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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 2

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Burlington Hawk-Eye (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Burlington, Iowa The editor a Puiu Shir John Meco Molly news Jim hitch composing Don advertising John Hanoi Pressi Howard Dick june 1974 Fri did its work in watergate probe Iowa Page 4 where Are the pros nearly million in Federal funds were earmarked for Burlington projects last the largest amount was for the neighbourhood development program and about half a million was for Airport in both announcements were with appropriate political by congressman de Mezvinsky it is not the Pilrose of this comment to complain about it is part of the political game especially in regard to the nip Mezvinsky office did Yeoman work and deserves substantial but the incidents do Point up the sad disarray of the Republican party in this country and the utter shambles Richard Nixon has made of presidential in the traditional office have gotten a smell of publicity out of the no matter How hard it had that Honor belonged to the party in Power which meant the party in Power in the White if there were a Republican the Republican White House would see that the announcement was made through his office providing he and the president were on Good same would be True if democrats were in but if the president were of one party and the congressman of the As is our Case you can bet that nip Grant would have been made by the White House or the appropriate Cabinet officer and the credit for the Airport Money would All have gone to the Faa or department of i dont suppose any of this is really its just kind of sad to observe like watching outfielders Muff easy pop and wondering whatever became of the great pros of not until i went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did i understand the secret of her Genius and America is great because she is and if America Ever ceases to be America will cease to be Alexis de democracy in 1835 the Hawk Eye Iowa oldest newspaper since 1837 published monday through Friday evenings and sunday morning by the Burlington Hawk Eye 800 7548461 subscription rates by Carrier in Burlington and West Bur Lington City zone per month in Advance elsewhere by Carrier per month in and by mail in Burlington and West Bur Lington City zone per by mail in Iowa and Illinois where Carrier service is maintained per motor routes 533 per for 6 for 3 months in area throw off service 522 per 512 for 6 by mail in Iowa and Illinois 522 per 512 for 6 for 3 rates elsewhere in upon second class postage paid in letters to the with name and address of will be published on any if not legally obscene or maximum is 400 longer letters May be edited to fit by Jack Anderson Washington at the forthcoming impeachment the Case against president Nixon will be based largely upon the work of the which uncovered 90 per cent of the watergate this will be awkward for the president who has always championed the after he graduated from Duke he even tried to become an Fri those who favor impeachment consider it Good to stress their Reliance upon the contrary to the Public it want investigative reporters but Fri agents who dug out most of the watergate the White House tried to head off merry ground the Fri investigation by obstructing the throwing out false leads and crying National at White House former Cia director Richard Helms and Deputy director Vernon Walters asked the Fri to Lay off sensitive watergate falsely claiming it would jeopardize Cia but the Fri pressed doggedly Early in the top Fri brass checked upon the investigation to make sure it was being handled Robert who headed the general investigative reported Back confidentially to associate director Mark Felt on 1973 the handling of the watergate investigation from the Headquarters level through the Field operation level was done in accordance with both administrative and that Are customarily employed in any major investigative Effort by the among cases handled in the recent past in which similar procedures were followed Are the assassination of Martin Luther King Capitol March 1971 and major kidnapping cases such As the Barbara Jane Mackle most of the agents who developed the watergate Are still doing the sleuthing for the special Ive been sampling socialized medi Cine and while it is not All it is not All most of whats wrong with it has nothing to do with it being either1 socialized or medi but simply that it is part of the Good fouled up Ameri can now some people think the very idea of socialized Medicine isl but that not in the part Ive been Messing with is 100 per cent maybe even 200 per cent american since it is endorsed by the american i refer to the nationwide medical and hospitalization program of the veterans and since i had surgery in february for an old world War ii mortar Shell Ive been renewing my acquaintance with the on the my treatment has been my experience with a people has been and the bureaucratic delays have been no worse than youve come to expect from any government and not much worse than what you increasingly come to expect from private yet i do have some they Mac come not from actual sex but from the concern that perhaps my experiences Arent in an elite a patient for at least two reasons one is that in Dubya Dubya As Archie Bunker and youd better not forget we Are the the Gar and the world War one boys May have outclassed us but there Arent Many of them left any the korean Guys there we rent that Many of them As wars that one just didst measure up to As for Vietnam every body is just kind of embarrassed about the whole the other thing in my favor is that in service no ands or buts about no necessity to try to prove that whatever is wrong with me actually happened in the service of god and it is All right there in White and purple so i go first not like the poor Guy trying to prove that the reason his head is funny is from the artillery shells at Khe not the grass at a when youre service you go first my Point i dont know yet How valid the complaints of the Young Vietnam veterans i have a suspicion theres a lot of Validity in for one the system is still being run largely and therefore primarily world War ii for the system simply int geared to rec let alone the problems of a new kind of Veteran of an entirely new kind of but my chief concern is that to be a Veteran of any War and be a patient of the veterans de spite All the Flag waving to be a second class medically it be that Way for veterans their benefits and treatment will be discussed tonight at on Channel 12s Iowa guests will be Claude regional director of the veterans administration in Des and Dan Mills of University of Iowa student who is spokesman for a Vietnam veterans group known As Iowa concerned the the Medicine and the personnel Are All but it is the not merely of those in the but of the when friends and neighbors hear in taking my ailment to the a they act As if there a Little sorry that 1 have to go on i detect some of the same attitude at the a i re ported at the Iowa City a Hospital at 10 the other As i had been instructed two months earlier to at 2 a doctor finally saw in sure they Felt the 4hour wait was in consequential for since my time was not nearly As valuable As the Doc this is faulty reason my mathematically speak is much More there Are thousands of there Are Only daily newspaper when the head doctor did finally pop in the he didst actually talk to although i tried to introduce myself to him the same As i would to senator or Secretary Kis Singer or a he listened briefly to the assistant looked quickly at the Arm and said crisply transplant the and now i know Hes an important he gets a year from the state for working at the University hos and a consultation across the Street at the but damned if any one is going to transplant my tendons until i get talked and As a human i can understand How the Young Viet who dont have anywhere As much going for them As i what it boils Down and it comes to you As you sit there waiting for four hours to be is that you just dont amount to you if you amounted to you be youd be at get it i could be at not be cause in so Damn but be cause my company has an excellent insurance but the govern ment got me into this mess and the government is going to continue taking care of and in going to use the Opportunity to observe and report on just How Well those other veterans do Kissinger the ends justify the Means Hawk Eye forum editors note while the Senate is trying once again to decide what it thinks of Henry attention is directed to the remarks of Harold Hughes d last when he was one of seven senators to vote against Kissinger confirmation As Secretary of i shall vote against confirming this nomination Kissinger is guided by a philosophy that is inimical to the Long Range cause of world peace and inconsistent with the moral purpose of our it is the pragmatism of the Power broker who sees Force or the threat of Force As the Only practical Way to change the shape of International from his earliest academic writings to his latest Henry Kissinger has had a chessboard View of the nations Are bloodless pawns to be moved around at will in support of some grand the very phrase so commonly used now the Structure of peace suggests some kind of balance of Power approach to International at the Core of this philosophy is the proposition that in the grand design of restructuring the the ends justify the if we have not yet seen what this concept has done to the moral fabric of our democracy by this we will never see As de Facto Secretary of Kissinger recommended and implemented a policy which prolonged and widened the fighting and suffering in Southeast As was an obsession with Power rather than a compassion for even As a Power Kissinger has had failures As significant if not As spectacular As his he has alienated our closest allies in Europe and Asia by his careless disregard of their interests and concerns while he pursued his secret pre Summit he has neglected and been insensitive to the problems of the developing world a Ojile he pursued big Power As the presidents foreign affairs Kissinger cannot escape responsibility for bully boy economic policies that have alienated our Good and our fastest growing economic the heavily subsidized russian wheat Deal May have helped win an election that was in the bag anyway but it set off the biggest inflationary bomb in this country that has been seen in recent what it did to Advance detente with the soviet Union is still but there is no doubt whatsoever As to what it did to the Price of a loaf of bread in this Kissinger predilection for Power Summit diplomacy has resulted in his shunning Multi National he has treated the United nations As some kind of unwelcome dinner guest who is to be Humoured but not tolerated but not my own View is that precisely because there Are so Many nations with important concerns and vital interests to be taken in o we need to rely More thai Ever on those International which can moderate conflicts and serve As a forum for the peaceful settlement of in his Reliance on the diplomacy of big Power Kissinger has shown no to my to look beyond the facades of dictatorships to see if people Are suffering and dying from hunger or brutal military intervention to protect the right of self determination of a nation is a hollow Shibboleth if the Only Choice for the people is one repressive dictatorship Over most americans have rejected for their country the role of global policeman or merchant of has Kissinger we Are interested in helping to feed the hungry of the world we Are concerned with social and economic Progress in developing preoccupation with the machinations of Power diverts us from our National there is no convincing evidence that Henry Kissinger has empathy for these matters or the humane concern and understanding that any american Secretary of state should the unprecedented concentration of Power in the White House coupled with a jealous obsession with secrecy produced Many abuses with which no one links but his acquiescence in the wiretapping of his personally chosen aides cannot be explained either his own judgments about his subordinates were faulty or he is basically insensitive toward the individuals right of the new Era at state i am afraid will begin with something less than an atmosphere of Complete Trust in its it is Worth noting too that Kissinger exceptional abilities As a Lone operator wielding great Power May not necessarily translate into the organizational ability to head a vast department which everybody recognizes to be in a Low state of partly because of the Preemption of its Powers and prestige by Kissinger himself in recent one of the most serious reasons i am opposing the Kissinger nomination relates to the secret bombing in Cambodia which began Only a few Days after president Nixon first since Kissinger was chief architect of the Nixon foreign it is Clear that this secret War was part of his grand there has been no convincing indication that the secrecy and deception Here so destructive of the constitutional was considered a mistake or would not be repeated at some future i am grateful that the foreign relations committee raised this Issue with Kissinger on my behalf and obtained answers from Kissinger to specific questions which i had i can Only say that i was disappointed and disillusioned with the which were in part in part arrogant on the completely i wanted to for Why Only a few members of Congress were informed about the secret while Kissinger denies that there was any intention to deceive the he says that the decision to inform Only a handful of members was a consequence of the deteriorated state of Trust and cooperation Between the branches and the Lack of adequate consultative procedures Between Congress and the this response gets to the nub of my apprehensions about Kissinger As our next Secretary of since when was the executive Branch endowed with the divine right to suspend constitutional processes on its own judgment that there was a deteriorated state of Trust and cooperation Between the branches the truth is that except for a few chosen was kept in the dark because it was feared that they would exercise their constitutional prerogative to disagree and to Stop a secret and illegal one does not have to possess a phenomenal memory to recall that in the Early Days of this we in the Congress were bending Over backward to cooperate with the president who had been elected on the Promise to end the War if the president or his representatives had consulted with appropriate committees of the even on the most classified might have been congressional support for his policy of widening the i dont but at least the constitutional processes that we presumably fight wars to defend would have been what we had was a pernicious undermining of the Equality of members of Congress As Well As a flagrant violation of constitutional secret War became Public with the invasion of Cambodia in when the secret bombing failed to bring we had an open the Only lasting consequence of which was the widening of the War and the Extension of the bloodshed to the people of even the Congress and the american people were not told the Kissinger now says that the administration did not then disclose the bombing because we did not wish to charge the atmosphere or Force North Vietnam into a retaliatory Effort which might jeopardize the a written apology in Triplicate will suffice the pentagons own White paper on the Cambodia bombing and other secret operations admits that Congress was informed of a secret budget line item for the Cross order ground operations in Laos and but Only a few were told and the rest deceived about much larger air operations in these two in a 16month by the pentagons own Cost american taxpayers Over billion without the consent of the Branch of the government empowered by the Constitution to appropriate the attempts to justify this secrecy and deception on the grounds of delicate negotiations is a the the the the russians All knew what was going Only the american people and Congress were kept in the the administration feared the reaction of the american people and it was demonstrated that its fears were justified judging from the angry response in our country when the that is the lamest kind of an for we had already charged the atmosphere without ground invasion of just As we later risked upsetting negotiations by supporting a South vietnamese invasion of Laos and by our massive bombing of the North and mining of the truth should have taken i am now More convinced than Ever that the presidents secret plan to end the War and also so far As we can Tell from the available evidence was really a plan for secret and expanding within Days of taking the president and his advisers approved a Large ground attack into Laos and set in operation the plans for secret bombing of this was followed up with implicit and explicit warnings to Hanoi about further Kissinger admitted in response to my questions that we left no doubt in Hanoi mind that we would take whatever defensive actions were required if it stonewalled the negotiations and stepped up the secret War became a prolonged War Anol then a Public thousands of lives and billions of dollars we had a Compromise settlement which was probably not much different from what could have been achieved years Kissinger was not responsible for the of but he was the architect of the Nixon policy of prolongation and and his Hindsight now shows none of the necessary appreciation for How this particular policy weakened our country from within As Well As if we now learn the wrong lessons from it follows that our foreign policy in the years ahead will be another series of tragic on this neither Kissinger actions nor his statements give us the Assurance we seek that this will not be allowed to i do not question that Henry Kissinger is one of the Ablest and most Brilliant men who has Ever served our i do not question his dedication or his personal the Prospect of the first foreign born Secretary of state invites my soul rather than distressing the lady of Liberty still welcomes the people of other lands to equal citizenship this is our heritage and our strength i would not have it apart from personal or partisan i have the gravest reservations about Kissinger philosophy of International relations and his attunement to our National if As Secretary of propels this country in the direction of continuing military big Power politics then his very assets As an individual become the nations i am As i have about his insensitivity to individual liberties and to the general run of human his disregard for an outgoing approach to International economic issues and his apparent contempt for the United he has proved his his his but not his compassion for people or his belief in working out International solutions other than big Power without these our foreign in the years May have the appearance of sophistication and but in reality it will remain in the prison of the brutal

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