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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Burlington, Iowa The Burlington weather forecast partly Cloudy today cooler and showers monday. Hawk Eye. Stage of the River b w -8 full ins., a fall of i in. Eighty fourth year no. 299. Burlington. Iowa sunday morning May 20, 1923.�?Twenty-eight pages. Price per copy St i we Aly a it. A Dally by 9aw4ay>. I Clara Phillips identified ultimatum of chinese brigands will be presented to diplomats today. Fit the a a opiate press. Hiking 19. Lift ii foreign a my six of them americans some of j to i in Iii ail of them weary bruised Faim foot sore poorly fed Anil worse i id. Tonight Are looking death in the by in tile pact Zuka Hills of Khan i lung province As they approach the not a of their second week As captives of the bandits who raided the Shanghai peking express near Suchow May 6. If the for Itron and chinese governments Are unable to satisfy the brigands by tuesday their terms for release of the prisoners will be met. And the robbers chieftain makes Good his threat two of the americans rid two britishers have but Little More than forty eight hours to live. They will be 3hot As a warning that the marauders intend to Force compliance with their demands under their chief s ultimatum sent out sunday. Pleading for their lures. A we Are pleading for our and unless peking. Washington and i London realize t hat the bandits Are a Ady to sacrifice their own lives and those of All their captive s in their fight for reinstatement in the chinese government immune from punish ment a we Are surely doomed Quot is the even if you can to go yourself you can help Send a boy to Camp Phe Burlington M. C. A.3 annual ten Days summer Camp for boys near Nauvoo opens right after school is out. Some forty boys have already signified their intention of going. The Camp will accommodate sixty boys. It will Cost each boy $6.00 for ten Days Outing. From ten to Twenty other Burlington boys Are mighty anxious to go. Their parents can to afford it How about All of us grown up boys banding together and sending them that a the object of the Hawk eyes Good fellow club the membership fee is Only $1.00 and therefore it will take six members to Send one boy to Camp for ten Days. Wed All like to go camping but think How much More it Mea or to these boys. Every Dollar sent in will be turned Over to c. Ii. Kreider boys Secretary of the M. C. A., and every six dollars Means one More boy made Happy and a better boy physically and Nior ally. To c Mon you Hood fellow s of Burlington Send in your Dollar membership fees to the Good fellow club care the Hawk Eye. The list will lie open but a few Days for or. Kreider would like to know by the end of this week just what boys he can take. I a ise ise of Short Seims Church committee demands that picture shows a Clear out of lords Day. Millions of dollars threatened in Market a Piggy wiggly is one example. Spec int to the Patch Fps. Wellesley Hills. Mass. May 19.�? the recent boar raids in the Stock Market have led Doris Brothers deny knowing lost student Chicago authorities abandon theory that two boys harmed mount. Statement made by Leon Friedman. \ one of Tho americans speaking for All. Friedman a message sent to his brother in Shanghai has stirred the foreign communities of China. To Shanghai tomorrow a mass meeting will lie held to pts resolutions demanding the american and British government guarantee the a pro fits she the chinese government to the tit by the press Chicago May 19.�? while the state s attorneys office continued today to investigate the disappearance of one Northwestern la nit Rosity student a coroners jury decided that the death of Louis a u be re. Freshman. Killed april ?7, w Hen to automobile loaded with students crashed into another machine was the result of an unavoidable Accident. I Little Progress was made in the investigation of the disappearance of seek Tokes of Moren parents of victims of South Carolina school fire search ruins. I i 11-4 a in Law and win the Freedom of their imprisoned nationals. Seven already murdered. The Shadow of death has descended seven times this week on the Bandit prison corrals in the a Onzuka Hills. Two of the chinese prisoners were thrown from the Cliffs because their promised ransoms had not been paid. And five others were shot Down in cold blood for failure to obey orders. One Man. Marcel o. Berube a Frenchman of Shanghai yesterday was Given his Freedom with instructions from Wang the bespectacled lowing a class fight Twenty months ago of i Dighton mount also freshman a Skeleton believed by the authorities to be his was found a week after a Bere was killed under a pier at Brinston. Manslaughter charge. It was believed tonight that the Coroner s jury s verdict will result in the withdrawal of a manslaughter by the associated press. Indianapolis ind. May 19.-Pree-byterians of the United states of America today received a report from the committee on Sabbath Observance demanding that the movies a clean up and Clear out of the Rdv a will h. Hays president of the motion picture producers and distributors of America who is attending the Assembly As an elder of the Church was absent from the Hall when or. Harry l. Bowlby. President of the Ixia do a Day Alliance attacked the sunday movie shows. To present Resolution. A Resolution on motion picture censorship and sunday movie shows is expected to be presented to the Assembly for action. The controversy Between the Ultra conservative and progressive factions again.1 his practice was quiet today due to the absence of William Jennings Bryan Leader of the fundamentalists. The commissioners arc anxiously waiting for the first open move in the fight Between fundamentalists and liberals which May come monday morning if the committee on Bills and overtures reports the Fosdike ease then. It is certain to break tuesday when the special committee in theological seminaries presents its report of a years investigation on the thirteen schools for the training of ministers. Bryan to Start something. Or. Bryan is understood to have ready for presentation a Resolution w hich would bar the teaching of Evo lotion in the Church schools and would expel professors who hold the evolutionary hypothesis of the origin of human life on the Earth. A targe number of Small speculators to believe that Good Stock Market Days Are Over. Popular fancy in this Quarter is turning t o Short Selling. Since the technical position of the Market is being undermined by this move. w. Bab a s warning issued today is too Friendly with women in Carthage by the associated press. Chicago May 19.�? mrs. Alberta Gibson was granted a divorce by judge Hugo m. Friend in circuit court today from James Finley Gibson former state senator. Mrs. Gibson alleged that her husband was unduly Friendly with other women while living in Carthage. Illinois. Gibson waived All rights to property valued at Iso Doo. Ludban saves the lives of party of five motor boat about to go Over Niagara Falls gets stuck. A Hammer murderess Breaks Down a claims she did not Kin Al Berta Meadows. By the a neonate c Tok Tegucigalpa. Honduras. May i the woman being held Here As a Quot i la .4 Wabash Railroad May by the associated press. Camden k. A May 19.�? funerals of the last of the victims of the Clev land school House fire were held Here today at Beulah and Antioch churches. Near Here. Ami after a final Check county authorities placed the death list at seventy live. T. M. Humphries _ our of the injured. Jet Lwy Dow ii Hill 111 if it pfc a 0 rftt6s Oti code the a it and it was announced that _ seventy four persons were killed out it the associated press. Right. Errors Iii the work of Denti j Kansas City. To. May 19. If rates of location had previously made the Arf lowered on transportation of Coal number of killed seventy three. From southwestern mines to the mis altho still stunned by the extent of 30. River markets in accordance Aith the tragedy the citizens of the county a Row up aint filed by he southwestern began working Iii Earnest today to coat 0p< raptors. The Wabash Railroad care for those made dependent by the win its rates to these places disaster and the first Day s Campaign from the Illinois Fields. T. In Farrell brought in a fund of $5,000. A plan la it uis assistant general freight for insuring the education of children agent of the Wabash testified in an left helpless was worked out and interstate Commerce hearing Here to particular i timely. A i do not pretend to tie Able to forecast the Short swings of the Stock says or. Babson a but i do know that the Short interest developed since the recent Bear raids probably the largest in recent years has reached a Point where it is very dangerous. This is largely due to the fact that speculators All Over the country have been carried away by the prevailing bearish propaganda and have gone a Short just As they buy stocks when surface conditions look optimistic. It looks As easy to sell As to buy and it is my guess that the majority of these speculators do not understand the position that Short i Selling places them in. A diet us see what happens of you gave your broker an Ortler to sell too shares of some Stock Short he actually borrows the Stock from one of his other customers h How tis it. Or from by the associated Brees. Niagara Falls n y., May 19 Only a mud Bank saved a party of five from Chicago from being carried Over Niagara Falls in a Motorboat this evening. The Motorboat the Sunbeam is owned by the Lasker Iron company of Chicago. It was formerly a sub Chaser and was bought in new York recently., refitted and brought up the Barge Conal to Tonawanda. Captain George Murphy of Chicago was in command. This evening the Captain decided to make another Lap to Buffalo and spend j the night there. The Motorboat was taken into the River and the Pilot living unfamiliar with the Channel proceeded North along the Canadian Shore in the direction of the Falls. A Chippewa Workman on the he Dro Plant piers waved a warning to the Crew but they interpreted the signal As a Friendly Hall and continued their course. Just below the intake for the j Queenstown Power House Channel a Broad mud Bank stretches several Hundred feet out into the River. The motor boat stuck her Sharp nose into this mud an held fast a to Sunbeam to Drifting away. Prevent her from some other broker lie actually scant bail mile from the Cataract this borrowed Stock for you you put a motor boat was rushed out from up Tho Cash to guarantee its present and the Crew of the boat value or a margin Deposit to protect taken ashore. A line was attached your broker. If the Stock happens to go up. You Are called on for Moi margin. Of Yon can t cover it the. A a a broker buys the Tock in the Market soviet Leader starts and returns it to he original owner you stand the loss so far Short sell int presents on it the dangers attend lug Ordinary marginal buying a few trouble in Lauranne Points in the wrong direction and you j charge against James i easy student of Arrne a left to their hands by the death Dav. Driver of the automobile in which an 0f their parents will tie supervised Bere was Riding when he was killed. 1 leu employed by the Relief i yeah y was booked on the charge by agencies scholarly Young Bandit Der to go j Wilmette police and is at Liberty i the ruins of the school House were Ratao Bonds of $5,000. I combed today for additional bodies. Roscoe Conkling Fitch a student but the search brought no result. A who was questioned at length regard pathetic feature was furnished by a Inq the mount Case. And who made number of fathers and mothers who conflicting statements concerning i sought keepsakes in the form of keys to Beking and Lay before the chinese government and the foreign diplomatic corps the desperate plight of the fifteen others. Berube tomorrow will Tell his Story and present the it m Al til in of the outlaws to the diff that the i Jack knives or anything which might including or. Jacob Good j knowledge of i Man in in As in xxx or of t hoi r / a h 11 Komats. Put Hurman. American minister who Las returned to the Capitol from a Ria to Shanghai and the Bandit zone. Mutiny is feared. Advices from Tsao Chung state that Mutiny is feared among the troops policing the Bandit zone. I hey have not been paid for eighteen j months which a Suberc a kill. A re.�,red id memory of their Chil and another student Arri it n re d Quot to were killed. Nos perpetrated intentionally by my dents. Other students who occupied the student cars refuted his testimony. In Kistoo oily it Noe. Assistant state s attorneys today Quot Illinoia Farrell said Quot has not made any inroads on the Kansas Market As contended by the or. Farrell stated that to reduce the Coal transportation rates from Illinois to the Missouri River cities would disturb la rate Structure in the East but held that a reduction of southwestern rates would make this necessary. A rates from Southern Illinois Fields to the Missouri Rier Are not discriminatory a r. I. Camp. Chicago assistant Coal traffic manager of the Illinois Central Railroad testified. Arc wiped out a it must also of about Askos nutation of \ Imi Oij produce \ to Lent in borne in mind. How Ever. That von borrowed the Stock and that you did not borrow it for any Given time the owner can Call of you at any time for it and you must return it if your broker can borrow sonic More for you some a where Els All right but of he can t. I you must buy the Stock in the open Market and return it no matter How High its Price nor How much rash you have to protect your margins. More by the associated press. I Susanne. May 19.�? two strongly worded protests from m. Tchitcherine the Hussion soviet foreign minister to the Swiss government and the near Bast conference regarding the ask is nation of Torovsky. Head of the russian delegation to Lausanne contributed to produce another Day of almost violent controversy. The conference itself is struggling along groping for peace against numerous disc our Phillips. The California Hammer my Deress has been definitely Klentine by Deputy sheriff Walter j. Hut in who arrived Here from los Ang she will be taken Back to los ant left Vav Here so escaped from Mil last i is i it tuber by the Steamer Colombia Haw lug a Mapa la May 30 to non to tem a. The prisoner has completely Bro Keif Down. All Day today she vent a it tfx to the police officials to help bet tot escape. In an interview with the Assoria Tress correspondent had with mrs Phillips today she said weeping thai she was innocent and charged that Cia Berta Meadows had been killed of Peggy Caffe. She declared her him band had turned state s evident is and Peggy she asserted were responsible for her conviction i Van a i to i leave Melro. In Mexico she declare she in f m former Friend. Jean Carson who i now in the Tegucigalpa Penitentiary am that he compelled her by fore to leave with him telling her thai Honduras had no extradition treaty. A a penniless millionaire denies wife s charges by the associated press. Chicago. Ii May 19. Denial get Ltd Bertlon charges preferred against Lulu by his actress wife mrs Helen Mario Patterson Heyworth w her Bill it divorce. Was filed today by cd to Yum of Heyworth heir to the $ i ti.090.00ti Fortune of his Grandfather the Tat to tot Young and son of Lawrence o. My Worth millionaire sportsman. The answer revealed that Young Heyworth known As the Quot Penn Iiri millionaire because of a judicial order which prevented him from using the income of the Trust fund created for his Benefit has accepted employment in a Denver banking Holts incompatible temperaments a ret Given by lie Worth a attorney As Tho cause of the couple s marital a trip cultic. Sats Cash disappeared from safety Deposit by the associated press. Is Suzzi Quot to Kurtt Rrue reformed Church to have a Deposit company was arrested to Over of these too shares pay a a Lvi aging obstacles. Send which Yon Are Short of. Then you j Tchitcherine in his note to the must also pay that conference raises the spectre of fan Iliad a. Reported to be Frater. I ucal abandoned another theory warrant charging larceny with the outlaws even to the ,tion1 be two Brothers of missa it on a Quot arrant Quot us s after questioning two i Hutu quote the Wra Ranf obtained by Joseph Doris Fuchs girl Arlen o Oun. A promoter who charged in the belief that mount s re a on deposited $7,000 in a safety with the girl might have caused her de Offu Boin the it Vaiuta of the com Brothers to take action. Both denied that Thev knew mount arid said they had been in Evanston but once when baptists say Marathon dances Are disgusting mixing i tent of Selling the brigands the eminent ammunition they carry. J some of the soldiers however still tue san to be encircling the brigand j fortress despite repeated assertions from chinese official quarters that they hat be n withdrawn to Hov Rhrou re in an automobile the safety of the foreign prisoners in the j pcs two a a a response to the outlaws ultimatum. Diplomatic corf Busy. The diplomatic corps headed by its Dean j. B. De Freitas the portuguese minister twice has called on the chinese government to Speed up negotiations for release of the fifteen foreigner s held in the tem pie prisons of Bao Tuku. The last time representations were made the government was informed the ministers were a awaiting with impatience action by the Pekin regime. \ Tenn. And approved plans for the still the negotiations alternately erection of a $2,000,000 Hospital in Progress and lag. The chinese off new Orleans. 1,0. Rials at Tsa ooh Wang. Comfor Tuu in 4 Marathon dance were Cho Rocter their Twenty four sleeping car ired As disgusting exhibitions mob parked on the railway sidings Argin a \ Volence. Where persons masked or among themselves As to How this or unmasked was declare. To a trample that shall be done to fre the fifteen in the dust every human and men w to Are sleeping on the Bare prohibition Laws were endorsed. In a ground in the Khan tug mountains report of the social service comm cad in thin rags and tatters under i Aion. Adopted to nig lit by the converted and some of them in urgent need Tion. Of medical and Hospital Aid. Chi Fennec abandoned. Today it announced that Wuyu Lin. Minister of communications who headed the Centra government s Dot gation at Tsao Chwang. Had abandoned his conferences with the outlaws when he received their latest dictum that All troops be withdrawn from Shantung province and that the audit forces said to aggregate upwards of 8.000 men. Be constituted the provincial army. This information brought the statement that the diplomatic corps would make new and stronger representations to the chinese government. And so the situation stands tonight. After fourteen Days have j dragged along since the train raid mar Rohow fourteen men and one woman a Little mexican Senora wife Pany but that the Money disappeared Dickinson was released on Bonds of $1 1.500. British Premier is Veri ill in when multiplied. A multiply your own Short position by several thousand and the greatest danger of the practice is apparent first Bortnem a a Cetino the Short interest is very soon larger than the number of shares of the Given Stock that Are for Sale. Price Advance two or three Points and a few of the shorts cannot pot up the increased margins. Brokers go into the by the a associated press. Hickory. May 19.�? for the i first time since its organization in 1863, the general Synod of the re i i formed Church in the United Stales will meet sooth of the Mason and Dix on line when it convenes Here nex wednesday in triennial session. More than 350 delegates. Including some from Illinois have made reservations. 1 ure of the conference and declaring that the soviets Reserve ail rights and will continue to address communications to the conference and to the French. British and italian governments regarding Torovsky. If necessary. Roscoe Arbuckle gets Job in Chicago cafe by the a recanted Presa. I of Angeles calif., May 19 it Coe c. A a fatty Arbuckle motion picture comedian left 1-os Angelet tonight for Chicago to begin an engagement in a musical review at a rat in that City under a contract said to guarantee him $2,500 a week. It \ til be Hie first appearance in hum. Al comedy sine he entered motion pictures eight years ago. By the a tenanted press. Lausanne. May 19. A havas message states that foreign minister Market to buy the Stock to return it Tchitcherine of soviet Russia has sent the demand raise prices a bit. Then there Are More shorts that Are of Reed concluded on Page i to by the a sedated pres Kansas City. To. May 19.�?the Southern Baptist convention. In session Here today selected Atlanta goos the place for the convention next. ,. N year endorsed the establishment of j boost Law too w63k t0 re a Seminary for negroes in Nashville de Valera asserts no peace in Ireland first Parachute leaper is buried in Arlington Spond to cheers on arrival in London. Stute dependents Kie increasing socialists want impeachment of chief Justice concluded on Page two by the a so of word press. Washington. A 19. A major Thomas Scott ital win. of the Parachute and the 1 ret Man to Jomp from a balloon v. If to device was buried in Arlington National cemetery today with military Honor. High of Fiji Ais of the army particularly of the air service attended the funeral and witnessed the firing of the final Salute Over the grave. Major Baldwin who died several Days ago at Buffalo n. was Engineer of the army s balloon production department at Akron Ohio. By the associated press. I Ondon. May 19.�?great secrecy is being maintained regarding in Rome minister lie nor Law s condition which is causing his friends grave concern. The Premier who recently left on an announced voyage of one month for his health looked tired and worn out when he reached London this afternoon from Paris and was com by the associated press pelted to rest because of his exhausted new i Ork a Golf. A demand for condition when he reached the private the impeachment of William h. Taft House where he is staying. Kir chief Justice of the United states for Thomas Horder the noted socialist j accepting an alleged annuity of $19,-was colled upon the premieres a too from the a a Megie corporation rival and remained with him a Long add an Atta k on the let Enine and Trot time. It was remarked that the Premier Alexander editor of Tbs jewish was so fatigued when he alighted Forward feature the opening from his train that he failed to re \ National convention of the so Spond to the cheers of the crowd that had gathered to receive him. By the a sedated press. Dublin. May 19 a Lannon de Valera is engaged in no negotiations with the free Sta direct or indirect and the next move does cot rest with him but with the people who Are rapidly or-1lowden says care of defect Garn Xing to assert themselves. This is the subs Tutere of a statement sent to j the associated press by the Republican Leader today in Valera asserted there is no peace. Tives Cost Over Quarter of revenues. A Telegram from Moscow to London complaining of the attitude of the near fast peace conference Here and of the inviting governments toward the russian delegation. The note com Plains of the failure of the conference to ensure the Security of the russian representatives As it had the other delegations and de daring the responsibility for the a Masud nation of v. Vzorov Efcy rests upon the inviting Powers jazz music available for radio broadcasting by the a associated press Washington. May 19. Declaring the care of dependents consumer More than a Quarter of the revenues of the average state former gov rower la it a Den of Illinois said tonight at the National Conier nce of social work that some Way Viust be found to Stop the constant increase of defectives i proportion to population. Krop Layment of social experts and establishment of res Arch institutes 1 with a View to decreasing prison and by the a Chicago. May 19. An arrangement Between broadcasting radio cations and the Independent music publisher whereby popular snog and jazz music will be made available was announced by Frederick Smith Secretary of the National producers Les Gie today. The Supply of music will be available beginning next wednesday. When popular songs will reappear on radio program supreme court to decide fight Over Barge Une repetition of Earth shocks in Ecuador by the associated press. Guayaquil May 19 there a repetition last night and again at 3 o clock this afternoon of the earthquake which Shook Quito and the surrounding country on thursday according to messages reaching hero from Quito. The population woe terrified. News from towns in the Northern part of Ecuador Tad a i is that the shocks were Felt As far us Ybarra and jobs nos Flash sum s face on Scheen Cleveland movie operators try to locate murderer of policeman. A tor institutional population. Or. It a. Or a. . Pro profited mar. Men to for state even if they achieve Only slight results at sir Thomas Herder s residence it was stated that no information in regard to the premieres health will be Given out for the present but it is Learned that absolute rest and Freedom from political Strain have been ordered and that during the next few Days or. Bonar Law will be unable to meet his Cabinet members. Eta list part today. Or. Fahan declared to an address that Trotzky was x a big bombastic but he believed he was sincere and that be none s Physt can breakdown was Doe in great part. To i moral incapacity. The Resolution aimed at chief Justice Taft was adopted unanimously but none of the delegates expressed View on the subject. _. By Tho a a Tortat so press. Washington. May 19 the Federal a expressed the go moment brought to the supreme opinion however that in the Selec court today its fight to secure Possett ton of social workers for this Field of the Mississippi Barge Lins the results could be satisfactory Only leased to Edward f. Door a of Al with a a Simine co operation Between i Xxiii who the War department the civil service authorities and Tho t Harges has sacrificed bus centred by responsible for administration be failure to operate the line. The High cause civil service commissions Gen Cost court was asked to set aside Tbs f her tonight orally have not Quot concerned themselves injunction granted by the Federal the photographs of will Field the t with efficiency so much As with i courts in Missouri restraining Serre will be thrown or the screen was a a blocking Entrance into the service j tory weeks from sensing the Nim tee tamed from the Loemai pole depart. For Par Cly political i barges and four rowboats involved. By the associated press Cleveland Ohio. May t a a and general description of John 1/e.m. Ord Whitfield hunted As the Slayer of patrolman Dennis Griffin will flashed on the screen of moving i Ture houses a1 Over the country another week passes this step was determined tonight when the Cleveland local of the moving picture operator Union Orde. I Glass slide containing informs a a a a and made ready to Forward i Bec to Union Headquarters new York a whence they will be distributed to every Section of country is police direct. Tbs features of whim id and a or Arri Piton of him War shown in a number of motion pm Ture theater aut it

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