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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 2

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Burlington, Iowa Page i the Hawk Eye sunday november 9, 1975 or. George Thosteson to your i Good health dear or. Thosteson it lunch i have two drinks i ounces and in the evening four Iff ounces of 86 proof whisky. Of i refrain oui Day in the week will this give my liter a Chance to rest i am in my mid-60s and have been drinking for 20 years. Ill la. That is almost three quarts of the hard stuff a week. After 20 years i Don t believe that what i say is going to change your habits. Hut it is too much liquor. Your question Calls to mind a recent study reported by the american medical association on the subject of alcohol and liver damage and ill pass its findings along to you. Some disorders of the liver among heavy drinkers have been attributed to nutritional deficiencies which seem to be a part of alcohol holism. I have stressed this fact Over the years As my headers will recall. But its not necessarily or at least not entirely True. Studies by or. Charles s. Lieber indicate that alcohol has a More direct effect on the blood forming mechanism of the body including the live Independent of the alcoholics diet. Besides having a direct toxic effect on the liver it can cause structural changes in the intestine development of a fatty liver and cirrhosis. Nutrition is unquestionably important for the alcoholic As it is for the non alcoholic but one cannot assume that Good nutrition will cancel out the effects of alcohol consumption. The 12 ounces of whisky you Are drinking daily add up to about 9 x calories. That amounts to about a third to a Quarter of a Normal daily caloric requirement. But these a whisky calories Are the wrong kind lacking any real nutrient value. So armed with this information you can draw your own conclusions about your alcohol intake. Refraining for a Day now and then will not help your liver appreciably. Dear or. Thosteson i have ridges on my fingernails and note in the toenails. They began with one on one Finger then progressed Over the year. The nails Are Brittle also and they tear and break easily. I have asked several doctors about this and they can t Tell me Why this happens Art you suggest something a . Quot Nail Quality depends on several factors. Nutrition is one particularly the amount of protein you Are getting. This is Why Nail problems can arise a during bouts of serious illness. Glandular function can be involved Quot specifically Low thyroid or parathyroid activity. Environmental factors allergic a reactions and mechanical factors ? shoes rank High As causes also. Age is another and the longitudinal Ridging uis not unusual in elderly persons. Psoriasis can be involved too but this would include other symptoms such a a As Nail pitting which you done to report. A the Toenail problem is discussed specifically in my newest Booklet a a a Relief and care of your feet a which % is now available by sending 25 cents to. Me in care of the Hawk Eye. Please enclose a Long stamped self addressed envelope. Incidentally any improvement to come from adjusting a your diet or in eliminating any of the other possible causes would not a a become evident for Many months. A a nails grow at a rather slow rate. Low blood sugar is often the cause of faintness headaches visual and emotional disturbances. To learn How it can be identified and brought under control write to or. Thosteson in care of the Hawk Eye for a copy of hypoglycemia a enclosing a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 25 cents. Odds stacked against Rocky a dream Nelson Rockefeller Wallace in race cites his Good health los tto do Souris Montgomery Ala. Up gov. George c. Wallace enters his fourth presidential Campaign insisting he is healthy enough to serve eight years in the nations highest office and questioning the motive of anyone who doubts it. He and his aides complain of a a whispering campaigns about his. Health. A a we be got the Ultra liberals on the run a Wallace says a and they re going to use anything against the claims to Good health from the Alabama governor who will announce his candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination wednesday morning Are supported by his own doctors. Wallace told up he would submit to Independent medical examination but Only if other candidates also agree. A a in a not going to be the Only one a he said. Wallace has been paralysed from the Waist Down since he was shot and critically wounded in an assassination attempt in 1972 and the paralysis has caused other medical problems. In addition he has Long had a hearing problem which his doctor says is getting worse. Despite that or. Hamilton Hutchinson his personal physician said a the can serve eight years As president and that while the 56-year old governor a might be deaf when he a 70,�?� his hearing still is adequate. A the governor is healthier than Nixon was with phlebitis a Hutchinson said a for than was with a coronary or Johnson was with his a the has a Little bit of pain frequently a Hutchinson said a and a moderate amount at times. But its the Type of pain that does no to keep him from being Wallace bristles at the mention of pain and insists he feels no pain Only a discomfort a and adds a a you a feel it too if sat in one spot for ten the Alabama governor will run a much less tiring Campaign this year than in the past. A i wont make the number of appearances i made before a he said. A but that a not necessary. People know me now. They know in Massachusetts what i stand for. You done to have to strive As much for name Wallace shearing has been deteriorating since world War ii when he served As a gunner in a bomber. He wears a hearing Aid and can engage in Normal conversation but often must ask for repeats of questions at press conferences. Red Clay pots new shipment in All sizes saucers too we Welcome Price comparisons Roberts pottery open daily amp sunday 9 a.rn.-8 p m. Amp gift shop 14 v la h to the voters of Burlington i wish to express my appreciation and thanks to the people for their support to my Many friends for their untiring work in my Campaign. Clarence a. Blanck paid for by Clarence a. Blanck los Chy h Richards Washington up a late one night several years ago As Nelson Rockefeller flew into National Airport in Vvs Ashington he gazed out the window of his family a Jet at the floodlit White House. A travelling companion asked him about his ambition to be president. A what else is there for me to aspire to a the Multi millionaire Rockefeller answered. As vice president Rockefeller is now closer to his life Long dream than he has Ever been and yet he is further than Ever. But at 67, Rockefeller is not ruling out one More try. He knows the Odds Are stacked against him. But he has read every poll Analysed the mood of the people studied All the political columns and made up his mind that maybe a probably not a but maybe it could happen. Commentary i his is the Way the Rockefeller-1976 strategy goes the conservatives in the gop attack Rockefeller to the Point where he is forced to withdraw himself from consideration for the 1976 vice presidential nomination. That has already happened. Ford More and More challenged by former gov. Ronald Reagan of California moves his administration to the right in an attempt to win Back the conservatives. A this strategy also fails. Reagan wins new Hampshire. Florida and the other Early primaries in conservative states while Ford does poorly or loses to a moderate surrogate candidate in Massachusetts new York and the big Eastern states. A Fords performance is so poor that he withdraws from the race Clearing the Way for Rockefeller to jump in with a full fledged Campaign. A Rockefeller gives Reagan a fight in California and wins in Ohio and new Jersey deadlocking the convention. A at the convention Ford makes an impassioned speech backing Rockefeller and he wins the nomination. Rockefeller would be the first to admit that this scenario is not Likely to work out. He said at his news conference last week that he fully expects Ford to win nomination with very Little difficulty at the convention adding he does no to take the Reagan Challenge very seriously. A listen. I have accepted the vice presidency if i had t been willing to take the presidency should god forbid something happen to the he said. A so i am not going to kid you that i came Down Here with no thought of the presidency in mind. But i have no plans beyond what i Ford taking the fight to Reagan Boston up former Massa Hustes gov. John Volpe topped a Little dance. Rep. Margaret heckler gaped at the crowds. President Ford raised his arms in Triumph. The proper bostonian who paid $100 a head to meet their Republican party chieftain in the City a science museum Friday night roared with Delight. Gerald Ford had thrown Down a Challenge to Ronald Reagan. The president told this rally and repeated it again to another at Bostons i it Gan Airport that he intends to enter and Campaign in every Republican party presidential primary in 1976. The former Michigan University football Center leaned Forward and proclaimed to the science museum crowd a i never played in a Ball game where we did no to play Down to the last minute of the last Ford announced his intention to Battle any and All foes a if i have any a jibe at Reagan As yet not announcing Bis candidacy in the first three primaries new Hampshire Florida and Massachusetts. Ford got almost a full minutes standing shouting ovation when he said a your president is going to enter the primary in Massachusetts is going to Campaign in Massachusetts and is going to win in Massachusetts. Volpe now ambassador to Italy leaped on the platform behind Ford clapping his hands and kicking his heels. Republican congresswoman heckler beamed. Gap sen. Edward Brooke lifted Fords right hand in prizefight style Triumph and shouted. A i want to introduce to you the president of the United states and the next president of the United states the honorable Gerald r. % Massachusetts republicans were victims in the 1972 presidential elections when their a was the Only state to vote democratic. On his one Day Massachusetts trip before living Back to Washington Ford told the new England Council his recent shake up of National Security advisers does not mean any change in commitment to a Strong National defense. A there is not now there has never been and there Wall not be As Long As i am president any softness or weakness in my administration on the subject of National defense of the United states and its vital Security interests at Home and abroad a he said. Liberals searching for new veep Fly l it Iii / i 11 pro Washington up Liberal republicans Are worried about the loss of Nelson Rockefeller and May come up with their own candidates for president if conservative Ronald Reagan defeats president Ford in new Hampshire according to sen. Charles Mathias red. Mathias said in a up interview that the gop has narrower political Appeal As a result of the moderate Rockefeller a decision not to remain on the ticket next year. Mathias who has already indicated he May enter the race himself to provide the party with an alternative said Friday liberals will be watching Ford closely in the coming months. He said party liberals like himself must decide As a result of Rockefeller a decision a whether the party is so constrictive that it can no longer reflect a wide Range of views and can no longer be a vessel for political action among a wide Range of Mathias said polls showed Ford and Reagan who has not announced his candidacy a Are a very close in new Hampshire and Florida the nations first two gop presidential primaries. But he said he thought Ford a would have the what if Reagan defeats Ford in new Hampshire he was asked. A i would think that More people who Are observing the scene in silence today would be speaking up. And their silence May not last that Long either a said Mathias. Asked if he meant that Liberal republicans would then consider the race a a open and begin entering primaries to provide the party an alternative Mathias answered a i done to disagree with a whatever alternative we have has to be resolved before people like myself can make any personal commitments a he said. Asked about Rockefeller a decision to remove himself from consideration As Fords running mate Mathias said a i regret it because the perception is that its a narrower party with him he said Ford a still has an Opportunity to alter the situation by the Way he Points the administration in the next few months and by the Way he designates a running mate. A but it should be understood by him that this is a kind of testing ground that is not going to be accepted without comments by the party a Liberal Wing Mathias said. To show How sorry we Are about the inconvenience due to Street construction. 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