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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 19, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1839.)BURLINGTON, IOWA, SATURDAY MORNING, JULY ll). ISIK). (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK. the booze bundle bill. Consideration of the Original Package Measure Commenced. Extensive Arguments on Both Sides of the Question—The Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill iii the Senate —Washington News. prov Washington, July is—it, the house Mr. Cannon, of Illinois, from tin* committee on rules, reported a resolution ling that the house -.hall immedi-tely proceed to the consideration of the ‘‘original package” bill. tin* previous question to be considered as ordered Monday after the reading of the journal. and that the house shall consider the bankruptcy bill, the previous question to he considered a- ordered Wednesday after the reading of the journal. The house de<.-ided to consider the resolution. After some debate the resolution was modified so as to provide that appropriation bills shall not interfere with the consideration of the two bill-, aud the resolution was then adopted. The ••original package” iii;! wa- then taken up. E. lh Taylor slid never had such a blow been given state rights as by the ascertainment, that under the constitution citizens of a foreign state might take into another state any property that was a subject of commerce aud there sell it without liability of taxation or burden of taxation. While he preferred the hot im* substitute lie feared its adopt- j ion would endanger the legislation, eon- j sequent Iv he advocated the senate bill. Mr. Culberson, of Texas, said if Iowa could prohibit the importation of intoxicating liquor* it could exclude tobacco and it could go further than guaranteeing the healtii and morals of the citizens. It could protect its own products against. those of tile oilier states. It would be better to amend the constitution than mangle it by these makeships. Mr. Ad anis, of Illinois, did not believe the remedy for the “original package" saloon could lie found in either of the proposed measures, lie argued in favor of the substitute, defining an original package of intoxicating liquors in bottles a- a ca*e containing not less t ban a dozen bottle-, and not in bottles, as a cask containing nut less than live gallons. Mr. Heed. of Iowa. whose decision tis a judge wa* overruled by the decision of the supreme court, spoke in laver of the proposed legislation. Ile could not indulge iii the hope expressed by Adams that on a re-hearing of t Sn* question a different result would be arrived at. Any lawyer who st udiod the dissenting opinion of the court would sci* that every possible phase of the question had been discussed thoroughly before the decision was announced. He was informed that th*' rehearing Ila*I been applied for ami denied. If any relief was to be given t lie people from wrong and e\i! to society I growing out of tin decision of the su-[ preme court it lay in the direction I pointed out by the pending bill. They I delegated no power to tho state. They I merely <*xor* I sod a power delegated to [ congres* to regulate commerce among j the slates. E. Ii. Taylor denied that the proposed I legisla ion delegated any power to states. I and opposed Adams* substitute on the I ground that it would turn every local \ option township and county iii the i Univ d States into a liquor selling towns' ship and county by tin aet of congress. Mr. lh ! Vr-oii of Iowa -aid tiodecision [ rendered by the supreme court -im-c that court had deluded that a human soul was a prop- r article of merchandise, had so CXI u*d lie feelings of the country as the orig :i nae ag* d< u-i n. No good citizen would fail to submit to the decision of th“ court. Rut he (Henderson) would say anything ripening ti,,- I,rodding-Senators no, mnmbfr, of tim nominate,, under.tnud tho committee will ,„ake very considerable changes a, lod lull and reduce it. length materially. Confirmations. Washington, July    ... sell. of Massachusetts, assistant' wens airy of the navy: A. Ii. NcUeton. of Minnesota, and nhverL. Spaulding, of Michigan, assistant secretaries of the treasury: Henderson M. Somerville, of Alabama Lewis Packard, of Massachusetts. and I* e rd I n and N. Shurtleff, of Oregon, general appraisers of merchandise. THE BEHRING SEA TROUBLE. Tile British War Shi,, Warsprite Arrives at Victoria. \ I* minx. B.C.. July is.—H \j si Warsprite, the Hag ship of the North Pacific squadron, with Rear Admiral Latham aboard, arrived here yesterday afternoon. The admiral was interviewed with regard to the suggested movement of the warships to protect Canadian vessels in Behring sea. He stated emphatically t hat he had not yet received instructions to send any of the fleet to tile north to protect British vessels from seizure by American vessels or to retake ■my that might be seized in Behring sea. Had England any intention of sending one of the fleets to Behring sea this year to prevent, the seizure of schooners flying the British flag. it was presumed I lint orders would I av*- coml* hmgr ago. Now, if one did go. it would fie practically too late in the season to accomplish the end aimed at. We certainly should make no move in the matter without-ample instructions til do so. Fire Destroys Their Large Building in New York City. The Associated Press Meets with an Irreparable Boss of Valuable Papers and Records—Narrow Escape of the Occupants. MRS. HARRISON'S DANGER. Ti.. President's Wire and Mrs. McKee Meet w it ii an Accident. Cack Max. X- J., July is.—Mrs. President. Harrison aud Mrs. McKee nar-; rowly escaped serious injury when out j driving last. night. On Washington j avenue, a boy driving a dog cart iii the j opposite direction, lost, control of tin* horse which dashed madly up tho street. I lo* cart swerved into and narrowly missed overturning the Harrison carriage. The horse then ran into an iron awning post and demolished a large plate glass window. He fell on the pavement. bleeding profcselyaml at the sight of blood Mrs. MeKe. fainted. She was soon revived, however, and the president s then proceeded to their cottage without further mishap. RAILROAD MATTERS. The New ti. Im* Qui iiej - Nauvoo Borid ■santa Pc Feeder. Kpokpk. la.. July is.—c. R. Arnold, president of the Quincy. Keokuk and Chicago railroad company, was in the eii v recently consulting with a committee of the Business Men's association. Mr. Arnold stated that the road would serve tis a feeder for the Santa Fe. connecting with that line at Niota, Illinois. Arrangements were made wherein the new road may use the Keokuk and Hamilton bridge across the Mississippi. The road asks $50,000 in stock from Keokuk, which is not to be paid until through trains are running from Quincy to Chicago. via the proposed road and the Santa Fe. A considerable portion of the stock is already subscribed, and responsible persons have promised that the balance will be taken. Nai voo. 111.. July is.—Tin* soliciting committee at work in behalf of the proposed railroad from Quincy to Niota, has met with fair success. Up to Thursday | noon subscriptions to the amount of 8*32,-! OOO had been secured. New York, July 18.—The Western Union Thclegraph building caught fire at seven o’clock this morning in the distributing room on the fifth floor. The operating room on the floor above and the Associated Cress rooms and restaurant on the seventh floor were completely destroyed. Seven lives were miraculously saved. A few minutes before seven o'clock the operators began to arrive to go to work. About fifty men and young women reached the operating room when a messenger liny saw a puff of smoke under a table in the distributing room on the floor below the operating room. Ile scarcely had time to investigate the cause when the wooden table was in flames and tin* tire spreading with lightning rapidity, he rushed up stairs to notify the new arrivals that the building was on fire. They were compelled lo go through tin* distributing room to gel down .'tair*. A panic was the result. Women screamed, men rushed pell-mell down the stairs to escape the flames. which in less than two minutes spread almost over the entire distributing room, burning up wires, instruments and tables as if so much tinder. Tine entire room, when the panic stricken crowd passed through it. was tilled with dense smoke. They fell over each other in their wild efforts to reach a place of safety. A mess* liger boy. wit Ii an operator by lie* name of Skidmore, were the only persons who retained presence of mind enough to aet. Tile boy rushed down stairs and out of the building and sent out an alarm, while Skidmore got down the lire extinguisher aud endeavored to quench tin* flam* s. Ile saw it was impossible t«» be of any service, and to save himself rushed for tbe stairway before the lire could overtake him. By this time th** flames had reached the ceiling of th** distributing room and were eating their way through to I lie operating room, where instruments that connected with the wires that «Iis-tribute news throughout the countrx were located. In less time than it lakes to tell this the entire floor was ablaze and flames were extending to tin* floor above, on which the Western Union company's restaurant was located. As soon a- the smoke was noticed Night Manager Tobin cried "lire." and iii a moment all the men in the rear jumped for hand grenades which hung about tim walls: those then began lo throw down the hob* where the flames wert*. The content.- splashed out. when th** glass broke and the liquid spluttered a little as it met the til-**. That was all the visible effect. Hand grenades could not fight fire like this, 'l’obin called a messenger boy to go down and semi in the alarm. A- tions given from the building, and then* are the private offices of Jay Gould. Sidney Dillon, Dr. Xorvin Green and others who are famous throughout the country. The vice president of the Western Union is of the opinion that the loss of that company will not much exceed sfoo.(ion. IL* also believes that they w ill he able to employ a considerable force in th** main hallway in a day or two. Air*ady new switchboards are on the way from Philadelphia, and all that money and energy can do to quickly restore the service for the public will be done. The Associated Press will use the executive room on the fifth floor and such other rooms a* can be bad in the neighborhood. The Associated Press loses instruments, typewriters, furniture and all its books, papers and records dating from and ;. valuable reference library. This loss i * irreparable. All Hie material for a history of the growth of th** press in America contained in letter books and I des is destroyed aud can never be replaced. The money vain** is estimated at $150.00i). There is no insurance. Hon. William Henry Smith, general manager, is a heavy loser by the destruction of ran* books and papers, many of which cannot be duplicated. The tire burned out tin* Ship News ('abl**, and no dispatches have been receive*! this morning from Fir** Island. Sandy Hook or Quarantine. Tin* pollee estimate the lo** of building and fixture** at $250,000. WORRIES THE POWERS. by American Affairs. and 'ated their curiosity to it' fullest extent. Meanwhile tin* mounted police ___ ha*I been called and their clattering down tin* street struck terror to tin* England and France Worked Up weaker sex. who made another rn- ti for A Political Bombshell in the Eighth amated and Liken to ti,.- 'tat.ion the opening, trampling to death iii their ‘ haste aud fright two women and 'even children. Tin* police remained in po-ses-sion of the field, together with several cart-lnads of parasols. hats, bustle*, blond** switches and miscellaneous spoil. A STROM, CANDIDATE. Congressional District told an oflir, r standing at the station that if tin- woman was not arrested -be would kill her. To prevent such a sanguinary performance, the accused was QUEER PRANKS OF LIGHTNING. Bothered l»y the Tariff Bill—Tile Behring Sea Trouble Also a Source of Much Trouble to British Statesmen -The Eastern Question. BISMARCK'S POSITION. .1. It. liar'll Signifier Bin Willingm-" to Bun for Conure**- The Creston **<«»-/ctteN” Announcement A Storm at Be* Moille* London. July 18.—America is a 'unroof trouble to many Europeans just now. Between tin* McKinley bill and the Behring sea difficulty many statesmen and manufacturer* in England and on th** continent ar** kept awake nights and keep up a constant fir** of interrogatories on their respective governments. Ed- conference, beeau CRAIN'S TESTIMONY. How I lie Ex-Chancellor stands on Various Questions of Interest in Germany. BEHLIN. July I s.—The    Handuir<i>r N<wh ridden. inspired by Brince Bis-rnarek, denies teat. Bismar**!* initiated th** international labor conference. He considered international protection of labor a chimera. Ile did not uprise rLe he boiled t hat it A Milton Woman Badly Injured anil a f in** Stallion Killed. Mn.ton. la.. July    I ■*.— Lightning struck a tree in Hie yard of William Hall, one mil** '*,0111 of here yesterday, and pa-*od through tin* house near bv, badly injuring Mrs. Hall by burning her The Investigation of the Tioga Explosion Cont iuucd. Chicago, July is.—At the coroner’s nudest ii, til** matter of th** explosion of the steamer Tioga, to-day, City Oil Inspector Crain test ified that he had several times found naphtha on board of vessels in this harbor shipped by the Gennesset* Oil company of Buffalo, and had notified t ile consignees of that fact, but had received no reply, lie had found three shipm* at'of naphtha by the GcnneSsee company via the Union Steamship company during the present month. They were 'imply marked “Diamond Ii,” and witness said he had no doubt the(tennessee company in Buffalo and its branch house here had knowledge of a violation of the law reported. Tin* treasury pepartment at Washington has taken cognizance of th** ease and ordered a seizure of th** Tioga's cargo of oil. SOMEBODY'S CRIME. A Bal,vVs sloe th* owe \vi; Ii folded hands and wait • 'upreni* court made snioe other While he wa* willing to rocog-decision as a law, lie was un-1 I still one moment and sub-■ ie* opera:ion *<f that decision if was a lawful remedy and $ not ant: do, niz* xvii' mit th*: he gen court into th it a * “\\    We we I,, I ie vi evil.” Th out I, - .rd who bend* their head: their fellowmen, appealed to congress for it' ae*ion. and for one he would not hesitate to act. Pending further debate, th** took a re,-. Nothing was done evening '<"ion. Lolo** raising th of no quorum. THE SENATE. lelieved there men not forget in throwing < republic *1 id n* [•lire. It cried believe t hi.* pc was. Let the that the supreme this thunderbolt it tail to send with out to congr* ss: to Im* our duty. \our (Inty i*i remedy the pie of tho country, with-’o part or politics, people their knee and uncovered in tin* presence of God and house at th** point • The Cliieago Junction Railways anti Stock Yards Company Incorporated, i Boston. July Is.—The official an-! nounceuient will be mad** to-morrow of iii* bicorporal ion under tlo* laws of New I Jersev of the Uhieago Junction railways ; and Union Stock Yards company, with : th** following directors:    Chancey M. Depew. Now Y*u‘k: lion. John Quincy Adams. Boston: ex-United States Minister Edward J. Phelps. Burlington, Vermont: William J. Sewell, Camden. Now Jersey; .John ilooy. Hollywood. New Jersey, president of th** Adams Express company: Frederick ll- Winston, Chicago:    Bight I Ion. Hugh <. K. it er I The Sundry ‘ ■ \ 11 Bill I odor Consideration —Tin* Irrigation Survey Vmendiueiit Xdopted. Washingtov. .Inly Is —In the senate the resolution offered yesterday by Mr. A ison making it in order in tin* consideration of ..pp! ipriation bi '.* to move to limit debat** «*u amendments to live minute' for each senator, was presented aud laid on the table subject to call hereafter. Mr. Daw* s. from the committee on Ilian affairs. to which was referred the pr<'ideiit's message vetoing th** bill to cha ii go the boundure > of iii** Uncompah-gr* Is; in reservation, reported it back. without recommendation, and at th** same time reporting a new bill for the same purpose. The bill and message wen* p ac ii on I lo' calendar. Consideration of tie* sundry civil appropriation bill was resumed and Mr. Reagan continued his argument begun yesterday. Ile warmly defend***! Major Pow, . and in the course of his remarks. said t was because Powell could not be used by speculators in public lands that war l ad been made upon him. This led to a lively spat w ith Stewart. Mr. A11 ',»ii >aid be desired to put bin'elf on record against any appropriation boing made in the direction continuing the irrigation survey, ii** was I firm y convinced thai an immediate stop should he put to that 'liney. Th** re-r suit of its eontiiiuanoi s would be to in-! Vol vc the government in enormous **\-i pemliiures ami entanglement. After further dimension by Plumb. C" droll. Teller and Stewart., the amendment was agreed to. I terns of ST:.1**.boti for circulation sur-< vey: $50,000 for engraving maps and I STumm) for office rent in Washington were I str ken out and tin* bill la Ll aside. A’Ji-| son g wing not et* that In* won iii a'k th** I s**t. ;;e to remain in session to-morrow I Un*'.: it was completed. \ conference was ordered on the land I forf* tore bill and the senate adjourned. GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. s* cat or Chid* is. London, hit** chancellor of th** exchequer; Francis Baron Blake, of Blake. Bois-.rain A Co., London: Bena rd T. B<>sanqt;< It. dire* un* of Boyd''bank, : Limited) London: Adolph Von Andre, of Andre. Man de is a Co., bankers. London. rI in* trustee for the bond holders ami register of transfer is th** Central Trust Co., of New York. Tin* capital stock is >Iff,not).out*. 'I his stock will b** fully paid in cash and will be non-as',*>sable. and th** stock holders will have no personal liberty whatever. A BIG DIAMOND ROBBERY. .•SIO.Olio Worth of Precious Gems Taken from a Saratoga Cottage. s*ai:ATO*;a, X. Y.. July is. — About noon sneak : hievos entered th** Bliss cottage her** and got away with 810,000 wort Ii of d in motels and jewelry. 'I he cottage is occupied bv L**vi lh Morton, vice pre'ideiit of tin* I nit***! States, and l,ii partner. Mr. Bliss, ami reward of '■‘I.OOO i cry of th** jewels. their wives. A IT*Ted for t In* reeov- Resu11 oI an Original Pack ;ge Injunction. Ton:ka. Kau.. July IG—bulge Phillips'decision granting an injunction lo two CMI iglu;.- * package age lits. rest raining prosecution by county officials, has resulted iii Maynard. Hopkins <fc Co., wholesale liquor dealers, (if Kansas ('iffy. inst inning suit in th** United States circuit court against County Attorney Welsh. Sheriff Wilkenson. Police Commissioners Bouch™ ke and McCabe. Chief of Polio** Gardner aud Editor Hudson, of th** Topeka. Dalin Till iru)ih. for $10.-ooo damages, alleging conspiracy. f Pierce’s Moi iou Regarding Re-cijirocit J. W \sniM, iox, July Is Senator Pierce to-day proposed an amendment loth** birrs hill. providing that after one year from til** passage of the bill, the president, in his discretion, may direct that the duties on sugar imposed under the law* now* in force, be rc-imposed as a-amst any mu ion or country failing to enter into ad** mat** reciprocal relations "itll til,* United Slates regarding the agricuiiural products of this country: And the president is directed to pursue sum negotiations as may be deemed ne, * "ary to secure bv tin* treasurer, or otherwise, unrestricted entry in any such country of ihe agricultural products of United St ates. The Lodge Election Bill. M ashjmoton. July 18. — A mooting of the republican members of the senate £)mmiuee on privileges, and elections held to-day to consider the federal i election bill. The committee refuse to Shut Two Brothers Hest*!. ay \ n n ail Ca., didy ’ •**•—At Cay I on to-dav. IL < *• Norton. Jr.. a son of a physician of this city, shot and killed two brothers named W illi<* and John Bird. Y* 'tcrday Young Norton and Willie Bird traded mules. To-day Wills*' Bird, accompanied by bis brother John. went lo Norton's place to get him to trade bick. Norton refused and John Bird, drawing a pistol, told \\ ills* to break open th** stable door and recover the mule. At. this point Young Norton shot the Birds dead. Norton has fled. A Backage of Money Los*. Mu av av k i.r. July- I'*. -A package eon- 1 taming >ff.o'»0 consigned to tho care of Hic United Stat* - Ex pre." company ha' mysteriously disappeared in transit o\**r the Milwaukee, Lake Si*,ore and Western railroad. Th** package consisted wholly of bank notes, and was shipped from Chicago early in the week. it hasbeen traced as far a- Monico, x\ Leonsin. Two Railroad Bridges Washed Away. [Special toT ie JhhiwK- Eye.) Bt 'HNKi t. Uh, .lilly 18.—The heaviest ra iit k now n i * *r y*airs \ is: ted this pat, < J th** country yesterday. About eight nu!cs west of here two bridges and two thousand feet-of th** Toledo. Peoria ami Western track was washed away by the flood. The report that the Toledo, Peoria and Western bridge across Spoon river was washed away is a mistake. Rough on Toothache. 15c. At Druggists Rough on Porns, third or Soft Porns, tx*. Nominated l»y Ac tarnation X \ sr VU.pf., Temp. July lv. Hon. .1. lh Buchanan, president of th** State Farmers' Vllianee, was nominated for governor in the stat*' convention to-day by acclamation. Hon. ii. J- I *'*' wa> nominated for judge of the supreme court. Beech ant's Pills act like stomach.    __ magic* on a wcax Pears’ soap is the most pleasant toilet adjunct soon as the boy started down the 'tail*' the operators unrolled a big hose wheel which is kept at tin* south side of the floor always ready for an emergency of this kind and Tobin turned th** water on. It. was a pretty good stream ami it look' d at first as if it would beat tin* waves of flame out of existence. But it did not, not a bit. The one effect it seemed to have was t*> make th** Hr** shoot tip higher and it was noticed that tin* smoke <*am<* rolling out of tin* big hole in greater volumes than before. These operators worked the hose until th** smoke became so thick they could not see where tin* tire wits. Three ladies of tin* day fore**, who had arrived, kept cool and the operators worked like 'leavers. They soon found, however, their efforts were useless. The elevator man had brought the elevator up to iii** IiftIi floor and tin* women went in the • ars w ith sonn* of tin* rn* ii. They began to realize by this time that. tin* lire was going lo be a mon*    serious affair than at first thought. When th** last few men crowded into the last ear they were jii't a I it 11** bit. frightened. As they passed the floor below* a hot wave rolled over them. which made their throats dry and parched, and as th** ear proceeded down. lire-hrauds fell upon them and burned their clothing. When the ear reached the bottom they were all glad enough to get out. Not until then.did these men realize that their escape had almost been cut off, and it is not on record where men worked so hard under such fearful cirrumstam * s ami against such od*l' as did these thirty men. Un th** restaurant floor there were four men and three women, w ho, seeing escape cut ort' from every quarter, became panic stricken. The young women were waiters in tin* restaurant and tin* men were cooks and chore men. Tim women rushed around th** restaurant screaming and wringing their hands. One of the men. finding there was no possible moans of escape downward, rushed for the scuttle of the roof. Tim trap door was pushed off and th** prisoners climbed to the roof. Flames were shooting out of the front windows aud volumes of smoke puffed heavenward from under th* eaves of tin* great building and tin* 'in; ’nr* t seemed crowned with tin*. When tin* great, crowds on the rtr*** t< saw the men and women rush out on tin* roof a cry of horror went tip, for it did not seem possible that they could survive. In a few* minutes after the fire started there were fourtenbngincs and hook and ladder companies and tin* water lower on tin* ground. Tile water poured in through the flaming window' aud lieut down upon tho roof. falling to tin* ground in a perfect cataract. Ail of tin* houses surrounding the building were much lower than th** roof of the Western Union, and for ’hose on top of it deaf ii seemed certain. A long ladder was raised upon the roof of the building adjoining and placed against til** rear of the burning building. It did not reach within fifty feet of the Western Union roof. Two firemen, however, sealed the ladder and threw a rope to the roof. which was caught and tied. The firemen then (lulled themselves up handover-hand until they had reached the roof, and amid cheers of the assembled thousands, let down th*' seven persons to places of safety. It was accomplished just iii time. bn* th** flames immediately burst up through and soon enveloped the roof. The immense amount of water soon began to have a telling effect, upon tin* fir** and Anally the flames died away altogether. The entire upper part of the building was gutted and every instrument and wire rendered useless. How th** tire originated no one seemed to know, but it is surmised that two of the company's electric light wires became crossed and -et the flooring on fire. Had tin* lire broken out an hour later the loss of life might have been enormous. Fully seven hundred girls and men are employed in the great building. The floors are flooded with water to a depth of a foot or more, and the destruction which was started by fire was absolutely completed by water. When th** day force arrived shortly after eight o'clock it was but too evident that tin* usefulness of th** great building was a an end for the present. The ruin of the operating room rendered every Western Union wire on Manhattan Island useless, so th** Associated Dress opened headquarters in Jersey City, every facility I being afforded them by th** officials of I the Pennsylvania railroad, and before the fire w as under control the various circuit s I of the Associated Press were in active j operation. No exact figures ran yet be I given as to the loss. but it will be heavy. The building U filled with offices on tho live lower floors w hich are occupied by I some of th** greatest railroad magnates ■ in the world. The system of the Pacific railroads is operated through instrue- l.ips Stitched Tojfdlifr Befur* It uhs Drowned. Bt KLIN*. I on, X. J.. July I".—While a party of yelling men and women were drifting iii a row boat on the Delaware river at this place a woman in white was seen to come out from th** shadow of a clump of trees and. walking a few yards down the river hank, stop at the edge of the water. A splaGi was heard, but. a* the woman was 'till standing on the batik, tin*'* in th** boat thought that a pieeeofthe bank had slipped down into the water. In a few moments tile woman disappeared in th** dump of ti-*** s from which sin* had come. This morning a fisherman came across a black bundle floating in the water. When Ii** opened it fn* found the body of a pretty, chubby baby, and was horrified to see that, it- lips were tightly stitched together. 'fille woman iii white had thrown lh** black bundle into tin* waters, and the stitched Iii*" of th** child tell why no crv was heard. A SUPPOSED SEA SERPENT. It \V;i- Finha* k Only an Every Day \\ hale Near Shore. Boston. Mass., July is.—For two day (cist th** cottagers along Nantucket Beach have been frightened half out of their wits by -t sea monster which deported itself so close to th** beach as to be plainly 'cen from th** shore. Of course, the moi'** timid ones could think of nothing but th** mythical sea serpent, and all along the beach only th** boldest dared to try th** 'iirf bathing. Yesterday th** huge creature made his appearance even nearer th** shore, and hundreds of people saw him swimming to and fro. At one time a huge head would be raised out of the water and again ii tin of unusual size would beseen. For several hours th** creature patrolled th** coast, but it, was not a sea serpent aft* rail. It was only a fin-back whale aboil* fifty or sixty feet. long. lie was unusually dose to tin* shore and his peculiar antics gave ri'<* to tin* story that th** sea serpent, was at hand. SMALL-POX IN MEXICO. Twelve Hundred Deaths in Three Months and Hie Disease Spreading. San Antonio, Tex.. July is. —Warren Garnet has returned from a lengthy stay in the stat** of Cbahuila, Mexico. Most »f th** tim** was spent in Saltillo, the capital, ll** describes the city as generally prosperous, but ravaged by 'inall-!>o\. "I was told,” he said, “that th** deaths there from the disease have averaged over four hundred people a month for the past three months, and new **a'<*s are reported daily. Tin* epidemic is mostly among children and is confined to no particular locality of the city. Then seem to be no quarantine measures adorned to prevent the spreading of the disease. There are scores of foreigners leaving the city, aud there is scarcely any travel into the stricken place. "When a person dies of the disease th** body is placed on a board and carted away on th** heads of men to the burial ground. Th** face is exposed and the winds passing over th** body of the dead carry tie* pestilence to all quarters of th** city and surrounding country. Measles ii** also raging and many deaths are occurring from that source among i children.’* THE “HERALD" TO MOVE. New York's Great Raper Seeking a Fine Home. Ni w York. July is.—A special writer in tho Slur lias it on good authority that Mr. James Gordon Bennett has determined upon one of the most important moves in the history of New York journalism. It is nothing I**" than the erection of a handsome building for the use of the Herald on th** lot now bounded by Broadway, Sixth avenue. Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth streets. A Genuine Case of Asiatic Cholera. Atchison*. Kan., July is.—There was a genuine case of Asiatic cholera in tiffs lily yesterday. Every symptom developed, except it was sporadic. Tin* victim was Mrs. Bishop, wife of a wellknown citizen. She died within twenty-four hours. Two prominent physicians sav it was a genuine case. Gold Bar Thieves Indicted. Chic \go. July is.—A new indictment was found by the grand jury to-day against, John Ehret, ex-driver for the United States Express company, charged ; with th** theft of a $10,000 gold bar. Indictments were also returned against three other persons, and one of them, Ehret's brother, was arrested tiff' afternoon. The Cordell Mystery. Qi in* v. 111., July is.—A detective was in this city Wednesday investigating tie* Cordell ca'**. From the questions lie asked it i' evident that it is bcliev*-I that some doctor in Quincy figure' i i sum** way in the case. The detective would sty but little, but intimated that developments would be made in a short time. ward T. Gourley, the Gladstonian w ho represents Sunderland in tin* holist* of commons, wanted to know yesterday whether there was any t rut ii in a statement cabled from America that President Harrison, in a communication to Lord Salisbury, had threatened to deal summarily with British sealers in Ii* bring >* a. Ile could not obtain a satisfactory answer. Due notice of the question had been given and it was asked at the regular question tim**, but Sir James Fergusson, the under foreign secretary. found it convenient to be absent, and Sir John Gorst, the tory member for Chatham, was jnit. up to gi\e an evasive r*■ ply to the effect that th** government had not received any report that. President Harrison had made 'in ii a stat** m ilt. All the same, the belief prevails in tin* best informed circles that the American portion of the correspondence was much stronger it: tom than Lord Salisbury represented it in th** house of lords the other day. II** is not accused of falsifying it. but of 'imply toning it down so ;i' to make it grat<* I**" on English ears. French manufacturer' and politicians ar** as much worked up over th* McKinley bill as th** same class* in England. M. I)upuy has given notice of an interpolation of the government which will come ii(i in the chamber of deputies this afternoon. He i' an advocate of joint action by the European (lowers in regard to the bill and wants to know whether international law* can fix* appealed to for the purpose of preventing America from pronouncing condemnations, and whet Inutile common law tribunals cannot sctti* customs disputes. M. Bebot will, it is understood, reply that the question -. now a subject of negotiotions between the governments at Paris and Washington. It is stated that tin* dissatisfaction in France on account of the increased duty proposed on French product' by tho McKinley bill ha- resulted in the actual opening of negotiation between th** French and United States governments on the subject, the French minister of foreign bHairs seeking some intimation lrom Washington that the proposed advance' may be modified. Interest in tho eastern question j- kept uji by 'ignificunt little items of intelligence published from dav to day bere. and having no apparent connection. Today the announcement - mad** that Russia has ordered th** building * ’ foul new irou-elads which, it i- hint***!, ar** especially designed for th** Bi.ck sea >**r\ :*■<•. 'fill** Ian* czar practically t*>r<* up tm treaty of Vienna, which limited the IU. sian naval fore** in the Black '**a. and. without th** ai*! of tie* British licet, tie* Turkish navy could now be a- effectually cripple*! in twenty-four, as it was at. Sinope if in ease of war it ventured through tin* Dardanelles. Simultaneously wit Ii this announcement conn*' th** news that Servia has '<*nt a note to th** (towers informing them of its intention to exact reparation for the murder by J Moslem fanatics of th** Servian eoii'ul ir 1 Pristina, on th** ground that it was a I political! assassination. Th** pr**'**nt ruler' of Serxia ar** strong!' pro-Hus- s sian. and are endeavoring to keep the ; Balkan political cauldron seething, so j that pretext' for interfering may not he : wanting. The port** will probably make a show of punishing th*- murderers, to slave off th** trouble for a while. Pop** Leo's little excursion to the artist's studio to insect the statue of St. Thomas Aquinas i> th** subject of a hot controversy between tin* clerical organs in Rome and the Italian liberal newspapers. 'I'he latter claim that th** carriage rid** in question has demon-* strafed tin* absurdity of th** "prisoner-j of-th*-\ati**;ui theory by showing to th** \ world that th** pope eau g*» when* In* j pleases in Bonn* or iii Italy without dan-g**r of moles: at iou or disrespect. The clerical papers, both In Rome and in Paris, get over th** difficulty bv claiming that the public street' through which th** papal carriage pa"***! should be considered a' properly part of tin* vatican ; palace. But tin* fact that the holy : iatln-r drove outside tin* actual precinct' i of the vatican cannot, be denied. Th** Parnellite deal with tin* tori**' is beginning to give evidence of its existence, and the extreme radicals, led bv Babouche!-**, at** growing more angry from day to day. Parnell, who looks to practical result' only, earing nothing for English parti*' except fur the * *n-cessions lie can obtain for Ireland from them, takes no notice *<f the muttered censures lie In ar' all around him. Balfour is understood to be working up an amended land purchase bill that will I meet Parnell's views and to contemplate i the introduction next se>-ion of an Irish I local government bill similar to that recently passed for England. S**<> and and Wales. This would practically give th** control of the Irish counties t*» the clee- , (j.irjn titrate which returns th** Parncllitcs to I parliament and destroy tin* last vestige j of tin* politi**a! (lower of th** landlords as a class. Parnell and his It iii* / colleagues are confident that th - would give Ireland additional strength for th** ' struggle for home rule and » abl** th*-' Irish party t<> (day a freer hand in par- i liamcnt. Two delegates of th** herman g**vern-ment arc ut Durham inquiring into th* causes and incidents of the miners. 1 strike. It is understood that Emperor William *sk**d ami was cordially granted permission to make the inquiry, which It** thinks may prove serviceable to him in his study of tile labor question in general, with a view to remedial efforts in his own country. Chancellor Yon Caprivi will visit several of th** smaller German courts in th** autumn, with a view to solidifying the relations among the various integral portions of tin* empire. Spain has decided To build a who!** flotilla of submarine war vessels after models of iii** inventor. Derat. Each boat will be construct***! w ith accommodations for from twenty to fifty men. Derat, is for tIn* tim** being tin* greatest man iii Spain. The London Cfi con UU says that tin* appointment of Mr. Rhodes as premier of the cape government is a triumph for British imperialism and means a cheek to Germany's pretensions in south Africa. would tend to convince th** * mp«*ror that labor measures were of doubtful w isdom. ii** approves legislation securing workmen against old age, accident and illness, but not measures interfering with the independent relations between men and their employers. IL* maintain** that. social peace would not be secured by giving way to th** covetous -pin* 0f workmen. GENERAL FOREIGN NEW Xii I prising Imminent iii Bnlg.ii i.t. London. July is.—Th** Vienna corr -spondeiit of th*- Du ii ii Xiii* >ny> according to ad vices from Rutchuk a rising is immin* ut in Bulgaria and bands led byth* Russians will endeavor to enter tho country from Dobtudscha. A I.milton Warehouse Burned. London-. J illy Is.—Th** Manchester Canal Company's warehouse in J.; • * r; ! has burned. An enormous quantity of cotton, grain and flour we * .ii'un.i-d. Lo" s.aio.ooo. Nine .XI orderer-* 'cnlcnci ii. Pairs. Tex.. July iv Juda** Dr int. in iii** federal court. t< day sentenced nine men to death:    diaries Re *d (col ored), for the rape of hi' s|ep-*lai;ght*r: and A. J. Lawrence, .1. B. * iianff** Ga ti. I). I. Cook. Siras i\ F reuse. John .1 * ii i n-siin. * . E. * ooh'. J. C. Bai and IL E. Bouk. for complicity in the Cro" murder case. \n \ iiierican Consul lit cl » All:**, July I'. fille Amor:* on-n! general lier** died to-day. FOUND A SKELETON. Milch Comment oi G;»i<-U irg Ut r a 'ii'- picious Discovery Ender an *>!<! House. ((AEKSUUKG. July I'. —-All I J Swede man. who is cleaning out th** * e ir under the millinery 'tor*- of Mr'. F. A. u -son, had a ghastly kind of a 'lypri-e tiffs forenoon. While lo* wa-* poking around in the dirt lie brought to 11.* lit pin *: a human skeleton, comprising thigh and low**;* leg turn* and the tendons all attached. He * bone' outside ami then ‘-allod in son. saying:    "Sec    what    I h;,v Naturally, 'lo* was not pleased discover'-. In fact. she w Ie nu Special to The IIawk-Ete. ( IIFSTON, July I 8.— Polities >o far .is the eighth congressional district is concerned. were rather roused up to-day by th** publication in tit** « r»*ston Huuiu of a card by Stat** Senator J. B. Harsh ' lying lo* xviii accept a nomination fur congress. He is urged to <1** this bv many republican editors of th*- district, senator Harsh is also looming up as a Farm- clothing. Sh** stallion belongii was a1'** killed t threw til** hors** team was a!'** k the s./* <,f h' ti' ten riff!*-' '*ut damage. II* ax Memph rimy wov^r. A ti ne i to Wi! Jam T. Hairier y th*- Jightning which lear *»>it of th** barn. A led at Moulton. Ila: egg' f* ll at Hid*-town. ; of her**, doing much rains there and at • rs’ Alliance candidate. (Suzette thi> evening, of Harsh is editor, advocat age of Giver and ais** itorial headed "Follow mak* ' a drive a* th** Mc announcement wi" considerably but if sup(M*rt indicated strong candidate. The i.'Siieof th** which Senator *s th** free cor freon taitin an ***!-Blain**.” which Finley bill. riffs complicate matter' - 'af** to sax with the Harsh would lr** a Dis lf *cia I varying r* DAMAGING STORMS. Wind aud Lightning Does *.r**a* ut Des tliiiiifi. Di s Moines. July is.—A violent «•!••«•- visited tiff' city yesterday. ; I** damage ff* lug reported by j Mr. and Mrs. T. < . o>l*orne I ive children reside in a tw<*-<* hou.se on the corner of D;»\ 'tree* s. Ever sine** t in* cyclone is*J, which destroy***! »*\**ry-had c»n a farm near Waukee. -*ox**' escaping with their lives refuge in a cav** w own upon t n nervou Ti trio storm consider:',!* lightning, aud their t 'tory fraus and Wiley of July 21. thing they they therm by taking crashed *1 (Khorn** has I IVIii'ii th** storm le gal aro-u* and went nj* stair* down his children '<* a** to tli*ck togeth* r. All at on** awful roar, a blinding t boil'* was filled wit! For Pm minutes Mrs. a slinging pain in th** head. as if needles had !>*•< Ill a q iern xvi til committed t* Madison, De six years. fur a first "good tim* sixty days. feet July I "good tim**'’ months for th* th** third, four five for 1 urn the convi date t he I other son would ha j days ago. I passed up Puzzled «»•* to •‘Good” Tune. Moi nu.'. July I'—Three bright * in tm* governor'' department ar** arillary. Each ha' tried a prob-A convict was the penitentiary at Fort rn ber T. I *■».'>, for a term of Under the law at that tim** year 'n** received fifty days and each succeeding year The *,e\v law went into «*f-18:*o, and allows one month >*■’ for the tim year. Two md, three months for tbs fur the fourth, fifth and six months * officials have fig-fur the expiration of ic**. One fixes tho November, an-. and the third prisoner eight s lias not vet uiths fur th sixth. The >r the date part of t A ugli ’-god ti; or P.** .•■'lion heir t recs hon'**. Mr. about sptrms. ' morning Sound brought hav** hi' little • • tht-r** xx.t' an lash. and ti:** *• dust. rn** felt Kit*- 'lifllv’t Chs*- <**l In |*-*-s 'special to The Hawk-Eye.] r* scalp. Her *1. h d. des! d; ll lilt Say I lone n*-r * sum xx -re I I.' M**t\! '. July I' A. L Huber - >n. a « ; ir(*eiit«*r v Ii** was arrested f *»r get ting ~ I ) from Ka shelly and no t. p* rf* *rm- ing th** contr act as agree*!, als <» for d* - fra idiiig t Ii*■ Limber inert ha it. lei d a pre iimitiarv iearing to-day ai *1 was U i'- rged. TI it ta-*- eollapsed bv re ison he J limb** r rn* reliant gettin g mixt *1 in iii' stat* rn*-n ii*- I loped \\ itll a fin. Ic. M \ cir th** hip. foot, with arried the o Mrs. Dire found.” v*-r the d. The in digging farther, unearth***! other man bones. Th** police w**r the place and the leg bones to hav* • notified and * xamined lion**'. They voted th** belonged to a very tall I in* nous**, however, was xi' every part. Lightning had knoe splinters, bitten out holes, through xvii!!' arid omit***! havoc ally. Th** bolt cant*- down an oak th** yard, shattering it. and befor* ing tie* ground leaped over to th** and ran all around it. Several neighbors were* als** shocked. A I cannonading was kept up for Ii hour in that part of tin* city. On struck tie* ground in the b.-*l ut Run, boring a big hole* in it. A few minutes Injure six o’clock th** tow* r of j Franklin school wa.' stpp-k. 'halt*-ring ! one corner and 'hocking several p*-r»oh' i    ° i in iii** vicinity. Mrs. George Barton. half a block from th** school building. was knocked down, but not seriously hurt. Reports from oile r (airt-- of th** city ar** equally startling. aimed gem*r- trce iii reach- house of th** terrific ntlf an I* Im til Bird' >prii.g' t I-Str**;i'I waning away Un. a r**'i»] M s. Frank weeks ago. Of D Morri Wed! Kl 1 Ro* t**r fa** ic of Mr •kford. arricci I Nora A. D. for run-Frank-51 r. and ut four i ped. a daughter * yet to be ar* highly Ae* lion * *.*-« Decide*!. Washington. .Ii Hi comme t xvi* or the* re Tit M x irlv of Go* id rich. and I -e of Alef ■ i ruff ' x McGinnis. < ort* alo! C orn .I ixx. July I'. —JI ommenced. Burl* house decided favor of were lilock. t Mr on. in od: oat- the uml be man. and the rib ti' too large for any i human being. The bones 'cerned to be covered with a kind of varnish, aud th** 1 conclusion wa' readied that 'one* doctor J had thrown an old 'welctc a into the | cellar. An interesting feature is that the bon**- ar** held together bx th*- liaa-n.cnt' ne rely a: *i ar* n*»* moo! usual way. Loos** vertehre xx* this for**!: mu;. Tie* '* ar*-': pushed. Died et .* 'O llie Bin*. WlI.I.lAM'ioU \. M*... July ti** thirteen-year-old girl. I iv! edge of Clark county. Mi" Williamstown, was recently I* snake and died from th* her description of the th*digitt to have I i ii a » child turned spotted, tie tie* appearance of a sniff for** death. CATTLE WITH HYDROPHOBIA. On*- ll untired an*! Thirty Bi vt* Head Quarantined Near V illi'*:*—Twenty Dead. Vii.i.isi \. la.. July I-.—The 'tate veterinary surgeon lias ordered I head of cattle, owned by Mr. McNutt, who liv*-' on th*- B**al farm, Taylor county, quarantined, as twenty head have airt ady died of hydrophobia. Another bas been built around th* lot in fur •rat time '•latin it the f the *" ho HERE AND THERE IN IOWA Child.—A *n I which the dei two ho a few t in near ui cir*-**!'. From 'nuke it xx a' ,'ti. Tie* pour •nth!** bearing : some time Id' ll** cattle hav** be* <1 cattle burned, jfs at the Carlisle ays ago, and was of tie* hogs went mad an i' no knowing how tiff' dog max have* ant Stat*- Veterinarv S A mad mod ami dog til* •ar >\vn < n irg Investigating th* st Sr. Pm l. July Is. inspectors began >»•-*■ I Hon into tie* causes a Wing Dis ('I« r. — Tin* gov* rnment ■relay an investiga-which 1***1 to the who w :t' heat rabi that time th visii informed tha • »f cattle* near *.'. and I vi'it* rh** report' i/O foundering of tie ~t* a:n**r Sea W Lake Pepin lust Sumla*. evening. refuse to make puck' th** r* >u!t tho examination ini' gum*. 11 g on i They ; one. said: th**r** wen N ill mea a ti! i* I the place. were eorroi mad dog bit several rattle, ami :i' a r*'ult th** eatf' a filleted with hydrophobia. head ii;***! of tin* a fillet ion. think that anything further xvi in this direct ion. A clos** watt*! maintained an*! I have instrt There animal' Assist-S t * ■ w.» rt. "Yes, J * several • t***I xviih i found t. Some lead of .* became Sex era! I ii** not II develop ii is being toted th** A LU -i mu I child was foun na tin* other *1 and its < ri**' a Want to syndicate i- ti* of til** town county.* xvi th manufacturtri: STI* KIM. : Tele.,ru,,h: pledge at ti r** were ay. t? r: cd I Pf tin; (e ) ti i hr***-year-old Ms m ar Casta-been deserted -Ar eastern r th** purchase ■rn. Dubuque n <»f locating a th* Atlantic gi d the Ting at Adair. rho belong to ;Us Th* x ar** Farmers Organize. Kl sui a. Minis.. July I'.—'I;*- Farmer'- alliance of th- '*■<•**iui ii -in -t organized to-dax and nominated General Jam* -ll. Baker, of Bim* Earth countv. for congress. 'Irs. Purcell III. B**i;i i \ ; own. N. J.. J aly ! authorities to wire rn* xelopmonts without ti** i~ necessary to keep th has b. » n done.” • an av. v furtl Ye', a merit <-o r (lethal tined Da A TRADEMARK SUIT. A GamOle. th*- *'»>aj* vial,. Viler a Davenport Firm. Pa rn* Hell. i-morbu mother of Chari**' *>" lined to lier bed wa xx Mr'. i t Par-holera- \ Hi publican V i<-1«»rv . a the 'ft. Pleasant ,l»nnml "ag** of tin* silver bill by cuii-; O' signature l>> ti.** president. < far a-* this congr* ss is confute of silver, ami settles it victory for silver xx as do->n without a democratic vote either branch of congress. F Till* pass; grc'S. and ii Settles, so certn-d. tin-right. Th-cid**d and vv or xoice in Tin* f* • *1 i11g had become w* i nigh, irri-'istib!** throughout th* country that 'il-x*r should be maintained at parity with gull! and be retained in permanent union with gobi a' tin* money metals of tiff' country. This feeling manifested it'*•!f exeland's administration, but the Wall street manipulators of his administration dictated his pokey ami compelled him to declare it even I for** his inauguration. Th** position taken in Cleveland' reply to iii**.- ‘Aer men was consistently maintained throng! un: his administration, and rn* legislative net xx as passed bx a democrat <• house in favor of free or even * iffarg**d * 'nag** of silver. Th** democrat]* party, now so boistous in their demands for free coinage. was then afraid to utter a word of protest against the gold syndicate that dominated Pre'ideiit CL".‘band's aunffn-j istration. 'fill*' democrats iii both senate and boil'**, in til** present **«»ngr-*'S. for*s d I the lighting in favor of free coinage, and ; with the h**!p of th** 'liver-state ' oaters. I pa"***! a practical fie.- coinage bill J through the senate. This they did to (int republicans “in the hole,’ and break down republican strength in the east by legislation they knew to be bad. Had it j not been for th* better judgment of the I boil'** tin* republicans would hav** been “left in the Ii**!**.” But I ie-< I * * f • at of the senate coinage I iii in the lower house led I to a conference committee which forrnu-; lated a bill possessing all the advantages 1 of th** senate bill without it' (lungers, and occupying a true safe 'middle ground between t he ext rem** policy of r Ii* 'ilx**r and anti-silver men. V oil Take No Ri-k k. la.. July 18.-ohio soap manilla* 'Hit in the federal John C. and <ieorx: Davenport, Iowa. Th** * ie they have built til* a soaps in tiff' md that to gu of their g.KNl ir symbolism oi abeis, etc., for nark xv:i' duly r aver that th** l\ I OI * Jamb brough against of trade tries, tions pee u I pc rs. trail** forth i rs of this trade at st2.">0,000, and tablished in the circuit * northern district of Mi>s**i against David M. Haektna? merit, it is alleged by th** * I that the Davenport firm use* I copyright unlawfully for tnor years, much to th** rom pit) It is prayed the defendant account for all moneys re* -Procto lurer'. 1 court • Mat th oinpiaiu sticking A C** J. IL IL to Im* a ; mli't. I grief at for th** o't* church* b went main!] package hoi of obi ai n I n tell'* s. A I Oil N k i Itg of t he i* other day a “holv show Mis. ■ roil Afri *N via 'pre ire! He ITO ll* i' held Guile.— g himself an Met litoral* to *•<! money building oiler t ions original a charge abe pre- Alh :xi xx. At Ti nu app* IN XX hi igina I p mark. xvii it- \:ti*dit anil Ani ; lh* I th* t hell Opx righted. ar** th** so Delia' ( an ex ireign ain't have used arioiis wra tam' ti'ixt- •oun-tni ta- i'd* rig ti alderman df, accord! -He ,*r* s lumens** tit •en •ting -t f* for com phi ■ I this t ha t iainant’.' i<>". he made to ived from the I hey * ow livable en e~-r th** t suit ringe-ff naut same two xx OI 4 I ■ marshal P* kee A .'ll 'ira VN’s Clo. rn a well-knoxvn buqm*. had a remark; his life the other (Sax xx ith a man na rued Bit int • I I I ma I is . this copyright c complainant r enjoined fro 'fill** amount I to aggregate • and pay th *. also that ti it using said involved in ti PLV, OOO. amount they be trade wit* his moi fell hi < n ii headlong ming fuse. KEIR TO A MILLION. Xii ll.litho A FUNNY RIOT. Deaf Ii Looking Trousseau. Syrup of Figs, Produced from the laxative and nutritious juice of California figs. combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be tho most beneficial to the human system, acts gently, on the kidneys, liver and bowels, effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds and headaches, and ctiring habitual constipation. <oii*‘ii Cruslicil to Priiic«*'V Beda Pl'TH, July I'. Though it contained trugii element'. the town is laughing at a peculiar riot which happened her**, it was the result of a free exhibi-bition of the trousseau belonging to th** Print*. " Thun Taxis. Before th** doors of the building where the exhibit was to be given a <*rowd of over *»0o women ;i'-sembled. They demanded admittance in a body and when the officers declined to tax the capacity of th** apartments th** entire for**** of females attacked tin* police, the ushers, th** m*"**rig**rs, in fact every male xxithin|'ight, with parasols. finger nail' and vehement expirations    utterly routing tin* for**** placed there and putting the uniformed officers to ignominous flight. Th** crowd then surged into th** exhibition rooms In buying IPmsI’s .':ir-a;'*ari!!a, for if is ex * ry-where recognized as the standard htiii<iing-up j medicine and blood purifier. It li.»- won it-way to th** front by    own intrinsic merit. and lias the larirest    of any preparation *T its kind. Any hon*-? druggi-t will confirm I this statement, lf you d<*cide to take Hood -* Sursapariila do not ?*•• induced rn buy anything else instead. II** sure tog*? Hood’s. Hi' Order-, Sum*-u ba? 'lived. •J remember an Irishman; he was a ; recruit and I think i? was his first day I lid, |>* :nl* iii ** Restaurant K> Lur k. iNPF.I’KNOLN* K. Jiffy is. — ift-ur berg, a baker and re>?aurant.eur city, is a lucky man. it looks as though he xxiii I.** worth a million or two in a short tim*-. < Mn* hundred years ago John Brand died in Amsterdam. In I TGI hi' wife also died. leaving no b* irs. and th** government converted all proper? i*' in ii money. \vI;j<• >i ha'been accumulating ever since. Mr. Hiilbcrghas recently received official not iii* adion from Germany, ais** a private letter from a 1 brother in Germany, stating that after a century «*f research, kith and kin have been found, and the final papers proving relationship have been filed. The circumstances * if th** ease an* not t i**ar. as Mr. H'fflberg is only abb to 'ta!*- that Mrs. Brand was his fa th* r's aunt. and Du-living relations on this side of th** house ar** few. The e-tate xxa- enormous and in th** la-1 hundred years ha- amounted to $ 145,000.000. A meeting of th** heirs wa.' recently held. when it xvas decided to make an immediate 'ettiement. ino't presen jured. lower** hauled ‘■sea (Mi plosior His pin u* grasp' t JI to f Iii* a frig! . which w as b id. th I the tim* urfae •oil th A llleet-jue the made a 2 to Dulled lh** ii sphinx, uantity of Th** COHII-gr at deal unchained J*'' of drunken t lo- mayor were g. and Mayor patience than i th** drunken ** e* to I cr. * trice obliged to * ail NIIAX I . P. F. u.'ician of Dn- - ( lo-*- shave for Ii*-, in company . xx as blasting a •r. A deep hole. -*• lit by Quinn, • the surface by bing th** urn stumbled and "in on top of th** rendered him al-■v til wonderful lgh seriously in-• p*- that had been and was quickly bist iii tim** to atli from th** ex-I a moment later. red and his head - expected to r*- A ii no iiotilni XX'eliding. • r* 'ting am \ ‘ vent and one means common has not before received public notice. We refer to the celebration Monday night of th** fiftieth anniv* r'liry < f th*- marriage of Mr. U. J. Slinglnfi to Mi" E. A. Hamilton, which inter* 'ting *-v* - t o«-*-urr**il at Wheeling, West Virginia, ii; the year IMO. The 13th iii'!, was Gu- r*::    anniversary. but the bn )\x mg day Monday Die the seventieth annihil" e M rs. Sling] ii if. ii to combine the ; t his object t In- four dup!**, together xx ith ir*rn gathered under ■ f tiu- celebrants and repast. There I ui., versary it xx a s celftbrat sons of thirteen and I think it xvg' hi-on guard duty.” sax' a writ**r i York Tribune. “One of ti,*-th** (i* >st were:    *    In    east*    of    fire. (bi your rill**, alarm the guard, and inform th** nearest Honed as t* that would policeman his duties Im* have broken ; **as«* of tire. a!ar-r-r-u*ii guard arui shoot the n* arest polio man.' and th -r«-i~ iitti*- doubt Im* would Lu.- *lon«* it.” Hoffman's Hamil*-" II* .-clach'- P**w*icrs«-ou-tain im* opium <>r oth t hurttul drugs. At Henrys ______ —Visit Niemann’s to-dav. THREATENED MURDER. Au Exciting Episode at a Keokuk Depot. KKOK! k. Iowa. Jiffy 18. —An exciting affair occurred at th*- K. Mn** depot last j evening. A colored woman, the wife of Sidney Anderson, th*- husband and a white woman, claiming to bo a rn gr*-", xvere the principal actors i(i th*- little scene. Mrs. Anderson accused th** xvliite tu-gr*" of having attempted and partially succeeded in alienating hor hus-teacup:    ‘In    *    affections.    I    In*    accused    came    to    I ti rst, i tho Now orders of discharge mg ques--aid a brogiK d*’f«*rmin* ms. WI I tho aged grrndetffl th** hospitabh* roof partook of a bounteous were a!-o present Mr. and Mrs. Warren • arp liter of K n -as City. Mrs. Carpenter be.rig ;* I **« • Mr. and 'lr'. >iing-luff. A guld-h* a*i»-d umbrella and a can** of similar *leseripti-*n, b* -id*-' 'urns of gold coit; w**r<* tin* anniversary offering of the devoted relatives. I it N*-rv**ii', I>t-ldljutted Xlen. It yon will -■ rid in y«*urstddress, «-•• wjii ujail you our ilin'tnfed p:mi|»h!* t. evplaining ail about Dr. Dx*--- <*. IcUraied EPs tro-Voitai# 11*■!t and Applian*** s, and their charming effects ii (ion th** iierx-ous*l<t'iiitat«si system, and lioxv they w:l! <piickly r- 'tor*- you to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet lr***-, lf you are {lins a fillet*-d, we will send you a Belt and ,Vp plianees on a trial. Voltaic Ilr.t.T Po.. Marshall. .'Bch Kc'ikuk fr*»m Quin**y about two xx*** :,' ago and has been Do- object of con'id*-r-able attention from male tn*-mt*ers of th** race in tiff- citv. It seem- sh** w:*- at the d**i»ot. probably for th** puriK»s>4 of leaving town, arui that 'lr. Anderson xx a- there for some purpose or other. IL-xx if** followed him and raised a row. Sh* I bg* r i- eating u(> wh - timges I in Vizagapatam. If it xx. r* md f, r fbi--unpleasant feature Vi/agaba<'-kisritanie j would b* a very plea'ant pl;u*e in wfftw h ! to live. But every place ba- its .fKot-! vantages. ft;,OOO Physicians Eudors*- ; I *1 a11'- * hl*»ri*l**s as the properdisiniWr.aiii ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Burlington Hawk Eye