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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - July 10, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1830.) m VOTE ON SILVER. je Compromise Measure Warmly Considered in the Senate. ertl Tilts Between .Senators on the Subject—The House Adopts a Resolution to Call for Behring Sea Correspondence. BURLINGTON, IOWA, THURSDAY" MORNING, .ILLY IO, 1800. (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK. nutted taking uv> the deposed king and placing him on the throne. Was there another agreement that a chief justice should he appointed and the government of the United States and Great Britain and Germany jointly salary? THE PROHIBITION BOODLERS. guarantee his Washington, July 9.—In the senate, presiding officer (Mr. Ingalls) aneled his signature to the bill for the laission of Dakota as a state. The I „nw coes to the president for his now coes nature. Rn motion o leded to exec ut ive busine ere opened at I o’clock. Mr. Blair th*- senate pro-The doors conference slimed and argument ♦The sundry civil appropriation bill & reported and Mr. Allison stated that would ask for it." consideration toot row. bjje consideration of tin ■bort on the silver bill was Cockrell continued iii 'inst the report. ^|r Cockrell criticised the last clause the second section of the conference ll and said the language therein Seated a preference for a single gold laniard. The secretary of the treasury so interpret it. Until a parity Btweeo the metals was established, gold feuld he given the preference and legal bder notes would be redeemed in sold. feller controverted this assertion, yir, Jones, of Arkansas, road an <-\-rji t from an article in yesterday’s New ark Evening Post. a paper opposed— esaid—to silver legislation in all its gnu. to the effect that the conference L»rt contained some features not cm-»ced in either the house bill or the 5D2t.- bill arni tending to make it a bet-either; it also stated tin silver men was sr measure than ie purpose of soiled." Mr. Cockrell—Precisely what I have lid. That article is from the very blest representative of the gold interest, Bd ii i" a warning to the senator from fevada (Jones; that be lias abandoned because of equalization of silver with old. Under this conference the port of til*1 secretary of the t,Toasty can drive the country to part with feery dollar of gold and can lock up in fee vaults of tin- treasury (very silver lobar. This is the most dangerous lower given the -eeretarv of the treas-f] since tin* foundation of the gov*-rn-nent*. Mr. Platte Does iho senate no an .to y he would not giv• ■ tile secretary of be treasury Gi--io tie-*: as t<> which coin lie would pay in? rtainly would ! would say Mr. McCreary—The gentleman states it too strongly. The Samoan question J- nothing to do with this appropria- Mr. Hitt then demanded the previous question, (declining to yield to McMillin, who was desirous of continuing the Samoan controversy). Thereupon McMillin raised the point of no quorum pending which, Rogers, of Arkansas’ moved tho house adjourn: lost—yeas Ti)] nays os. The previous question was ordered—yeas 103, nays 44—the speaker counting a quorum, and then McMillin moved a reconsideration. The vote on tabling Die motion to reconsider resulted —yeas lot. nays 50—the speaker counting. through the clerk, a quorum and declaring the motion carried. Mr. Breckinridge, of' Kentucky, challenged the correctness of the count and instanced tin* names of Enloe, Herbert, Crain and Fithian, stating they had not been present. Subsequently he withdrew tho challenge to the names" of Crain and Fithian, but persevered so far as Enloe aud Herbert were concerned. Pile speaker while admitting the ne-cessity for absolute correctness, in the record of those members present and voting, stated even culminating names Enloe and Herbert, there was a quorum present. He therefore declared the motion to table carried and put the ques-t ion on agreeing to the conference report. The vote resulted—yeas 111, nays 33— and the speaker was unable to count a quorum, sc * tile conference1: report was not agreed to for the present. Adjourned. The Board of Supervisors Orders a Check on Witness Fee Steals. The Railroad Commissioners’ Pickle-Runaway Wife—Various Accidents and Criminal News I terns— General State News. [Special to The Hawa-Eye,! Des Moines, July 9.—In view of the recent charges published against, certain justices of the peace and constables, relative to their methods of procuring fees in condemnation eases where seizures have been made, the county board of supervisors passed a resolution prohibiting the transcript committee from allowing or paying witness foes to more than one person in a seizure case where the liquor is not claimed. THOSE JOINT RATES. tills morning. For some time past he lias been iii such a condition that all hope of an ultimate recovery was abandoned, but the end had not seemed to be so rapidly drawing near as since Friday night last, when ii*- had a nervous chill followed by such a prostration that it seemed each hour must be his last. Yesterday he was simply gasping wholly unconscious and unable to speak a word. He did not recover consciousness before he died. THE SECOND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. since in their home village of Clermont. When full of the contents of original packages, W arner and Hcndershott are* bold, bad men from Bitter creek, who would consider themselves capable of running the commonwealth of Iowa. Sober, they manage ti) behave themselves with a fair degree of decency. Ii is supposed that friends on the outside tunneled a hole through tie* sixteen-inch wail and started the steel lining on tin-inside so that the prisoners coaid get a hand hold and tear off the til in plating. THE EUROPEAN WAR CLOUD. Dark Mutterings Still Audible from Over the Balkans. An Fttglirtii Protest Against McKinley* Tarilt Hill—Tin* Rejection of Chant. Pertain’* Amendment lo the Rale*—Foreign Sen* APPEAL TO REPUBLICAN EDITORS. give “re- Mr, Cockrell—I ( lim that discretion, leemable iii coin!" Mr. Platte—Thai is all that there is to rn- Mr.'Coekrell—1Thai is t rue; but there is lith it a declaration which is a fatal Sling, that I" tin- gold standard still exits aud must be maintained. Taking up the third section of tin- conference bill Cockrell entered “a. most (priest and solemn protest against it." femeaning a practical cessation of silver Alnage after July, I val. Mr. Jon* s. of Nevada— That is all we rant. Mr. Cockrell -In other words the senior from Nevada I- willing to abandon fee double -landard, lo make silver a lire commodity, to stop its coinage, and jo tell the people of the country he has lone something for them in restoration lf th*- (it Ulm- stand:’, d. The * onforeneo liill is a total abandonment of all prereu-|iot:s to the double standard. Mr. Mitchell, in the course of some |tt(-stions, involving Cockrell'-. ceiishL-hcy. remarked that while he was in favor of the ‘'roe ai.ii unlimited coinage of Silver, he would support the conference MB because it wa> ab that the friends of liver could get. Mr. Cockrell I believe if the senate MU reject this report, the house will, in the end, agree to tile senate bill. We lave mad* no determined effort to support the senate bill. We show back bone. We show no disposition to stand by what we have solemnly done, and we give truthfulness to the assertion of the fejono-ntei ai lists that the bill was only a project to furnish a market for silver belion. Mr. Daniel addressed the senate in op-po> • ion to th ■ bi; I. The silver quest ion, fee said, was a great deal bigger than the president of the United Stares—whether th*- president’s nam*- was Benjamin Harrison cr (Dover Cleveland. Daniel ire J Ai,it under the conference ' ill 70,(100,(JOO worth of silva r bullion would be piled up in the treasury every year lid tor year* that -diver stream would be flowing and not a dollar of it could In ioined to pay the bonded obligable;.* im tin- United States which were payable "in coin. Such enormous dis-pimiiiution against Giver a* that never fest'*cd in legislation except when Giver w;*' completely demonetized. admitted it would lie better that tin A Favorable Comment Asked en the Federal Election Rill. W ASHiXGTON, July 9.—Representative Bolden, chairman of the republican collun ssional committee, has issued an address to tho republican editors of the country on the subject of the national election law. The republican party, he says, pledged the country in its platform it would see to    lh*- ex ecution of that provision of the constitution which guarantee every lawful voter in federal elections the right to deposit a ballot and have it counted for the candidate of his choice. No question of negro supremacy, no usurpation of federal power is involved. The bill which recently passed the house deals only with the national elections. The states are properly left to workout their own distinction through their own agencies. Why then should not the bill become a law? The house, faithful and active in its fulfillment of party pledges, zealous in the performance of a great public trust and undaunted by the diabolical threats and assaults of the democratic party, promptly performed ii* duty by passing th*- bill. Now it only remains for the republican majority in the senate to emulate the house and permit the president by his signature to ratify and register the will of the nation. Will the senate promptly perform this imperative obligation? The committee is in possession of information showing a concentrated effort on the part of the democratic party to chang*1 the trend of the public thought: by poisoning the minds of Unpeople to the end that a sentiment may bt- manufactured that would deter congress from passing the national election law at this session. Ii is be-| Beveil that a favorable expression of opinion at this juncture from the repub-I Bean press all along the line would be ' forcible and timely, and would exert a wholesome influence and inspire the leg-iGarers to the carrying out of the party's . pledge*. Will you not do your duty in I urging that the senate shall respond promptly by the passage of the measure which the house deems absolutely essential to the purity of 1 lie elections of its own members.’’ THE SUNDRY CIVIL BILL. lie ‘011- become a law. But ;e shift. Sooner cr congress and tilt- ex-come into collision on . and why not let the prone*.* bill should it, was a mere mal-pat* ■, Dan ii i said, Peat ive had gel to [the >, i ver quest ii M1 {collision come now? If the friends of Wiver stood up to the tight they could u;i J. and it they ran away they would jose it. I; they believed in the free toil!igii,ii silver (as he did) they should It Carries an Appropriation of SC!I,’JII OHO—Some of its Features. Washington, July p.—The sundry I civil bill. as reported to the senate to-day by th** appropriations committee, carries with it an appropriation of 8;*,],241,GSO, an in*-rea se of 83,1 si, OGO. I'he bill reported to-day is 80,552,172 iess than the estimates aud 85,944,338 more than the bill of last year. The most important feature* of the work <d the senate committee i" the elimination from it of the appropriation of 8777,000 for irrigation surveys. This provision was vigorously attacked bv a number of western senetors and they succeeded iii defeating in in tile committee. Their op-position is based largely upon th** ground that its effect would be to reserve from lh** public domain a vast amount of public laud which should bt1 open to settlement. The effect of the amendment will be to prevent any further setting apart of public lands for future irrigation pur- pO"*“S. \ii appropriation of -GKO.Goo wras made for the establishment of a Latin-Ameri-ean memorial library building iii th** city of Washington, as recommended bv the Pan-American conference. The Commissioners Evident ly Have a Difficult Job on Their Hands. Des Moines, July 9.—Tile Register says:    Things begin to look as if the rail road commission were going to have as much difficulty in getting the joint rates into effect as they had with theiroriginal schedule of rates in 1**8. Tin* law went into effect in March. It is now well into July and not a road in the stare has in force a joint schedule which, in the opinion of the commission, is mad** in view of the law. After corresponding with a view to an amicable arrangement, and expecting for some months the companies voluntarily to put in joint rates themselves, satisfactory to the commission. Messrs. Smith and Campbell, with the subsequently obtained approval of Mr. Hey, determined to do it themselves. The schedule promulgated June 18 was the result. But from all present appearances the settlement of the difficulty is as far off as ever. The commission was promptly enjoined by tin- B.,C. IL & N., I and as to that road, there is not a possi-! bilby that the commissioners’ joint rates ! will be in force before* winter. Then the I Minneapolis and St. Louis, on t he day th*- rates were supposed to go into effect, enjoined the commission from taking any further steps as to that line. None of Geol her roads have. so far as th** commission know, taken any steps in conformity with the joint rat*1 law. . The joint rates promulgated bv i Inboard on June is went into force, according to tie1 terms of tie* order and tho, publication of them, *»n July I. The injunction was not. Commissioner Campbell thinks, served in time o prevent tiiis. The commission had done all it needed to do to put them in force before being restrained. That is to say, they, under tile provisions of the railroad law. became on that day prima facie evidence in the courts of reasonable charges, lr must be remembered that th** commission has no power to make absolute freight rates. Now. whim the rate, in this modified sense, has been promulgated and establisher!, there are two modes of enforcing it. One is for the shipper to go before* the commission and ask the commission to make an order compelling th** road to adopt the rat**. Of course this also may be done on the commission on motion. The other method is for the shipper to go into the ordinary courts. Upon - bowing that h** had paid more than the commissioners’ rate th** shipper would be entitled to recover the surplus back unless tie* road proves the rate to be unreasonable. The commission is of course a lawabiding body and does not propose to violate th** injunction. So the former methods of enforcing joint rates cannot be used. So far a" th*- commission is concerned they will take no steps against the Minneapolis and St. Louis. As to the other roads nothing has been determined. Air. Smith is in W ashington and Mr. Dr y is iii Iowa ( ity But Mr. Campbell is strongly of the opinion that even as lo the Minneapolis aud st. Louis company the joint rates became on the uh of July prima facie evidence, and that private shippers may enforce the schedule against that road. Furthermore it A Harmonious and Important Convention at Clinton, Iowa. ^Special to The Hawk-Eye.} Clinton, July 9.—The republicans of tin* second congressional district, embracing the counties of Jones. Jackson, Clinton, Cedar, Scott and Muscatine, held their convention ut this city to-day. Til** river delegates came up on a special steamer, and the others came in various ways, but they all got lier**. There was a full convention, and a good one. When it is remembered that the second congressional district of Iowa is from (ive to eight thousand democratic, it will be seen that there is little in the situation to attract the average politician out of ins hole. But this convention to-day was not a gathering of mere politicians. They did not scent the spoils afar off, but they came to contend for the principles aud the perpetuity of tile republican party. Th** nomination of Hon. Lyman A. Elli" at the bar convention in Davenport yesterday took that gentleman out of the field as a candidate. Tim nomination he received is equivalent to an election and he could not be expected to throw away the ermine and 82,500 a year foran honor that is likely to prove empty. It became necessary to find another man. Ii** was found, and he will be apt to reduce the majority upon which Hon. Walter I. Hayes is so fondly counting. His name is Bruce T. Seaman, and In* lives in Scott county not far from Davenport, where he is a successful farmer. It is fairly to be doubted whether any other candidate could have aroused the enthusiasm that he did. The nomination went to him spontaneously arid by acclamation. Bruce T. Seaman graduated from the Iowa Stare university quite a good many years ago. Ho is a little to young to have been in th** war, but no one blames him for that. His family was found lighting on th*- right side. Upon ins return from college he settled down upon the family farm in Scott county, and there Ii*- has continuously lived ever since. He was prominent in the grange movement, and powerful. He afterward went to the Iowa legislature and served a faithful and honorable term. Since then he ha- been mainly devoting himself to bis field-, ins books, the cause of education in its higher firms, and the cause of the Farmers’Alliance. There* is no count} in the stat*- that has this organization so well perfected and so strongly founded as Scott, and that this is Un* ease is to he attributed to the fact Mr. Seaman bus put his energy and his ability into it. He lias made it a power al his home. and a power for good. Individually lie is recognized as a man of clean habits and a spotless record on all points. He is such a man as th*- honest farmer and busbies" man can support with conscience, and he is popular wherefor hi- is known. He is a worker and it is a matter of certainty that he will do what ii** can to uphold the standard that has been entrusted to his hands. The republicans of Iowa have no ca ii"*- to anticipate ;t victory in this quarter, but they may lied it worth I while to watch the run that Mr. Seaman I will make. lie may be a handy man to ! full back on some other time. DON’T WANT THE NUISANCE. Northwood** Protest Against an Original Package House. Northwood, July s.—At last Northwood has an original package house in running order. Sunday afternoon a mass-meeting of our citizens was held in Riverside and the house strongly denounced. Speeches were made by prominent business men, each of whom offered either time and money for its suppression. Yesterday tin* proprietor, John (^rmerd, was brought before tho mayor and fined 825 and costs for harboring minors in his saloon. Two other persons were fined 818 and costs tach ^drunkenness. County Attorney Forbes declares that he will “hop on to” every fellow found tippling, and if possible make lift* a burden. AN IMMENSE LOT OF CORN BURNED. London. July 9.--Tit keep gathering over th* key has massed troop? frontier, giving particular Montenegro and Servia, war clouds still Balkans. Turon tit** northern attention to intl as a re am! th*- carriers decide d to resume word until they could received a reply to their demands from the postmaster general himself. Th** carriers attached to the Eastern Central office struck this afternoon and there is much « x* it< menu Police are guarding the building. INTELLECT EN MASSE. Th* Second Educat Day o onai C n vet ut *30.000 Worth of Grain Consumed Sheldon, Iowa—Other Fires. SUEL nil a I.. Iowa, July 9.—B. A. Lock w ood's ( levator and si x cribs of corn containing fifty or sixty thousand bushels burned about 4:50 yesterday morning. The caus*- i> unknown. The buildings were covered by insurance. It is learned from Mr. Lockwood's Des Moines office that the corn was practically all covered by insurance. The total damage was about 830,000. His Leg-. Cut OII'. Belee Pi.aine, July 9. -Frank Peee-naka, a Bohemian about twenty-one years old, a resident of this place, had both legs run over by tire* cars at Chelsea early yesterday morning. He was brought to his home and Dr. C*i\ amputated one leg below the knee, and th** other above, this morning, ll*- had attended a Bohemian dance in Chelsea, and in attempting to board a fast freight train to come to town he missed his footing and slipped under the wheels. Hi" chances for recovery are small. X Bad Accident. Wes I Union, July 9 Ed. Descent, clerk at the Descent house, and son of the proprietor, met with a very serious accident by being caught between th** seat of the bus ami th** top of th*- door to th** carriage shed. Ho was driving the bus in after meeting the train, and was caught across the shoulders and crushed. s case ired iii? s considered critical, spine is injured. a" it I- Bottles arc Original Packages. Al a son Cl i x. la., July 9. Judge John C. Sherwiu held a special session of court here to-day to decide on tho injunction proceeding against John Iiastman, senior and junior, to restrain from selling original packages of beer and whisky at Forest City. Tie* inj- tion was not granted on the ground that the bottle was an original package minder to England that something mist be don*- to help the sultan out of Iii" difficulties has sent a request for the prompt withdrawal of tii*- British troops from Egypt. This is an old trick, web understood in London, but it ha" its effect all til** same. The Russian Black Sea squadron. consisting of the ironclads Sinop.t, Tscheme and Katarim IL, th*- cruiser Merkurie and tin* gunboat Terek, are-being put in readiness to "ail, and ii is believed that their destination i- the Turkish coast and that a naval demon stration is intended, with the object of intimidating tile sultan. M. Pasitch pre sident of the last Sen iau skuptschina, has written a letter claiming that th** czar lias promised to aid Servia in fulfillment of Servian aspirations. The Ersatz reserve. >r supplemental reserve of Austria-Hungary, composed cf all the recruits in excess of the annual contingent allowed by the army law. has been warned to b*- in readiness for active service. Tin* honveda and th*.* landwehr have received similar notification. The honveds, or militia, of Hungary are- a splendid body of troops, quite as well trained as th** re gulars and deeply imbued with the universal Hungarian hatred of Russia. The Koumauian government has notified Bul presence of numerous Rn--til** Russian frontier of I and suggested chat the two co-operate in a movement intriguers. All che-** iiem? important in themselves, get Ic r by those well info! matters and have prod ne quieting effect. Sheffield, and, ii deed. ail t is* England, is still greatly work ;he McKinley hill. There i> chorus of approval ti.i- month speech mad*- yesterday by < . well-known Sheffii i I manufa presenting the monster petit mayor asking him to mv* meeting to protest against the The bill, -aid Mr. Burgoo, is to a blockade. If England United Stat*-" were- at war Br could hardly be more < (!•• eluded from America. Ii* threats of retaliation, but , la whole hope of eventually defeat hill on til*- action of westeri ground ii*1 took wa- that ill England ought to ma heard Sn protest so t at An ion might be aroused again considerations of th* event! tin* trade of both countries, endorsed Ii is view**, and all ti Retest Advices From Japan bj steamer. i San Francisco,July 9.—The steamship j Gaelic arrived this morning from Kong Kong and Yokohama. Japan mail states that a rumor is prevalent that Russia I has seized lh** island off tie- coast of I Korea. The first election for a house of peers under the new Japanese constitution , took place June 23, some four hundred j members being returned. Twonty-two J of these being farmers, fifteen are- mer- . j chants, and only on*- is a noble. I At Osaka, Japan fifty-nin*- people I I were drowned J un*- 15 during Rf par Is of s Md IG-.*-! (trad Taki th* portal !Ss#*ll ( OHI til llffl- I important lati i Here iv rd Papers rh** Depart incut Wort p Other \>w- launching Twenty pi isred. of a rson s w new -ailing (•re more- or HOT AND COLD. New > (irk s«vllers—I hicaxo Shivers Temperature Elsewhere. New Y*>i:k, July 9.—It was hot sultry this morning. Although ■ what tempered by a light breez thermometer at lo:3o indicated 8 gr* *-" in th*- shade. Half a dozen the *sel. -The and 'dine-e the 5 de-cas*' of heat-prostration are already reported. Later—Great relief was experienced to-day from the heat **f yesterday by a (in*- breeze blowing "readily from the northwest. Although ti;*- thermometer was not much Sower than yesterday the heat j- ie? .st, noticeable, because the moisture in til** atmosphere Lad decreased. six deaths from prostration gar la an a -*th cl of the eats on intri*'. iveriiments > ex pel the f news, un-are put toned un eastern •d a most dis- a general g over the Burgoo, a ’lurer, in ion re the have so far been r*q>or Over in Brooklyn ti ha- about para!ized bu: lia- bei n exceedingly having out-door work, big "agar refineries in are among th*- prim* Twenty person- were pro ted by th ** warm w in*-". Th* severe for Emploves po tv IHI it her ileal those n th*-• burg -relay •I nigh * HW A*. vave ha-his mon »4 degree ire ex*- fre Jell* d an* Cool Wav*- o. July 9.— arr ing th* '. with >m th*- At < hlfitfo. promi' Is rn a ct non Olitl •rdav •red tier STORM TOSSED. Damage by Wind anil Hail in turk ami i !s«*v\ lier*-. i\ aleut iud sh g* ally nade state". The heilit-ld and c its voice rican **pin- K .I general, with a and her -and Lug man on there- w»-fishing ] dri in, ( Hill ret v } ae iii t urge re re* • "av -••t: r>ht y . st. r-md ii oiish; re d opened bright arni fair. til r<* roan) delegates present. At their lorn in sr ^>io: the r*-[)ort of th*- spe< tad “psychological arid [>*-*iag<j srical ob^^rva tion ' wa" pre cut* d by * *• < Illinrtiu .J,,,;-., ,ln . . » V. Brown. 0 UU d J TI!. II 11 <>I til*- « \V. T. Harris, ( nited Stat (tnHtiftee. Dr er of education, rcndanoth * r paperdn th* >ame subject. Frof. Cha" . Oegarno, # Illinois norma:, read a r* inquiry on the relation of iii"iruetion" ’« will training. Dr. Baidwi . of the Tc.xa normal school ami Mf. H< itnan j*fined ii th.- di"( ii""i*.n. Miperin’ •iident VV. Ii Max well, of Brook Iv a. pre se nted a pajs- on “examinations as t*->t f* )r promotion" President CL S. Albee, of th* Oshkosh Wis* onsin, norma - ho* • i" opened .ri discussion and was follow*- d by I>r. WL » of Cincinnati, and Dr. J**! ) n."on. of .oi' tiMppi. The department work v taken ti;, i the afternoon, "even di if,.relit -*♦*<-?i*«i meeting in various place" Tlu, HoDOrtmi.nr t P ft I Iii* Cif* [Kill iii** III * It met at tin- People"’ ehur sid -d ov er bv 11 *-I■'■••■ri < • rigg". - f lh : v*-r. whose opening addr*-park'*m between obi and teaching muGf. in who urged the I .. a Of maid I Biosphere in tin-x-liool re -I ’ill t H i 114 Ii si rf Mf iii i 111 > ii till bllllijk- lid I 111! Mi i ’ » 1 7*. JI advancing the pupil. <Mi e-r [wipers wej I The kindergarten work was consider! j at th* I 'M M. F • h I frwiii S' i'pard, of vT11?* (*V(*ry pritnarv T* a< h< r ^I I :i‘ th*- kind*T^ itUm! >* v ♦ ti ;» I GG’ 1 B.*e iUolt. Minnesota, w I J, j J, „ fix ,.r»; ,.jj L“f.r ... .. ,rti rt,. s re ad by A. I Itv Mi) f ♦‘I:*' W *T ‘ * I* J i meetitiu of th** iii^Iht **u j iii*»ot at th** First Ha ii'-t* Ta* and 5Em£Kk?ft "I ] Ii av *fc tin* td ii'h ♦ t th* Th* V Terrific DV iii! and let •late" take th*- presea re1 of THE PRESIDENT DISAPPROVES. The Indian Land Bit! \ Payment (•toed. tunic i\ ’ I ie senate id1 ut of the t ’nited im "(A. Mr.Morgan took the floor, tint saw he ten Id not finish his remarks to-day. An informal understanding was had at tin1 vote should be taken to-morrow. ■ii :ii' senate adjourned. THE HOUSE. Hitt’s Resolution Regarding Behring Sea * *m>*t ion \dopted. Wa "HIN*,ton . July’ 9.— In ti:*1 house to-day Farquhar. of New York, called up the conference report on the bill appropriating 875,000 for the relief of Albert H. Emery and demanded the previous question thereon. The previous question was ordered and the report wa" agreed to. Mr. Hitt, of Illinois, from iii*1 committee on foreign affairs reported back the elution requesting the president to furnish the house with the correspondence between the governments of the United States and Great Britain touching the subjects in dispute in the Behr--ea since March 4, I "89. After a brief debat*' Hilt s re solution Was adopt* d. Mr. Hitt presented th**, conference report on the dcplomatio and consular appropriation bill. In the course of the discussion reference having been made to the appropriation made by the last bill for the protection of ‘he United Stat' "' rights in Samoa. Mr. McMillin, O'. Tennessee, declared it now appear* d that the entire result of Up Samoan negotiations had been to enthrone a king who had been dethroned ®y his people. Our representatives sent abroad for the purpose of settling the Samoan matt* rs had actually gone to the extent of overriding the will of the people of Samoa and setting up a" king a scapegrace who had been dethroned, ted. moreover, this American adminis- j Ration had undertaken to pay part of the expenses of his kingdom, It was a disgrace to the American people and to the administration responsible for the negotiations. Mr. McCreary, who was chairman of the committee on foreign aff airs of the last congress, said he believed we had done the best that c wild be done aud *hat McMillin was putting it too strongly, if he was not satisfied with the negotiations he could introduce a j bill to carry out bis views, or he could '.*U for the correspondence with the foreign nations. There was not a word teout Samoa in the present bill. Mr. McMillin—The gentleman had ad- VVashin*.ton, July 9,— I he president to-day returned to the house without ins approval the bill extending the payment to purchasers of land of th*1 Omaha tribe of Indians in Nebrska. The president iii his veto, says: “There is no objection thai I know of either on th** part of the United States or Indians to an extension of unpaid installments due from the pur-i chasers. This relief is probably due to tie- purchaser.” The president, however. objected re the provision “That all land", payment for which Is extended, shall I"’ subject to taxation by the stale of Nebraska as if fully paid for and patents issued.” The president is of Iii*1 opinion the till*1 of lite I nired States and th*1 interest of the Indians in the lands should not lie subjected to sal*1 for delinquiney of purchasers in paying tax assessment. i is even doubtful whether the commission ; will cure to defend against this last suit ! since they think tile rates are in force I and the injunction is doing no harm. I The injunction is from the district court j of VVebstcr county and the hearing is set for September 29. Asked for Joint Special to The Hawk-Eye. Des .Moines, July 9,—The railroad commissioners were- to-day in receipt of a telegram from Chicago from J. Ii. Kelly, general agent of th*1 Mason City and Fort Dodge, stating they were wining to put in joint rates in connection with the Illinois Central, hut could not fix a division :i" in the commissioners schedule. Commissioner Campbell replied that the board would be glad to have them put any kind of rate or division as long as the total amount did not exceed th** July \ schedule. This is th*1 onlv road which so far has asked for joint rates, and they ti rid it im-possible to establish them on the basis of th*1 railroad commissioners divison <»f charges to each road. The commissioners in view of tin* recent injunctions and further investigations are perfectly will-Fxteiisimi ing to conclude the matter of proportioning the joint rates charged but th** railroad companies througout the state show no sign of weakening in their program to fight the matter to the bit ter end. A RUNAWAY WIFE. The Husband was More Fond than Wise in This Case. I Ck NT J-: ii Point, la., July 9.—Our town come" in for its share: of little excitement" along with others. Last Tuesday eve as everyone was enjoying themselves a strong man and woman made their appearance in the north end of town iii a frightful manner so the marshal was called to sc*- what was the matter and found a Mr. Gillian after his runaway wife. It appears that Mr. Gillian and wife have been living in tin* west for time [last and the wife coining a short time ago with her four children. But in the inean-Mrs. Gillian concluded to make departure before Mr. Gillian his appearance, so putting her into execution on Tuesday morn- \ Bicycle Killer Injured. [Specials toT < iiaw.t- Eye. , Anamosa, July 9.—Yesterday who*-the sixteen year old son -if County Attorney I’. <>. Ellison was crossing tile railroad track on a bicycle he struck a rock and was thrown to the ground and the back of his -kull was laid open bv a sharp stone. Th** injury may prove fatal. A Chil*! Choked to Death. [Special to The Hawk-Eye. i Iowa City. July 9.—An infant daughter of Benjamin Montrose, who lives on a farm near North English, swallowed a button which became lodged in It" wind pip*1 and begun to choke. The village physician could do nothing for tie- child, which was brought here last evening, but before the physicians could render ariv assistance, death came to its relief. Ere THE PRESIDENT INVITED. with .rn Invitation lo Attend the Ottumwa Coal Palace. Washington, July 9. —Senator Allison and Representative Lacey t ailed on th*1 president this morning in company with W. NY. Haskell and A. P. Spencer, of Iowa, and presented him with a handsomely engrossed invitation Ottumwa coal palace on and the president thank he would consider th* to visit the October next a1 them aud said invitation. GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. A aptaln Witner** Continuation. \Y \"Hi\gt<’N- July 9.—Charles Wii-'i(*r‘s nomination by the senate as snr-veyor of customs at Burlington, Iowa, was confirmed by the senate to-day. The following confirmations were ais** made:    Thomas    E.    Milchrist,    United State" attorney for the northern district of Illinois: H. C. Coolbaugh, postmaster at Hamburg. Iowa. ________ Warmer Weather and Storms. KINGTON, July 9.—Special Bul-Thc temperature has fallen from degrees in the lake regions, from IG to 22 degrees THE FRUIT PALACE. Coum-il Bluff)* People Knergetiealiy Working up the Project. Count iij* Bet cfs. Iowa. July The committee appointed at the recent meeting of the Pottawattamie County Fruit Growers’ and Gardeners’ association to solicit funds and proceed at once with the erection of a building suitable for an elaborate fruit and floral exhibit during the session of the national agricultural congress is busily at work hunting a sight and arranging other preliminaries. When the sit*1 is decided upon and the purchase or lea"*1 made, funds sufficient for the erection <»f the building will have, been secured. It is proposed to erect a building having a frontage of one hundred feet and to be one story high. lr is not well to say that the structure will cover on*- hundred front feet, because it may possibly be a tower-like building. The site is to have a frontage of one hundred feet. If the palace is to he square then of course it will cover the whole frontage. There have not been decided upon any definite plans for the building. It will, however, be of the very latest architecture and after the style of building of this sort. It will be : built of rock-faced brick, with stone trimming". The committee having the business in hand is meeting with flattering support and there is no doubt of the suer ess of the commendable undertaking. some home little time lier mad* plans ing site started toward Walker to catch the south-bound freight, but failed. Parties had notified Mr. G. of th*' intention of his wife, in going to skip th*1 country with a Mr. Cook, so Gillian makes hi" appearance in time to keep the parties from getting together before reaching Walker—this tells why she missed the train. Mr. G. and officer Wilson followed her down supposing they would get together here, but Cook had left his buggy at Hoff & Golfs livery stable and took the train for tin* south. The parties were brought Im*fore Mayor Fruity to make an answer why such conduct was being carried on. After an examination both parties were dismissed and ordered to leave town. •‘DANGEROUS TO BE SAFE.” Electric Light Wires in Des Moines Cause Trouble. Des Moines, .Inly 9.—Yesterday rn*'ruing at eight o’clock an unused telegraph wire at Fifth and Walnut streets broke in two and fell across th** street railway cable. Several flashes ami considerable sputtering resulted and the pedestrians near by sought shelter, fearing that the cable would break. Two telephone wires were burned in two by iii*1 telegraph wire* striking them and seventeen telephones were burned out, though in no ease did a lire attend the accident. The iron railing around the windows of the Commercial exchange was quite strongly charged with electricity during the pared*: in th** morning and much amusement was occasioned when persons I who were watching the parade would back up against the railing and take hold of it. A severe shock was the result and several ladies who touched the iron screamed vigorously. The charge came from the electric light, wires which ran across the edge of th** cornice over the doors and windows. Col. H«*mJ<»rsoii Ron tun ilia ted. [Special to Tho Hawk-Eye.) Waterloo, la.. June 9.—-The third congressional convention is in session at this pia*»-. with full attendance of ninety delegates. Col. Henderson was nominated to succeed himself. The nomination was received with enthusiasm The Deadly Gasoline Stove. Cedar Ii muds Iowa. July 9.—By the explosion of a gasoline stove this morning Matthew Petrovitsky and wife were* nearly burned to death. several Banding*) Burned. Hi HBoi.bt, Iowa. July 9.—The St. James hotel.tc >agricultural warehouse", two blacksmith Glops and two liven stable," burned at Livermore* Sunday morning. Los" 825.000. Struck by Lightning. Mam iii "li t:, la.. July 9. A young man wa" struck by light nim* on the sidewalk, and fell to the ground, but "ooh recovered sn ,-t" t<> be abit1 to walk home. papers, without regard ti the move)))* ut. 'I’li** rejection by t remittee of Chamberlaii which would entirely en bills which it was propc until the next "**"sion. i- a bud his pre>tig“. Hi- proposition tactually muzzle tit Hartington, Balfour; seeing t ital tin* pa--; would arouse indigi and thereby aid the "trained t*. vote agair dr.*wa! of th • <Bad" com rn it lee a s a prof • -st ilia* y and arroz im «* coalition ha" filled th* may at tile dismal oi cess of their scheme". were confident in tilth** rules propos* d b ga rd to the siisp'-nsi"’ that tile Ii tiara Is w-.ul tent assi>t in their ml of the hitter \*-'t<-t convinced tin govern era!" w ill determ net! pension scheme, t re* fa comp*-I the absolut* a! • •ral important bills. ; arbitrary methods ca■ mayor •rthern apport TUI I KOI NNI and t'riu last n eels md ire >m- amendment, off debate on ■cd to suspend >pp oth ag*1 of it ion in agal f th* bitt* with city ii undr down At Halls are- report* there mu": rider (gilt. -*rm iii \ crnnjii! Iv 9.—A terrific ;t**rm passed ©v doing great dr iff, New drew ii***!. verv gr«-a Ti tam; mot I .ak* A nf th The Dulling* EW York, July Hotel Cham pia Champlain. ired Press t, Iamage by J. The loss re ti» * At Ii I tin Point 9.—The. mafia; in, at Bluff Poi telegraphed t *-day that the r tit*- storm arere the house \r . Griffin. ELKS LOUK HORNS. lh iii (ii The lit' WI th*- Sliest* rvatiV'S to tarry Mr. Smith in re -. -»f bill-, beiiexing I to a certain < \-iption. Th.-action Say, however, has neat that the lib* v oppose th** sus* "are of which will indonmen id only th** boos carry it through New Yo ing of a ©re Mi "C ha- pr*-\ country in the Many hi dr* •d (rum the ut Lo-" of Life in a I* yr lone. \ T. mas** sent the pit til ntat THE BRITISH IN BEHRING SEA. v- THE TROUBLE NOT ENDED. Lord >ii f'olii <• -"till in Mix-hit I London. July :*. I polit*** strike is brok* n. in tin- force i" by no tm-scent*" of x i'»i* nee enact* ti d'-"troyt *i whatever chain-making the movement ge older* (listable.-* refused t< re ti" vv;Ih a movement *• mob of unruly men withot 1*0*11 IO!! t<> |)< III S OM411MJ Monday Big - there* was ic*ral, and t have anythi indic ted b; t definite more rite •Git The u< '.emcut of War V." el" to N ort Ii He I Deific Attr acting Att* ii t ion. I NY VV Y**rk. Ju! v 9.— -Th* JFor hi thi" pur] morn in g SIV' ssr . I a1 San Pat ineefo Ie was '•-.-it by a corre-spc ndent at Wash lug ton Yr vest* rd ay. He re th - dip] omat ic la 'n* dent; ii which he mad* M< anday night disc aud id* led: ’Th* r* is i IO «if )iibt ll one war ssel" in he N *)rth Pan tie are Ne gr; trot eel THE NEW GEYSER. THE LOTTERY BILL A LAW (Venter Ne-lid- Noiix Dim ii v) Iii* i Ouieting nan ! rec VlanrhfHterS viai"liiil Fall" Dead. M \\. iii," i i t:. la., July 9. Joe Gardner. city marshal. 1**11 dead on th*1 street this afternoon, caused bv heart disease. ROCK ISLAND DEMOCRATS. Wa let in.-20 to 30 while it has risen in the Dakotas. Thursday much warner weather will prevail in the upper lake region and upper Mississippi valley with severe local storms in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. R, N'. Bachel*!**!*, quartermaster General. W a "KINGTON, July 9.—The senate in executive session to-day confirmed the nomination of General ll. X. BaeUelder. to be quartermaster general of the army. | Brecham's PHU cure oiiious and nervous ILs HE WANTED TO DIE QUICK. Th** Question of David Bacon's Death "citied. Des Moines, July 9.—-The quest ion of how David Bacon, the man found dead southeast of the city Sunday morning, came to his death was settled by tin* coroner’s jury last night. Testimony was given before the jury that the deceased had appeared despondent and wa" overheard to say that he was tired of living and would go away some day and not come back; that when he died, it would be quick. The jury held a short consultation and rendered a verdict that deceased came to his death by a pistol shot, fired by himself, while in a temporary fit of insanity. A MILLIONAIRE ROBBED. But lie Hml Enough Money Left to "• c Him Through. Cot NC U, Bluffs, la., July 9.—Monday evening when the “Q” passenger arrived at the IranGer depot from Creston, George Hewlett, of Evansville, Iud., and a passenger on the train en route to Denver, discovered that his pocket had been picked during th** day of a wallet containing more than SlOOand a through ticket to the end of his trip. He made but little fuss over his misfortune, and congratulated himself that he had in a pocket book in his inGd** coat pocket $9,-500 in cash which he said would *•"*»•■ me through.” Mr.aHowlett is a millionaire-and will not miss the stolen mon**v A Brakeman Killed. [Special to The Hawk-Eye. New Hampton. July 9—About elev* n i o'clock last night at Fredericksburg!), eight miles south of this place, a brakeman by th** name of Fererick was run over and killed. No one knows how the accident happened. This was his first trip over this road. He has no friends in these parts and his body will be taken charge of by the authorities. Broke Jail. *t I'n ion, July 9.—Wallace Warner and Frank Hcndershott, young men We- Fx-Congressman Lyman Demi. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Council Bluffs. July 9.—Ex-Congressman Major Joseph Lyman died at his residence in this city at seven o'clock } ing committed one night some months of considerable criminal notoriety locally, broke jail here Saturday evening about eight o’clock. They were in limbo awaiting trial for burglary and with assault to commit rape, said offenses be- Twenty-First Di"tri«-t Candidates for senator and Representatives. Rock Im vm>, IIL. July 9.—The democratic senatorial convention for til*-twenty-first district met at Cambridge yesterday and nominated IU Ii. Binman, of Cambridge, for senator. The Rock Island delegation being evenly divided a> between John A. Wilson and Georg* W. Vinton for the minority nominal iou, aud the prospects being unusually flattering for th*- election of two democratic representatives from til*- twenty-first thi-year, both candidates were nominated'ny acclamation. Virginia Republicans Will Not Vote. Washington, July 9.—The Virginia republican "tare convention to-day pa "sod resolutions declaring that they will not participate, and advising “all self-respecting republicans to forbear from participation in any election in th** "tai*- so long as tin- same "hall be conducted under the Fan!*- election law of the democratic party as now fraudulently administered.” Little Rock Republicans LittleK«>< k. July 9.—The republican state convention met here- to-day and d* - I dined to place a republican ticket in the j field and formally endorsed the union I labor ticket, headed by Rev. N. B. Fixer. I for 20v ernor. Alleged Bribers bitt' Bail. New York, July 9.—Billy Maloney, ; reading clerk of the board of aldermen j of 1884, and Alderman De Lacey, indicted ; for complicity in th*- Broadway surface i road bribery * ase, walked into the dis-* triet attorncv’s office re-dav and eave I bail.    __ syrup of Figs. Produced from the laxative arid nutri- ; lions juice of' California fi2". combined ; with the medicinal virtues of plants I | known to be the most beneficial to th*- j i human system, acts gently, on the kid- I I neys, liver and bowels, effectually j I cleansing the system, dispelling colds i and headaches, aud curing habitual con- I 1 sti pation. Tb«* Famous Farter Divorce ( ast-. j Chicago, July 9.—The appellate court J j handed down a decision in tile famous ■ j Carter divorce* case this morning. The j decision of the lower court i" affirm***! Mrs. Carter is defeated and Mr. L«-Gii Carter rotam- possession of Iii*- child. or pm po?.*-. London br*-;it I. thi- ic -rn ug, althomzi shopkeepers are-I -till ic 'I" about what may take place I after duri The agitation aud tin-disorder I resulting from the atreropts of the men 1 to obtain redress have induced I til*- raising of fresh argument" in favor | of handing (fie control of the police over I re tin- London county council. This j transfer wa" suggested some tim*- ago, nit tie general sentiment in official cir- I Sr. Pai l, .1 illy < reneni Pa""enger ary e* : Agen t Fee, of the Nor ■them Paciii*- rail- W - ii*-] I road. to-dav receive d a message from i Man; g. r Waters, of Y -How "lone National the - ! Park . regarding th*- b ursting out of tie- * - v i*r ; “Nev v Crater” gey ■*r yesterday. It mein I <pii.-t cd down '(min vliat during last I nigi> . At fij.’to this n naming there was a • * t I solid column of "ten rn fore od upward I const ant Iv to a li*-u at of from ore hnn- * it I tired I Jive ■ I »n and fifty to one ii feet, about Barnet* r. Ti)*- mdr* ii and seventy -setrentv -five feet roaring has "iib- t res" of t hep rp*3 It a ’ el*-" was avers** to the change, ostensibly J "ideo beest us ■ f bt* functions of th** county conn- ! exact I; cil were already sufficiently numerous. ( geyser but als** probably because of the desire I width to retain tit** police patronage in ire- j *'*" " hands of th* government. I -rat of likely that th** questio th*- pi die* administration to t council will be rais<*d in par "‘•on a" an opportunity shall "elf. In tin* hoU"»* of commons i Edward Stanhope, seer war, stated that t il*1 req Hi* (Irenadier glia rd - t* of insubordination were aggerated. Some di* been manifeGod on Mo tai ion of t Ii** guard para*!*-, and for a tim* had failed to appear. ever, ’he battalion as and marched in perter complete discipline to their luties. am quite I one. erring I Very anility j of it. (•Ut ti" j t borh cut it- I I Pre-"* I that Hon. soon it*- for tonsil! identical with Th* old hoi of about * ugh v i"ibh- about -riich is about *-i it tie water, hov All tin- pin *i ar** cover t appears ie geyser w f x f eight bv owevcr. tre--' it I with th **eut ton (*w erat* liar god to and a ii*- •rn cd. ov- nor, tun ml ti t from t ' twelvi I- comingoi -em Rn dimont. indirat* derabh I nj Mr* Birm yard of a freigl roirifiit-ii rd -lr K * 11 * ti Hirniii Md thai I Im- t. ti I a I al lf Ii* iii .* It elan of "t >ort - repro * be in a condition • very much **\-satisf action hail mlay when a hat-was ordered to - some of t te- men Eventually, how-a whole paraded t Order and under tie* discharge of odic * hi> MILLIONS OF FIAT MONEY. TI**- X r ii*- ii I int* Ip-public to    •»!(*(>,- I Hank Xoto July 9. — An issue **l amount of "lon.ooo,-*f the financial eriGs d by the president of ’public. Intense «-\-t rd on I lie bourse liriti-l* lo Cill* AGO, J uh * Engiisl neons!] cavities of vt number eago brew**ries wit St ti offerings were To-day the in spreads off cr ii don sy ndicate jug houses in tiii" * City, Nebraska. Th the syndicate say - ti re-ady been made for tb<* secantv offered. in Chlctgo. \ -hor! tim* - ago exploited Guild and Loudon d C thai "HOSCH W'paprre g in like '•••untie it if comb * result bed for at ■ contained manner by a - of certain pa v and Nehru re’presen tat ive-render" have a* full amount •nee arg* Lon Jo VV I tm I w, liad I aith iii the I, 000.000 . Bl ENOS A V KI ". bank notes to the ooo for t In- relief ha" been antlion/! th*- Argentine lh Mil*"*’ Nerve and Liver Fill". citement lias be hereby tin* re-j* sterling loan. Mon ntviDEo, th** government currency of the bank for G bank" of th •n cr ction Ju iv ha * month", cit v Gill of the. >.—ARL err* oil .lf the the rui out inn*- prop GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. Hr". It. i. Line*: London. July 1 her two daughter" on the ('ity of N< August f». Minis ■ here*. 1(1 W iii \ i"i« Hon *. -Mrs. Lincoln have engaged pa w York. which *r Lincoln will re the and sage Rapid advance iii Gold Premium. Buenos Aykk>. July 9.—The premium on gold lia- advanced to 202 |>**r < An th*-1; nerv* liver, for ii Pe* from th*: Liesy —hat i" lint lug f< made Be gone are s< age dogs mportent discovery >r, stomach and bow* V new principle re billon "ness, piles and '-or n, women and t, "Urest,. 30 d es free at .J. Ii They a<-t on through tile They "p*-:-*l-ad taste, torpid tipatioi; .Splendid teen. Smallest. •si- for 25 cent", W itte’s drug "tore. •h whit *-red >50 i ere*! eau tv-1 I De i f erie It ha" tee v**iir" »f <.eneral I tun wen lint on > ort,. It. I . *, in N i ;ot cd iny; fn i t, July 9. ere v Peoria Brr eerie New y Peon J. Ka relay re •re-\v erie cr Co to an E >tiatiO!i" e, but ti report the . IT Gipp’ and 11 have re*' se i*t •t out hat. Union ideate ; fie lid * - been \ >la«l Dof* Scare. I LF. Pl mm:, July 9. — Twodoz mad her*- within a week and somewhat alarmed over it. N-was done to anyone, as it w ■red In time to prevent tiii-s promptly killed. this n his ag \\ Mini Th Fri o|HtUt ion 9.—A rem 8-1. Lou ;.-r*-d to lam > (Ii-Th Platt*" < UG.rl.l.-- Ii Free samples of Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine at J. H. Witte’s drug store. Cures Headache, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Neuralgia. Fits, etc London Letter 4 :irri* r'- strike. j    Ll) nim in. .Liiv 9.—The toter carrier" I attached to tis* ( -r.tr;.! postoffice went ; on a strike to-day and all mad deliveries • in the district covered Ie them ar** sus-; pended. i A deleg; tion called at th*- office of the 1 postmaster general and found him ab- • sent. A deputation informed tip- men flange*! for Murder. Ft. Smith, Ark.. July 9.—duo. Stans* burg was hanged in th*- j;iil yare! lier*- today. II*- wa-, convicted of killing his wife ta"’ August n*-ar Eanfuia in The Creek nation. \ low No table should tie without • bottu of An-froetnra Bitters, tin- world renew* aed Appetizer of exquisite ti STO! Ik-ware of counterfeits. I Oat It* ) it* Twenty burned. Aa a p IIend aeii Holt nj n's H irtnle i iruf. Henrr* ;

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