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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Burlington, Iowa Conservative View Dito a publish John Mccormally a kist Jim hitch composing Don clot Dick lots priss Kon Howard Burlington Iowa Pogo 4 november 9, i975 not too smart medical practice starving generally overlooked in the discussions of our Grain Trade with the soviet Union is that for years the . Has paid the expense of storing Grain for the communists. Without a formal agreement to Purchase regular supplies the russians relied on our willingness to keep enough reserves on hand so they might dip in As they desired. Hat Wasny to too smart on our Side. The recent commitment by the russians to buy a minimum of six million tons annually will reduce the Cost and inefficiency of serving As a stockpile Holder for another nation. However this poses a risk that we wont keep enough in Reserve for Comfort. Farm lobbyists and agriculture Secretary Earl Butz continue to plug for total exports and Small reserves. That can Only mean an unstable Market. And a whopping big one. Our farm exports hit $22 billion last year. We imported $10 billion in foodstuffs leaving a net balance of $12 billion to our credit. That has considerable Impact on strengthening the Dollar. Such a big business with its relation to our Dollar value and our whole Economy must be As stable As possible. It is not in our interest to let other nations a particularly communist countries which Trade through state bureaus a to spend the stability of our Grain markets and general Economy. If we let the communists and five or six huge private International Grain firms Call the shots on disposal of our crops we re Only asking for grief. To reveal documents by Jack Anderson with los Whitten Washington a rep. Bella Abzug d-n.y., will attempt to Lay open hundreds of assassination documents which have been hidden for the past 12 years. In earlier columns we revealed that the Fri had withheld from the Warren commission Many documents dealing with the John f. Kennedy assassination. Investigators for Abzug a government information subcommittee have also Learned that the National archives has held Back numerous Warren commission merry go round documents from the Public including the actual minutes of two of the commissions 12 executive sessions. One of the supposed transcripts contains an analytical discussion by psychiatrists of Lee Harvey Oswald a conduct and motives. The accused assassins relationship with his wife was discussed in such explicit terms that the archives Felt the transcript violated the Oswalds privacy. The other transcript involving Oswald a stay in the soviet Union was based on statements by soviet defector Yuri Nosenko. It was withheld at the request of the Central intelligence Agency. Similar requests from Federal agencies have kept secret 142 other items at the archives including 95 from the Fri 24 from the Cia and smaller numbers from the state department secret service and internal Revenue service. Other internal memos betraying the timidity of the commission and the failure of its staff to follow up leads were also never released. Those familiar with the suppressed documents insist they contain no evidence that would change the commissions verdict that Oswald acted alone. On the contrary some insiders believe the documents would Clear up questions that have been raised and would help end the wild speculation Over the Kennedy assassination. Rumsfeld a future Republican leaders Are sizing up Donald Rumsfeld the new Choice for defense Secretary As a vice presidential possibility. At age 43, he is articulate and photogenic. He demonstrated As the White House staff chief that he is also an Able administrator. But most of All he has a style that has caused admiring politicians to refer to him As the Republican John f. Kennedy. We have determined that president Ford Hasni to spoken to Rumsfeld about becoming his running mate next year. But other White House aides Are whispering about the possibility. Ford has had his Eye on Rumsfeld Ever since moving into the White House. As we reported on october 8, 1974, the president then had Rumsfeld a in mind to be the next Secretary of we reported a year ago however that Ford a needed someone in a hurry to replace Alexander Haig who had headed former president Nixon a White House staff. The president therefore summoned we added that a Ford still intends to Send the Able Rumsfeld to preside Over the we noted that a the presidents plans for Rumsfeld of course Means Secretary of defense James Schlesinger will be dropped from the Cabinet. This will be a Victory for Secretary of state Henry Kissinger who has been feuding with Schlesinger Over foreign military our report of a year ago has now come True. The Pentagon of course can be a Tough test for any administrator. Rumsfeld himself remarked ruefully to a Friend a the Pentagon is like a log covered with ants floating Down the Driver. Each ant thinks he a driving but those who know Rumsfeld believe he will emerge from the Pentagon As a political Star and vice presidential Prospect. Indian dealing for years we have been writing about the victimization of indians. The villain in our pieces has been the Interior department whose Bureau of Indian affairs has a record of bungling and betrayal. On most reservations the Interior department has found Indian leaders who will do its bidding. The worst of them is Dick Wilson whom Interior maintains in Power As the Oglala Sioux tribal chairman even though the civil rights commission reports his election was shot through with illegalities and fraud. The controversial Wilson is also under Federal indictment for allegedly using a a Goon squad to beat up lawyers defending the indians who oppose him. Yet the Interior department remains Loyal to him. For example an Interior task Force conducted a study on the Pine Ridge reservation site of the wounded knee siege of 1973, where Wilson holds Sway. The study found that a the Issue of treaty rights must be addressed. The emotional state surrounding this Issue demands that it be the question of treaty rights is the key Issue that divides Wilson a supporters and opponents. The statement in the study backs Wilson a opponents. The Interior department therefore struck out this demand for a review of the disputed 1868 treaty with the Oglala Sioux. Stan Dremas chairman of the task Force tried to defend this censorship. The treaty Issue he claimed a is important to Only a Small we have also discovered tampering with a second study. This was an investigation of Wilson a tribal government conducted by the prestigious touche Ross and company. The study concluded that Wilson a government was a not a viable working but in a private memo interiors assistant solicitor for Indian affairs Charles sober said this finding would a create. Embarrassment for the department. So the Tough language of touche Ross was changed. The Hawk Eye Iowa s oldest newspaper a since 1837 published monday through Friday evenings and sunday morning by the Burlington Hawk eve co. 800 s main a Burlington Iowa 52601 mph 754-8461 subscription rates by Carrier in Burlington and West Burlington City zone $2 75 per month in Advance elsewhere by Carrier $2.25 per month in Advance by mail in Burlington and West Burlington City zone $2 75 per month by mail in Iowa and Illinois where Carrier service is maintained $2.25 per month. Motor routes $33 per year $16 50 for 6 months $8 25 for 3 months in Advance area throw off service $22 per year $12 for 6 months. By mail in Iowa and Illinois $22 per year $12 for 6 months $6 50 for 3 months. Rates elsewhere in upon request. Second class postage paid in Burlington Iowa k in it irk by Jamis j. Kilpatrick London a the private practice of Medicine in great Britain which Long has been suffering from malnutrition May be starved out of existence in the next few years. If the labor government has its Way health care for All practical purposes will become a matter of socialized Medicine Only. This is the Situ a t Ion Back i no 1948, when the National health service was set up the labor government made a key commitment. Physicians were promised that under the nos at least some Opportunity would be preserved for some doctors to engage in some private practice. That is quite a string of a Somes a but even so qualified a commitment was important. Relying upon the 1948 commitment since renewed by other governments the overwhelming majority of British doctors went along with the nos. Today virtually All of the country a looking Back to years ago tempers flare As Antipoverty program is retained Here was a Hawk Eye Banner. 25 years ago West Burlington mayor Glenn Thompson a Foreman at the Burlington route shops was promoted to general boiler inspector for Burlington route lines East of the Missouri River. 50 years ago a modern dress production of Hamlet in new York found actor Basil Sydney Hamlet in a Tuxedo Ophelia in a a 1926 dance frock a and the grave diggers in overalls. In Burlington Marguerite Loserth entertained the Schramm and Schmieg club at her Home on it. Pleasant Street. On the waterfront Mac s memo is protested the committee to elect Bob Fulbruge planned win or lose to protest your column a memo from Mac a published nov. 3, election eve in which you employed subliminal insinuation by inserting partisan politics into our City election. You implied without consulting Bob Fulbruge that he would pursue an extreme a right Wing Republican policy a la Reagan regarding acquisition of Federal funding for the City. Had you discussed the question of Federal obtain Ance of funds with Bob Fulbruge you would have Learned that his opinions Are closely aligned to that of democratic sen. Dick Clark of Iowa who announced he was concerned about Revenue funds going to construction projects rather than people oriented projects. Later in the article you again inferred that Bob Fulbruge was the epitome of All the misdeeds of the military Industrial Complex. Your paper has acknowledged the governmental management abilities of presidential aspirant Jimmy Carter Democrat sex governor of Georgia and retired . Navy officer. Does he not also inherit the taint of a military background due to the timing of your article we had no Opportunity to refute your monday evening allegations in the Hawk Eye before the election. We Are not suggesting that we lost the election because of your endorsement of or. Bauer but we do think that your insinuating partisan memo was detrimental. This is an example of a newspaper monopoly and is an abridgement of the first amendment which assures two Way Freedom of the press both for the Public and the paper. Mrs. Mason r. Hulen 922 n. 7th mrs. Richard h. Plock 115 Polk mrs. Richard Kadet 2513 Surrey re. Mrs. Frank j. Schauweker 1254 Schauweker Alley 20.000 general practitioners and about half of the 11,500 surgeons and other specialists practice exclusively within the health service. But some 5,800 doctors by taking Only nine eleventh of the government salary they otherwise would receive have elected to retain a right to private practice. Without Hospital Beds for their private patients the right manifestly becomes meaningless. This is the Crux of the present Issue. Roughly 4,200 of the 500.000 Beds in nos hospitals Are set aside for pay patients in private practice. The labour government is absolutely committed to phasing out these pay Beds. The British medical association is absolutely committed to a fight to keep them. Both sides see the Issue in terms of principle. In the egalitarian gardens of British socialism special privilege is a noxious Weed. Why it is asked should a wealthy patient be Able to a jump the queue a if a working Man must wait to or three months for a hernia repair Why should his wealthy Boss be Able to get the same operation tomorrow or the next Day Are not All men and All hernias equal the nos Beds operating rooms and laboratories were built with Money taken from All the people. Should not All the people have equal Access to them the 4,200 pay Beds have become a Symbol of privilege so the Beds must go. Britain a doctors speaking with singular Unity see the matter quite differently. In their View the 4,200 Beds Are a Small Symbol of Freedom of Choice. They deny that queue jumping is a significant problem. They Point out that the pay patients contribute about $85 million a year in revenues for the right to be operated on by a surgeon of their own Choice at a time of their own choosing. In addition to the 4,200 pay Beds in nos hospitals another 4,000 Short stay Beds Are available to private patients in private hospitals and nursing Homes. The governments pending phase out thus would Cut the total number of pay Beds roughly in half a and the labor party intends to see that the private sector does not grow. Because the pay Beds Are unevenly distributed around the country the practical effect of the phase out will be to obliterate private practice altogether in Many regions. Wales for one example would have virtually no Hospital Beds for private patients. Putting an effective end to private practice As the doctors see it would have another ill effect it would further encourage the emigration of British doctors. The health service acknowledges that some 300 to 500 doctors a year Are leaving the British Isles but the service denies that political motivation is a Universal Factor. In any event the total number of physicians keeps rising and the medical schools last year had 13,000 qualified applicants for Only 3,240 openings. The British medical association plainly is fighting a rearguard action. The labor government is Adamant it will not permit the phase out even to be studied by a Royal commission. The Bmat a Best strategy is to stall for time hoping to rally Public support for the doctors position and looking to the possibility of a change of government. Meanwhile the British doctors Are urging parliament not to press the matter to further the pay Beds Are the smallest Edge of the whole Hospital and medical scene. A but Small As that Edge May be its preservation is indispensable to maintain the belief of the professions that they can operate with self respect As free men within a free system. It is for the government to consider whether the game is Worth the Candle. Fiet5l pm brat of or Uthe by est. They wont allow us to join Here a let s go Over to the Little league and see if they la let us in there privacy a Basic concept Lofton to Tho waterfront should to typed of possible must be signed and should include the writer s address and Telephone number to assist in verification. I would like to respond to your editorial a party line published in the november 3 edition of the Hawk Eye. I feel you have painted a one sided picture in the area of a privacy of your editorial leaves me with the feeling that the communication companies Are at blame when in fact the government is the pushing Power. We do not make the Laws we abide by them just As you and millions of citizens must do under our system of Hawk Eye forum government. If we do not like a Law we can let our feelings be known to our representatives in Congress and ask them to pursue a change however we must still abide by that Law until due process has changed it. Privacy of communications is a Basic concept of Northwestern Bell. We do All we can to see that customers enjoy the same privacy in a Telephone conversation that they have talking face to face. We along with other Bell companies repeatedly have gone on record As welcoming legislation to strengthen and preserve secrecy of communications. In fact at amp to officials representing All Bell system companies have testified to this effect before congressional committees considering legislation to limit wiretapping. It has been Bell system policy in recent years however to remain Neutral on the question of pension earned now i think you Are really hitting below the Belt. After Reading your article i really Felt sad a almost cried. I know Bob Fulbruge personally. He a one of the most honest men i know. After serving the army for 34 years i believe Bob has earned $22,000 a year. He a surely not running for mayor for the Money but out of real concern for the City of Burlington. If Bob Fulbruge does not make mayor in the election it will be because he is so honest. It seems to me Over the years politics get dirtier and dirtier. A Jane e. Wilson 1312 n. Eighth whether or not there should be court ordered interception. A wiretap Bill was passed in 1968 and amended in 1970. Under these Laws eavesdropping by Federal officials is limited to investigating major Federal crimes and Telephone companies May be required to provide assistance to Federal Law enforcement officials but if the court so directs we must furnish information facilities and technical assistance to the designated government agencies. If authorized by state Laws similar orders May be obtained from state courts generally when investigation involves crimes punishable by one or More years in prison. Of the five states Northwestern Bell serves Minnesota Nebraska and South Dakota have wiretap Laws. A3 part of the company a commitment to privacy of service we have worked hard and effectively within our own organization to prevent unwarranted intrusions of any kind. As far As wiretapping is concerned our Plant employees Are constantly Alert to any unauthorized connections. Furthermore Northwestern Bell Security personnel arrange for inspection of Telephone facilities of any customer who feels his or her line May be tapped. If an unauthorized connection is discovered and appears to constitute an illegal wiretap our Security people immediately refer the matter to appropriate Law enforcement authorities for investigation and possible criminal prosecution. In addition employees Are continuously reminded that maintaining secrecy of communications is a Basic condition of employment. We recognize of course that with 28,000 Northwestern Bell employees there May be an occasional one who Breaks our privacy rules. But because of a Strong policy and constant attention very few violations have occurred Over the years. The penalty for any employee found breaking secrecy of communications rules is immediate dismissal. When you View All sides of the picture you can plainly see. That we the Telephone companies and other communication carriers Are doing our part to bring a change to this violation or privacy. However if the people do not wish such Laws then the people a All of the people and not just the corporate citizen a must do their part As Well. A Mike Ross manager Northwestern Bell Telephone buddy plea and his big band machine buddy and his 16-piece band in concert at Rock Island High school fieldhouse sunday november 16th 7 30 . General admission $4.50 tickets at Reddick s music Center or write music dept. R i. High school Rock Island Iii

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