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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Burlington, Iowa The Burlington Rook no Bain Tensae to cold my Arach colder today Aad monday. A Taos of thi Usu r to Quot in it. 8 j foe., on a stand. Ninety sixth year. No. 205. Burlington Iowa sunday morning january 31. 1926. Twenty eight pages Price per copy Imi p. Set sunday. Of Tutti Milf i Coolidge sees further tax reduction Burlington Man held up shot by thug i m to army explorer to head private group in a flight to Arctic regions. Confessed he Cut woman to pieces after killing her by rho a a a aria oaf Peers. Washington. C., Jan. by his experience As command Ltd of the Navy sow Ion of the Macmillan expedition last in Nim or that a Atlon of the Arctic by aircraft is practical. Iju it on Viand a Richard k. Byrd. Retired is to Lead an Independent expedition into those regions this year for scientific observations and possibly a flight to the pole. Offit laity the Navy is Nob to he ailed with the expedition which is to he financed with the Aid of Promin police to Mue Mooi resorts. Pillingdeel1res action comes As result of raid in which Young girls Are taken. Ray Wisener in Hospital after attack Raymond Wisener a fireman at the Central fir station was held up robbed of $52 in Cash and shot in the shoulder when he resisted a thug late last night. Tho robbery took place on Spruce St reef Between twelfth and summer streets which is a mock and a half from wideness Home at Sis South thirteenth Street. He managed to get himself to the door of a House nearby Ambwa taken to i he St Francis Hospital. Wisener was returning Home from a j Senate reaches disputed parts of Masure fight is opened against repeal of inheritance and gift rates. Allo it like meeting about 11 45 of clock and a Campaign to rid burling on of v. A a. ,. Had walked the distance from Down places where Young girls Are Taen . A i tit a. Ile stated at the Hospital that for wild part or. Aru. Announced by he waa tiv flt no Jud a William Runnels Potto court Gur air on Srur. A Ehlt a fiut Protr Drav a by i. Aaa before him i ,.d out of the. Alley and demand three Mere children who were tale n. Re a a the to a six Days after parts of the dismembered body of miss Anna May Dietrich of Philadelphia 34 year old. Ent . Mon a Horn Are John . Found a a a my ,. 1javld n. Rork Felter. Or. Myrent autor and Man it flail re us Luhta. . A decl Ford. At the same time altho its obit cts will be somewhat similar. It will not operate in Competition with the expedition of the Detroit aviation society which plans to hop off this Spring from Point Barrow. Alaska for Ute North pole. Nor with the Conten mated a. Pond Effort of amandae. Tho Cut us he it of it and la Quot a to Quot of it be norwegian up Loper to visit the arc prisoner in the police raid in the old Willow a afro District the night before that resulted in the a re St of ten. The Little girls who at s a 14, 15 and it years made a forlorn looking picture in Tho police court their efforts to appear bras n failing miserably As the magistrate held them to the District court As juvenile delinquents. Neglected and incapable of taking Cage of themselves. A if it is humanly possible we Are going to close up such places. Declared judge Pilling when the hearing that lasted All Day was drawing to its by i he a pocketed pro. Washington Lac Jan. To fax reduction Bill was subject few amendments today some of Vita provisions As the Senate spent a four hour session wrangling Over the first Wisener handed a rep \ controversial Section to be it ached Barbara la Man movie actress Dies suddenly by to a mkt Iford Fra. Altadena. Clat Jan. Barbara 1a Marr. Motion picture actress died at her Home Bere this afternoon. Miss la Harr s death resulted from complication following a nervous break Down several months ago. Her father. W. W. J Watson said. Her death came unix j Pete Day and until yesterday she a med rapid in Fth Hrc la mfr Provin the Rda it a make every Dollar count a presidents plea to department executives. J the Money and the the thug to consideration of the measure took it. He resisted him. One hot White no rate Section were reach wan tired hitting him near the shout i a it today senator c ouse a Republic j Der. And the Man ran away toward ran it Michigan Ope Ned the prompts a Fri it. Fight against rental of the inherit leave the Home she was Able to for the first time to by the 4<mr�at�4 brr Washington let a. Jan. 2c Saga a Sling the possibility of still another tax reduction a a within a few a set president Coolidge tonight renewed Bis plea to government executive for Economy and efficiency under a Yeti Cral program of a constructive or. I Coolidge observed that a week much Economy might not be Leas i him 1 Marr. a. T. A to a a it a Quot a a july Shtir .0. We a Bra Dull re a a a a Quot a a us Quot it Omer . In new York so. Return Dlo a Quot Quot Ltd quoth it a band. Holly Wand to Makr the fourth and it to polt., he Don. To of go r in toe til. For he saw is it world in Admir tic by air. It re outline. Towl Tom. Outlining his position in a statement today commander Byrd said a announcement of the plans for an Aerial expedition to the nor a Polar regions was made somewhat prematurely a none of the details have yet teen completed. A my experience in the Arctic regions last summer convinced me of the entire practicability of exploration by aircraft of this Section of the world that hitherto has inaccessible. A financial support has been pledged by a number of private citizen and Wear now trying to reach a decision As to whether an Airship or specially designed planes give the Best Assurance of a successful outcome of the venture. A the expedition has no connection Zyvith any others that a re in contend confessed that he murdered the worn j Clos and police have received order an with whom he had been intimate to be on the Lookout for places refer eight years. He said she had sorted to by minors specially blackmailed him and threatened to Tell by wife of their affairs. Al first Rod of jail so Toms he had declared that the woman took James a a red a it a and three of Poison in his office and that he had his associates taken in the raid wore sent to jail. Mack. Owner of the a 1 a _ _ his pocketbook out was when he paid Ator to us n s. Whose move would not his dues at la i Mig meeting. The thug was a scribed As tall and dark and has i a White handkerchief tied Over his face. An examination of the wound last night Rex ruled that the Bullet entered the Side just below the shoulder fracturing one rib. It is not i hot that the Bullet will have to let a removed. Cause he feared to would be accused shanty was charged with keeping of killing her. Disorderly House and was assessed a $50 Fine or Given 15 Days in jail and w. La Hurt Low. Harold Johnson and Dayton Pohren assessed fines of $10 or Given to Days in jail on charges of being a disorderly Kjelst Kreihs wounds several others while barricaded in House before captured. Only Block the proposed repeal of the inheritance Levy voted by the Tenuto finance committee but would a Raj live the reduction in this tax provided by the House. Amu a committee approval was Given a a Day to a pro a i Jon setting tip a a Man Cut congressional invest Gatior. Committee which would by directed to inspect income tax return and investigate administration of the internal Revenue Bureau. At the request of amp i Tater i �,ou�fh8, it was agreed that the Coni of nil tee would have to report All info mat Ion discovered to Congress. This provision was described by i members of the mis Nee committee Iii j a Compromise on put icily of income co of being Mummy i a a no inf i a i a payments cow a it pealed in in House All four men a ii in sirm W. Robinson is fifth one to pending Bill and was amt fi3fifed by yester not so m critical her father said until 3 of clock this afternoon. She died about an hour later. Hovik met Leftary Kiu and Jai Angeles Chi. Jan. 30.�?-Harold Sinaw 4?. Secretary of the motion picture directors association a killed in an automobile Accident Here today. Ii candidates Noh stabs wed. Riverside oil., Jan. 30.�? Alma Reuben and Ricardo cortex motion picture stars married Bere today. B. The a Orutta press. Springfield. To. Jan. 30.-�?Clinton Hollingsworth. 21, who terrorized the Northern Section of Springfield to to of clock yesterday morning and platoon and has no a commercial Back i no ghz when he barricaded himself in chose to defend himself. Taking his in a a a a a in a ext in a kith it mme of parents Here after a at lies de the City attorney prof default of the fines three girls taken in the raid Opal Cooper it. Margan t Shaw. 14. And Mary Gillespie. 15, Are being Beld by the police Matron to appear on february i before the juvenile court. A three other person. Al courts. Tlar-1�?~nee Horton and May Moh a were dismissed by the court. The raid in which six men and four girls were taken a made Frida it night by night Captain Oyd. A twi and several officers following complaint by people living in the Vicinity of Mack Shack. Malhi own i Sawyer Mack a called before the court at seek nomination for mayoralty ing in a strict sense of the word be Fng an undertaking that will be financed and managed by private exploration i object. The primary object of the undertaking will be to explore the Region North of Greenland. Canada and Alaska using either up Lebergen or Utah Greenland a a base. Present Indi shooting at members of the family was captured late tonight w Hen police stormed the place. Police Haj previously fired volleys from revolvers Aud rifles into the House after Hollingsworth shot and killed at least two persons and wounded several others Early tonight. The known dead Are patrolman Al Tutor of the Case Mack questioned his we its is and summed up his Ca before the judge in an attempt to prove that he was not one of the party but that he let the other use the Shack. A i went out a Little after to he said a stuck my head in the door and told the rest of the party not to take any drinks or talk loudly candidates to Date. Foh mayor Al g. Marjii Arft. Fam f. Phillip. M. Rhi. Waverly Brown. R. W. Robinson. For pm safi7ty�?4orge Lien Linum. W. W. Hash. I a k. Minor to Rorr j. I ionian Ralph will Sou. Alfred wet Rory. For Parks fit Gene l Batton. Ii. T. A Ratlfy Al. George Baker. Chark. F. H Virti. George h Coulter Uliari in. W Agit r fax it a struts a it Corge h Yin my. to. Wylk. Henry c. Wrim for outlet i loth Republican and democratic Leader of the Contra Itzee. Some of the work yesterday a undone when senator Recti a Puli i can Vinnay Iva la. Of r., con it a for recons operation of the Proppe repeal of the capital Sloe k to involving a i of of $93,000,000 annually in Revenue. Smoot plan Adion chairman Smoot of the finance committee in charge of the Bill indicated he would couple consideration of this item with the proposed one percent incr As in the corporation tax what a was voted by the committee to Oil so the loss which would a occasioned by repeal of the capital Stock Levy. Toffi deits Coolidge and chief executive of Peru both on air last night. Speaking at the Uii Annm but go t meeting of department and Bursaw Heads the chief executive Rev Lew accomplishments of the period sinew the first meeting of the a Ubu Sirse organization of the government in june. 1921, and declared that Tho thing done in perfecting a of Fidenco lad a r n a a tremendous in results and of overwhelm ing sir i it Anre in in Pili i rations he suggest. However that i the part played by this Gove mutant a its own household and in world affair would not be compote unless it wag a a reinforced by in do Ion to Tao world court. Director a no Pralic. The prudent exposition of it it he believed should be the general policy in governmental affairs wag i supplemented at some length by lured or fjord of the budget Bureau who described an Scono iry my Plana to wild in dealing with a tors Federal expenditures. I general a it Dannoun Tho a a chartering of a one per Cen club within the government saying the qualification of membership a us by to reduce expenditures by err per cent of the total authorized. I ast years two per cent club bad Flieg Short of its objective by Only threw million dollars he explain a in setting the figure of $3$.099.999 a Quot lbs amount to be saved. Flirting non i Xuy Nix athe presidents idea of. On re Tim Economy was to eliminate As Many rations Point to up Tao Bergen. Spec j Franklin and Joe in Brgund a labourer and that they better break up the i ally. If it is found possible to leave who were killed when All available party at about 10 30. It Wah a lira a april. An alternative in the. Police reserves of the City and a score that the officers witnesses Case if the departure cannot be made 1�?o for1 August is to go to Utah. Establish Quot inter quarters and hop off in the Spring of 1927. Commander Byrd expects to have four aviators with the expedition As Well As what ships and ground Crews Are necessary. It is also his Hope that Tho Navy will permit Floyd Bennett aviation Pilot of Waterbury. Vi., to accompany him. As he did on the Mcmillan expedition. Bennett has been in aviation work since he enlisted in 3917. Of Cit then surrounded the Home where the youth had barricaded himself. Three ambulance Drivers who attempted to remove the bodies of Franklin and Bergund were seriously wounded by Hollingsworth. Slin Arctic Pra Nib Hasbrouck Heights n. J., Jan. 30. A two Fokker monoplane in which the Detroit Arctic expedition will hop off in March on a Polar flight were shipped today from the Plant of Tho Atlantic air plane corporation. One of Tho planes has a Wing spread of a Venty four feet and will be pro pelted by three we right motors. The Ether with a spread of fifty four feet i equipped with one Liberty motor. When the planes reach their rail destination at Seattle wash., they will in forwarded by water to Reward Alaska and then by rail to Fairbanks where they will Lye set up and tested. Vav dreams of love nope or nappies round the a v who emerged from her cocooned woman lie for the defense however failed to function properly to convince judge Pilling that Mark had not be. N there during the entire evening. Lung i p a a stumps a a a we Are attempting to close up just such a dumps As said judge Pilling in passing sentence upon with More than four in or week King demo rats Utah. Into a discus in which to file nomination papers Aion of tax refund millions of Dol Twenty two Candida Are already n tars of which they declared ill Gally the race for City offices As a result of had been returned to s it w tax pay thre additions made to the list Dur ers. Ing the last week. H. W. Robinson the fifth candidate for mayor and Henry c. Wegener. Who is seeking nomination for superintendent of streets took out their papers yest Ertta it and Charles i i the Assortate press. New York. N. Y., Jan. So radio fans tonight heard Tao presidents talking on the air As the third International broadcasting tests came to an end. One was president Coolidge non Ess. Nials As possible while la democrats have served addressing the Bureau of the budget ate ring the agencies whose function notice they would fight the proposed at its Semi annual meeting. The oth developed a bettor order of car Nal corporation tax Rase. I Eraas president Augusta b. A Futlz life. Both Republican and democratic of Peru. Aho sent a message of Greet a merely to reduce the up. Re Enof members of the finance committee i ing to North America. I the government a the said. Mig get aet a insisted it would be it Oss thle for the j president Coolidge address came a in itself be beneficial. Ruch action government adequately to admit and a Hort time before the hour set before might be Only the discontinuance of Clear up All pending tax disputes with the beginning of the zone broadcast a a Tao year period. Tag which marked the end of the tests. Tills led senator i Kellar and a speech together Aith that of director h. M lord of the budget Bureau Aas sent out from station Aga i. Washington and we Raf new y Ork. Tile chief executive of the South senator cop. Land. A Moi rat. A wholly necessary activity. No Elv Ili Zed Community would close its school abolish its courts its police Force or discontinue a or i department. Such action could not be counted a gain. But As irreparable j loss. The underlying spirit of a enemy is to secure better education. Nix York offered an Arn non sent to 1 rican Republic spoke just before or administration of Justice Mer exempt employees of municipal Cor to the silent hours observed by Over Public order and greater a i nutty ration from payment of Back tax stations Between in and 11 from conflagration All through a a a As a result of recent decision that v5ock Eastern standar.1 time while parlor organization which will a the found not guilty Ohio sheriff freed of liquor conspiracy charge. By the associated press. Cincinnati of. Jan. So Richard b. Itt sheriff of Hamilton county a a found not guilty by a jury in Fedora court late today of the charge of conspiracy to violate the National prohibition Law in connection Arith the Sale Aud distribution of unlawful Hoer. Witt was jointly indicted with seven others. Including George Osterfeld a of the Mohawk brewing company. Osterfeld mod Tom of the men pleaded guilty. Cocoon Ruth Cross Besin it today the Hawk Eye second Section. Cow or i Des Moines la Jan. owner fro in seven states will gather Here for the first annual District convention of the National restaurant association tuesday and wednesday of next week. Hers. Aith terms of five yearn and to ,. A nil Ltd stat. Which absorbed most rather he believed them to reveal a a continue their salaries at $7,500 in of Laj to nil a to a programs spirit dedicated to the service of hasted of $10.90� us proposed by the a a. I he emphasized that of Bill. A Blanket the radio Eek a a a hires Are not important then much Ell signs a tvs irs a a. My a a a a a it it Quot a a a a to . Plan it was. Horton and courts succeeded in proving their claims to the court Aud were dismissed. Ides or badly mixed. Sundem Fate is in m Danos trial of youth charged with murder of Iowa night marshal ended Mitten assert. Interfere less w Ith radiation in this direction than a a a. A a. It is from East to As was the that Are important. Case last night. To far it is known that 21 overseas stations were searched in the United states while the committee had few returns from Over seas. It is believed that Between 35 and 40 american broadcaster were Beard in Europe and South America. These things Are not important then there Are no earthly consid rations their incomes arc liable to taxation. \ a can broadcaster tried to reach Reade the unit of Coe. It is All Rea he also proposed to a a nip athletic Fth muh the a programs Duciole to a question of nation of a and or. Wagner candidate for Park superin clubs in which there Are gymnasium session of the test was j it is humanly Posable. Mark As a tendency had taken out his tapers from the iop reent club in another program of zone Ihram Aln not she isl Bow Long a time be had to a App earlier la the week. J senator King introduced Linen i a Rolt a casting moving Juhls time from the president held the View that Pantie Case in and Emzi Given tar qty the. Forma Entrance of or. Robin a Matt to Cut the membership of the a Jyh to work orc the of text postal for Economy and eff enemy i in add Quot con Quot interest to the Board of tax Appeal to to it. The Blanket of blot Over hanging were neither selfish nor provincial. $150 which he failed to furnish and Nisy orally race. He is prominent in was sent to jail. Following the trial of Mack five men charged with being inmates of a disorderly House Arete arraigned and pleaded a not the City solicitor then called As witness. The five officers who made the raid w to All testified that the five men were present in the shanty when they arrived. Three women who live Clos to the shanty All testified that loud and rough talking was going on. Three of the accused men. Speaking in their own defense All maintained that the party was All perfectly proper and consisted of a Little dancing to Ute music of a Harmonica. Horton maintained that he had gone to the shanty to look for his sister in Law whom he feared was not out with the right Bunch while Al. Courts testified labor circles and the question is be ing asked in political circles How much of the vote polled in former years by mayor in till will be attracted or. Robinson was a conductor on the Burlington Railroad for about 45 years having recently been placed on the retired list. Lie is president i of the Federal Council which is compos of representatives of labor and i farm organizations. The present list of candidates is within eight of the number who were in the primary race in 1924. There were thirty then classified a follows mayor. 6 finance 3 safety 7 sire is. 5 Parks 4. Weather and River la j the associated Presto Ion a an. La. Jan. 30.�?in the of the jury now rests the Fate or Ai a below Normal most of week Fred Sunda Sioux a try youth whose one of the chief discrepancies found in the testimony of the Titre no who were found guilty Lay in the fact that Day. Will present hut views on aviation in a lecture tour to Start Here feb.mary to and take him across the the they All Ald that the Cotton try. Jam t food had of the from lecture platform. New York. N. A a a Jan. 30.�?colonel William Mitch ii. Whose resignation from the army was accepted Yeater j trial on a charge of first degree Mur a fall of this Effort a the continue. A represents not merely the keeping of our Money but the keeping of oar Faith. One of the chief dangers to the sue is of popular government in that it Prill throw away self restraint and self control and adopt Laws which being without sound economic foundation. Bring on such a financial distress As to result in want misery disorder and the dissolution of society. America has demonstrated that self government can be a administer As fairly to protect each individual in All his rights whether they effect ids person a it a his property. A fund a constitutional authority to tax everything but we conf a is was supposed to be a card party Evl Deace showed that the Only furniture la the shanty was a Davenport a stove Aad a Nan chair. Practically every one of the participants la the party told a afferent Story tour sons is As full of holes As a Pines of Limburger said City att prosy poor. �?�1 will venture to say time la All his experience of a judge judge Pilling never heard such a mixed up Bunch of one of the interesting phases of the Ilia waa brought up in connection tract used of face thous Pond lecture Bureau said tonight. Negotiation were completed today. Monper Given 25 tears by the a it sol press. Des Moines la. Jan. 90�?vernon mender formerly of Newton whose Holdup of l v. Connell police hers say. Was staged to provide s thrill for bus girl companion. Serine line whom he later married a Given an indeterminate sentence of 25 years today. The defendant claimed he had bean drinking the night of the crime Ead denied knowledge of the crime. Der for the slaying of sight marshal. A year ago John Armstrong for which the state / is asking the evening. There is slight indication that the jury will reach Kihm at Fiok Vav i k Washington. Jan. 39.�?-Westher of to look for the week beginning Munday Lypp a Mississippi and a it mis Houri valleys a period of snows orhards1 reins Early part. About Middle and _. Ivern toward end temperatures near j nothing. It i not through la she or a a us to fail Moat of wok i or wast full bras or arrogant a Bot Max. Yin a thru self denial conservation St and lowest highest Lite. .1 service that we shall build up to i american spirit. This is the True constructive Economy the tru Faith death penalty ended this a wind. A Cloudy to 3$ i on Stateh our institutions rest i a moms s wed. Foggy .34 Havre w wind Snow .32 a Keokuk e wind Cloudy ii verdict for Manofo Faraha. Be wind. Foggy .34 hours after by ginning de fib rations at j my Louis. S wind Cloudy .40 7 10 o clock tonight for Mwau rain turning to Snow and to great was the crowd of up Eta much colder monday Munday Cloudy and colder Strong shifting wind 44 3� 7 50 us uqu0rhaul tors that for Thep ast week has filled the tiny Courtr Oom and corridor that judge Dowell allowed them tonight to stand inside the bal i ast Rad around the judge s Bench. V to Rajki Aki aks m kit Des Moines. Is. Jan. 30.�?the Iowa veterinarian association will meet Hare next thursday. Friday sad saturday for its annual a avenues. For in Jimoh rain Munday turning to Enow in North port Loos colder monday unsettled and colder with possibly Snow flurries. For Risso Rio rain. Probably ussling to Snow and much colder Munday Mondey mostly Cloudy colder in asst Post to in i Strong shift tog wind sunday. River Bridge if the stage of water in the c. B. A q Bridge. Burlington la. Mtawa i River. Saturday. Jan. To 4 0# p a feet. Ii inches on a i Sippi a a 280 Gallons Moonshine seized in Gas tank Wagon Wheeling. W. A. Jan. 3#.�?a gasoline tank Wagon containing 2�# Gallons of Moonshiner waa captured by Federal Agen to today in rout Fresn Pittsburgh to Wheeling. The Ollie is discovered a acc ret door in the rear of the tank. When opened this door disclosed a a cond Funk. Within w hich wad found the in on Akia. -4

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