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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 5

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Burlington, Iowa Gun Laws to Aid criminals you can twin Emall we were treated last sunday to one of the most Ingrati tingly Saccharine doses of soothing syrup it has Ever been our misfortune to read. After the first paragraph of a sunday reflection i went Down to the basement and started the Bilge pump. I suppose a daily newspaper requires the services of someone who is willing to Cater to the droopy drawers and panty Waist set since or without Ever leaving the womb position. But when a person is Able to do these things and Peck at a typewriter at the same time ifs got to be one of the greatest feats of legerdemain since Blackstone and Houdini. One could almost forgive the distortions exaggerations and mixed metaphors but when the greatness of a nation is equated with gadgets adult toys and Gross National product and when the health of a people is measured in terms of steel and Concrete while glossing Over the collective mentality spirituality and morality of society then the sickness is More evident than Ever. A Little puddle of puke in los Angeles killed another one of my boys a few weeks after i had sworn off writing letters to the paper. A bets Are now off. I shall feel free to attack hypocrisy whenever it shows its head. In be got the guts to write it and i know Mac has got the guts to print it. Far from downgrading America i Only downgrade its enemies. So if you Are a College professor with your Beard entwined with the Ivy or a journalistic troglodyte or a Charger of usurious interest rates or just one of those a healthy broadminded citizens a i done to care who you Are where you re from or what your reputation is a ill try to mow you Down if you appear to be a noxious Weed in the Garden of common sense. Grant Marshall Calls some of us a a quacks simply because we refuse to slobber and slaver and drool All Over the landscape. Ill Call his Bluff on the theory that it takes one to Call one. Just done to try to make us Swallow your sugar coated pills or feed us the insipid Mullarkey that this country of ours Isnit in serious trouble. You know damned Well that its in a hell of a shape if you re alive and awake and concerned in be been Reading the sunday morning Pollyanna column for years. It sounds a lot like Tricky Dicky to me. Pollyanna was a figment of the imagination. She was an irrepressible Optimist but a sickening Sweet one. She saw Good in everything. But i have no quarrel with Pollyanna she Wasny to Well either the poor Little tyke a Alling of Burlington. A one of the Best for some time i have wanted to write you to congratulate Grant Marshall on his very wonderful writings. A a sunday reflection was one of the Best. I agree with him one Hundred per cent. More Power to him and god bless him in his works. A mrs. Eva g. Young. 628 s. Leebrick Burlington. A positive and interesting congratulations and personal thanks for Grant Marshall a Fine inspirational article a a sunday reflection july 21. The article was a wonderful composition of positive thoughts. People need leadership and courage in counting up the Many wonderful values and factors that they possess or have working for them. The Trust and compassion of other people Are too Little appreciated by the average american citizen. Why mainly because the average professional journalist is usually pessimistic and bitching. His thoughts and material Are usually very positive and interesting. I like it. Thanks again. Go positive. A or. Milford Nelson 706 Pine Burlington. Reply from Reagan supporters we. The officers of the Iowa students for Reagan Are proud of your Community we were astounded by All the mail we received in reply to our original letter to the editor of the Burlington Hawk Eye. Many of the letters have been answered. However those people who fail to leave return addresses on the envelopes cannot be answered by mail. Therefore we will reply by this letter. It has been suggested that we leave the a a impeached gov. And get out while we have a Chance and join a Rocky bandwagon first of All gov. Reagan is not and will not be impeached or recalled As the californians say it. 700,000 signatures represents about 3.6 per cent of the people in the state of California besides the actual Chance that the legislators would a revolt against their own rep. so the Chance of recalling gov. Reagan is almost nil. It should be pointed out however that anyone can go to 700.000 democrats who voted against Reagan in the first place to get signatures for this petition. We hardly believe that any legislator would take a move by 8.6 per cent of the people of California serious. It would take say 36 per cent of the vote in California before the legislators would take this move As serious. Also California is basically a democratic state More than 60 per cent of the registered voters in California Are democrats someone suggested that gov. Reagan will be out of a Job by january. We can sum this remark up by saying the term for the governor of California is 4 years. This would make Reagan a term 1967-1971 but you Strong Rockefeller people have forgotten just one minor detail How Are you going to beat Nixon and even less important but still a major Factor. Even if you do beat Nixon on the first ballot How Are you going to Stop a major drive by the combined Nixon Reagan forces write us and Tell us How you will elect Rockefeller at the convention. We done to think it can be done. There Are too Many ways out for Nixon and or Reagan once again the real reason we wrote again was to thank the Burlington Hawk Eye and the people of Burlington a Harry w. Strong. Chairman Iowa students for Reagan . Box 205, Marshalltown Iowa 50158. This amp that Byjah education pays Wilt Chamberlain unquestionably is the greatest basketball player of his time if not of All times. Being 85 inches tall has helped him but in addition he has natural talents which enable him to make the most of his height. Despite that he has been traded by the Philadelphia 76ers to the los Angeles lakers for three younger players with no Cash consideration involved. The explanation for the 76ers�?T depriving themselves of Wilts services is the same As that usually involved in deals in professional athletic circles. Money. Chamberlain has been receiving a salary in excess of $250,000 a year to make him the highest paid athlete in the world. But that did no to satisfy him. After All at 32. He Hasni to too Many More years remaining on the Gravy train. He has been holding out for a three year contract for an even million. The 76ers bring themselves to paying it. The lakers presumably have. So Wilt if he is prudent with his Money As he apparently is will be a wealthy Man when he finally puts away his uniform. For some years afterwards his name will have considerable commercial value. Chamberlain has made his Fortune at Tome personal sacrifice. He deprived himself of a College education. He left Kansas University before he had completed his Junior year to join the professional ranks. What would he have made of himself had he gone on to get his degree probably he would have ended As a College basketball coach at a salary of less than $25,-000 a year with his Job Security depending on his turning out winning teams. So Wilt has made a mockery of the assertion that a College education pays. With him there would have been a major sacrifice had he continued on his athletic scholarship until he had won his diploma. But it would be a mistake to try to draw any lessons from the Story of this one professional athlete. Wilt May be drawing a third of a million a year through the next three seasons but that Isnit enough to upset the Law of averages. The College graduate makes enough More than the one who never went beyond High school so that his investment of four years of his time and the perhaps $10,000 his education Cost him is a highly profitable one. Unless a youth is seven foot one he More wisely Sticks with his books until he gets his College degree. And in this Day of speculation if he can arrange it he had Best put in a couple of years of graduate study As Well. Proposals to disarm decent citizens continue to come from the anti gun group in the House and Senate. Meanwhile the crime wave sweeping the nation goes from bad to worse. Nothing will Stop Force but More Force but still there Are voices urging Congress to further weaken the forces of Law and order by making it harder for Law abiding people to get and keep firearms. Meanwhile the mafia is Busy laying plans to Cash in on the booming a hot gun Black Market that is certain to keep the criminals of the nation Well armed. Aside from the profit making angles in a a hot unregistered guns there Are advantages to a professional killer in using a stolen gun that is in fact registered to an innocent citizen about to become a suspect in a murder Case. Crooked cops will be Able to sell gun registration lists to the mobs at Premium prices. For the Small time Crook there is the pleasure of knowing that his potential victims have been made less Able to Cope with him As a result of stringent gun control Laws. It All adds up to a big boost for crime in America All in the name of a a fighting crime. Economist Alan s. King of Pennsylvania state University has published a statistical study of crime and gun Laws that concludes with the finding that there a is no statistically significant difference in crime rates Between states that have fire arms licensing Laws than those that do on the other hand there is obviously a restraining effect on crime in localities that have promoted and encouraged the Possession of guns by private citizens. Following a series of rapes in Orlanda Florida 6000 women were taught to shoot by the local police department. In two years Orlando a crime rate fell off 9.5 per cent at a time when National rate increased 15 per cent and other Large Florida cities were suffering a 20 per cent increase in crime. Detroit grocery holdups showed a a Sharp reduction after a grocers organization be Gan conducting gun clinics and in High lad Park Michigan the police chief credited a gun toting merchants for the fact that no store had been robbed Over a three month period in that City. It is Clear that criminals fear the Possession of guns by the people. Why then should politicians exhibit the same reaction Many Good people have now been misled by huge Waves of propaganda of Many kinds into supporting various Steps or stages of this gun control program. The a a insiders communists wish to deprive Law abiding american citizens of the ability to defend themselves for the present against criminals who Are creating the anarchy which serves communist plans or for the future against the Gestapo of a communist government. There Are All kinds of issues and arguments involved. But nobody who understands the communist conspiracy needs to consider any but the following Basic Points i control or modification by the Federal government of the american citizens right to own firearms is simply a step towards registration of All such firearms by the same Federal government 2 registration is simply a step towards confiscation of these guns by the same government and 3confiscation of the firearms. Which the people could use for self defense is a vitally necessary step to any Central government before imposing on its subjects a formal police state communist tyranny. Everything else about the current controversy is a Hodge podge of falsehoods sophistry and red Herrings. And a great Deal of the present rash of proposed measures for More strict controls by state governments is a part of the same program Only one step removed. If the american people Are As concerned As they should be by the current breakdown in Law and order they had better get Busy at letting their congressmen and senators know about it before nationwide hysteria about guns results in disaster. A do it now while. You think of . Bertha s. Kempf. 524 summer St. Meeker lauds Gerstl a articles let me make it explicitly Clear from the outset that i am writing not As state president of the Young democrats or As a student senator at Large at the University of Northern Iowa. Rather i submit this letter just As a Joe q. Citizen who is concerned about his society and where it is headed. I would like to say that it is my personal belief that Jerald Gerstl a series of articles which appeared in the Hawk Eye on the new left recently were Superb. I have known Jerry for Many years and we graduated from Mediapolis High together in 1965. I regard his presentations As a valiant and brilliantly provocative attempt to Bridge the massive communications Gap which exists Between most of the older and the younger generations. To me one of his most important Points cannot be stressed enough the main reason hippies dress and act As they do is so that society will laugh at them. It proves that society is an hypocrisy which preaches a live and let live and yet finds someone who does no to dress or act according to its norms a Freak. The thing which Many of you find most appalling of All is that Young people May be Given the right to vote. You have designated the age of 21 As the magical age when a person becomes serious and mature minded enough to have the american franchise. I can almost absolutely assure you of one things within the next ten years the voting age will be lowered to 18. Why because those directly concerned a those 18 to 21�?will demand it. They will demand it in the same was that those directly concerned in the Early part of this Cen Turyn the women demanded it. In this Light i would ask that All of you dig out Jerry a articles again. Read them and remember them. Please try to understand that youth is not Radical because Radical is defined As working outside the organization. You will find very few Young people who Are willing to do this. Certainly no greater percentage than you will find in those of your own generation. Not even Mccarthy who Jerry refers to As a prominent figure for this new left movement will carry his Campaign beyond the convention beyond the organization. We done to want to destroy the society which you have worked so hard to build for us but we do want to make some changes in it to gear it for modern Day survival and Prosperity. When All is said you can face the reality that the younger generation is More concerned than any previous to it and we want to do something about the ills which we observe. With world problems far More Complex than Ever before i think you should be thankful of this fact. Just remember that to distrust this nations youth is to distrust this nations future. We regret the faults of the society you have built upon As much As you do but we Are still willing to do something about them. At least we Are willing to try and we have the enthusiasm to see us Meeker. 2402 University Apt. 5, Des Moines. Editors note the Hawk Eye is delighted to have these comments from Fred Meeker one of Iowa a outstanding Young men. But what wed really like is some comments on Jerry Gerstl a articles from the Over-40 generation lets reason this out honest do you people in Illinois who Are opposed to the possible increase in the Bridge toll really mean it i simply can to believe it. And Harry Hatt you Are going to drive your car from Gulfport to Monmouth to do your shopping the Way i got it figured the gasoline alone is going to Cost you More than two bits. Just to get a Little More serious for a moment let us Analyse what Burlington provides for the immediate residents of Illinois As opposed to what Illinois has in turn for the people of Iowa in the Burlington area. Frankly i believe it is unnecessary to even go into any detail except perhaps to ask the Illinois people where they would be earning their livelihood if they weren to looking Back to years ago�?1958 headline of the Day dig deep Stamps to Cost you four cents a disaster headline of the Day a school athletic income $1,100 Short of costs. In a Community beautification contest carried on at Sunnyside trailer court first prize went to june Ellis and Elspeth patience. 25 years ago�?1943 headline of the Day Italy hails Duce a fall. Local headline of the Day coast guards office Here it was moved to Burlington from Keokuk necrology headline of the Day a. O. Jones Dies Here he was a prominent labor Leader 50 years ago�?1918 Charles Strothman won the Silver trophy in the boys judging contest at the tri state fair. Working in Burlington. Of yes i understand that a Good Belt of booze is just great for a Toothache beats going to a dentist any Day. I done to know Why in a getting so worked up Over this controversy i done to even live in Burlington. As a matter of fact there Are some problems still to be resolved Between Burlington and West Burlington and no doubt i will hear about it. And come to think of it the last time i crossed the Macarthur Bridge i stopped off at one of the watering places and had a 7-up. Cost me 50c. How about that come on people. Lets try to reason this whole thing out with something less than the thought that someone is being taken for a ride a George l. Marzeck 618 Broadway St., West Burlington. I h i in on the Mississippi the Burlington Hawk Eye Iowa a oldest newspaper since 1837 John Mccormally joint Bishop editor and general manage Van Blister and co Pablit Ner Robert Ruegger. Managing editor Frank Hill. Advertising manager Don close. Composing Foreman Kenneth Howard. Press Foreman Dennis Smith. Circulation manager Richard Weiss. Office manager published monday through Friday evening and sunday morning by the Burlington Hawk Eye of. 800 s. Main Burlington. Iowa 52601�?ph. 754-8461 Bates by Carrier in Burlington and West Burlington Clov zone $?.25 per month elsewhere by Carrier fl.75 per month. By mall in Burlington amp West Burlington City zone $2.25 per month. By mail in Iowa so Illinois where Carrier service is maintained $1.75 per month elsewhere i year $14, 6 months $7.50. 3 months $4. I month $1.50. Rates elsewhere in . Upon request. By motor route in Iowa and Illinois i year $18, 6 months �?�9.50. Second class postage paid at Burlington la. 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