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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 18, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE,' 1839.) KUS OF LAND FORFEITED. ffhe Land Forfeiture Bill Passed in the House. ™annon Scores Bynum on ii Personal Mattel—The Senate Still Considering the Sundry Civil Appropriation Hill —Postal Matters. Washington. July 17.—Immediately fter the read!riff of tin* journal the house rent into committee of the whole on the Hid grant forfeiture hill. A short d*-kte ensued but I itll** discussion was {yen because oi the heat. Mr. Holman, of Indiana, offered an mend meat, forfeiting all laud not earned (thin the time limited by the stunting ct. Lost. r. McRae, of Arkansas, offered an lendnient directing the attorney gcn-*ai to ins’ tUte an aet against persons jldinff 'and- opposite to tin* eonstrueted ,rtion oi tin* roads w hieii was not cop-jructed within tin* time speciiied in the «( Tin* ammidiiient was defeated and ie bill reported to the house. jL Holman moved to recommit it with istrii'-tions to tile committee un public lids n» n port-it hack witll a proviso forfeiting all lands not earned within the ne limited in the st unting act: lost. ie bill was then passed. iTlit bi I. which is the senate hill with L bon-* substitute, therefor forfeits all rmD grunted to ai I in tie* eonst.ruct.ion a railroad opposite to and eotem portion- sc.-h the portion of anv such rail-id ii"! m>\n completed. To the course of the debate oil the bill. /nun) lit eft d to tie* colloquy between innot: ani Honk. the ut her day. in w bidi |€y ft ‘■ t ’ • I to > ach other as nuisanees. iis reb relict* was omitted from Hie ■rd. : - ■ ‘al sd attention to |esp*,f' 1 ;y Lannon during the Ii f t let ii >ngr> -- preeat in? th* mutih.t ion of ie ret ■ r h Mr. < an to >ti said ne aud Honk -aid jags in : he heat of t In* debate which they ■reed n* afterwards ought to he left out 'the p eon!. This had In en dont' in rson. a i-'t-rs from time immorial. (pinon s.urtti Bynum pretty sharply id expr**—*-d He* opiiiion that he was Ie ord y rcprcs.u ta rive in tin* nous** 10 I; ui h hear' on on** hand and mu-lancv on the other t• * obtrude himself lere. tinder the parliamentary image of house, in* did not bc'oiig. As to his lech at t: * ti ft i et Ii <■' 'iigress. shat had SU a cot ifoversy bt tween Bynum and (self. Bynum had not come to him id agree.I to sti Ike opt what had been id. blit truck t out without consuita-)n. Adjourned. THE SENATE. Ae Civil X ppropri st ion Hill The Ainciid-luent Fum-eruing Arid l auds, :WasiiiNo Ton. July IT. The senate lamed con-id era t nm of the sundry civil ■feopriation bill, the pending question pg on tilt* a no md ne ut to add to the ipropriatnm of s:;oo.ouo for a pro-tphic- Mirvi v with th** provision that ie-half of that sum shall lie' expended Est of the Host meridian, and the aet October. I**", reserving irrigable ids he ta pealed. Mr. t all continued argument of yesterday against the lendnmnt. ii argued in favor of a Ttinuance of the irrigation surveys. .repeal of tie privation law would open It vast a ta a of arid lands of POM.oho pare rn; • - to -Le ■ rn. rations * foreign idicata-s. who could sci/** much of ii ier the desert laud and timberland aud people would be deprived of teir use ami ne. :paiion. Mr. >!• •• ;«ly argued ii: i'av*-t of tin lendmm : aud spoke of its importam e -the p. oi i■ of *s'rnth Dakota, lie ridi-jled the pretentious of Majoi I*«>\\<*11. lie region in which lie (Moody ) lived 11 for a hundred miles west of it,BURLINGTON, IOWA, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY is. I SIM). (PRICE : 15 CENTS PER WEEK. chanties of name and class offices then He. in fourth-'bur,ti appoint ments on account of resignationsTin) on account of removals, and Ms on’account of the death of postmaster* In the presidential offices there were “•-’•> an ((Ointments on account, of resignation* •GO on account of expiration of commissions, SJO on account of removals. 31 on account of the death of postmasters, and Le. on account of offices becoming presidential.    1 Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania Visited by Heavy Rains. FARMERS NOMINATE CANDIDATES. The Alliance Convention at st. Paul Clos, Its Work. ST. P u t.. July IT. Ai ll,,. Farmer Alliance and I luted Labor this morning the first report of tin which was adopted. It demanded that the “war tariff" be radically revised especially denouncing the McKinley hill the “crowning infamy of demands government road: demands In for :/rain and convention business was the < omintttoe on resolutions first ballot ....•KB ........VIT ..........r.g ..........BU ...........is! ........... IT ! ii ...'’UUU i i ........... I ‘oweii had designated a* as fine an agricultural ■.un ever shone upon. >poke iii opposition to the of continuing licit Ma id land. wa. intrv as i he Dir. Ie I J.! ii lendmcnt ami in favor ie irrL-a: *»• -urv* Without ii lushing his remarks Reagan leldcd la ’-h i foi a motion to adjourn. |Ko progress having liven made with {A bill to-day. Allison offered a residual) making ii in order at any time to ive that debate un any amendment or all amendments in appropriation bills I limited to live minute-, for each sen-. Dr. the 111n st ji in un si eh motion to be Hermit)*-*! without debate. ll* re-ITked i hat sin j) resolution laid bei n iQtientiv adopt d by the semite. I After an executive session the senate iJourni <). TOO MANY DEAD LETTERS. as protection:M control of rail-and open markets proper facilities for transportation thereto: believes the .Minnesota railroad commission should be governed by the Iowa schedule of rates: holds that mortgage indebtedness should he deducted from the tax on realty; demands lower interest and a severe penalty fur usury: favors an increase in Hic volume of money and demand* the* free coinage of silver:    favor* the* im provement of the great waterways; ask* for the Australian ballot system for the whole state; holds' that I iii ted States senators and railroad commissioners should he elected by ballot: demand tie* prohibition of child labor: favor* arbitration to settle labor troubles, and equal pay for equal work irrespective of sex; considers tin* recent, supreme court decision* fraught with danger to our form of government, and invites to its support all who toil and all w ho agree with them in opinion. Balloting for gubernatorial candidates was then commenced. Th resulted: Total number of ballots east____ Necessary tor a chor e ...... Ignatius Domicile____ Ii. .J. Hall................... K nutt* Nelsou....    ....... Danuel Huck.................... BenertilJ.il. linker I’inkham.......................... St mple........... ............... * liven Rainily................... Barrington Armstrong...................... I he afternoon session was an exciting one. at which there was sum,, expression of bitterness on the part of one faction of the alliance against the leaders of another. but the ticket finally nominated wa* said to be fully acceptable to alk although there are those who do not believe this. lilt* first ballot of the afternoon resulted: Hall 232. Donnelly 'AJO. Bu ll ii. i Owen lo, Baker f>, Dalrymple I. | Upon the announcement of the vote j Donnelly took the floor in the interest of I harmony. Ile believed the nomination of Hall would he inadvisable and would result in jurious]v to the alliance. Hall had publicly insulted him by ordering him to keep away from the district convention. and his (Donnelly's) friends would not forget it. He considered a compromise advisable, and propo*ed as a compromise candidate, H. ii. Rainily. Mr. Hall released hi* friend* from supporting him. favoring the compromise candidate. Any result would be wholly satisfactory to him. Then there was a row over the ruling of Halt on some motion and someone suggested he call a man to the chair not interested in the re-suit. Finally someone yelled: ‘‘Compromis** on Owen.’" The roll call was resumed. Few votes were cast for * ‘it her Hall or Donnelly, and th** current was all in the direction of S. M. Owens, editor of the Farm. Stork and Ilona. published in Minneapolis. When it was apparent th** majority was cast for him, ii* nerai Bailer moved th** nomination be made unanimous, and the convention so ordered it. Owen made a brief speech. in th** course of w hich he said, other* iti the offices aud store* must Ii** made to understand that th** productive indu — trie- are not receiving a tithe of what i-their right. They should reap dollar* where they now regp cent*. Donnelly made a speech warmly commending tie: character and standing of the new candidate. Without further trouble the ticket wa* completed as f*»!-lows:    Lieutenant governor. LO. Bar rett. Brown * '.'alley: secretary of state. M. Wesenberg. of tin* Duluth Shondinar-i"u: state auditor. II. ll. Rainily. Wabasha county: -tat** treasurer. Erie Matte-on. Lapin Earl**: attorney general, J. M. Burlingame. Owattnna. After providing for the selection of an executive committee, th** first political convention cf th* Farmers' Mlianee and labor organization* of Miuu* *ota adjourned nine ii lr. Much Serious Damage Done at Various Points—A Small Cyclone Near Peoria — Winds in Minnesota — Deaths by Lightning. Philadelphia, July IT.—A severe wind storm, accompanied by heavy rain and thunder and lightning, passed over the city this evening. The wind blew* a hurricane and considerable damage was done to property. At Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a terrific thunder and hail storm Hooded the streets to an impassable condition. John Fleiumer’s barn was struck by lightning anti entirely consumed. Several other (ires could I**' seen in various directions. '3 At. Morrisville two men were killed by lightning. A dispatch from Norristown and Lock Haven report heavy storms with damage to property. A number of sailing vessel’ sized and for a time grave apprehen sinus were entertained a.* to the safety of those known to have been on board. It was ascertained later, however, that all were rescued. ANOTHER HEAVY STORM given to the press a statement of the accident. They say tin* steamer Sea Wing had been recently inspected and found iii good condition and with the barge sin* had in company was allowed two hundred and iifty passenger*. The number 1 of passengers on board at the time was i under one hundred and seventy-live, j There were on the bout two hundred floats, one hundred and eighty-seven ! cork lift -preserver- and seven skiffs. J The boat left Lake City at eight, o'clock and proceeded up the Inks about live miles. When the storm struck the steamer it was completely and instantly overturned. Captain Wet bern was up tin* wheel and did all in his power to keep the boat headed into the wind, aud remained in the pilot house until completely submerged, then In* broke t hrough the sub* and succeeded in reaching the shore. Tin* engineer stood at his post until the water tilled the engine room. Ile then mad* hi* escape. When the boat upset there was no water in lier hulk and nothing but the force of the wind upset lier. The barge was not cut loose until tin* steamer capsized, and then only, to save it from being swamped also. Tin* crew were all able men and understood their business. There were I no liquors on hoard, and none of the wi re cap- crew drank a drop that day, and more. none of tin* crew were drinking men. When th** boat left Lake City the storm seemed to have passed and the crew deemed it safe to start. 'The passenger* also wanted to go. and so the boat started on her return t rip. Considerable Damage Done by Wind anil Rain iii M.imesotn. Sr. I’m I.. July IT.—Another heavy storm prevailed in thi- state ye*t.erday evening. At Red Wing and Lake < ity rain is thought to have dom* some damage to crops, but that i* all. Merino, a little town near Stillwater, a* well a* Stillwater itself, was reported wiped out, but the latest report from there discredit* the story. Anoka suffered some lo** from leveled fences, but tin* worst of tin* storm there passed north of that city from which section nothing has yet. been heard. Clear Lake. Wisconsin, according to on** report was a seven* sufferer, but more definite reports from there state the damage i- very slight. The worst of the tornado was felt in st. Fan! northern suburb, north of St. Baul, where the storm played havoc with property. but no 'os* of life resulted. There was th** wildest consternation then* for a short time, but the storm veered off to tin* east and moved on. Tin* only damage was to the plant of the .Verne Chair company which was totally wrecked. The loss will probably reach -SRUwin. A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. A I-armers bv Harte d was arui for a nil A SMALL CYCLONE. BthoU- to I leo rca-c Their Number songfest od by Mr. Wanaimiki'r. IWashinoton. July ID 'l>(,s!ma*tei Sacra! Waiiani !ker received a large lk of letters ii response I** requests recent Iv to ; in* postmasters of free Sliver} o', i- t h roe uh* *u: tin* country their suggestions regarding way* and eau- of ii. -rea-ing ti** number **f let-sent tot he ii: till 'et til* office, which Tega ti J ,i-t year early two ami one-|lf ai! , ii*. The majority suggest that iv bi pa*-eii compelling senders of all tier- to ’na. vc return requests written or toted on ad envelope*, other* think It th. -'s o u rn* a: tm ii letters should Stone,    -heil , si the new -paper*. It primed o’i arg** -heel- and po*icd de po- an*. : J ■ u rn r £ dc | ■ aces. GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. Decision on un Original Package ( ase. Toper a. Ka*.. July IT.—Judge Phillips ha* handed dmvn an elaborate decision in an original package case argued before him recently. Ile granted injunction* to brewing firm* in St. Louis a 11« I Milwaukee who had engaged in business in this place, against County Attorney Welch and Sheriff Wilkerson, restraining them from further interfering wit ii the nlaintiffs' business. A. ad min D iKot I indian- in a • Idiot; IWaSUINi I on. .D '• V 17. the interior transmute! tter from i'm I nit cd Silt at Si-.-1'ton agency. Ring ti .,! tim Si-s. ton lio-t date < on- The secretary to congress a State- Indian South Dakota. and Wahpeton idian* on tim Lake Traverse roserva->u ar* na mod destitute condition, nim;.-im,: ;,i-! \c;;r having almost tolly destroyed their crop*, ai d asking it Sa.oi i-.    at)|U*> *tn .It'd to ,s i a * p ; hem a starving. Tile Padrone System in America. n\A-mM.1(lN. July 17. The house toumttee on iininigr r ion to-day hoard nm-nt by Dr. Verdi, of thi* city. lf a native of Italy, upon the sublet of the padrone system. Ilisstate-was mainly in refutation of tho*'* ie by preceding witnes-os respecting (existence of the system of Italian Ive bk .or'*; ti th - country. Military Trait Pres* A-social ion. Special to The Haw k-Eye.] Be-mm kl, Ii!.. July 17.—The -coom! meeting of tile Military Tract Pre**association ilogan a t wo days' session in this city this evening. A goodly number of editors are present. The welcoming address wa* mash by Tom IL B. Camp. of the Bushnell Record. There is a fine program in - ore for to-morrow. L. Snivel}, of springfield, deliveied an dress to-night.    _ Miles* Nerve ami Liver Pills. An important discovery. They aet on the liver, stomach and bowels through tho nerve*. A new principle. They speedily cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, pill * and constipation. Splendid for men. women and childre!). Smallest. milde*t, surest, 30 dose* for 23 cents, Samples fro** at J. IF VV Ate - drug store. Educators of the P.lmil Elect Officer*. J min son viT.t.r. Iii.. July 17. -The National Anociation of Education for the Blind to-dav elected officers as billow*:    President. J. Ii. Dye, Arkansas; secretary. B. lh Ilerntoon, Louisville, Ky.: executive committee. A. G cut. New York:    F. D. Morrison, land:    V. Celli rat Illinois Visited by Considerable Destruction. Pi.oui111.. July 17.—A small cyclone visited the country just across th** river from this city this afternoon, wrecking a freight train and tearing down trees and small building-. One man named Emerson. of Auburn, New York, was struck by lightning while running from tin* cyclone and instantly killed. Much damage wa* done to crops, fences and timber. A Violent Storm at Allentown. Pa. □ Allentown, Pa.. July 17.—A violent rain and w ind storm passed over this city this afternoon. The roofs of a number of houses wu*re blown off and many other buildings were damaged. Trees in every part of the city were uprooted Nearly all the wires are prostrated and telegraph poles and wires ar*'badly damaged along the railroad-. A steamer in a Storm. Buist*)!., Pa., July 17. Tin* steamer Columbia wa* struck by a storm on the Delaware thi* evening. All her awnings were carried away and most, of iii** fancy colored gla*s in the windows demolished. The passenger* were terrified and were pacified by tho captain with much difficulty. The Worst storm Ever Known. A sii la NT). Pa.. July 17.—This tow n w a* visited thi* evening hy a rain and hail storm, the like of which has m*ver^l»e**n seen here before. Hailstones broke every w indow »>n the north side of every building in the town. House* were unroofed and fruit crops in fanning villages entirely ruined. A Terrible Storm in Ohio. Norwalk, <)., July 17.—A violent w ind and rain storm struck Monroeville, this county, to-night, doing terrible damage. Lightning struck into Gobblers house, ’killing three sons, Freddie. Willie and Otto. Kate Smith, a neighbor, who was in the house ut th** time, was badly burned. Swept by a Cyclone. Soi"ni Bethlehem. Pa.. July 17. A cyclone swept over Hellertown thi* evening. Hotels and residences were unroofed and church steeples plow ii down. Th** Hellertown agricultural work* were totally demolished. Seven workmen -u--tained severe bruises. John Freeman, aged eleven, was instantly killed. Two passenger trains on til** Lehigh Valley encountered the storm and both narrow!} escaped being wrecked. 'I' lie train* had to fool their way along, tre-quently stopping l*> allow telegraph poles and tree* to he removed from the track. V Yacht Capsized in the storm. Camden, N. J.. July 17. To-night's I storm wa* very severe in this locality. I A small yacht containing live men and a boy wa- overturned in the ri\»*r. On** man was drowned and th** others were rescued with great difficulty. The terra cotta work* at Pea Shore were struck by lightning and badly damaged. Vrni Torn OII' Wire Fence. special to The Haw k-Evc.] P \ukKU*r.i'no. July 17. A terrible accident happened to a farmer by Un* name of Funk, living about a mile south of tow n. ll** wa* hitching a team to a hay rake when th** team became frightened and started to run. They were near a barb-wire I ©nee and when they lir*t start***! lie thrown against    the    fence in some wav    was    dragged considerable distance with his left against th** wire. When picked up. the tlesh was -»* torn and lacerated between tin* elbow and shoulder that, amputation wa* found to be necessary, and tin* arm was taken off at the shoulder. Mr. Funk i* about fifty years old, and having lost. lot* of blood before the operation was performed. In* will not live. —-— ----9— THE TIOGA EXPLOSION. Seusatbinal Development- at Hic Coroner’- Investigation. Cult vt.*). July 17.—The inquest into the cause of the death of tin* victims of tin: explosion on th** -teamer Tioga, last Friday, wa* begun to-day. Oil Inspector (’rain. who ha* mad** an examination of th** contents of oil barrels in the hold. gave some sensational evidence this afternoon. He said that in* found upon examination that a bldg** part of the cargo consisted of barrel* of naphtha and that th**-** were labeled simply “Diamond IV’ instead of being specifically marked so that any on** could more readily learn iheir contents a* required bv law. The eoronor has notified th** Failed States district attorney of these developments and that gentleman say* he will look into thi* matter thoroughly. James McCarthy, agent of the company at Buffalo, said th* Tioga had three hundred and twenty barrels supposed to contain refined oil shipped by the Genesee oil company. The line has a rule against receiving inflammable or explosive articles on boats, but a* it llano inspector of oils it depend***! on the fait Ii *>f th** oil company. WILL THEY FICHT? Complications Caused by the An g'lo-German Agreement. All the Power- Interested—France Ae quiring Large Possessions iii Africa —Chamberlain Whistling to Keep Pp Courage. London. July 17.—Th** Anglo-German agreement may bo th** direct cause of bringing on serious European complication.*. It has stirred up France to very energetic action and til** making of demands which place England in an embarrassing ]>osition. Th** agreement trenched upon French right- in Zanzibar. which M. Ribot offered to forego on condition that England would agree to the abrogation of a treaty which hampered France in regard to Tunis, which is under French control, hut cannot be formally annexed while this treaty hold* good. Salisbury, finding himself in a tight place, was on the point of yielding when Italy took th** alarm and insisted that Tunis, which sh** ha* long coveted on account of its proximity to her south-**rn -bore, shall not Im* turned over to France. Premier (rispi has notified Austria and Germany that th** annexation of Tunis by France would call for th** joint action of the tripl** alliance, which means that Germany, Austria and Italy should prevent it by for**** if necessary, (’rispi has demanded an explanation from Franco, aud has also sent a vigorous pr«>-t*’-t to Salisbury. 'I ii** English premier will have need of all hi* -kill to get quietly out of the tangle. I rispi'- action, added to th** troubled condition of S**rvia and Bulgaria, make th** whole European situation extremely delicate. Franc** continue* to make rapid progress in th** acquisition of African territory south of th** Sahara desert. In spit** of some cheek- recently -11-tained tin* republic has -Gently gone ahead annexing ami establishing protectorates until th** vast territory acquired almost touches th** English equatorial po*-*’— si on .*.    M. Ribot announces to the p< * w ers that the native chief* on til*’ Fpper Niger have signed a treaty agreeing to a French protectorate, and the Baris Gonlois, an anti-ministerial organ, announces th** route of a French force in the same country. Franc**, through her long possession of Algeria, ha- many advantages over other European nations iii northern and centra! Africa. The Arabs are the dominant race in all thi-eountry. although a mer** handful in compari-on with th** negroes, and France has a f'trct* of many thousands of highly trained Arabs, both cavalry and infantry, which can be moved rapidly on camel* through the*** tropical regions, sh** ha*. besides, a number of influential Arab chief- arni trailers, who have grown up under th*- Frolich hag. in her service, and the*** men grow rich, a* new commercial rank- ar** opened through the progres* of th** French in annexation. I *••> to tight for, and tin* Helical! Club i also agreed to allow li mp** tioo for I expen****. A GHOSTLY MUSICIAN. of teraitorv bv in a iii THE FIRE RECORD. Busine-- Dierks Hurled at Hot Springs. Arkansas. Hoi >1 *i:i N*.-. Ark., Jal} 17.—Two block* of building* in the business portion were burned la*t night, entailing a Ii,—* of *;,<),ooo. \n Illinois Town Wiped Du! I»y I ire. Indianapolis. July 17.- A Sentinel special says th** business portion of Homer. Illinois, was wiped out bv tin* this morning. Loss about *•.’.*>.Oho. Perished in His Dwelling. WlM ulster. N IE, July 17.— The house, baru and outbuildings of E. E. Doolittle burned this morning. Doolittle burned to death. \ Big Blaze at Pittsburg. Urn-nr 1:0, July lo.— Fir** in Allegheny City to-night destroyed the Bitts-burg box factory, National Limo and Cement works and two lumber yards. The fire covered an area of more than an acre. Loss, 840,000. The Last Do«l}’ Recovered. Fake City. Alinit., July 17.—One bod} was found thi* morning—that of a little girl named Rosie Rainier. This makes one hundred and one bodies recovered ami it i- believed .ill are now out of th** water. Has Explosion at Johnston’ ii. Johnstown, Ba.. July 17.— By a explosion of gas in blast furnace No. J, of the Cambria Iron works this afternoon. four men were injured, two fatally. Joe ll. Wait low a. ('1cm-Mary- 11 IU in md, < Milano: William New York: T. B. MeClune, Vn Infant’* Skeleton Found I niter Smith’s Hotel at Nauvoo. Nauvoo. July IT.—While tearing dow n Joe Smith's old hotel, the Mansion hon***, workmen found tin* skeleton of an infant under the flooring, evidence of some crime of the long ago. The old Mansion house is one of the few Mormon relics left in Nauvoo. Assistant Secretary tAsinxo Ion. July lay appointed (* tan. assistant Dun. George C. I! was formerly tagr**** a ad i* 1 nv a to treasury of Itll* Treasury. 17.—Th** president L. Spalding, of st” rotary of the riehenor. ro-a member of ‘rial anent oi Resigned. /ashln,.tov. July 17. W. s. Le ny. iited State- marsh:'.! for Oklahoma. resign***!, ami the president has ai--Ipteff hi- resignation. A\ Ail Iowa V ppoiu I ini*ut. V'lUNo I’oN. July tot to-day -. ut to the Hon nj Edward B. h** associate just im* n « ■ \    ■.    \t, 17.—Th*' senate th* Seeds. of. pre-l- tiomi-low a. of th*' supreme DO’ for Cape .May. IjVASIUX*,TON . July 17. -Tin* president to hi- private secretary left here this flpmooi for Cape May. They will re-ton lier*- Tuesday. Statement of Postal Operations. "’a-i!!n,.t«.n. July 17.—A statement heeu prepared at the postoffice de- syrup of Fig*. Brod i . d from the laxative and nutrition- juice of California fig*, combined with th** medicinal virtues of plants known to be the most beneficial to the human system, act* gently, on the kidney*. liver and bowel*, effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds ami headaches, and curing habitual constipation.  _ \ County superintendent Re-ign*. Special to The Hawk-Uye.l Caltha*.e. 111., July 17. L. Cravens, county superintendent schools, has resigned Ids office again Brofcs-or Coomb*, a democrat, elected by tho board of supervisors today to till the term until November. Coomb* was defeated for the democratic nomination for that oft*.'**. Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence. sexual weakness, pimples, cured ♦by Dr. Miles’ Nereid**. Sampit J* ll. Witte's drug store. B. of and was fro*' at talent showing th** operations of th** "f the first assistant postulator during the fiscal year ended J tine 1''fin. There w ere 4.422 postofti* es 'hlished, 1.024 discontinued,and 1,579 A Fine Rain. Special to Tlie'Hawk-ty c. Cai: rn At.K. IIL, July I*. AW* had a fine rain here th:* afternoon, doing gr* a. good to crops. It wa*general over Hancock county. __________________ Advice to Mothers. Mr* Winslow's Soothing Syrup should always to* used for children teething. It wothes the child, softens th** gums, allays ail pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy tor Diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Pleasure Seekers Drowned. El i* \. N. V., July 17. The steamer St. Lawrence collided with the pleasure ya**ht Cathrine. on the St. Lawrence river, near Alexandria bay to-night. Of a party <>f twelve on th** yacht five were drown***!. They were: Edward I’emb**r-ton, Mrs. Edward Bemberton, Mr-. W. I). Hart. Mi-* Margaret Henry ami Engineer John Sencseail. all from Bradford, Bennsylvauia. Lightning Durns a Pile of Hay. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.) Bt -OSELL, 111., July IT.—During ti;** *torm this afternoon lightning struck and set tiro to eighty ton* of hay on the Tainter farm two mil* * east of town. Some stork is reported kill**! by lightning. ________ RUN DOWN ON THE LAKE. A Steam Barge tut in Two hy an Fxcur-,-ion Steamer. Detroit. Mich., July 17.—This evening at tiffin. as tim steamer City of Detroit. with an excursion party aboard, wa* nearing the city, her steam steering apparatus gave out in some unaccountable manner and she sheered about and ran into the steam barge Kesota, cutting her completely in two amid -liip*. Captain Bick ami a crew of seventeen wen* rescued by rowboat* and yachts that were in th** vicinity of the accident at the time. Th** mother of th*' steward was drowned. Judge Nichols, of Batavia, Ohio, an excursionist on th** City of Detroit, wa-severely injured by th** breaking of some shrouds, and three nr four other pasen-gers were slightly hurt. The City of Detroit was damaged to the extent of >20.-000. The Kesota. valued at *120.oho. i* a total lo**. INVESTIGATING THE DISASTER. Bmernment Inspectors Milking Inquirii -Into the Sea Wing Wreck. sr. Bael, July 17.—Captain Wethern and six of th** crew of th** ill-fated steamer Sea Wing, which was wrecked at Lake City Sunday night, arrived here and Government Inspectors Yeager and Knapp are conducting an investigation behind closed doors. Captain Wethern and Clerk Miles have Drowned. Toronto, (int., July 17. William Griffin, eighty year- of ag**, and his grandson, aged six, were drowned in th*' river at Bottonvillage. to-dav. Sunday School Convention. Vinita. ET..July 17.—The thirteenth annual convention of tin* Indian Territory Sunday school i* in session at this place. Among tho*** in attendance from a distance is Hrofossor William Reynolds, of Reoria. Illinois a Sunday school worker <>f national reputation. Articles of Incorporation Filed. Trenton, N.J.,July 17.—The Rroetor «!t Gamble company, with a capital or S4,500,000, composed of New York and Cincinnati person*, organized to nianu-faetdre soap*, glycerin*', oil*, etc.. filed articles of incorporation lier*' today. New York City’s Population. New York, July 17.—Superintendent Hurter, of th** census office, to-day completed the official rough count of the population of N**w York. The result shows 1.513,501. The Tennessee <>overnorsliip. NA-iivit.LE. July IT.—Five mon* ballot* were taken fur governor at th** democratic /tate convention to-day. with no material change. AI. Ribot'- announcement practically means the acquisition of more than a million squar** mil** France. Joseph Chamberlain atinoum**-public letter that tin* strength < unionist part} i- intact, filii* h i cited great merriment among th* Glad-stonians. whose agents in the various constituencies are daily reporting a j steady return of th** unioni-t rank ami til** to til** liberal fold. Chamberlain, i til**} say. i- whistling to keep Iii- courage ti]), and endeavoring to arrest th* stamped** of hi* follower* to the Glad-stonian camp. Ex-King Milan, of ><*rvia. i~ now pronounced to be mad. 'filii* i- probably tin* prelude to an attempt to get rid of him by locking him up in a lunatic asylum. Milan never lead much brain* ami ha-always been a worthies* spendthrift, without any s**nse of financial responsibility. The queer things he i- reported as doing of lab* ar** in th** lim* of hi* conduct since he mount***! th*' throne, and with tin* dissipated life In* 1***1 a* a student iti Baris. The emigration statist^* - for tin* year I 1**9. i-*ii*“d by tin* Italian government, j show an increase in th** number of departures from Italy so large a* to caus** much uneasiness in regard to tin* country's available materia! for military aug- J mentation in tin* event, of an emergency demanding a Sarge addition to rh** army. Tin* returns jt: t published -how that during tin* period mentioned nearly 175.000 Italians -ought horn*'* in ottn*r countri« -.    (if the-** **.000 emigrated to th** Argentine Republic. 3*.oho to Brazil ami 30.000 to Mu* I nit***! States, the remainder go ii 1 g chief!} to England. A* a result of tin* recent, troubles in th** London polio** department -ixt*** ti inspector- hay** b***mi transferred from tin* [lusts they have held for several hears to localities a* distant a* possible from their former station*. Although no reason i-given for tin*-** transfers, it is pretty generally believed that tin* inspector* were in active sympathy with tin* dis-affe* ted men and udvi-eil them more or ie** in th** eau-** they pursued. Baron Wissmann ha* reconsider***! iii- ’ determination to r**-ign his position a* I German imperia! commissioner in Africa I and will remain in tIn* colonial service for i the present. It i* understood that Lieu- I tenant Baron Grev«*neuth will continue i acting comiui-sioner ami Wissmann will j remain in Berlin t*> a-*i*t in the r**or- j ganization of tin* German -ystem in j Africa on an entirely new basis, change* being demand* *1 by the larg* crease of th** territory through Anglo-*ierman agreement. TO WATCH THE NIHILISTS. Leailin;; \c<-ncic- iii London and I* iri-Fiiiployed I * \ the Our. London. July 17,— Ten hailing detective agencies of this cit* and Bari* have bern retained by th** Russian g*>\-ernment a* a result of th** be*Ii*■ f that the chief* of the nihilists have their headquarters in those cities ami ar** arranging new plot* against tin* czar ami hi* counselors. It i- -aid that recent developments make it a certainty that th*' head 'enter of th** nihilists is located in this city. that In* Int* amp!** fund- at hi-disposal. and that in* i- iii continuous correspondence by cipher with nihilist group- in Rom**. Vienna, Berlin. New York and Chicago, a* well as tboughpot Ilus-ia. It i- also known that at lea-t two conferences of nihilist delegate* have taken place in thi* city since April for th** purpose of considering measures calculated to spread terrorism throughout the czar's dominions. A s:runt;e story Concerning tilt- Old Delaware Mills in Kansas. L\ut:e\< e. Kau., July 17. A ghostly story i- told a* follow - concerning tin* old Delaware mills, which had long been j unoccupied and xver*- destroyed on tin ; night of the Fourth by tin*, supposed to be of incendiary origin. A man named Thompson was killed in 1*92 on th**-it** of the Delaware mills by a man named Cram*. 'I ii** murderer was arrested. Inn wa* released <m condition that ho would enlist in th** Fnited Stat*** army, which he did. Tho mills belonged to tin* F Ilion Baeilie road and were Rightly visited by troops of -pint-, under the captainl y of Thompson's ghost. Thompson spent his last days **n earth in ami around tins building. Tin *** gho*ts were noisy, say th** immediate neighbor'* living near tin* mill. To tin* number of about thirty or mon*, tin* spirit- met about 10:00 p. rn., and charing the third story of everything lying around loo-**, indulged in yells and shriek*, followed by music of a heavenly order. This music continued until about Loo a. rn., when a general roll-call ended He* performance. WAS A WOMAN'S HAND AND ARM. F\ii Ie ut*** et it Foul Crim** «.: \ * t I p ity the Mississippi Sit at. I.nui- Sr. Lot I-. July 17. Bi*” *• by pi***-** portion- of a human body ar* being given up by th** river and the ghastly «‘vidt*ii' t* of a murder t*» coming to ligh:. Two hands and arni* have been found along th** river hank. and. though no one i- known to be missing, th** pol ic** fear *ome horrible murder ha* b • r committed: that *om*’ poor x et i I** hasbeen hewn and hacked to piece- and «*a-t into th** water that th** crim** might in* concealed. Worst of all. th*’ mutilated pi* > •> are parts of a woman'- body. Sunday afternoon a man reported t * * :h** p«»I i • • * * a j find which may in th** < ml h ad to tin j discover} of as thorough a murder my— j tory a* any that ha* <*\* r .-tart cd St. j Louis. Ile wa- catching drift wood at ‘ tin* foot of Convent street, and rowed I out into the river in a -kill ami coll*** :* ii j a large quantity of the drift, xx ideo towed ! to til** shore. stepping **u! *■ . t ».•• lank he began hauling in He* xmkxI out th** I water. when. looking down, ic* -awa i human hand sticking out Durn D • *1* i br:-. He grasped ti.*' hand and pulled, j and ti* hi* ji*toni-him 1 • he hmm! that i: ; was only a hand ami a p*.r: mu of the arm Tile arm had been * ut off ju-t below th** elbow, and this, with th** hand, xx a- what th** drift wo*>d catcher found. STEAM WITHOUT FUEL. A Chemist Proposes to Chun];** Prc-cnt .Method* of s,.<-iiring This Power. Superior. Wi-.. July 17.- A prominent chemist of San Francisco t >*w u Superior, i* preparing •** make p , discovery which xviii work wonderful changes i** the economy of steamship transportation. Iii- sehetu** i- t,* *ii — pense with th** u*«- of fuel of ad kind*. Ile has devised an apparatus by means of which water can be utilized a* fuel. Bv mean* of Id- chemical n . ho ■ the water i* to be resolved into iv- eminent, oxx gen and hydrogen. Th* *** gas* * antu be burned by means «>f an oxo-hydro-g**ri machine producing inter.*-** heat, 'l’h** machine i- placed adjacent to the boiler and xviii tim- general HIS SENTENCE REDUCED. Fred Munehrath. One of the Haddock Murderers, Respited Governor Doms’ Reasons for the Pardon \ Singular Accident at I*nor,* Terrible Tragedy at Parkes burg — State New*. special to The Hawk-Eye. De* Moines, la., July 17. Governor' Boies to-day commuted the sentence *.f Fred Munchruth from four years in tin* penitentiary to three months. Munch-rath wa* convicted of manslaughter op September 3*). 1**7, for complicity in tile conspire y which resulted in th** killing *>f Rev. Haddock in Sioux Fit}, which resulted from Haddock'- effort* enforce tin* prohibitory law at that place It Im* never beer* charged that Munciirath was pre-eiit af th** murder but that, he wa- in th** conspiracy t<> sault th** minister was tru*. Much interest ha* been arou-»*d in th** case ow lug to th** fact that Arendorf. xvi ** was considered a* principal, wa- tried twice and finally acquitted, th** jury disagreeing th** fir-t tim**.    Munehrath wa- ti*** only one convicted. Hi* ca*** was appealed *o th** supreme court, but they affirmed th** derision. Lox. Larrabee was petitioned for th** pardon but only suspended th** sentence. Governor Boi< - received ti.*• case in thi* -hape. Th© governor in commuting ti**' sentence -av- it - shown by tIi** evidence on th** part of th** -tate that Munehrath wa* th** most conservative of all engaged it. the conspiracy, and that In* cautioned th** other- not to go too far, tot to hurt til** deceased, except to give him a black eye. SO that pi. op«> would get into trouble. A FATAL NIGHTMARE. A \ 011:11; 'far) Walks tut' a Train in Iii, "sleep Near Fairfield. Fairfield. la., dub 17. Th* other th** passengers on It. A *,*. train irk’ glop, a et* - 1 r-a young until'- jcit-tiug Iii- head out of th** window and calling “Whoa.” ii** sank back in hi- -tar. and they saw that h** wa- a-l*-**p. A little later in* went out of the coarb, leaving hat. coat arni one -ho* behind. Noticing these article* a tim*- or two a*:*l im owner. Conductor Drew search* d lh* train and inquired for him, then telegraphed for section men to -car* ** th** road cast from Fairfield. They found tin* po**r fellow dead by the track, three mil*** from thi- place, ll** had evidently walked off th** train in his sleep. There was no evidence of his being drunk or crazy. His name is Martin R. Earles. He belong- to a good (>!.;*> family aud was ticketed for Bahnyra. Nebraska. where in* wa- going to teach school. Letter* in ids va 11-1* show that in* wa-soon to have been married. Borh hi-affianced ami iii- mother strongly objected to hi- coming we-: I*--* something should happen him. THE GRAPE OUTLOOK. lh** right foot wa- -•» badly mangled aa to require amputation ut th** ankh* joint. He wa- a faithful emplove of the rtrad arni a man of family. Mn-t Teach German hi 1'iifilic school**. In wa na poi.I*. July 17.—What is popularly known a- tin* “(ierman question wa.* decided by Judge Howland today in tin* snit of Theodore San ter again-t the hoard of -chou! commissioner* of tin* city of Indianapolis in which tin* court wa* a md to D-m* a mandate tin* Itoard to have (krman *’ lower ir- of the public Howland holds that Dight: that the school no discretionary arni cannot abol- reque-ti taught in tti** lo’ schools. Judge 1 ierman mn-t be commissioner- ha\<* [><*w**r- in the premise i-li I In* teaching of t in of the lower grad*** of language* in any [ in* public -chools. V Dreary Outlook for Cor ti. K \\-\- ('trv. July 17.—A dispatch to paper from Kansas -ave an cvtMiin: ••Tin* condition of tin day by day. Hot win and to-day. causing those sections of the had no rain. In sooners have about given vesting any crop* at a* i- no more than half even ram Hon*the fearing they t hem. ” corn grow- worse ii- ho w yesterday great, damage in -t:>ti* which have sections th** farloup hope- of har-\t be-i there th** state that is , web watered. In many see-farniers ar** marketing h**r-. feed I Ii*-sc i Wim; W;«- Top-tic;* vv . -pU’ia! to th** Hiiwk-Kvf.i fib in* x. I !.. July IT. Th** steam*-r >• ;t W ; xx! ‘ xx ;i - • ap—.zed in a storm on Lake Repin where many lives w.*r<* lost was simply an unwieldy rafter and ha* been engaged in towing lumber to p >rt for \. S M' ri mu. Nu*- was to nave -tart***! with a raft th*- day following tin* disaster and the -teamer Ludia i- now performing that xv**r -av that th*- Sea Win lief ii t    slander *p« ii to Th*- Hawk-l.j Old river men wa- top heavy. Been-' on th* rn;* Nu pri ll. west from <i and amused fami A r 4. III.. J i* of th** snip. and a member et I Gordon family, day getting b iters that there never w iii Dr. Gordo (>muhu story Union} will be to Omaha. Di>| Not Ydopt the It tic f*rn mads, ay. failed t ort on th** Mi-souri r , blocked t! trdeti ( in* \ t lie VV* -I -ion to-d tee*.* rep from th** Atchi-oi Will M. (ct if tiii> town- vresj* *t-(. art hag** torn it- to -how im-- Gordon md that the of tes-m at. tor ge -cl* tug to agr** grain rates point*. I i appointed t i long di-cus- th** tom mi t-ment of rate* i beyond. The ■Tile by refus-*1 reduction in md Nebraska ouimittee wa-vvhole matter. \ New st>;,|> I inn Incorporate*!. Tee I fact! arts* ml I, - ON, N. J.. • Iambi** col i, ****o. cotnjH pi pcr.-on-. -oa])*. gly* >f incur porn V. WE i»I Ne I iii/cd % oils. here Tin* Broc-ii a < a()it3! v York and t<> manu-. •■ti-., ti!<*i t*i prop**! th*’ ’.*•--* . ; ar*’ taking hold of th* experiment prox*** sn com pan} wit! bt* form Local matte th** *teatn capitalist* and if th** i big stock I MU Nm ll tit: larg MURDERED HIS PARENTS. Hoi ri fill But* tea • tm* lier) l*c: form• ii-V enr-Ol.l Bo; Anna. 111.. July bk— A !; fill depravifx bani to believe Doraville, a small town in th** xx portion of Johnson county r**mot railways ami telegraph station*, day night th** -i\:ecn-y<*ar-t>]<] *< farmer named Snllivau <*nt«*r*•• I ti fie ii *i\- routh- j » from 1 '•stern I ■ from I Mon- j Mi of a : e bed- I Hrporit iii Hot \ mini" tile Vine- I xii;. gcrat«**l Ft. Madison. la.. July IT. have been rec**ive*l from uintner* voo and Warsaw, who -ay tiiat th* 1 p*irt of rot rmoiig t!*♦ • grape- ha- )*•■• exaggerated. It is nowcertai crops at liooh points will hi* extensive vintner at Nauvoo -will bane a very large yield. ship millions basket- to ii country- Sprryingthe vin* -pi* soii* to prevent rot and insect p* j has proven a great sue*;**—.    Ai**». we J ii-***! millions of lilt!** ]*a]***r l*ag* with* which to cover th** clusters.” Th*- Chicago, Burlington and (>uin* y expr* -* agent at M<*nfrose i- -aid t * * make over • t tie An lid:    “We and will ll parts *.f with filii*! VOTED FOR HADES. \ l.iiilivrous I inlier* iii- in VV loch it Drow-y •• Dr**miner” was With th*’ Minority. From the V w V*»rk Dispatcii A ty pi**:*.! • kr.ight of tho gripsack” was i**ta    ! .ii :t -iua town ii Western New York a wh !*• ag" xx ti* re .1 revival meeter* ss. IL* had met a party mg was iii progr* of <*onviviai fri**n and had what i* load on.” Newt th** revival meets up in front, it 1 church, and th** - To deep. rummer g h - -lay there, y known a* “a h** drifted int** •ok a seat ‘well ■ ruth* rm air in ti min* iv I** >200 a1* mi**iom n** every • throug t ye ■\pr oui gnu room fit them. II h** gix • -tired of eft v. Tie hi* 1* i* for xx ait parent- and now in jail. the deed i- I jug for the old f f.itallv shot Tin* j. a so ii he was •' prop- \ I’ecrtliar \*’«’i<tcnt. [Special to Th*- Hawk-Ey**.] ii ai.I.town. la.. Jtilv 17. A -in- i e i d * * 111 happen* d to Elm**r Wall- j 1 Tit rye brakeman, la*! nigfit. 1>y 1 <* lost hi- rigiit arm. Wailing | bout IO o'clock ufl**r nodding a ml slumber, and ster's rath- r Iou The audienc im<*r slept or; addr LABOR TROUBLES. ( louktiiakers' !,<»• I 11«f* I New York. Jiffy iff »*rs' lockout is yet far fn Contractor*' I ni**n an pudiat** the agreement \ 'ar I rum I in* cloak mak-,m ended. Th*: inclined to re-ith th** manu facturer-. signed yestcrdax by tractors' repr*-<*ntativ<*. Got!;: cutter* went t * * work. They a outright reimbursement of wag* tim rer- see they do out. am ever. thex wen* out. and tIt seem unwilling to eon do not. however. I ll*1 * • situation xx ill mat •de t ne (‘on-I). Th** : f«>r an for Hulls. If will g. 1 Im*! a- M ai: gnlar a ing. a « which I had been up ;own and went down to ids way car Just a* Ii** was about to em In* ave: - that -<»ni** *'::*• *i**a on th** back of th** he fell wit ii his aero.*- tin* rail. Nwitrf was passing at th** ii wan; ar**- W!i ■••at* • go t<• bed. - th** tra*k. him a blow h**ad and right arm engine No. 5o n**nt and th** T wiu-el* pas-ed OX terribly it]) to tin xx a* pay-day on the < i- that some misen an his arm. crushing it !b* 1 \v. A> y»*st**rday rural, supposition -Sugg* ii Walling •ti B vt. n conventi Union brouu ami tit! journ Bittshnr .. v ensuing v* at I tie I lint *• I a - - Worker-. . July 17.—Tin* national f the Flint Glass Maker*' t it* labor- to a do.**’ to-day ii. William J. Smith, of .- elected president f**r th** the * intl,** Headache, Neuralgia, Dizziness. Nervousness, Spasms, Sleeplessness cured by Dr. Miles’ Nervine. Samples fro** at J. II. Witte's drug store. Death of the Ohle-t Turfman. Richmond. Va.. July 17.—Major Thomas NY. Boswell, the oldest turfman in th** Fnited State*, died here to-dav. More Gobi for Korop*-. New York. July IT.—Five hundred thousand dollars in gold bar* xv r<* ordered for shipment to Europe to-day. Our Friend tile He*l Bug. If you xx**miff quickly and permanent!} rid your tail ut 'Uif*. put a small t»ox of Rough on Ruts in a pint buttle of benzin**, shake well xvh* n using. Douche the mixture into th** crack*, crevices, holes and openings of the bedstead. It xviii turn their toes up rapidly. Then mix another small box of Rough on Rat* thoroughly with a quarter pound of lard, xx-ith th,.* mixture till all notes, openings,cracks and crevices in the bed. These two methods are warranted to never fail; to be affective and lasting, ('ut this out for directions. GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. \ Family fit Fixe Burned to Death. 1 <ji Klin*. Jill} 17. At two o'clock thi* j morning fir** broke out in the bar room owned by Delamaire A Gillette. Th** : Ham*** made such rapid progr*-** that th** * whole building wa* soon consumed. It j wa- only after the fir*- was extinguished I that the tirinen cam** upon a family of tiv** person*, xx ho had perished. Tin* family consisted of Pierre Mi randa, his j wife ami three children, who had r**c«*nt-; Iv returned from th** Fnited S*ab-*. in-■ tending to -**tti** in their native city. It ! is thought that others have perished in j lh** fiatne*. Returned to Parliament. London. July 17. Mr. Will-* . a liberal. has been returned to parliament for Mid-Durham by a majority of 2,000. Wilt Try to Arrange a Match. London. July 17.—At a meeting of th** Pelican Club th** directors decided to try and arrange a match between Jack Dempsey, th** middle-weight champion of America, and Jack Burke, til** English lad. Burke signified hi* willingness to meet the American champion, and Lord Lonsdale agreed that th** club Humid offer a purse of £(300 for Burk** and D**mp- St reel ( ir VV ar at Gab -fiur". *.\i I -in rn.. 111.. July 17.- Th** -tree! car war -till in progress here. with no sign- of * itficr party giving in. The < ol-legc « itx street Railway company xva-laying another track on Main -treet. x'.hii’h i-t!i«* principal street of tin* * ity, xvii**!) an injunction xvas -<*rv***l on it bx tm* new company. Th** work wa* -topped and Main street is in a terrible condition. being torn tip from on** end to th** other and seriously impeding all traffic. The • •Id company has til***! an answer to Hi** injunction, and th** ca-** i- to be heard by J mig** Glenn next Monday. Both pa rf iran* determined to fight th** ca-** to the bitter end. and interesting devmoputcnt* j are expect* *!. Happy H«»*»-:rr-. Win. Timmons, postmaster of Idaxii * . In«i.. writ***:    “Electric Bitters na* dom* mort* for nu* than all other medicine* combined, for that had feeling arising from Kidney and Liver trouble.” John Leslie, farmer and -toe!.man. of sam** place, says:    “Find Electric Bitter* to la* th** hest Kidney ami Liver medicine: made me feel like a new man.” J. WU Gardner, hardware merchant, sam** town, say*:    "Electra    Bitters is just th.> thing for a man w ho 1- all run down and don't car** whether In* live- **r dies; he found new strength, good appetite ami felt jn*t like Iv*• had a new leu*** un life. Only 50** a bottle ib’org" 1 . I!<u)ry's drug store. X Loan \-mn int ion secretary short. DknVLK, Julv 17. Frank Yillerrnan. secretary of the German and 1 <*nt**nial Building ami Loan association, i- short in hi* account* about. >.'lo.non II** ha-turned over >10.(hmm worth of property and resigned lf.* im- ma ><•’ i t ar r**st***l. for th** purpo-e of robbing hint. Di-honegt Officer-* Depo-c«l. I cir Dodi.e. Ll. July IT.—At ann * t-i,_ * : :•!*■ B'x'i r Land Settler*’ union at Horner Saturday, charge* were mad** against the president and secretary of. converting th** union's fund* to their own ii-* ami continuing needle-- river land litigation. Tile trial resulted in th** officer* tieing ii* po-e*i. George Rooster wa* elect***! a- the new president and Richard Pierce a- secretary. A resolution to abandon the litigation and a*k eongro-s for indemnity pa*-*-*! unanimously and a committee to draft a bill! w a - appointed. Mn state    plier-. Des Moines. Jill} IT. Th - *»ate convention of Iowa stenographer* elected th** following officers:    President.    WU    s. Briggs, of < M f ii in wa: vice presidents. C. i L. Dahlberg. of D*** Moim*-: ( . L. Bai-! ley. of Carroll: T. R. Deering, of Mar--ImlStown. ami J. >niith. of Keokuk: secretary and treasurer. Carri** A. Clarke. of lh** NI * >1 n*'>: librarian. < D. Slinker. of De- Moim *; **xe**utiv«* committee. F. M Van]** It ami Walt* r Irish, of I-Moines. WU E. Ctxiy. of '*ioux City. ami B. o. Rruington. of \t!anti** Th** d god. anc a profoii the mini course. the drummer -gelist began hi his fervid at*p* “W ill all of ; please ri-**?" Every on** it sleepy drumlin geli-t asked them t«* brothers in th** saint* drummer, aecidental him a* In* sat down. bed Iii* eye-, and. parti t he last port ion of ti: quest, which wa-: I want all of xou v to stand up.” ammer struggled a I unsteadily, and r* dazed sort of wav **! laugh he heard fr th** younger p**«* horror in* notice of the older < again*! th** rail. g**li*t anti then “Well. par**)!, act Iv what, we’r I se*-in !.* ho in th** drowsy tic -.ink into **[*t through !*-ag and dry dis-sung a hymn ami Then th** « van--*. and wound up this request: In-ax* ut xeeju th** the evan-• ne of the >*".\ a- i ii*- sleeping I Tushed again-* I rum mer rub-awake. heard ti j ngelist'- r*- Now. go to hoi Th** dr for war* I seat in a -llppre-.** ll OI ut I**, h aued *-** from his A sort of • iii some of *i an **\pr* —ion of »m<* of th** faces Steadying himself >ked at tin- **xan- tid ■ I d* vuti hop know just exit. but you and minorit v." '-*.0.000 N Silt UM XX. Texas. Haw k-Eye: J ii item appear* d ii that the Br***! phi**** had taken cost id -■'•.ooo. th*- figure*? W ar** copying t! it -.'>.0041. •\a-. July 15. -Editor -til a tittle telegraphic Your pa{>* r to the effect Aterian church **f this step- to build a female •ated at th - place at a Will yon kindly correct ■ note that other paper.-Hem. Th*’ building leu completed xviii * Texa* Female e. lion, which xviii I «■ auspices of th will )>e located re campit*. Mi colleges, each co* two public school • *i»T of about MVO.0110 IS eoi leg* be ** Pr - in th** •rman ing o*> * I ■ • Ii fig ach. J ,I*.OOO and . a -'at** it inducted under T«*riau church, c- nter of a ten ha* now four >50.(MMI    Al**) reined at a Vl*«*iil t<* Travel or Fnii*;r»tr. air* r ennnot tx* nr* >v iii* ti with asst* Tin* F.inner- Will Mft l Ii, ^ M**(NE-. July 17. President A. IP Wright, of th** Wo***lbury bounty Fanner*' Alliance, has called a meeting to ti** held at Sergeant Ii Miff- Satnnlay. Julv 5fi. All th** subordinate and county alliances in th** eleventh congressional district hove been request***! to send representatives to th** meeting for :Hi** pur-,f eon-i*i* ring th** feasibility *d riel organ!/ati«ut. JIO XX alii* til I i^lif. Bo-ion. Jill} 17. Ted Pritchard, th*-Engli-h middie-wi iglit ch. rn|>ion. i- ■•outing to AmirBritcliard xvi!! ght G**org*» La Blanlt **. J o k I)* :.:]•-*•} < r Young Mitchell iii aux <* bin rh* I'iiit«•*! State- that xvii! off. r 1 •*    ■ gg* pur-.-, and hi* hacker, in addition to th** pars** that may be offered, will wager -Lim***. X ir|(iiiia'< Natural Bri*!^*- >*»I«E Glasgow. Va.. Julv 17. Th** natural bridge property ha* been sold to a Massachusetts and Virginia *vndicat«* for >?(X),-()• Mi. It was pun'hased from Colonel IL U. Parstiii* ami Iforiora! •• J a me* *.. Blaine. A llfiine for Sofiticr-' Mother-. Cleveland. Ohio. July 17. Tin* National Woman'- II**!i* ; (.**:'!>-' horn** for soldiers' mother, wives and army nor****, at Madison. Lake county, ofim, was dedicated to-day under auspice- of th** Woman's Relief * Arp-. forming a ffi* Diifinqne Saloon Keeper- Fnjoinefi. DI ut *H e. Ll.. Julv IT.—Judge l.im-lian has granted an injunction against fifty-five Dubuque saloon keeper*. Th** prosecuting attorney wa- allowed f*** * aggregating >1.1?-*. I her** i- rn* liked-hood of th** injunction being served. The -entiment in th** county i- -*> strongly in favor of the open -a lf sin that nothing .-bort of stat** interference would clos** them, and with Governor Roi**- in lh** * hair this ]- not likely lo occur. f irc*l tin- Enumerator. -u..* \ (irx. Hugh Parkhill. *>f I.iii';*’ j Sioux township, a wealthy farther, i* now in charge of a deputy Fnited State* i marshal in this city. Three week* ago when Census Enuim-rator Clarke failed him he refused to answer the question* on the schedn’e. Clark** wa- persistent and Parkliiil threw him out of the bons**. Supervisor Near to-day swore out a war rant f*>r Parkhill’* arrest. This i- the first ca*** of th*- kind iii this section. * oui in 111 «-<l Sno ut*-. On \< ti, Bluff*, la.. July ic,. Jam* -T. Mi’Forinick. *>: Cre-tou, Iowa, committed *ui«*id«* here by taking morphin*’. Despondency eau**-*.! by the lo-* <ff >1**.-000 in an inv***tment is -upjvoseil to have been I lie cause of Hi*’ aet. lf Tin* voj re iii •-Iv mid nmt«-ct ive in«-*licin« than ter's Stoinacfi Ritter*. Abundant tcstiinonv • xi-t to prove that if nultiti - hurtful cli matt*: influence* an«t the effect* of exposure, that it woncilc* til*- stomach to unaccustomed food, and prevent* injurious n-mtt* from impure x\a!* r. Xl.iriin rs. t**nri-t-, > inisrninf* an>t mini r* hav« a1! *-fintrit*ut«’*l ttn-ir quota of testimony iii It* behalf, and it- prot**ctive in-Ituem ha- been most effectually d* in<»n--traO it in regions :in<! other conditions where. if not natty effective, that fact would long since hav e t»c*’n    In no i-la** **f disorder- have it- remedial and preventative properties b*en mort* conspicuously shown than in <*;»*• - of malarial fey* r-. maladfi - for whii li it i-the most popular -p*citic in cxisf- • ■n**«’. Im*tti tier** and in ttv* trt«]>ics. where Its reputation i* scareeiy second to that wtiich it • *njfi>- on ttii- continent. It i*. mor**over, >i mo-t a sr r***-si bt* ■ afqxai/.er and nervine. snort Smiles. Wti*Mi time (lie*, should it not ob'ain ; leave of ah***u«*e? Too much confidente should ri**\«r be placed in fish. They ar** a scaly .-et. I’ll** wit oi' eminent lawyers in our i modern court- i- ***-<*ntiaIy fee-bill. Th** man w ii** -mg- lh** song of th** 01*1 Sexton has to have a burv-ton** voi«*e. XVhat i- t I’*)?*! in the ti* a*t - XI* ii* ;il authorities says it is din* to im* veil <’!othinjr of Die tnody, rapi«l »**s»linjr /hon in a p< r-niration, I et*- The important {**»int is. that a cold in the head is an inttaiuination **f th** lining membrane of th** no-*-. which, when unchecked, is certain f*> produce a catarrhal condition—for catarrh is •■—•■nti illy a ’’cold” which nature is in* l*>n>r< r at>L»* t<* “resolve” or throw off. Ely's * r**sim Ba I in Iva* proved it- superiority, and -utT* r**r* -t»**ul*t r* -ort to it befur that common ailment E**cuti*e* -fi-sif*-! amt **n*l* in *>•»--t unite catarrh. Hotel Arrivals. XI the I'm *n N. bunce. Ip-- Moi no; ll H**r»»M. t’«*oria; A. J. W' lsirn;, Et. Ma*lison; • ha*. XX' XVeeter amt Miss bm. J. ><4*a**f«*r, Nan vo*i: XX'. P.. San* I s. I)**.* Mom*-. At the Duncan J M'. faverty, F>1 Panht. Cellar Kapi*ls; XX". Jackson, sa*- * tty; XX. C. Lilt*!**. D. I*.Salter. Kirkwood. IU: E. Amt**r-son. IhiveniHirt; Jam*-- M. R*-***i ai* t wlf**. Miss Bell** Isiuvhry, S. J. (.re* ii ■ un I xxi:**. E, J Mumm. F. J. Mumm. Keokuk imputatci! Hi- Foot. M x-iix ( rix . Ll. July 17.    *    ar* Mieriu, a wup* r in th** Iowa Ventral engine hon-** in thi- *ity. wa- attempting to mount a moving engine in tin* yard th** other evening when his foot -lipped and h** fell with on** f**ot under the wheels. starch j;row - -tick} -common powder* iutv** a vutirar irlare. t'ozzoni - i- ft**’ only <**xm-pl**\ 1**11 ]s*wi!* r tit for us**. - What prominent features th*- la* t* of tin* earth must hav*•! It* ■eeham stomach. Fills a**t bk” iii i^ic on a w*-%k ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Burlington Hawk Eye