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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 3

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Burlington, Iowa The Hawk Eye Friday May 20, 1983 Page 3 Reagan to veto portions of Senate budget packet Washington up the Senate adopted a budget for 1984 by one vote late thursday and president Reagan will veto individual parts of the plan because it is a off target on taxes and defense and Domestic spending an aide said today. Moderate republicans and democrats teamed shortly before Midnight to approve a 1984 budget Resolution Reagan and conservative republicans dislike. It passed 50-49, with Senate budget committee chairman Pete Domenici r-n.m., switching votes at the last minute in Reagan and photo Mug shot just Lucky Washington up president Reagan looked at the thumbs in ears picture taken of him at a dinner for photographers and quipped a i did t know i had that mean a looking United press International photographer Rich Lipski assigned to the White House presented an ll-by-14 Inch print of the photo to Reagan thursday. The presidents first reaction was to break out in laughter upon seeing a closeup of himself in a decidedly a presidential pose Reagan was addressing the Blackie dinner of the White House news photographers association wednesday night when he jokingly mugged for the dinner guests saying Quot i be been waiting years to do the gesture took Little More than a second but Lipski shot three frames two showing Reagan wiggling his outstretched fingers at the crowd. Two of the pictures were transmitted to up s clients around the world. Wmk gesture was caught by the television cameras of a Span a Public affairs Cable operation in Washington but apparently no other still photographer made the picture. Lipski was in the Pool of photographers that follows Reagan about. The Pool is generally comprised of photographers from up and the associated press a mags line photographer a television Cam Era Crew and the White House photographer. Lipski who used a Nikon camera and 85 my Lens to get the picture was aware he was working in front of his Peers wednesday night. A when i heard the president comment about the dinner being off the record and the cameras shut Down. I got ready. I saw his hands move and fired even though i did t know what he was going to do a said Lipski who joined up in los Angeles and was assigned to Washington 18 months ago. Although catching the picture was a coup. Lipski was not gloating about the shot. A one Day you win the next Day you lose. There is nothing More sobering to look at the papers and see you were out shot. You feel like crawling in a Hole. And i be been there Lipski 30, a native of Winnipeg Manitoba grew up in Southern California and is a naturalized citizen. He also took a picture of Reagan laughing Over the thumbs in ears photograph after he presented it to the president. What one member said was a reflection of the Senate leadership s desire to get out a budget Resolution even if it was one that angered Reagan. Deputy White House press Secretary Larry Speakes told reporters aboard air Force one taking Reagan to a Miami speaking engagement the budget is a off target in All three defense spending he said is a too Low taxes Are too High and spending is too he gave reporters copies of Reagan a statement at tuesday night s news conference in which Reagan pledged he will a not support a budget Resolution that raises taxes while we Are coming out of a recession. I will veto any tax Bill that will do this. And i will veto spending Bills that will rekindle the fires of inflation and High interest referring to Reagan s statement Speakes added Quot if it fits this criteria hell veto them. Its the wrong time to increase taxes. Every economist will the budget plan adopted by the Senate pushed by sen. Slade Gorton r-wash., and the so called gang of five Republican moderates sets a spending target of $848.7 billion by raising $8.9 billion in Revenue perhaps with a $500 Cap on the to percent july i tax Cut Reagan wants to preserve by holding the military spending to 6 percent Well under what Reagan wants and calling for a 1984 deficit of $184.4 billion. The president cannot veto a congressional budget Resolution which merely sets limits within which Congress is supposed to keep its legislation on specific spending programs and taxes. He can however. Veto the individual Bills by which Congress seeks to implement its budget. His veto can be Over Ridden by Congress. Differences Between the budget versions approved by the House and Senate will have to be worked out in a conference committee. The outcome in the Senate might have been different had sen. Barry Coldwater r-ariz., not been absent. A vote by Coldwater against the moderates budget would have produced a tie with Domenicis vote switch taken into account. Senate gop sources said Reagan a condemnation of Congress in recent Days angered moderates in both parties and strengthened their resolve in handing Reagan the rejection of his budget proposals. The moderates Sens. Mark Hatfield r-ore., Lowell Weicker r-conn., John Chafee r-r.i., Charles Mathias r-md., and Robert Stafford r-vt., a first won approval of a key budget amendment 53-47, with the help of 15 other republicans and 33 democrats. But Victory on the budget almost eluded them. The final vote expected to be routine was 50-49. In a moment of High drama Domenici whose own administration backed proposal went Down to defeat three times switched his vote from no to Aye to assure passage. Gorton explained the switch saying Senate Republican Leader Howard Baker was determined to approve a budget but also was determined not to permit the democrats and the moderate republicans to have More than a Bare majority. The moderates said privately their own views had not been represented during the first years of the Reagan administration and they were determined to help shape policy her out. A it certainly does Mark a demand for recognizing their Point of View a Gorton told reporters. Growing pains John ram photo destroying the roof of the Burlington High school main building to Industrial arts building passage workmen from Merit construction Cedar rapids have begun construction of several new rooms required for the transition of the school next year to a four year institution. The first project Calls for expansion of the Industrial arts space and later an addition to the administration facilities. Twisters kill 8 in Houston area Houston up a a swarm of tornadoes smashed through the Houston area Early today killing at least eight people injuring dozens caught in their sleep wrecking buildings and knocking out Power along a 150-mile line North of the City. A 4-year-old girl died in a House crushed by a tree in Houston. Kelly Handbrough was sleeping in bed with her Mother Frances when a 6-ton tree fell on their bedroom. Quot the thing fell right on top of her. The other kids said she Kelly was hollering at first but was dead when they got to her a said neighbor Gene Malone who tried to help. The Mother was hospitalized with puncture wounds. East of Houston a Man in his 50s identified As a w Thomas of Houston was crushed when a Tornado uprooted a tree and dropped it on the trailer House he was visiting behind a Church in Liberty. Quot he had a Friend that was a preacher. The Church had a trailer where visiting preachers stayed. The preacher said Why done to you stay out Here because the weather looks bad. He stayed. A Tornado came through. And killed him a Liberty county sheriff Buck Eckols. Four school districts on the North Side of Houston closed for the Day and damage on the Northwest Side of the City was heavy in the storm that crossed the City Between 2 and 3 a m. Cd. Twelve to 15 tornadoes were reported. The storm spread destruction from Brenham 50 Miles West of Houston almost to the Louisiana Boundary. Houston lighting amp Power co. And Gulf states utilities co. Of Beaumont reported tens of thousands of people with Power interruptions from Houston to Beaumont. A 14-year-old girl identified As Glenda Mccoy was crushed when her family s trailer Home was overturned in Brandywine trailer Park at Spring in North Harris county. A drowning not officially confirmed As storm related occurred at Cascade apartments in Houston where apartment manager Teddy Jackson said a woman became frightened and wandered into a swimming Pool fully clothed. A Man and woman died when Trees fell on their trailer Homes at new Caney 30 Miles Northeast of Houston. A 15-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl were killed in Waller county 30 Miles Northwest of Houston. Quot both were from tornadoes. Both were found 50 to too feet from their said Waller county sheriffs spokesman Randy Smith who had no identities. A the Little girl was found in the Middle of a a 22-year-old woman identified As Marsha Mumford of Blue Springs mo., was killed when a Tornado destroyed an estimated to trailer Homes at Brenham about 50 Miles Northwest of Houston. Montgomery county sheriffs spokesman de Deforest said damage was heavy around new Caney and Porter. He said Bob Wagner and Angela Hawkins Morgan died in separate incidents of Trees falling on trailer Homes near new Caney. A Trees and Power lines Are Over the Southern Pacific tracks near new Caney. Southern Pacific can to operate there a Deforest said. Deforest said High water from heavy Rains accompanying the tornadoes also was a problem. A some people were trapped in the whippoorwill subdivision in their Homes by High water. The san Jacinto River authority sent an airboat Down there and got them out a Deforest said. Norris Pedigo 54, of Northwest Houston said he his wife and grown daughter were asleep when the onslaught began. A we heard this awful noise and it scared us to Pedigo said. A fall the windows were blown in. Glass was flying All How about no St. Louis up the Santo co. Is developing something that people who dread mowing their lawns will love a chemical that limits the height of grass. A a we re testing it now to see if we can do that without leaving Bald spots and making the grass funny colors Quot said company spokesman David Crosson. Monsanto Hopes to offer the chemical in two or three years to Golf course owners and Industrial landscapers. Homeowners might be Able to get it a few years after that. Crosson said. A what we re trying to do is develop a product that you can put on the Lawn and will keep the grass healthy and alive but will slow Down the growth enough that it does t grow very Habib seeks Arab pressure by United press International . Middle East envoy Philip Habib today returned to Cairo after visiting saudi Arabia where he sought Arab pressure on Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. Habib who stopped in Cairo thursday did not comment on his talks in saudi Arabia where he had planned to meet with King fahd one of the most influential Power brokers in the Middle East. Political sources said Habib was seeking fahd s help in pressuring the syrians to soften their opposition to the lebanese Israel agreement calling for Israel s 30,000 troops to leave Lebanon if syrian and palestinian troops also withdraw. Syria has denounced the Accord and threatened a never to surrender parts of syrian occupied Lebanon because the agreement jeopardized a syrian egyptian foreign ministry officials said Habib would meet with foreign minister Kamal Hassan Ali saturday to Brief him on his saudi visit and the troop withdrawal agreement. Following the meeting with Habib officials said Ali would meet with lebanese envoy Abdel Rah Man Al Solh. Egypt has supported Lebanon a agreement with Israel. The Middle East news Agency said a Egypt views the approval of the lebanese parliament on this agreement As a reflection of a National support for pulling Lebanon out of its crisis. A matter that has to stand against All internal and foreign parties that have to respect the will of the lebanese in Beirut lebanese president Amin Gemayel conferred with his prime minister Chenik Wazzan about plans to approach syrian president Hafez Assad to negotiate the withdrawal of the syrian troops. Gemayel and Wazzan reviewed the issues a which Are to be taken up with Damascus when talks begin on the withdrawal of syrian forces from Lebanon Quot Lebanon a National news Agency said. No Date was set for such talks. State run Damascus radio said today two syrian envoys carrying messages from Assad will tour Arab countries to rally support against the lebanese israeli agreement. A information minister Ahmad 1s-Kandar Ahmad and state minister for foreign affairs Farouk Al Shareh will carry to Arab countries the syrian Point of View on the lebanese israeli agreement the radio said. The two syrian officials Are expected to leave Damascus saturday but Beirut reports said they were starting their Arab tour today. The syrian move coincided with renewed lebanese efforts to rally Arab support for the Accord. State run Beirut radio said today a Leba Nese envoy will leave saturday for Iraq and North Yemen in a bid to clarify the lebanese position to the leaders there. Kindergarteners a Reading party displays skills by Lloyd Raffill a today is thursday today is thursday. Quot if you re Happy and you know it clap your Twenty one Perkins school kindergarteners Sang and clapped with teacher Lois Willson in the warm up period before the a Reading party at the school colourful invitations to the party had been made by Perkins second graders. Then Willson put the youngsters through their Reading paces for about 30 guests a parents relatives school Board member Leroy f. Pease and mrs. Pease also playing a grand parental Roland Perkins principal Fred Kelly. The pupils seated Cross legged on the floor at the front of the room responded individually and then read in two teams one consisting of Amber Beyer Matthew Smith Rob Mohr Amy Roger Kari Foutch and Ami Lopez the other of Brian Olson Bobbi Jackson. Melissa Gentry Shane cheely. Bree Stookey and Chad Taylor. They were roundly applauded for their efforts. The Reading party was held in the kindergarten room afterwards the guests went to the gymnasium for Brief talks by Kelly and or. Dianne Rule language arts coordinator in the Public school system who told the parents that they play a vital part in the educational system that has made Iowa the state with the highest literacy rate in the nation. She urged them to continue Reading to their children and not to Slack off during the summer a a the child who is consistently read to at Home does consistently better in the language specialist told the parents that it is important that they talk to their children a at their level but without talking Down to them. Don t talk baby talk to them listen to them. A remember that a child s attention Span is Only one minute longer than his or her age a a six year old has an attention Span of about seven minutes. Quot Send your child to school with a positive she advised the parents to Quot control your childrens to watching a and deplored the passivity that characterizes children who watch too much television. Rule referred to a nation at risk the imperative for educational Reform the devastating critique of american education recently released by the National commission on education and said that Iowa s Public Edu cation system is an exception to its strictures and will continue to be As Long As parents conscientiously do their part a your child s ideas about education begin with you. You Bear a responsibility to participate actively in your children s education parents Are the child s first and Foremost teachers in the All important formative first five years. A you have the right to demand the very Best education our schools and colleges can referring to the enthusiasm with which the youngsters had entered into the Reading party upstairs Kelly said this answers the sometimes heard charge that a we Are forcing our children too it was obvious he declared that a they were having fun while Kelly had warm words of Praise for teacher Willson Hawk Eye tems Helen Hern got a sentimental Send off Friday. Hem a Secretary with the Burlington school District has retired after 21-years service. She originally worked at North Hill school but spent the last 12 years at Perkins elementary. And Friday Perkins students conveyed their affections for hem by declaring it Helen hem Day. They adorned hallway Walls with posters bidding her Farewell and wore handmade badges proclaiming their feelings. The Day was capped off with a reception in the school Library after classes. A a ill is Nice to know this column is taken seriously. Several weeks ago there was a Story about the confusion about the name of a one Block Street running North from it. Pleasant Street Between Weimer Street and Community Field. A Street sign labelled it a Lunning the City map called in a Elliott but the Post office recognized it As a Deer this week City workers erected a new sign it reads Quot Dee run close fellas but no prize. # # # Gary and Euphie Bielejeski Are leaving Burlington for the Chilly winds of Sturgeon Bay wis., but have tangible memories of their friends to keep them warm during those cold Northern nights. Euphie a friends and neighbors constructed a Friendship quilt for the Bielejeski and presented their work at a wine and cheese Farewell party wednesday night. Twenty Earth tone squares depicting specific memory jogging events and Sites were pieced together for the quilt. Some squares were painted some appliqued some featured dimensional work. A i never cried with excitement and Joy like i did the other night a Euphie said. Euphie a successful Home Businessperson whose mainstay is quilts said a the Best thing a quilter can receive is a quilt. As i look at the quilt. Iti always remember their Friendship. I wish i could show it to the Stone hears warning on Al Salvador Washington up former sen. Richard Stone president Reagan s Choice As his special envoy to Central America was warned today the salvadoran government faces the loss of . Support if killings by right Wing death squads do not Stop. Senate foreign relations committee chairman Charles Percy r-111., said Stone should Tell salvadoran leaders the killings which have recently increased a will do More to undermine support of the american people for the government in Al Salvador than anything speaking at his confirmation hearing before the committee. Stone said he shared concerns expressed by several members of the committee and added a the government of Al Salvador already hears you and shortly will be responding to your concerns a Stone did not explain what that response would be. Stone 54, a Florida Democrat said he was a not an Optimist about the chances of Success in his task of trying to bring opposing factions into salvadoran elections. Quot the Odds Are so Long. He said. Quot this is going to be a very difficult Mission. There is no doubt that there Are strains of inflexibility in All he said he will meet with representatives of the leftist guerrillas that Are battling the salvadoran government As Well As meet with All other factions in the country and the Region. His confirmation was virtually assured with All senators present praising his ability and indicating they will vote to recommend his confirmation by the full Senate. Secretary of state George Shultz thursday said he thought Stone would be Quot greeted warmly by the Senate. His rec Epi Ion May be different in Central America where he will try to bring about negotiations among the opposing factions in the salvadoran conflict. Quot the Odds Are Long Quot the former democratic senator from Florida said of the task april 29 when the w Hite House announced his nomination Quot anyone who thinks that a Mere invitation to peace will produce peace is just inaccurate and Reagan s appointment of a special envoy was largely the result of pressure by rep Clarence Long. D-md., chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations. Which has a big part in deciding How military and economic Aid Reagan can Send to Al Salvador

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