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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 3

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Burlington, Iowa Be lands new lines West Burlington a general electric has found a permanent use for its recently acquired building on us 34 that formerly housed Southeastern Community colleges vocational technical division. Be announced this weekend it will use the leased building to produce four new lines of equipment Here. Most of the new gear will be designed to convert alternating current to direct current for Long distance Power transmission. A building 2�?� operations will employ approximately 75 people to of whom will be assigned in the near future to begin assembling the converters. Equipment produced will be used in trains and rapid transit systems. Special projects manager Bob Waddell in the process of removing classroom partitions in the building said a shipping Dock will be added and paint Booth equipment and a compressed air system installed. The Hawk Iye sunday March to 1974 Page 3 Zap you re ass streaked the Burlington Art Guild is $402 closer to owning the old Nazarene Church at seventh and Columbia after saturday s auction of donated High school student artwork. Next on the fund raising Agenda is a mar. 30 auction of Antiques. Anyone wishing to donate Antiques a or Resalable Quot White elephants a can Call Noma Hoffman at 754-6864. Wanted head starters by Daill air Chi head Start is alive and Well in Hawk Eye land. But it has to look harder than Ever for new students. Under direction of Sharon Ford Southeast Iowa head Start now serves 199 children in Des Moines. Louisa Washington Henry and Lee counties from its Burlington offices at 720 2 Jefferson formerly used by productions. Inc. Head Start offers pre school instruction on an annual $238,135 Federal Grant for disadvantaged children from three to six years old in both part and full time classes. Due to lower birth rates social mobility and Lack of parental awareness of the program a we have to look harder for students a mrs. Ford said. A we used to have a waiting head Start Enrols 51 students in Burlington operating two part time classes at North Hill and one half time at Perkins schools. Additional students Are needed in the program Here mrs. Ford said. Other area enrolment figures Are it. Madison 32 Keokuk 34 it. Pleasant 31, including one full time class Washington 31, also including one full time class and Wapello 20. Head Start Here is budgeted for 200 full and part time pupils. But if enrolment Falls below that number it would not necessarily mean the programs budget would be Cut. A that would be a ruling the National office would have to make a mrs. Ford said. Brinck eyes closer Job they won t have Adrian Brinck to kick around anymore. At least in Des Moines. The West Point Democrat announced Friday he would not run for reelection in the 85th House District but would run for the Lee county Board of supervisors. Brinck in his fourth term in the legislature. Said his decision was based on personal reasons. A i made the decision with considerable regret because i like politics. But i just stay in Des Moines any poof cab dislike timing continued from Pogo 11 seek the top spot. He also believes the state sets a limit for commissioners salaries. Citizens to protect our freedoms the group which engineered the commission Victory tuesday will endorse candidates when the time comes its members say. A we done to want any rabble routers a Crof treasurer Bill Albright declared adding the group feels salaries of $14,000 or $15,000 would be reasonable. Crof is working toward the changeover to commission government sooner than 1976, and will Likely get help from its fiercest opposition citizens for a better Burlington which campaigned for retention of pm. Cab member Jim Hodges said the group is using its last Campaign Money to investigate the possibility of a change this year. Brinck plans to take out nomination papers for the supervisor seat Early this week. A i decided to seek another office that would let me live at Home and have More time for my business and family a he said. Brinck is the manager of an outdoor advertising firm. Darlene Allen a 45-year-old it. Madison businesswoman announced her candidacy for Brincks seat last week. A Republican she lost to Brinck by 126 votes in 1972 for the seat which represents North Lee county most of it. Madison Southern Des Moines county and precincts 6-8 in Burlington. Only increase in the programs funding Here mrs. Ford added since it began in 1967, has been an additional $3,000 received last year solely for the addition of 20 handicapped children to the program. Because costs have increased so much in the past seven years mrs. Ford said a we really have to scrape Down Here to stay within the budget. Eligibility for classes is based on a sliding income scale. For a family with two children annual income must be below $4,320 for the youngsters to attend head Start. While some federally funded programs Are facing budget uncertainty this year head Start seems in Good shape. The Nixon administration has promised to maintain the program. A but we Are concerned about rising costs a mrs. Ford said. A because we must operate next year on the same head Start employs 56 teachers and staff members. Talks reset it. Madison a it. Madison High schools substrate basketball Victory saturday night see Page 17 has prompted a change in Parent teacher conferences monday asst. Supt. Max Redmond has announced. To allow fans time to attend the bloodhounds next match senior High Parent talks will be held from 8 . To i . Monday Junior High meetings Are now set for 9-noon and 1-3 . Grade school times Are unchanged. Dropout committee member Alice Naylor administers questionnaire to Debbie Forquer a ninth grader at Apollo school Here to develop data on student attitudes about the Burlington school system. By Mary Sharp for any of our readers just Back from an african safari a new sport a a a streaking a has swept the nation in your absence. To a Streak a you take off your clothes and run in front of people who have their clothes on. You can Streak while wearing Tennis shoes and or a mask but that is the Only equipment allowed. Its preferable that you smile while participating. Now an update on the sport that has taken everyone a mind a or rather eyes a off basketball a five Young boys wearing to shirts Over their Heads and shouting a Streaker Streaker a dashed the 50-foot length of the Shangrila tavern sixth and Jefferson at to . Friday. They stayed about half a minute according to bartender Harold Schubert a just Long enough to jump up and Down and dance around a they came in the Back door backed up by about 20 of their clothed friends and received a Hardy round of laughter from the mixed sex crowd. Their performance was missed by tap owner Mary Linneman who a heard rumours of the planned Streak. She was standing outside the front door waiting to foil them. A on the International and National fronts streakers made their first appearance in Australia England Germany and France striking at a Kentucky Fried Chicken stand a women a lib rally a University and the Eiffel Tower respectively. At Tampa fla., streakers did calisthenic and played football around the Corner from where vice president Gerald Ford spoke at a University gathering. One carried the sign a Tampa u streakers want the naked truth about and the formality of the Kansas state House was broken when four streakers dashed through offices there Friday. Yow some equal time for streakers who found streaking a hit sobering a inspired by All the streaking talk at the Lehigh Leopold factory Friday shop employee Greg Mcnamee a use mistreated a laying aside his shoes socks and to shirt for a Romp from the factory to the lunchroom during his afternoon break. Everyone laughed. Except the Boss. Dean Aiken fired the 20-year-old Oquawka resident for a horseplay and violating safety standards of proper dress. Aiken later revised the firing to a one week suspension. Aiken said he was unaware Mcnamee was accompanied on his dash by a Young woman who a Sciss ored her trousers into cutoffs. Aiken a streaking May be laughable on a Campus but not in a Mcnamee a i was just doing it for the fun. I Wasny to trying to Hurt a a two Iowa Wesleyan students took streaking from the Campus to downtown it. Pleasant Friday night. They were arrested for indecent exposure. Released saturday morning after posting $105 Bond on the charge were Robert Harold Snider 19, Chariton and Paul Richard Ehrnman 18, East Amana. Police also arrested Gerald c. Simpson East islet n.y., who allegedly insisted on talking to the men at the jail following their arrest for a annoyance of Snider and Ehrnman residents of Mckibben Hall at inc did no to want to talk about their streaking but fellow Streaker Dave Bernhardt of Brookfield 111., did. Bernhardt a credentials come from a two hour streaking party on the inc Campus thursday night he said when he and friends streaked while Riding on a car Hood and in the cards trunk. A it was cold out and we did no to even realize it a the 18-year-old forestry major said a because we were having so much the Point of streaking Bernhardt said is to evoke an emotional response from people. A everyone is so Pat in their reactions to things a he said is teen to 4-h Parley Steve Hiller 19, morning Sun is one of four Iowa 4-h members chosen As delegates to the National 4-h conference in Washington . April 20-25. Hiller a 9-year 4-h member is a student at Iowa state University. He is the son of or. And mrs. Keith Hiller. Other delegates Are Rhonda Fulch 18, Fonda Ann Mcmahon 19, Manchester and Michael Stewart 18, Preston. The Des Moines Register and Tribune sponsors the Iowa delegates to the conference held at the National 4-h Center. Hiller was a state 4-h officer candidate in 1973. He carried 4-h projects in sheep beef woodworking agronomy electricity and leadership earned county awards in Merit Swine and agriculture held four club offices and was county president and a member of the state Council. Hiller also attended the state conservation workshop and was a member of the Louisa county 4-h and youth he was a member of his High school National Honor society held two class offices and was a student Council member. Noting that the sight of naked people evokes quite different reactions a some express Shock some disbelief some another reason for streaking Bernhardt said is to illustrate a How immature and uptight sexually we americans Are. Some people think its a threat. Young people More men than women Streak he added because a the preppie Are worried about their reputations afraid it will follow them around for too years. Sexually too they re More two coeds clothe however came to his room to congratulate him on his streaking. A a they said this is what the school needed that it had been Boring Bernhardt incidentally thinks wearing a mask while streaking is a and touching on the aesthetics of streaking he notes it s important that the streakers smile be seen by his on lookers. What Isnit a smiling matter is getting busted for streaking. Snider and Ehrnman were a treated like they were criminals a he said. A they were locked up for 12 hours and Given food on a tray. Now they have an arrest record. Its really spy plan not halted trib Chicago up a congressional investigators have Fri memos indicating part of a secret Domestic intelligence plan was in operation months after president Nixon said he had called it off the Chicago Tribune reported saturday. The Tribune said that the memos were issued in the fall of 1970, and gave approval for the Fri to recruit teen age informants and conduct a a discreet invest Igat ions of Black student organizations in colleges. Patty Hearst a Safe Sla by ii of gig san Francisco up a the sym ionese liberation army saturday sent its fourth communique concerning kidnapped Patricia Hearst saying she was Safe but decrying the Inadequacy of the $6 million food Giveaway program. The tape was delivered to pm radio station san in san Francisco which turned it Over to a courier for Randolph a. Hearst Patricia a father and president and editor of the san Francisco examiner. Stats Cloud dropout talks by a i e Sor a differing sets of statistics from the Iowa education Assn. May threaten the Success of an Independent committee studying Burlington a school dropout problem it appeared during the groups meeting last week. Data that prompted the intensive study showed that the Burlington system s dropout rate is 54 per cent above the Iowa average. But a new analysis comparing the local system to those of similar 3,000-student size puts the City a rate at a relatively insignificant i per cent above the average. Many local members feel the task of the committee to collect information on the reasons students quit school has been lightened. Dropout committee chairman Steve Kohl questioned whether a committee was even necessary. A if i read the statistics right we have a dropout problem but ifs not As serious As we thought a said Dale Higgins committee member and local director of state rehabilitation programs. While there is some correlation Between school system size and dropout rate the committee has yet to learn Why. But chairman Kohl guessed that larger cities offer More chances for students to obtain employment than do Small Rural communities. Robl also feels since most Burlington students have to make three school changes a from elementary to Middle school to Apollo to bus a such changes can incur traumatic psychological effects upon the student. He also contends that smaller Rural schools give a sense of a a we re All in this together a while in larger Urban schools Many students become lost in a bureaucratic Maze. This week the dropout committee started interviewing 40 Apollo ninth graders polling their opinion of the Burlington system. Dick Oriano an Apollo Counselor questioned whether the information collected would have any value because most responses have been highly favourable. Oriano feels actual dropouts will probably give the committee More accurate information on Why students drop out. The dropout committee will continue questioning Apollo students through next week when results will be tallied and bus interviews will begin. Students Are chosen at random to take part in committee interviews. The committee Hopes to begin interviewing dropouts by april i and to have a report ready for a mid Mav school Board in Kissinger like visit to mediate feuds by Bob Sog i i inst. Managing editor Lloyd r. Smith auditor of state will be Here tuesday afternoon in a role that could be compared to that of a marriage Counselor for Bob amp l de amp Carol amp Alice. Or he could feel More like Henry Kissinger Between the syrians and israelis. The meeting will be at 4 . In the supervisors room in the courthouse. He a bringing extra copies of the 1972 Des Moines county audit just completed. The spares Are for levee and drainage District officials who Are irate at the county supervisors for requesting audits of their districts. Smith also May hand carry authorization for the county to pay Foster parents from the poor fund with safeguards to assure the county of too per cent reimbursement from the state. A i have directed the state comptroller to Send these authorizations to the counties with the understanding that Foster parents would be paid by the counties and then in a couple or three months its to be straightened out so that counties Are assured they will be fully reimbursed a Smith told the Hawk Eye. If All the paperwork Isnit completed and the papers mailed Smith said he will carry the authorizations personally. A the important thing is that people who Are owed Money will receive it so that they done to suffer further hardship a Smith said. The supervisors taking Smith at his word last week paid 27 claims totalling $4,296.71, mainly to Foster parents but also to doctors and opticians. The claims Are for the first two months of the year. A dispute arose when an attorney general a ruler off held that Foster care is still the responsibility of the counties despite new legislation designed to shift the entire Burden to the Iowa dept of social services. Most counties already had removed Foster care and other state and Federal welfare programs from their budgets under instructions from state social services and the comptroller. Supervisors Here said they would pay Foster parents claims to the extent that the state would reimburse the payments provided the Board was Given such authority. Involved in the Foster care snafu in addition to Smiths office and the supervisors were state and county social services comptroller Marvin r. Selden the attorney general and rep. Bill Monroe who took a special in Terest in promoting social services officials Monroe said have been scrambling to get corrective legislation drafted and moving. Another cast of characters includes Smith the supervisors and officials of drainage districts 4, 7 and 8, and levee dist. 16. Ray Creelman dist. 7 chairman and Kenneth Oetken chairman of the levee District were unsuccessful Republican candidates for supervisor two years ago. Oetken also a trustee of do 8, has land adversely affected by vacation of a Section of Road which was accomplished last year. Just last week District judge David b. Hendrickson ruled that the supervisors had authority to abandon the approach to a Bridge removed in 1966, which the drainage District Farmers contend should be rebuilt. Still pending is a suit brought by the individuals and officers in the bottomlands East of Iowa 99 and Northeast of Burlington which seeks to require the supervisors to replace the Bridge. Three years ago the supervisors required the drainage districts to furnish minutes of their meetings to the auditor As required by Law and the minutes were published in the Hawk Eye. The hitch came when the newspaper submitted Bills and the drainage districts referred them Back to the county. The drainage area officials claimed in effect that the auditor ordered the Legal publications and the auditor could pay for them. So the Hawk Eye sued the drainage districts and the auditor for $2,913.14, subsequently amended to $3,487.80. The suit filed july 29, 1971, is scheduled to be heard this Quarter in District court. Most recent publication of minutes was sept. 29, 1972, when some actions of May 31, 1972, were reported. On oct. 25, 1973, the supervisors asked the state auditor for an examination of the drainage districts in the county. The 1972 audit Calls to the attention of trustees a Section of Iowa Law which requires them to report to the auditor a from time to time and with reasonable promptness a their acts and proceedings. The audit said districts 4, 8 and 16 did no to comply. H. Cosgrove Walsh attorney for the drainage districts dispatched a letter that prompted Smith to phone the Board and set up tuesdays meeting. Other comments of the auditor included a reminder that the expense of mental patients at the county Home should be charged each year to the county mental health fund since All county Home expenses have been paid rom the poor fund the report said allocation for expenses for mental patients must be transferred when funds become available. This balance was $136,229.16 . 31, 1971, and $122,389.24 at the close of the audit. Merle Kelly Board chairman said the improper transfers had gone on for Many years and the Board in recent years has been working to Complete the corrections. On a positive note the auditor complimented the county treasurer Robert m. James for his investment program for 1972, when $20,611.70 in interest was credited to the general fund

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