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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 30, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1839.)BURLINGTON, IOWA, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JULY 30, J HIK). (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK. President Harrison Urges Congress to Take Immediate Action. the Postmaster General A Letter From „n the Subject — Struble Scolds Speaker Heed—The Tariff in the Senate. against old tirade of calumny aud abuse the democratic party. After further debate the tile was laid aMa«> and tho house joint resolution to * ontinue the appropriations under existing laws, up to the tenth of August was presented, discussed and passed. After an executive session the 'enate adjourned. STRUBLE JAWS REED. Washington, July 29.—President Harrison to-day sent the following message to congress:    “To the senate and house of representatives:    The recent attempt to secure a charter from the state of North Dakota for a lottery company, the pending effort to obtain from the state of Louisiana a renewal of the charter of the Louisiana state lottery and the estab-ment of one or more lottery companies at Mexican town" near our border, have served the good purposeof calling public attention to an evil of great proportions. lf the baneful effects of lotteries were confined to tile states that gave the companies the corporate powers and license to conduct the business tile citizens of other slates, being powerless to apply legal remedies, might clear themselves of "the responsibility by the use of such moral agencies were within their reach. lint the case U not so. The people of all the states are debauched and defrauded. The vast sums of money offered to the states for charters are drawn from the people of the United States and the general government through the mail system which is made an effective and profitable medium of intercourse bet ween Tlie lottery company and its victims. The use of the mails is quite as essential to the company as stat.? license. It would be practically impossible for the company to exist if the public mails were once effectually closed against their advertisements and remittances. Tile use of the mails by these companies is tile prostituting of an agency only intended to serve the purpose of legitimate trade and decent social intercourse. it is not necessary, I ani sure, for nu to attempt to portray the robbery of the poor and the widespread corruption of public and private morals which are necessary incidents of these lottery schemes. Tin* national capital has become the sub headquarters of the Louisiana Lottery company, and it> numerous agents aud attorneys are conducting here a busbies ably a larger use of any legitimate busbies District of Columbia, good reason to belie touch cf these agent clerks in the postal se ap- s involving prob-mails than that of s enterprise in the This seems to be a •\e the corrupting s have been felt by rvice and by some of the police officers of the district. Severe and effective legislation should be promptly enacted to enable the postoffice department to purge the mails of all letters. new'paper-, and circulars relating to the bii'in ". The hitter of the postmaster general, which I transmit herewith, points* out the inadequacy of tin' existing statute and sug-gestsslegislation that would be effective. It may also be necessary to so regulate the carrying of letters by the express companies as to prevent the use of those agencies to maintain communication between the loft,cry companies and their agent- or customers in other cities. It does not seem possible that there can be any division of sentiment as to the propriety of closing the mails against these companies, and I therefore venture to express the hopi' that such proper powers as are necessary to that end will be given to the po'tofn e department. The letter of the postmaster general referred to by the president call attention to the inefficiency of the present bill and recommends the passage of the antilottery bill recently reported to the house A I a*sage I hat Is Cheered by Democrats and Laughed at by Republicans. YY Ash i no ton, July 29.—In tho house iii speaking on one of the senate amendments to the sundry civil bill this afternoon Struble, ot Iowa, made a bitter attach upon Speaker Reed for hi- action towards the gentlemen having an interest in public building bills. He contrasted tho courteous manner of Speaker Carlisle to the words of all gentlemen requesting recognition with" the almost sneering manner in which the present speaker treated such requests. The speaker treated the members as though they were so many boys. He did not propose to stand this sort of treatment any longer without. protest. Should the members, lie asked, continue to submit longer like cowards to the dictation of the speaker? Should they not rather combine together in honest recognition? He was for rebellion against the ruling of tilt* speaker in regard to public building bills. Strublo’s remarks were vigorously plauded by the democrats. Mr. Cannon, thought, the gentleman from Iowa had better have withheld ids attack upon the speaker. Ile (Cannon) diti not feel called upon to defend the speaker. The speaker needed no defense. The country had approved the action of t he speaker and the action of the republican side of the house. Mr. Struble said the statement that the members with public building lulls had not been fairly treated was a fact that he alleged before the house and the country, lie agreed that the work of the house miring this session had been a grand work, but that did not deter him from protesting against the indignity put upon him and other members. During the la-t administration bills were approved for public buildings iii tin* south in places of seven thousand inhabitants, and yet the Sioux City hill had been vetoed. 'Chut was pa**ed ami gone now. Hut. a- he had sniff before, the. speaker of the last house* never failed to give courteous treatment to members on the republican side. j Democratic applause. ] Mr. MeClammy. of North Carolina, expressed his pleasure at knowing the occasion has arrived when the gentlemen (Struble) could have the courage of his convictions. [Laughter, which broke out louder when MeClammy alluded to Struble"s failure to secure the renomination by speaking of the beautiful tones of the dying swail, j The amendment which gave rise to the discusion was that apppopriating 8800.-000 for the purchase of a suitable site for abuilding for the supreme court. In speaking of this amendment Caruth, of Kentucky, regretted that the gentleman from Iowa (Struble) had made an upon the speaker, lie thought there was some consolation in what the gentleman from North Carolina (MeClammy) had to say to the gentleman from Iowa and his funeral occasion about the dying song of the swan. The speaker might exclaim that the swans -aug before they died, but that certain persons died before they -aug [Laughter.] He was opposed to a building for the supseme court. The amendment was noil-concurred in. The committee having concluded tho consideration of all other amendments, recurred to the consideration of the irrigation amendment, which had been passed ovi r temporarily. It wms agreed the debate on this amendment should be limited to four hours, and the committee then rose and the house adjourned. WILL NOT INTERFERE. The Illinois Legislature Resolve They Cannot Alter the Fair Site. The Live Stock Men Will Aid in the Success of the Fair—What W'as Done in the Senate — General Political News. THE SENATE. Tin* l’ro- TaritV Hilt I iuler Discussion—A te*»t Against tile Flection Hit). Washington. July 29. — Iii the senate a result.:ii.n. adopted at a public meeting of republicans in Birmingham, Alabama, against tin* passage of the election bill was precented. Mr. Sawyer, from the postoffice committee. reported back the senate hill to establish .a limited postal and telegraph '(‘rvice. It was placed on the calendar. Mr. Sherman offered a resolution (which went over till to-morrow) for a daily meeting of the senate at IO a. in. Mr. Ingalls introduced a hill to estab-'h a depot of communication, and said t was prepared by and introduced ar the request c>f the wage-workers alliance. The tariff hilt was then taken up. The pending pies)ion, McPherson's amendment offered yesterday to reduce the duty on acetic acids was rejected by a party vote. 'The clerk proceeded with :lie reading of the hill but had only got A PRELIMINARY REPORT. through two lines when he was stopped by McPherson with the remark that he (the clerk) was moving too hastily. Mr. McPherson ti a < die red an amendment reducing the dutv on boraeacid from live and me otic to thr 25 to Mr. dressed th hill, w hich he the part of the war tariff was n He firmly believed cent* Rejected — of Arkansas, then adnate in opposition to the said was “a declaration on ■ republican party that the ver to be reduced.” the present period of protection would inaugurate a movement ’fiat would, in its effects and consequences. surpass previous upheaved of 'he kind. rh* protective system would he crushed and cast out as an utter abomination. Coming to the question of flinty on Migar. Jones asked w hy not protect tie wheat grower by bounty as well as the sugar grower? The proposi-ion to take the duty off raw sugar and bay a bounty on American grown sugar 'imply un ant ‘ Sugar free for refiners; ' (gar free for sugar trusts; sugar taxed fur ail who consume it tor food.” I fie next line of the Dill having been read by tin* clerk, “eroeonie acid. ti cents ‘'r pound. McPherson moved to sub- \Vhat the Internal Revenue Bureau Has Done in the Last Fiscal Year. Washington. July 29.—Commisssoner Mason has reported to the secretary of the preliminary report of the operations of the internal revenue bureau during the last fiscal year. The total collections of all sources of internal revenue were *142,59 4.696: and increase of >11.*00,262 as compared with the preceding year. Owing to tie lack of reports in some cast's it i' not possible to state exactly the cost of the collection which is estimated at "4.100.000 or a decrease of >S5,000. ;i< compar<‘d with the preceding year. The tables appended to the report show the receipt" in detail during the year as compared with the preceding year were as follows:    Spirits,    ss),GST,375, increase ST. 475.1 us: tobacco '".43.95S.991. increase >2,092.1 30:fenneiited liquor* "2G.OOS.53 4.-inerease >2,2*4.699; oleomargarine *7*0. 291. decrease si07,950; hanks and hanker' *70. decrease so.144: miscellaneous "153,434. increase .‘'02.303. Under the head of tobacco, tables show receipts from chewing and smoking tobacco an increase of *! 1.24*. 581; from cigars *461 513 and from cigarettes, *10.796. Among the larger collections were, Illinois. "33.*7*.091: Indiana, so,250,9SI; Kentucky, sit,059.043: Nebraska, north and south Dakota, >2.909.715: New York, sit;.22 4,321: Ohio, *13,430,972: Pennsylvania, >9.732.217: Wisconsin, "3.340.053. Si’itiNoft:11), 111., July 29.—The first tiling done this morning was tile passage of the bill making the appropriation for the expenses of the special session. The response of the Chicago world's fair directors to the request of tile house for information in regard to the double site was read and referred to a joint committee. Mr. Paddock's resolution that it be the sense of the house that tin* world’s fair should be held on a single site, came tip as a special order. An amendment was introduced that it. be tile sense of the house that Garfield park or some other west side locality as tins single site, hut it was promptly laid on the table. Mr. Martin, of Whiff1, introduced and* the house passed the following resolution: Resolve*I, That it is the deliberate judgment of tiff" house that we have no tight or power to make or tilter the site of the World’s Columbian exposition ti' fixed or determined upon by the national commission and the local directors. The house then adjourned until 2 p. in. tiffs afternoon. At the afteroon session of the house Buchanan, of Cook, offered a resolution setting forth that the house referred the world's fair bill to a joint committee on Thursday ht't. That they have made no apparent progress and that they he instructed to report the lull back to the house to-morrow morning: adopted. Mr. Doolittle, of the joint committee, reported with an amendment, the joint, resolution providing for the submission of the constitutional amendment and recommended its passage. Mr. Partridge, of Lake, spoke against the amendment which the committee reported and which provided that any sui Ii indebtedness created shall lie paid by the city of Chicago alone. Mr. Part ridge maintained that, if t he information is telegraphed all over the world that the legislature want' to wash it- hands of the world's fair the effect will be very bad. The amendment proved very popular, however, and was finally adopted by an almost unanimous vote, Patridge being the only otic voting iii the negative. The secretary of tho senate here reported to the house some joint resolutions as just adopted by that body. The house joint resolution was then postponed until to-morrow and Hie "enate resolution taken up. The amendment already adopted to the house resolution was drafted out of the senate resolution and after the rejection of some other amendments, a roll call was ordered. There was much objection to of party polities and the corporate power in our the shackles dominion of public affairs A memorial from the W. C. T. U. requesting the convention to declare in favor of a prohibitory amendment was lost in the committee. The platform, as reported, was adopted by a practically unanimous vote. Ex-Senator Van Wick, J. IL Powers, Dr. A. Coleman, and Guy C. Barnum were placed in nomination for goveonor. The first ballot resulted:    Powers    405,    Van Wick 327, Col man 40, Barnum 25; necessary to choice 4 47. Powers made a speech and the convention took a recess until nine o’clock in the evening. Convention met at nine o'clock and af a late hour was still in session. (Nit: Cl The Argentine Revolution Said to be at an End. THE POLITICAL POT. It Hegins to Manner in Guano republican afternoon, along the Roil in a Lively New Jersey. <»UK'. N. J., duly 29.—The Male convention began this The light this year is all line, hut is the greatest on congressman and Hausbrough is having a hard tussle to hold his own. M. d. johnson, tin' Scandinavian leader, is hard at work to secure himself iii Ilans-brough's place. However, the action of the convention tiff* afternoon on tin* choice of temporary chairman was ti defeat for tin! .Johnson forces, the llans-bruugh candidate, I*. .I, McCninber. being selected. Tin* Fullish Government Notified That the Government is a Winner-Other Dispatches of a Conflicting Nature. hie ?8 Illinois Republican State Central Comm;. -tee. Cun von, duly 29. The republican central committee met here at noon to-day. “Long'’ dimes was elected chairman, and Daniel F. Shepard secretary. The committee then went into secret ' session for a discussion of busine.". \ Ouiet Flection iii Mississippi. •I.vt kson. Miss., duly 29.—The vote throughout the state to-day was very light, and Hu* election was quiet. There wa* opposition to fourteen democratic nominees to the constitutional convention for the state at large and Hie democratic local nominees were not opposed in a half dozen counties. Ex-Governor Alcorn and ox-Chiof Simrall, two leading republicans of tie* state, were placed on tin' democratic ticket aud elected. such hasty eonsidt resolution and a vote on the ration of the general cry democratic senate of no side. the gentlemen explaining they wanted the resolution printed and laid before tin' house for examination. The xoff* resulted. 77 yeas to 9 nays, and as it. did not receive the requisite txvo’third* (192) it was defeated. Mr. Whitehead, who had purposely voted in the negative, moved a reconsideration. this prevailed and further consideration was postponed until tomorrow, by which time the resolution can be printed. Adjourned. I.ne Stock Men Will Assist iii t In* Success of the Fair. Suring!- lKi.n, III., July 29.—A committee of tiff* world's fair directors and of tiff' Illinois live stock hoard held a consultation here tiff* morning with the result, that the latter have issued an open letter to the directors in which, while tin y depreciate the necessity for the dual site for the fair, but relying on the good faith and good judgment of tiff' management, joins heartily in the effort to make the fair a success and calls on tile state legislature to pass the necessary legislation. Ii is an open secret that the hoard will come to Chicago when the national commission meets bori1 October >th for the purpose of endeavoring to have the entire question of the site postponed. DRAGGED BY HER FOOT. The Senate Adopts a Sri:iNot iei.ff. July 2 spent tin entire mornin; on various amendments for the proposed world s Substit Ute. 9.—The senate r session acting and substitutes fair eonstitu- pt mg a verba I The GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. Taken I p >f fifteen per discussion republican tbrough at the tariff "tantiate the existing duty ‘fitit advalorem. Mr. Gorman wanted a free 9! the bill and more. But t he *' ’ ti a tors wanted to rush it ta ii road speed. Mr. Ad rich said that in Is* ••ad been discussed in every field and A‘>;k shop, and on every hustings. The < centry understood that talk about explanation and tin' attempt to drive tiff !* l*ubiloan senators to make stump M'eeches for political effect was simply 11 dciay action un the tariff hill, which delay wa intare't. Mr. German reminded the republican ' de OI Riunib’s statement that the party "as hi danger and of hi* warning that it, have to increase the taxation with-■ eighteen months. He also said Mr. ’*9iie had through the senators from - 49ie!. told the republican senators that I they passed the bill reported, they “ >■. >.! n* only destroy the possibility of o using the trade w ith countries south II (he I nited States, hut would bank- treasury in eighteen months (for ut was the meaning of Mr. Hiseoek River iiiid Harbor Bill to be iii the Senate. Washington. July 29.—In pursuance* to an understanding reached in the republican senatorial caucuses last night Senator Fry had a conference to-day with the members of tiff* finance committee and agreed among them that on Friday, the Sth of August, that the river and harbor hill shall be taken up for consideration and pressed to its determination, tiff* tariff hill to he laid aside until it is disposed of. Proposed World s Fair Labor Committee. Washington, Jiffy 29.—Representa-Farquhar, of New York, introduced t ive destructive to every busine a bill to create a committee to he known as the F iii ted States commission of a W orld s Fair congress of labor, to consist of nine members to he appointed by the president. It suggests the president shall appoint two of these members from the National Farmers' Alliance, and the rest shall he named by tiff* American Federation of Labor and the Knights of Labor, blit no two of them from tho same stat*'. These commissioners shall receive an annual salary of *3.000, and t heir terms of office to expire December 21.1*95. It sh ill be the duty of the commissioners to discuss labor in all its phases. The e* nimission is authorized to invite, through the president, delegates of foreign countries to take part iii the conference. tional amendment and after adc substitute which made merely changes, took a recess. At the afternoon session the senate adopted, after a very lengthy debate, the joint resolution for an amendment to the constitution to aid the world’s Columbian exposition. The resolution is tin* same a* was reported by the committee on judiciary, except that tile wording of tiff* proviso requiring Tic- proposition to be submitted to a vote of the people of Chicago is changed. The .effect of the proviso, however, i' the .'ame, permitting the city of Chicago, on a majority vote of the people increase the limit of in-debtednes* as to issue five million dollar* of bonds in aid of the world's fair. The principal opposition wa* by Senator Shumway, who spoke for about an hour, holding there was no need of amending theeonstitution if the property in Chicago was assessed at a fair value. The resolution was adopted, however— yeas. 30; nays, 5. Terrible Accident to a Missouri Lady Near Unionville. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Unionville. Mo., July 29.—Another horrible accident occurred to-day about four miles east of here in Richland township. Mrs. C. J. Davis, who had been to this city on an errand, was returning home in a cart and when within a short distance from home tim horse which "Iowa* driving became frightened and ran away, throwing her out with one foot caught in the wheel, dragging her about a quarter of a mile with her head striking tin* ground, inflicting severe bruisi s. She was found soon after the accident in an unconscious condition by two neighbor women. At last reports she was not able to talk and it is feared death will be the result. ion don. July 29.—The following cn-dispatch dated Buenos Ayres, July 2:20 p. rn., has been received at the legation cf tiff* Argentine republic in this city: “Announce that the insurrection is completely subdued. The president of tile republic and the national cabinet are giving orders from tiff* national government house. The finance minister is at liberty.    J fan Ga un a.” Sd nor Garcia, the signor of tile above dispatch, i" tiff* Argentine minister of finance. He was taken prisoner by the revolutionists at tile beginning of the outbreak on Saturday. WH KUE IS GE NE UA I. MITH!.? Baui", July 29. —General Mitre, who was formerly president of the Argentine Republic, and who lias been residing here for some time, lias suddenly taken his departure from tiffs city. The Tentijy to-day publishes a dispatch j from Buenos Ayres stating that tile government and the leaders of the revolu tionary movement have reached a settlement. President Celman, the dispatch says, has resigned and ha" been sue-| ceded by. Vice President Pelligrini as president, tuffet lias been restored. CONFLICTING DISCA ll HK*. London. July 29.—A dispatch to tiff* Ti mea dated Buenos Ayre*. Jiffy 2*th 7 p. rn.), says: It is reasserted that term" for a >ettle-ment between the government and revolutionary forces have been agreed upon. According to the*e the civilians who have taken part in the insurrection will not be punished. All captains of the revolutionary forces and all officers above the grade of captains will he deprived of their rank. The artillery of tin* insurrectionist" w ill hisn rn-mb* red to-morrow. The above dispatch i" President » cilium"* version of the situation at Bueno' Ayres. Private dispatches received Lien from that city. dated July 29, 9:3o p. rn,, state that there is no change in the situation and no chance for a compromise between the two factions. The matter, the dispatches say, must he fought out. ATTE Wl'TING lo HL STOKE IU: ACE. Rot J an EUO, July 29.—Tiff* following dispatch is received: Buenos Avers, Jiffy 29, noon.—Armistice has been prolonged pending negotiations between    the government arid the foreign ministers, who an* endeavoring to bring about the restoration of peace. Effort* are being made to establish a coaction ministry. Congress lias assembled. THE GOVERNMENT WIN'. * London, July 29.—It is officially announced that tin* English government lias received a telegram from Buenos Ayers saying the government    has triumphed, and ail i* over. tile kist year. I he past. couple of months have been most remarkable, and I account for i 'n a number of ways. (inc principal reason for the rush jmt now i' the d rout ii.    hat has forced the farmers holding stock to get them into market, or else drive them to sonic large river like tiff* Des Moines. Cattle eau live on twigs and dead grass and short pasture, hut they must have water. Tin* dry season has stopped tiff* brook* and springs and water is scarce. Pasture is short, for Iowa farmer* on the average have been keeping double the mjinlH-r of cattie they have pasture for, and ;t' a result they must get rid of them. Tiffs is true in Missouri and I have made the statement that Iowa and Missouri have more stock than all the 'o-calicd western ranges put together. I don’t know that tiffs is true, but I believe til** et iisiis xvi'l show this. Hogs are also being shipped in large numbers.”—(titnum.' Conner. AT BLUFF PARR. tha thirty, j itll twen is requir Two Delightful Days at That Lovely Pleasure Resort. between Chicago and ght. wr ii i- greater ■cd arid doe not pay th** IU* close- by -rating that an 'nation can do tin public an excessive competition. Fine Lecture by Rev. CL. I.. Stafford, Ottumwa—Other Interesting Ever i ises—Yesterday's Program I’eoiinuN Vote- of \ C DIED OF HEART DISEASE. Id* ag* Man-* Moo Mi Lonely End Hot* I. rh*- Hawlc-Eyi •ffv 29.—Go De- NOT DEAD, BUT SLEEPETH. The viol v of Tired Iiidixiduul VV ho Sought Rest. A tired individual took advantage of Hie alluring shade of the North Hill park yesterday and laid himself down to rest. While he slept two other individuals happened along and noticing the soundness of his slumber, erected over his head the following super" rip! ion: fir MKT) In Burlington. .Inly Sth. I SM I. Hf.f/unai/it in l‘a'' Iii*.* wind soughed gent! overhanging bough*, and >un beams played across silent face. A little bird y through the tin* flickering tin* upturned, fluttered dow n upon ;lie inscription hoard and gazed with a twitter of inquiry at til* rec urn befit figure. Passer* by would stop and read the inscription, look (ink “us. and then softly rub their nos.*' and grin. A farmer and Iii* wife drove up and were preparing to eat a picnic dinner in the leafy shade. Tin* old man"' eyes f«-ji on tin* strange object and Ie- walked over to see about it. The in-eription met his startled gaze. “By gorsh! M'ria: get. in quick! it* a bearyin’ ground!’’ he exclaimed: and tumbling the basket* into the wagon they disappeared dm 'trcet in ii f*■ •,i;(j “f diis’ the [Correspond* nee of The llawk-Eye.J Bluff Park, la.. July 2*.—Bright and early Monday morning plea'ure seekers were up and out on the river. Two boat loads of Burlington peo; might have been seen enroute for Nauvoo, where they proceeded to '-x pl* ire th* ancient Mormon stronghold. Some gay Bluff Park young folk' found "> nee h enjoyment on the Father of Water* that they did not get hack for one of tiff- : i.-est lecture* of tiff* ->*a*on. delivered : Rev. C. L. Stafford, of tic* (et c w . d ar s mi >iir.d ■mini aly lean in va regi First church, ll s subject Certainty of the Spirit na! I. one who knew B* v. S'alfoi. dent of a rare treat, and means disappointed. Tile who was booked tor the a not put in un appearance. -noon was spent in re*t mu In tin* evening Rev. D. C. ' Ida. lectured on tin* "Inlhienc Sabbat Ii School in Home Life. proved a very intonating and | one. A number of I nited I’r* *i 'I Ex •ruble Mu ij-by a dead The -tiga-'tered ;o. and had ii** evening city In* ha-and depond-d of tieing neorked genera! [ted sui-little of and ills * was in md i ti oral it rn* (ti: h. of Ai ds I travel y, Chica ii cid tiff' that the se and t i cordant for C. to. A aftercause ie Corwith •Ina) teria A DEATH TRAP. th* uh came in tiff" evening to ult P. exercise' to-morrow . Bun I*vim. July 21 hoped that th*' sprinkle might n "lilt in a good rain and yet did not want ing weather to interfere v Presbyterian friend' When o’clock trains came puffing in w when the r. P.'s go into anvil go in with all their might ’“r hundred, wearing the whit and pink. the "x-iety color-, * the steps and were readv for *d Pri i th Th* «. I v iti; jorvH the ♦ Way of ;» Bridge f atally ln-Fngim «-r of a Steam Thresher to The Hawk-Eve.l tiffs morrff ojd-fashion .Ii threat . r Uni the n * sa w r man th mg i. -Th.- rnom-* ani thresher n»* mile- south-iii bridge gav* '••parater boti owner. Charles irty year* old. nneetion* were badly *( aided, atelv and died IU wa W tone by. The ■asily. There . arid then ■cerned to feel Twenty-livi minutes baff tired individual *tood urn wa* a flutter of the eyelid* He moved, he start's): lie ■ \ thrill of lite- etc. His drowsy eyes caught th** in*crip-tion. A startled look <*li;i'<-ff it***lf over his face and in turn chased off by one of intense disgust a* a howl of fiendish laughter burst upon hi* startled ears. He got nj), brushed the haif-*ole* of hi." pants, ami. with a sad, grieved look ti hi' face. faded down the street ANTI-ANT. COMPLETELY VICTORIOUS. Lumber Yards Swept by Fire. st Saginaw, Mich.. July 29. I.atest News From Buenos Ayres Confirms the Government Victory. London, July 29. — The Argentine legation in London to-night received a telegram from Buenos Ayres signed by Finance Minister Garcia: “Tile government i" completely victorious. The mutineers capitulated and xviii deposit their arms in the arsenal. All rebellious superior officers xviii be dismissed. The ti oops will return to their quarters commanded by loyal officers. The forces mobilized by the government are returning to the province*. Tin* political situation is thorough!) consolidated:    The city and whole country arc quiet.'" NEBRASKA INDEPENDENTS. and see re-of speeches on resolu-Aii attempt East Saginaw', Mich., July 29.-—A disastrous fire started iii the lumberyard owned by Hutchison A Co., about noon, which communicated with tiff' planing mill and lumber yard of ll. B. Nease, Son A Co., and thence to the lumber yard of John G. Owen, saw mill, salt block and lumberyard of Brown A Ryan, all <*f which were totally destroyed. Nineteen million feet of lumber, ten dwelling houses, sixty-six railroad car* and “tiler property were burned. Total lo". *37.y.ooi); total insurance, *1*5.ooh. Readers of The Hawk-Eye >uj;gc»t Method:* for Overcoming the Housekeepers’ Fest. Editoi: Hawk Eve:    Having    read    the article concerning the be*t way “f getting rid of the ant pest in tiff'morning's issue of your paper, I willingly contribute a few word* on tiff" subject in order to if t other housekeeper- profit I y my experience. A few* week- ago my kitchen and pantries were literally over-run with black atits. which I tried by several mean* to get rid “f. but without success. .Speaking of tiff- nui-ance to friend one day. -he advised th clove*, which I at one** profuse! about in every nook and corner, and was happy in a very few days to notice the entire disappearance some little invader* overtaken by a stil the small r>*d ant, it bi some t ban t he ot liers extreme liuninutivi-m-, soon and cli) in*! y < **an applying a remedy told a lady use of spread .f si* t roil bl e-Lut now. I was greater nuisance, dug more trouble-on account of its *. although I very I *mt this pest by me of bv one of M of Mon iraiscs •< urine gv* r I- rn 'ingifig arn be-t Peter Swan, of tin* I n church, of Burlington. at nim*, and at ten the about thirtv voices ui merit of Prof. W. T aided very material!1 led by Rev. W. Des Moines. Iowa, than delighted with nounced it by far th we have had tiff- season. Rev. M cGon lie! I intro! Renerick, of Alexis. Iilii a clear voice read a Young People -Th**ir > was a -motlily written gave ii- a good insight into the -“cia! of one sister society. After another lection by the choir, Prof. J. Al Barn-.of Burlington.read a paperers* Mi fid***? iska w whom ■ wa- TRIPOLI TERRORIZED. Drunken -ion mill Take I'o- Kule ie Ila Y ii in lily k-Eye., The n At ten Mi M; - Mi Hit Cis, pain* J I'* trial Life/ pr* >d net nm it md (mr Th. Of Lollw wit bx i ca ted ncipal children - • iosed the town ii Ii right t of theii breaking ie gang IlglOU' Mi Young People—Their iff* As Mr. Barn- U quite \ Burlington people it i* i his production was erjoyei The afternoon'" progrrn by an anthem, after xviii Delzcli. <»f Morning Sun. account of the Lip ipm* u’-People. Miss Ida Hasting, of D< lighted the large audience “Tiff* Song That Touched anti Miss Lynne Stewart. of Wa Iowa, finished the program how we may encourage the y< pie. Dr. W. T. Campbell, of M Iowa, delivered th** address of noon, and at seven thirty I people xviii hold a reunion a KHI ■ret *rv >< hatter Xlake- lt*‘iiial. f Stott Ilco- Mr. J. M. :ni slat d the aril tural •ropo Mv ll. •re out from oat Se. re- ** board of secretary that Iowa exhibit at "Cli double ally denied o-day. IL* xpre-sed no I ircil l>* a I. uromiit i x e. Hawk-Eye.] Iv 29.— Y O. Y. se vc GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. Texas Fever iii Chicago. Cup ago, 111., July 29.—Texas fever has made its appearance among the cows near the limits of the city and about twenty of them have died from the effects of that disease. The health officer* say that the only way to prevent a spread of the disease to all cattle in the neighborhood is to shut them up until frost comes next fall. Will Recommend Non-Conenrreiice. \V ysniNGToN, July 29.—The house committee on Indian affairs decided to recommend that the house non-concur in all of tho senate amendments to the Indian appropriation bill. The Manitoba Grain liarvc-t. \Y in ne pf. g, July 29.—The wheat harvesting began al Emerson, Manitoba, to-day. The corn reports to the J* rec Prcsn from all parts of the province that the wheat yield xviii be om greatest Manitoba has yet had. of tate the OI it). ,      repelled    the general Ur-e that the republican success at the >a*t election was the result of tiff1 influ-hce cif manufacturers or monopolies. York'wl-x liat,i Hl *til' >UUV °f Xt'%V    Bucklin'*    Arnica    Salve K. \\Lei. ut the democratic major]-    ,    ■    +1,A    ,vnrid were rolled up. the steps of the The best salve in the world whisky interest could he marked.    bruises,    sores, ulcers, salt ^ ,.]blai •it. Hiseoek slid he did not know how j soros'    -i.^^^rimTions"    and posi- "Ga mom , had Itei'u contributed to the ! corns ail<^ a II '    ‘    .    recut    ired It .....  O'    *h-    '"ter-    i    «vely    cu^p.    ta.    or    m> for cuts rheum, fever ♦ '‘.tiknew every day that the I [a ’    ''"a' delayed xvas largely , be profit of foreign manufacturer*. lev were interested in its defeat. -lr. \ mil., - congratulated Gorman on - * gi«*ut x ii tory in breaking the prode-f ruu,|('d si; nco on the republican side * chamber. As to the speech of the c later from New York, which had been orted under the lash, it was the same is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 2a cents per box. For sale at Henry’s drug store. \ Girl Ft-rishei* in th** Flames. IM v in vI FAV, Neb.. July 29.-The house of James Hugs, a farmer. b,iraed ‘^rt to-day. A four-year-old daughtei pm ished.    ______ Beet barn’s Pills cure odious and nervous il-S Tile People’s Party Meet iii Convention a1 Lincoln. Lincoln, July 29.—Tiff* people's independent party of Nebraska met in state convention to-day, nearly nine hundred delegates from all over the state being present. Tile Farmers’ Alliance men and granger* predominated, the remainder being Knights of Labor and Union Labor men. Allen Root, of Douglas county, and Charles ll. Maybury, of Pawnee City, were elected chairman tary respectively. A number were made. The eommittei lions reported tin* platform. was made to adopt the standing platform of the Farmers’ Alliance, hut the Knights of Labor insisted upon the insertion of other plunks and the following i* a synopsis of the platform a> adopted: The financial system should he reformed by the restoration of silver to its old time place in our currency. Its free and unlimited coinage on an equality with gold, and by an increase of our money circulation to the sum of 850 per capita; all paper issues necessary to secure that amount should he made by the government alone and be full legal tender. The land monopoly should he abolished either by limitauion of ownership or graduated taxation of execsive holdings:    alien ownership should be prohibited. The railroad system y" at present managed    is a system of speculation and robbery and its enormous debt at fictitious valuations is absorbing the substance of the people in tile interest of the millionaires. The general government should own and operate the railroads and telegraph lines and furnish transportation at cost, the same as mail facilities are are now furnished. We demand that the legislature enact a freight law which shall fix rates no higher than these now in force in Iowa. We demand that the state aud national systems of taxation, including the tariff, he so adjusted that (‘ach will hear its just burden, instead of our farmer, laborers, merchants and mechanics being conpelled to pay. as at present by far tin' largest portion of tin public expense. The adoption of the Australian ballot system is demanded, also that eight, hours shall constitute a days work except for agricultural labor: that the soldiers shall receive liberal service I tension. The platform concludes as follows; “We further declare that tin' political machinery of this state lias been controlled by a corporate power for the plunder of tin* people and the enrichment of itself, and we have entirely lost confidence in the efficacy of that machinery of unjust laws. We therefore give our voice for a call of the people’s independent state convention to nominate pure and honorable men for different state offices on principles above named and we hereby pledge ourselves, if pure and honorable men are so selected. to vote and work for their election and we hereby invite all men. without regard to past or present party affiliations, to join us in this, our effort for a pure government, for relief from Much Gold for Shipment. Nuvv York, July 29.—Eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars in gold were ordered for shipment to Europe to-day. The total amount of gold ordered for shipment this week is81,275,000. New Y’ouk. July 29.—An additional 8.5. too.OOO in gold was ordered for export to-day. The Salvadorians Were Defeated. Pi tv of Mexico, July 39.—Private telegram* to a commercial house here states that in Saturday's battle the Salvadorian* were defeated by the Guatemalan* and sustained a loss of *i.xr> killed, two hundred wounded and a !arg* number in prison*. A C’it.v Clerk and SIO,OOO Missing. Paris. Iii.. July 29.—AlbertGeohegan, city clerk of Pari*, i* missing and hi* account* an short between >5.OOO and SIO,OOO. Four Hundred Rioters A Treated. Con *ta n Ti x o h Ll.. July 29.—Four hundred of the armenian* who took part in the riotous demonstration against the patriarch in Armenian, Sunday, have been arrested. Cholera Epidemic. London, July 29.—Cholera is epidemic in Mecca. t confectioner* a few y. ars the strewing about in eup-•Ives. and every other place liberal por-Hoping this our prom ne ! ago, namely hoard* on * ■ where they may he seen, a lion of ground red pepper, j may be of use to many otto ! their hoii-c' of an insect so j to th*    Hot STILL VV OI HEU. Eld iou ll vwk-Ev J :    I. with till housekeeper*, iiavi tend at times with th; invader of the pantry simple plan which ha* proved eflie when the pe*ts were not very aum headquarter* and at T. Meloy. of Chicago. I Touch Stone/’ making 'plendid day. The management we. People of th** Unit! church this morning a have been entertained thirtv Dr. K. C terday tv wa* alarm rail i(low of Wash, rnorate limits. he br in caf th* ixt com d mi i an ■arti Yea *d the Pre*! ow til were be got-•n ton* J D. ani bt ' in ridding trouhlesoi ti EK FEIM)IL n common had to con-tnmblesome little •tile ant. A very cions roils. but troublesome about the >ugar barrel or tut* is to draw a heavy elmlk mark around such tub or barrel, either on the floor or around the tub itself. It will be their services, mo “God's speed” in hope to see them ii Fishing parti* ' j enough to warn th to engage any more ii-i, to Epworth Leap ie Day t* tin Bluff Park camper* ar ward to another day of pr tainment. While tiff' t-thusiasiie over raent we hope ; down and take Bluff Park The G. A Horrific Death iiti to I UU rri! Pifer. pl a e, •rdav. mg for' •him id ;■ id hi Hawk-Eye.] •>*,._ Mr. north *)f tlii* death ye red fr»*m Iii" body The I.am tie I ame cr was thrown behead torn off and. od* fr .m the hndv. ar* nm* player?. th*- Burling *ome oi them will a medal or two rnaiiff iit on Sal urd /san anticipating ton .ho.! (*v W VI Dias crowd and found chalk. that the in>eet" w not cro*s Yn i i-A x tin oily reunion on l’EU"( >XA I s. Frida1 Vier Swan cam* arrangements f if hi* family. dow ii *r th** ai who c;i RAILROAD REMARKS. A Rn* Ii Syrup ot Fig**, Produced from the laxative and nutritious juice of California figs, combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to he the most beneficial to the human system, acts gently, on the kidneys, liver and bowels, effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds and headaches, aud curing habitual constipation. Burned in Their Beds. Cincinnati, (>., July 29.—The Tintes-Skir special says incendiaries set fire to the residence of Rev. David Plumb, in Calc, Indiana, this morning and destroyed it. Plumb was fatally burned and his wife and three children perished in the flames. Plumb i* a prominent Methodist minister. With Ely’s cream Bairn a child can he treated without pain or dread and with perfect safety1 Try the remedy. It cures catarrh, hay fevei anil cold in thc hcad. It is easily applied into the nostrils and gives relief with the first application. Brice 50 cents. Sentenced for Malpractice. Milwaukee, July 29.—Dr. Thomas Ilatehard and his wife, who were convicted of manslaughter in performing a fatal criminal operation on Minnie Beardsley, were each sentenced this morning to four years’ imprisonment in state's prison. Excursion C. B. Tickets to Chicago & ‘J. on sale August 2nd to 6th, good returning August 7th to ll, one fare for round trip, plus 81.00 for admission to Military drill enclosure. Account of meeting of the Patriarch* Militant aud I. O. O. F. August 3d to loth. Two Women Brutally Murdered. Baltimore, July 29.—Mr*. Charles Y'ork and her aged mother, living at Bougie*, were murdered this morning. A man named Weeks is accused of committing the terrible crime. A new idea embraced in Ely’s (’ream Balm. Catarrh is cured t*v cleansing and healing, not t»y drying up. It is not a liquid or snuff, Vnit is easily applied into the nostrils. Its effect is magical and a thorough treatment will cure the worst cases. Price 50 cents. (•one Early to Bed. From the Peoria Transcript. What has become of “Jube" Early since Major Lacy sat down on him so hard? Sleeplessness,nervous prostration, nerv Otis dyspepsia, dullness, blues cured by Dr. Miles’ Nervine. Samples free at J H. Witte’s drug store. Druggist—“Try it again, sis. What was it your mother told you to get?” Little girl (with another severe mental effort)—“I think it was ‘I died of opossum.’ I want a dime’s worth/’ of Work on the Iowa Lines— Stray Links and Pina. Th** Narrow Guam* ha* bought a new engine from the Denver and Rio Grande road. Dovcnjxjrt De iii nr rat: The IU, C. R. a N. makes some of the fastest time in the state with local passenger trains. Of course they are generally light trains, hut there is many a mile they cover in 60 seconds. And accidents on that road are remarkably few. Workmen were engaged at tin' Third street, crossing yesterday, their order* being to lay oak planks over the xvhole crossing. Before the work had proceeded far. however, orders came to plank only between the rails and the width of one [dank alongside. It i* believed tiff1 broad spaces between tile tracks will he paved with brick in accordance with the order* of the city council. 1). II. Talbot, of Sioux C ity, Iowa, has invented a portable spring floor for live stock cars which is intended to avoid tile shocks and jars received by cattle in transportation. Tile floor is made of slots, corrugated on the upper side.-with rubber springs between the bumpers of tho same material at the end of tile slats. Rubber supports keep tile floor from contact with tiff* moisture below. Creston '/’inns:    “I    just    received    and turned over to my successor before leaving Burlington,” said Mr. Brown to a Times reporter, “official notice that an appropriation of SHMMX I had been voted to build the foundation of tin' Creston passenger depot, so you people may expect work to begin before long. The stone work xviii he very substantial and will extend to the windows of the first floor. I think you xviii have one of the finest depots anywhere in the west. Creston people xviii find Mr. Wilson, my successor, an agreeable gentleman to deal xvith and will find that the Iowa lines are handled by a thorough railroad man.” Superintendent <I. E. Stewart, of tiff* “Q.” is one of the busiest men in tin* city. He expected to go c ast with the Grand Army boys, hut the rush of business is so great that it keeps every official on the road moving aff the time. If Mr. Stewart should not change his mind. however, it xviii he a great disappointment to the department officers as he i* one of General Alger’.* aides de camp. “We have not been so rushed xvith busine** ” said Mr. Stewart, “for a long time a* xvi* have been lately. The freight, .traffic is enormous and every man about these office* is kept on the go continuously. The shipments in stock i- something surprising, and the grain *hip-ments also are very heavy. " “There is an increase over last- year's business for tiff1 corresponding months, then?” queried the Courier reporter. “Yes, a very satisfactory one. The first six months of the year xviii show a large increase over the same period for *oni*' sensible Words I rum Bob. It. J. Burdett.1. Y ou take a basin of water, place ! your linger iii for twenty-five or > thirty second*, take it out and look at the i hob1 that i* left. The 'ize of th** hole reprt .'**tit' about the itnpn 'sion that advice make' on a young man'* mind. Don’t depend too much on your family —the dead part I mean. Tile world wants Eve mot:; it ha* no u.'*- for dead ones; Queen Victoria can tract lier ancestors hack in a direct line to William the Conqueror. If you can n*»t get further hack than your father you ar*- better off. Your father xvas a better man than old W illiam, ii** had better clothes to wear, better fond to eat. and xva* better hou**‘d. If you ar*1 a diamond he "lire that you xvii! fie found, ( heck, bra*sor gall never gets ahead of merit. I love a man xvho i> straightforxvard. Ask for what y ou want, lf you want to marry a rich man'* daughter or borrow *500 from him, ask him for it: it amounts to the same tiling in tile end. It is always better to astonish a man than to l>ore him. Remember that iii the morning of life come the hard xvorking day'. Hard xvork never kills a man fun. recreation, relaxation, and holidays doe* tin1 killing. The fun that results in a “head” the next morning so big that a tub could hardly cover it. i* v.l..it kill*. Hard work never does. Those xvho cultic after us hav« to xvork just as hard as we do. When I shovel tin* snow off my sidewalk, if perchance I take a three-quarter piece oft my neighbor'* walk. I put it back. because if I didn't I should he doing him an injustice. Y ou can't afford to do anything but what i* good. You are on dr*1" a parade all th** time. Don’t he afraid of being called a one-idea man or a crank, lf you have one idea. you have more than most men have. It take* a smart man to he a crank. tam part rn un to mak dation morning. J. Albert Barns a thi* morning to take day. Seventy-four • ani*, this morning, arid a _ Burlington. Mis* Eva Blake, of down for a few day*. About thirty came at nine o’clock. Everybody wa* del Y. lh day. RE Ll At a called meeting of the trustees of th** Bluff Park As tiff1 follow mg resolution* xx cr piously adopted: I lr tut re (I. l.rst. that web.tx. it* el " itll til** presence ami exereis* * *.{ • a Train. Hawk-Eye. —J. N ling. a see-... wii" run over g\ th** cars Ia*t nor’/ of thi* city. ;g a hand car alone freight train ran ow result. \ *1 ranj;. IM* arr Y. Tut J ll the ? * A mom; Stock. M awk-Eve.)    ♦ Iv 29.—A telegram state hoard *>f health -ton asking that tlie-• m** immediately to; head of *ux*k had r disease. ip from th* iglu DWA GLANCE >F I i KA ND * grand n<> v oat ion ti mini it* an s I Wim i .lei»>rhJeff mr United Presbyterian friends at Bint! Park. Second. That as a clinreh they Mix t* irreal reason to take pride in their young people, and congratulate thenis. lx i - oh the rcmark-ablt statement made by Mi" Renwick in her admirable paper, that the ynun_ people of the United Presbyterian church, wi re tree fr>.rn indulgence in forbidden popular amusements. Thin!. That we bine listened with gl ut Mn hr. \V tr; wa lieu ut hi >ti t Dung ne •sot Dr* pleasure to th** interesting that have bren read bx Ruth*' able and eloquent addn? hell and Meloy. Fourth. That not least among th* | of th*- United Pre-bx tcriaii nay ha* beautiful rendering ot the P'ulm* ii md able paper; Lo POK.—The lodge Iv nights iield ut ! >♦ ' Moines on id ll. Fully Pinto Led to he present. Urn hfokks.—In a rivate roadway neat lam Barr and hi* tabbed John lustier pitchfork*, inflicting t seriously. ramp.—An cr by the i*‘ other d; * person ti e* (loci *t elal U; res ii ti known ear* and y. There establish r in attendance irately tattooed ll < atap ted •asure? cen thi st rain* x Prof, thank 'onnell *f ti •lieut and ot sweet melody bv the choir, di .VT. Wiley. Fifth. That we tender th** assedation to Rev. XX . T. Mel earnest efforts in providing tic intel ('"ting program <>! th*- .lax. and to al! xx ic* assisted in carrying it out. sixth. That we cordially invite them to return next year. assuring them that after having met and heard them we will greet them with a double welcome, an*.! give them on • >t the Im-u .lays of th*, season. E. I*. Si UHEIN EK. secretarx lor th*' Board. an ii agal i at ci c de tv xvi tilua tv, xx n) ie RAILROAD MATTERS. I >i s- Electric Bitters. Thi* remedy i> becoming so we ii known and so popular a* to need no special mention. All who have used Electra Bitter* sing th*' same song of prai*e.—A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do a1! that is cinimcd. Electric Bitters will i tire all diseases of the liver and kidneys, xx ill remove pimple*, boils. salt rheum and other affections caused bv impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent a* well as cur* all malarial fevers. — For cute of headache. constipation and indigestion try Electric Bit Pts.—Entire satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.— Price. 50 cents anil Loo per bottle at Henry's drug store. i Th*- General Working of the low lance Tariff. Special to Tit*- Hawk-Eye. De* Moines. July 2'.*. — The railroad ; commissioners thi- morning received a communication from J. Y. I'uithorn. chairman of th*- Western Freight a**o-eiation, which contains the {information that the Iowa di-tant tariff, going into effect August Ut. xvi/ he applicate for any direction instead of north and south as heretofore and also that th*- rates xviii not exceed the commissioners’ schedule, hut in many cases xviii he much lower. xva* door* ing h good •r h* ■ase > X ! '“NKI EPLK*. A brought suit for "20,-, a number of *aloon-, The complaint a1-, alant* sold her hits- ( h lie was converted, dr lukard, and that influence of alcohol he] c. turning her out of. hereby seriously injur er thought she ha* a Chai: Iomt t i tar tin tim the the "CZI un ag: /orca • ago ; maga* pen ol claim: W IIH Pl VG LYRISM.—The # >r Mg* the charge of plag*. Wright, editor of| Magazine. A *hort ' editorial appeared in •*i T.» have been from but which* the ('dirked over from an aril:. in tm- New Y'ork inst B. I (ie)>» run “heavy” inc alleg* Wright, . was xx E. WH J 1 "kl I! that ll in the Milan < val 'lay 7. The ('iti~* n also charges Wright i" guilty of dishonesty Temperance I Al nanagemont e finances. RUH s Relic*.— I one of th th ■lie hunters exea-mmerou* Indian th* vicinity of Storm Lake, ; Both Pages off Calor. From th*1 Peoria Transcript. it i* *;iid the ma jority of tile pages in th.-national house of representatives turn out badly. The *atii<- may lit* said of a good manx' page* in the Cnn>ires>tu,nti1 Re-nr* I. Xu I.ack of Approval. I rom the Iowa City Republican. There will he no lack of approval for tin* bill which the postoffice committee of the house has decided to report concerning lotteries. \ Best met iv e Railroad Warfare. [Special to The Hawk-lvk/ De* MoinE". July 20.— The railroad commissioners have received a communication from Auditor McLean, of th*' interstate commerce commission, in xxhi' h he shows that the fierce and de*tructive warfare in competing for patronage between chicago and Omaha of the four main roads tapping these eiti,>" i> \*-ry i destructive to the dividend* of the com- i panic* aud that eventually the people pay for all such wars. Ile -ax" th*-"-four road* run twenty-two train* daily and four train* six times a week and taking an average number of passenger* and average cost of running a passenger train one mile he figures ont that if thi* tm ainu* the other day. ami at a'depth of four feet, foum. a .;er of stone in square blocks laid compactly*together, all of uniform , "ze, under xvii ital were found what were " lop* "ai • he human hones and some j • * - **f animals. t f Th. '' xx * r /-.- found beads, arrowhead". p *■    ' of pottery, and one vessel jai :•*"•*: defaced or 7 ' da .nag*-*!. Th*- {Kittery gave evidence of JI, having ii nail*- bv a master hand, ‘ s designs • how ri upon I ail th* pit * A further search will he'G*. I made. service was r‘duceJ to what. i> actual!\ Rough On Dirt Soap takes th*- eak required for the mere tran*portat;on of {tassenger*. there would he a saving of >2,540,0oo. The number of trains between Chi* ago and Kan*a* City daily is Mile**’ Nerve aixl Liver l'ills. An important discovery. They aet on i the liver, stomach and bowels through the ? tier1..-s. A new principle. They speed-1 Sly cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid I lixer. {>:*•* aud constipation. Splendid! for men, women and children. Smallest. I mild* st, surest, 30 doses for 25 cents, i Samples free at J. H. Witte’s drug store \ Pears’ soap is the most pleasant toilet adjunct ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Burlington Hawk Eye