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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 17, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BUI w HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1839.) BURM I • >\V A RECKINRIDGE’S DEFENSE. '« Says He Was Legally Elected and Tells of the Murder. -ohtot- Frye's Response to Secretary maine** Communication—'Tin* Work of the Senate and House—General Washington News. Washington. July 16.—I'ho elections mmittee of the house held a special -sion to-day to liear Representative feckinridge. of Arkansas, and Judge hn McClure make the concluding ar-nicnts in the Clavton-Breckinridge ntcstcd election case. Mr. Breckin-dge read an elaborate brief prepared by is attorneys. Messrs. Garland and May. which tho case was reviewed. In ref-fence to the murder of Colonel Clayton, e brief stated that no pains had been ared by Mr. Breckinridge and the state thoritics to brins about the conviction the murderers. Mr. Breckinridge vc a narrative of his relations with fond Clayton, lie had been on the ■st friendly terms with him and during canvass they had frequently slept ether. Me detailed the efforts made brins the murderers of Clayton to jus-Thc rewards offered by the state I secured by private contribution ii ad Iregated SI UKK). He had contributed |b to the fund. Speaking of the theft he ballot-box from the Plummerville •anet, Mr. Breckinridge said that believed the box was stolen bv the tblieans. The box had not been cd. He and the people of the state bent every energy to prosecute the that Judge McClure seemed to : they did not want to prosecute, igc McClure. Im- said, could not get syer of standing in Arkansas to in-( him for the circuit judgeship a-t Judge Caldwell. Mr. Breekin-r>aid that he had proven that a limit of tho votes in the Plummerville •ti(lox had been cast for him. He ceded that many negroes had voted foi and then tostiiiod that they had noThe members of a negro club had ?0'or him. lf the committee were goi*> unseat him, they would <io him no deal harm if they would do it in a spiff meanness. Let them put him out proper manner and stop tin* politic rangle that had been going on. Au brief recess Judge McClure addrest he committee. He held that, accog to the Arkansas election law. Clay was elect !>y a majority of 57, wbiltider a rule of the house (which he Blit tile proper gauge) Clayton shout credited with a majority of commit to then adjourned. TIII lions. Under tho const ruction given to the act of 1888 Iby the interior department (and which construction he endorsed as correct) lands had been withdrawn from settlement, covering two-fifths of the area of tim    " States, comprisng 1,300.000 miles, or 850,000,000 BURLINGTON CLAIMS A FOl United acres. square For what, Our Senior Pair Cheated Out of the Race by a False Start. and for how long were these lands with drawn? In order that the government might have reservoir sites and canal site aim canal sites marked our for irrigation purposes. The Lord only knows how long it would take to carry out that plan. Ile thought congress made a great mistake when it appropriated a single dollar for an irrigation survey, aud the sooner it ret rafted the step the better it would be for the people, Mr. Dawes, from the committee on appropriations. reported the Indian appro-, priation bill, carrying an appropriation of $7,153,811. The disco argued in Other Contests at the Spirit Tournament—A Tvvo-I,«*g in Iowa—Political an eral Iowa News Ne sion xx ii> resumed and Plait support of the amendment and in a general defense of the desert land law, the swamp land law and the other land laws of the United States. He favored a repeal of tin* irrigation law and said its retention meant not a single acre of public land affected by it could ever be entered by any homestead settler and charged that there was an object contemplated by the shrewd man who drew up that provision in the conference committee. Tho discussion continued until six o'clock, •when the senate adjourned without action on the pending amendment. THE HOUSE. Hunting lorn (Quorum—The Land Grant Forfeiture Rill. Washington. July Id.—In the house the journal having been read Mr. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, objected to its approval and Hie yeas and nays were ordered on the question: Shall the journal be approved? it was agreed to. Mr. Owens, of ohio, called attention to the colloquy which occurred Yesterday between the gentlemen from Illinois ami Tennessee (Cannon and Bouk), during which, he said, in their anger they hail told some truths which were entirely omitted from the record. He wanted to know whether Ute democrats could do tin1 same thing. The Speaker—The chair is unable to respond. then went into committee on the a brie land d is, grant forfeiture ussion the com ino. HE APPROPRIATIONS. Mr. < Will I Denies Th:it Th* eeed the Revenued. WAS),ton, July Id.—Mr. Cannon, j huirm (if the house appropriation commit emphatically denies that th* appropions of tills session for the current a1 year will exceed the revenues. estimates the appropriations at $350,.oho and says:    “The ordi nary rev es of the government for the fiscal ye;.tided June 30, I SOO, ire reported h'ie treasury at ~ffo7.ns3.000. Under existing laws there is no reason anticipate a less sum from the ordin. revenues during 1S91. The postal re vies for I SOI are estimated by the post,Tier general at SO.',.414,OOO, making a ti of $ RVT,497.000. Deducting the al gate appropriations. $250.-OOo.ooo. lh will be a surplus of $117,-497,Goo. wk is more than ample to meet I lie n,cement' of t he new pension law nd the reduction of taxation fro he enactment of the Kinlcy bill, dilated at ^00,000,000. The ho ii si of the vvhoh bill. After mitten rose. Mr. S we Hey. of Iowa. presented the conference report bill authorizing the construction of bridges across the Iowa river at Wapello, Iowa. <>n agreeing to the report Rogers, of Arkansas, raised the point of no quorum, and a call of the house, was ordered. Only 142 members—less than a quorum -responded. On motion of McKinley a resolution was adopted directing the sergeaut-at.-arms to bring to the bar of the house such members a- were absent without leave. After waiting an hour aud a half for a quorum to appear Breckinridge moved that all leaves of ab-sence be revoked. Mr. Deters offered an amendment excepting those members absent on account of illness: lost. Pending the vote on Breckinridge - motion. Bliss, of Mich-igan. moved adjournment, and the house adjourned. [Special to The Hawi Hote Spirit Lake, The second day’s races o regatta of the Iowa State elation were held to-day wit ing races and a tip-ovcr-tht Up to noon the course was lion, the only wind being o three o’clock, the time for begin, the wind had inert that it was necessary to races for an hour, at whim began in rather rough watei The first event was the si tween Cedar Rapids and Di buque. by hugging the she water was calm, gained turn which was made in I the distance tieing three-< mile. Dubuque got away J with a lead of several lengtl maintained to the finish, ant the line pulling a powerful the time being 9:48, with more than half a minute* be The senior single race cal starters, Turner, of Dubio McGregor, and Roselle, of ( tile winner of the junior * made a very pretty race which Turner reached first. and Roselle third. Iii this finished; time. 11:15. This and most hotly contested course. There were two entries f pair. Burlington and Dubio ton claimed a false Mart judges disallowed, ami Du over tho course in 11:39. Bi backing into position who were sent away without w -tarter refused to call the the judges decided the >ta control. Dubuque has offer race over again, but Burin dined. The Case brothers, of M rumor and Bell, of Dubio, for the prize in the senior The Cases won easily in IO: The tip-over-the-canoe r by Parsons, of Dubuque, ag the same place. A MURDER AT COUNCII GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. MI SENAR FRYE'S REPLY. A Letter .net l<* Secretary ISI.lim ‘nmunieation. r< July to.—Senator Fry •tarJ Hiatal -ing. in par contained Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, July 16.—The president to-day sent to the senate the nomination of Allured B. Nettleton, of Minnesota, to bi* assistant secretary of the treasury. A Man Beats anil Shoots Death anil Wounds t Col sin. Bu ff-, la.. .I residence of Frank Hall.; character, was the scene th an awful tragedy. Hall drunk last night beat his w her out of doors in her This morning at daylight entered tin* house to get Hall set upon her and beat floor with a revolver and bullet into her head. Si bors heard tho shots and ta Bennett attempted to disa derer, but fled on reeeiviiq tho hand. Hall emptied Ii tin* others without effect, I tin* house and cut his throa died in a short time but cover. letter, Ila -•I ass lune in what is W A SHIN ti in reply to Si written him -i your vi< known as thiHale amendment. That you know, fi instance, that the Latin republic vviIi r>jve produce of ours free in’ompensation for free a-sie i hat thi* amendment ult a thorough investiga-d i th H v about it I - this, t he Int v from *ugari I wa- t he ri lion. Th amount of sui* to be received from Lese states vould bi* comparatively small, and tin* consumer cf sugar wo I receive no bene-R from it. Your letter to me (Wend- this iii of reciprocity to Lu*a ami Porto lea. I admit, if sugar Is Pre i veil free I'm those islands as well as bom t lie I .a t i Republics, people would be 4*111* ll ted andugar would be prac-tieafy free. Butffll Spain admit into thoseislands, free rom duty, the list of artic Vs named in nit amendment? Of xvi* coulcnot enact a law more e to Spainhan to the republics, know w haft pa in would exchange I sugar, ami an you give a list of Mould *eeeive. The better Aobably. wold ho lo make the* vould recei ■ the controlling one '.lose count.Tis.” N oui ilia! iou- Continued. Washington, July Id.—The senate at mil* o'clock went into executive session and confirmed the five appraisers of merchandise recently appointed by .tin* president under the customs and administrative bill. Appoiut men!. Washington, July 16.—Prof. James IL Soles has been appointed assistant secretary of tlie mu \. THE CROOKED BAR NQI RAILROAD MATTERS. Clumse IN I Hi - M yea r- the Ro ment has hat th** divisions a rrangement ie Hock Island Divisions in Iowa. -. July 16.—For several k Island railway rnanage-in view the changing of if the line in Iowa. The under which operations cour-. favor ii * Do yo for fr< article way. list sh* for all THE SNATE. have been carried on has been to divide the Iowa main line into three sections. Oui* division extended from Davenport to Brooklyn, another from Brooklyn to Stuart, and the third from Stuart to Council Bluff*. It i- now announced that two divisions will lie made of the main line, from Des Moines east and west. and that the machine and repair shojis will be located here in the near future, ground already having been purchased. Plans for the buildings have been drawn, and those having the erection of them in charge are expected in the city w ithin a few days. Superintendent Royce will be ben* to-morrow and President Kimball will also arrive this week. Indignation Meetings Helil-tion- Kepodi.iti (Special to The Hawi Davenport, la.. July I* of the Scott county Bar a held here this afternoon, at* lotions were adopted re jim tion of the bar delegates in present judges of the se district of Iowa and non men. and this evening L. I least objectionable nomine run. This leaves t he renoir present judges, W I’. Ii M. Walterman and Andrew ter of certainty. The fo< intense in the matter and the result of a general upr out the district. A similar held at Clinton to-day a likely follow in Jackson ; counties, where t In* senti tin* crooked work of the equally strong.    _ BISCUITS WILL BE Tin* Headj i CHU VGO, pointed to Th** sun V < IV ii lei* Rill CU NY X-ll I to-day P; was relet relation* for infer spanish A preprint ion Disunion. • i'*x. Job I ti. In the senate to offered ;i resolution xvhich ti lo the ( ( nmittee on foreign tiling on to* secretary of war U'.ion as u i Im* arrest by the aflmritie- u I Bwana of A. J. Aerical! ctizen and minister Diaz. an of the rn Mr. Low Li iv'i> red ; resolution, xvhich Ava* agreed), failing 0J1 the secretary of the inter.** for in firma Hon as to the person!*] ofp.,. geological survey, its duties, eomsv-ation, etc. Ihe resoljon offered yesterday by tail tom as to »• transportation of goods in bond hetxvto the Atlanta and Paia lie ports of f United States over the < anadtan railed was agreed to after being amriideiio extend the scop® of inquiry to the v!ml Trunk road. ^extending tho time of ament of Grain Kates. aly 16.—A committee ap-ubmit a plan for the readjustment of freight rates from Missouri river points to Chicago reported to the general managers to-day. \ list of sweeping advanc< - on everything except wheat, which was reduced two and a half cents, and corn which was reduced three cents. They also recommended a reduction in the wheat rat* th** Missouri river to tin* Mississippi river to fifteen cents aud OI to twelve cents; that Cm* rat Kansas aud Nebraska point Rig Cracker Tru-t to De* Moines Fact* [Special to The Hawi i ii - Moines, J aly 16. —I stated that the American I f actu ring company, recent Illinois, with a capital stoe ooo. has made arrangem Des Moim*> cracker factor! them outright, or, at lea-t enter the western syndh formed to compete with ti biscuit companies. This one of tin* largest trust -formed. NO “ORIGINALS” ON from Missis it lier grain es from to the Mis- lnhaser 'I Uiians ff I X< a nil 'bra of tin >ka wa in 11 giving a > Mrs. Jessie committee on a bill to e telegraph ffab- -**r- ■e-s ion. passed The semi* payment ti Omaha trill. passed. Mr. I(*ller induced pension of $2*004 year Fremont: refemWo th* pensions.    I Mr. Sawyer in™ need bsh a limited post ajK( a ice; referred. I he senate wen ho exec1 iii at* and at the reopenijof the door the bill to establish national military park at the battle^ of Chickamauga. The senate then binned consideration of the sundry civil oropriation bilk and adopted the pendin^ncndment increasing the appropriatioy>r surveying public lands from $200.Hqo 8600,000. The next amendment thalprovoked discussion was the one inuring the item for topographic surveys frqS7<x).000 to 8300,-000, and adding thesebrds:    “One-half of which sum shall expended xvest of the one hundred atifirst meridian.” and -o much of thtVt of October 2. 18ss. entitled, “An ai making appro-jiriations for sundry eiAexpensos of the government for tin* a1 year ending June 30, I SSO.” a- provq for the -('lection and location ..f rosi^jrs and canals ti pen public lands a n*e-or va ti on of irrigable lands, is hereby pealed: provided, that res* rvoir an dp a I sites heretofore located or seleeteqhall remain M'gragated and reservedfeom entry or settlement, until ot.herwi*>rovided by law. Mr. Spooner announei <ds intention to vote for tin* amendraen*eported by the committee on appropijons. The cost of irrigation survey had been placed, he -aid. at seven mon dollars. Bis own opinion was if it s to go on. the cost would be nearer pnty mil- souri river be -o reduced as to preserve a diffi'ri'ncc of three cents between the through rates and the sum of the locals, except that no advance shall be mad** in the present through rate on corn. rI h<* managers deferred action until to-morrow.    _____ Will Extend ti* l><‘- Al .ii lit*-. I i Madison. July 16. It is said in railroad circles that tin* Chicago. Fort Madison and De- Moines railroad, now known as the Narrow Gauge, will be extended to Dos Moines, q he proposed route would take the road from Collett, its present terminus, up tin* easy grad!* of the Cedar river to Oskaloosa. I-rom the road will probably go to which with a large ship-busines. has at tin* pro*tnt time only one road. Uh* Des Moines Valley bram I) of the Rock Island system. From Pella til!' road xviii probably run to Prairie City, twenty-two miles west of the City. and also a good shipping "Prairie City 1 he road will (>skatoosa Pella, a plan (ling busine; Threatened I se of Tar Scare Away Saloon Lf.i. a nd. Iowa. July within the history of thi has ever created such indi roused Saturday last wit known that parties from to Avn were about toestabli an “original package” sa evening the people assent! express their indignation ; abandonment of the atte speeches wen* made by zeus. and resolutions ad* that Leland i- not an inco and therefore without law ers to control or prohibit t toxicating liquors or prote from the insults of intoxi and as the federal and st; failed iii their decisions protection, the citizens iii assembled therefor!* passe ordinance: “Section 1. Ile it ort! lined, Leland and vicinity, that it si to sell intoxicating liquors of city of Leland or its vicinity. •Sec. 2. Any person or pi former point, and from ire to Des Moine NO FOOD FOR SIXTY DAYS. 111.. After a Months. Roth .Bdl n .1 oho Roth Dies at Galena. Total Ahstinaner of Tm Cai.TXA. HL, July 16. died Sunday night at the county asylum near Galena, having just passed his sixtieth day of total abstinaucc from food of any kind. He had no nourishment except a slight quantity of water which was injected into his stomach by means of a silver tube placed in the throat. Roth was a native of Switzerland, aged to years, and xvas attacked xvi th progressive paralysis two months ago.xvhich so affected the muscles of tin* throat that lie could not swallow. SUNSTROKE FOK Tse Horsford* Alii! Phosphate. Dr \ L Zurker. Melrose, Minnesota, •It produced $ gratifying and generating effect in a ays; remarkable revise of sunstroke. " provisions of sect ion I ot thi Ive tarred and feathered and the village and vicinity. "Resolved, That we. the cit ir vicinit y, pledge ourselves by to see that the above Ord im and that the penalty be strict "Resolved, That we pledge# those towns which prohibi toxicating liquors and to assist in the noble work of evil.” Tho meeting seems to ha its purpose, for the part ie the opening of an “or house have abandoned th* A BIG FIRE AT OS: The Bristol Manufaetur Works Dost ro Special to The Hat O'KA I.* IO-A. Iowa. Jill] morning destroyed the I turiug Company's work Feed mills, causing a loss which there was a very The fire originated in the Bristol company. H*r<> firemen saved several ad, blocks.__ TWO-LEGGED S Hancock County's Census. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.} C \ RTH age, 111.. July 16.—The revised census gives Carthage 1.740 population: school district 1,850. The census of Hancock county xviii exceed 40,000. Flatus Chlorides is a Disinfectant. Especially prepared for household uses. Direful Results of the Est “Package Hot Coon* Rapids, la., July age house” was ostabl Rapid* a few days ago a are already beginning to Hendricks of Viola kiile* last Monday which had t were placed about six int \ , \ seen w inn* *1 like « K, B ■h ‘in in ti*is v , in of hi first that the r i >ard and n I * * look I . r it hi.- *    e    ff    •) ' u bal C< • . I . \    Hat .1 It the ’HO it |yS    ,1 V ti I the body wa L 0* th# it was first fqtind V f ny pp ■ i ied in he ce meta. ,* tj1(. rv at I’ s ii# Component* .special so The U t . r c«.*„g* r. Moines, J illy y'a *• t-Eye.t ii’, r>* presen tat ivi    —Ho*., i a iet, is    recon im , , <•< pgr. • et his efforts ai    ongratu .* i.issage iff his silt* . I worn, b -n evidently ap] r ill l r a *•" made the lo. ;,    \. -cut of    ll * pen , cong res he bii!    Mrs. i*    ith whi*‘i *;:y ha** the pen - ronce Mille r signed he i?x with xvi I . . id there ar* -ex et * hibito; Lu i * ■’ idtj    .    i other *iod hi v WH < -nippoi Sj cl (I I * The Rh Der kin- '    '*>*    ••a-    BLy    I    vk-Ey ti i c ii god i:    (    oi    sider* ,    -    * hat    the frit    *•, I    ie    de: woi d not 5| im is n , gr* * Sioux C LY port Mr I* :    ;:e-    ■ >i#ai    >    ■ , <.    n ion . id adv ■ npnig* Cb i arty jpdcre    *s ri e< . d , - r tot are,    dint Ins.    ! nbl- ar*    w    thr    v    rm ' c i;.ng ha *d oier ii nub se. tai g ch, Ha*. , , a srii me? I r a re I aft ik. - v ')] :*. Fl» I i A Ty I i ‘ TW K aud nits ar : a i i pi r* Pl' din i den Bur *r tov tv I Vi ii • T tie Or SHE i I ai un per. a and i- a (P gr* ab* ti* of ; fa th an • ne! . V tv H re.po. Ti - im ufoveek* .id * ds rib Lav a; n ti)** ral day . girl TXA K GIRI la ! fen Da Vt * ct* L tin the * hi* „ iv the .* a nri1 cg ri la c -pay ms**- and *y hi; i i* .t! ex pi syii ' (**>,• if wh-"tomiaf s iS wit i-i pip, aud pend a VI* pl IgCfd u* . - ut vs VY MORNING, JULY 17, 1890. (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK. IE SAD TOLLING OF BELLS. iy Funerals of the Lake Pepin Bctims Solemnize Red Wing. chairman of th** county board of -ii|>* r-v isors. were drowned yesterday at Newport Beach, a pleasure resort nine miles from here. Miss Spurgeon got beyond her depth, and the lieutenant lost his life trying to rescue her. Both bodies were recovered. The Yk’tims of the Lake Garvais Cyclone Tin* Cincinnati Explosion Horror— Tither Calamities—The Crime Calendar. Ri d Wing fill tolling of heard in thi covered dead Minn., July 16.—Tile dole-church hells is still to be x city to-day, the list of re-from t hi * disaster having been greatly increased since yesterday. Fight, bodies we brought up this morning. In the afternoon sixteen more were brought, up and one was sent over to Lake City, and to-night another boat load arrived. The scene at the lake shot!*, tin* disaster having occurred two miles this side of Lake C ity in Goodlftie county, is a sad one. When tile first bodies were recovered Sunday night and Monday morning the faces were calm and peaceful and showed little or no -igns of having come to a sudden death. Not so xvith those found last night and to-day. All these were bloated and blackened beyond recognition so that the clothing, and jewelry and papers were the only way for friends to claim their dead. The warm weather and th** shallowness of the water, together with the fact tfiat several big steamers sent up heavy swells to-day as they passed up the river, brought bodies to tin* surface very quickly. The patrolling row boats towed the bodies ashore where they were identified as soon as possible, boxed, aud shipped to this city. Drown?#! While Bat hint;. Norfolk, Va.. July Ut. — Thomas Truxton, the thirteen-year-old son of Biliate Commodore Truxton, of the United States navy, was drowned this afternoon av hi Ie bathing. BETTER GIVE IT UP. Salisbury Puzzled Over the Cabinet Reorganization. I he right foo‘ was so badly mangled as -* require amputation at the ankle joint, I ie was a faithful employe of the road md a man of family. V|n-t Truck German Franc** Flay* a Sharp Game -DitTVrcncc-IVith England Increasing—Groat Britain's Plan* Regarding the Congo Free state Blocked. e\ Killed in a Colli*ii»n. Baltiaiork, Md.. July 16.    I).    A.    Woo dall. fireman, and A. L. Burr, brakeman on a Baltimore and Ohio freight train. were killed in a collision last night near Hartford station. A Steam Scow Burned. Cill! ago, July IO,—Tin* steam scow Two Henrys was burned in the lake off this city this afternoon, lier crew of fourteen men were rescued bv a tug. Los- $5,000. Three People Killed h_y Lightning. Winnipeg, Man., July 16.—Henry Battel, an old and respected farmer near Moose Jaw, bis ten-year-old daughter and Herbert McLean, aged twelve, a son of Rev. Dr. McLean, were all instantly killed while at th** supper table last night bv a Strok'* of lightning. OHIO REPUBLICANS. The THE CLEVELAND HORROR. A List of Those Killed in the Powder Explosion. Cincinnati, July 16.—The following is u list of the killed in tin* explosion at King’s Mills; Mrs. .James Deacon, Henry Reynolds. Samuel Stephens, Mrs. James Moss and child, Mrs. Fred Keller and child, Win. Franey (a brakeman). Ralph Williams, Roby Elstine, Nick Snyder, an unknown man. Fourteen received injuries more or less serious, and Frnest Collins, who had his skull crushed, and Mrs. Elstine, internally injured, will die. sT A TF. AI ENT OF AN KYE WITNESS. Joseph Proctor, a well known resident of Columbus. Ohio, who was visiting a friend near the mills, aud who w as an eye witness to the affair, gave a very xiv iii account of the explosion. II** had left the mill and was standing on the hill near by and saw a freight train switching to a sidetrack. "I saw the brakeman.'' he said, “on one of the ear- as they shot onto the siding, and be was waving his hand to some one on the train. As I looked I saw two detached ears bump against what I supposed wa- an empty ear. Ail instant later there was a rumbling noise, and then tho very ground seemed to open. I saw a puff of smoke, followed a moment later by another, and the ears disappeared and the station and powder house seemed to follow. ’I'li** dense volumes of smoke and flames came (louring from tin* doors and windoxvs of tin* cartridge factory and I -aw men, women and children tearing at each other in their frantic endeavors to escape. I saw a number of women come out but some certainly perished iii the flames. A dwelling house near bv was blown from its foundation and dashed to the ground. A motlier and child lost their lives in the building. We got to work as soon as possible and I know we got fully a dozen men and women out from tin* powder house. To add to the terrible scene there was a constant snapping of cartridges. and tin* rescuers were iii danger of being killed at any time. I don't Avant another such experience, and I hope I may never again be a witness of -neb a catastrophe.'' THE LAKE GERVAIS VICTIMS. ID'puhlican Stat** Contention at Cleveland. Cleveland, July 16.—The republican state convention xvas called to order at half-past eleven by A. T. Brin-made, chairman of the state central committee. When ex-Governor Foraker came upon the -tage with Colonel Hrinsmade, le-wa- greeted with prolonged and enthusiastic cheering. The ex-governor was introduced and delivered an address. Mr. Foraker said:    “I    want to talk chiefly about the campaign upon which we are entering. But I have a few word- to say first concerning that of last year. We did not come out of tin* last contest very well. We lost the governorship, the general assembly and the United States senatorship, tie* three gn at objective purposes of lim canvass. and later, as a consequence, we lost also t Ie* lieutenant governorship and the control of tie* -tat* institutions, and the next election can tell how many representatives to congress. From now forward let every republican look to Hie front. The la-t campaign can Le remembered only in so far as it teaches lessons ais a benefit f*>r tie* future. Ail connected with it that may Le a caus** of criticism or bitterness of feeling -Ii"aid b** forgotten. But if there I* * th-*-* who must have a victim: tints** who-c minds ar**-<> constituted that thex' cannot Im* satisfied without definitely fixing t infault. to all sucli I have an appeal to make. My appeal is that you blam»* upon me. Whether ii unjust for you to do -o. I -ha! to question: neither -hall word of complaint, but on the I shall bear most gladly all bitterest enemy can ever imat propriate to !>** laid upon my if thereby I can iii the degree promote the good of *> eaii-e. What happens to iii*' * r any other individual is of no consequence, in a political -i ii-'*, to anybody, but what happens to tin* great republican party is of the highest concern to all. No matter, therefore, av hat may have be.-n the causes: no matter what republicans may haw* voted for a demo# rati* candidate, it is all of the past and only heartburnings and dissensions can be tin* result of cherishing such recollections. Away, then, with bitterness:    away    with animosity: away with prejudice: aw ay w it Ii rivalry: away with everything tliar stands between our party and our party's triumphs.” 'rile governor then referred to tin* administration of Governor Campbell and pointed out instances in which it III IO I The ft to ^ plae the - ju-t or not stop utter a * outrary. that th** ne as ap* diouiders. slightest r common pledge A Number of Victims’ Bodle- Found Yesterday. Minneapolis. July 16. Three bodies of victim-of the Lake Gervais cyclone were found this morning. They were close together in a marshy portion of tin* lake, two hundred feet from the short*. Tho bodies of Charles Schurmeier aud Rev. M. i’faetfle were. considerably mutilated, but that of Mrs. J. II. Schurmeier was not disfigured. NOT THE MURDERER. E. I). Neal, ! I*c Clinah:* Murderer, and Charles Gordon Not the same Person. J Special to the Haw k-Eye. C um mage. IIL. July 16.—The Omaha Bec of the lith prints an interview with irresponsible parties who claim that E. I). Neal, the Omaha murderer, i- no other than “Charles Gordon, of Burnside, near Carthage, III." The article is a slander upon a most estimable widow lady of Burnside and lier family. Tin-late Dr. Gordon never had a son named Charles Gordon nor did he ever have a daughter. Considerable indignation is felt here over the unnecessary and senseless fake. had violated -turn p. The speaker un- loin The convention then took 2:30 o'clock. When the conv**ntiou r* committee on pernianej named Governor Forak# r chairman, lo* declined. made in tin iplauded. •assemlilied the t organization for im nim m in however, and Congressman A. * selected. Nominal ion made as follow-:    8 Daniel J. Ryan:    pi* A. Minshall:    rn* Thompson was . were then quickly (■cretan of state. •me judge, Ladd en miter hoard of London, July 16.— It is now settled that the autumn session of parliament will begin on November 30 and end on December 19. The conservative- opposition to thi- arrangement has almost entirely disappeared through the government'- representations of party expediency. The (|iiesti(jji of the reorganization of th** ministry i--ti!i a puzzle to Lord Salisbury. Ile will not listen to tile clamor of Lord Randolph Churchill*-friends who keep dinning in ids oars that he i- th** most competent man in the party for the leadership of the house of commons, and Churchill is now bitterly opposed by Iii- old friend aud counsellor, Jennings, member of Stockport and former editor of tin* New York Times, who has fallen foul of him. Balfour cannot be spared from th*- Irish office: (Josehen i- unpopular with the tories, and Hartington, who is Salisbury's choice, i- unfit for tile work and per-on-a 11 y averse to taking the responsibility. Then he i- about to marry a titled lady whose relations with him have been a source of gossip    for many    year-.    Although neither i-    young, it    i-    -aid that tin* bridal trip will last longeriot allow the go-sip to simmer down. result i- that old man Smith I- lef blunder away at the leadership, hut ready at a moment's notice to Im* shouted up to a -eat among the lord- where he can sleep comfortably. Matthews, thanks to the blundering violence of tin* striking policemen, ha- a new lea-!* of tile borne office,    and Ilaike-.    who    ha- gained credit through the postmen's strike, i- slated for He the cabinet. \t    pres* member of the outer government and does tj meeting-. French diplomacy land - progress abroad a the differences bet w merit- are inereaffris i-iiing. I n add it ion t< dispute about the oe the Newfoundland I supplied Franc!* wit which was used ti! -on eigu Minister Bibot. to bring Lord Salisbury into a more conciliatory mood. Then the watchful Frenchman found that th** Anglo^Germari agreement conflicted with French right-, conceded by treaty, in Zanzibar. Salisbury off-et this by discovering that France had overstepped lier treaty right- iii Madagascar, and promptly the French unearthed agreements ami stipulations made by the government of the Congo free-tate, which effectually oar Lord Salisbury's projects of purchase and eventual annexation Mi! that -fat.* to the Briri-h empire or it- -ai** to Germany. Thu- a sharp political game of che-- goes on between th* two (lowers in which neither -eem to have Hi** advantage. Lord Salisbury i- said to be numb irritat'd over the attitude of France. In Paris there is ;t deep-seated feeling that there i- a secret understanding in th** Anglo-German agreement by the English fleet is pledget! to Germany in th** event of a av; Franc* and Russia. Indian aw *lis, K) polar I y known ; Ava- decided lay in tie- suit ^ against the board ors of tim city of I “,-eq nest ing th* i llSianght in tit** luwi Q Jchools, Judge J* *f moan ^om miss lowers i sh th** t th** lo Iller-Hi!* p wit gradi Public School-*. IT.—What is he herman que--Judge Howland to-I bondon* San tor -' bool commission-ndianapoiis in which •d to Issue a mandate *oard to have German r grade- of the public Howland holds that Dight: that th** school iv* no discretionary Bises ami cannot abo!-th.* languages in any - of the public school- t A Dreary Outlook for Corn. Kansas uita . July 17.. -A dispatch I* *»r ‘Til lay md veiling • eomliti ;>y day. to-dav. fr Hi J! no ram. in so ;rs navi* about gi\ /(•sting any crops a s no moi** than ii g*. *-ii fairly well wa’ lions th** farmers fearing they will I: them." The s#*;i Wing Kansas -ay-: corn grows worse d- blew yesterday great damage in state which have sections the farm-u (i hopes of har-!.    At I*est there th** -tate that is sd. in many se* -marketing hoc*. • no torn to fred E' LM in* v, ca Wing. i Lake P* st was sir, I AV«*s Top-He air] ie Hawk-Eye. IX 17. -The SD arri* r dorm Will an o mar - WI >rt f*»r arted Mi VI ti waul low •r and *rf<*i ming s* WI Refat int; r and b» r ti* *inave ng the i is now iver men he;» a v. rpoeial to Th! Bi ens*or. I i slander Hawk-Eye v i7.—WH M. Vt* next vac TIt he i- eirele ca ot -it at on iv a led the -ahi net thi igh “L- ami h| im oi govern- ll ,. : to t *n MOCK! tig every -en th** two rather tban dimin ii the long—landing •ciipation of Egypt fisheries difficulty th another lever, purpose by l-’or- aha -how >rdoi! t the f te — Dill Not    the    t: t IID VOO. j the vv* -!**rn I -ion to-day. I tee's rejxirt mf rom cd D Mi Vt Mg ornmtt->f rat*-d. The agr* p, VV ira-) e wt atte L i EEV and \ New Soap I inn Incorporated. N. X. J.. JU V 17.—The Proc-•apitai rk arid manu- N * • w Y* til VOTED FOR HADES. \ I Ludicrous Indi “Drummer" v# From A tv ni'-al roil** in Whieti a 11 ro xx las With Use Minority. New York Dispatch. which ipport wh ANOTHER SENSATIONAL MURDER. ha N* THE CORDELL MYSTERY. a Reward of of Her .Aliir- Tlic Mel)oiI• McDonough County Offers SSiOO for tile Conviction #Ierers. M ai ovi p., IIL. .I aly I though county board of supervisors have offered a reward of $200 for tile conviction of the murderers of Kila Cordell, who i- believed to have been killed by an unlawful surgical operation and her body thrown into tile Mississippi. public work-. Frank J. MeCollochf The platform was then reported. It reaffirms the national platform of U“. endorse- President Harrison's administration, endorses the action of the republican member- of both houses of congress in fulfilling tile pledges of the party. The thanks of the countrv undue th** republican congress and Speaker Reed for the action amending of the house. Th** democratic member- may be ;ib-**nt in a tary -«*11-*• for the purpose- of a quorum and at tin same* physical!* present to further public bu-iness is denounced a-Honan . The platform * «>r«ti. dorses tin* administration of < Foraker and denounces th* cratie legishrttire for corrupt A Great Scandal Promi-cd for Frail! e. London, July 16.—There i- another sensational murder in France which promises a greater scandal than anv that has occurred for manv year- Tit** man who -tam!- charged with the murder i- a prie-t named Courtial, who-** bad reputation has kept his bishop from giving him regular employment for some year-. He admits, because he cannot deny, th** killing, but plead- that it was accidental. The victim i- a married woman named Cailnet. whose relation- with him were a cause for scandal, but who recently turned ber back ujmui him and got married. He killed lur with a gun-can*. which h** admit- he knew but says he did not know Hi- explanation i- that tended to tap her *>n t lie that the gun went off by to-day mak compromising which In *d to arra “Mi urch. I d Th*- ( al. un prof* • min ir-»', dr*i i-t b f*rv •\\ ii (J s 11 •*r's 'TG pollee ar** scareh for Iii- papers. to be allow j prison. > be loaded, wa- cocked, e merely in-hon Ider aud I cident. The { '■ : a can ful ^ ‘tiers among earnestly pleaded ge before going to EV** leepy relist vroTh* inurn lim as I#til hi im**! gun ti ap I all o ri-I*?'' v on** 11: i<* gr: ipsark wa- in VV • -t* ru N**v\ •r* * a r* ‘viva! nieet- had met a party ig Iii - -lay there. ar Iv kn iowa* a- -a ■s. he drifted into I tt»ok a scat "well th cr « lose in til** ai r wa - cond ut ive t*» th** drowsy c sank int*) J sic (ii through ag a nd dry dis- ;ng ; * hymn and Then th** evan- t ii and 1*4 Pig : wound up * ■ i I #*s*%f * VV I • I » 1 ant t 4 UC >t. heaven IV port except Th* n th* evan-. -.Ii** of the Le -looping * d against mimer rubra ke, heard ligelist's re in: N* GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. the nu*-•latin that arliamen- def eating time be ibstruet revolu-ly **n-nvernor (1**1110-m. *‘X- Itiotna- Striker- iii Chili London. J . y 16. Advice- vv <■♦•iv* *1 here to-day from Chiii stat ti*** strikers in th*' Nitrate di-iri ber 7,000. A conflict (K*«*urr**d I a number of riotous strikers and of troop- iii which forty of th* w ere killed or wounded. m to hell to The drum ■ward un ^eat n a (hi Ippre-'cd I n* v(»iing*-r ■rr**r in* rn W; ruggl d -ort (lei (TU ipr* •ad v ing ■re roil g t hat t num- tai ti: •. leaned from his V sort of some of ion of faces imself • van- AY bod V >rni it- and r y Ii HYO.OOO N**1 *5.OOO. airt i-an-hi »P! 'K*u.ii i n- travagane** and stancing I'xtravagan the gerrymander of cong triets: violating tin* rights of local -elf-government by legislative reorganization of numerous towns and cities for solely partisan ptJrposes; it violated the -acred rights of tin* majority, when under the mask of pretended contest it robbed the people of a lieutenant governor and a citizen of an ©thee. The platform was adopted amid prolonged applause and th*' * nnvclition adjourned. The Pakis. July •ngagcment h ippropriat ion.,, .    ._ dis-i liv»‘s and ?h' I>p* r Niger tin roi I re urb Route#). *'».—The bauld I- oeeurmi be Fr«*neh cxp* nd the l l 8*11 EKH v\. T* k-Ey) a PIM-ai (lit! na- ; J to Bit I Tili ll Til a note* I v I ti The Gobi Premium. Av KI -. JU gold at th I - : per cent. pre- wa tt he ti VY th: Texas F UL VV h ic CRIMES AND CASUALTIES. THE FARMERS' ALLIANCE Charge#! With Fiiihe/zlenient. Bi ii-in kg. Ba.. July 16.—Herbert and John Kennedy, Jr., of the Tarentum bank, which failed recently, were arrested at Tarentum yesterday charged with embezzlement of the funds of the bank. They are charged with receiving deposits when they knew the finn to be insolvent. Paul. •et ing \ Gold Bar Thief l inier Arrect. (iii* vi.o..liny 16.— Ti i- understood the mystery of th** bibbery of mo.non in gold bars from th** United states Express company last fall, has been cleared up, and that, a teamster named Jno. Behert i- nuder arrest for the grievance. Prevented a Bloody Fight. ('BAULKS'TON, S. U.. July 16.—A (Ii — patch from Blackville -ays Hie v\hit** people of Barnwell county prevent* d any further trouble at tin* Hearse -**t11**-in**nt. Most of the detachment of military who went to Kcarse have departed. Their captain said to-day: “I have not th** slightest doubt there would have been very serious trouble at Kearse had our squad not arrived promptly on th** field. The riotous negroes were dis-persed Some of them will be arrested." IIhiI a Bad Effect. Uhu ago, July 16.—George Dimmer, forty-three years old. committed suicide by hanging himself on a bed (Mist, when* In* was found by his wife when she woke up at five o'clock yesterday. Despondency, due to hard drinking, is the <up-posed cause. Dietnier went to bed sober last night for th** first time in two weeks and it had a had effect on him. “Brooky”Smith Respite#!. Col.t’.aibus. .Inly 16,-f*Governor Campbell has just respited '“Brooky" Smith, xv’ho was to ix* hung to-night., in order that the supreme court might look into the case regarding an alleged error in th*; trial. A Special Meeting in se**i*i«»ii at Sr. B vt i„ July 16. A -p* clof the Farmers’ Alliant '' was called to order this morning. President Hail, in announcing th** purpo-*' for which th** convention was called, stated that the farmers of Minnesota had assembled for t lie purpose of deluding upon taking some independent action. The convention lias been called upon the urgent demand of th** sub-alliances throughout the state. “You delegates ' -.aid President Hail. have a great work ahead of you. This means th** beginning of a new political party, and I hope you xviii return to your homes with the knowledge that your work is well done." Ignatius Domiciiy made a iui**f andre--. He said the newpapers had charged he xvas scheming against th** alliance, etc. This wa- false. IU* i- opposed to being a candidate for governor, and xviii support th** man nominated. Some say that I betrayed the cause two years ago. I want to say that that convention wa- not a meeting of the Farmers* Alliance. There were only urn farmers there. I did not want the po-i-tion they offered me. arid I protested against it. I accepted, but I told Diem money had to be raised to dc.',ay the expenses. It was not don*-, and my friends asked m** to get off the track. I t ** 11 you. gentleman, I am not purchasable. I have worked for you for eight years and I have never asked for or received a * «*nt The officers iff thejal!lam e were made officers of the joint convention. One ballot was taken for governor, which resulted: Knut** Nelson im. Ignatius Donnelly ti**. David Back *7. Henry >o. Newman 42, J. IL Laker 32. and a large number were scattering. It is believed that Donnelly or Baker will be nominated for governor. Everything Tr:in«|oil Paris. July 16.    \ -*• •va- published tiii- aft* th** report received from note says everything in tranquil. • t ■»«'M#*j;;»t mi-official •moon de Sen* gal. that vieir not** living Th** ©eau lier** carn (ii ^ Ii' Til pi!’ of y i.». editor tile tel* graphic N*r to th** effect church <*f this mild a female th;- (‘la*-** at a kindly correct it other papers I h** building 35".ooo aud is i* ir.-ti-d under church. of a ten now four .odd. Also Tee ted at a a •titer -*■,(t.o*>«* #*ac OI# 'orated t lie B Mils. July UL — sa i v of .tile F Tit er- all. Gist ani tile fall of tin* bastile was brau-d with great **1111111-1:1-111 lier** day. The city wore a fe-tive appear- [ut am * and the streets were throng***! with holiday makers. fll*' X 1, ■ - -Ionia* Mon- to Iv and un: pc tm ll Mom! to Travel #»r Emigrate, rovidi-d watt) a safer ledicine than Hoster-AOundanf testimony nullities hurtful climatt* ts of cvjxieiire. that it torimeh to unaccustomed frnxi, ijurimis results from impure rs, tourists, t >nisrrants and ii contributed their quota of . unJ it- protective in-iiieiM'e ha,- tie#'n inn-1 effeetuaUy denim* W rat rd in region- and other conditions where, ...    r    v    1    * OOt really etH-etiv*-. that fact would loiur (xaretl in thirty-one commons or a alen* *a tine#* have been #*xiM>srsi inns Cholera Reappear-. Yu nna. July 16. The itoard of health ■re i> informed that cholera has r**ap- roteet iv Bitten re fii.it it nen**es and the * lf meiles the tnd prevents i irater. Mariners, nim rs have ab * and Mi* anta. DARK DAYS. The Funeral ot General .Inhn t . I re in New A #*rk. UK. July UL —Til** re ma i moral John C. Fremont t Hii- morning in Trinity nom t ll CVpO!* Irclershave P- rem* >rop«*rties l#een inori •hail in case-of mala v iii* ii it 1- th* tm*#*, Is it Ii her TP ii tat Ion I- s ?Oj«*V s OTI tiu- ;»s- of dlS- -t p md mal >t*u and ‘spic pr« New Y Ma jor * < laid at re is of were Cf III- |l< >-t agree:! i i*ont in* appet i Tentative italy -bown sialadtes for it* -[>*•<atle in c.\i-t-i< tropics, where it-rtd to that u bleb it It U. moreover, a J nervine. ar Mort Smiles. »f >ry. Disting prom i nene* life-long friend among those Dished -oldiers, eitiz«*ns and 111**11 who had been s of the deceased were who attended tin* funeral U services in St. Ignatius church. Dr. Ritchie conducted th** -impie services of i h<* Brotestant Epi-«?0(>alchurch. 'l'ii**r<* was no -ermon. At til** coneiusion of th** services at th*- church th** funeral cortege moved up Fifth avenue and tii**m <* t*» Trinity * **m* t* rv. wh**re th** remains were temporarily piac***i in a receiving vault. j tt hen I rave of a To*, mu placed in (j.: ; The wit Ji#nlern c*>ur I The man I*i<I Sexton i »»l'tain rh* •ini: ar* ■ii? lid 1 •aly ■r be our vv In as t* -en ti •ing-.iv** 1 lawyers in 1 iv fee-bill. tin- song of th** b*i rv-tone voice. What Deal Ii of Cornelia Ward Whipple. Fa kiii a UM. Minn., July 16. -Come Ward Whipple, wife of Bish*#}* tt hipp of Mi 1 *nesota, died this morning. * etii*? iii the headV .Medical author-! irs say- it is due to uneven elothlnir of the j*dv, rapid eooiing when in a p* r-piration, re. Tin* important |M»int is. that a cold in th#* i *ad is an ititlammation *|f th** lining ta**m-1 nine of th*-»«*-, which, when unchecked, is Urtain to produce a catarrhal condition—for tt.trrii is ,.—;.■ ijt i Ply a "cold" which nature is 1 > longer able to ' resolve’’ or throw off. Ely's r*;iui Fin Im has proved ifs superiority, and tffcrers ahould r* sort to it before til;#* in>n aiirncnt hecowics seated and ends In#b-* fenatc catarrh. Bravely Gave His Life. Santa Ana.Cal.. July UL—Lieutenant C. V. Donaldson, of the twenty-fourth United States infantry, stationed at Fort Grant, Arizona, and Miss Lottie Spurgeon, daughter of tt’. IL Spurgeon. and nu Uncombined of plants Syrup ol Figs, Produced from th** laxative lions juice of California tig-with th** medicinal virtues known to be tit** most beneficial to th** human system, acts gently, on th#* kidneys, liver and bowels, effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds I and headaches, and curing habitual con- J stipation. ••Diking" It to -I. Louin. Special to The Hawk-Eye.] * VKriLVGE. III., July UL A. \V Koteh. of Peoria, pa-'t-d through her** to-dav on a by**:* ie. en route to St. Louis. II** says there have been heavy rain- between Peoria and Carthage, and thai <*rop- are in splendid condition. No tai*!*' should 1»* gout urn Bitters, the tilter of exquisite flavor. Tcit-. without a Ixjttle of Au-world renewacd \pp, -ou titer* Hotel Arrival"*. I At the Union—X. Lance, I)*-- Marine*: II cr**i*i. I**•*>ri 1; A. J. fffiisiim, Fr. Madison: has. VV. Wci tor and .Mi— Em. J. Schaefer, anvoo: AV. J], Samis. Des Mom#**. At. the Dunean—J. AV. Laverty, Btl Panin. I adar iiapidf; AV. Jackson, Sa#* Pity; AV. U. |ubi»s. I). I’.salt**!*, Kirkwood, 111: IL An#ier-an. Davfiqort; Jam* - M. Reoil an I wife. Mis-efic Laughry, s_ j Green** and wife. E. J. linen. F. J. Mumm, Keokuk. Beware ot j Starch grows sticky —common powder* kwe Vulgar glare. PowmiL i- tin only #sr*m-lex ion powder tit for ii-**. To Pay the Debt. [Special to The Hawk-Ey*.] < vin 11 a * < 1.. III., July 15.—Rev. Albert Shrtwier. of 1*onca. Nebraska, ll* What prominent feature he earth must have! face .( i Beecha m s ’*• tomach. Pills iu*t itk'* magic on a w#*ak ;

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