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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Burlington, Iowa In the Hawk Eye spotlight expand ideas on Middle schools by Jackie Maxwell first of a 4-part series anticipating occupancy of the new High school by september of 1909, for five weeks this summer eight teachers studied Prol it lems inherent to the move a n d changes necessary to establish Middle schools. New Middle schools will be created of grades 0-8 at four Sites James Madison Oak Street Horace Mann and the first floor of the old High school building. All ninth graders will attend classes on the second floor of the old High school. A a a the summer committee mostly concerned itself with Middle school curriculum redevelopment. Suggestions for the emerging Middle schools included team teaching individualized instruction Independent study and modular scheduling. The committee said the Middle school curriculum should be one that Bridges the Gap Between self contained elementary classes and the More specialized subject entered 9-12 High school grades. It should provide opportunities for non graded exploratory individual entered activities the committee stressed. Basic skill emphasizes in elementary grades kindergarten through fifth will be imperative if the Middle schools Are to function As suggested the committee pointed out. A a a although the committee was primarily charged with developing a curriculum for the Middle schools elementary and High school teachers were involved to assure understanding of the curriculum at All Levels. Curriculum changes in kindergarten through fifth Grade and at the High school Are expected to evolve from a committee yet to be named which will meet during the 1968-69 school year. Other suggestions made by the summer committee included establishing an in service training program for teachers within the contract year. To Days of the 190-Day year. A system of evaluating teachers resulting in Merit pay should not be considered until an effective in service program has been implemented the committee said. Registration in grades k-12 handled by principals Counselor secretaries and aides prior to the return of teachers. Employing teacher coordinators for grades k-12 in math Art social studies physical education science music and language arts. Self contained classes for k-5 with specially trained teachers replacing the class teacher for Art music and physical education re releasing the class teacher for planning activities. Continuous textbook evaluation and follow up training to Aid teachers in using new materials. Establishing a curriculum and materials resource Center under the direction of a specialist. The committee suggesting using Lincoln school As a temporary Center. Hiring a librarian for elementary schools to supervise Library aides in each elementary building. Consideration of expanding the current federally financed Reading clinics to serve any child in school regardless of economic status. Now the clinics Are aimed at economically underprivileged children. Further study of the testing program possibly requiring Counselor to teach part time. Investigation of counselling pro pedal Dassy continued to Page a Council includes capital improvements in budget by Rich Van Cleef assuming the Burlington City employee salary increases will Cost somewhere near the $149,-733 estimated by the Public administration service some $45,-000 or More will be available to City councilmen to begin a capital budgeting program something the City of Burlington has not had before. The councilmen and City manager John do Lea had agreed during preparation of the budget that any surplus that might occur Between the $138, included in the budget for salary raises and the actual figure required should be put into a fund for future fire department capital expansion. The surplus would be used to Start a capital Reserve fund tentatively ear marked for a snorkel truck and a new Branch fire station. Dullea said after the budget hearing thursday night that he and the councilmen had agreed that the City should begin a capital budgeting program. That Means a certain amount of funds is set aside each year and accumulated for planned capital improvements. Purpose of capital budgeting is to avoid issuing a and paying interest on a Bonds for Large capital improvements and to avoid paying for an improvement out of one years budget. Spreading the Cost is the idea. The 1969 budget includes a number of other a significant items a according to City manager Dullea. Most of them have to do with reorganization of the City a manpower. Efficiency goal a this budget is an attempt to work toward efficiency through reorganization of our manpower a Dullea said. It also includes the hiring of a key personnel which in my opinion More than pay for themselves through the efficient operations they Are Able to develop a the City manager said. Ole major reorganization will result in the creation of a City maintenance division made up of employees now in the Airport and Street lighting divisions. The 8-Man division proposed in the budget will be headed by the present Airport Foreman and will include an electrician electricians Helper Foreman and three maintenance workmen. More for Money Dullea said that organizing and using the men according to function a maintenance a rather than according to a specific department a As Airport Wili mean More productivity per tax Dollar. A we will be More Able to maintain our physical facilities in much better condition a Dullea said. A lesser re organizational move one which Dullea said will save $14,000 next year is the elimination of the forestry department. The forestry department employees will be transferred to the Parks and recreation department. Two new key personnel Are included in the budget. One is a recreation and Parks director. The $10,000 budgeted for the directors salary will be Long Range plans continued on Page 3. The Burlington Hawk Eye 132nd year no. 16 phone 754-8461 Burlington Iowa sunday july 28, 1968 32 pages three sections Price 10c Hope for pact As steel strike nears 28 prisoners freed Saigon up a South vietnamese troops overran a communist base Camp in the Mekong Delta and freed 28 prisoners military spokesmen said today. In Saigon to i lice captured two female Viet Cong terrorists they said i tried to assassinate a political Leader. The incidents followed a a a a Day of scattered fighting in South Vietnam that ranged from the Delta in the South to the Danang area on the i North coast. In the heaviest i fighting near Danang North vietnamese ambushed a . Marine tank column. Tile marines lost five dead suffered 3 3 wounded and lost a tank before fighting Back and killing at least to of the attackers. Government spokesmen said the prisoners freed saturday included five government popular forces soldiers and 23 vietnamese civilians. They were held in a prison Camp 12 Miles Northwest of Bach Cia and about 110 Miles Southwest of Saigon. There were no immediate details on the condition of the prisoners or the circumstances under which they were held. Government troops took the Camp after fighting in the area that left seven communists dead and one captured spokesmen said. In Saigon the two female terrorists failed in an attempt to assassinate a Saigon Ward Leader who was not identified. Spokesmen said the terrorists fired shots at the leaders in the Phu Lam District saturday night and were caught later at a Roadblock. They said one of the women was armed with a chinese communist pistol. In a House to House search that followed the attempt National police arrested 47 persons who failed to produce proper identity papers. War communiques reported several other Battles in South Vietnam saturday. In three actions in the Saigon area government spokesmen said South vietnamese forces killed 55 enemy soldiers at a Cost of la South vietnamese killed and 13 wounded. Two Battles were reported in South Vietnam a midlands. A regional Force company killed 28 communists in coastal Binh Dinh province and a South vietnamese reconnaissance company killed 17 communists while suffering four killed and 18 wounded in fighting in Dar Lac province spokesmen said. Up correspondent Ray Wilkinson reporting on the Friday Battle from Marine Headquarters. Said the North vietnamese surprised the Leatherneck column with a Volley of rockets and mortars on a Jungle Trail near an Hoa 30 Miles Southwest of Danang. Most of the Marine casualties occurred in the first Momento of Battle. The marines dug in blazed away with heavy automatic weapons fire and repulsed the North vietnamese with help from Jet tighter bombers and artillery bombardment. Half Complete Wilkinson reported that Allied engineers were 50 per cent Complete in the construction of a Barrier of barbed wire and mines to protect the big . Air base and military Complex at Danang. The project will erect an 18-mile fortified line stretching along an arc to Miles from the Center of Danang Viet Cong mortar fire Friday night and saturday morning hit several Saigon zone targets. A car await papal decision czechs solidly behind leaders Prague up a a sturdy youth in the coarse Olive drab uniform of a czech Soldier stood erect and proud when an american stranger asked if he was behind the nations communist leaders. A ooh yes a he exulted. A with All tile fingers on my hands and All the toes on my people unified the Soldier a sergeant garrisoned near Prague seemed to speak for everyone on the capitals streets As the communist party first Secretary Alexander Dubcek and the rest of the party presidium girded for their showdown meeting with the soviets. Thousands of soldiers and civilians stood in Long lines All Over Prague during the weekend waiting to affix their names to a petition pledging support in the crisis and urging the presidium to stand firm against the Kremlin. The enthusiasm was partly planned partly spontaneous. There was a touch of humor when Prague radio said that a pair of newlyweds As the first act of their married life went to sign the petition. Copies sell fast those in lines and others in the streets where copies of the petition sold faster than they could be delivered to news stands were virtually unanimous in their support Lor Dubcek. During hours of questioning Prague residents Friday and saturday Only one person was found who disliked the new regime and its democratization. He was a policeman. A if anything it is worse now a he said. A it makes my Job a lot the slim Young officer touched a Finger to the red Paulet that decorated the shoulder of his Forest Green uniform and said a they done to respect this any nevertheless the policeman said he supports Dubcek in the current crisis. A whatever we think we have to stand with him now because of the russians a he said. Other stories Page 6. Vatican City up the most anxiously awaited event in the pontificate of Paul it is at hand. It is the papal decision on birth control under consideration five years. Few papal documents in modern times have been so Long in the making so anxiously awaited or so directly important in the daily lives of millions of people throughout the world. Nature withheld the Vatican said Friday a new a pontifical document would be announced at a news conference 10 30 am. 3 30 . Cd i monday. Its nature was not officially disclosed but Vatican sources said it was in fact the papal pronouncement on birth control. According to the sources the 70-year old Pope completed work on his document before taking up summer residence at nearby Castel Gandolfo july 17. They said the Popes decision is a a not to the Pill and other forms of contraception. He has decided they said to maintain the traditional position of the Catholic Church Down through the centuries that artificial birth control is prohibited to Catholic couples As inherently evil. This decision is certain to be a major blow to Liberal forces in the Church including a majority of the Popes own 60-member International commission that was appointed in 1963 to study the question. But conservatives in the Church some of whom have been dismayed at changes that have been made in Church practice since the Vatican ecumenical Council undoubtedly will be heartened. Widen divisions it seems apparent therefore that the decision no matter How it goes will Widen divisions within the Church and perhaps even turn some catholics of Liberal persuasion away from the Church. Surveys in various countries in recent years have shown an increasing number of Catholic couples practice birth control despite the solemn teaching of the Church that this is a sin. For such reasons As these the birth control decision is probably the most difficult the Pope has had to make since his election in 1963. The original decision to study the question anew was made by the late Pope John Xxiii apparently because of worldwide concern Over the so called a population explosion and because of increasing demands by Many catholics for some change in the churches position. Pm $ i in twp of of t in a a a fir5 ? it pm a a s. A i Quot a a i a it a i a a v the j a it a Quot tip ii a i a Arr a a. Or Bill by a in varied opinions on which Way to go Are expressed by Little Martha Breuer summer Street Road and her big dog Nicko. Martha was among 20 4-h boys and girls who Are taking lint in training from Jack Godsil Galesburg aiming toward a dog show which will be held at 1 30 . Aug. 6 during the Hawkeye fair. Postal cutback is delayed business was As usual saturday at the Burlington Post office reported Franz Charbonneaux the new acting postmaster. The Post office received the order last night to maintain business at the same level from postmaster general w. Marvin Watson. Most of the nation s Post offices provided Normal saturday services thanks to a Senate action temporarily staving off a scheduled cutback in operations. Watson warned however he could not delay the Start of mail service cutbacks beyond next saturday unless Congress exempts his department from provisions of a Federal employee Rollback. The Post office department said it would wait another week where in the world.? to give the House time to act. Congress plans to adjourn next Friday until september so members can attend the National political conventions and Watson said that unless the House goes along with the Senate action the saturday closings will Start next saturday aug. 3. The Senate added the exemption As a rider to a minor Post office department Bill that has been approved by the House. That approach will enable the House to approve the exemption without having the measure go through the committee process in that body. Mediapolis Soldier killed As helicopters crash in Vietnam t he pause that refreshes sunny and pleasant today fair and continued Cool tonight. High today 83 Low tonight 62. River stage Burlington 12.0, up .3. Where is Florida a newest state Park answer on Page 2. Mediapolis a 21-year-old Mediapolis Soldier sgt. Charles Thomas Hesse died july 23 in a helicopter Accident at Camp Evans Vietnam. Mrs. Mary Williams of Mediapolis Hesse a aunt was informed by the military that Hesse was killed at 10 45 . At crap Evans during a routine refuelling operation. Hesse died when another helicopter crashed into the helicopter he was aboard. He was born Jan. 21, 1947, in Burlington the son of Joseph and Iola Luckenbill Hesse both of whom died earlier. He was reared by mrs. Williams and attended Mediapolis schools. He was a member of the first presbyterian Church at Mediapolis. Hesse entered the army on july 17, 1967, and had been in Vietnam As a helicopter gunner since february. Surviving aunts and uncles Charles Hesse mrs. Mary Williams mrs. Minnie Luckenbill and or. And mrs. Clarence Kinsinger All of Mediapolis. Services Are pending at Fry Chapel Mediapolis. Pittsburgh up the chief negotiators for la major steel companies and the United steelworkers of America us saturday said they had been unable to reach a a basis for settlement of their wage contract dispute covering 400.000 steelworkers in the United Staten and Canada. However it was Learned from other Industry and Union sources both sides were hopeful they could come up with a settlement proposal during the weekend. Although their failure to Date increased the threat of a strike by the steelworkers at Midnight wednesday when a current three year contract expire there was no immediate threat to the Economy of the two countries. Steel users notably the automobile Industry have huge stockpiles which they had been building up since february and will be Able to ride out a strike for several weeks at least. The automakers have enough steel on hand to last until late november. Joint statement i. W. Abel us president and r. Conrad Cooper vice president of the . Steel corp. And chief negotiator for the la companies said in a joint statement they had been unable to reach a common ground for settlement. They said the negotiators would continue their talks through the weekend. They said a neither Side has been they branded a completely false a report the companies had made an offer for a wage fringe benefits package totalling 90 cents an hour Over a three year period. However the statement did not deny specifically some sort of an offer was made by the companies. Other Industry sources indicated later the companies had made a tentative offer but its nature was not known. The unions two policy making groups the 33-Man executive Board and the 600-member Basic steel Industry conference will meet in Pittsburgh monday to decide a course of action. A Short strike of a week or two duration will have Little Impact on the Economy although there would be layoffs in the Coal Railroad and truck radishes. More widely Felt if a strike lasted a month or longer assuming the Johnson administration did not invoke the Taft Hartley act the Pinch would be Felt More widely. Both Union and management would suffer from a longer walkout. The void in production would be snapped up by foreign steelmakers who have been making inroads on american markets. The steelworkers Are seeking a wage and fringe benefits package of about 6 per cent. Steelworkers currently earn an average hourly pay of $3.78. The la major Basic steel producers engaged in the negotiations estimate their employment costs at $4.88 per Man hour. They say the Union demands would bankrupt some companies and take most the profit from others

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