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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Burlington, Iowa The u in 1\ 11. Burlington Iona. Monday. January it 1966 editorial Oue lion to \ allies die increasing Cost of the War in a Boon to Din son s in Vici Nan president Grams. The cry 01 guns provides a ready made ext use for cancelling or curtailing internal projects and using the Money instead for fighting tile communists. But the president has stronger arguments than tile obvious political ones for insisting that the welfare of americans at Homo not be sacrificed lust in Oiler to make tile Wai less painful to taxpayers. For one thing the present popularity of the War results partly from the fact that few of us have Felt its costs directly. We will lie More Apt to face up to the hard choices about ending ii if we become fully conscious of what it is costing to continue it. But the Way to do that is not to abandon programs assisting the needy among us but rather by paying tile Cost of the War in addition to our obligation to our own society. Our Hope is to live in a letter world. Hut it xxx ill not be lie nor if in seeking to secure a Corner of Asia we neglect our National or is. We consider the communist takeover of Viet Nam a threat to our Well being but we have internal problems which pose As serious a threat to our peace and happiness. What will it profit us to come borne some years hence from Viet Nam with Victory if we come Home to a nation torn by racial dissent ensnared in traffic jams. Trapped in ugly slums gagged on polluted water and air burdened by millions ill equipped to be productive in a modern Economy most of the new programs for educational improvement slum clearance. Racial Justice for saving Tho cities were already Long overdue. These Are problems which will not wait patiently for solution until we Are done with foreign ventures. They threaten ugliness and unhappiness As surely As do Viet Cong marauders. Oue lion of motives Republican leaders Are in full cry against the War on poverty program determined to expose examples of mismanagement of funds political shenanigans particularly by demo cratic mayors in Large cities and human failures in the toleration of such functions As Job corps centers. Such scrutiny is an essential ingredient of Good government and a proper function of the Loyal opposition. Waste in government in any of its functions should lie intolerable and its elimination should he of More Public concern than it is All the same there is a certain irony in the attacks on the poverty program. For the most part those most shocked and angry at the waste apparent in this Effort to alleviate poverty never managed quite As much Shock and anger at the Iii Dible waste of poverty itself no matter How badly the office of economic Opportunity is administer. This amp that. By mph cd Ami the results of the past year have certainly not been All bad it can never be blamed for a fraction of the waste of material and human resources produced by the slum housing the ignorance tile poor health tile crime and the hopelessness of the Jihor. Tile program is vulnerable because it is breaking new ground and has to learn by trial and error because it is committed to working through the political structures which exist in the cities and because by definition its problems Are extremely difficult and not always capable of solution. The Validity of the attacks on the program depends on whether it is being criticized to make it Trotter or to kill it. Tile tone of much of the present criticisms suggests that the critics Are seeking an excuse to say a see we told you you do anything to improve the lot of the poor. Llilas airlines something always is sneaking into my life to lure me away from my Hearth which. Is a mighty comfortable one these Winter nights. This time it is a mailing piece having the appalling word a on its cover it came from an airline i patronize frequently enough for me to get on its circular list. Tire line. Which i shall refer to As to am informs me that it is now filling its planes Cabins who music. All kinds of music ranging from the exquisite to the impossibly. It provide each passenger with a Headset so he can have the music of his rather than go mad f to Hie cacophony resulting in of music being played at the by turning from one of the nine Rhan a is to another he ran enjoy popular music classical music treat voices music of Broadway or teenage Mush. Thu should satisfy ans one ext Cpl me. I doubt is list of great voices would be he same As tvs am a should i tune Iii teenage music is acc ate be whole flight but i do to music her other channels would i ome children s theater variety corned and to. Menu in history i would think travelogues on the City or country of one s destination would be of greater interest but i won ase to Unen he wanted to make his reservations Early to be sure of seats but he decide on which of the available flights to take until he could find out what movie etch would be slum my that Date the information was not available this Early so after worrying for two weeks Over whether there would be any seats left when he finally got the film titles he called off the trip. Next May he will be sitting off on his sentimental journey by car lies driving his wife out to see Disneyland. Looking Back to v cars a go a i oafs headline of the Day a suicide note by 16-year-old sent to Hawk Eye the writer apparently a boy said he would leap from atop hotel Burlington on Jan. 25. He did t. Disaster headline of the Day a fire damages store Benner company grocery at Winfield damage about $15,000 business headline of the Day a Ozark asks route Here. Sherwood Eddy aut Lior. Lecturer and world traveler spoke on the far East at first Presb Lerian Church under county ministerial association auspices v earn Alp 1911 who am i As one passenger to v to Ope rate moxie. To to am rnai Pui of k passer Are ten t in time on the i arg six foot Ted to the ceiling and that whole entertainment program is would be drawn to the i front of them. How could sort be enjoyed while one what the actors were a headline of the Day a official and citizen groups consider City s future needs problems of housing. Increased police Protection tavern policy traffic. And parking control among matters being discussed a elementary schools can handle i too More pupils May add temporary buildings i the chamber of Commerce served As a Clearing House for ideas put Forward by Community leaders wrestling xxx till the problems presented by the building of the i Aap i business headline of the Day a Myron Schulz Heads f Arm Bureau 5 1 v Ca i s 1916 but i Twa in Aik Trig the All out try. In so doing it has pm pitas Zed two facts most of us would rather Overlook. One that a Long flight is highly Boring the other that most americans have Little ability to amuse themselves mix of the airlines these Davs Are introducing mouse which might prove to b a backfiring idea. I was never More miserable than on a flight last year when i could t avoid seeing a picture that i had previously seen and haunt cared for at All. I know of one instance where the movies Cost the airlines two tickets a Friend of mine planned to take his wife to eur pern at May leaving for font Imerio a. Re a no on a certain Day. The Hawk Eye reported the death of Henry Weber. 8 5, whom it described As a one of Burlington s oldest and most highly respected citizens of German birth a Tho Hawk Eye also carried a big business headline a Burlington to have new Bank Farmers amp merchants savings Bank will of ten about february 15 scripture and pc shall know that i am in the midst of Israel and that i am the lord your god. And none else and my people shall never be 2 27. The person who thinks about the Workings of god s Law becomes convinced that Laws Are operative in the world today. La a Obj 1 Juola in merry go round help for Little Guy by Jack Anderson a Washington a Louisiana a Boyish affable sen. Russell Long who in Harry Byrds place As Senate finance chairman has sent a shiver up Wall Street is determined to use his formidable new Powers to help the a Little Ding has confided to intimates that he will Battle to bring Down interest rates drug prices and inequitable taxes which hit Tower income families in the pocketbook lie has already sent an investigator Over to the National institutes of health to find out How the big drug companies manage to get the Patent rights on drug discoveries financed by the taxpayers. The investigator found w in i that Niu employees who of d have developed new drugs in government laboratories u have taken out private patents on their discoveries Anderson and sold the manufacturing Quot lights to private companies. One company which has got hold of patents on Niu discoveries is Merck amp co., whose former president John t. Connor is now Secretary of Commerce fixing digs too deeply into this it could Embar rss the Johnson administration which he is supposed to uphold As Senate democratic whip. I fiber toil who i of the senator from Louisiana will also strive to simplify tax forms and wipe out tax inequities. The Slicer complexity of the forms he contends costs taxpayers Money. Instead of rescinding Hie tax on Telephone Calls As president Johnson has requested. Long would rather increase the tax on tobacco he believes that any product which has been declared a health Hazard As cigarettes have should be heavily taxed Ile would also like to increase the tax on alcohol and earmark the proceeds for the treatment of alcoholics. In ring is also bracing for a Battle with the powerful banking lobby Over interest rate of backstage approaches to the Federal Reserve Board fail he is ready to push through a Bill compelling the Board to rescind its recent rate increase puss Long is not a person to be taken lightly. As finance chairman and demo cratic whip. He could develop into the most powerful Man in the Senate this year. Sniping it Shriver when Sargent Shriver took command ii the War on poverty he did t expect to Conte under fire himself. He has been shot at rom All sides including some direct h to in the Back from his former Deputy Jar Conway. Tile next Salvo will come from rep. Clayton Powell Olio though up to his pockets in the poverty scandal in his own new York Harlem has sent investigators to look tor scandals in los Angeles. They have found a disgruntled sex employee who has systematically collected evidence on the strange Way in which contracts have been awarded it adds up to another Story of mismanagement and i Neomle meanwhile the republicans have been a her no information on the reluctance of d Ino cratic mayors to let representatives of poor have a voice in controlling the allocation of Antipoverty funds. The republicans Are also happily taking notes on the strife inside the Job corps Ca Ops and the political exploitation of the neighbourhood youth corps. Hie most objective Irmest gation of the poverty program however is planned by sen. De Muskie. A me. Already on his to is a thorough evaluation of the pro a. Am. Shrivel troubles began after he lost his Tough and talented inspector general William Haddad who had been his lightning Rod. Haddad and his Deputy Robert Clam Pitt had an uncanny ability to sense trouble before it started. I ruler the dome peace Mission a Back from carrying pc ice messages to Pope Paul and prime minister Wilson u. N. Ambassador Arthur Gokhberg was sent on another unannounced peace Mission last week. He made peace overtures to Senate foreign relations chairman William , d-ark., who had been Given the chill by president Johnson and retaliated by appointing double trouble sen. Wayne Morse d-ore., in charge of foreign Aid legislation. Kefauver foundation a sen. Ross Bass d-tenn., who needs All the Money he can raise this year for his own reelection has been soliciting Money from his friends for the Kefauver memorial foundation. The Money will be used to build a Wing at the University of Tennessee Library in Honor of the late sen. Estes Kefauver vice president Humphrey will be the main attraction at a fund raising reception tonight on Capitol Hill. Are Burlington citizens retarded i would like to know what our president nit ans by w a on poverty. I do not understand having War on poverty and at the same time increasing taxes and making new taxes. We. The people of Burlington Are taxed already beyond our income. Talk about shortage of housing which i suppose is True i have been in Burlington the last 22 years and Haven t built a new House i have Over 13.000 in equipment to Cut Down Cost. I advertised to build new Homes and never got a single Call. Is it that we have so Many retarded citizens that they do not know when they get a Good piece of bread and butter a Joseph la Anderson 1418 Starr. Ilie Burlington have Fye Iowa a oldest newspaper since 1837 John Mccormally i Mer and Ca Hilt Terr Hert Bragger a c Knoth Howard rot a id Raver. Richard John by Bop general manager and co i Blither. Managing Editp Aviv Erting manager compiling f reman tree foremen circulation manager office manager monday through of Nav evening and sundae morning by Tif by run ton Hawk Eye co my South main Burlington. Iowa phone 754-1461 subscription rates by Carrier in Burlington and West Burlington j2 a month elsewhere i 50 a by mail where Carrier service in maintained $1 to a month elsewhere within 75 Miler j ear fit f to. It 3 to 33 50. I Nusi so Elee where in i s i year j 20. F juju. 3 to it. I to 12 60. Tilt cond Cia Pallas paid of Tirl not a la member the a v ated prese a amp a Green Stamps every a Yui on All purchases a ii svs Isi Benner s-713 n. 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Government Bonds 1,104,423.76 other Bonds. 803,216.76 warrants and orders. 26,906.68 commodity credit corporation Loans. 109,155.02 Loans and discounts 2,342,779.06 overdrafts. 3,169.92 banking House. 39,190.71 furniture and fixtures 5.851.64 prepaid expenses. 1,702.50 other resources. 1,432.80 liabilities capital Stock 1500 shares to $100 surplus. Undivided profits. Reserve for bad debts Reserve for Bond depreciation. Total capital and reserves $429,571.89 total deposits 4 Reserve for dividend 150.000.00 150.000.00 45.809.85 53,762.04 30,000.00 ,564.361.56 7,500.00 total assets .$5,001.43345 total liabilities $5,001,433.45 directors officers Ani employees Clarence e. Neff president Joe r. Peasley vice president o. W. Lauver vice president Howard e. Grigsby cashier Wayne Little assistant cashier Shirley Holton Teller Karen Peasley Teller Don Hallowell and Jane Schaley. Bookkeepers Virgil Hoffeditz custodian Clarence e. Neff Joe r. Peasley o. W. Lauver Howard a. Smith Wayne l. Waddill r. L. Peasley Howard e. Grigsby Bank of Stronghurst Stronghurst Illinois fell service Bank member Federal Deposit insurance corporation 1961. 3rd place. 1962. 3rd place. 1963.3rd place. 1964.3rd place. 1965.3rd place. Beginning to sound like another broken sales record on our Way to surf for the sixth straight it ear tse it ing a but two makes god 2 44.000 buyers Given the and tempests their own of the year Azard. And we re year s record 9 about it All is that so Many porn Ca Ere pre tramp Ding in their present i he p us get where we Are. And that s que e a lot about our 1966 tigers. But about us. Lei s talk about you. Have you tried a wide track Tiger lately sees of Over 800,000 cars. Another great Luicir i come in and take on a Tiger wide track Pontiac cd. A to a a a 0utub.t too i0 u to too Cher motor co. Xxi North sri stay Kling

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