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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Burlington, Iowa A ssh merry go round grand jury sees Nixon in guilty behaviour by Jack i Derso Washington a president Nixon so guilty behave or convinced the watergate grand jurors last summer that he was implicated in the watergate cover up. According to informed sources. Most damning was his action after hearing the evidence against his three closest advisers a h. R. Haldeman a John Ehrlichman and John Mitchell. The Case against the Trio was Laid out for the president on april 15th by then attorney general Richard Kleindienst and assistant attorney general Henry Petersen. They presented most of the evidence which has now become the basis for the grand jury indictments. Our sources say Petersen also warned the president that it looked As if Haldeman and Ehrlichman had directed a criminal cover up. Petersen advised the president to fire Haldeman and Ehrlichman but urged him not to fire his counsel John Dean. Petersen explained that Dean was cooperating with the prosecutors. The president set out apparently to do exactly the opposite. On april 16th, he huddled with Haldeman and Ehrlichman. Out of this came the decision to fire not the pair Petersen had suspected of running the cover up but the counsel who was helping the prosecutors make their Case. The president dictated to Ehrlichman a letter of resignation for Dean and then called in Dean and asked him to sign it. Dean refused saying he was a not willing to be the White House Scapegoat for the grand jurors believe that the president tried to thwart Dean who presumably was cooperating with the prosecutors in the Hope of getting immunity for himself. For on april 17, the president issued a watergate announcement declaring a i have expressed to the appropriate authorities my View that no individual holding in the past or at present a position of major importance in the administration should be Given immunity from meanwhile he asked Petersen for More specifics about Deans confessions and other information gathered by the prosecutors. He resisted the pressure to remove Haldeman and Ehrlichman until april 30th when he finally Felt compelled to accept their resignations. But on nationwide to he called them a two of the finest Public servants it has been my privilege to in another statement issued by the White House he praised them still More. A throughout our association a a he said a each of these men has demonstrated a spirit of selflessness and dedication that i have Seldom seen after they left the White House he met with their lawyer and permitted Haldeman to Monitor the controversial White House tapes that had been denied to the courts. For a Short term they even kept their limousine privileges and arrived in a White House limousine for questioning by the grand jury. The sealed grand jury evidence according to our sources also implicates the president in an alleged conspiracy to buy the silence of the watergate defendants. Their demands for Money were discussed at a March 29th meeting in the presidents office. Dean testified that he told the president that the pay offs could run $1 million. Nixon told him a that was no problem a swore Dean a and he also looked Over at Haldeman and repeated the same Haldeman agreed under oath that the president had said raising $1 million was no problem. But Haldeman insisted that the president had added a that would be the grand jury which had Access to the White House tapes of the meeting charged that Haldeman had lied about this. Here Are other incidents that raise questions in the minds of the grand jurors about president Nixon a As Early As july 6, 1972, then Fri chief Pat Gray warned the president that a people on your staff Are trying to mortally wound you in the watergate Gray testified that a frankly i expected the president to ask me some questions for two weeks after but Nixon never bothered to ask which aides were hurting him. A the president ordered Petersen not to follow up on the discovery that watergate conspirators had also been involved in the 1971 burglary of Daniel ellsberg�?T8 psychiatrist. A a that a a National Security matter a Nixon allegedly said. A you stay out of a in his april 30th speech the president announced that on March 21st he had a personally ordered those con ducting the investigations to get All the facts and to report them directly to the three men responsible for the investigations a Kleindienst Petersen and Gray a testified in separate appearances that they had not been asked by the president to report the watergate facts to him. There Are also other circumstances which led All but four of the 23 grand jurors to seek some Way to hold Nixon accountable for the cover up. They agreed upon the sealed summary after the prosecution informed them it would be impossible to indict a sitting president. The presidents attorneys Are upset Over the sealed report which they fear could damage him badly. He May wind up choking on the words of his april 30th to address a it is essential a he told the nation a that we place our Faith. Especially in the judicial memo Mac Bill Albright the High Honcho of the victorious City commission forces called me in my Hospital room election Day a couple of hours before the polls closed to give me hell. A Damn it. Mac a he said a Why do you always have to be so biased and one sided a the conversation finally ended with Albright conceding that reporter Bill Mertens had Given them a fair shake in the Campaign coverage and with me congratulating him on an effective and hard fought Campaign and assuring him he could Call and raise hell any time he wanted As Long As he paid his dime for the paper. The Only reason i bring this up at All is that Bill helps me make a Point in be been trying to make for 8 2 years and will keep on trying to get through your Heads until i die a or go the Way of the City manager. A a in be got just As much right to be biased As you have a i told Bill. He disagreed. A a we re entitled to have a newspaper that a Neutral a he insisted. Well friends you done to know what it is to live in a bad town until you be been in one with a Neutral newspaper. A Neutral newspaper is just like a Neutral rooster a a Capon a and for the same reason. It does no to produce. You never know where it stands. It wont take a position on anything. It backs and fills and Hedges and is mealy mouthed and Nimby Pamby. The Hawk Eye has never been that Way and never will be and Burlington is a livelier and better informed place because of it. The next Day i heard secondhand that one employee of the Hospital where in be been very Well treated swore shed have nothing to do with me. A the helped beat the Council Man Ager government a she said. A but no a she was told. A the was for my critic was a swayed. A the printed All that awful stuff from the other Side a she said. Now some would say this proves you can twin. But i think it shows we Are winning. V Mac politicians Eye tax cuts in Illinois budget Battle by Ken Watson Springfield in. A the annual a Battle of the budget a always a fascinating show beneath the state House dome and which promises to be even More interesting than usual this year. Has started. The presentation of the massive document by gov. Daniel Walker to a joint session of the Illinois House and Senate will be followed by weeks of hearings and debate. There will be much altering of original gubernatorial proposals with republicans using their razor thin majorities in House and Senate to prune a Little Here and add a Little there. Then democratic gov. Walker will have another inning with his veto pen with the possibility that the lawmakers May fire a final round with override attempts. The big Issue of 1974, however is not the size of the budget itself but whether it will permit a tax Cut. Top leaders of both parties have already weighed in with tax Relief plans and w Alker is expected to reveal his own in presentation of his budget. In an election year both republicans and democrats want to provide some popular tax Relief for the voters Back Home and bask in the credit. In contrast to the politicians some respected and objective students of state government and a considerable Capitol comments number of professional careerists if silently Are saying that any talk of a tax reduction in times of a business slowdown and continuing financial demands on government at All Levels Borders on the irresponsible. Maurice w. Scott executive vice president of the taxpayers federation of Illinois who probably knows As much about state finances As anyone has publicly warned that any tax reduction could touch off crises in Many areas of Illinois government state local and schools. Despite All the promises of the politicians there is scepticism at the Capitol that any meaningful tax reduction will come out of the 1974 legislative session. Whatever there May be will amount to a a tokenism and serve merely As face saving for those in politics especially some High ranking legislative leaders who somewhat surprisingly face serious opposition at the polls this year. Ordinarily legislative leaders Are easy winners in their districts. The key figure in the budget Battle As always is the governor and Walker brings to the role a special flair. His Advance performance has already been unique. In addition to pledging tax Relief he has rolled off a list of expensive programs ranging from Energy pollution conservation and state construction that on the face of them would boost the budget for the coming fiscal year far beyond the $7,027 billion he proposed last March. If Walker can deliver All he has promised and still keep spending close to the current level it will be the Best juggling act Springfield has seen since Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey used to include the capital City on their circus circuit. Now Well into his second year in office Walker has shown marked improvement in his handling of the budget presentation. This year he and top aides have held a series of daily briefings with the press on various phases of the new budget. There has been considerable scepticism among newsmen concerning the proposals discussed and some complaints that details have been lacking. The big test is yet to come. State rep. Richard Norpel from upriver Here in Eastern Iowa has come Down hard on streakers. Nope has demanded University of Iowa president Willard Boyd expel forthwith any student seen dashing naked across the Campus. If he does no to Norpel says the legislature should cancel All appropriations to the University. This threat of destruction of a great educational institution because of student pranks is Over criminal mentality one thing that distinguishes the criminal mind is its belief that a problem can be solved by killing someone. Of course it never is. That Sall i have to say about atty. Gen. Turners proposal to solve Iowa Law enforcement problems by reinstating capital punishment. Its criminal. Kill ranking right up there with Nixon a bombing of Hanoi. Streaking is another of those springtime crazes. Their historic purpose is not Only to respond to the Birds and the bees and sap in the Trees but also to unclothed the stupidity of legislators. Norpel who is in the food and drink business should tend to his knitting. Many More lives Are ruined and morals shattered by booze than by any fleeting glimpse of the flesh god gave us. The Hawk Eye Iowa s oldest newspaper a since 1137 published monday through Friday evenings and sunday morning by the Burlington Hawk Eye co. 800 s main a Burlington Iowa 52601-ph. 754-8461 subscription rates by Carrier in Burlington and West Burlington City zone 2.75 per month in Advance elsewhere by Carrier 2 25 per month in and Vance by mail in Burlington and West Burlington City zone $2.75 per month. By mail in Iowa and Illinois where Carrier service is maintained $2.25 per month. Motor routes $33 per year 16.50 for 6 months $8.25 for 3 months in Advance area throw off service $22 per year $12 for 6 months. By mail in Iowa and Illinois $22 per year $12 for i months $6.50 for 3 months. Rates elsewhere in u s upon request. Second class postage paid in Burlington Iowa As one of the subjects of Les Feck a mar. 4 a Hawk Eye temp i was incensed at his irresponsible use of fact and fancy. His whole argument turns on his assertion that the meeting was a secret and How can a meeting which was announced in the local news Media be called a a secret. It was not illegal because it Falls under the very Rule Peck quoted in his article to wit that executive or closed meetings of a Public body May take place a for some. Exceptional reason so compelling As to override the general pubic policy in favor of Public Peck says we did not claim a a compelling a reason for our private meeting. In my few remarks to those present i attempted to explain that some of the participants the citizens for better education steering committee would not feel free to express themselves if the press was present. Pecks insinuation that the participants in the meeting May have discussed supt. Richard Goodwin serves Only to inflame Public opinion. Supt. Goodwin is my Good Friend As Well As a member of the congregation i serve. At no time was he or the office of the superintendent Ever discussed at our meeting. Peck says a participating in a secret and illegal meeting is an Odd Way of attempting to build Public i submit that such Claptrap. Diminishes the credibility of the press. We have a polarized school District and we Are attempting to find common ground with each other. We discovered a common concern and presented it in the form of a recommendation to the it. Pleasant school Board. I telephoned that information to Peck the morning after our meeting. He chose to play that Down and build up i just picked Thi lesser of two evils just like you yanks did in your last election theory runs out of Gas Washington there is an old saw that if you just give the people the facts they will Rise to any situation. This theory is now inoperative. A group of us were lined up Here in Washington the other Day waiting to get Gas from a station located in Mclean va., when somebody yelled from his car a i just heard on the radio that the Shah of Iran says we have More than enough gasoline in this there were shouts of Joy and every waterfront suspicion in the minds of the people of it. Pleasant. The recommendation was a that the school Board consider conducting a Community Survey on the building needs curriculum site locations for Junior and senior High school facilities and related in fairness i believe we saw pecks pique because the meeting had been announced As open to the Public through a misunderstanding and he had made an unnecessary trip to it. Pleasant. With the Price of Gas being what it is today i suppose he had cause. A Rev. Gerald Roseberry convener citizens for educational goals and facilities it. Pleasant Eft. Note hrs. Roseberry s letter was edited to meet the Wou Ord limit for entries in the a a waterfront column. Deletions Are indicated by Ellipsis Marks the original is on Public file at the Hau k Eye one started tooting their horns in a v for Victory Morse code. But an hour later someone passed Down the word that William Simon t the Energy Czar had just made a statement that the Shah did no to know what he was talking about. People stopped honking their horns and sat gloomily inching along toward the pumps. Another bulletin was then Given by the Man in front of me. A president Nixon has just announced that the crisis is Over but the problems still exist. Pass it on a i told the lady behind me who broke into tears of Joy. A thank god for the president a she said. The presidents announcement gave a new lift to the line and we All stood around our cars chattering excitedly about the Good news. Then from Way Back in the line we heard cries of anguish. Someone had heard on the radio that the National Petroleum Council had just issued a report that unless new stiff conservation measures were instituted there would be mandatory rationing by Spring. A but a said the lady who had just blessed the president a Nixon said there be any need for a that was to minutes ago a a College student said. A conditions change very fast during an Energy a there Isnit any crisis a a Mother with two children interjected. A a we be just got problems getting we All got Back into our cars and moved up one foot. A truck Driver had a crowd around him. A i just heard on my two Way radio that 14 Oil tankers Are too Miles off the coast of new Jersey a he said. A yeah a said another Man a but they just turned around and Are head ing Back to Europe because they can get a Dollar a barrel More for it a newspaper boy came by holding a headline a Simon says Northeast to get More he was sold out in minutes. While we were Reading the Story a new bulletin came out on the radio. A Simon is raising the Price of gasoline 2 cents a Art Buchwald a a a Home we All moved up another foot. Then someone started a Volley Ball game. Other people sat on the curb exchanging addresses and business cards word reached us that Shell and Amoco had Cut their dealers allocations in March. This was followed by an announcement that Royal dutch Shell had tripled its profits in 1973 to $1.68 billion. One Man started smashing his radio with a tire Iron. The euphoria about Nixon a original announcement had died Down. As i turned a Corner and saw the Exxon sign Way off in the Sunset i help thinking to myself they could solve the whole Energy crisis if they made William Simon ambassador to the court of the Shah of Iran. A imagination is More important than a Einstein editor a publisher John Mccormally news Jim hitch composing Don clo advertising John Voinos press Kon Howard circulation business Dick Weiss Pogo 4 March to 1974 Burlington Iowa naked overkill

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