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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Burlington, Iowa Burlington a a a Jim of Quot a Quot i wow editorial Hawk Eye Page a b considering its initial a doubts and fears Iowa a 70th general Assembly did a commendable Job at keeping the state solvent. The session began with a $120 million budget deficit and unemployment hovering at la percent staring the legislature in its collective face. Issues the legislators met head on included increasing the state sales tax from 3 to 4 percent pay raises for legislators a $23 million jobs Bill Utility Reform state school Aid a separate department of corrections and parimutuel betting. Iowans May not agree with the results but at least the legislators took action. There was also a spirit of cooperation Between the Democrat controlled Assembly and new Republican gov. Terry Branstad. Fears of a never ending Stream of vetoes and partisan bickering never materialized As Branstad and legislators made a necessary move to the political Center. Butter not guns president Reagan is right. Latin american countries Are a Row of dominoes. But they will first fall to anarchy not communism. A decades old civil War in Guatemala Between the government and rebels periodically reaches into Mexico. There Are now 27 Camps of guatemalan refugees living inside the mexican Border. Refugees have found temporary Sanctuary in Mexico. Likewise thousands of rebels and refugees from Nicaragua and Al Salvador have fled their homelands for safety. Mexico a willingness to Harbor the refugees and the possibility it May become embroiled in War forces America to reassess its train them right in charge of Epa Chicken Coop interest earned by investors the Well trained workers Are wasted if there is no one to employ them. In october Des Moines Lee Henry and Louisa counties will receive nearly $1 million to train and retrain workers. Southeastern Community College is the Likely Center for the federally funded program called the Job training partnership act Jupa. Assume Jupa is successful reach out by Sydney j. Harris one of the puzzling paradoxes of personality is that in so Many cases the person who seems to have an extra layer of a skin Quot that prevents him from getting through to others is also terribly thin skinned at the same time. Someone i see occasionally in my building and know Only casually is the perfect prototype of S.C. a familiar Harris character. He wants desperately to seem affable and one of the boys but he has never been Able to make it. He gives the impression of pomposity and superiority and even his tentative efforts to be jocular seem strained and laborious. He acts As if he would like to break through that extra layer of psychic epidermis but does t quite know How to communicate authentically in person. At the same time he is Quick to take exception to anything he fancies As a snub or a slur and gets on his High horse immediately if he suspects he is not being treated with the deference due him. He is both insensitive to the vibrations he creates and super sensitive about the Shock Waves he gets Back or imagines he does. From what i know of his work he is a worthwhile citizen a intelligent reliable with a decent set session Tough issues were faced rather than swept under the Rug. That along with the working spirit the legislative and executive branches exhibited merits the 1983 session a Grade of a b or however All was not perfect in Des Moines the past four months. Issues S.C. As shifting liquor sales in Iowa the equal rights amendment in Iowa and majority Rule in Bond Issue voting were never addressed. Another cause of concern was the time and Money spent to pass two Bills that will probably be vetoed by Branstad a state lottery to raise a hoped for $45 million per year in state Revenue and a Bill to ease the enormous deficit in the unemployment compensation fund by taxing employers More and trimming jobless benefits. Overall though the 1983 legislative session deserves More kudos than brickbats. Here a hoping the 1984 general Assembly does As Well. Latin american policies. Is More american military Aid to the latin american armies Likely to decrease or increase the violence South of the Border do we want the flow of illegal mexican immigrants to Texas and California to become More desperate must we replace the Border fences with mine Fields and Armor obviously one does no to throw gasoline on a fire. When any citizen considers the government he wants he first considers his safety. Ideology comes second. Watching rebels blow up american built Bridges and roads is frustrating. But economic Aid will end fighting faster than More guns and bullets. The program attracts the people who need training and teaches them Job skills. If there Are no jobs locally for those skilled workers they will leave the area or go on welfare. To avoid that training must be matched to the available jobs. If local business labor and government see that that a done the program can be a major step along the recovery Road. And touch of values. But he pleases no one around him and evidently their reactions and responses do not please him. There 18 no easy answer to his predicament for we have not yet penetrated far enough into the mystery of the self if indeed we Ever shall. How much of his interpersonal problem is genetic or temperamental. And How much is environmental or conditioned by Early experiences we cannot determine with any degree of accuracy. What can be suggested however since this combination of insensitivity and super sensitivity is so common is that he is defending himself against foes that exist Only in his own mind that he grew up viewing the world As a largely hostile place and his a a armouring Quot is designed to protect a keen sense of vulnerability. There is True pathos in a life that cannot reach out toward others in an easy open Way that can never confess weakness or admit fallibility that assumes dignity As a substitute for fraternity and that yearns for the very affection it repels a wanting to be known and yet fearing it at the same time. The Man is a cripple like All others of his Type and he tries to transform his Crutch into a Stilt but it does not work and never can. It is those we live with and work with who must raise us in their estimation before we can raise ourselves. And they will not do this until we reach out a human hand to be grasped not a regal hand to be kissed. Clever Fox by John Mccormally William Ruckelshaus was Quot confirmed Quot by the . Senate the other Day As new head of the environmental Protection Agency. A confirmed Quot it was More like he was canonized. The Senate which usually can to even agree on what Day it is voted unanimously for Ruck Al Shaus. Ted Kennedy and Jesse Helms competed with one Mccormally another for who could say the nicest things about Ruckelshaus. Never was heard a disparaging word. Well for heaven s Sake who is this Saint this pillar of virtue has the Senate finally found the Golden fleece rediscovered the immaculate Conception or is this just a Case of the millionaires club recognizing one of its own rolling Over and playing dead on its obligation to advise and consent Ruckelshaus is a proof of the adage that All things Are relevant that in the land of the Blind the one eyed Man is King. The Epa whose previous head Anne Gorsuch Burford was booted out in ill disguised disgrace was S.C. a disaster so badly if not crookedly run. That finding anyone the bad by Jack Anderson Washington the Justice department is returning to the bad old Days when the politically powerful could escape the kind of rigorous prosecution that is applied to lesser mortals. Hiip11111111"1 for a Short while after the f watergate scandals no one in High position was above the Law. Amp unfortunately a pm this is no longer the Case. Under Quot wow no attorney general Anderson William French Smith the Justice department has developed a benevolent Mutual Protection society which Grants special treatment to politicians with the right connections. This is not to say that politicians Are immune from prosecution today but Justice is unlikely to act against someone who has clout inside the department a say someone who serves on the Senate judiciary committee. The prosecutors have also demonstrated a proclivity to protect themselves. No matter what damage it May cause to the judicial process when an investigation like a scam bubblegum in their faces. This is human enough. But the situation is the worst i be seen since the watergate convicts were forcibly removed from the White House and installed in the Slammer. Apparently my exposes have made me somewhat of a pariah in the Halls of Justice. This attitude was evident after i embarrassed two of the most sacred of the department s Brahman bulls. The Federal dragnet had dredged up accusations against two powerful senators who oversee the Justice department Strom Thurmond r-s.c., who is chairman of the Senate judiciary committee when the republicans Are in Power and Ted Kennedy d-mass., who takes Over when the democrats come to Power. The charges May be absolutely unfounded and unfair but High Justice officials did t want to find out. They resisted efforts to get to the Bottom of the accusations according to sources close to both investigations. Nevertheless the accusations worked their Way through the Gossamer like processes of the Justice department. On Jan. 12, 1983, police detective Michael Hubbard told a Federal grand jury How he had infiltrated without a prison record willing to take it Over is Miracle enough to cause an orgy of unanimity in the Senate. President Reagan s track record for Sleazy appointments is enough to cause Joy in heaven let alone the Senate when he finally finds an appointee the Fri does no to have to lie about. Not that anyone a in danger of being blinded by the dazzling purity of Ruckelshause reputation. He a Best known for defying Richard Nixon in the saturday night massacre. That you la recall was an Era in which Mere honesty was rare enough to be heroic. Before that Ruckelshaus was the first head of the Epa when it was created by Nixon and he was known among environmentalists As a godfather of acid that was for allowing Coal fired plants to shoot pollutants up tall stacks rather than treating them with scrubbers. He comes Back to Epa from his Job As vice president of Weye Rhau ser the nations biggest Timber company and one of its major polluters. Between 1977 and 1982 Weyerhaeuser was cited by Epa for 277 air and water pollution violations and fined Over $800,000. It has been one of the dumpers in the stringfellow and Seymour toxic waste dumps which created so much controversy around mrs. Gorsuch old Days and broken up a Capitol Hill cocaine ring. He identified nine congressional customers of the ring. One he said was sen. Kennedy. On feb. To 1983, William w Pearce a former Security Man for renegade Cia agent Edwin Wilson told a Federal grand jury about Wilson s operations. Pearce said he saw sen. Thurmond take at least $20,000 in bribes that Wilson had put into envelopes. Both witnesses made their allegations under oath and under penalty of perjury. The names of less newsworthy people had leaked into the press from both investigations. I decided therefore to make the stories Complete and publish the names of the two big guns. I also published their emphatic denials. In each Case Justice officials fell All Over themselves Rushing to the defense of their High and mighty overseers. Kennedy and Thurmond were Given clean Bills before thorough investigations could possibly have been conducted. Of course sworn testimony before a grand jury does not add up to a conviction let alone an indictment. Hubbard told the grand jury that Kennedy had been identified As a cocaine customer by three or More informants. But the detective himself never witnessed an illegal drug transaction involving the senator. The Lone witness against Thurmond was unable to swear that the payments he saw passed to Thurmond were illegal. He assumed they were but had no Way of knowing he also acknowledged Many times to my associate Dale Van Atta that he did t actually see the senator pull Money from the envelopes. He witnessed the Money being stuffed into the envelopes he testified. He also saw the envelopes being handed to a middleman and saw the middleman pass what he thought were the same envelopes to Thurmond. But Pearce never could swear that what was passed to Thurmond contained the alleged bribe Money. Indeed this is Why he failed a lie Detector test when asked a poorly worded question about what he actually saw. Clearly the investigations Haven t gone far enough to justify Legal action against either Thurmond or Kennedy. But the Justice department s handling of the cases leaves a Cloud of suspicion that is unfair to the two senators and ought to be cleared up. Buford. As an official of the company Ruckelshaus continually campaigned against the clean air act writing regularly to congressmen urging its relaxation. He served on the boards of other companies S.C. As Peabody International and Cummins engine which had Large stakes in pollution legislation. Weyerhaeuser incidentally through its political action committees opposed environmental activists like California gov. Jerry Brown. It has also been trying to get the Epa to allow Dow chemical to resume Sale of dioxin herbicide. All of which the Senate obviously considered irrelevant because Ruckelshause principal Job is not to clean up the environment but to clean up the Epa a to make it less of an embarrassment to the political establishment. For that he seems eminently qualified. One thing is sure a one of the Cleverest of the foxes has been put in charge of the Chicken Coop. And unanimously. A the Senate a unanimous acclaim for Ruckelshaus was almost matched by the houses near unanimous submission to the Bankers by voting 382 to 41 to repeal the interest withholding Law. The Law backed by president Reagan and championed by sen Bob Dole a Kansas would have required Banks to withhold taxes on same Way our employers withhold taxes on the wages earned by us workers. Without the withholding it is estimated enough investors will cheat on their taxes to Cost the Treasury $13.4 billion a year. Congress panicked because it got 22 million cards and letters demanding repeal. Most of them were prepared by the banking Industry in one of the Slickest lobbying campaigns in history by Quot deceiving american taxpayers Quot As ways and Means chairman Dan Rostenkowski put it. Banks made people think it was a new tax. Few were aware that the Banks could make More off our Money by keeping it for themselves until year end rather than shipping it off to the Treasury in the form of withholding. I know one 86-year-old widow who got one of the pre printed lobbying letters with her Bank statement with instructions to sign it and Send it on to her congressman. She had no idea what it was about. She just knew she d been used to taking advice from her banker and that shed better do it. That a the kind of a Public pressure Quot that influenced our congressmen. All the smoke in Washington does t get blown up Ruckelshause smoke stacks. William Ruckelshaus letters make Crapo Park Beautiful i done to feel or. Current and the Beautiful Burlington association gave fair justification for permitting the cutting of the live Trees in their letter the Hawk Eye May 15. Why were these living Trees undesirable its senseless and illogical to destroy Beautiful living Trees. Our first objective must be to preserve the Park and then we May add to the Beauty. It is wasteful to use Public donations Only to substitute Beauty with Beauty. We have Many other needs in Crapo Park S.C. As the maintenance and restoration of the statehouse the Schneider House and the restrooms the repair and painting of the picnic tables and moving them Back off the streets into the picnic areas the repair and opening of Lover s Lane and the Little Pond the preservation of plants Trees Etc. A he Upkeep of grass cutting trimming weeding Etc. The enforcement of rules and regu lations As they should be for an area that is on the National Register of historic places and More quiet Days. Please Burlington let s make Crapo Park a Beautiful place for our recreation and relaxation. Please help in the beautification efforts of Crapo Park after Reading my letter by sending a Check to Beautiful Burlington association. Inc. Co Trust department first National Bank Burlington Iowa 52601 make a positive request As to How you want your Money spent. De Schneider 803 s. Central remember them with poppies As our organization gets ready for our annual poppy Days Friday and saturday a thought comes to my mind. I wonder How Many families that have Young people Are explaining what the poppy is All about. The poppy is made by veterans in the veterans administration Hospital in Iowa City and veterans Homes. They make them in the therapy programs. In turn our organization buys them and we distribute them to the area people. The proceeds from our program can Only be spent to help the veterans. We help those in hospitals nursing Homes we give a scholarship. We give food baskets and gifts at Christmas. I think our Young people should be made aware of what memorial Day and the memorial poppy Are about. They should know what has been sacrificed for us to live in a free country. When you see the ladies with the poppies get yours and then next weekend take some time to of your the ones go to the cemetery Choice and remember who gave their All. Mrs. Milo Leazer 9015 s. Lola poppy chairman american legion auxiliary need a phone read this first recently i had reason to question the Northwestern Bell Telephone company about the Telephone i had purchased for $65. I was not told at the time of Purchase that i owned Only the Shell and the phone company owns the dial cords and electrical working parts and. Therefore still charge for rental of the phone i supposedly bought. I Hope this will enlighten any future purchaser and also persons who now think they own a phone. Ethel m. Smith 2201 Harrison ave

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