weapons inspections. On saturday Mena quoted a senior diplomatic source in Baghdad As saying that Iraq sent a letter to Annan demanding a a balancing of the number of inspectors and special commission officials to better reflect the permanent members of the Security it was unclear if by a a balancing the iraqis meant they were prepared to allow . Inspectors in Baghdad albeit in smaller numbers or if they wanted the americans to be replaced by a higher representation of the councils other permanent member nations. Aside from the United states the permanent members Are Britain France Russia and China. Most of the . Arms inspectors Are american and european although russian missile experts have been involved. The letter from Iraq also repeated iraqis demand that american u-2 reconnaissance planes which Fly surveillance flights for the . Commission be replaced by aircraft a from any other Neutral Side a Mena reported. Seven years of . Sanctions have left iraqis impoverished. Iraq is barred from Selling Oil its economic mainstay and flights in and out of the country Are blocked. Baghdad claims that the United states because of its antipathy toward Iraq is preventing the . Commission from certifying that Iraq has eliminated its weapons of mass destruction thus leaving the sanctions in place indefinitely. At saturdays demonstration a Mab Uhd a 19-year-old student said he had come a to denounce the american aggression against Iraq and the american domination of. The United another protester Bahra Ali a teacher said a the . Should be a . And not the .�?� while Aziz said Friday that Iraq had fulfilled its obligation to get rid of its banned weapons the . Special commission has repeatedly accused Baghdad of withholding information. Book Jar was obsessed with sex the associated press new York a new Book by pulitzer prize winning reporter Seymour m. Hersh claim John Kennedy knew mobsters helped steal the 1960 president tial election and that he had a voracious sexual appetite that left him vulnerable to political blackmail. A the dark Side of Camelot a which hits stores monday has been the subject of intense speculation debate and criticism in recent months. A spokeswoman for sen. Ted Kennedy d-mass., dismissed the Book. A from the accounts we be been Given this Book is fiction a said the spokeswoman Kathy Mcki Ernan. A senator Kennedy and his family Are very proud of his brother a record of Public service and always will be. We done to intend to comment any further on this maliciousness and in earlier this year Abc executives withdrew from its television Deal with Hersh because a collection of Kennedy papers the writer had intended to use for the Book were determined to be fake. Abc which later signed a Deal with Hersh has also expressed misgivings about some of the material. The network still plans to air a documentary version of the Book next month. Hersh who did not include the fraudulent documents in his Book has acknowledged he Ida duped about the papers. They purported to show that Kennedy had paid Marilyn Monroe to keep quiet about their alleged affair. In an interview with Hersh. Released by the books publish Little Brown and co., hers i said the Kennedy mystique is largely a myth. A a we Veall had hints the a Kennedy was a Womanizer but the risks he took were astonishing a he said. A the was living a Public lie As an attentive husband a hardworking chief executive and a Speed Reader who spent hours each night poring Over Bulky government motivational speaker Mike Campbell the Hawk Eye publisher poet and motivational speaker addresses a crowd saturday during the second annual a act Freedom fund banquet at big Mudd a. Receiving awards at the event were the Rev. Freddie Starling Florence Dabner and Owen Sloan. Nap Almed girl wants to help other children the associated press Chicago a the vietnamese woman who was photographed As a 9-year-old fleeing a 1972 napalm attack that seared her body is launching a foundation to help innocent Young victims of War. A i want to give Back All the love and care that i have received Over the years from so Many people. So this can be a it Way for me to help people a 34 year old Phan Thi Kim re up said Friday. The Kim foundation was created to help children around the world. The foundation is still in the beginning stages and it has not yet been determined exactly what it will do. On june 8, 1972, a fleeing Phuc was photographed naked and screaming after a . Air. Strike turned her Village North of Saigon into a cauldron of flames. Two of her Brothers and two cousins were killed. The flames had burned her clothing off. Associated press photographer Nick it won a pulitzer prize for the photo one of the widely known images of the War. Illinois Man Marks 112th birthday the associated press Rockford 111. At 112 years old Walter Richardson still looks Forward to his birthdays. A a in a meeting a lot of old friends a the Rockford Man said at his birthday party Friday. A that Means a lot to he celebrated at Alma Nelson Manor nursing Home by nibbling on cake and chatting with Well wishers. Teresa Peters an administrator at Alma Nelson said even state inspectors and other casual visitors to the Home want to meet Richardson. A a there a a certain mystery about someone who a 112,�?� she said. Richardson was born in South Dakota in 1885. He grew up in Ogle county and eventually became vice president of Holcomb Bank. His wife of 67 years died in 1980. They had no children. Dick Mincemoyer Richardson a Nephew is amazed by his uncles longevity. A i often wonder if hell outlast us All a said Mincemoyer 77. Richardson May be the oldest person in Illinois since the death in january of a 111-year t old woman who was believed to hold that title. The oldest person in the world is a now 117-year-i old woman in Ontario following the August death of a 122-year-old French woman. Richardson who doctors say suffers from no serious health problems says he welcomes each new Day. A if god lets me live ill take it a he said. A i wont refuse

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