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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 31, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1839.) BURLINGTON, IOWA, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 31, 1890. MORRILL ON THE TARIFF. He Strongly Supports the McKinley Measure in the Senate. Th District of Columbia Appropriation Bill—Speaker Heed Appoints a Committee to Investigate the Charges Agral*18! Raum. WvsHXNOTOX. July SN).-—In th** senate Hoar presented memorials of the North Carolina republican association and of the District of Columbia in favor of the nassaze of the national election hill. *\1 revest presented a memorial of the -page-workers5 alliance of the district of cc-rhh denouncing the bankruptcy toll*111 cm* ^Mr Sherman offered an amendment to the deficiency appropriation bill (which was referred to the committee on approbations) appropriating $50,OOO fur mak-a boundary line between the United States and .Mexico and called attention to its urgency. iphc resolution offered ny Sherman tix-iug the daily hour of meeting at ten a. rn. was taken up. Mr Cockrell, iii advocating tile bill, com pared the work done in the two houses during the present session,declaring the number of hills passed by the senate had never before been equalled, while the house had passed a small number comparatively. How. lie asked, had gomuth work be* n done iii the senate? Had the minority been wasting time by interposing objections or by unnecessary discussion? Had the minority consumed the time (as the majority had done under the last administration) in criticising the executive or in pleading <ivil service law vent, the removal of democratic committee on agriculture to-day decided to report favorably the bill Introduced iii the house by Conger last Monday to reg-blate the manufacture and sale of pound lard.  ...... n,,,„ , ... ,     com ite bill is similar in language and scope to the amended bill already reported by the committee, the only material changes being a few small reductions in the rate of taxation. The purpose of reporting this last bill is to fat iii tate at lion upon the subject in the bouse by substituting it for the amended bill tirst reported, thereby avoiding the necessity for separate votes on numerous amendments to tho original bill. Concerning Blaine’s Su«ar Idea. Washington, July 30.—Representative Sanford, of New York, to-day offered for reference to the ways and means committee a preamble and resolution regarding Mr. Blaine’s expression of opinion upon the sugar duties and reciprocity. postponing legislation on sugar and molasses and requesting the president to enter into negotiations with Spain and Central and South American states looking to the consummation of reciprocal arrangements, etc. THE WORLD'S FAIR. The Work of the Extra Session of the Illinois Legislature. The Judiciary Committee .Spends Con-siderable Time Over the World’* Fair BUI—The Senate House Disagree. and 30, — The 'pent >ome Lincoln. Resolutions were adopted congratulating Secretary of State Blaine on his ‘‘denunciation of the McKinley tariff bill.” WHY THE RIOTS BROKE OOT. th. Ezra B.Taylor Renominated at Cleveland. Cl.evki,and, July 30.—Ezra B. Taylor was renominated by the republicans of the nineteenth district. Buenos Ayres Citizen Tells the Story of the Revolution. N. V. tlarlin Nominated. Lim oi,tx. Neb., July 30.—The second district republicans, at Hastings, this evening nominated N. V. Marlin, of York county. Brought About by Financial Folly—The Remarkable Blunders Which Ceil to the Downfall of the Government. j eminent wa- so far behind in payirn soldiers’ wages. • I he navy consisted of three good ships aud several others of inferior rank. S It i> with the people. The officers are j of the highest intelligence and of the best social standing. They have often expressed their discontent with the government. It is not, therefore, -ur-I prising that they have decided to sup-i port the people and take an active par I in the operations for overthrowing the government." AT BLUFF FARK. Epworth League Day at the Charming Resort. re A Splendid Addrest* by l>|. Cox, oi \V «sI>-milton, IoW|— Dr. Ferry’* Address In the Afternoon -General Mate New*. Wa- Nominations. him,ton, July 30.—The president to-day sent to the senate the following nominations: Thadden S. Shamus, of Maryland, general appraiser of merchandise under the provisions of tho act approved last June: Louis Des Marias, of Louisiana, coiner of the mint at New Orleans: Henry Clay Bulbs, postmaster at Decorah, Iowa, THE ARMY UNPLEASANTNESS. I I Ti Hi I: ■ --.e net I TI its ll* Oil ■ J to pre    . officials before the end of their terms of office ? Nothing of the kind. Had not the bills for the admission of Idaho and Wyoming as Stites bei n allowed by the minority to pass, although every one knew that neither of them had sufficient population to entitle it to a representative in the bouse. The bills had passed only through the inconceivable forbearance aid consideration of the democratic minority. and yet the democrats were criticized the moment they wanted a little explanation and a little light on the tariff hill. Why, he asked, had not the house disposed of more measures than it has? The reason was that it ignored in its organization and in its changed rules the fundamental principles of parliamentary discussion. Ii1' said democrats would come to the chamber at ten in the morning, but they would expect republican senators to come, too, and they would stay until six in the evening, andfa< dilate tin transaction of business if they were treated as decent as a respectable minority ought to be. The resolution was then agreed to. The tariff bill was taken up and Morrill addressed the senate. He "aid the ^natured denunciations of American manufacturer' by the oratorical free traders indicated that they preferred the prosperity of foreign manufacturer to that of ■their own countryman, and’that they would oui pel the latter to manufacture as cheaply as any foreigner and pay no higher wages or abandon their business. The real purpose was ii ii ally to break down and degrade ihe present, scale of wages of the American workmen. Coming to the question id’ agricultural de-pri 'sion Morrill said there was a glut of misinformation disseminated onjthat subject and a concealment of the fact that the prices of farm products are depressed throughout the world. He asserted that in ls>s, had it not been for the duty of twenty cents a bushel on wheat, the wheat of India would have snatched tim market of Now York from the state id' Wisconsin as well as from all other western states!. The farm mortgage indebtedness had been grossly exaggerated and he understood the census reports would show that farm mortgages in Kansas and Maine were less than one-quarter of tim amount 'a Inch had been represented. 'The charge that the American farmers were hugely iii debt, or more so than th farmers Of any other gross calumny. The could not. be found lie made at home only bo made by protection. Referring to the countries of Central and South America Morrill 'aid of agricultural products, cattle, sheep and horses they had an abundant and cheap supply, not only for home consumption but also for exportation. To carry any of those products there in tin vain hope of finding a market would he like--Carrying ©bals to New Castle." On the question of sugar Morrill said the adding of free sugar to tin' breakfast table presented a stronger case than tea and colt* e presented in I st? for like treatment. If by bounty the United States could (as had been done by several European countries) supply all its own sugar, ninety million of dollars would bi kept at home that was now sent to Cuba and elsewhere never to return. I a conclusion. Morrill said any amendment offered in good faith that would improve the bill would be cordially received but all attempts to engraft thorns upon it would, he hoped, be rejected. At the i use of Morrill's speech the consideration of the hill bv paragraphs was continued. The amendment offered yesterday by McPherson was r< jected, McPherson eon tin ued to offer amendments for the reduction of rates on articles in the ' heroical - hedule but they were all mercilessly rejected by party votes. The only change made in the schedule was hie reduction ion the motion of Aldrich) of the duty on chloroform from IO to ?5 cents per Mound. Mr. Vest moved to r* dm *? the duty on iodoform from -MAO to "I pi r pound: res General Rant/Granted a Prolonged Leave of Absence. Omaha. July 30.— Notwithstanding the peculiar official attitude between General Kautz and General Brooks, of the United States army, the war department has informed General Kautz that if he desired it, he will have the approval of two months' leave of absence. The leave was preferred by General Kautz, who will be absent on important business of his own for some weeks. This will no doubt prolong tlit* investigation of the case between the above named officers and w hich was inaugurated by General Brooke. The delay will probably have the (dfect of less hasty conclusions and a pO'sihle correct ion of the matter in a way that will put the responsibility where it rightfully belongs. The ulterior purpose underlying the issue isapt to tie laid bare and an officer of forty years service, with an honorable record throughout three wars. will be vindicated. THE SQUADRON RETURNS. Admiral Walker Flit husiastic Cruise. av cr I he 1 century market" abroad and tie was a which had to v could Nkw Yohk, July 30.—The squadron of Evolution which has been cruising in foreign waters for tho Sum eight, months dropped anchor in Gravesend bay last night. Admiral Walker was seen by a reporter this afternoon, and in conversation was enthusiastic over the cruise. He took occasion to deny emphatically the stories which had been printed here from time to time of tlie disaffection in the squadron’s troubles among the officers. etc. Ile said he never had been on a cruise that was so entirely free from anything like dissatisfaction or disturbance on board the vessels. Of course, in a squadron containing* fifteen hundred officers and men under military restrictions. it w as inevitable that offenses must occur and, of course, penalties that could be described as severe applied. The squadron was received abroad with the utmost kindness and courtesy. We were, in fact, added the admiral. feted from the moment we dropped anchor at Lisbon until we reached the last Mediterrian station, and at Rio Janero tin- feting was continued with redoubled zeal. The Brazilians, indeed construed our coming as a special honor from the United States to the new republic and could not sufficiently express their appreciation of it. {Springfield, III., July house judiciary committee time this afternoon in the consideration of the world’s fair bill. An amendment by Mahoney providing that if Chicago shall agree to purchase all the fair building constructed on the Lake Front they shall be compelled to pay no more than the actual cost of construction was adopted. A clause providing that all damages resulting from condemnation or easement of private property be paid from the proceeds of bonds raised by the city was stricken out. Sir. Stoskopf moved a special committee be appointed to prepare a proviso to section 4, which would require the park board to submit to the people of that dis-trict the question whether or not tw’o million dollars worth of bonds should be issued for the purpose of i taproving Jackson park land for the benefit of the world's fair. The people to be taxed, he said, should have a voice in the question of the issuance of these bonds. The motion carried and tho chair appointed Stoskopf, Baker, Whitehead, Crafts and Meyer as a subcommittee. The two million dollars bonds in question are proposed to be issued by tile park commissioners in addition to the five million dollars of bonds which tho city of Chicago will lie authorized to issue. When the sub-eommittee met this evening, Crafts at once made a motion that the committee report, iii favor of striking out the park bond clause entirely. Attorney Matin. i»f Hyde Hark, who was in the room, begged to be heard before any such radical action was taken. Ile went (*i to argue in favor of the section, hut upon the conclusion of lo" remarks, on motion of Crafts, the subcommittee decided to recommend that the section be stricken out. The West Side people were then seized with the misgiving that perhaps after all tile main committee might refuse to accept, their recommendation, and Crafts, therefore. prepared an amendment to the section in case the recommendation did not prevail. It provides that the power to issue bonds shall not. be exercised until tin' proposition has been submitted to a vote of tin* legal voters of the park district and received a majority of such votes. Mr. .Mooney offered an amendment providing for a new section to the bill to the effect that there should be a condition that in all contracts made in connection with the fair eight hours shall constitute and be paid for as a day's labor and no person shall be employed who is not a citizen of the United States or has not property declared his intention of becoming such. This amendment was adopted by acclamation. Then* was considerable further discussion on the part of the bona matter, Dixon saying it was a question with him whether it was wise to have tiff" section authorizing the issuance of park bonds in the bill at all. After much talk the sub-committee to which the matter had been referred at first, was authorized to report on the whole subject, either to strike out tile entire section or add a clause submitting the issuing of bonds to a vote of the people. As the sub-committee is composed of three West biders, OIH* North Sider and one countrv iQfm- Mirliigan Prohibitionists. Lansing. Mich., July 30.—The prohibition state convention to-day nominated the following ticket:    Governor, A. S. Spridgu; lieutenant governor. IL I. Allen; secretary of state, E. S. Palmer: state treasurer. Ansel B. Coddington; attorney general, J. Ii. Adsit. LICKED UP BY FLAMES. Seneca Falls Serious Loss by Meets tire. Si.nia a Falls, N. Y., July 30»~—The Pew building, against the erection of which three or four years ago such an earnest protest was made, fill tilled its mission as a tire-trap tiff" morning and it is feared it has also proved a death-trap. A few minutes after three this morning the building was discovered on fire and in a few minutes the entire structure was in flames. The Pew building was approachable from but one direction and tile atmosphere quickly became so hot that the firemen could not. endure it. The splendid Phoenix block, j aristocrats and plebean involving the eletric light plant, electric railway plant, postoffice. Reveille printing establishment, the Courier, Sanderson's furniture wareroom' and the Western Union telegraph office, succumbed to the flames and within four hours fifteen stores east of it to the Sheldon block were ruined. The flames sprang across the street, to the Hoag opera house and before an hour passed that was consumed with all tip* buildings on Fall street on that side east to tim Sheldon block: while on the north side of the co-operative block was the limit. On State street the flames extended to and included Kellogg's livery stable, but all of his stock was saved. All three of the newspaper" are burned and the telephone service is suspended. The Western Union company is doing business at the railway station. The fire wa" under control at nine o’clock but soon broke out again in Tedman a Glaske's dry goods store which is now burning. Tile loss already amounts approximately to $233,000 and if the fire is not extinguished soon ii may bo considerably larger. Auburn, New York. July 30.—A report received here from Seneca Falls, New York,* places the loss at a million of dollars. Fifteen acres were burned over covered principally by three-story brick buildings. were selected from who had been mi ff finance, named A Big Fire at Chicago. Chicago, July 30.—A disastrous ber opposed to Jai kson Park, it the others to-night that the W< played a very sharp game. " felt by H Side!" THE SENATE. “Two Happy Young Couples Are We.” [Special Correspondence.] Carthage, 111., July 30.—A. J. James, aged seventy-four, of La Harpe, was married here to-day to Mrs. Sarah A. Roush, aged fifty, of La Harpe. Milo Wilcox, aged sixty-four, of Mapleton, McDonough county, was married to Miss Jane Wilson, aged sixty-thrce, of Appanoose township. The House Amendment t«* the < mh^I national Amendment Resolution Non-con-curred In. Spuing field, IIL, July 30.—The Gill for an act in relation to the world’s Columbian exposition was taken up on the third reading this morning and passed by a vote of 3S ti* I, in the form in which conflagration broke out, to-night, on the luke front, sp th** foot of Michigan street near the mouth of the Chicago river. It began on the docks of Fitzsimmons A Connell, contractors, and quickly spread to the lumber yards of E. IE Ayer A Co., Whitcomb A Co., Pesh, Tigo Co., and William II. Palpcke A Co, The region i" known a" north pier and is situated on the north side of the river only a few squares from the site of old Fort Dearborn. A wilderness of slips, wharves and railroad tracks render the place almost inaccessible for the fir.- engines and three fire boats came in good play. The tire broke out about eight o'clock and at ten it was under control, though still burning fiercely. Between ten and fifteen acres iff lumber piles were burned and a great number of freight cars. The direction of the wind alone saved the shipping and warehouses in the vicinity. The Ii," will be about $300,OOO. the third readitu I lie tariff bill was then laid aside and flu'conference report on the District of Gthimhta appropriation bill presented. No action was taken and after an exe-i 'give session the senate adjourned. Advised to Forward Funds. Lim oln. Neb., July 30.—The. officers of the Iri'h National League, to-day, issued an address to the members of the league throughout the country setting forth the urgent necessity for an immediate transmission of all available funds in America to the home organization and authorizing ail branches and individuals to forward funds direct to the treasurer of the league in Dublin. Dr. S. E. Kinney. M. P.. 13 upper O'Connell st.. Dublin.    ____ Th*- Governor Will Issue a Requisition. (Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Oakman, 111., July 30.—The illegal chicken shooting that occurred a few days ago begins lo assume shape towards bringing the parties to justice,. The governor has expressed Iii" w’illingness to issue a requisition for the parties as soon as the papers reach him which are now about completed._ Hancock Horticulturalists. [Special to the Hawk-Eye.] Hamilton, 111., July 30.—The annual picnic meeting of the Warsaw Horticultural society was held at Wild Cat Springs to-day. There was a large attendance and a number of interesting addresses were made. The display of fruits and flowers was line. it. was advanced to yesterday. At tile afternoon se a messenger from tin that the senate joint constitutional amendment had been con curred in by the house with amendment: which were read. Senators Burke and Crawford enter*-* ion of the senate house announced resolution for the vigorous objection to the first amendment white! provide -that no such indebtedness so created shall ii any part thereof be paid by the state or from any stall-revenue, tax or fund, but the same "-hall be paid, if at all, by the city of Chicago alone.’’ They considered this a reflection on the city of Chicago and said it showed a very mercenary spirit on the part of the people outside of Chicago. After quite a lengthy debate the amendment was non-concurred in. The other house amendment was adopted and the senate adjourned until tomorrow, when the house will be notified of the senate's nonconcurrence in the first amendment. Burning a Town Down. Toi,it do, July 30.—The most extraordinary condition of affairs prevails at Baird st awm, an oil village on tin' Baltimore and Ohio railroad, about twenty miles south of thi' city. It ha' been visited by five incendiary fires within a week and every business house has been destroyed. The cause is thought to oe the passage by the authorities some time ago forbidding the sinking of gas or oil wells within the town limits, Ii is alleged that men who arc holding town lots at big prices hoping to sell them to oil men and finding their aspirations checked leagued together to burn the town with a view to turn the sit** into an oil-producing territory. I ire Los* Estimated. Nkw York, July 30.—Estimate p<-day on the losses by fire last night at the stores of t Ii** Empire Warehouse company, Brooklyn, make it $200,000 on merchandise, and >20,odd on the building. Louis. plant of the Missouri Car and Foundery company was damaged 300,000 by fire to-night. A ©60,000 Fire at st. Sr. Loris, July 30.—Tin Cun vgo, July 30.—Gustavo Volimer, a representative of the River Platte Fresh Meat company I limited) of the city of Buenos Ayers, Argentine Republic, gave a newspaper representative a thorough resume <*; the stirring events which precipitated the present revolution in that country. Mr. Volimer has just left his business interests there, having landed in New York on the 18th. He was seen to-dav at the store of Beekstein A Co.. < anal and Van Buren streets. “When I left the Argentine Republic,'' said Mr. Volimer, ’’the situation was one Of expectancy. Shortly before the day of my departure the public excitement had reached a high point. Up to that time there had been several public meetings at which there were in attendance between tflirty and forty thousand people. No such largely attended meetings were ever before held iii the republic. At these there were all classes— the military, civil service employes, They were public meetings in the true sense of the word. “These meetings were beld in tile beginning of the month of May, and the whole ministry, in view of these gatherings, resigned tile day before tin- date of the first one, with the seeming purpose of making a concession to the public feeling, which demanded a change in the political a ti*I financial affairs of the government. “The business men expected thai Juarez Colman would change his course and put honest men at the head of the government, but, with two exceptions*— those of the ministers of finance and war —the cabinet officers among Hie same men jug up to this point. “The old minister Uriburn, had the sympathy of all commercial circles, being a business man himself, and it, wa- expected that if he was properly aided the government would he able to straighten out it- financial difficulties. He made some attempts at an honest administration and toward settling the financial troubles, but he was not sufficiently supported by the president. Therefore ho was obliged to resign, a" a matter of principle. “The new minister of finance, {Senor Garcia, was, before his election, the director of the National Mortgage bank, which in no way enjoyed the confidence of business men. On the contrary, his selection indicated a continuation of the old unsatisfactory system. As a consequence of this nomination the premium on gold rose considerably, while during the short stay of t riburn it had greatly diminished. “Another cause for tin increase of uneasiness on the part of the public was a law passed by tin- congress of May. authorizing the government to collect on• - -quarter of its duties in gold. This measure was looked upon by tin- public with much anger, because the high premium on gold for the lust ten month' had placed everything at such a high figure that the workingman was scarcely able to exist. This measure only contributed to still increase the price of necessaries. It must be understood that most of our provisions are imported from Europe, and in consequence a rise in the premium on gold tends to make higher j tin1 cost of living for every one, for the J rich and poor are all obliged to buy these ! provisions. It is quite clear that the high premium on gold and the new law-regarding the collection of duties rendered life unbearable to the ordinary workingman, and set every one against the government. Another law was passed at tile same time authorizing the government to issue $300,000,000 of paper money. This. taken in con ne -tion with the fact that there already existed >ino.ooo gito In paper currency made that class of money rather worthless. The president in his message to congress promised that no new issue of paper money should be made. Hence, this new. law wit' a surprise to the whole country. When this 3160,000,000 of palier currency was already a curse, and much more than the credit of the country was able to stand, it can he easily imagined what effect an issue of A3,000,-000 mon* had on the public. • By these measures and others the government had paved the way to an uprising of the people. “When Juarez Colman tame into power the demoralization in tile administration all over the country commenced at once. In order to reward the good ser- \ 11 (Mud at Buenos Ayre*. Buenos Atef.", July jo. I. to p. in. The cit \ i' quiet and business is reviving. A GRAVE OUTLOOK. The Kf'i^nat ion ol Frenhlrnt Colman DoniaiidoH in Buenos Ajrros. London, July 30.—The Time* correspondent at Buenos Ayres says : The exasperation against Celman is indescribable. Unless he resigns if Is feared an attempt will Im; mad*- upon Iii" life. 'l'he bourse is closed and settlement i" postponed until Aug. 9. The exchange shops quote gold at 48o. President Celtium dees not appear to realize his po"i-tioii. It is reported tin squadron has surrendered. The minister of war ha" issued a bulletin pardoning th* rank and file of tin* revolutionists and declaring 200.000 national guards ar** ready to defend the country and President Celman. The bulletin is treated with derision ami copies which have been scattered throughout the city are tramped under foot by the people. The outlook i" bad unless Colman resigns. < orre* pond ern eot Tim Hawk-Eye Bluff Park, July '.in. After pleasant day with the young pcoph ; the United Presbyterian church yes j day Bluff Park was on tip-toe with j pee tat ion in regard to Epworth Le; the WILL EXPEL MANY JEWS. Day. 'lite train" from Ii ■ brought in the Methodist I and th*- speakers for th*- d. Dr. J. C. W. Fox. of Wa "I I delivered th*- address of a large and enthusing J “The Outlook and th* I Epworth League. As Cox i- well known to R ! and before t his audiem < pie he was at his best . diminishing of demon ii j feels that the mo"t in* I plishud by ea* b * hri-tki ; under it' own color I wdiile a" a whole. commands. The young peoplt j byterian church, I are marshaled cud like our own. and in (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK. stomach wa' found to contain nineteen nail', two iro i 'tap!* ..im*' 'older and Several piece - * f waste tit; This is a true tale and vouched for. Waging War on Tramp*. Boon * % la. July 31.—Th” city author* it ie." have inaugurated war against tramps, a rn-" ting them under the provi- sioris of t he n w anti-tramp law of the state. Nim* were captured Tuesday morning and each sentenced to t* n day*' labor on iii* - tre* t* This move ira* cleared the t< woof tramps for th* pre-.- eat. A Krd- Maker. [Spec- a1 to Th*- Hawk-Eye. > I NOLFI NOP $( K, .Lii. ii. Til*- two- year-ohl ba colt. Manager Nutwood, dam * awin b v <George Wilke*, owned bv Ii. L. and F. D Stout, of Dubuque, pared th* la* half mil*- here t«*-day in l:oo;,. Ifor? •'-men predict that he will go a mile ox *r this track within sixty da vs in 2:15 > >r better too! t < •it! Mining Ma* hint-. Th*- Hawk-Eye.I Mi -The tiff: tri and ari ia n I rescent place coal mining five operation at ac been fen Hue-east. but tie" is > in Iow a. Xii I mlrrtiikiT T»k«-n In. >h( SIU. the ap- Tli” Fillet* of I SH'.' to In* Applied iii Ha London, July 30.— The Tina* says Rus'ian government ha - ordered tin plication of the edicts of I".' against the Jew’s. These edicts have hitherto been held in abeyance. According to these, Jews must henceforth reside in certain towns only. None will be per-or hire it for agri-No Jews will b* al-worl mines. to see anoil young people ter League, tionu! young th.- Y. P. > people in th* and kindly apt to look •r army heard J'*-tandard" rt lime 4 Pres organized th*- IV while over th* folk" floats th* . < . E. IIi' advi< • church was cart received. Young for too big burd* IFK, tk*-r tmtri"- * ongrega-banner of * to young •St iv given people are hot Ca1 —B. F. Du rf ty, wa- taken irged cheek. lave a (leat urial eii'ke for >20and pf’ pr' *. an n bv . The child at for SIH, Bred wa* ii ply r* milted to own laud cultural purposes. lowed to hold share" in or w-to enter the army, to praeti* * or law. to be engineers or Other professions. They will barred from holding post" government. The enforce® edict will regilt in th*- expulsi medi* • ‘liter also under nit of .ti of | im am’ de file the l.Ono.non Jews from the country. NINETY-EIGHT KILLED. I \ pIoMOII Terrine Mine France. Pa KIS. July 30. The Pdi.'ser pit at St. Etienne, in which an explosion of tire dami» occurred yesterday, has been cleared. Fifty-nine of the persons who were at work in the [iii when the explosion occurred have been r< -cued, bodies of the victims of the e.xpl* numbering ninety-t ight have been r< **red. too larg” enterprise-shoulders to white the as essential, ar*- forgott “Do with your might find" to do" that you n conn* words, “Well don fit! servants, thou ha over a few thing". I xvi y thi •rd.” r of Ii >y go* ieni” parti* dining hall I Law ti. Bt of Editor Bow in t July 31.—TI linty yesterday a te* to th*- tat t iii TI wh lav moon u dictate ie eon-- I towed e\- >n w Alliance Organised. over III of thy Et < friz. * too iran*- bv a I'ted Of the Weft* •presen-The ui/afion Ti Th* ion noon Hour. A merry people who have held in th* 'pirit' for a day and a r alf, * on the bluff during th* moo ga\<- vent to their pent tip lithe song" on record. Th* meeting was addr* *>* <1 by editor of the Epworth lh rah Address was entitl' d “Lenc and was one that to b«- appr* be heard. The Epworth lh ir*ta I •Veil Four Ii* hour Dr Ka Hi- abl* a Hand. tidences Burncil. > The lf i wk-Eye. J-—A fir.- at We iii*- lilt 11 mg ton her.*;, eight mbenight burned f* * barn-. Th** in Isbnrg, Cedar 'Halbur resi-u trance arui GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. * i,i *. ladstunc’ /ixdon, J uh 30. Opinion -Gladsome Cera! el been a aho:.al *ra mf ititr tit th*- National I "aid there never had tinct proof that the mind are witll th*- lib afforded! since the as"' •■tit parliament* Drowned iii Flood Vienna, July 30.—The s has overflowed i j th*- surrounding I along th” Sin** of I and I h*-ir hon"”" *-ak- ight dis- ga1 ii ton more heart and than had bees nxr of t Ii*- pr* - fortunate in having st; man at i" head. and fr hi ar*! to-day, the lh n the religious paper of four o'clock Dr. Perry talk to th** member" of League and aft*-r that wa" -midu* ted fly Dr. Cox A quartette from Fort aisle d some excellent rn afternoon, which was vet wha I hrc-li* r Burned. a Th Haw k-Eye.] Julv 30.—J. C. a I ai a* each, t five •team " of - and Mi I»ti <t to Miffp . Ka."., Ji !. of With d I'cu Liza ii river ■ bank" aud inundated •ountry. Many persons the river were drowned i”"t roved. CALL FOR A CONFERENCE. .—Colonel 1 a" to-day *■ republi-to succeed renomina- A III ne-* dill ioilint*. •patches received o Rev PARISI JU!) 30.— I) lu re from Buenos Ayre" dated last evening, anno ;rn *• that the government has granted amnesty to all person' who ti*<>k (iart in the insurrection w hich broke out Saturday. \ IJiu Mail KofelM*ry. Paris, July 30.— Postoffice officials discovered to-day th twenty-five t housand stolen from the regisl traii'ii. f tenerai Sansder. mi P"ri' i" dying. The Bi-lirieg s* London, July 3o. I of th** opposition to p tions to the governmei; Behring s* a depute w I A Democrat ic Att* I armer*’ Allium' {Special to Th* IJK" MoiniJuly to bring another intlt. in congr* "'ional ma. mination to int*! politic" run ha"t a ke frau ma nu ndr* lad be* ba is Di'iiul < mention refill to th* th* the issuing of a ca! representatives grangers. Knights and other farmers' zations in the sev triet to meet a* Des Moines, op to decide what secure representat name a candidate plainly a demo*’] the cold reception in thi' distric out that o r flattered by t friend: to run ad ■nipt to Kiln ta* or i- Int** Foliti< *. p- Hawk-Eye.] on 30.—The code avor enee into til*1 field or ter* and the d e lor rn Farmer'' Alii an1 ** ”d I fresh impel! is by Vc ■r a confer-n It- all the alii! me*1. y- Labor assent va jm L,. id laborers’ or gun *- 'n- h < ongres* **na 1 di'- **• A born holts fin HAWK-EYE GLANCES i* i;v Hi \Y I !,r‘ I,it -A K eckuk man wife when she .!ver ; way from r to th*; police. IYF. STOM I ".— Da M be- iletective Pleasant The prai for J N ST A N N* a com plain* ' have be chickens, when the them. My: (iii We til* th His ral W* e per •J r foreign off! HIM ' Ii I Ullin.ii Fat lot Ie Djin July 3d. « a rd ilia I CATTLE GOING BLIND. unfi. Fir* WAR ON THE POOL SELLERS. THE POLITICAL POT. Drowned iii Lake Minnetonka. Minnkafoi.is, July 30.—Louis Dew Washburn, a leading civif engineer, was drowned in Lake Minnetonka this evening with Iii" nice*1. Gussie Beekman, a daughter of E. lf. Hackman, of Sioux City, Iowa, lie was teaching the girl to swim and was seized with cramps and both went down. Tennessee State Republican Convention at Nashville. N a"IIVIlkk, Tent!., J illy 30.—The republican state convention was called to order at noon by John L. Walker of til” state committee, and /.ach Taylor, of Shelby county,was selected as temporary chairman. After the appointment of various committees the convention took a recess until two this afternoon. At the afternoon session Congressman Honk was made permanent chairman. The platform was adopted with great applause. Hon. Lewis F. Baxter, of Davidson county, president of the National Commercial Club, was nominated for governor by acclamation. TRE HOUSE. SI? if IJ if Diumittee Appointed to liuestigate the t barges Against Commissioner Raum. Washington. July 30.—The speaker i d before the house fifteen requests for leave of absence. Mr. Che ad Ie, of Indiana, inquired "jwuher, if the"*; leaves were granted, a 3durum would be left in the house. Phe speaker announced his inability to answer the query. ^ Mr. Buchanan, of New Jersey, thought ;l’    ' ' Hrs question was determined *»n it would be better not to grant the ’■axes, cons* queutly tin* requests for '■aves were passed over for the present. Mr. Me* Ama", of Maryland, called up '“‘■‘conference report on the District^ Uiumbia appropriation bill. Mr. Mutcbl* r of IVnnsylqania opposed 1 ie report on the ground that according tho statement of the district commis-r‘r- I the bill pasted in its present ■nim there would be a deficit in tho ■' venues of the district of between>273,-y1"1 and 'too,oui). After debate the con-^Tence report wa" agreed to and the went into committee of th*1 whole 'n tho senate amendments to the sundry civil bill. ^ Mr. t umm;ug' made an attack upon ne director of the geological survey •fit* favored the senate irrigation amendment. Mr < annuli replied briefly. Fending mon, the committee rose, and th*1 bf f'u '1,lll0il!u'od the appointment of j e following members on the committee ^ investigate the charges against Commissioner Raum: Morrill, Sawyer. Smy-Goodnight and Martin of Indiana. Jnjourned. Against the Election Bill. Augusta, Ga.. July 30.—The Augusta exchange to-day adopted resolutions condemning any effort to disturb the business relations between the north and sou th and appealing to the northern men to defeat, the federal election bill. A State Senator Shoot* an Editor. J ai KSON. Miss., July 30.—State Senator Joe W. Cutrer t*>-day shot and fatally wounded Freeland Chew, editor of the AYu- Coahomkxn at Friars Point. There are no particulars except that I hew had been assaulting Cutrer in the paper. A Swimming Match. [Special to The Haws-Eyed Warsaw, IU., July 30.—P. A. Ilubuer and “Duce" Bunyan, xviii swim a race from Keokuk to this place for >33 a side.    ________________ Killed His Mother’s Persecutor. sr. Lot is. July 30.—This evening. Eugene Canfield, a lad aged seventeen years, killed his father. IL H. Boyden, who had been beating the boy's mother. The Nebraska Independents. Lim oi.n. Neb., July 30.—The independent stat*1 convention did not conclude its labors tint ii after four this morning. The full ticket nominated is as follows:    Governor, J. IL Powers: lieutenant-governor, W. II. Deck; secretary of stat*1. M. C. Mayberry: treasurer, J. V. Wolfe; auditor. John Beatty; attorney general, George \V. Edgerton; commissioner of public lands and building". W. T. Weight; superintendent of public instruction, I’rof. I). Almond. As soon as the stat*1 convention had ad-j jour tied th* delegate" to the fir"’ district congressional convention assembled and unanimously nominated ex-Senator V. IL Van Wyck for congress. North Dakota Republicans. Grand Forks, N. D., July 30.—The republican state convention reassembled this morning, but the credentials committee was not ready to report and an adjournment was taken until 4 p. in. A Chicago Race Track Proprietor Make* War on Mayor Crepier. Chi* ago. July 30.—Ed. Corrigan, the west side race track proprietor, has declared war against Mayor Cregier and his administration. Ile charges the mayor with malfeasance in office and threatens to bring him to the bar on criminal charges. An application for a xvrit of injunction to restrain Cregier and his chief of police from raiding the pool-sel-lers and book-makers in the west side race'track was filed in Judge Tuthill's court this afternoon. Mayor Cregier makes emphatic denial to ail assertions in Corrigan’s bill. to. Shell (.ain* , anil Ai i > pee ia! to Th*? Haw k*£) 111.. July 30.- iilt-iil ■ ir* vice J’he Five Bodies Found. Baltimore July 30.—The bodies of five victims of Sunday night's collision have been found. Eight persons are "till missing. Later—Four more bodies have been recovered. It now seems that the number of persons who lost their lives by the disaster is fourteen. Two other victims ar*1 lying critically ill and will probably die. that and Ben- V Row Settl*1*! in Court. (Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Ca UM v n, 111., July 30.—Tho row occurred on Big Island Monday which resulted in a broken leg for lamia Harrington, was partly settled in Justice Marsdon's court this morning. Frank King and wife, th*1 assailants, wert? arrested late last night, but King made good lits escape on the way to trial. Mr". King was fined $5 and costs. The Daily Gold Shipment. NKW YOUK, July 30.—Five hundred thousand dollars in gold were ordered for shipment to Europe to-day. Free samples of Dr Miles’ Restorative Nervine at J. IL Witte's drug store. Cures Headache. Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Neuralgia. Fits, etc._____ The Omaha Republican Suspends. * im aha, July 3d.—1The Omaha Republican, th*? One member precipitated ti hot debate by declaring tit*1 credentials committee “packed” in favor of Hansbrough. A permanent organization was perfected tili - evening. There was a fierce fight over the nominations and at a late hour the convention was still in session. Captain Burke, of Fargo, has been. nominated for governor: Roger Allen, lieutenant governor, and M. ii. Johnson for congress, the present incumbent, Hansbrough, being knocked out. A Doggery Reopened. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Carthage, IU., July 30.—Much to the surprise and disgust of many people the village board of Ferris has again licensed a doggery at that place. The saloon had been a common pest for years. A Big Lo**. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Warsaw. 111., July 30.—By til*' collapsing of a warehouse of the Warsaw Milling company nearly five thousand bushels of wheat were lost, entailing a loss of about one thousand dollars. his party followers ce allowed them to do as they liked in the offices they held. and to make as much money in any way as they could. Its IsST a free banking law was passed, and in each of the fourteen provinces a provincial bank was established. As a rule, banks stimulate commerce, but these banks seem to have been established only to siti'fy the greed of the president’s followers. A simple recommendation from the president to tin- managers of these banks was sufficient to get any amount of money. So it cam*; about that banks were left without cash, and the persons to whom the money was given were never asked for either principal or interest. In regard to politics, the president wanted to be considered the head of bis party, and every effort was mad** to keep J in power only such governors and other 1 high officials as professed their tajth in j him. The political right" of the citizens wert; interfered with so much that citizens didn’t care to work, knowing beforehand that it. was useless; some way or other the governing party mad*; its candidate invariably triumphant. lint though the public felt, deeply the suppression of its political rights, it vould never have taken th*1 step toward revolution had their purses not been so much affected that a living for everyone in his sphere was made impossible. “In the meantime all kinds of business became stagnant, and work generally was abandoned. Tim Italian immigrant" left by thousands. Thus everything was ripe for an uprising, and the leaders of the opposition fully understood that the right moment had come, lf ever a revolution was based on good reasons, thi" one was. In fact all the people iii the Argentine republic are astonished that tin- revolt lias not come sooner. The revolutionists, therefore, have the full support of the who!*; people, and I feel sure they will be able to bring the revolution to such a close t hat good government will be established. If the proper men are put at the head of the new government, and they will be, 'business circles will support them, and do everything in their power toward righting th*-wrong. •’I think th*1 present revolution will he a good lesson to the future governments, and that none will again attempt to { VITTO VGK. Ill ported this aftert sxs iud led out of ? to-dav. Walla crowds, appear. A ti* gro i ear wheel :i is resting v A cam as in hi" head K—It J' re I farmer wa il OI: all great didn't traiigf Di*«Si"«* Fr«-\aleut a lows. .-special to The Hawk-Ex July 3*).—An u is know centagen,s, is aff. • nit here. Tin y are eyes, many going Mi rinarian was here an* on. but he neither fie trouble or a ino-ibl' Min*. Mingo evident IJ cattle al with "or* "tate vc? examinai name ol hist an »st >t*" ta Ik Monmouti -ll to-day. man had a terril n re I iii- mornin arm I night. gU'h The di'ca-e probably got : by some strange cult •• be for feeding purposes. Civ* near by and in Iowa t -,*t ai' to tie spread f. Ap pa nous* '- my. Monday morning Frank Fo? * 'ai miner, was instantly ;* GI go. Milwaukee and St. to Paul ira! II*- vvas intoxicated and wife and t •ep ' 'lie ira IL av* - a he I FIX! r> Kl: Ga Min i\ii. At Villisca f* Momiiv • n ) rsons were arr* sled and if* lined from ~ ■ t-> $1 *-a h for gambling. Four or fir • were boys under sixteen and two Wen* ’ ■' ‘S":onuI gammer-, one Hi ! having I*** • st r* “U"*-ctfrom a jail "en- fence f*.’- v n i n i j ’ - i r t >fTtk ii <(* r. I 5‘r 1 fi-: A Pr cr iivi: Du. r.— A patient of the [ insane ho "pitai at Independ* nee, Iowa •r who had I died vest - with the dyspepsia • Ll hi* stomach were •d : found two « ad : i.'. a ten-penny nail. ie ii t■ ax ■ orie-haif of a whisk-i - • r; [fine -tick" -is inches -Th* ■ ri, >w loading wag* >r bb t wa? FP jur-year-ndy tenpins left DINNER WASN'T READY. F\Id*1 nee <>I Portland^ > Thompson aud ( hob* ague islaii* xviii!” berrying a Horrible Crime. i".. July so. — Charles wife, of th*- great , report that yesterday *»n Goos* Maud near thebeagn*- they came across th*- remains of two children. There were four hands and four feet recently cut off. A large fire had been built near by and in the ashes were bones, as i’ th*1 children's bodle' had been burned. Th*? coroner xviii go to the "{int and make an invc'ti-gat ion. And For Thi- R«*a*on Walter W*u»i*l**>    *. Crmfily Beat* IF** Wife. [Special toT Cl VRKSVILKE, I: Ev •XI JI THE TURF. The Cleveland Race*. Cl i vki \M>, July 30. —Theattendance WB" larg*1. the weather beautiful and the track dry and hard. The free-for-all pace xx a" the sensation of th*1 day. Adonis, the California horse, xxii' tii*-favorite. Betook in-'t and second heats Gut could not capture Hi*1 prize. In the second heat Adonis went the f.i't”"t mile ever paced in a race. Soon after tie-"tart Hal Pointer began to crowd ti)*1 Californian and th* remainder of tie-field were left in th*- rear On tin- buck stretch Bal xx;*' going like the wind. Turning into the stretch he and Adonis were neck ami neck. it was a game struggle to th*1 di.'tunee flag when Ha! went off his feet ami ran under the wire half a length ahead of Adonis. Th*1 heat was given to -lie latter however, tim*1 g:I! In th*- 2:09 class Almont xx a' lh*1 favorite. but after Lady Bull.on had taken the tir-1 heat and she and Almont had given ;t second dead. Mumbrino Maid came to the front and won. Th*1 winners of the other races were Hal Pointer, and Mambrino Maid. Wo nsley a farm cr lh ing hall mil - north we ~t ben t his wife y* 'terd IV ll "lr* anted from lier nose ran her away fro! I til* ■' h tile r ba be. le"S than one ref! I'iiig to give it up. Th can '<• dinner was not qui he •am** in from the fie!* tile fir"! tint*1 it*1 has abu left him once but retm •n*-* WO! lh) do better. : xx * eft >f ti repins a while. ITH. -Job kicked in a gash tim r the left * father and 'wal-ot discovered for ■fie difficulty was th*- little f*dlo\% i ii. the til* an ear old. and was all bori adv when Mi I'iat Wit' r A: Tiii at d I) wee e blan it to p A SINGULAR CASE. the will st ran ■tory of a Worn sn,- wa* Abdortol. M 1'"*ht:i V \ i .lev .la., Ji very singular ca**- i< now att attention of th*- pimple of we Albert VV Im Think' (I r- a* OI) I" Tri i1 pend aims Mr. and Mr- Br. liavc t-wi* mission o charged ; few days beet th!" til*1 dm-*- judged Insane, they appealed, t ion consists in infant si)*- wa-frauded of a here. (iii all . a! ore Minty, r-t * a t the I- rom rn iowa. e. of this city, th*1 insane eom-They were di— vmination. and a "•'cond we!” ad-x\ ha h decision smith, of face by a eh* ' to th* The bridgt : broken twice befor* im*1 place. It i" sup-though:., each time. ut John Smith. I M !,M^.—The Rock i"’.e*i a circular in within a few b* furnished ll be order et us concerning position, character single, and man) i mon whose repute be discharged, i Track.—-The In t I*,irk Associator ax. the “fastest mil** track ot ii offers >38,500 in purses fo1 from Angust 25 to 2'.*, I SPO s < I used with 550 entries, ii that ■ es xviii h they wi to quest ii ti win >T Mu Vi vin* it* Br. Mr: the belief abducted fortune by >ther sublet lu au -c's halb: that wh and later depart!*-' living ts they appear As! Br* The St. Fan! VV inner*. St. Pat I., July fin. Th* winners day were Khafton, Bertha. Rsin* r, I. Light, and Alfarrow. Si!*1 •iir'ia from * is an claim to he Sh*- - fr V -Th* '* Cnmnoand Lard Bill. oldest daily in the city, suspended pu bile a tion to-day-_____ Now I se Flatt s Chlorides. the houschold dis!nfectant.__ President Harrison WHI Re Present. Boston. July 30.—President Harrison has definitely promised the G. committee to be here August I-. A. IL oni« cure oiliousand nervous ii 9 Brei1 kin ridge Renominated. Little Rock, Ark.. July fib-democratic congressional convention for the Second Arkansas district to-day nominated Clifton IL Breckinridge for congress by acclamation. This is the district in which the Clayton contest is now- pending in congress._ Democrats Congratulate Blaine. Lincoln, Neb., July 30.—The democrats of the first congressional district to-day nominated W illiam J. Bryant, of WHEN THE ENERGIES FLAG Use Horsford’s Aeid Phosphate. l>r. T. C. Smith, Charlotte, Nj C.. says i bring to contempt th*1 rights of th*; citizens, and to deal with men like children, “It is an invaluable nerve tonic, delightful beverage. atnl one of the best restoratives when iii*1 energies flag and the spirits droop.” Bitten by a Mad Dog. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Denver, 111., July 30.—OtheWilliams, of Brown county, was bitten by a mad dog and is here receiving treatment from I the Orton mad stone. Change of life, backache, monthly irregularities, hot flashes, are cured by Dr. Miles’ Nervine. Free samples at J. H-Witte’s drug store Th*1 Saratoga Winner*. Sakat*><i v, July 30.- The winner" today were:    Wenonah,    King    Crab, Bell*1, Orypete, Granite, S:ryk and Hamlet. as president Celman ha- done. “Th*1 city of Buenos Ayres is, in politic", th*; commanding city of th*) whole country. And the largest military garrison it stationed there. If the revolution is fought out to a happy end in that city the who!*1 country will readily "ub-mit to it. The garrison stationed at Buenos Ayre" amounts to some five thousand men—artillery-men, infantry, and cavalry. The."*; are Indians; th*1 old natives. They are led entirely by their officers. The army is at present divided, but most of the officers have gone over to the revolutionists. There was much discontent in the armv because the gov- Typlioid Fever at Denver, III. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Denver, ilk. July 30.—Several iam-ilies here are prostrated with typhoid fever, some eases xTrj critical. Other i a"*-' ai ' n 'ted at Plymouth. Denver has suffered from previous epidemics of this disease. Chestnut*. Lori'V ii.lf . Ky., July 30.—Th*?report is current here that arrangements are being mad*- to combine the Players* league and American association. Headache from Lagrippe, influenza <»r cold* Instantly cured by Hoffman’* Harmless Headache Powders. At Henry’". to be perfectly rational, and until alan a year ago they conducted an exteiMv business and wore considered shrew* prudent and thrifty and had amass* *1 considerable amount of money, most * which has since gone in ti tin- phantom fortune, apparent delusions. Mrs. telligent, reserved lady have been born in England ar daughter of Lord Wadsworth, that while an infant she was >t< h*r parents and brought to I nit cd States, and xx hen about years old to ( edar Rapids, where "ii*; married at the age of fourteen years man whom she allege' wa- im plicate her abduction. Sh*- claims to hav* recollection of her parents, but that father was also confined while in pursuit \ of his lost daughter, and for a long tim** he was held in captivity, and until he j *! gave a larg** sum of money and property to Charles B. El Ii", a" guardian of his daughter, which money, it i" alleged by D* th*’ Br*-"*1* ", was -1olen from Ellis bv her abductors. Recently, she claims, she p fell heir to a large *-"tat*‘ in Texas, that ^ it was sold and th*- proceeds were dt-posited in the First National bank of Omaha, and were traii'ferred to the Valley liank of hi" city., of which Mar-M *•*-■1 Ut' Holbrook is fir' sident. He, they u* allege, is on*; of the parties who forty P years ago and >»v*-r. was implicated in union i Brown I are e\ pc speed dt Wa ni ter wa" dairv co A. L. M which h th*1 dalr plain" t to him •ted pre", ut* .nd >»th« to give this me NT VIN oru lh ism ■r wa" to a • i in ? no her 111 VV J) UTI dairy co creamery hard-vvoo will not a An Im | Motile- I 'ummary I benefits on*- man rn I Sevastopol d territory in th d. Axtell, Mind r celebrated horse: exhibition of thei et i rig. I i* Butte ic—A let the office of the state r the other day fror. hr* afield. Germany, ii formation concerninj of th* state, ll*1 com that ha" been shippe* >y dairymen of other state muted from tile soft WI Kid tub wa-packed, and he asks th imissioners to recommend mar; who packs his butter i: I tubs or other receptacles tha feet th*- butter. i i "ting Summary.—The De :>ih11 contain" this interesting Sunday'* original packag up grandly—one murder ii free-for-all light i (rrc-ts for intoxiea >on ’Hated; "even tion: twenty seizures of beer and liquor? a ti I wav tilt in t loveruor Square and a run* which one man had his arr broken. I'her*1 seems to lr*' more broke head" and hearts than eight-story build iiig- "ii!.-*1 tie- return of th*- “good o! days.” A Stran* i. Vim iou. -Some kind of nocturnal visitor i" exciting tile curiosit of some of the residents along the com ty Iiii*• street near Ackley. Some declar it to be i _■ )'t, but ti) ' of a more prs tical turn of mind scoff at the idea bu Lave ii< ii unable to determine what it I? It appears to be dressed in white an wanders up and down the street or dart here and there across lot", hut allows n one to get very near it. It i* very like] I some boy seeking to play a joke on ti people: ff so. he is liable to get hurt. ;

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