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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 18, 1913, Burlington, Iowa The founded at be Stelce 1m As thee july go easy on the the Burlington water company is giving the people of this City the Best of any City of else in the United it is doing so by Rea of having expended a vast amount of Money on an Ideal filtering Plant it is giving u and in the Case of private at a nominal v but there is a limit to which it can serve the Public during such terrific weather As is prevailing at practically every consumer is using the water to Sprinkle lawns and Park ways to preserve the to Lay the dint and to Cool the the water company did not contemplate the furnishing of Cooling Plant for every but it is willing to do of to a reasonable it merely asks the consumer to use a Little common sense in the method of sprinkling the some people turn the Hose on in the morning and let it run All allow ing barrels of water to run off their Yards into the and Drain away into the this tremendous draft non the water Supply causes a famine in some parts of the in order to Avert this the City has order that citizens West of Central ave nue shall use the water for sprinkling purposes Only on wednes fridays and and those East of Central Avenue on tuesdays saturdays and this arrangement is Only to continue during the heated dry the company is putting in additional storage and settling tanks which will enable after this to permit everyone to use All the water at present they ask the peo ple to help therewith a Little common the Hawkeye knows that the Citi Zens will do to and that a notice concerning the time when Nater May be is All that is necessary to secure Observance of the and they the Hawkeye feels use judgment in the manner in which they make use of the water on the Days which Are free to thus avoiding the possibility of the company having to turn unfiltered water into its filling them with mud and Dis ease germs which could not be cleaned from the pipes for some time after Kwa hews and Nous an old resident Bear Logan a Pocsi Strook contain last it had been lost to Ajia Ato whoa teas Pioneer located with som the Auto asap of cd was la toe me a Hury to reimburse the finder for his us or oven to his fica Uon and some peo ple bags the idea that honesty should be which is All honesty itself and Dis Jonest action usually its own Man a fat Wallet does not need to honest finder a he rarely he owe the finder some and if these Are not Forth coming the finder could not be blamed for taking pay out of the losers not that honesty should re but that a lot of two legged ought to be taught and even 4f a bit of Courtesy to beaten into then the new Rock Island station Burlington Possession of a Fine new Rock Island station moved for Ward very perceptibly yesterday when the Iowa Railroad commissioners came to the City and looked Over the front Street their verdict was one of approval of the location and they elated condemnation proceedings for three or Lour pieces of property which Are being held at High will be begun in a Short the matter of dismantling the half Block on front Street Between Jeffer son and Washington would have been some Lime ago had the Rock Island Rai roads representatives been Able to close a Deal for All the that interference will be cleared away and the Erec Tion of the new terminal will soon be when finished the station will give that of the business District of Burlington a much improved As and May Lead to the better ment of other property in that Vicin Monroe county is improving the country roads with two drawn by a Power every county in the state supposed to be looking after a certain percentage of the which have been designated As county in All likelihood this new arrangement will be of few Days and full of it will not be Clear Why the supervisors should have j supervision Over part of the roads of the instead of All the roads of the after Many years of further per we shall get beyond that and get Down to real Road making in if it were As easy to build roads As it is to make All manner of More or less satisfactory and prac i tical Road Iowa would Long since have rivalled France and Ger so far As excellence of roads is in Guthrie is going to install a municipal lighting Bayard has about 800 and among them not a few who have been warned against municipal ownership until they began to look upon it As something that would bite or Hook the Bayard ladies Booster club got into the and came out Strong for municipal ownership and won the they opined that if the men could not Trust themselves or each other to manage a Little concern for the Public then the women would show them How to do this no the municipal ownership will prove All that is expected at Tor those women will keep Tab on and everybody be ing Friendly to the new everybody frying to make things easy for there would indeed have to be monumental stupidity or Gross fraud in the management that did not succeed in making the new Enterprise a glittering of the crag each a Atam and Many was wicked and Atneal to in Tho twentieth people and my rather Penn Dono it failed to provide far possible All manner of accidental against Ana a just the loss that family when breadwinner to suddenly summoned h Mammei state out against indiscriminate of the lakes that re main in there have been Many who opined that perhaps we had gone far perhaps too far in this matter and it to not at All impossible that in a very Short the same people who insisted draining everything will be starting artificial Ponds and lakes in various parts of the for it is beginning to noted that these Small bodies of water have their manifold the farm investigating tour out of Ames in june and july covered some sixteen counties were vis a Large number of meetings were held and some Farmers were seen and it would take a bigger Force than the state College has at to cover the whole but in the course of a the visits ought to be extended to practically every county in after there is the work that it is taking the cohere to the who can not come to the perhaps it would be the greatest thing to the history of the if the whole institution were put on metaphorically speak were to desert Ames and keep moving about among the people of the state and More especially the peo ple who till the the testimony and letters of 1 regarding men in Public reminds one of the exquisite bit of stage comedy in the private Secre in which that character at tempts to prove his importance by producing copies of letters which he had written to the president and other prominent officeholders in the coun the fact that Little or no Atten Tion was paid to these letters did not effect the private Secretary self opinion of his own not Many cities in Iowa Are build ing Street railways this Bur As leads when the water company limits the use of sprinklers on lawns it is difficult to obey the admonition to make two Blades of grass grow where Only one grew rare is the Man who feels he has too much a late newspaper portrait of presi Dent Wilson pictures him sitting on the summer White Bouse Steps think ing Over problems of the pose and the text seem to be True to life the president is he has always been a that is but what is he doing and its Only about seven months until the next City wonderful strides Are being made in the utilities of the postal not Only Ordinary but can be handled d Bills sent out and collections made cheaper than any other but an order now been Bull tined by which banking business can be done by mall in connection with the postal no depart ment of the government comes closes to All the people thaa the Roosevelt urges the third party progressives to biome of them Ming and Are significantly silent when they ought to be standing up and singing Onward Christian of it is the Holt of the neighbors to Many Are permitted to exist Knoxville a Beautiful new car Negie that was opened a few Days appropriate ceremony to this there Are people right Here in Iowa who have their doubts about a pubic it is to be borne in in this that less than Twenty five years have elapsed since the legislature graciously permitted towns to tax themselves for the purposes of establishing and maintaining Public of the towns were far ahead of the and in a very Short practically the whole state had hastened to Avail Wittek of the Opportunity and it is a mighty slow town indeed that does not have at least one Public Library the league of Iowa municipalities is to meet at the real Home of the in septem the league has grown and prospered with the at first there were Many in Iowa who saw no no need of an organization of that gradually they discovered that the league could and did help Many cities to things which they could not Well get for and now the league includes the big majority of the cities and towns among its Mem Bers and some of the very towns that would have nothing to do with the league in its Young Are now its most enthusiastic the artist is not they have a different View of the Case at Iowa City and they Are going to Start a College where they expect to teach youngsters not merely the Art of but where they also expect to give the students ideas and the Best Way of expressing such ideas in a the Man who can do such would have Little difficulty in getting a magnificent and a very pleasant position in charge of the Art room in some metropolitan newspaper it is a Good teaching All sorts and conditions of people How to get while the one who does that never gets sufficient to be Able to put up a Good he does not help Many to and so the school for cartoonists is not going to put Mccutcheon and Ding and the other big men out of business right Ida county reports considerable damage to crops by much of which was covered by in so Many ways is the Progress of the world made apparent that it ought to be apparent to All take this matter Hail or for that life not so very Many years ago there were ministers preaching against no opiates improving the Cedar rapids Republican the Bur Lington Hawkeye commenting on a recently suggested Road improve ment Iowa has entered upon a period of Road repairs and in one Advance leads to and now that we Are to have real roads available the year around in the near there comes up the question of making our thorough fares attractive As Well As state senator Larrabee a suggestion to the Iowa which has commercial As Well As aesthetic senator Larrabee would have that part of Roadway that is not occupied by the graded slowed and harrowed and put in he suggests Clover and Tim this is one of the most sane suggestions that has been made with refer ence to our Public we have been making but time was when the sides of the Public roads were of waving the seeds of which were carried upon the farming lands in Many parts of the especially among certain classes of the Road ways have already been utilised for the growing of the value of the Hay that can grown on the Road sides is estimated at two millions of which in itself would pay in Terest on a very Large Bond Issue Lor improved if we Are to make such a Bond another suggestion has been made and that the use of Angora goats to clean up the but that is an impossible one since the Angora goats would crawl under the and even climb the Fence and get into everything that la either fast or otherwise the Angora Goat would be a great even sheep would clean the highways and sheep Are used for such purposes in Many european in England they use sheep to keep the Parks instead of using tawn they do this even in London and the cock of sheep adds to the of the much especially b Tybe backing up to the the Sioux City journal is convinced that senator Kenyon was a much bet Ter Man during the time he advocated the Renott nation of Taft than during the time he boosted for Mason City Louz City journal the times misses the the journal the other Day reverted to what George Perkins said on the witness stand in Chicago with reference to tace treat ment he received at the hands of the Taft the journal cited what senator Kenyon said to a statement issued late in in Praise of president Taft from standpoint of one who had been nested with the department of jus i have of such Snen a George at Harvester and steel Trust and other so Tatleman closely connected with the trusts of this co Ator Kenron to because of his courageous Force Observance of the times misses the it Shoum that a inv Tod inv Tod fastidious Tam of gluon for in weekly Tabor of to to of Faatoa to of for we Are from Stohp recod country of except Cogar m than it is Aad to the general Rise in prices la recent sugar is practically Ealy one of the worlds greatest food products which declined instead of should the sugar Industry to picked out to to distr order Salt Lake City Utah Herald if the refineries Combine chooses to give the Public the Benefit of the reduction under free the saving to a fam ily will be about 5 cents a year on its sugar if the Trust behaves a Trust May reasonably be expected to the Western sugar Industry will have been rained without any Benefit whatever accruing to the Sioux City Iowa journal who paid the expenses of the free sugar lobby the head lobbyist was on the stand the other Day and testified that although the lobby was operating in the name of the committee of whole Sale it was really backed by the Federal sugar refining a Cane sugar refining concern admitted to be interested not Only in getting cheaper raw Cane sugar for but in destroying the Competition of the beet sugar new Orleans time Democrat democratic opinion is sharply divided As to whether or not the free sugar provision amounts to a direct violation of the Baltimore but we do not see How there can be two opinions regarding the duty of senators on the strength of the platform and additional assurances from National leaders of the promised the people of their states that at least a Revenue duty would be maintained up on protecting wages Rochester Democrat and chronicle the democratic statesmen who propose to reduce the Tariff upon imported articles so As to place our manufacturers in Keener Competition with foreign manufacturers who pay far less Are going to compel our employers to pay the same High rate of wages under the new that is probably a perfectly Frank expression of belief on the part of the democratic disciples of Tariff for reve nue these students of a certain school of political Economy undoubtedly believe that without Tariff Protection our industries where labor conditions Are entirely and where wages Are very much and still continue to pay the american scale of but when they say to american manufacturers that they must pay High Tariff or no they Are going farther than Good reason will guarantee when the other Welson Tariff Bill began to cast 4ts Shadow Over the Prosperity of this country there was a rumble of distress and a groundswell of disaster before which any command of a department of the government seem like com manding the Ocean to be Calm or the Waters of Niagara to turn Back we All Hope this condition of affairs will not but another Wilson is play lag with the fire who should Manson journal the Register and Leader is very anxious because the progressives Arenow falling Over each other to get Back into the Republican the progressives Are the Only ones who Are worrying Over the Prospect the republicans Are standing until the progressives see their Way Clear to come Back and be Hap at the present time the politic ians who Are doing any worrying Are the they made a great Hullabaloo about a get together convention in Chicago nut the i did not seem to be a bit worried Over i the the Only worry seemed j to be among the other they wanted the to Call a convention and make a basis for uniting at the republicans said the matter could rest All right until the democrats had made their usual when it would be time enough i to begin dont worry about i the Republican the old party will be on hand doing business when the country needs i and you will be mighty glad to come Lake Jely Oertrude was killed Aad Hannah Valfer injured tvs autos bile in which they Iran at Hick is sol a tree pm the beaten Joly her Wing a Ana Hume both of died at the Cooper Hospital Tore today from injuries received in a Accident at Twenty Solles fress in which for other persons were Eer Tew by the car was half overturned and almost completely de so great Impact that the Stout Telegraph pots was new Tork evening port these Are typical instances of a kind of Automo bile Slaughter that is taking place Dally All Over the in second of the above it is stated that the Public prosecutor has caused the arrest of the whom he con siders to have been criminally responsible for the but in these cases of insane or criminal speeding the real generally lies with the not with the hired there is no reason Why decent and civilised persons should much less their Driver to dash along a Road at such Speed that their own lives and the lives of innocent users of the Road Are put in deadly peril the moment anything happens that is in the slightest out of the Ordi Accident or no Tho reckless speeder is morally no better than an self respecting peo ple who happen to be guests in Achsa persons car ought to feel it their duty to make their sentiments and wishes on the subject perfectly col Mulhall is Cross examined continued from Page one in order to have any standing with the elected and appointed officials of our whether state or fed we must be Able to show them that the business men and the manufacturers of our country Are a Factor to be reckoned with in must be Able to prove to we cause he refused to legislate special to labor organizations and the demagogues that he will not Sutler at the polls on account of his patriotism and his Devotion to this makes necessary a great Deal of Field work and colonel Mulhall is German american savings Bank i sort of and Dir Stobs Jota to fire efficient by personal oort Sunu attention to oar correspondence july a Farmer Liv ing Northwest of the threshed his to to the the members of the Fouche and mar Vin relatives of tha old Saun Ders pioneers of this common held the annual Saunders picnic yesterday afternoon Down in Saunders and Hills have charge of this most important i Branch of our his record is i turned from an tended trip to Ohio his integrity and and new they visited with honesty Are beyond you new r a business Man of can speak with him in strict Confidence thu cloy wag taken to Francis and you can rest assured that when Hospital in Burll Nocton where he Calls upon you it will be on a Subj be will undergo an he was Jet most important to you and All of j accompanied by his wife and his son truly Van referee pcs to James there were Many references during the Day to James Mulhall is the Washington representative of the but who the general manager of that swore the other Day is connected with the National coun cil for Industrial defense and not with the senator Reed Laid particular emphasis on passages in letters telling of Mulh Alfs talks with Emery just at the close of the ses Sion he made a final reference to he didst do much Active work did asked the no he done a lot of said Roosevelt and some of the letters introduced today dealt with former president Roose belts endorsement of the candidacy of then Secretary of in a letter to Secre tary of the in Mulhall quoted the late vice president Sherman As saying that the Fred Van Drummond has gone to ladles of the City at a reception this afternoon Given in Honor of her sister Melcher of Walla Augusta Kleg and Kate Korteg of were out of town guests a dentist of this received word today of the death of his aged who died at the age of ninety two sixty six of which she has spent in or near turn on r of h Anil and is thirty two Ila i Schettle and oar Lmuth visited a couple of last and the a visit to his parents it miss Huril of i visiting with her Yii tonic f Ethel James on account of to Nudd poor him tire from the hotel Klov Orsilli july 17 k k Ter and Kos Minui monday from Al new Are at the a and mrs Allen left i Montana where he will enjoy a two part of the a weeks with the formers miss Callie Melcher entertained a in Michigan company of Over two Hundred of tha and mrs Lorns Swift i Fly of North Uro of the formers or Henry u Oscar who has Lieen the past four months with Jane left fore Pat week for Points in where he will work in the the lightning Rod and John the latter part of last and Are guests and sister nativity of hurling sister Elvira of in daughter respectively of h i Are Here for a visit at his k miss Barbara Skubal left in Day for a visit with her in july Frances july John Mclaughlin presided As hostess at an Oclock breakfast this morning at her Home on East main in Honor of her Walter of Philadel after the service of a splendid three course breakfast the morn in if hours were spent in a pleasant social miss Maurine Mclaur Hutn rendered several pretty piano of re Ensbury a of m u k Amon he Vesta m1 f t fight then raging on speaker Cannon m Gibson entertained in was a dirty Deal by the White House delightful manner about sixty Youns in on against thes peaker ladles yesterday afternoon at a thimble j Watson the president wrote Roosevelt is looked Sioux City journal Theodore Roosevelt was in Omaha the refused to talk for i and he suspected of being an 1m i my rail Pektas two to politics As Well la t Perkins Taa courier journal presi Dent Wilson dodged the camera says a Cornish col Roose velt Baa become with the tameness of administration and gone off to a hop India War Cream cake dries Oil the Cooks Book showed this to not favorite Case to Kubak by ssh to tvs or sch it m powder to Aad Wybo to Gether wet Ekert any wat m pc Cream cake de Hoof f so Dens As Boneri aaa St Fosto of is sri Tass As do Tana who bating powder a self Routi one of the Large for fear Kos la South moving heaven and Earth to nominate Tatt and that he is willing to sacrifice the Sherman Law and every Law to please the trusts and Wall Street so that he can get their support for his fight against Mulhall also wrote of attending a meeting at com posed of senators who will oppose the president and his policies at the Chicago he added that he a told to work against Maryland delegates being instructed for the opposition to the Mulhall intends to let no legislation through that he wishes at this session of Congress and intends to Nasht the Taft to a there is a whole lot took place at this meeting that cannot very Well be put detailed the flight on various we have sent special people after of on May same Mulhall wrote Schwedtman that he had called on senators Carter and senators Aldr chs Secretary and others and was assured by All the gentlemen that it mattered not what the presi Dent attempted to there was not going to be any unfair legislation passed through the Senate this on the House aide i called on Mur Fassett and several others and gave them our reasons Why no injunction legislation should a the letter detailed a conversation with senator in which the Indiana senator declared himself for a injunction amendment to the Sherman Law and a child labor Bill Mulhall wrote that he reported Beve sentiments to Hera Enway told me to Teu Beve rage he was talking through his Aad that his hat was a Damn poor be added that Beveridge was said the and assured me that no such legislation could pass the sen Watson later told Emery and me that Beveridge was simply Watson stated that he was m full charge of affairs in the Bouse during the Luness of the Mulhall testified about his expense to counts and identified one item of a payment of 15 in to Neav messenger to speaker of the he frequently did Little errands far said and let us know who was in the speakers Joly Caroline corns of Seattle Washington to visiting her or and Rufas Warren who has been visit ing his reason turned to his hone at College this miss Jane ther Neof Keokuk is but ing relatives lev Phillips left last evening for Aad Wisconsin when he will a part of a months and Collins have retained from and will make their future Okesie Henry Knott is rela Tives at Dos mole eve Clarence Cen Lee after a Short base on Home de her two complimentary to her House Phr miss Estell of j miss will Are a t ind Charles Corette have in lne invitations to the marriage of j Mctee which s and miss Ruth of Mon and issued inv Tatoli their miss Margaret to Charles Archibald on thurs and w Day july at 8 Oclock wednesday at the Corette Tho Young couple i Auto will be at Home after december 1 at or a Ujj Harrison Ami f the american Mission at tired to Washington the fifty fourth regiment band will give a concert in Central Park this eve Metier have citizens furnished automobiles new Oil pull 60 horse to bring them in and return them to Camp miss Flossie who was injured in an Auto Accident about ten be in position to thresh manner this fran switchboard Anil the Days expects to leave the Hospital j Orbons were in Harmon and and Wellsand miss were Wapello Cullers Margaret Cherry will leave tomorrow evening for 9t Paul and from there will take a trip Over the Canadian Pacific to Vancouver and return via Salt Lake City and spending about five weeks on the announcement of the approaching marriage of miss Rose Mougin and Fred Reid was made this morning at a morning party Given by miss Macau Gln to the merry the marriage will occur wednesday july at the important feature of the Day at Camp Wilson today was the Sham tie which has been going Bat Dallas Dallas july and Hugh to we of near Are the guests for a few Days of and James Hall of this and Dunham of Durham Lud Elfr Foresman was at ses Sion of the Council monday appointed superintendent of vice he commenced War on the weeds with scythe and machine the next miss Elsie Lee of Colchester la the truest of and Seth the Young miss likes the Dallas City people and is greatly enjoying her visit and the Fine View of new Lake Henry chief clerk in the mall service on the Santa is enjoying a Brief vacation this week with his Louie and this is hta first visit Home since last and his first View of Lake if the City could get the consent of Linle who owns the Little Square plot of ground immediately in front of the residence on front and on the new and set it in Shade Trees while they can be obtained on Polk and furnish it with Plain seats for the people who throng they would Confer a great favor and also earn the gratitude of a people suffering for such a now let the Council do a Wise thing while they have a Eugene late presidential candidate on the prohibition ticket for president of United states was on hand sunday and filled his appointment at the Christian a very respectable audience greeted him Aad listened patiently through the heat for the space of an hour to his very Earnest and eloquent plea in behalf of National he was introduced by the pastor of the elder in a few Well chosen Aad followed that up and got the attention of the audience by saying that he was not exactly a but he was next to Wae lawyer at close he go to very Liberal be spoke that afternoon at Carthage Aad that even Sadat be formed the writer that be delivered ninety addresses in Iowa in month of a average of three a Herbert a Elue Mast of who is a Joa Raay across the Fet last the Farmers Ahn tit Ivr mighty Busy Tryl Nir to at that is Lay to Corn Cut and with the to the Ruch is hard on in Brown has whether the past few to be out Anderson and fulfil Fordsville spent sunday i of r Ellis and t Are visiting at f Claude Mccoy East of Dpi the str colons on Corners on t should he looked after great Danker of autos Conn c at this bad Dieul might be Worth railway crossing where like Hedges should after at Huston of was in Lown the flirt of his Little which is d this life of mine must be lived out and it roughly so on i Drav and knowing All 1 Njo Yelnic All i Lar special treatment 1i mtg Pat swollen Dura Jed of mfg cured by most i painless methods l Only the lates surgical most cases air in ten Days ease of rental do seam that Poteet Viri stricture cured without pain Type lulls and All h easts permanently Lovmo buffering for facts of Youthful Fol Lee or alone or any troubled with w Merove of aversion to near troubles or any organs con Safe and speedy lev write staling symptoms you and i incl one stamp for it once 00 to to Oclock sundays Aad to office be Day afternoon and

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