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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Burlington, Iowa Tile Hawk Eye Burlinston Iowa sunday july 28, 1968 a in i a sunday reflection by Grant marshal we May have seen Only the Start of the Quot Odd year a headline on fridays sports Page caught my Eye. A hounds will have to wait for Odd the reference was of course to the fact the Burlington greyhounds had been eliminated from state baseball tourney play. But that term a Odd year stuck. Have you Ever seen such an Odd year particularly in the political Arena. With the possible exception of the party regulars and those few pundits who speak As if they know i doubt that More than to per cent of the american Public has its mind made up on a candidate or even a party for that matter. Here we Are two weeks before the Republican National convention in Miami Beach. The polls the columnists the wire services the experts and the party folks All say the nominee is going to be Richard m. Nixon. Many say Nixon on tile first Ballott. Over in the Democrat Camp things Arentt quite so Cut and dried and they have two More weeks to get it More clearly in focus. That seems doubtful. Hubert h. Humphrey seems a shoo in. But nobody is conceding the impossibility of a dark horse or sen. Eugene Mccarthy coming along to upset the Humphrey cart. It All began almost a year ago when Nixon did what every a one thought he would do that is declare himself a candidate. Shortly after that when Mccarthy threw his hat in the ring people sort of snorted in disbelief. It was a Well known fact that Nelson Rockefeller had his Eye on the White House. And who would concede a Whit to president Lyndon b. Johnson the incumbent who would surely make a second run of it. Then George Romney got in the act Only to get Back out when he did no to get any groundswell to push him. The new Hampshire primary surprised everyone As Mccarthy got enough votes to Embarrass the president and put Gene in a driving position. Sen. Robert of Kennedy entered ii Quot where s that e Quot old y a Row of Tesfa Buch Ivald at Home by an Kremlin a Ateliers Moscow a a diplomatic reception in Moscow has tremendous significance not Only because of the Good food and free liquor but because it is where most foreign observers learn what is going in in the soviet Union. I attended a Large diplomatic cocktail party at one of the foreign embassies last week and i was amazed at what the professional Kremlin watchers got out of it. This is How the conversation went later on in the evening when everyone was comparing notes a did you notice Polvosky arrived after Kubinsky a a a that a very interesting because at the fourth of july party at the american embassy Kubinsky arrived after a and at the fourteenth of july party at the French embassy they came a very a by the Way did anyone see Petrov shake hands with Puchinsky a a i was going to Call that to your attention. Ifs strange that Petrov should shake hands with Puchinsky when the last time they met Petrov Only nodded at a perhaps Puchinsky a Star is rising in the a for maybe Petrovs Star is a i think we have overlooked the real significance of the handshake. It is not that Petrov Shook hands with Puchinsky. But Puchinsky a wife did not talk to Petrovs a Are you sure a a of course in a sure. Puchinsky a wife turned her Back on Petrovs wife to say hello to Bolg Noffs wife. It was a deliberate snub a a a that a very interesting. But to me the most important thing that happened at the reception was that Bol Gonoff was drunk and spilled Vodka All Over marshal Igor itchy a a what is so important about that a a i Norvitch was the one who a Bol Gonoff Star must be rising faster than we a no doubt about it. Marshal Igor itch even went and got Bol Gonoff another a did Bol Gonoff spill that Vodka on Igor itchy a uniform As Well a a no. But he stepped on the marshals foot and get off a i wonder if this Means they re going to make Bol Gonoff minister of defense a a a he a obviously in for something big. In be never seen marshal Igor itch allow someone to stand on his foot for so a did anyone see Zub Elkin at the party a a you mean the Tashkent poet who was ousted from the writers Union for writing a poem attacking the traffic policeman on Gorsky st.?�?� a a that a the one. He a been rehabilitated and is now permitted to write anything he wants providing he does no task anyone to publish a the writers Union must be going through one of their Liberal periods a i done to know if this Means anything but Kava sky never Speaks to foreigners. What did he say a a i asked him about the czech problem and he replied. A in a sorry i never speak to a a did anyone notice that Gogol spilled Vodka on Mut Iken a a it Means nothing. Everyone in Moscow spills Vodka on Mut Iken. He a become a regular bar the ring. He had said he that he would Back Johnson but he did. Then Rockefeller called a press conference and headlines were already written that he would seek the nomination. He knocked everybody Over by saying he . Several primaries later which proved or disproved various Points of View depending on How you read them Bob Kennedy seemed to be Riding a wave. Suddenly like a Bombshell the president announced that he would not be a candidate. Kennedy Stock soared. Rockefeller came out of the Woodwork and decided it was time to get moving. He wait for a draft. Then the tragic events which took Kennedy out of the race failed to lift Mccarthy and plummeted Humphrey into the Drivers seat. So now we have the Battle lines drawn. Nixon and Rockefeller on the gof Side Humphrey and Mccarthy on the Democrat Side. And George Wallace who has been making like a candidate for several years joined the fray As a third party tile logical solution would be that these would be tidy Little fights right Down to the convention then a speedy and popular nomination and the naming of vice presidents. But hard As i try to convince myself that it will be Nixon and Humphrey vying for the Post i still cannot find anyone and i mean anyone who is for either of them. They Arentt for any of the others either. They Are just Plain voters without a candidate they can support. I done to believe that this area of the mid country is so much different than anywhere else that this voter disturbance is going unnoticed. I am certain that is the reason that Rockefeller is hanging on and driving hard right up to convention time hoping that the Nixon landslide As predicted will not materialize. And the same for Mccarthy who has lost steam but is still plugging along. Everybody is worried about the Impact of we Allace on the outcome some predicting his candidacy could Well Force the Choice into the House of representatives. And everyone like this writer so far has written off Harold Stassen the forgotten Man. All of which adds up to the distinct possibility that we May have an election naming a president of this great land which is not so much the Choice of the people but the ant Choice. That is people May be voting against somebody As much As they Are voting for somebody in the manner of the 1964 Burlington City election. It would be hard to govern with a consensus made up of people who did no to care too much for you As a candidate but distrusted or disliked your opponent enough to vote for you against him. It May Well work to the peril of this country though i am not one to consider that any one Man can so redirect the cumbersome machinery of this nation that catastrophe would result. I merely say that a Tough Job could be made much tougher by saddling a president with that knowledge. I still have Faith that the convention delegates will be reasonable people and listen to the Broad voice of America rather than their party loyalties. Of they do i believe they must in All conscience reconsider the front runners and reassess the alternatives and reaffirm their beliefs in the democratic processes and will come up with someone who can be elected of course but someone who if elected can unite and build on the solid foundations of popular support of the majority and the Confidence of the governed. As i said it is an Odd year. Odd because while there appears to be no Competition for the top spot in reality there is much honest Competition among those who might have greater Public acceptance but Lack the political knowledge or backing to solidify it into a successful bid. If the conventions do As they Are predicted to do then we will probably have seen Only the Start of the a Odd the Washington merry go round % Drew Rearson Ike s brother slows democracy abroad Washington one of the Best ways to Block the trend toward democracy in the communist world was Given by Edgar Eisenhower brother of sex president Eisenhower. In a recent letter to Seattle voters. It will be of no help to czechoslovakian citizens now struggling to defeat hard line orthodox communism. In a letter addressed a to fellow american a Edgar Eisenhower enclosed a Blue and White window sticker featuring an Appeal a help Stop us communist Trade then called upon Washington state voters to defeat sen. Warren g. Magnuson because he had a introduced legislation for the Johnson administration favouring an increase in such a i am writing you because you have shown deep concern in the past about the future of this continued the sex presidents brother. A i am asking you to help defeat sen. Magnuson. His defeat would be dramatic proof that americans want Trade with communists the unfortunate thing about Edgar Eisenhower a letter is that people in the communist world do not realize that he does not represent the views of his brother the sex president. Dwight d. Eisenhower followed the policy started by president Truman of trading with Eastern european communist countries a policy followed by president Kennedy and president Johnson. President Eisenhower was actually attacked by members of his own party particularly sen. John Tower tex., for Selling Jet fighter planes to Yugoslavia. Other republicans including rep. Paul Findlay 111., have tried to Stop the shipment of surplus american wheat to Yugoslavia Poland and other smaller european communist countries. However this bipartisan policy of trading with Eastern Europe has paid off As witnessed now by the democratic surge in Czechoslovakia. Sen. Magnuson was earning out this bipartisan policy when he introduced Senate Bill s-3363 favouring increased Trade with the european communist world. Real estate congressmen Victor Wickerham a okla. Who cleaned up a Small Fortune in real estate As a congressman has t prospered in his investments Back in Oklahoma. A a result he a running for Congress again. In a move to attract publicity he announced that he was leaving for South Korea to demand the return of the Pueblo. Obviously one Lone congressman can to get the Pueblo released but he can claim credit for it when the ship is finally released. The astute and wily oklahoman says hell wage a a cheese and crackers poor Mouth Campaign to unseat democratic rep. Tom Steed. One Day before the july 15 withdrawal deadline for candidates a Friend of Wickerham s phoned Steed and urged him to get Wickerham a Job in Washington. A vie is hard up a said the Friend. A what he really wants is a Job. He May get out of the race against you if you help him a a listen a exploded Steed a a done to you know ifs against the Law for me to do anything to discourage a candidate from running in a political election you Tell vie that the Only thing i will give him is a Good Licking on August 27.�?� Sivit Chilade knives a lot of congressmen who Are against gun control support a Bill introduced by rep. Lester Wolff d-n.y., prohibiting the manufacture or distribution of switchblade knives. A there Are five times As Many violent incidents with knives As with guns a said Wolff. Switchblade knives Are now sold openly on the streets of new York and other Large cities. Store owners get around a new York Law by contending that the knives Are recently when Wolff bought one on 42nd Street the merchant told him a you Tan make that one operative with a Little Spring that you can buy in a hardware store Down the when Wolff reported this to the nearest police precinct station he was told that the precinct dealt mainly with traffic problems and did t have time to investigate knife sales. The desk sergeant promised to have someone look at a front window knife display in the store where the congressman made his Purchase a a we la report Back to you a he was told that was three weeks ago. Wolff still Hasni to heard anything from the police station. Rooney s eco Norn y Gen. C. R. Smith who put together one of Ute most efficient airlines in the world a american has proved a Good Secretary of Commerce but is very Green politically he bowed recently to the bulldozing of rep. John Rooney d-n.y., who sits As Czar on the subcommittee which votes Money for the Commerce department. Rooney demanded that John Black be fired As head of the us travel service and that the service be moved to the Flushing Meadow near his District in Brooklyn. Secretary Smith acceded to the first and is reported to be acceding to the second. All this came about when the United states is pushing for More tourists in order to help the Dollar balance. Yet Black who has made the United states the leading Host country in attracting tourists was fired. Simultaneously and just As the us is trying to attract tourists Rooney a economies forced the closing of us travel offices in Italy Venezuela the Benelux countries and All Street level offices in London Paris and Frankfort. This is How politics can get mixed up with practicality. Quot the shape of the news. By tit said p. Morgan the name of the game is overkill Washington a the trouble with us americans is that our Middle name is overkill. We own nearly 200,000,000 shotguns rifles pistols and revolvers yet we not Only refuse to Register them but insist on stockpiling More dreaming that we Are still a Pioneer society which we protect by pulling All the covered wagons into a Circle. We possess More than enough thermonuclear warheads to destroy any enemy and the rest of the civilization along with it. But we insist on refining and fortifying that Arsenal in a spastic reflex of fear to infinite dimensions of destruction thereby providing in a cruel joke on our saves How downright primitive our a a sophisticated systems of defense really Are. This deadly Paradox is dramatically illuminated by the Saga of the abm. The Senate recently voted to deploy the system despite abundant expert evidence that it will not Only fail to bring us added safety but is More Likely to Breed added insecurity for a world already teetering on a fulcrum of Mutual terror that balance of weapons cooperatively struck by the United states and the soviet Union to stand off a nuclear attack on each other. Many thoughtful persons see the Senate a move to activate and anti ballistic missile system As the latest step in a conspiracy by the a military Industrial Complex to dictate defense policy. The Pentagon did indeed lobby for the abm but with such cumbersome and confusing inconsistency As to suggest less the pattern of a plot than the classic line of least resistance which is this when in doubt reach for your gun. Translation in this fragile world the most comforting defense is More armament. The uncomfortable Prospect is that the abm wont fill that Bill. All its Saga does so far is strengthen the theory that defense spending has become such a juggernaut a $78 billion budget is not peanuts that its sheer momentum makes Independent intelligent policy decisions affecting impossible. Reason is disarmed As it were by built in orthodox arguments for More Aims. Some highly knowledgeable observers top scientists included suggest that to deploy Abms just As we approach the russians for a a serious talks on arms control spells not Security but a brutal mistake. Last september in the most tortured speech of his career defense Secretary Mcnamara eloquently warned that a there is a kind of mad momentum intrinsic to the development of All new nuclear weaponry which pushes their deployment beyond prudence. This was linked to his reluctant announcement that the government had decided to install a a a Light abm system against China a rising nuclear strength. But he added in almost palpable anguish we must resist the temptation to expand that a into a heavy soviet oriented abm system the administration is succumbing to precisely that temptation. In the process it has already seduced the Senate into rejecting a proposal by senators Cooper of Kentucky and Hart of Michigan to continue research and development of abm but not deploy it yet on the reasonable grounds that china�?T6 nuclear program has slipped about a year behind. A collateral argument the delay could save up to a billion dollars in a budget which Congress is forcing president Johnson to trim by six billion suddenly the abm defense is aimed less against China than Russia. Some sceptics say this As the foot in the door objective All along. Mcnamara himself reportedly has said if he were a senator he would have opposed abm on the grounds the administration had not made a Case for it armed with an unexpected quickly inspired supporting letter from Mcnamara a successor Secretary Clark Clifford Washington a senator Henry Jackson made a Case such As it was in Senate debate june 19. A it the anti chinese abm will have definite capabilities for defense against the soviet missile threat a Jackson declared. Later he added a full coverage of the United states is what is involved in this that was a stunning Surprise. Even scientists urging abm development now concede there is no known a full coverage defense against a massive nuclear attack which Moscow is capable of mounting against us. Mcnamara a original argument racing the russians on Abms seems More logical than Ever if they insist on deploying defense Abms so be it our answer lies in a better offensive Force. As for the a a Light abm shield against China its dubious justification was blasted in the March Issue of scientific american by two celebrated physicists Hans a. Bethe and Richard l. Garwin who argue that if it is deployed now it will a add Little if anything to the influences that should restrain China indefinitely from an attack on the . But it will nourish the illusion that an elective defense against ballistic missiles is possible. A Mcnamara a september speech ended with the injunction that what the world requires is not a new race toward armament but a a new race toward the Pentagon and its powerful protectors on Capitol Hill Are still running the wrong Way. Scripture lord i have loved the habitation of thy House and the place where thine Honor 26 8. The gathering together of the people of god for worship for instruction and for Praise is always honoured by his presence. Go to Church and seek his Blessing

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